| July 9th | * Richmond, Virginia * Greater Richmond Convention Center |

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July 9th 2012
Greater Richmond Convention Center
Richmond, Virginia

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The screen loads on and another edition of Overdrive kicks off from Richmond! The convention center is packed with cheering fans all showing their love for CZW as the cameras pan across the crowd, inspecting some of the signs in attendance.




And, of course, our resident sign troll:


The crowd is electric, and they only cheer louder as "Slip Slide Melting" begins to play. Eddie Rowan and Spencer Pierce emerge from the curtain dressed in street clothes and CZW hoodies. They are in good spirits, interacting with the ringside fans on their way to the ring. They both enter and pose in the corners, working the fans into even more of a frenzy before the ring attendant hands Eddie a mic. He holds up a hand to calm the crowd a bit before speaking.

Eddie: "Well now, that's a reception! Ladies and gentlemen, there can be no doubt that the re-emergence of CZW is nothing short of a complete success, and we all have you to thank for that!"

Roaring cheers and applause go up, and Eddie and Spencer both clap for the fans, showing their appreciation.

Eddie: "It's funny how it still feels like home, despite the fact that there are some significant changes. CZW, however, has always been more than just a name and a venue, and that's the biggest reason why we keep doing this...why we went through so many hoops to bring it back to life. Now that we're here, however, it's time to step back and look at the big picture. Last week, I was defeated by a good friend of mine in Mike Monroe..."

The fans cheer loudly for 'the American Gaijin' at the mention of his name.

Eddie: "Indeed, Mikey has been on quite a roll since the doors reopened, making the most of every opportunity given to him. I don't begrudge him for getting the W in that one, but it DOES leave me out of the hunt for the CZW World Championship for a while. So...what then, am I to do? I was pondering this very same thing when I heard something in the background the other day...a promo done by Mike King."

Jeers galore at the mention of King.

Eddie: "See, for a while I was doing what I normally do when King talks, and that is completely ignore anything that comes out of his mouth, but then he mentioned MY name and something about 'holding talent down,' blah blah blah, 'revitalize the tag-team division,' etcetera, etcetera. First things first, KIIIIIIING! The only time I hold down anyone in this company is for three seconds at a time, right here in this ring!"

A loud pop as Eddie grins smugly, but with a fierce glint in his eye.

Eddie: "Secondly, unless you're going to try and be the next Matt Covey, and don't bother trying, because one's plenty, you're not going to revitalize crap in the tag-team division without a partner, so good luck with that. But, it got me thinking...the tag-team division...hmmm...who could POSSIBLY get that aspect of CZW running again..."

Eddie looks curiously at Spencer who only shrugs, playing coy. The fans in attendence who have recently seen their work in Japan know what's coming, and begin to cheer loudly. Spencer takes the mic from Eddie and the crowd continues to cheer, causing him to speak up loudly to be heard over them.

Spencer: "I think I might know someone you might be able to team with...partner!"

They both grin broadly at the cheers and then shrug, unzipping their CZW hoodies to reveal new shirts depicting the two of them as a team, the name 'Gunslinger Saints' stylishly emblazoned beneath them. Eddie recieves the mic once more.

Eddie: "CZW, get ready, because the Gunslinger Saints have arrived, and if you've seen our stuff in NJAW, just wait...because you haven't seen anything, yet! BOOSH!!"

He tosses the mic down and the two bask in the loud cheers of the audience as "Slip Slide Melting" blares once more throughout the arena. We watch them pander to the fans briefly before breaking into a quick advertisement.


"The Outlaw" Buck Evans vs "The Egoist" Mike King


**Ding Ding Ding**

The bell sounds as the Mike King and Buck Evans circle each other, trying to get the jump on one another. Buck drops to one knee and reaches from Mike's leg but Mike pulls away from him just in time. Buck pops up to his feet quicly as they continue to circle each other. Finally, the two lock up with a hard collar elbow tie up which takes a second to pull anything off. Mike ends up getting the upper-hand and grabs Buck's wrist and twists it over his head and firmly locks in a hammerlock. Buck winces in pain a bit as he tries to throw an elbow back to hit Mike but Mike drops his height down a bit so he is right at his shoulders. Buck then slips his arm from Mike's grip and delivers a hard side walk slam. Mike arches his back as he winces in pain from the shot as the crowd buzzes. Buck picks up Mike by the hair as the referee signals Buck to let go of his hair. Buck looks at the referee and smirks a bit as he grabs Mike's arm and delivers a short arm clothesline, taking Mike down hard. He drops down for the pin as the ref counts....



Mike kicks out after a 2 count. Mike begins to shake the cobwebs out as Buck picks Mike back up. He goes to shoot him off the ropes as Mike reverses it and whips Buck off the rope. Buck shoots back off the rope as Mike delivers an japanese arm drag but rolls with it into an arm bar. Buck winces as the ref asks him if he would like to submit. Buck shakes his head as Mike pulls harder on his arm but Buck rolls with him and picks up Mike by the arm while the hold is still locked in and delivers a BTW (Pumphandle Slam Driver), making Mike's head bounce off the mat. Buck then goes for another quick pin.




Mike kicks out yet again as Buck begins to lose his cool. Buck begins to pick Mike up again but Mike gives Buck a couple quick shots to the gut. Buck stumbles back as Mike then bounces off the rope, hitting Buck with a Shining Metallica. The impact was hard enough for Mike to gain the upper hand and quickly deliver "The Grenade" as Buck lays out. Mike quickly goes for the cover.



Kickout by Buck as Mike goes back on the attack. Mike begins to stomp Buck as the referee begins to count.





Mike looks at the referee and shouts at him, "I've got til 5" as the crowd cheers and eats it up. Buck begins to slowly pick himself back up off the mat as he does Mike runs over to him and Buck, out of playing possum, grabs Mike by the back of the head and throws him to the floor using Mike's own momentum. Buck rolls underneath the bottom rope as the referee begins to count.



Buck grabs Mike and launches him into the guard rail, creating a loud thud into the guard railing.



Mike grabs his back and yells out in pain as Buck slowly makes his way to him. He slides Mike under the rope and shortly follows suit, rolling in after him. Mike crawls to the bottom rope as Buck is quickly on his trail. Buck grabs Mike's arm and places him on his shoulders, signaling for the "Buck'n on em". Mike realizes what is taking place and quickly slides off of his shoulders, grabbing for a cobra clutch. Mike then spins Buck out of the cobra clutch, delivering a quick and sweet clothesline, which puts Buck on his back. Mike, thinking he has finished the match, moves over to him. Buck then slides his arm out tripping him and front rolls up his back for a camel clutch. Mike screams out in pain as all the work had been done on his back. Buck locks it in tighter as the referee is closely watching to make sure he hasn't tapped out. Mike lowers his head as the ref begins to check his arms.

One falls....

Two times....


The third time not the charm as Mike regains life and slips his arms from off Buck's knees. He movenuers his arm into locking his own move, the St. Anger II which makes the crowd buzz more. As Buck cries out in pain, he takes one last shot and rolls Mike up with the move still locked in.





Mike realizes he is trouble and rolls the move back into place, placing Buck in the center of the ring. Buck's body goes limp as the referee looks down and notices that Buck isnt moving an inch. The calls for the bell as Mike lets go and lays out as "Welt" by AM Conspiracy blasts over the PA system. Mike slowly rises to his feet and raises his hand with the referee raising the other arm, declaring him the victor.


Eiji Naginata vs "The F'N Boss" T.J. Hix


Towers: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a semi-finalmatch in the King of Combat Tournament.

“King of Monsters" hits the PA

Towers: From Tacoma, Washington.. Weighing in at 208lbs... EIJI NAGINATA!!!

Eiji explodes through the curtain to a huuuuuuge reaction. He walks with purpose, almost charging the ring and sliding under the ropes

Daniels: Eiji looks fired up for this match

Masters: He is one step away from the World Title you idiot. Wouldn’t you be?

Daniels: I would think so. Except if I were meeting Hix.

Masters: Why is that?

Daniels: I am not fond of his associates, The Brothers of Misery…

Towers: And his opponent...

“Tear Away” hits the PA.

Towers: From Booklyn, NY, weighting in at 220 pounds, TJ Hix.

The crowd boos Hix as he walks to the ring.

Masters: Lucky for you, there is no sign of The Brothers.

Daniels: Thank God.

Hix enters the ring and poses on the turnbuckle taunting the fans.

Masters: I like Hix, he has a cocky swagger to him. You need that.

Daniels: Not always.

Masters: I still don’t think it is a problem

Hix gets down but Eiji is right on him. Eiji attacks Hix with rights and lefts before the bell.

Daniels: So much for a sign of respect during this match.

Masters: It isn’t always about respect, it is about who is the better Man.

Eiji snapmares Hix by the hair onto the mat and follows it up with a knee drop and then a snap elbow drop.

Daniels: Nice combo by Eiji who goes for a pin.



Masters: Yes but TJ kicks out at two.

Eiji lets Hix get up and hits him a cross chop to the throat and follows it up with a snapmare and a kick to the back.

Daniels: Looks like Eiji is looking to finish the Special Combo with his neck snap.

Masters: If he does this it could mean Eiji has made short work of Hix. He likes to follow that up The MDK.

Eiji hits his neck snap and goes through the ropes and onto the apron. He shouts Murder Death Kill! Eiji taunts Hix as he is getting up off the mat.

Daniels: You called it.

Masters: Like there was any doubt but he is taking too much time to taunt Hix into getting up. In past weeks Eiji has been getting more and more cocky.

Daniels: Yes but with the success he has had, why not?

Eiji flips over the rope but right into a Hix Magnum Kick. Eiji bounces into the ropes and rolls of the ring.

Masters: Beautiful desperation move by Hix. He had to retake control there. Hix needs to recover after hitting that picture perfect Magnum Kick if he wants to win and move on and into the finals of King of Combat.

Daniels: Eiji Pearl Harbored him before the bell. You need to do that in a match with this prestige.

Masters: You do realize Eiji is Japanese right?

Daniels: Yes, I was using that for a lack of better term.

Masters: Well expect a memo from human resources because of that one…

Daniels: I will just as Eiji is now expecting these Magnum Strikes from Hix as he renters the ring.

Hix tossed Eiji to the ropes, and nailed a nicely executed dropkick. He picks up Eiji and hits a quick snap suplex. Hix hangs on and rolls into another snap suplex, dropping Eiji back on the mat. Hix rolls through again and goes for a German Suplex this time. Hix holds on for a pin.



Masters: Nope, Eiji kicks out.

Daniels: TJ Hix was close that time.

Hix gets up and steps away. He pats his knee.

Masters: Not a wise move considering Eiji did the same and ended up getting Magnum Kicked for his troubles.

Eiji gets and is greeted by a charging Hix who drops him with a Shining Wizard.

Daniels: Eiji is rocked.

Eiji walks over into a Superkick. Eiji is floored but Hix picks him up onto his shoulders and drops him to the mat with a Samoan Drop. Hix signals to the crowd that it is over.

Masters: You know, I hate that wrestlers are taunting that they are gonna end it rather than actually trying to end it like the good old days.

Eiji gets up and is kicked in the guts by Hix. He lifts Eiji up, and drops him with the Downward Spiral!!

Daniels: With that Downward Spiral, there goes my bracket for this tournament.

Hix turns Eiji over and goes for the cover.

Masters: You seriously had Eiji Naginata beating TJ Hix?

Daniels: Yes.




The bell rings and the crowd cheers. Hix raises his arms.

Towers: Your winner, TJ Hix!!!!

Hix walks through the ropes and to the aisle.

Masters: TJ Hix just proves it is not being cocky if he can back it up. He is the first man to qualify tonight for the King of Combat Tournament finals.

Daniels: I am not sure who will join him tonight. We got some tough matches tonight in the semi-finals.

Masters: Indeed, we have “The Graduate” Gregory Grantham taking on The Uprising’s Johnny Kerosene, the CZW X Champion “American Gaijin” Mike Monroe taking on “The Prophecy Daniel Cain” in a non title match and “High Definition” Cage Stryker against “Mr. Entertainment” Brian Blaze.

Daniels: Those matches will be awesome to say the least. Any of those men can win. That is what makes this year’s King of Combat so entertaining. Anyone could be the next CZW World Champion.


"The Dark Kiss" Allyson Thorn w/ Ryan Shane vs "The HBIC" Tatum Regan w/ Mike Monroe


Daniels: We’ve already had some hot action tonight. We’ve seen two CZW originals battle…and another man stepped one closer to the coveted prize of the World Title.

Masters: And it’s about to get hotter. I love the fact that our Queens have come back. We’re bringin sexy back to the CZW.

Daniels: Did you seriously just go there?

Masters: Yes…yes I did.

Daniels: Anyway…we’ve had our troubles with the Women’s Division in the past…trying to keep it alive…but I think our lovely ladies since the rebirth have made it clear that QOC is here to stay.

Masters: Bring on the sexy!!

The pounding rhythm of the drum of ‘Love Bites’ hit’s the stereo.

Towers: This match is set for one fall or submission and it is a Queen of Combat competition. Introducing first…from Tiffin, Ohio…standing 5’5” and weighing in at 127lbs…she is the HBIC…TATUM REGAN!!!!

The fans explode into cheers as Tatum steps out of the curtains followed by Mike Monroe. She looks around smiling and does a quick taunt for the fans before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. She walks over to her corner while her and Mike sit back and talk.

Towers: And her opponent…standing at an impressive 5’7” and weighing in at 145lbs…she is the 3rd ever Queen of Combat Champion…and The Dark Kiss…she is…ALLYSON THORN!!

The upbeat tune of ‘The Good Life’ hit’s the PA as Allyson Thorn steps through followed by Ryan Shane. A sea of boos fill the arena as Allyson just grins before giving them the proverbial one finger salute. Her left hand seems heavily bandaged.

Masters: Greatest women’s champion ever right there.

Daniels: She’s still recovering from a couple of nights ago it seems.

Masters: I love that girl…but even I have to point out the ignorance of what she done. When you know you’re set to compete…why would you do something to maim yourself. Especially when you got chicks like Tatum who are going to cheat and attack what she considers a weakness.

Daniels: It’s called symbolism William…but I do have to agree. Tatum will see that as an opportunity…and honestly she would kinda be silly not to take advantage of it.

Masters: You cheatin bastard.

Mike Monroe and Ryan Shane take their corners outside as Tatum and Allyson stand nose to nose fussin and yellin obscenities at one another.

Daniels: These two women are no strangers to one another.

Masters: Um…thank you for the insight Captain Obvious.

Allyson shoves Tatum backward and Tatum kicks her in her burnt hand. Allyson quickly takes to the ropes holding her hand. Tatum tries to follow up but the official stops her. As the ref backs her up Allyson hits Tatum with a hard right hand…reeling Tatum.

Daniels: That was uncalled for!

Masters: No it wasn’t…Tatum immediately went after the hand…Allyson just equalized the scenario.

Tatum shakes her head back into the match and immediately charges at Allyson and both ladies tie up. Again Tatum tries to go after the hand of Allyson, but this time she quickly positions her body and slams Tatum to the mat with a drop toe hold. Allyson follows up with several stomps to the exposed back of Tatum. Mike starts slapping the mat trying to fire up Tatum. Ryan just looks on with a smile on his face. Allyson bounces off the top rope into a baseball slide into the face of Tatum.

Daniels: Good God Allyson could have just broke the nose of Tatum!

Tatum rolls to the outside trying to regain her composure. Ryan stalks around the corner but Mike is quickly by Tatum’s side. Ryan just throws his arms up and backs away as Allyson comes flying through the ropes knocking Mike into Tatum and smashing her against the barrier.

Master: Now that’s some hardcore action!! Allyson landed on her injured hand.

Daniels: That dangerous maneuver may cost her.

All three lay unmoving as Ryan yells to Allyson to get up. The ref begins his count.

1 2



Allyson and Tatum both begin to stir.




Tatum is first to her feet and she quickly rolls into the ring.



Allyson pulls herself into the ring…stopping the count.

Daniels: Wow that was close. Tatum almost stole one here tonight.

Masters: Bah…Allyson is better than that.

Tatum quickly takes to the attack dropping a knee onto the hand of Allyson. Allyson begins shouting bitch, but Tatum grabs her by the hair and pulls her to her feet…whipping her into the corner. She continues the attack following up with a clothesline on Allyson in the corner.

Daniels: Tatum may have just taken the upper hand in this. Allyson looks to be lost in space right now.

Tatum continues her assault with a kicking combo….finishing up with a crescent kick to the face. Allyson falls to the mat leaned up in the corner. Tatum smiles and points to get the fans approval. The fans roar their approval and Tatum runs to the opposite corner but Ryan grabs her leg to try to trip her up…but Tatum keeps her balance and quickly turns yellin at Ryan. Mike explodes from around the ring spearing Ryan to the ground and Tatum returns to her attack as she runs in with a Bronco Buster on Allyson…but Allyson kicks her in the abdomen causing Tatum to crumple over. With the referee trying to regain control of the outside…Allyson sees her opportunity as she slides the railroad spike out of her bandaging.

Masters: That sneaky vixen. Jarred…I think I’m in love.

Daniels: Of course you are William…

Allyson stands poised as Tatum tries to pull herself to her feet. Once she’s in position…Allyson smashes the spike across Tatum’s head and sets her up for…

Masters: Talk about another ’Nail in the Coffin.’

Security had come down to break Ryan and Mike up and the referee turned around just in time to see Allyson cover.




Masters: That’s it…Allyson has kept her streak goin!!

Daniels: I don’t agree with her tactics…but a win is a win…and Allyson has been on fire since her return.

Mike helps get Tatum out of the ring as Ryan rolls in to congratulate Allyson.

‘Heaven Tonight’ hums to life.

Masters: What’s this?

Daniels: Heh…isn’t it obvious William?

Sirena Starr appears on the stage and the crowd erupts. She smiles as she waves and blows kisses to her fans.

Starr: Let me just say…it’s great to be back in the CZW!!

More cheers continue to explode.

Starr: So yeah…it’s no surprise why I’ve been gone for so long. It’s gotten to be a dangerous place here in the CZW…just like my beloved husband said recently. If you’re not with one of the new factions in the CZW…then you stand alone…but Cage knows that as long as there is a breath in my body…he’ll never be alone. Which actually takes me to the reason I’m out here right now. Yeah, I’ve been kinda quiet…trying to recover from the vicious assault I received a while back…but I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to return…and I started hearin whispers of a name I thought was long forgot…a name…that if I recall…I put out of the CZW single handedly. And that name was…Allyson Thorn!!!

The mention of the name doesn’t get any warm reception as Allyson is seen in the ring mouthing at Sirena.

Starr: Surely you haven’t forgot Hatewave of 2008. You thought you had set the stage against me…tables…light tubes…and chairs. It was the perfect setting for you to take out the young upstart in me…but in the end…it would back fire and I would take that title of yours…finally ending your reign as the Queen of Combat champion…that for a record breaking 3 months…you ruled with an iron fist. And now I see you’re trying to pick up where you left off as thinking you were the most dominant queen in the CZW…and I must applaud you…you’ve done pretty well thus far…you did what I couldn’t do in defeating Sahara…and now…my old friend Tatum…but there’s still one left in order for you to truly prove your dominance. And that’s me!

The cheers are deafening as Sirena continues to smile.

Starr: Sahara may have one upped me…but I’ve been lookin forward to getting back in that ring since…because I know I’m better than that. I’ve proven it time and time again. And since Ruth is no longer with us…rest her soul…I guess that leaves you and I as pioneers of the Women’s division of the old…I hope your hand gets better soon…because I’d want you at your best…100%.

‘Heaven Tonight’ picks back up as Sirena takes a bow and blows a kiss to Allyson…before returning to the back. Ryan and Allyson are seen pointing and shouting as CZW cuts to commercial.


"The Graduate" Gregory Grantham vs. Johnny Kerosene


-Gregory Grantham and Johnny Kerosene burst through the curtain already brawling, their fists firing wildly-

Daniels: I'm getting word that these two broke out into a brawl while waiting for the introductions to begin.

Masters: This is what I like to see, a good old-fashioned punch up. Two men absolutely battering each other.

-Grantham gains the upper hand, blocking a punch and delivering a hard right that floors Kerosene. Immediately The Graduate throws his arms in the air to an unusually mixed reaction-

Daniels: It looks like a few fans are behind Greg here, this may have something to do with Kerosene's allegiance to The Uprising faction.

Masters: May have something to do with? Don't beat around the bush. It has everything to do with it and you know it. The fans are fickle and foolish. They'll change their tune when The Uprising are holding the power.

-Greg goes to pick Johnny up, but gets met with a low blow, which is followed by a headbutt. This time Kerosene raises an arm, but gets pure heat-

Daniels: Your prediction here buddy?

Masters: Firstly, I'm not your buddy. Second, I predict you spending the whole match whining that they're using chokes, closed fists and disregarding the rules, despite CZW's laxed ruleset.

-Kerosene grabs Grantham by the back of the head, pulling him to ringside before grabbing the wrist and whipping hard, sending Gregory into the guardrail back first. He follows this by again grabbing the head, but this time delivering a modified Russian legsweep into the railing. GG collapses in pain, allowing JK to grab his ankles before dropping with a legdrop to the groin. The official tells Kerosene to get it into the ring, only to be met by a rather unsavoury double-bird right in his face.-

Daniels: He doesn't seem to care for the official wanting this in the ring.

Masters: Until the bell actually sounds he doesn't have to listen. Why do the referees never think about this?

-Despite his rebelling, Johnny actually picks up Grantham and rolls him into the ring, sliding in after him and calling for the bell. The ref obliges, then drops to count the pin-


-Kerosene jumps straight up, and drops back down with a standing moonsault for a second cover-


-Clearly frustrated Johnny goes for an irish whip, but it's reversed, but only temporarily. Quick thinking allows him to leap to the second rope and try a springboard tornado DDT. Try being important, as Grantham counters with a reverse atomic drop right to the knee. The now doubled-over Kerosene (who has both hands clutching his groin) gets dropped on his face by a DDT-

Masters: Right in the crown jewels there.

Daniels: Is it even worth me complaining about disqualification?

Masters: Nope. Nobody will listen. In fact, nobody listens to you anyway. Just shut your piehole!

-Not satisfied yet, Double-G pulls his opponent up by the hair. Putting Kerosene's head between his legs, then lifting and dropping a huge powerbomb, keeping on the pressure with a prawn-hold pin-


Daniels: That was close, and so early in the match!

Masters: Really? You thought that would end it?

-Grantham slaps his hands, arguing it should have been three. Grabbing a rising Kerosene and hoisting him overhead in a gorilla press. Johnny slips out the back, immediately running at the ropes. On the rebound, Grantham aims a rising knee to the gut. Kerosene goes over...-

Daniels: Kitchen-sinks him!

-.. but rolls through to his feet with a smile!-

Masters: Idiot. He dived over it. Get your eyes checked.

-The smile is nearly kicked off his face as Grantham shoots a superkick. Almost being right, as Kerosene ducks and yet again charges the ropes. This time he's not so lucky, running right into a hard lariat that turns him inside out. Grantham roars as he covers Kerosene.


Daniels: Gregory does not look happy here. He's arguing with the official.

Masters: Turning his back. Not at all wise.

-And not wise it turns out to be. A dazed Kerosene manages to nail his full-nelson facebuster-


Masters: Yet again, I told you so.

Daniels: Yeah yeah... But it looks like he's setting up for more!

-Kerosene circles, the crowd going wild with heat. Grantham rises very slowly, clutching his head. JK dives at the arm, trying to lock in an armbar, but gets pushed away. He tries coming in again more aggressively, but steps right into a superkick!-

Daniels: Cold Justice!! We've seen that set up the Ivy League Slam many times before. Will he go for it again?

-Indeed he does go for it. Lifting Kerosene into a sidewalk slam position.-

Masters: Daniels about to go crazy for a finisher guys... Wait for it.. Wait for it...

-Before the move can land, Kerosene wriggles free. Grantham spins, trying to recover, but tastes canvas from a jumping complete shot-

Daniels: IVY LEA... STARSTRUCK!! Kerosene landing the Starstruck!

Masters: Well corrected...

-Nearly out of it, Kerosene struggles to push his opponent over before hooking both legs-

ONE.... TWO....



Towers: Your winner, and through to the King of Combat Final... Johnny Kerosene!!!

-Huge heat as Kerosene has his arm raised-

Daniels: The Uprising have a man in the final, this is bad for Derek Damage.

Masters: But great for CZW!


"The Star" Jason X vs "The Anti-Christ of CZW" Ryan Shane vs Jeremy Dart


TOWERS: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Triple-Threat Match, and it is scheduled for one fall...

"Smoke A Little Smoke" by Eric Church hits the soundsystem, and "The Cowboy" Jeremy Dart steps out from the curtain to a decidedly negative reaction from the Richmond audience.

TOWERS: Introducing first... From Macon, Georgia.. weighing in at 235lbs... "The Cowboy".. JEREMYYYYYYYYYY DART!!!

Dart waves off the attentions of the CZW fans as he makes his way down the steps and towards the ring, a steely look visible on his face as he marches close past the camera.

DANIELS: Not the most hospitable reception for "The Cowboy" here tonight...

MASTERS: These half-wits just don't recognize true wrestling talent when they see it, Jarred.

DANIELS: Well, that's your opinion.. some might say that there's been very little evidence of any kind of wrestling "talent" from Mr Dart in any of his previous stints here in CZW thus far.

MASTERS: That's a little uncalled for, don't you think!?

DANIELS: Well look at the last show for an example, William! The man knocked himself out on the ringpost, and was then put down for the count in TWO MOVES by Jason X, one of the men he's scheduled to face in this match right now!

MASTERS: Please.. the kid got lucky.

With Dart now having taken up position in the ring, his music fades, and is replaced a few moments later by "X Gon' Give It To Ya" by DMX.

TOWERS: Next.. from Las Vegas, Nevada.. weighing in at 216lbs... he is "The Star".. JASONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!

The fans' reaction is rather more positive for Jason X, who gives a brief salute as he makes his way to the ring, where Dart watches on with that same look of intensity as before.

DANIELS: Again, that's your opinion, William.. but it sounds as though this kid has already made a bit of an impression on the CZW audience; a nice little ovation for him here.

MASTERS: Like I said.. half-wits.

Jason takes up position in the opposite corner to Dart, and performs a few last-minute warm-ups as his music fades out, the staredown between the two continuing as the boos return with a whole lot more venom and intensity in anticipation of the final piece of the trifecta. After a few tension-building seconds, "2nd Sucks" by A Day To Remember hits the soundsystem, causing the boos to somehow get even louder as Ryan Shane storms out through the curtain.

TOWERS: And finally.. from Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada.. weighing in at 225lbs... he is the self-proclaimed "Anti-Christ of CZW"... RYANNNNNNNNNN SH-

Towers' introduction is abruptly cut short by Shane marching right into the ring and snatching the microphone from out of her hand. Shane then steps up into referee Jason Humel's face, staring almost into his very soul as he raises the microphone to his lips.

SHANE: This match is now a tag match.

Humel looks nervously back at Shane, almost afraid to maintain eye contact for any length of time.

HUMEL: W-w.. what?

The lack of an immediate response is obviously most displeasing to Shane, who takes a step back, rolls his neck, and steps back even further into the official's personal space.

SHANE: I SAID.. this match.. is now a tag match.

Humel looks over at Jason, and then at Dart, both of whom are looking on in confusion, unsure what to do.

HUMEL: B-but...

Shane grabs Humel by the collar of his shirt, their faces now mere millimetres apart.


Humel now looks downright terrified, his eyes as wide as his face is white.

HUMEL: Come on Ryan, you know I ca-

Suddenly, Shane dumps the mic to the mat, and hauls Humel up over his shoulders, dropping him quickly into the canvas, Death Valley Driver-style.


MASTERS: I.. I don't know!

Shane slithers back to his feet, as Humel flops out to the floor, Jason and Dart still looking on and wondering just what in the fuck is happening. Shane picks the microphone back up off the mat, and removes a folded sheet of paper from his tights; he then steps back over to a petrified Towers and thrusts both items violently into her hands.

SHANE: Announce my partner.

Towers is hesitant at first, but, obviously unwilling to suffer the same fate as Humel, she unfolds the paper and raises the microphone to her lips, her hands visibly trembling with fear.

TOWERS: L-ladies and gentlemen.. Ryan Shane's t-tag team p-partner... "B-Bad Ass" Matt C-Covey!

The boos that have been reverberating around the hall almost continuously since Ryan Shane's arrival increase in intensity once again at the introduction of Shane's Uprising comrade. All eyes turn to the curtain, where, after a brief delay, CZW head referee Darrin Powers gingerly steps through, being herded to the ring by the aforementioned "Bad Ass" himself.

DANIELS: Well, here comes Covey, dragging another referee along with him.. I guess The Uprising have decided they're gonna take over CZW's bookings now!?

MASTERS: I think it's great, Jarred.. we get to witness first-hand the return to action of Matt Covey.. as well as witnessing another wrestling masterclass from Ryan Shane!!

Covey forces Powers into the ring, then makes his way up the steps and through the ropes, bumping fists with Shane as the two Uprising members shoo Jason X out of "their" corner and share an inaudible conversation with each other. Powers, somewhat hesitantly, approaches Jason and Dart, explaining to them the situation. The two men protest - Dart rather animatedly so - but Jason X eventually resigns himself to proceedings and attempts to talk Dart round. A brief argument follows, before Jason steps through the ropes onto the apron, Dart ripping off his jacket and hat and angrily dumping them out to the floor. On the other side of the ring, Covey makes his own way onto the apron, as Shane performs some last-minute stretches with his eyes firmly fixed on Jeremy Dart, a smirk on his face.

DANIELS: The referee obviously being given little choice here, so I guess we're starting this "contest" off with Shane vs Dart.


Suddenly, Dart turns round and slaps Jason right in the chest, then drops to the mat and rolls out onto the floor, leaning up against the barricade. Jason turns and looks down at his "partner", an arm outstretched in confused protest.. a move which allows Shane the opportunity to charge over and drive a hard knee into "The Star's" midsection. Shane follows up with a series of stiff elbows to the head, then tosses Jason over the ropes into the ring, Jason landing back-first on the canvas.

DANIELS: ..Okay, so apparently it's Shane and JASON to kick things off; Dart apparently wanting nothing to do with "The Straight Edge Curse" at this time!

MASTERS: Great strategy by "The Cowboy" here, Jarred.. he's a wrestling genius!

DANIELS: Hmmm...

Jason attempts to stagger back to his feet, but is swiftly dropped back down by a hard kick to the ribs. Shane follows up with an elbow drop, then hauls Jason up, throwing him into the turnbuckle. Shane throws a few more forearms, then whips Jason out of the corner.. but Jason reverses, sending Shane crashing back-first into the opposing turnbuckle. Jason sets himself, then charges forward, leaping.. Shane moves.. but Jason lands on his feet on the second rope. Shane charges, but Jason jumps up onto the top rope and backflips out of harm's way, rolling through the landing as Shane hits the corner again. Jason hops to his feet, as Shane turns and charges out of the corner. Jason sidesteps, sending Shane into the ropes.. Shane rebounds.. Jason drops to his stomach.. Shane hurdles.. rebounds.. Jason gets to his feet, and leapfrogs over Shane as he passes once again. Jason then rolls back, and hooks his legs round Shane's waist in a wheelbarrow hold.. but Shane slides out of it, hooks Jason's arms, and nails a vicious-looking Dragon Suplex, Jason's legs bouncing off the ropes as his head hits the canvas.

DANIELS: Oh MAN! A rough landing for Jason X there.. right on the back of his head!

Jason writhes about on the canvas, clutching the back of his ankle with one hand and the back of his head with the other. Shane gets back to his feet, and grabs Jason by the ankle, sliding him away from the ropes and firing a few kicks into the back of his leg. Shane then drops a few elbows to the back of the knee, holding his position on the third drop and bending Jason's leg around his own body. Due to their position, Jason is quickly able to wrap his arms around the bottom rope, but Shane keeps the hold on for a few more seconds, to maximise the punishment. Shane then gets to his feet, pulling Jason with him, and dumps his opponent into the second rope by the Uprising corner, Jason slumping to a seated position against the turnbuckle. Shane stomps on Jason's chest a few times, then tags in Covey, a round of boos greeting the "Bad Ass" as he steps through the ropes for his return to competition.

DANIELS: A tag to Covey; the Uprising looking dominant thus far in the match.

MASTERS: How great does he look right now, Jarred!?

DANIELS: No doubt Covey is a remarkable physical specimen right now, in contrast to the last time we saw him here in the CZW.. however, it remains to be seen what effect such a long absense will have had on his ring abilities, in terms of rustiness.

Covey puts a few boots of his own into the chest of Jason X, then follows up by pressing the sole into his opponent's throat, pushing down on the top rope to give himself even more leverage.

DANIELS: A blatant choke there.. obviously Covey's personality and character hasn't undergone the same improvement as his physique!

The fans now attempt to rally Jason X, as Covey hauls him back to his feet, an arrogant smirk on his face. Covey leans Jason against the turnbuckle then whips him out of the corner.. but maintains his grip.. and slingshots him right back hard into the turnbuckle. Jason stumbles forward, and Covey grabs him around the waist, nailing "The Star" with a Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Covey covers...










DANIELS: Jason kicks out at two, but you figure he's gotta make a tag soon, or this thing is gonna be over very very quickly!

Covey pulls Jason back to his feet, almost looking happy that the pinfall wasn't counted. He tosses him into the corner again, and starts unloading on him with big punches to the forehead. Covey then lifts his leg up, and chokes Jason with his boot once again for a few seconds, before peeling him out of the corner and executing another Irish Whip.. but Jason reverses, sending Covey crashing at full-speed into his own turnbuckle! Covey staggers forward, and Jason leaps up, wrapping his legs around Covey's head and taking him over with a big-time Hurricanrana that draws a big-time pop from the Richmond crowd.

DANIELS: Hurricanrana! Hurricanrana! Jason X with a fightback!!

Jason remains face-down on the mat, still obviously reeling from the punishment inflicted upon him thus far. Covey slowly gets back to his feet near the corner where Jeremy Dart has now taken up position on the apron.. and "The Cowboy" promptly spits in the face of the Bad Ass!

MASTERS: Uh-oh.. Covey's not gonna like that!!!

Indeed, you can practically see the steam shooting out of Covey's ears as he wipes the spit off his face. He lunges at Dart, but the Cowboy quickly drops off the apron just in time, smirking at Covey as he leans back against the rail once again. Covey cusses him out, then turns back into the ring.. where a suddenly-rejuvinated Jason X begins to unload on him with a flurry of kicks, forcing Bad Ass back into the corner. Jason hits a dropsault, then leaps to his feet as Covey stumbles forward, grabbing Bad Ass in a front facelock.. hooking an arm over his shoulder.. and nailing a Snap Brainbuster.

DANIELS: Great move by Jason X.. this kid's got a fire up under him now!!

With Covey down in the centre of the ring, Jason staggers back to his feet.. then dives forward to tag in a back-in-position Dart, a move which actually draws cheers from the fans in attendance.

DANIELS: Tag made! Can the Cowboy shock the world here!?!?

Dart dives through the ropes, but before he can attempt any kind of pinfall, his attentions are drawn by Ryan Shane making a desperate attempt at interference himself. Dart charges, and spears "The Curse" to the mat, unloading on Shane with a flurry of lefts and rights. He hauls Shane up, and whips him violently into the corner, following up with a big lariat. Shane stumbles forward, allowing Dart to hoist him up over his shoulder and drop him Snake-eyes style off the top turnbuckle. Shane spins round, and Dart charges, driving his shoulder into Shane's midsection. Shane crumples to a seated position, as Dart steps back and flips off a section of the fans, instantly killing their support and sending another hail of boos raining down upon him.

DANIELS: Well.. I was gonna say there was a surprising amount of support being offered to Jeremy Dart here by the CZW fans, such is their distaste and dislike of Ryan Shane and his minions.. I don't think that applies now, though.

MASTERS: He said it himself this week, Jarred; he couldn't care less about the fans' support.. he just wants to hurt people!

Dart takes a moment to soak up the hostility of the audience, a smirk on his face. He then goes to pick a groggy Shane up once again.. but is suddenly nailed in the back of the head by Covey, who leaps into The Cowboy elbow-first. Dart stumbles backwards, and Covey hooks his arms.. drops his own head.. and takes Dart up and over, driving his head into the mat with a Vertebreaker.

DANIELS: Oh God! What a sickening move that is.. Dart driven head-first into the canvas.. he may be out cold here!!

Covey rolls round to The Cowboy's side, and flips him onto his back for a pin attempt...












DANIELS: He got i-Oh no, wait, TWO COUNT! Dart somehow got the shoulder up, just in the BAH GAWD nick of time!!

MASTERS: But look at Covey, he's smiling again!

DANIELS: I suspect Bad Ass is just glad of the opportunity to continue inflicting punishment on his opponent.

Covey rolls Dart over onto his stomach, stepping over him as he does so, and locks in a Camel Clutch. Dart growls in pain as Covey wrenches back, pain shooting through his spine and neck.

DANIELS: A submission move here from Covey, I can't remember him doing one of those too often in his career!

As Covey continues to torment Dart, Ryan Shane now pulls himself back to his feet in the corner. He stares down at the helpless Dart with a scowl, then steps forward and stomps him right in the face.


This, unsurprisingly, draws the ire of Jason X, who attempts to enter the ring to help his partner. However, the referee cuts him off.. which, of course, gives Shane and Covey the perfect opportunity to break the Camel Clutch and haul Dart up to his feet. Shane hits the ropes while Covey hits Dart with an atomic drop, holding the Cowboy in position for Shane to rebound and catch him in the face once again with a sickening Yakuza Kick. Dart flops backward to the mat as Shane now steps out onto the apron, Covey rolling down for the cover as the referee charges over...

DANIELS: What a kick.. that's gotta be all!













This time, Covey does not look so amused. He rips Dart up and throws him against the Uprising turnbuckle, throwing some stiff fists into his face. Covey then tags in Shane, and grips Dart tight around the throat, choking him as Shane starts putting the boots to the Cowboy's midsection. After a few moments, Covey releases the choke and steps onto the apron, allowing Dart to stumble forward into Shane's clutches, the Curse hooking both the Cowboy's arms and hitting him with a Double-Underhook Backbreaker.


Shane covers...















Shane leaps to his feet and gets right in the face of the referee, livid that the three-count wasn't made.

DANIELS: Shane is FURIOUS here.. he's already assaulted one referee tonight, he may well be about to do the same to Darrin Powers!!

MASTERS: Well he should do his bloody job properly, Jarred!!!

DANIELS: He IS, William! Dart got his damn shoulder up, clear as day!!!

Shane backs the referee right up against the turnbuckle, eyes burning with rage. However, he soon relents, and turns his attentions back to Dart, who is by now slowly stirring. Shane stalks him from the corner, flexing his ankle as Dart begins to pull himself up on all fours.

DANIELS: Uh-oh.. I think Shane's scouting Dart.. perhaps looking for the X-Fate Special.. that vile punt kick...

As Dart unwittingly gets himself into position, Shane charges.. swings his leg.. but Dart snaps back, avoiding the contact! Shane stops his run, and turns round, right into a big right hand from the Cowboy. Shane reels back, as Dart follows with another shot.. and another.. and another.. forcing the Curse back into the ropes. Dart whips Shane across the ring.. but Shane reverses, slingshotting Dart back into him and thrusting an elbow back into the Cowboy's face. Dart staggers groggily in place, as Shane hits the ropes behind him.. runs past.. rebounds.. Yakuza Kick.. but Dart side-steps.. catches Shane's leg.. hooks him up.. and drops him with a HUGE Backbreaker.


Or at least it would be, if Dart was in a position to capitalise on the situation. As it is, he lays motionless on his back beside Shane on the canvas, obviously suffering the effects of battle.

MASTERS: It's NOT over, Jarred.. he can't make the pin!

DANIELS: Dammit!!

Slowly, Dart begins to stir.. however, rather than making the pin - perhaps even unaware the pin is there to be made - he begins to crawl towards his corner, where Jason X is bouncing on the bottom rope begging for a tag.

DANIELS: Dart crawling.. Jason X wants in.. he's hurting, but he wants in!!

Dart inches closer.. his arm outstretched.. Jason's arm outstretched... but suddenly, Matt Covey charges across the ring, wiping a blindsided Jason off the apron to the floor.

DANIELS: What!? NO!!! GODDAMMIT.. MATT COVEY! He just knocked Jason X off the apron.. and may have just saved his team this contest!!!

Dart slumps to the mat in defeat, as Covey dives out through the ropes in pursuit of Jason X. He grabs Jason in a front facelock, and fires a few clubbing shots to his back. Jason responds with some shots of his own to the torso, and then rams Covey's back against the ring apron. This forces Covey to release the hold, allowing Jason to take a step back and hit him with another dropsault. Covey drops to his knees, as Jason clambers back onto the apron. He reaches out his hand again, shouting at Dart to alert him of his presence.. but his attention is once again distracted by Covey, who grabs hold of his ankle and attempts to haul him back down. Jason tries to shake Covey off, then wraps his arms around the top rope and begins stomping down on Covey's head with his free foot. Covey staggers backwards, and Jason plants his feet back on the apron.. turns.. hops up onto the second rope, and hits an Asai corkscrew moonsault, taking Covey down.


MASTERS: But that idiot just ruined any chance his partner had of making the tag! Now he's stuck out among the idiots in this crowd.. and from the looks of him, he's not gonna be coming back over any time soon!

DANIELS: Unfortunately I think you may be right, William; Jason's momentum took him over that barricade, and he looks to have hurt himself a little with that manuevre.

Back in the ring, Jeremy Dart looks helplessly out at his partner, realising that - for the next little bit, at least - he is all on his own. With gritted teeth, he pulls himself to his feet using the ropes.. but, somehow, he keeps rising...


With Dart suspended on his shoulders, Shane turns back into the ring.. his hand hooked around Dart's neck...



Shane dives on top of Dart...
















“After the Rain” blasts on over the speakers as Shane and Covey raise a fist in victory. Without a second to spare, Ryan signals to Covey, yelling at him to get him a chair! Covey obliges, rolling out of the ring and tossing up the apron, looking underneath. Cassidy does not let him do so without and ear full, begging him not to go through with it, but locking her eyes with Ryan silences her. Covey rolls into the ring and Cass follows. Ryan takes the chair, looking between the downed Dart and Jason X. Ryan locks into a stare down with X, before nodding to him and motioning for him to get out of the ring!

Daniels: “Is Ryan……letting Jason X leave?”

Masters: “There’s a time for everything, Jarred, and I believe Jason may have earned a slight bit of the respect he had been hoping for.”

Jason takes no chances, barreling out of the ring and walking to the back. Ryan turns his attention back to the downed Dart, gripping the chair with both hands. He pulls his head back and takes a breath before bringing the chair up over his head, yelling “DIE DAMAGE!” and swings down………stopping as Cassidy steps in his way!

Masters: “The woman has a death wish.”

Daniels: “The woman is trying to do what’s right. Good for you, Cassidy!”

Ryan scowls at Cassidy, his grip on the chair tightening, but he returns to a calmed state once Cass places her hands on his chest, a tear welling up in her eye. Ryan leans in to her, quietly asking her to step aside. He lowers the chair, showing her that he changed his mind. Cass, seeing the calmness in Ryan, looks back to Dart, but then lowers her head and moves out of the way! Ryan’s eyes go wild and he swings the chair back up, swinging down once more!

????: “STOP!”

Ryan’s swing ceases again as he turns to the entrance. Derek Damage has walked out onto the ramp in a black suit, a microphone in his hand. His face is beat red with anger. He stares a whole in Ryan, who returns the stare right back, though Ryan’s comes with a smirk.

Daniels: “The boss is here!”

Damage: “Cassidy, thank you for trying to stop this, but I’m afraid I have no choice anymore.” Daniels: “What does he mean by that?”

Masters: “I haven’t the slightest clue.”

Derek steps down off of the ramp, but does not dare to move any closer to the ring.

Damage: “I’ve been sitting back there for weeks now, watching you brutally attack good, hard working men and women over some strange, demented fantasy you have about my caring for this company. Have I made some mistakes? Yes, but my interest has always been in making this company great! I was hoping that you would just see this and all of this carnage would just blow over, but you’ve forced my hand, Ryan.”

Ryan, who now has a mic in his right hand and the chair in his left, chuckles at Damage in sheer mockery. He brings the mic up himself.

Ryan: “Oh, I forced your hand? Last time I checked I was the one acting to counter your greed, Derek! Now here you are, trying to play hero after, what, seven, nine people have been hospitalized, I lost count! You’re such a good person, Sir Damage, here to slay the Six-Headed Uprising Dragon! Cut the shit. What are you going to do, hire some more security with our……..”

Ryan motions to himself, his allies, and surprisingly all of the fans in the arena. Some of them, seeing the act as representation of Ryan’s support, cheer. Others respond with a round of boos, showing their love for Damage and his vision of CZW!

Ryan: “Hard-earned money!? Well you go ahead and do that, because we’ve gotten used to tearing your little walls down!”

Daniels: “I can’t believe some of these people are actually………actually cheering this man!”

Masters: “Do you not see what he represents, Jarred? Ryan is change, and change is what we all need. Like his actions or not, the ends justify the means.”

Damage frowns at Ryan and shakes his head, his grip tightening on the mic.

Damage: “No, no more people are going to be hurt because of me or whatever you think I’ve done! I’ve had my people look at your contract, Ryan. I had the full intention of walking out here tonight and firing you!”

As was what happened with Ryan’s statement, a large portion of the audience cheering the thought of a CZW without Ryan Shane, but a few boo within the crowd.

Damage: “But it seems your contract has been modified since the last time you were employed here. There’s a nice little clause in there stating that, unless you are physically unable to compete for at least a year, or you yourself agree on the termination of said contract…………I can’t touch you. Would you know anything about that?”

Ryan’s smirk grows wider at Damage’s remarks. He walks toward the ropes and leans on them, raising and eyebrow to Damage.

Ryan: “Like I said, it’s not just wrestlers and fans that have had enough of your bullshit. We might be the on-screen representation, but my Uprising courses through CZW’s veins like an infection! The faithful wrote that little number in, and the best part is, it’s all legal! You can’t do a damn thing about it!”

Daniels: “That man is just such a deviant! How must it feel to be overpowered in your own company?”

Master: “Ryan is a strategic mastermind. He’s thinking ten steps ahead of Damage. This war is already over.”

Damage nods at Ryan’s statement.

Damage: “You’re right, Ryan. As far as your contract goes, I can’t directly affect you in any way. I CAN however, AFFECT YOUR UPRISING!”

The crowd erupts at Damage’s statement! Damage gets a pep in his step, slightly strutting on the outside of the ring. Covey and Cassidy look between each other, but Ryan only stares directly in Damage’s eyes!

Damage: “From this point forward, Ryan, if any member of The Uprising interferes…, if any member of The Uprising who aren’t involved with your match so much as show their faces at ringside while you compete, they will be instantly terminated!”

Ryan pushes off of the ropes, shaking his head rapidly in a fit of rage. Covey blurts out curses, kicking the bottom turnbuckle while Cassidy just places her hands in her palms, pretending that this wasn’t happening, but she was pleased that someone tried to stop Ryan’s rampage.

Damage: “Everyone………except Cassidy.”

Cass looks up from her hands, shock exploding in her eyes. Ryan stops, looking at her and thinking of her refusal to help him, and yelling again.

Damage: “Cass, you’re a good girl and you seem to be able to keep Ryan straight. I’m hoping that you can make sure he keeps his matches competitive. I’m counting on you. Oh, and Ryan, I may not be able to directly fire you, but I can book you in a match that will put you out of action long enough to legally terminate your contract! I’m cutting the head off of the snake, and I’m doing it in New York City! At Kingdom Come, you’re scheduled to compete against a man who was very happy when I called him about you, in a match he made famous!”

Ryan rolls his eyes and brings the mic back up.

Ryan: “La-de-fucking-da. Who’d ya get, Derek? Is Axel St.James done snorting coke in his shack? Did you dig up Mortius’ ass to come get some more? Who?!”

A smile cracks on Damage’s face.

Damage: “That, Ryan, is a surprise you’re just going to have to wait for. You’re going to learn that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Oh, and Ryan………………….WOOOOOOO!”

“Door Mats” by E. Town Concrete plays over the speakers as Ryan stares down Damage. Ryan tosses the mic to the ground, turning back to the downed Dart. He brings the chair back up over his head, and smashes the chair into the back of Dart’s head! Ryan throws the chair out of the ring and turns back to Damage in a death glare, the camera passing between the two of them before cutting to some advertisments!


"American Gaijin" Mike Monroe vs "The Prophecy" Daniel Cain


Daniels: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to CZW Overdrive right here on! This train isn’t about to slow down next, because it’s time to decide the next man to walk into the Four-Way Elimination match for the CZW World Heavyweight Championship! It’s Mike Monroe! It’s Daniel Cain! It’s the King of Combat Semi-Finals!”

“Sweet Sacrifice” by Evanescence brings the Greater Richmond Convention Center to their feet, the fans cheering as the curtain parts and the cloaked form of Daniel Cain walks out on the ramp, two fingers extended with his palms to the ground. He stops swiping his hands in the air, then continues down to the ring with the same stance.

Jessica Towers: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a King of Combat tournament Semi-finals match! Introducing first, from Cambridge, England! He stands 6 feet tall, weighing in at 225lbs, he is “The Prophecy”, DANIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL CAAAAAAAAAIN!”

Cain continues his way to the ring, paying no mind to the fans screaming his name in a “pro-phe-cy!” chant.

Daniels: “Here’s a man who the CZW Nation has taking in as one of their own, and I have to say, what a great addition to the family, William?”

Masters: “A fellow countryman. Daniel Cain is a blistering combination of technical ability, striking power, and aerial tactics. Pair that with his near flawless record since joining, and it’s hard to argue his chances in the King of Combat.”

Daniels: “Don’t count those chickens just yet, William. Cain is undoubtedly facing his biggest challenge since joining CZW, the undefeated X-Division Champion! The man choked out Eddie Rowan!”

Masters: “This is true, but did you see the actions of one Allyson Thorn earlier tonight? Mike is a strong man, but his mind must be racing.”

Cain hops up onto, turning back to the crowd with his hands slowly extending away from each other, before reaching up and grabbing the hood, and pulling it off completely to expose his face to the crowd! He yells to his followers, and then enters the ring, walking across to the other side with his arms extended. He turns to the ramp, removing his robe and awaiting his opponent as his theme music ends. All is quiet for two or three minutes, the crowd murmuring between themselves, before the sounds of “O Fortuna” blast through the speakers, and an even louder round of cheers go up as the lights cut out! The fans rise to their feet again as the lights on the entrance go up in white and the song changes to “In the Dark” by The Birthday Massacre! The entrance curtain parts, and Mike Monroe enters onto the ramp to a massive ovation! Monroe does not wear his typical entrance gear, though the X-Division championship is strapped tightly to his waist, a look on his face of deep thought. He begins a slow walk down to the ring, a far-away stare looking past even the ring.

Jessica Towers: “And his opponent, from Tiffin, Ohio! He stands 6 feet tall, weighing in at 201lbs, he is the CZW X-Division Champion of the World! “American Gaijin”, MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE MONROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE!!!!”

Masters: “Exactly as I thought. Look at his face, Daniels. Mike Monroe can’t even hear these fans, his mind is gone. He’s too worried about his woman.”

Daniels: “Well can you blame him, William? The man just witnessed his girlfriend and long-time associate because a victim to that damn Uprising of Ryan Shane!”

Masters: “He’s a champion, Daniels. Despite the feelings he may have outside of the ring, in ring one must be focused to be considered a true champion. Nevertheless, this is Mike Monroe. He is always lethal, and this will be a fight.”

Monroe simply slides into the ring, removing his title belt and handing it to Head Referee Darrin Powers. Powers calls for the bell, and this match is on! Both men go for the lock up and the crowd goes nuts! They struggle for the power position, to which Monroe takes with a quick twist into a side headlock! He wrenches on the neck twice, each time forcing a yell out of Cain, before Cain grabs the wrist of Monroe and twists into an arm wrenching wrist lock! Monroe tends to the shoulder as Cain tries to force it out of the socket, followed by a transition from Cain into a Hammerlock!

Daniels: “Cain wrenching hard on that Hammerlock!”

Masters: “The Hammerlock is a very underestimated hold. Your arm is twisted in ways it should never be, your shoulder and elbow are placed in so much pressure, and you’re essentially forced to go where your opponent wishes, which may be the most crucial point of the move.”

Cain wrenches the arm again before Monroe can gain his footing, actually turning his body around and moving under Cain’s arm, releasing the pressure with a flip forward onto the ground, followed by a kip-up and a wristlock of his own! The crowd applauds the excellent use of technical ability by both men. Monroe connects a headbutt to the wrist of Cain, then pulls down hard on his arm, faceplanting Cain before leaping over into a grounded side headlock!

Masters: “I must say, Monroe is not showing as many signs of a wandering mind as I first thought.”

Daniels: “I told you, William. These men know what’s on the line!”

Monroe puts the pressure on the hold, Cain struggling to find a weak point to escape from, but finds nothing. The ref asks if he wishes to submit, but he refuses. He pushes up with his hands, escaping from the grip and connecting with a stiff kick to the back of Monroe!

Daniels: “OH MY! A swift kick to the back!”

Monroe huffs out a breath and jumps up to his feet, smacking Cain right in the face! The crowd resounds with a loud “OH!” at the sheer impact of the slap! Cain holds his face, turning back and laying into Monroe with a forearm! Monroe comes back with a forearm of his own, and then another from Cain! Both men connect with smash upon smash into the face of the other! Cain his one more, but Monroe yells and turns, cracking Cain in the mouth with a Roaring Elbow! Cain hits the mat and Monroe covers!












Kick out!

Daniels: “Not enough to end this just yet!”

Monroe brings Cain up to his feet, connecting with a couple more forearms before whipping him to the ropes. Monroe holds his arms out, looking for the exploder, but he leaves himself open to a snap STO by Cain! Monroe rolls through the STO, charging toward Cain and connecting with an STO of his own, but Cain rolls through as well, jumping up and connecting with a Dropkick to the face of Monroe! Monroe staggers up into the grasp of Cain, who snaps him back with a Suplex! As soon as he hits the ground, Cain rolls with him, lifting him up and into a Butterfly Suplex!

Masters: “and he’s still not finished! Cain brings Monroe up, and lifts him up and overhead with the Northern Lights Suplex! He bridges into a pin!”













Not only is it a kick out, but a transition! Monroe grips the head and arm of Cain, gator rolling over and into a grounded side headlock position before applying a cobra clutch, wrenching back with The Burn Notice! Cain screams out in pain and the fans come back to their feet, some yelling for Cain to tap, others cheering him on to keep him alive! Cain tries to rip at Monroe’s arm, but to no avail! He pushes himself closer to the ropes, inch by inch taking its toll on his body as Monroe increases the pressure even more!

Daniels: “The drive in this kid! I don’t know many men who could last this long in this hold!”

Masters: “Perhaps it’s not the drive, but the lack thereof from Monroe. Look, the typical look of determination on Monroe’s face is gone, he’s simply trying to finish the match, not win it.”

Daniels: “What’s the difference?”

Masters: ”The amount of care one gives.”

Cain scratches and claws, reaching his hand out in the air with a cringe on his face.

Daniels: “Cain’s going to tap!”

Cain’s hand comes down……………on the bottom rope! The ref calls for the hold to be broken, and Monroe breaks at the three count! Both men are tired from the exchange, Monroe rolling away as Cain still holds onto the ropes, pulling himself up to his feet and leaning on them for leverage. After a few breaths, both men lock horns again, this time Monroe whipping Cain to the corner! Monroe runs, smashing his foot right into the face of Cain with a Yakuza kick! He signals that he’s not done and backs off, Cain slumping down.

Daniels: “Monroe is looking to wrap this up with his Up High and Down Low combination! Could we see that big cannonball senton next?”

Monroe gets a head start by pushing off of the opposite corner, charging at Cain…..and being caught with a kick for his trouble! Cain hooks his head under his arm and pushes himself to the second rope, spinning off and planting Monroe with a thunderous Tornado DDT! Cain immediately rolls over for the pin!
























Daniels: “What a match! What will these men have to do to finish this?”

Masters: “I believe it will come down to the finishing moves these two men have perfected. You see the toll the Burn Notice of Monroe’s has done to Daniel Cain, and Cain’s Falling Angel Moonsault has yet to be escaped.”

Cain comes up to his knees, asking the ref if it was indeed just a two count. He sighs and grabs Monroe, trying to pull him up to his feet as quickly as he can. As he does this, the curtains part again, and out onto the entrance ramp comes…..

Daniels: “What the blue hell is Buck Evans doing out here? Shouldn’t he be going home to lick his wounds?”

Masters: “Buck has great interest in one Daniel Cain, and as he makes his way to ringside, one can only assume that this will be the end for Cain’s hopes at a main event spot at Kingdom Come.”

Buck strolls down to the ring, catching Cain’s eye. Cain yells at him, who simply holds his hands up in defense. Distracted, Cain isn’t able to see Monroe regain his footing, jumping up and dragging him down with a codebreaker!

Daniels: “Cain’s just been Toe Tagged! Monroe going for the cover!”

The ref’s hand hits the mat!























KICK OUT!!!!!!!

Monroe yells out in frustration. Cain just managed to get his shoulder up, still lying in shock from the move. Monroe brings his hand up, and runs his thumb across his throat, pointing to the ropes and the fans jump out of their seats!

Daniels: “Just as you predicted, William! Monroe is signaling for that Shock Trauma DDT!”

Monroe exits onto the apron, looking behind him and back to Buck Evans. Buck shakes his head at him and points at the now slowly moving to his feet Cain, telling him that his issue is with “The Prophecy”. Monroe shakes his head as well and turns back just as Cain stumbles and grabs onto the referee for support! The ref pries him loose and pushes Cain off, turning his back from the force needed on the push! Monroe jumps to the ropes, only to be pushed off of the top by Buck Evans! Monroe crashes on the inside of the ring hard on his shoulder!

Daniels: “What the hell, Buck?!? That piece of trash!”

Masters: “I…..can’t explain it either, Jarred. What’s going through the mind of Mr. Evans?”

Monroe is knocked silly by the landing, stumbling up to one side of the ring, then rolling around on the ropes before blindly stepping into the center of the ring as Buck Evans makes his way back up the ramp, still watching the match. Cain shakes out the cob webs, not seeing what had happened, running up behind Monroe and rolling him up in the School Boy! The ref drops down for the count!
























“Sweet Sacrifice” turns back on and the crowd, while displeased with the means of the victory, come unglued for the upset victory of Cain! Cain falls back and leans against the bottom rope, eyes wide open in pure shock. As the moment sets in, a large smile grows on his face. The ref raises his hand, and Jessica Towers announces the outcome over her microphone.

Jessica Towers: “Here is your winner, and a King of Combat Finalist, “The Prophecy”, DANIEL CAIN!”

Daniels: “Ohhh…..congrats to Daniel Cain, it’s so great to see him move on to the World Championship match but……aah, damn it, not like this!”

Masters: “This is how it goes, Daniels. Monroe was in a weak state and Cain capitalized. It might not be to everyone’s liking, but that was a brilliant move.”

Cain finally makes it to his feet just as Monroe does, holding his shoulder from the drop. They both stop and stare at each other, before Cain reaches out and extends his hand for a shake. Monroe looks at his hand, then back to Cain, then back to the hand. He gives Cain’s hand a quick slap and rolls out of the ring, making his way to the back in nothing more than frustration and disappointment. Cain watches him leave, but even the denial of a full handshake isn’t enough to end the celebration! He climbs up to the second ropes, posing with his hands held out on both sides with two fingers extended! Cain celebrates the win, climbing the corners in turn. On the third he stops, noticing an applauding Mike King in the front row. His confusion only increases as King leaps the guard rail and collects a microphone-

King: You're probably wondering what I'm doing out here. I wanted to watch you do what I expected you to do, reach the final of the King of Combat. I also wanted to be the first to congratulate you, so congratulations.

-A very slight pop goes out as MK slides into the ring. Cain drops down to face him.-

King: That's not all. Clearly you saw my message earlier in the week, and I saw yours too. What these people don't know is we did speak before this match. We spoke long and hard on what should be happening in CZW. Ryan Shane isn't starting an Uprising, he's trying to keep power and hold down the future stars like Cain here. The true uprising will be the uprising we cause to change how things are done and give new faces a chance.

-MK opens up, talking to the crowd now rather than Cain.-

King: So before you stands the first part of what will be greatness. Before you stands the future of Combat Zone Wrestling. Before you stands Egotic Prophecy.

-King and Cain shake hands, and a half-pop goes out-

King: And to all those that have been held down by CZW before.. Or to those that are new and want a fair chance.. Join us. Together we can get what we deserve. Together we can break the glass ceiling. Together, we can change the face of wrestling.

-King drops the mic, and he and Cain slide from the ring, walking to the back in conversation-

Daniels: Have we just seen the birth of another stable in CZW?

Masters: Two men are hardly a stable.

Daniels: But King put it out there that they're looking for more to join the cause. And he directly called out the Uprising... This could well be the start of a stable war!!


-MtM is getting ready for his match. He is putting his wristtape on as Ryan Lewis walks up to him.

Lewis: Mountain Man, you have a tough test a head of you tonight. You are in a fatal four way against former CZW X Champions Krimzon Blaze and Sam Attic, as well as your former associate Tim Timmons. The winner gets a shot at Mike Monroe’s X title. What are your thoughts going in to the match?

MtM: Well, it will be a tough match. You have several former champions including myself…

-MK arrives and interrupts the interview. Ryan looks mad at King.

Lewis: Mike, we are in the middle of an interview here.

King: I know, I know.

-MK turns his attention from Lewis to MtM:

King Josh, I just wanted to wish you luck tonight. See everyone has said you are an underdog tonight because Tim Timmons, Krimzon Blaze and Sam Attic, all have been champions but so are you. I know you have it in you to have the chance to be champion once again. Josh I look at you and see a 6’2”, 295 pound monster that can hang with anyone. We have wrestled when you were new and you were good back then.

-MtM smiles at that.

MtM: I remember that back in 2009 and you are right. I was just saying I held Ultraviolent title for several months. You’re damn right I have it in me.

-King smiles.

King: That is what I am talking about Josh. I know you have it in you to break through and be the monster you are inside. And you have to thank my half-brother for this.

-MtM snickers.

King: Now I am not saying destroy him, just use him as a message. A message that the tide is turning here in CZW. Those who have been held down here will not take it anymore.

-MtM nods and MK whispers something in his ear. MtM rubs his hands together and walks away ending the interview. Lewis looks at him with anger in his eyes.

Lewis: Thanks for ruining my interview.

-MK smirks.

King: Don’t mention it.

Lewis: What did you tell him? Does it have anything to do with Cain.

-MK smirks and walks away and passes several locker room doors. The area is silent until a man from behind a door breaks the silence.


-MK pauses and turns knowing who it is. The man walks through the door and it is none other than Chris Tolwar.

Tolwar: Know about it!

-MK looks stunned, not realizing Tolwar is backstage at CZW after getting fired.

Tolwar: Mikey, I knew you here and I want a spot.

-MK smirks.

King: Excellent, I could use someone like you. Walk with me…

-Tolwar and MK walk off together.

Daniels: I honestly think King is leading a new stable now. First Cain then Newsome and now Tolwar?

Masters: Now I doubt Tolwar will actually do anything. He is a pratfall waiting to happen for Christ’s sake.

Daniels: Even though he was trained by Mike King?

Masters: Yes, even though Mike King trained him. How Mike King even associates with him is astonishing…


#1 CONTENDER'S SPOT FOR THE X-TITLE! "Psycho" Sam Attic vs "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze vs "THE WHOLE SHOW" Tim Timmons vs "Mountain Man" Joshua Newsome


Daniels: Welcome back to CZW Overdrive! Up next we have a Fatal-Fourway match to determine who will face Mike Monroe for the X-Division Title...but first, we have a video recap of the brutal assault of a former X division champion, Jacob Havok...

Masters: Folks, if you get queasy at the sight of a lot of blood...why are you watching CZW? But this video in particular is quite full on, so be warned.

An edited video recap of the events of the last episode of Overdrive is played. Dusty Davis' no-show, then Shane and Covey's appearance. Havok putting up a fight, but ultimately falling to Ryan Shane. The video ends with Ryan Shane standing over the bloodied body of Jacob Havok...

Daniels: That was a vicious attack...and it all stemmed back to a rivalry from over two years ago. Ryan Shane had a vendetta against Youthful Aggression...the group who ended Beautiful Agony...and Jacob Havok was the last of them that Shane hadn't taken out.

Masters: We've got an update on Havok's condition. Despite the brutal assault, he is still able to function relatively normally. However, he has been forbidden from leaving the hospital for the next two weeks, in case his condition worsens. I doubt we'll be seeing Jacob Havok wrestling again for at least six months...

“Sorry You're Not A Winner” by Enter Shikari plays. The fans sit still in shocked silence.

Daniels: He can't be here!

Jacob Havok walks out onto the stage. His head is bandaged and he has to support himself with a crutch. The fans are silent at first, and then begin to cheer! Havok walks to the ring, a fierce look on his face.

Masters: What a bloody fool! He must have left the hospital against orders!

Daniels: Well...I'm sure he has a purpose for being here...

Havok gingerly rolls into the ring. He uses the ropes to get to his feet and asks for a microphone.

Havok: It takes a lot more than a stupid order to keep me away from this ring.

The fans cheer. Havok winces.

Havok: Whoa guys, watch the head is still pounding. You try getting hit with a railroad you a massive headache.

Havok looks around.

Havok: So...Ryan Shane...he has been holding a grudge for over two years now...and I'd forgotten what for. In any case, he really did some damage...I can barely stand as it is...I could pass out at any second! But I'm still here to call him out!

Havok looks up the entrance ramp. “After the Rain” by Rev Theory hits. The fans boo. Havok grins. Ryan Shane and Matt Covey walk out onto the stage. Shane shakes his head.

Shane: Jacob Havok...I always knew you were quite resilient...I thought I'd done enough last week. But I guess not. No matter was easy enough last week...but you are injured now. You shouldn't have shown up would have been all over you are. It's your deathwish...and you didn't even bring a friend...this is all too easy...Covey...go get him!

Matt Covey smiles sadistically. He begins to walk towards the ring. Havok readies himself. Covey slides into the ring. He walks up to Havok and stares him down. Havok takes a swing, but Covey steps back and dodges. Covey shoves Havok lightly. Havok uses the ropes to regain his balance. Havok swings again. Covey dodges again. Covey looks back and sneers at Shane. Shane motions for him to turn around as the fans cheer. Covey spins around...and Havok breaks the crutch over his head! Covey goes down! Havok peels off some of the wood to reveal the crutch has been reinforced with a metal bar. Havok looks at Shane.

Havok: You really think I would come to the ring without some backup? I can walk just fine...and I can kick your ass just fine as well!

Shane runs to the ring. Havok smiles. Shane enters the ring. He ducks a Havok clothesline and comes back with one of his own, but Havok delivers a dropkick to his knee. Shane staggers. Havok slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He leaps to the top rope and flies off, nailing Shane with a chair dropkick. Shane goes down. Havok exits the ring and jumps into the crowd. Shane recovers and gives chase! The two men race through the crowd into the backstage area...

Daniels: Quick! Get a cameraman backstage!! We don't want to miss a minute of this!

A camera man manages to catch up with the action. Shane is closing in on Havok. Havok grins and knocks over a pile of boxes. The path is blocked.

Shane: Stop running you little bitch!

Havok continues through the backstage area. He begins to slow down. He kicks down a door and enters a room. He smiles. The camera man looks into the find a strange sight. A web of light tubes has been built. Underneath the light tubes is a table of glass...and underneath the a fifteen foot drop into the parking lot!

Daniels: Oh my god! Havok planned all this! Is he...going to try and kill Ryan Shane?

Masters: If you ever needed proof that something was wrong with Jacob Havok...he has given us plenty of evidence today...

A noise is heard from outside the room. Havok grabs a lead pipe from behind the door and steps out into the corridor. He stares down the corridor, shocked.

Havok: What the fuck are you doing here?

Havok is met with a huge clothesline from a hulking figure! The lead pipe clatters away down the corridor. A glimpse of the man's face is finally seen. He is Japanese and looks at Havok furiously. Havok pushes himself to his knees...and is met with a vicious kick to the chin from a second person.

???: Time to finish you off Havok...genzai (now)!

The Japanese man lifts Havok up. Havok kicks the man in his knee, then dropkicks him. Havok grabs the lead pipe and swings at the man, but the man grabs the pipe. He smiles. The man grabs Havok by the head and slams him hard into the wall. He then grabs Havok by the throat and lifts him up...before bringing him down over his knee with a backbreaker. Havok lies on the ground, out of it.

???: Totemi yoi (Very good), Satoshi...

Ryan Shane rounds the corner and finds the two men standing over the prone body of Jacob Havok.

???: He is all yours now, Mr. Shane...we shall take out leave...

The Japanese man and his mysterious speaker leave the scene, the Japanese man bowing to Shane as he leaves. Shane shrugs and kicks Havok's body. He glances into the room and notices the light tubes. He grabs Havok by the hair.

Shane: Jacob...was this all for me? I'm'd go through this much effort for me? Well unfortunately for you...I don't appear to be your only enemy.

Shane grins.

Shane:'s time to put an end to you...for good! Get up!

Shane delivers a swift kick to the gut of Havok. Havok begins to stir. Shane pulls him to his feet by his hair and leans him against the wall. He slaps him twice before dragging him into the room.

Shane: Quite an impressive set up you've got here, Jacob...if you ever recover from should go into construction!

Shane lifts Havok onto his shoulders in the torture rack position. He lines himself up next to the light tubes...

Shane: Farewell, motherfucker!

Ryan Shane delivers the Murder Scene through the light tubes! Havok crashes through, shards of glass cutting into him. He hits the glass table, which shatters! Shane watches as a bleeding Havok falls fifteen feet. Havok hits the concrete hard and is motionless. Ryan Shane begins to laugh.

Daniels: Dear God! Someone get out there and help! Jacob Havok could be DEAD!

Masters: Jacob Havok shouldn't have showed up today...he set himself up for this...

Daniels: What are you talking about?! If it wasn't for that mystery would have been Ryan Shane, instead of Havok, who took the fall!

Masters: any case...I don't think we'll be seeing Jacob Havok in CZW for a long time!

Daniels: We need to take a break...that was too intense! When we return...four men will battle for a shot at Mike Monroe!!!


Daniels: We are back here on CZW Overdrive…and we can report that Jacob Havok is currently being rushed to the nearest hospital. Check out our website after the show where a full update will be available.

Masters: I don’t need an update…l can tell that that loser will be out for a long time!

Daniels: In any case…I wish Jacob Havok well…but now…back to the in-ring action. It’s time to determine the number one contender for the X title! Let’s pass it to Jessica Towers for the introductions.

Masters: She still looks as fine as she did back in 2008…

Daniels: Shut up, William…

Towers: Ladies and Gentlemen! The following contest will determine who will face Mike Monroe for the X title! Introducing first…from Wichita, Kansas!

The fans boo in anticipation.

Towers: He weighs in at 220 pounds and is a one-time X champion…’Psycho’ Sam Attic!!

Sam Attic walks out as ‘Crashing’ by Gravity Kills plays. He walks straight to the ring and awaits his opponents.

Towers: Next…from Detroit, Michigan…

The fans scream loudly.

Towers: He weighs in at 215 pounds and is a two time X champion…Krimzon Blaze! ‘A Cut Above’ by Avery Watts is barely audible due to the loud reaction from the fans. Blaze steps out onto the stage to a deafening roar.

Daniels: The crowd are loving Blaze tonight! I think they are hoping to see a Tru Family Crew match for the X title.

Masters: Blaze has got a hell of a task ahead of him then!

Towers: The third person in this match…from the woods near Cleveland, Ohio…

The fans are split.

Towers: He weighs in at 295 pounds and has never won the X title…Mountain Man!!

Mountain Man steps out onto the stage and stares down his two smaller opponents. He smiles and walks to the ring.

Daniels: Mountain Man is the only man in this match who has not won the X title…and I think he’d like to change that…and with his size advantage he could do it!

Towers: And finally…from Toronto, Ontario, Canada…

The fans once again, are mixed.

Towers: He weighs in at 268 pounds and is a one-time X champion…Tim Timmons!

‘Wanted Man’ by Rev Theory plays. A few moments pass…but Timmons has not yet stepped out onto the stage.

Daniels: Well...that's Tim's music...but where's he at?

Masters: Heh, maybe he took one look at the competition and decided to skip town.

Daniels: That's not the Tim Timmons we know. At a chance for the X-Title he'd jump through flaming hoops.

Jarred places a finger on his head set.

Daniels: I've just been given word that something is happening backstage.

The camera cuts to the locker room area. TJ Hix is seen standing over a downed Timmons holding his sledgehammer.

Hix: I GAVE YOU PLENTY OF WARNING TIM! Plenty...but still wanna walk around thinkin you're the man...thinkin you're one of the top dogs here. I guess your last beating wasn't enough. I always gave you credit for being smarter than that...'Whole Show.' Hix grabs Tim by the hair and picks him up off the floor before whipping him into a row of lockers. Tim drops to the floor hard taking a locker door with him.

Hix: You ain't a damn thing anymore Tim. You're just another stupid bastard...another poster boy for the CZW. If it takes me destroying you again and again to finally get it through your head...then so be it. There's only one Whole Damn show...and that's stupid mother fucker. I told you this weeks ago...hoping you'd get it through that thick skull of yours...but wanna keep pushin your luck. I'm the wrong guy for you to try that with.

Hix drives his sledgehammer into the ribs of Timmons. He throws down the sledgehammer and picks Tim up again and leans him against the busted lockers.

Hix: How do you like me now Tim? HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW!!?? You're gonna keep fuckin around...until you find yourself in a body bag.

TJ kicks Timmons in the gut and sets him up for the 'Seek New Employment' and sends him crashing through the locker room bench. He begins convulsing and coughing up blood.

Hix: If I were you Tim...I'd be rethinking my career here in the CZW. And you can warn all the other CZW 'heroes' that The Fuckin Boss has them in check. You're just the first of many who are going to fall to the awesome power of TJ Hix. The CZW will learn that the 'villains' are no longer their puppets.

The camera cuts back to ringside

Daniels: Holy hell...they need to get medical assistance back there!! Tim could have broken ribs back there. TJ Hix has got to be stopped...he's going too far now.

Masters: You heard him back there...apparently he doesn't feel as though he's gone far enough.

Daniels: looks like this’ll go ahead as a triple threat match…

‘Zankoku na Tenshi no Teze’ by Animetal plays. Yoshi Naniwa steps out onto the stage to a decent cheer.

Masters: What is he doing out here?

Daniels: I’m being told right now…that since the fans were promised a four way…a four way they will get! It appears that Yoshi Naniwa is Tim Timmons replacement! This is huge for his career!

Towers: Introducing Tim Timmons’ replacement…from Tokyo, Japan…he weighs 210 pounds…Yoshi Naniwa!

Yoshi sprints into the ring and takes his place in one of the corners. The referee signals for the bell to start the match. Mountain Man immediately charges at Yoshi Naniwa, while Blaze and Sam Attic begin to brawl on the other side of the ring. Yoshi ducks a clothesline attempt and dropkicks Mountain Man, but Mountain Man shrugs it off and grabs Yoshi by the head. He flings Yoshi over the top rope to the outside and makes his way over to Blaze and Sam. Mountain Man grabs them by the head and slams them together. Blaze and Sam fall to the ground. Mtm lifts Sam to his feet, smiling. He places him under his arm in preparation for the Fallen Timber. Blaze staggers to his feet and goes to stop Mtm, but he is also grabbed!

Daniels: I think…Mountain Man is going to try for a double Fallen Timber!?!

Mountain Man, showing incredible strength, lifts both men into the air!

Daniels: Wait…look at Yoshi!

Yoshi Naniwa is back in the ring with a steel chair. He drives it into the knee of Mtm. Mtm stumbles, but doesn’t fall. Blaze and Attic, however, have recovered. They kick their legs and swing forward. They drive Mtm into the ground with a double DDT!

Masters: Wow…what a turnaround!

Attic and Blaze stand up…and Naniwa drives the chair into the head of Attic! Attic goes down! Blaze turns around and ducks the chair shot. He grabs Yoshi and hits a German Suplex. Blaze looks at the three bodies on the ground and smiles. He rolls out of the ring and starts looking underneath. He begins to pull a plethora of weapons out from underneath.

Daniels: I knew it wouldn’t take long for this match to go to the extreme!

Masters: Look at all those weapons! Tables…chairs…bamboo sticks…a small ladder…street signs…light tubes…and…is that a Playstation?

Daniels: I…I believe it is William. What in the world is that doing under there?

Masters: Who knows, Jarred…but it’ll hurt if you get hit with it, that’s for sure!

Daniels: Oh my…Blaze has MORE!

Masters: Electrical cord…a box of thumbtacks…lighter fluid…and a can of mace?!?

Daniels: That cannot be good!

Blaze looks into the ring and spots Naniwa getting to his feet. Blaze rolls into the ring. He stands up and whips Yoshi to the ropes. Yoshi slides out of the ring quickly. Blaze runs and launches himself over the top rope. Blaze crashes into Yoshi and drives both men into the steel barricade. Blaze gingerly stands up and watches as both Sam and Mtm get up. Blaze quickly sets up one of the tables on the outside, before sliding one of the bamboo sticks into the ring. He rolls into the ring and goes to grab the stick, but Mtm has beaten him to it.

Masters: Mountain Man with that Bamboo stick…Blaze better get out of there quick…

Blaze stands up. He prepares to dodge a shot, but Mtm doesn’t swing at Blaze…he instead nails Sam right in the middle of the forehead! This gives Blaze the time to dropkick Mtm in the back. Mtm staggers, but doesn’t fall. He whacks Sam again across the back. Blaze runs in for another dropkick, but Mtm moves really quickly and snaps the bamboo stick over Blaze’s knee. Blaze still connects with the dropkick, but when he tries to get up, but staggers and needs the ropes for support.

Daniels: Blaze in real trouble here…if he can barely walk, how is he supposed to use his signature high-flying offence?!

Yoshi Naniwa re-enters the ring with the electrical cord in his hands. He ducks a shot with the bamboo stick and jumps on Mtm’s back. He wraps the cord around Mtm’s neck and pulls it tight. Mtm struggles to throw Yoshi off, but Yoshi shows determination to hold on. Mtm drops to one knee…

Masters: Yoshi is choking the life out of Mtm! This may be one of his best performances we’ve seen in CZW…he’s really making the most of this opportunity!

Mtm is now on hands and knees! Yoshi rears right back, putting all his strength into choking Mtm out! Sam Attic rushes over and, using Mtm as a platform, nails Yoshi Naniwa with an enzuiguri! Yoshi slackens his grip on the cord. Sam then grabs Yoshi in a half nelson and drives his face into the mat. Yoshi rolls to the outside to recover. Sam quickly covers Mtm.




Sam rolls outside and slides a table into the ring. He sets it up in the corner. Sam then lifts Mtm to his feet. He tries to whip him into the corner, but Mtm stands his ground. Sam tries again, but Mtm grins and whips him into the other corner. Mtm then nails Sam with a corner lariat! Mtm glances across at Blaze, who is trying with all his might to walk without the ropes. He grabs Blaze by the throat and drags him towards the table set up in the corner. Mtm lifts Blaze up for a chokeslam…but Blaze reverses it! He gets his legs around Mtm’s neck and sends him through the table with a hurricanrana! Blaze drops and lands awkwardly on his leg though. Yoshi Naniwa rolls back into the ring. He eyes his three other opponents. He spots Mountain Man, who is resting on the second turnbuckle. He backs up…

Masters: Is he thinking of trying the Phoenix Strike? We’ve only ever seen it in his titantron video…but never in person! What does he actually call it? You’re a nerd, Daniels! You tell me.

Daniels: Firstly…I’m not a nerd! Secondly…in Japanese…it is the Fenikkusu Sutoraiki!

Masters: Nerd…

Yoshi runs in...and he actually connects with the Phoenix Strike! Mtm lies prone on the mat. Yoshi covers!



Daniels: Blaze with the save!

Yoshi rolls off and stands up. Krimzon Blaze is on his feet, albeit slightly off-balance. He holds one of the light tubes in his hands. He swings it and strikes Yoshi right across the abdomen! Blaze follows up with a DDT! Blaze gingerly stands up again…but Sam Attic is back and dropkicks him in his injured leg. Sam then follows up with a DDT of his own! Sam rolls out of the ring and picks up the Playstation that is sitting outside the ring. He looks at Mountain Man, who is just starting to stir. He rolls into the ring and lines Mountain Man up. Mountain Man gets to one knee and Sam goes to strike. Mountain Man is able to stop the blow! Both men have a hold on the heavy video game console and struggle for control. Eventually, Mountain Man wrenches it out of Sam’s hands. Sam takes one look at Mountain Man and rolls out of the ring. Sam stares down Mtm, who invites him back to the ring. Yoshi Naniwa is back up however and jumps on Mtm’s back again. Mtm, after a small struggle, eventually is able to flip Yoshi off him and out onto the apron. Mtm looks at the console in his hands and smashes it over the head of Yoshi. Yoshi is thrown backwards by the force of the hit…and crashes through the table the Blaze set up earlier!

Daniels: HOLY CRAP!! That was insane!

Masters: Yoshi Naniwa has got to be dead after that. That strike from the Playstation…it’s game over for Yoshi Naniwa!

Mtm drops the remains of the Playstation on the ground and turns around…right into a chair shot from Sam Attic.

Daniels: What is Blaze doing?

Krimzon Blaze is on the outside of the ring holding a bamboo stick. He begins dousing it with lighter fluid…before lighting it on fire!

Masters: Blaze has a flaming bamboo stick! This could get ugly!

Sam Attic watches Blaze cautiously. Mountain Man takes the distraction and tosses Sam into the corner. Mtm then hangs Sam upside down in the tree of woe. Mountain Man looks at Blaze and asks for the flaming bamboo stick. Blaze looks at Mtm quizzically, before shrugging. He hands the flaming stick to Mtm. Mtm grins and strikes Sam across the abdomen with the stick. Sam spasms in pain, but is still trapped in the corner. Mtm strikes him again! The stick, weakened by the flames, breaks apart. The flames go out while Sam screams, a long welt forming on his body. Mountain Man then looks for Blaze. He notices the flutter of the ring curtain and smiles. He grabs a chair and waits for Blaze.

Daniels: Blaze has taken refuge under the ring…but he won’t like what he sees when he comes out…

Masters: I wish he’d come out…he is just prolonging his defeat this way!

Daniels: Maybe you are right abo…wait a minute!

Blaze rolls out from under the ring on the other side of the ring. The cheer of the fans causes Mountain Man to turn. He spots Blaze and heads over to him, chair still in hand. As he closes in, Blaze still stands there. Mountain Man leans over the top rope to hit Blaze…and cops an eyeful of mace! Mtm stumbles back, bellowing in pain. Blaze grabs the chair Mtm dropped and rolls into the ring. He drives the chair into the stomach of Mtm, before dropping it and grabbing Mtm by the head. He nails a Twist of Fate onto the chair!

Daniels: Blaze has outsmarted everyone here tonight. He is now looking at the top rope after that move, which he calls ‘All is Forgiven…Not!’

Masters: He can barely stand! How can he expect to even get to the top rope?

Daniels: Blaze is one of the most determined superstars in the business. He wants something…he gt it, no matter how much pain it causes him!

Blaze begins the ascent to the top rope. He winces as he balances on the top. Blaze sighs. He then leaps off and connects with the Holy Shot!

Daniels: Despite his injured leg…he still managed to pull that off! Blaze covers now!





Daniels: Blaze has done it! He managed to outlast three hungry competitors, even with an injured leg! He'll now go on to face his tag team partner Mike Monroe for the X title!

Masters: Mountain Man will be unhappy with that...he dominated a large portion of that match, but was beaten by some Blaze trickery!

Daniels: All of out competitors put up a good fight...but it is Blaze who walks out with the win here!


"High-Definition" Cage Stryker vs "Mr. Entertainment" Brian Blaze


Jessica Towers is in the ring, ready to perform introductions for the final match of the evening!

Towers: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and it is your MAIN EVENT! This match is also a semi-final match in the KING OF COMBAT TOURNAMENT!!"

"Sexy Results" begins to play, and Brian Blaze steps through the curtain, adjusting his sunglasses. The crowd jeers loudly, but Blaze continues to pose as though he is completely adored.

Towers: "Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 220 lbs, he is "Mr. Entertainment," BRIAN...BLAZE!!"

Blaze heads towards the ring, posturing to the fans along the aisle before rolling in under the bottom rope and popping up quickly to his feet, seductively grinding for the ladies (and potentially some of the men) in attendance. He continues to strut his stuff until "Hero" by Skillet begins to play. The fans instantly erupt as Cage Stryker heads out from behind the curtain, pausing briefly to absorb the reaction.

Towers: "And his opponent, hailing from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 240 lbs, he is "High Definition," CAGE...STRYKER!!"

The cheering continues as Cage makes his way to the ring with a purpose, tagging hands along the way. His focus remains on his opponent in the ring as he walks up the steps and quickly moves between the ropes, both he and Blaze immediately facing off, trash-talking one another.

Daniels: "A significant bit of history between these two! Former partners now facing off in the ring for a chance to advance in the King of Combat tournament!"

Masters: "Brian Blaze has finally seen the light, Daniels, and now that he has, he's going to show Stryker exactly why he'll never be great while holding onto his false little moral code!"

Daniels: "You're really eating up all of this Uprising business, aren't you?"

The bell rings and Blaze and Stryker continue to trade insults, and finally, Blaze has enough and takes a swing! Cage blocks and retaliates with a right hand of his own! Stryker connects with two more punches, but then Blaze stops his momentum dead with a thumb to the eye!

Masters: “Blaze, one step ahead as usual!”

Blaze stomps Cage down to a knee, then hits a quick enziguiri kick, taking him down to the mat! Blaze gets back up quickly, taunting loudly as he pulls Cage to his feet, shoving him into the corner, laying into him with a series of chops!

Daniels: “Blaze in control here, lighting Cage up with those knife-edge chops! Now withdrawing and putting some distance between them...Blaze charges into the corner, but OH! Cage gets the boots up and Blaze tastes Cage’s boot! Stryker follows it up with a clothesline and Mr. Entertainment is down, much to the delight of the crowd!”

Blaze starts to stand, but Cage hits the ropes, dropping him once more with a picture perfect dropkick. Cage feeds on the cheers as Blaze gets up, and he rocks Blaze to the ropes with a trio of European uppercuts! Stryker whips Blaze to the far side, connecting with a MASSIVE spinebuster before making the cover!
















Masters: “Bloody hell. Even I thought it was over there for a second!”

Cage argues a bit with the ref for the slow count, but Blaze draws the ref’s attention, complaining about an injured eye.

Daniels: “How the hell did he hurt his eye? He was dropped on his back!”

As the ref inspect Blaze’s eye, Blaze kicks his foot straight up into Stryker’s groin, dropping him instantly!


Masters: “BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Did you see the look on his face, Daniels! Priceless!”

Blaze’s eye seems to miraculously healed and he quickly scrambles to his feet. As Stryker tries to stand, still doubled over from teh cheap shot, Blaze grabs his head and SPIKES him with a brutal DDT! He then struts to the corner where he ascends the ropes!

Daniels: “Blaze up top! He dives...ELBOW DROP!! Beautifully executed move there! He makes the cover, not even bothering to hook a leg or anything!”
















Daniels: “Cage is not done yet!”

Masters: “He’d have been better off just giving up right there! Now he’s going to risk getting his career ended!”

Blaze pulls Cage up and hooks him up for a suplex, lifting him and stalling for several long seconds.


Daniels: “Beautiful suplex there from Brian Blaze, but it looks like he’s not done yet! He pulls Cage to his feet and staggers him with a vicious European uppercut! And another! Cage wobbles, clearly out on his feet! Blaze applies the rear waistlock, could be looking for a German suplex here!”

Blaze hoists Cage up, but Stryker flips quickly over Blaze’s back! He quickly seizes BB and connects with a quick Russian leg-sweep! Both men are down!

Daniels: “Great counter by Cage there, and listen to these fans chanting for him! Stryker and Blaze slowly gaining their feet here...Blaze goes for a spinning heel kick, but Cage ducks! Spinning heel kick from Cage connects!”

Stryker remains in control as both men stand, connecting with another dropkick! Cage is feeling the second wind as he gets back to his feet, pulling Blaze up and hooking him up for the Stryker Driver!! He twists Blaze to set him up, but BB maneuvers out of the hold, grabbing Cage and slamming him back with a bridging German suplex!! The momentum stops dead for Cage and the referee drops to make the count!
















Blaze is frustrated now, but the fans are on their feet. Blaze pounds the canvas and then begins to stalk Cage. He points out to the crowd...

Blaze: “WHO’S THE BOSS!?”

Daniels: “We know what’s coming next!”

Masters: “Yeah, a loss for Cage!”

Blaze charges the ropes and flies at Cage with a vicious sick-kick, the Tony Danza! Cage, however, manages to twist out of the way! Blaze manages to baseball slide back to his feet, but Cage takes him down with a SPEAR!! As they hit the ground, Cage rolls over Blaze, hooking the legs!!


















Masters: “SHENANIGANS!!”

Daniels: “Afraid not, old friend! Brian Blaze kicks out a split second too late! Cage Stryker is the winner!!”

Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match, CAGE STRYKER!!”

Cage rolls out of the ring immediately, grinning at Blaze as the ref rolls out and raises his arm in victory. Brian sits in the ring, glaring balefully at Cage as “Hero” begins to play, the camera poignantly focusing on Cage Stryker as the show comes to a close.


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