| May 7th | * Chicago Ridge, Illiniois * Frontier Fieldhouse |

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May 7th 2012
Frontier Fieldhouse
Chicago Ridge, Illinois



"Doormats" by E. Town Concrete blasts through the Frontier Fieldhouse as the Chicago Ridge audience erupts in cheers for the return of CZW! The arena might have been smaller since the last edition of Overdrive, but the intense love of the fans has gotten no weaker. As always, the fans are not shy of their opinions, some bringing out their signs and holding them high for the cameras to see. Some read:

"CZW RETURNS.......AGAIN......."

"Kerosene, sign my second chin!"

And "There's a Spectacle in my pants" by the returning CZW sign troll!

A thunderous "CZW! CZW!" chant starts up, only getting louder as the large black curtains behind the small metal ramp that served as a stage began to stir, from it entering none other than Derek Damage! Damage stops at the ramp, looking at all the fans in attendance with a giant grin on his face. The chant shifts to a mixed in "Welcome Back!" and "Thank You Damage!", Derek’s eyes welling up a little in the power of the moment. He wipes his eyes before taking in a deep breath and letting out a loud "WOO!" before making his way down to the ring. He slaps a few hands with the fans before jogging up the steps and into the ring. He reaches into his suit pocket and pulls out a microphone before strutting a few steps to the center.

Damage: "Ain't no doubt about it, Baby, CZW IS BACK!"

The fans lose it, meeting Derek’s energy is not getting even louder! The "Thank You Damage!" chant kicks up again.

Damage: "No, no, no, thank you! This whole thing couldn’t have happened without each and every one of you. When I sent the word out that I had a chance to buy back this company, the donations began pouring in! Fans, Family, even some of the guys in the back put up their share, and thanks to that, Ultra Violence lives again!"

The Fieldhouse explodes with cheers, the sign Troll looking like he's about to cry!

Damage: "And we made no attempt at holding back the competition for you all. Tonight, we don't come back with a whimper, but with a bang! I know that's what you all came to see, so why am I going to sit here and flap my lips when we can watch some of the best wrestlers in the world hit each other in the face?!? Jessica, start this thing up!"

Derek exits the ring just as CZW’s ring announcer Jessica Towers brings her mic up to her lips. She looks as ravishing as always, the male fans and that one chick with the shaved head whistling to her direction.


Eiji Naginata vs "The King of Chaos" Tim Timmons


Jessica Towers: "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the return of CZW Overdrive! The following contest is scheduled for one fall!"

"King of Monsters" from Godzilla: Final Wars kicks in through the speaker system. Just from the knowledge of the man the music belongs to, the fans sound back with a wave of boos. Eiji Naginata walks out from the back, not even stopping to look at the crowd. There's no connection to the people around him, he doesn't even walk to the beat of his theme music.

Jessica Towers: "Introducing first! From Tacoma, Washington, weighing in at 208 lbs! He is EIJIIIIIIII NAGINATAAAAAAA!"

As he walks to the ring, the voices of CZW's color commentators Jarred Daniels and William Masters greet us for the first time in years!

Daniels: "Good evening, everyone, and welcome back to the mecca of violence, the capitol of pain, the-"

Masters: "Will you shut your bloody mouth?"

Daniels: "I missed you too, William. Anyway, welcome back to CZW Overdrive. I'm Jarred Daniels, and of course next to me is the always pleasant, Mr. William Masters!"

Masters: "Three cheers and all that, when do I collect my check?"

Daniels: "Hilarious, William. Folks we're streaming live all over the country and the world via, and there's no way we could start better than with some new blood!"

Masters: "This Eiji Naginata is named after a lethal weapon, and looking into his eyes and I can he mimics the lethality. He'll every bit of that here in CZW, especially in this match tonight."

The boos only grow louder when Eiji reaches the ring, leaping over the top rope and walking on the mat, awaiting his opponent. Just then, the room is flooded by "Wanted Man" by Rev Theory, the boos actually managing to get even louder. From the curtains enters Tim Timmons wearing a brand new shirt reading "THE WHOLE SHOW". He steps down the ramp, immediately giving the bird to both sides of the aisle.

Jessica Towers: "And his opponent! From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 268lbs, he is "The King of Chaos" and "THE WHOLE SHOW", TIIIIIIIIIIIM TIMMONS!"

Daniels: "What a war this young kid is waiting on! He needs to debut against a multiple time champion in the CZW, a man known for his vicious streak, Tim F'n Timmons!"

Masters: "Mr. Damage made no attempt to hide that this would be a violent night, and I believe this match will be a testament to that. So good to see a well-known CZW name like Timmons back where he belongs."

Timmons continues to run his mouth on about how much higher he deserves to be on the card, going between the ropes and into the ring before hoping up to the second rope, raising two fists in the air and taunting the crowd. He leaps back down and removes his shirt.

Daniels: "The ref signals for the bell, and the two lock up for the first time in a CZW ring in two years!"

Both men do indeed lock up, Tim Timmons gaining the advantage out of pure force, putting the newcomer into a side headlock. He cranks back on the hold a few times, before turning and digging into his opponent with a standing clothesline!

Masters: "What a blow! Timmons hasn't lost a step."

Daniels: "Eiji is going to have to try and counter Timmons' obvious size advantage."

Timmons motions to the downed opponent, asking if that's the best they have. He reaches down to grab Eiji, only to get a swift kick right to the jaw! Tim stumbles back and Eiji kips-up, landing in a fighting stance. Timmons grunts and throws another clothesline, only for Eiji to duck underneath and sweep his legs out from under him! Eiji jumps and drops a knee right on the back of Timmons' head, then turning him over for a pin!






Daniels: "Kick out! Nowhere near enough to take out Timmons!"

Both men get to their feet, just in time for Timmons to duck a wild high knee from Naginata!

Daniels: "Kick to the gut of the Washington native, big DDT by Timmons! Timmons, grabbing Naginata by the hair and dragging him to his feet, he's got him up on his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver!"

Timmons brings Naginata onto his shoulders and circles around, only for Naginata to go for the eyes! He digs his fingers in, gouging Timmons until he can wiggle free, and then rakes the eyes for good measure.

Daniels: "A couple of open hand strikes for good measure, and a high knee finally connecting to the head of Timmons! Timmons down to one knee, Naginata off the ropes........RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT FROM TIMMONS!"

Eiji corkscrews at the impact, hitting the ground hard. Timmons hoists him back up to his shoulders and delivers the DVD he had been looking for! He stands up, not yet satisfied, and drags Naginata back up again for a thunderous spinebuster!

He goes for the cover!














Daniels: "The moxy of this kid!"

Masters: "Did you just say..........."

Daniels: "Just, just don't."

The anger is vivid on Timmon's face! The doesn't work by the hour, and is ready to just about break this new comer in half if needed! He puts the boots to Naginata, follows them up with a couple of elbow drops, then stands up and throws a thumb into the air. He slowly turns it down and yells to the crowd that the match is over. He picks up Eiji, clasping a hand right around his throat!

Daniels: "Tim Timmons with a huge chokeslam!"

Masters: "The fun is not over yet, Daniels! Timmons picks Naginata back up, back down with another chokeslam!"

Daniels: "I can't believe it, Timmons isn't done! Between the legs, hoisted up onto the shouldeeeeeeeeeeers, POWERBOMB! Did you hear Naginata's head smack off the mat?! It's elementary from here!"

Timmons covers the limp Naginata, a cocky smirk on his face as he does so.















Naginata's hand thrusts up, his shoulder with it. Timmons goes into a rage, everything falling on him as he walks over to the turnbuckle and punches it a few times. He walks back and picks Eiji up, only for Naginata to strike Timmons in the throat with a chop! While his attacker disabled, Eiji kicks him in the gut at sets Timmons up for a Tiger Driver! He fights with the Whole Show, but is easily overpowered. Timmons picks Eiji up while still into the Tiger bomb position, running backwards and pressing Eiji into the corner! Eiji hangs on the turnbuckle in a tree of woe as Timmons runs to the other side of the ring, then charges back at Eiji...........only to eat a face full of turnbuckle as Eiji sits up! Eiji rolls backwards over Timmons and does the same other side and back move, this time driving double-knees into Timmons' back! Timmons stumbles out of the corner, eating another throat chop, this time in a cross form!

Daniels: "I've been told this is Naginata's, quote, 'Special Combo'!"

Masters: "A snapmare now, followed by a right stiff kick in the neck, and now a running neck snap! Good show from the new comer!"

Daniels: "Eiji is moving toward the ropes, sliding underneath and getting to his feet on the apron. He's waiting for Timmons to get up!"

As soon as Timmons gets to his feet and turns around, Eiji rockets over the top rope, hands clamping around the neck of Timmons and drops him down with a brutal reverse neckbreaker! The crowd responds with a loud "OH!" as Tim curls up and rolls over backwards from the impact!

Daniels: "OH MY GOD! That was the MDK, The MURDERDEATHKILL! Timmons is dead!"

Eiji goes for the cover!
















Jessica Towers: "Here is your winner, Eiji Naginata!"

"King of Monsters" blares over the speakers. Barely able to stand on his own two feet, Eiji rolls out of the ring, holding himself up with the assistance of the ring itself. He stumbles a few steps and manages to walk himself back up the walkway and into the back. Timmons holds his hands over his forehead and yells as we cut to a quick advertisement.


Backstage, we are shown a standard interview backdrop. The fans cheer loudly as Eddie Rowan and Spencer Pierce are shown mid-conversation. Noticing that they are now on, they quickly turn their attention to the camera.

Eddie: “That’s right! CZW has returned, and is anyone even a little bit surprised to see these two fine gentlemen standing here tonight? CZW is more than just a job and Spencer and I have flown our happy asses back here to the states to be a part of it.”

Spencer: “That’s right. Eddie and I have been in Japan for the better part of the last two years and we’ve had quite a bit of success in the tag-team scene there. We love it there, the culture…the people…the competition, but as they say, home is where the heart is, and there’s no place like CZW.”


Spencer winces and pokes at his ear with his finger after Eddie basically yelled into it.

Eddie: “…I just wanted to remind everyone here and at home that CZW has definitely not seen the last of ‘the Clown, the Killer, the Saint,’ Eddie Rowan, nor his trusty side-kick-“

Spencer: “Partner.”

Eddie: “…his trusty partner, Spencer Pierce, “British Black Lightning!”

Spencer: “That is NOT my nickname!”

Eddie: “Well, you NEED a nickname and that sounds good to me.”

Spencer: “Absolutely not…”

The camera slowly fades as they argue over the validity of ‘British Black Lightning,’ and we get ready for our next match.


"The Prophecy" Daniel Cain vs. "Mountain Man" Joshua Newsome


"Sweet Sacrifice" by Evanescence fills the arena. Daniel Cain walks out in long robe jacket with a separate hood over his head to a mixed reaction. Not stopping, he walks towards the ring with purpose, his hands out palm down in front of him, the index and middle finger extended on each hand with the thumbs pointing towards each other. He reaches the ringside and immediately turns towards the hard camera and walks around that side of the ring. He walks 3/4 the way down the side, then spins quickly, leaping on the apron and getting to his feet. Leaning back into the ropes he stares straight into the camera and throws off the hood, yelling out "The Prophecy is here" before climbing between the ropes and removing his jacket ready to wrestle.

Jessica Towers: Introducing first from Cambridge, England weighing 225lbs in his CZW debut Daniel Cain!!!

Jared Daniel: Heard a lot about this guy he’s really tough and is a fellow countryman Masters. William Masters: He’s no countrymen of mine guy is a square and he’ll get flattened tonight by a true CZW veteran mountain man Joshua Newsome!!!

"Cowboy Way" by HELLYEAH begins to play. The crowd jeers loudly as The Mountain Man walks out and immediately heads to the ring, ignoring the fans completely. He is wearing plain black trunks, and his beard is very long.

Jessica Towers: And his opponent... hailing from Cleveland, Ohio and weighing in at 295 pounds... a CZW original!!!... Joshua Newsome... THE MOUNTAIN MAN!!"

As he makes his way into the ring, he heads to a corner and stretches, ready to hurt the CZW fresh man.

Jared Daniels: I almost forgot how massive this son of bitch was….

William Master: Pure monstrosity at its finest and I feel like Cain’s fate won’t be so pretty. Off with his head said the queen!!!

Both men lock up. Joshua Newsome works his way to the ropes, pushing Daniel Cain into the nearest corner. He locks him up. Ref calls for a break and gets to the 4. MTM backs up, and then lays a solid blow to the side of Cain’s head. He looks down, but quickly comes out of the corner a series of kicks, fighting Newsome back to the middle of the ring. Japanese arm drag from Daniel. MTM gets up from the mat, only to be met by a calf kick to the side of the head. Newsome goes down. Cain is in for the quick pin, but only gets to about 1 and a half. Newsome is back up. Cain tries his luck with a dropkick. Newsome steps back from it, and Cain hits the mat and is quickly pulled up. Head-butt from MTM. Another. Then another to send him stumbling to the corner. Daniel Cain, dazed, steps out and into a spear!

Jared Daniels: Rico left nothing to question with that spear. He sure gave it everything he could!

Joshua Newsome into a pin, but only gets to the 2. Pulls Daniel Cain up and into a power slam. Goes for another pin, but only gets a 2. MTM is up, stomps on Cain before positioning himself across the ring. As Daniel gets up, Newsome comes at his with another spear. Cain is alert enough to dodge it. MTM hits the turnbuckle and falls out of the ropes to the mat holding his shoulder. Cain gets to work on MTM, first hitting him with a swinging neck breaker, followed up with a standing moonsault. He rolls MTM into a pin, but only gets to a 2. He waits for Newsome to get up, and then hits him with a bulldog lariat. Goes in for another pin, but only gets to the 2. Cain starts to work over MTM’s shoulder. Locking him in a hammerlock face-down on the mat, and leveraging by bridging over his head.

William Masters: Neither one here is going to give up easily.

MTM is able to power out and flips Cain down onto the mat. MTM turns the hold into a camel clutch, sitting right down on his opponent’s back. Daniel Cain isn’t far from the ropes and, after some struggle, is able to reach them. The ref has to count to the 4 before MTM lets go. Joshua doesn’t let up, pulling Cain back into the center of the ring, and hitting him with a stiff DDT. As Daniel begins to stir, MTM begins to work over his legs, looking to take away his offense. He hooks the leg, then starts to squat down on it. He grabs the rope to steady himself. The ref tries to break his hold, the counts to the 4 before he lets go. As Daniel Cain pulls himself up with the ropes. MTM in with a snap power bomb. Daniel Cain hits the mat hard. MTM pulls him up, whips him to the ropes, and brings him back to the mat with a spine buster.

Jared Daniels: Daniel Cain has to fight back in his debut outing or he’s fucking road kill!!! William Masters: Bloody basturd should of stayed in the covenant this is wrestling not a Sunday night special!

Mountain Man goes in for another pin, hooking the leg and leveraging with all his weight. The ref is about to hit the 3 but Cain kicks out! The crowd is amazed that he’s lasted this long through the beating. Joshua Newsome slams the mat in frustration. He pulls Daniel Cain up like he was a rag doll. Newsome sets him up, gets Cain into the gorilla position and then hits him with another power slam! He goes in for a pin, and again Cain digs deep enough to kick out before the 3! The crowd is on their feet for him. Joshua Newsome stands over the helpless Daniel Cain however with a sadistic grin. He pulls him up by the hair, pulls him up and sets him up for the Falling Timber. After gloating to the crowd for a moment, he heaves Daniel Cain up and into the snap suplex, into a sitout power slam. He rolls Daniel Cain into the pin.



















Joshua Newsome rolls away from Daniel Cain with the disgust we’d expect. He kicks Cain’s arm out of the way as he raises his own hands in victory.

Jared Daniels: And a strong win there from Newsome in the second match of CZW’s return show. Cain put up a fight in his debut, but it seems the CZW veteran won out on the night.

William Masters: That’s my boy Mountain Man, showing how it’s done!

The Mountain Man storms his way out of the arena, while Cain remains in the ring and staggers to his feet. Once on his feet, “100% Cowboy” by Jason Aldean hits the PA system. Out from the back, a familiar face emerges. The announcers are too in shock to even speak. Buck walks slowly to the ring, dressed in a green and black plaid shirt, blue jeans, and brown cowboy boots. Buck doesn’t acknowledge the fans on either side of the asile, who show their respect for the CZW legend by a large swell of applause and cheering. Buck walks up the stairs on the corner of the ring, and just then Cain can see the scars on his face and hands, from the numerous battles he was in the previous verison of CZW. Buck steps through the ropes and walks right by Cain to the opposite side of the ring. A unnamed staff worker hands Buck a microphone upon request and Buck turns to look at Cain.

Buck: Congratulations on a great match. You look like yer gonna fit in rill good here in Cee-Zee-Dubya.

Buck stretches out his hand in a show of respect. After Cain looks to the crowd for approval of the action, he shakes Buck hand. Both men smile and have a couple quick words. Cain goes to let go of Buck’s hand, but Buck doesn’t let go. Buck pulls Cain in close, Buck’s friendly demeanor has morphed into a very serious stare. Buck stares into Cain’s eyes for what seems to be an eternity for Cain, then suddenly, Cain is struck by a brutal headbutt, knocking the smaller man to the canvas. Buck pulls a short lead pipe out of the back of his jeans, and begins to pummel the back of Cain’s head. Shot after shot after shot connects on Cain’s head, leaving him bleeding, unconscious. Once Buck stops the beating, he raises up from the one knee he was on, wipes the blood from the pipe on Cain’s pants, puts the pipe back in the back of his jeans and walks back through the curtain and into the back. Medics rush to the ring and check on Cain as we go to commercial.


The feed cuts backstage to an enthusiastic Derek Damage walking with one of his assistants backstage. He still has the giant grin on his face from the beginning of the night and an extra kick in his step. The two stop just infront of Damage's office for the night, Derek swinging the door open.

Damage: "Now if you excuse me, I'm going to enjoy the rest of the night in my office. Any problems, they go to you first. No disturbances, okay?"

Assistant: "Yes sir, Mr. Damage."

Derek enters his office and immediately closes the door, a skip coming to him as he turns to walk to his desk. He takes a seat in his desk chair and turns on his monitor to watch his company in private luxury. It's then that the loud click of his door locking catches his attention. He closes his eyes and sighs, knowing just what was about to happen.

Damage: "Should've guessed you find me eventually, Ryan."

Ryan Shane is indeed in the office, leaning against the wall next to the now locked door. He examines his fingernails, not taking the time to look at his employer and so-called "Friend".

Shane: "Give me my shot, Derek."

Damage: "Ryan, it's a new era and we just ca-"

Shane: "Oh don't give me that bullshit, Damage! I'm here, Rowan's here, there's no excuse!"

Ryan walks directly infront of Damage's desk, leaning over it and staring Damage right in the eyes.

Shane: "Give match......"

Derek shakes his head, not making eye contact with the enraged Shane.

Damage: "I can't do that, Ryan. I just can't."

Ryan starts laughing as he walks away from the desk.

Shane: "You can't, oh yeah, of course you can't. You're only the owner of the company, how far from truth would it be for me to assume you can change things here?"

He turns and points right at Damage.

Shane: "It's always 'Not now, Ryan'. No matter what I do I'm always held back in this place! I beat your entire roster into the ground, I did your dirty work for months, and all I get is a 'I can't do that'. I don't get my title shot, I don't get my name on the cards. You don't make me your leader to face the Renegades when you spent every waking moment calling me your chosen one!...... I'm done. I'm done getting overlook, you here me? I earned my shot, I don't care how long it's been, I had that title and you know it!"

Damage: "Overlooked? Yeah, I never gave you a shot at the Intercontinental or the Tag-titles, right? I gave you what you deserved, Ryan, and to be honest, you didn't deserve to be any of that! You can beat every wrestler in the damn world and you still wouldn't be a champion! You don't know what being a champion is, and you damn sure don't know what being a leader is! You're not getting any title shot, and even better, you get to see what a real champion is like when Cage Stryker drives you through the mat!"

Damage stands up and gets right back in Ryan's face. They stare each other down, only for Ryan to back off.

Shane: "That's how it's going to be? Fine, you just watch. Sit there and see what kind of leader I can be, see what I do to your champions. I'll be sure to send you what's left of him in a box when this is over. Oh, and don't think this is over."

Shane unlocks the door and swings it open, storming out into the hall. Damage takes a few deep breaths before sitting back down in his chair, adjusting his tie, and returning to the monitor. The feed then returns to the action in-ring.


[As cameras return from commercial, CzW Overdrive viewers are greeted by a scene of pure commotion inside of the arena. People are cheering mostly, though some have started the trademark “CZW! CZW!” chant. The arena itself is pitch black..]

::William Masters: “Welcome back to CZW Overdrive, viewers. Something, as you most certainly can tell, has went array at this facility and we are currently awaiting to hear from producers on what to do. The lights have been out not for almost 3 minutes, and there has been absolutely no indication on what exactly has occurred.”

::Jarred Daniels:: “That’s right, William. This is one of the things that we may have to deal with in this, the reincarnation of CZW. No longer are we touring state-of-the-art arenas and stadiums; we’ve gone back to our roots.”

(Daniels touches his right hand to his ear, apparently receiving some type of instruction from someone in an authoritative position with the program..)

::Jarred Daniels:: “Okay, William and our viewers at home, I’ve just been told that we are going to play reruns of ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ while we figure out what has happened here at the arena. Again, we offer our most sincere apologies, and we will have the programming back on air as soon as –“….

(Just before Daniels can finish his dialogue and send programming out to commercial and then the award-winning ‘Andy Griffith Show’, the lights throughout the arena begin to flicker on and off..)

::William Masters:: “Well hold on just a minute, Jarred; it seems as though our problems may be starting to turn around.”

(Masters turns around to look into the crowd, who are now all lit very dimly by the returning canister lighting throughout the field house. As he is turned around, the lights throughout the arena go completely dark once more. As the last of the lights die out, music begins to fill the arena; a familiar tune. The song has been heard by plenty of patrons throughout the building, both on CZW programming as well as high school and college commencement ceremonies for years and years. Jarred Daniels looks over at William Masters, their eyes meet..)

::Jarred Daniels:: Oh no, Masters; I think I know very well what this ominous music means..”

(Masters returns with a sinister grin on his face..)

“I have a feeling you’re right, Daniels. I have a feeling we are about to witness a great piece of CZW history..”

(A large portion of the crowd is now booing as “Pomp and Circumstance” blares loudly throughout the modest-sized venue. A man has now appeared in the center of the ring, disguised for the most part as only a large silhouette, kept hidden by the shadows still left cast by the lack of light. The music slowly begins to fade as the boos from the crowd grow louder and louder. Those who didn’t know initially what was happening are now beginning to gain a much better idea. And finally, after what seemed like an eternity, a single spotlight reveals at center-ring , one of the most revered and hated men in the history of CZW; Gregory Grantham. This causes the crowd to erupt in a total frenzy; screams, boos, curse-words; even a couple of beverages are hurled into the ring at the only man who could deserve such a reaction. Grantham stands still in the middle of the ring, holding only the house microphone in his right hand. Slowly but surely, the lighting throughout the building does return to normal once again. It takes nearly 5 minutes for the crowd to suppress their emotion enough for Grantham to begin to speak…)

::Grantham:: “Please, please. Everyone just calm down. I have something very important to share with all of you..”

(The crowd grows slightly less rowdy now, though a certain anticipatory ‘buzz’ still exists throughout the building..)

::Grantham:: “Oh, how rude of me! I’ve been away from the sport so long, that I seem to have forgotten that this is the part of the show where I welcome myself to a city, identify with the fans in attendance, etcetera. The only issue with that is that no longer are we in New York City; no longer are we in Los Angeles; no longer are we in Melbourne, Australia; no, tonight CZW Overdrive is live from Chicago Ridge, Illinois!”

(The small but incredibly lively crowd begins to cheer loudly at the mention of their township. Repetitive “CZW!” chants begin to echo throughout the Frontier Fieldhouse..)

::Grantham:: “Oh, SHUT THE FUCK UP, PEOPLE! Do you ingrates honestly feel proud that you live in this shithole, and that you’ve actually wasted 3 hours of your life as well as hard-earned money to attend this pitiful event? This entire situation, to me, is absolutely unacceptable. I’ll have each of you know that I am NOT satisfied being in Chicago Ridge, Illinois! You people are the epitome of everything that is wrong with this nation. You lethargic scum have no drive, no ambition; you have no grasp on what type of fortitude it takes to become someone of my stature. I am also NOT satisfied being at the Frontier Fieldhouse. I guarantee that I could easily afford to purchase this run-down shack four times over with just the amount of money in my pockets. However, it would be more satisfying to me to burn said money than to pour it into such a depressing building like this. Do you people know how that feels; to have so much money that I could literally do almost anything? No, and you never will. You will always remain comfortably beneath me, as you are now. Allow me to go on; I shouldn’t spend so much time on you people; none of you hold any weight in the reasons of why I am here. Something that did factor into this decision though; the fact that I am NOT satisfied that the ‘talent’ in the locker room as we speak is most of the same old garbage that has somehow mistakenly escaped the land-fill for 4 years!”

(The crowd is now booing quite loudly. It has taken no time at all for them to remember most every reason of why they hate this pompous man so much. Grantham continues..)

::Grantham:: “What a schmorgesborg of atrocity this roster is. I can’t believe you people would actually waste funds from your government welfare checks to come see these fuck-up’s roll around on top of each other. What a slap in the face to the American taxpayers who unknowingly fund your bad decisions!”

(Continued heat..)

::Grantham:: “But wait, there’s more; I am NOT satisfied with how I left this place. That is why I am back. I am NOT satisfied by the fact that I have yet to obtain the one thing that I initially came here to get; the World Heavyweight Championship. One of the few mistakes I made was aligning myself with people inferior to myself 4 years ago, and those people brought me down to their level. Whether it be Jesse Montana, Maynard O’Toole, Eric Collum, or others; by simply associating with their likes, I degraded myself to a level of inferiority that I would have otherwise never experienced. I realize that now, and can assure myself and all of you that I will not allow those types of mistakes to derail me again.”

(A chant; “FUCK YOU, GRANTHAM!”, begins to break out throughout the arena..)

::Grantham, (acknowledging the chant..):: “I swear, I’ve flushed DNA down the toilet that was more intelligent than you people!”

(Loud boos..)

::Grantham:: “Let me make clear what I came here to do, and then I must go. I can’t stand being here any longer than necessary. When I first arrived in the CZW four years ago, I came in with one single, solitary goal in mind, and that was to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World. In the end, I didn’t make that happen by the time I was suspended indefinitely, and that was my fault; my fuck up, because I let some amateur wrestlers into my realm of superiority. I know now that I can’t do that again; no one deserves to stand beside me. With that in mind, I can assure all of you that when the time comes, I will stand alone as the superior individual in the CZW. I alone will serve as the template by which all others will mold themselves. I don’t care who gets in my way in this ascent to the top. I don’t give a shit what I have to do, who I have to hurt to get to the top. Whether it be Timothy Timmons, an old foe in Cage Stryker, or that novice piece of shit Ryan Shane who gets in my way; all will fall if they attempt to stand before me and knock me out of the way on my climb to the top, to the ultimate prize. I stand before you all to make one thing clear to every man on the CZW roster; you are nothing but dirt beneath me. I am stronger, I am more determined, and most importantly, I am much more intelligent than you will ever be. Like dirt, I will walk over you easily and with little recognition. I will crush you without notice. If the moment calls for it, I will metaphorically spit, sweat, or spill blood on you. Whatever it takes; whoever the foe; whenever the time…it doesn’t matter. As of this very moment, none of you matter…”

(Grantham points into the crowd on hand at the Frontier Fieldhouse…)

::Grantham:: “And as always, none of you matter!”

(Boos return, loudest of the night..)

::Grantham:: “From this very fucking moment, nothing else in the world matters. No one matters anymore but ME! I will not stop; cannot stop, until the World Heavyweight Championship; 4 years delayed, is around the waist of its rightful owner; GREGORY – “THE GRADUATE” – GRANTHAM!!!”

(Grantham throws the mic to the canvas and leaves the ring headed out of the arena as the crowd boos loudly. CZW television fades to commercial..)


"Canada's Finest" Edward Croft vs "The Enigma" Jacob Havok


Out comes Jacob Havok first, to the sounds of “Sorry You’re Not A Winner.” Havok stalks to the ring in a sea of boos. Once in the ring, Havok moves across the ring to the far corner of the ring to wait on his opponent.

“Invincible,” starts pouring out of the PA system and the crowd goes wild for Edward Croft. Croft stares directly at Havok on his walk to the ring. He waits no time, and climbs into the ring.

The bell rings and the two men meet in the middle of the ring, Havok spearing Croft and the two swinging wildly.

Masters: Doesn’t look like Havok is very shy right now, like Croft was trying to say earlier this week.

Daniels: Yeah, but the arrogant part fits, there’s no way he can think he can just brawl with the bigger, stronger man.

Masters: Maybe not, but that chair just might help.

Havok, after taking control on the ground, rolled out of the ring and grabbed a chair. He brought the chair back in the ring, and swings it like a baseball bat, narrowly missing Croft’s head.

Croft ducks another swing of the chair by Havok and nails an elbow to the emo’s back. Havok drops the chair and falls to his knees, as the elbow caught him right in the back. Croft turns and notices the chair directly under Havok’s head. Croft quickly kicks Havok in the ribs, causing him to fall face first on the chair. Croft smiles devilishly and grabs both of Havok’s arms, pulling them back behind the emo. The pulling lifts Havok’s head, and Croft takes his right foot, and forces Havok’s head into the chair.

Daniels: OH MY GOD! Curb stomp on the chair! Havok might be dead.

Masters: Exactly what an emo wants – his own death.

Havok raises his head, and the blood is flowing from his forehead. His face stained red, he lets out a primal scream of pain.

Daniels: Croft isn’t done, he’s gone out of the ring and found a kendo stick.

Croft comes back in the ring and begins to wield the stick to Havok’s back. Shot after shot, after shot, after shot to the back. The stick begins to fray from the amount of use. Croft throws it at Havok before rolling to the floor and getting a new weapon – this time a sledgehammer.

Daniels: Come on, I may not like Havok, but no one deserves this.

In the time it took for Croft to get the sledge, Havok had time to get back to his feet, and meets Croft at the ropes. A couple kicks to Croft and he falls back to the floor. Havok follows him and picks up the sledgehammer Croft pulled out from under the ring. A couple shots to Crofts back completely turns the tide of the match.

Daniels: Look at Havok, he seems to be enjoying the pain he’s putting Croft through.

Masters: Or he likes tasting his own blood. Either way he’s a sick bastard, and I like that.

Havok raises Croft back to his feet, and leans him against one of the ring posts. Havok and his sledgehammer take a few steps back, before turning and running directly at Croft, swinging the hammer for his head. Croft moves at the last moment and a loud clang is heard throughout the arena. Havok drops the sledge and looks at his hands as they shake. Croft grabs a crutch from a fan at ringside that has a large brace his right leg. Croft uses that crutch across Havok’s back and Havok falls to the ground. This gives Croft time to go under the ring yet again, and this time he pulls out a chain and a lock. Croft chokes Havok for an uncomfortable amount of time, enough time for Havok’s face to turn a scary shade of purple. Croft drags he almost lifeless body of Havok to the ring post, and rolls him into the ring. Croft then grabs both of Havok’s legs, and pulls them to either side of the post, making Havok straddle the post, lying on his back in the ring. Croft then crosses Havok’s legs, and wraps the chain around Havok’s legs and the post. He uses the lock to secure Havok’s legs to the post. Croft then pulls Havok’s upper body out of the ring and puts the back of Havok’s head flush against the bottom of the post. Croft then takes a chair and smashes it once, twice, three times, four times, five times against Havok’s head, until the referee steps in.

Masters: What’s the ref doing?

Daniels: This is good, we have to take care of our wrestlers.

The ref checks on Havok, who is unresponsive. The ref has no choice and has to stop the match due to Havok’s inability to continue to defend himself.

Daniels: Wow, not many matches, if any, have ever been stopped. This was a brutal beating by Croft.


"High-Definition" Cage Stryker vs "The sXe Curse" Ryan Shane


Daniels – Next up is what many are describing as a co-main event. A grudge match between Ryan Shane and Cage Stryker.

Masters – Grudge match? Slaughter more likely. Ryan will walk all over him in this one.

Daniels – I wouldn't be so sure. Stryker is no easy man to beat. Let's throw you over as I here we're ready to go on this one.


Towers – Our following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Hollywood, CA... Cage Stryker!

-“The Pretender” by The Foo Fighters hits and Cage comes out to a sea of cheers. High-fiving fans on the way to the ring he slides under the bottom rope and leaps straight onto the nearest turnbuckle to a massive pop-

Towers – And his opponent, from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada... “The Straight Edge Curse” Ryan Shane!!

-The fan heat begins even before “The Sound of Truth” by As I Lay Dying can hit. Once it does and Ryan emerges, the intensity only increases. His walk is slow and methodical, taking a full lap of the ring before waving Cage back. Only once satisfied does he leap to the apron and climb between the ropes-

Masters – The atmosphere inside the Frontier Fieldhouse is right up at 11. This is going to be intense.

Daniels – Our official is calling for it.. THIS ONE IS UNDERWAY!!


-Right at the bell, Stryker darts forward. Shane goes right under the ropes to ringside, shaking his head.-

Daniels – And immediately Ryan Shane ducks like a coward.

Masters – No, he's making Stryker wait. Playing the game his way. It's a smart tactic and looks like it's getting into the head of his opponent.

-Cage hits the far ropes, then tries a baseball slide that is easily blocked. Shane pulls him out of the ring, delivering two quick forearm smashes before sending Cage rattling into the ringsteps, following in with a hard knee to the face-

Masters – That is what I like to see. The brutal Ryan Shane of old.

Daniels – Stryker may well be knocked out from that one.

-The official begins the countout-

One... Two...

-Shane picks up Cage, throwing him under the bottom rope and following in, straight into a cover.-







Daniels – No doubt there, far too early for the three count.

-Ryan is up much quicker, hitting the ropes and catching the rising Stryker with a Nosebleed Section shining wizard. He follows this by grabbing the wrist, twisting, and then stomping away at the head and neck of his opponent.-

Masters – Seen many a man do that outside nightclubs in Brixton on a Saturday night in my youth. Boot Parties up and down the high street.

Daniels – When were you ever at a nightclub?

Masters – Ask your mother. She'll tell you how much I paid for her too.

-Lifting by the wrist, Shane pulls Cage into a front facelock. Hooking the leg he lifts, then drops down to one knee, bringing Stryker down neck-first onto the knee-

Daniels – Cursebreaker Three! Cursebreaker Three!! This one may be over before it even starts.

-Ryan drops, covering-










Masters – HOW was that not three?

-Frustrated Ryan gets in the face of the official, yelling “It was three”-

Daniels – Ryan Shane can't let himself get too distracted here. That might cost him.

-It does cost him. Stryker comes to his senses, hitting a kip-up style dropkick that sends Ryan into the corner. Running in, Stryker lands on the second rope and begins waling down punches as the audience counts along-

Crowd – One.. Two.. Three.. Four... Five... Six.. Seven... EIGHT.. NINE... TEN!!!

-He follows straight into a monkey flip that launches Ryan from one corner to the other, taking a seat to recover. His recovery is short as Stryker charges in-

Daniels – Bronco buster! Not allowing Ryan any recovery!

Masters – That is pretty gay... Putting your crotch in another mans face...

-Stryker swings his legs back out. They're only on the floor mere seconds as he leaps and hits a corner dropkick, before pulling Shane out and covering-










-Cage pulls Shane to his feet, locking up for a DDT. Ryan pushes out of it, then spins for a discus lariat. Cage ducks, but the lariat still connects... With the official!-

Daniels – The ref is out! That shot sent him clean from the ring. We could be looking at pure anarchy!

Masters – Don't look now, but when he landed I thought I saw Matt Covey in the front row!! The bad ass has come to ringside to watch this one!

Daniels – I don't often agree, but you're right there. What could he be doing out here?

-The two men in the ring both fight to their feet and start trading blows. Shane right. Styker right. Shane left. Stryker Left. Shane elbow. Stryker swings big, but Ryan ducks, hooking the arms and trying a full-nelson suplex. Stryker lands on his feet, and charges in with an enziguri that Ryan ducks. Shane runs at the ropes. Cage follows in, hitting a knee to the gut. He then runs at the far ropes, but Ryan reciprocates with a backelbow as he turns. The two then run opposite ropes, and collide. Both fall, Ryan sliding from the ring as he does so.-

Daniels – What a show. Neither man is giving in to the other. Hard shot after hard shot.

Masters – Ryan's head has disappeared under the apron. Looks like he fell awkwardly.. COME ON SHANE!!

Daniels – We've almost forgotten that the official is still out cold the other side of the ring. No countout right now!

-Cage comes to, rising and looking for Shane. He checks each side, finding Ryan on the second attempt. Reaching out he begins to pull up before falling backwards clutching his forehead-

Masters – RAILROAD SPIKE!! Ryan Shane has the railroad spike! This one is over!

-Blood trickles down the cold steel as Ryan slides into the ring, holding it aloft to a slight pop-

Daniels – This is not on... The official is coming too and getting into the ring! Look how fast Shane throws the spike clear and covers!

























Daniels – NO! Slow count from a dazed official and Ryan is furious!!

-Shane gets in the face of the official, screaming it was three. Still recovering the official shows two fingers. Ryan runs his hand over his head, turning to spot Stryker rising in the far corner. He squats, taunting-

Daniels – This could be it.. Stryker turns... Right into..

Masters – SUBLIMATION! That running forearm must have finished him.. It hit him right in the cut...















Towers – Here is your winner.. Ryan Shane!!


-Ryan turns around, the two stare down for a few moments-

Masters – Could we see the two men come to blows.. Right after that match?

-The two nod, and both start laying boots into Stryker-

Daniels – NO! An alliance! The two are on the same page!!

-They continue to stomp on Cage, over and over, Shane bailing out of the ring and digging underneath it, pulling out the Railroad Spike! The crowd goes wild with boos as Shane slides back into the ring, yelling to Covey to pick Cage back up. Covey obliges, and holds the unconscious Cage still. Ryan brings up the spike, then shakes his head, motioning to Covey to give him Cage. They swap possessions, Shane holding Cage for Covey to run up and spike him right in the already opened wound! Shane throws Cage on the ground to which Covey raises Shane's arm, Shane yelling something about wanting his shot at the camera!-

Daniels - This is unbelievable! Matt Covey and Ryan Shane, working together?!?!

Masters – I like it. This can only be good for CZW!!

-"the Sound of Truth" begins to play again as Covey stands over Cage, looking down on him, and Ryan continues to scream at the crowd. We then cut away for a short break.-


We are shown a shot from the locker room backstage, specifically a door with the name ‘Brian Blaze’ displayed. The crowd pops loudly as they see the door start to open, but the cheers die down and some boos are heard as CZW representative and former color commentator Michael K. Farley emerges, a confused look on his face. He shrugs to a couple of the other members of the backstage crew, who end up scurrying off in opposite directions on the verge of panic.


A quick advertisement for the next Overdrive begins to run.






X-Division Championship
5-Way Ladder Match
Johnny Kerosene vs "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze vs "American Gaijin" Mike Monroe vs "Mr. Entertainment" Brian Blaze vs "Psycho" Sam Attic


Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for your main event! As you can see, hanging above me is the prestigious CZW X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP! As you may also have noticed, there are several ladders placed around the ring!

*the crowd cheers loudly in anticipation*

Towers: “The following contest is a FIVE-MAN LADDER MATCH and it is for the CZW X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first…”

“Johnny B. Goode” by Judas Priest plays, and out walks Johnny Kerosene, greeted by a mixture of cheers and jeers, the newfound subtle arrogance displayed by Johnny seemingly having rubbed some of the fans the wrong way.

Towers: “He is a former CZW Tag-Team champion, JOHNNY…KEROSENE!!”

Johnny heads to ringside, inspecting one of the ladders and nodding his approval before rolling into the ring and posing on the second rope, oozing confidence. The fans explode into cheers as the music changes to “A Cut Above.”

Towers: “And introducing the next competitor…he is a former CZW X-Division, Television and Tag-Team Champion…KRIMZON…BLAZE!!”

KB tears out into the walkway, obviously very stoked to be there. He runs down to the ring, tagging hands on both sides before leaping onto the apron and springing over the rope, crossing his arms in an X and basking in the fans’ cheers. These cheers continue as “O Fortuna” blares out over the PA.

Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the next competitor is also a former CZW X-Division, Television and Tag-Team Champion…MIKE…MONROE!!”

Mike and Tatum head out from the back, pausing at the curtain briefly to look out over the crowd. Monroe has a determined look on his face as he makes his way towards the ring, tagging the occasional hand before climbing into the ring, looking at each of his opponents in turn before pointing up at the belt. The cheers turn into loud boos as Gravity Kills’ “Crashing” begins to play.

Towers: “The next competitor in this Championship Ladder Match is a former CZW X-Division champion! He is…”Psycho”…SAM…ATTIC!!”

Sam takes his time heading to the ring, his hair slicked back and a menacing look on his face. He heads to ringside and waits a few moments before walking up the steps and wiping off his feet before stepping through the ropes, immediately leaning in the corner, glaring at his opponents. The crowd once again bursts into cheers as “Sexy Results” begins to play out over the PA.

Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the final competitor in this main event match-up is a former CZW X-Division, Television, and Tag-Team champion, as well as a past King of Combat winner! He is “Mr. Entertainment,” BRI-…”

Towers is interrupted by Michael Farley who had moved quickly to ringside during the introduction. She has a confused expression as Farley whispers into her ear, calling some sort of audible on the fly here.

Towers: “I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but it seems as though Brian Blaze will NOT be competing tonight…”

The crowd lets loose with a massive chorus of jeers, obviously disappointed. A loud *BULLSHIT!* chant breaks out in the back.

Towers: “However! We promised you a five-man match-up, and that is what you will get! We have found a suitable replacement!”

All four men in the ring express some measure of confusion as some of the jeers die down a bit. A long silence helps build some anticipation and tension before the crowd absolutely explodes as “Slip Slide Melting” begins to play!

Towers: “The final competitor in this match is a former CZW X-Divison, Tag-Team and WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Ladies and gentlemen…EDDIE…ROWAN!!!”

Cheers roar out as Eddie bursts through the curtain with Spencer Pierce, tagging hands as they head to the ring. Eddie kisses his hand and slaps the ladder as he hops into the ring, shrugging with a smirk at the other contestants who view the sudden change in plans with amused surprise or, in Sam’s case, an irate glare.

Towers exits the ring and the bell sounds!


Daniels: “WOW! What a turn of events! Brian Blaze is M.I.A., and we hope to have more information on that soon, but his replacement in this match is our last World Heavyweight Champion!”

Masters: “An unfair advantage for sure! None of the other wankers or Sam knew he was going to be involved!”

Daniels: “Well, HE didn’t expect to be involved, either, from the way things seem! This is all to make up for the loss of Brian Blaze!”

The five competitors hesitantly approach each other in the center of the ring, and then immediately fly into action! Krimzon Blaze dives onto Kerosene, peppering him with forearm shots, backing him into the corner! Monroe goes after Sam, but Attic surprises him with a knee to the gut, staggering him. He drops him with a quick European uppercut, but then Eddie lights up Sam’s chest with a pair of knife-edge chops!

In the corner, Johnny catches Blaze off-guard with a thumb to the eye and suddenly falls to the ground, grabbing KB’s tights and pulling him back, sending him face-first into the turnbuckle!

Monroe quickly regains his footing and he and Eddie double-team Sam with a combination of kicks, ending with a double dropkick that sends Sam to the outside!

Masters: “This isn’t a tag-team match! Someone tell these guys that only one person wins the belt!”

Eddie and Mike shake hands as the crowd cheers them on, and as Eddie turns, Mike quickly grabs him and tosses him out of the ring!

Daniels: “Looks like Monroe already knows that! He’s grabbed a ladder out of the corner and is quickly setting it up while Kerosene and Blaze are distracted! He’s gonna go for the quick win!”

Masters: “Smart move by Monroe! Ordinarily I’d be remiss to say ‘smart’ and ‘Monroe’ in the same sentence, but there it is…”

Monroe makes it about halfway up before Johnny sees what he’s up to. Turning away from stomping KB in the corner, he rushes over, pulling Monroe by the leg and yanking him back to the mat. Mike immediately throws a punch, but Johnny blocks it! Johnny retaliates, but Monroe blocks that as well! Mike jumps up for an enziguiri, but Johnny ducks and Mike’s shin collides with the ladder! Monroe falls to the ground, grasping his leg in pain!

Masters: “HA! That was hilarious!”

Daniels: “Unfortunate turn of events for Monroe for sure! Kerosene now free to climb the…NO! KRIMZON BLAZE WITH A DROPKICK TO THE LADDER! The steel ladder just smacked Kerosene in the mush!”

The crowd pops loudly as Johnny falls to the mat. KB is standing over Monroe and Kerosene as Eddie enters the ring. Blaze throws a roundhouse kick, but Eddie ducks! KB, however, continues his momentum and quickly whirls around with a jumping roundhouse, kicking Eddie right in the side of the head! Eddie is down!

The fans cheer loudly for Blaze, but instantly jeer as Sam Attic, who was biding his time outside the ring, crouching against the ring apron, shoots into the ring behind KB and grabs him around the waist!

Daniels: “Snap German suplex! The opportunistic Sam Attic drops KB and quickly goes to set up the ladder! He quickly makes it to the top!”

Sam wastes no time setting up the latter and scrambling up the rungs, but Monroe, seeing this as he hobbles to his feet, immediately hits the near ropes and, limping noticibly, executes a dropkick to the ladder, tipping it over and sending Sam down throat-first across the top rope!”

Daniels: “The ladder is down and Attic is gasping for breath! Mike hobbles to his feet once more but there’s Kerosene with a vicious chop-block to the leg of Monroe!”

Masters: “Not going to be easy to climb the ladder with one good leg!”

Eddie back up now and he grabs Johnny, but Kerosene reacts quickly, throwing a back-elbow that staggers Eddie, and he then quickly hits him with a Russian leg-sweep! Kerosene then grabs KB who was in the process of slowly standing up and grabs him in a three-quarter facelock, tumbling forward with a rolling snap-mare! Kerosene completes the tumble by rolling to his feet, instantly hitting the far ropes, and rebounding with a dropkick to a sitting KB’s face!

Daniels: “VERY impressive offense from Johnny Kerosene here tonight! Kerosene dumps Attic back to the outside and now sets the ladder back up!”

Masters: “Something about the way Johnny is acting here tonight is making me want to root for him. Not as much as Sam, obviously, but still…”

Daniels: “You’re a commentator, and you’re not supposed to ‘root’ for anyone!”

Johnny begins to climb the ladder, but Rowan has recovered and stops him short with a series of clubbing blows to the small of the back! Eddie steps to the second rung of the ladder, pulling Kerosene onto his shoulders, and falling back with an Electric Chair maneuver that causes the crowd to pop big-time!

Monroe and Blaze each stand at roughly the same time and Mike quickly grabs KB, and scoops him up…

Daniels: “Monroe looking for the MICHANOKU DRIV-NO!! KB slips down behind him and DEAR GOD!! REVERSE HURRICANRANA!!”

The crowd goes ballistic as KB spikes Monroe with the move, and Tatum and Spencer on the outside look genuinely concerned for Mike as he rolls through from the impact, his eyes focused on nothing as he slowly flops onto his back on the mat! KB manages a brief look of remorse but then quickly sets up the ladder once more. Meanwhile, Sam has managed to prop up another ladder on the apron and has made his way to the top rope, pulling the ladder up with him. Eddie and Johnny, having slowly regained their footing, reach up as KB goes for the belt, stopping him mere inches away from securing the title and pull him back down to the mat. At the same instance, Sam leaps from the top turnbuckle, the ladder secured over his head and shoulders, and takes out ALL THREE men with a diving ladder clothesline!!


Though they have no love for Sam, the fans in attendance can’t help but cheer for the maneuver by Attic. Sam is a little dazed himself from the collision, but he makes his way to his feet with the aid of the ring-ropes, meanwhile Mike Monroe is somehow pulling himself back up in the corner. Sam starts to climb, but Mike stops him, able to do little more than just grapple him, preventing him from climbing. Attic wails on Mike with a few shots to the back and then springs off the ladder, PLANTING Monroe with a tornado DDT!

Masters: “Monroe’s dead. Someone bring out a stretcher, because I am pretty sure he is quite literally deceased!”

The boos in the crowd turn to cheers as Sam gets up, and turns around to a flurry of kicks from KB! Blaze hits a PERFECT backflip dropkick which sends Attic reeling back against the ropes and as he staggers forward, Blaze PLANTS him with the KRIMZON DREAM, the standing Spanish Fly!

The cheers are somewhat diluted as, promptly after standing back up, Johnny Kerosene DRIVES Blaze to the mat face-first with the FACEMELTER!!

Kerosene then stands and gets whipped around! Eddie hoists him onto his shoulders and SPIKES him down to the mat with the EVD!! The fans are on their feet after such a flurry of action, and continue to cheer loudly as Eddie sets the ladder back up, somewhat groggily. He begins to climb, reaching for the belt!

Daniels: “He’s got it! He’s got it!”

Masters: “SAAAAAAAAM!!”

Sam Attic climbs up behind Eddie, clubbing him fiercely in the back before connecting with a vile LOW BLOW! The fans jeer loudly as Eddie begins to slump, but Sam has murder in his eyes! He somehow manages to pull Eddie onto his shoulders...

Daniels: “What is that maniac thinking!? Dear lord, NO!!”

Twisting in mid-air after leaping off the ladder, Sam Attic DESTROYS Eddie with a TERROR RIDE OFF OF THE LADDER!! The obligatory ‘Holy Shit!’ chant breaks out as both men seem to be down from the impact. Mike Monroe has somehow begun to crawl up one side of the ladder as Krimzon Blaze begins to scale the other! They begin to slug it out at the top of the ladder, the belt swinging just above them! KB begins to wail on Monroe, a flurry of right hands to the face and as Mike lurches back somewhat, a dazed look on his face, KB swigs with a haymaker, but Monroe quickly gets a hand up, blocking it and YANKING KB halfway over the top of the ladder!

Masters: “Jarred, is he doing what I THINK he’s doing!?”


Masters: “NO, DANIELS!”

Monroe releases the hold and KB, slips down to the mat. Mike reaches for the belt, but Kerosene is there, surging quickly up the ladder with a burst of adrenaline, slugging Mike in the gut! Mike is dazed and Johnny climbs even higher, tentatively standing very near the top rung! All of a sudden, Kerosene jumps OVER the top of the ladder!



As Kerosene leaps over the ladder with a HUGE Sling Blade, Mike slides down, locking his legs between the rungs of the ladder and falling back, essentially hanging upside down on the ladder as Kerosene goes CRASHING to the mat!

Daniels: “Johnny is down! KB is down! Eddie and Sam are down! Monroe slowly pulls himself upright! The fans are going nuts!!”

Masters: “SHENANIGANS!!”

The audience goes apeshit as Monroe pulls himself upright and grabs the belt, pulling it free!


Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match and NEW CZW X-DIVISION CHAMPION!! “The American Gaijin,” MIKE…MONROE!!”

Mike holds the title up from the ladder, celebrating his big win as a MASSIVE “C-Z-DUB” chant breaks out. He climbs down to the mat and is congratulated by Eddie and Krimzon who hoist him up on their shoulders, joining in the chant. Sam and Johnny regain their composure and join as well, with the entire CZW locker-room heading out to the ring, Cage Stryker, Jacob Havok, Mountain Man…literally every CZW superstar in attendance as well as chairman Derek Damage head to the ring, ending the show with a show of solidarity.



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