| Jan. 25th | * Albany, New York * Times Union Center |

live on television!

January 25th 2010
Times Union Center
Albany, New York
(Deadline is Thursday January 21st, 9pm EST)

"Bad Ass" Matt Covey vs. "High Definition" Cage Stryker


1. Godzilla Sawyer
2. Mike King
3. Frank Finch
4. Krimzon Blaze
5. El Pablo
6. Brian Kirkland
7. The winner of Kimo/Zodiac/Caleb
8. The winner of Johnny/Rob


THE YOUTH CREW (Shane & Harper) vs. DISASTERPIECE (Mortius & Blaze)


The Zodiac Thrilla vs. "The Hawaiian Hustler" Kimo Newton vs. "The God of War" Caleb Walker


IDOLIZED (Riley & Tyler) vs. BROTHERS OF MISERY (D'Spayre & Distress)


"The Real Deal" Rob Wright vs. Johnny Kerosene


-=- DARK MATCH -=-
"The Mountain Man" Joshua Newsome vs. "Kid Charisma" Chris Chaos




-=- DARK MATCH -=-
"The Mountain Man" Joshua Newsome vs. "Kid Charisma" Chris Chaos


Before Overdrive starts live on television, The Mountain Man will fight local wrestler Chris Chaos.

The match is one-sided from the very get go. Newsome dominates the smaller man, toying with him while focusing on his lower back. Chaos never got any offense in, as MTM just mauled him for four minutes. A few spots include a triple backbreaker, a monstrous power bomb, and a series of vicious kicks to the kid's lower back in the corner. The end came with ease, as Newsome pointed out into the crowd and yelled "I WANT KIRKLAND" before nailing Chaos with the Fallen Timber and getting the pinfall.



The Overdrive theme song plays over the PA as the nearly sold out crowd in Albany cheer loudly. There are many signs in the crowd, such as...





The camera finishes panning around the crowd, and the feed cuts to our ringside announcers Jarred Daniels, William Masters, and Shawn Waters.

DANIELS: "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to an action packed two hour showing of Overdrive! Just coming off of the heels of There Will Be Blood, where Fiscus and Covey nearly killed each other in the main event before Alan getting perhaps the luckiest win of his life to retain the World title. We also saw the last match that Andrew Clash will ever have in CZW, getting destroyed by The OGT, Maynard O'Toole."

WATERS: "And hopefully that's the last time his name is mentioned on our programming. On a more deserving note, tonight is going to get a lot of things done. We will know who the #1 contender to the OGT's Intercontinental title will be. And we are beginning a tag tourney to determine who will challenge Monrowan next for the Global tag team belts."

MASTERS: "And on top of all of that, we are going to find out who will face Alan Fiscus for the World heavyweight title at Road To Glory III, live in Atlanta! If you ask me, however, neither of these men will be able to beat Alan as he is on one bloody hell of a streak."

DANIELS: "I don't think we can argue with that, William. But each man is well deserving of a shot, with Covey nearly beating Alan in Rochester, and Stryker wanting his first shot at Fiscus after the #1 moment in 2009... where Alan cashed in the money in the bank to take the title away from him."

WATERS: "Can't argue with that either, Bill."

MASTERS: "Bloody hell, aussie. Enough with the Bill garbage."

WATERS: "Sure thing... Bill."

DANIELS: "Before we begin the action tonight, let's take a moment to celebrate the legacy of and acknowledge the great doctor, Martin Luther King Jr. for his legendary works on the civil rights front. Let's take a look at his famous speech."



WATERS: "What a great human being. With all my respect, Dr. King, I salute you."

MASTERS: "For once, I agree. One of a kind."

DANIELS: "I hope everyone celebrated and honored the man last monday, I know I sure did. I --"

Wanted Man by Rev Theory begins to play as Tim Timmons is on the stage and making his way to the ring.

Daniels: To start off the show here is Tim Timmons I’m sure he is in a grand mood after There Will Be Blood.

Masters: Timmons has every right to be upset and he should be out here letting these fans know exactly what is wrong. Timmons should be Television Champion.

Waters: Timmons isn’t though as he lost that match fair and square and that is why Godzilla Sawyer is still our Television Champion.

Tim Timmons is standing in the ring where the crowd is clearly expression there non satisfaction of Tim wasting there time once again as Tim looks out in to the crowd with a glare of disappointment and anger.

TT: Everyone witness a tragedy here in CZW less than a week ago once again I was screwed over in the CZW Television Championship contest where once again I was not the man strapped in the chair but instead one fo my other opponents in Rob Wright who didn’t ever belong in the contest let alone in the same ring with me. While the match progressed I was in control it was suppose to be my time to shine but like always something, or someone got in my way and I was put through not one but two tables by a 300 pound over weight ape in Godzilla Sawyer. `` There Will be Blood`` was suppose to be the night that finally achieved my goal of being at the top of the mountain known as one of if not the best technical wrestling in CZW. Rob Wright made me look like a fool he took everything I worked my ass off for and threw it back in my face I knew that Rob wasn’t worthy enough to have gone for the Television Championship but yet I still thought that he would be no challenge to me and I was proven right as Godzilla knew that he could easily defeat Rob and recapture the championship.

Tim looks up at the titan-tron that shows the highlight of the match where Tim Timmons was in complete control up to the point he destroyed rob with his finisher off the stage then followed by Godzilla throwing himself on Tim and Rob Wright.

TT: If it is not one thing it is another Godzilla remained in the spotlight where you and I both know he doesn’t belong and is able to hold the Television Championship for another day but since that encounter I have crossed paths in the back with a man who would not of even been in CZW if it wasn’t for me and that is your current CZW X Division Champion the so called Mr. Entertainment Brian Blaze. Brian when you came in CZW you were nothing but a piece of dirt under my feet you and I both know that you didn’t have what it took at that time to make it to the top but with some serious ass kissing to the general manager and other superstars you got everything handed to you just like Godzilla Sawyer. Brian it is actually the truth since when Big Nasty retired he gave you the Television Championship and walked away while you held it proud around your waist like you earned it. Brian I hate to be the burden of bad news but you and I both know that if it was between you and I for that title the outcome would have been different and I would still be the X Division Champion till this day I am twice the wrestler you are now or ever will be. There is a saying that when you get knocked down you get back up and keep fighting for what your trying to achieve but since I am being screwed over here in CZW by folks who consider themselves to be talented I am finding it very hard to remain in the ranks that I am currently am in. Brian I have had more World Championship opportunities then you have since you arrived here in CZW I was one of the main reason the X Division is what it is today and although I would love nothing more than to take credit for it El Pablo has some credit, not all but some and we are indeed the pioneers of that division.

Over rated chats burst out through the crowd which enrages the Tim Timmons as he flips off each and every one of the fans even taking things a little farther where he goes over to a man in the crowd who is wearing a Brian Blaze t-shirt and spits in his face as security guards are forced to hold the man back. Tim rolls back in the ring and points and the fan he just assaulted.

TT: No guards allow that fat piece of trash in the ring let him experience the pain and suffering that I can unleash on anyone at anytime there is no one safe here in CZW and when I strike I do so without warning. Now... turning my intentions to someone a little more important that that fat ass in the crowd, Brian Blaze behind the scenes we were friends we stayed in the same bus hung out with the same people and hell we even had a few cold ones every now and then but that all changed when you got it in your head that you are better than me. Brian I may have never defeated you in a single competition but I am the history of rewriting the history as you can see with the situation with El Pablo five months ago. Brian, like you I never defeated El Pablo but I went on to do it not once but twice proving that I was indeed better than him then and now and his win over me was nothing more than a fluke. Same situation with Cage Stryker but a little more dramatic considering that cage Stryker did defeat me but I matched him to his wins starting with the night that will go down in history when Tim Timmons ended Cage Stryker undefeated streak that achievement alone is something you nor anyone can take from me considering you were unable to pull off what I did Brian. Brian you are nothing but a joke you get lucky and that’s all your success is... you get where you are being running on luck and I am here to tell you now Brian that your luck will soon run out maybe not this week maybe not next week but I can tell you this it will run out and you won’t see it coming. Brian 2010 is going to be the year of Tim Timmons even if that means I have to cripple every single superstar who steps in the ring with me I will do so I will indeed win most if not all the gold here in CZW at least once starting with....

Tim pauses...

TT: Brian Blaze just like the fans your all going to have to wait and see who my next target is because I am not the type of person to give out information that can and will be a future main event for a pay per view. What I am trying to say is that the time for a change is now no more games no more bullshit I will do whatever it takes to have my name engraved in the CZW books as the best wrestling to ever grace god green earth....Actually let me rephrase that since I highly doubt there is a god...I am THE GREATEST wrestling in the History of Mankind like it or not because your damn well going to learn to love it.... Darkness has arrived the light is slowly but surely running out on everyone in CZW and I am the man that is leading the army in to a War of violence....

Just then Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams begins to play as the fans get on their feet and start cheer as Sleazy Entertainment Brian Blaze is on the stage.

Daniels: Finally someone is here to shut that man up.

Masters: I’m really starting to hate Brian Blaze.

Waters: Brian is carrying some sort of sack with him. I wonder what is in it.

Brian slides the sack into the ring as he then rolls under the ropes and into the ring. He stands up as he rubs his X Division Title and he goes over and grabs a microphone of his own.

Daniels: Finally we’ll hear form a voice of reason.

Brian: First off allow me to introduce myself I’m Brian Blaze. Some call me Mr. Entertainment. Some call me Sleazy Entertainment. Some call me that annoying bastard who is macking on my girlfriend. However, everyone calls me X Division Champion!

The fans go nuts as a Brian Blaze chant breaks out as Brian extends his hand as Timmons just stands there with his arms folded.

Timmons: I know who you are god damn it. We are cousins.

Brian: You know you’re so right. I mean we are cousins. We share the same blood in a way so let me ask. What in the hell happened in our family that made us go in our separate ways?

The fans laugh as Timmons tries to not let this bother him as he keeps his cool standing there.

Brian: A war of violence? Here is the General with once again no army. You continue to say words that say I have back up then get your ass handed to you for no one wants to help you. I mean let’s face facts let’s look at the tale of the tape if you will. Tim Timmons a, what five or six time Hardcore Champion and he won all the titles in the same frenzy match?

Timmons: You’re wrong.

Brian: Then you went on and won the Tag Titles with Mike King a man you would turn your back on just like you did with every other partner. Then you go on to form countless stable after stable fail in leading them all and more importantly you make stars who get a greater success in CZW here than their noble leader you. The Choke Artist, The man who can’t seem to grasp that Brass Ring. In reality someone who is just a huge loser!

The fans cheer as a Loser chant breaks out as you can see on Timmons face it is starting to get at him just a bit more.

Brian: Now let’s look at the Brian Blaze story. One half of an UNDEFEATED tag team. A two time Television Champion and am on pace to be the longest reigning X Division Champion in CZW History....sorry Eddie!

The fans laugh as Timmons is getting a bit more bothered by Brian’s gloating. Brian: Here you stand claiming your great wisdom in telling me about CZW. That I was dirt beneath your feet here when you can’t even b eat me one on god damn one. You stand here as quite possibly the biggest disappointment in CZW history. I don’t think a man has lost more title shots THAN YOU! Hell if anything I will thank you for telling me about CZW for now these people don’t have to put up watching your boring ass every week.

The fans laugh as Timmons finally has had enough.

Timmons: HA HA HA HA HA! Brian Blaze this picture of Entertainment that is seemingly a legend here in CZW. A fan favourite and the champion of these IDIOT PEOPLE!

The fans boo as a small Timmons sucks chant breaks out.

Timmons: I DON’T CARE! I don’t care what you people say and I don’t care what you people think. I am TIM TIMMONS! I put Hardcore in CZW! I....

Brian: Continue to make people look good by being a giant loser.

The fans laugh as Timmons gets right in Brian’s face as Brian backs off a bit.

Brian: Whoa buddy just calm down. Now, I could come out here and insult you all night however I have a Tag Team match to win later tonight. However, I know you we’re cousins we’re close we grew up together. I mean I know you and these people will know you too. Timmons all is for not as I have got a little something for you to show you just what I and the people here truly think of you.

Brian then walks over to his sack as he pulls something out. He then turns and presents it to Tim Timmons.

Brian: Here you are and Ladies and Gentlemen may I be the first to introduce you all to the NEW Queen of Combat Theresa Timmons!

Brian hands the belt to Timmons who quickly throws the belt out of the ring. Timmons then gets right in the face of Brian and lifts the microphone up to speak.

Timmons: I’m not a f**king woman!

Timmons the leaves the ring as a Theresa chant breaks out. Brian then simply shrugs and starts posing for the fans as Timmons on the outside of the ring leans over to pick up the Queen of Combat title. He then slides back into the ring and levels Brian with the belt form behind.

Daniels: Tim Timmons just levelled Brian Blaze with the Queen of Combat Title!

Masters: Serves the bastard right for putting his nose where it doesn’t belong. Tim Timmons isn’t the Queen of Combat.

Waters: Now it appears YES! Theresa Timmons just hit the T-Crusher on Brian onto the Queen of Combat belt.


Timmons than stands over the fallen Brian Blaze with Queen of Combat title raised over his head as the fans fill the arena with boos.

Waters: Theresa is certainly in a bad mood it must be her time of the month.

Masters: I will beat the crap out of you Waters.

Waters: Try it man.

Daniels: What a start to the show with Tim Timmons making a statement here tonight. Now it's time for our opening contest!


"The Real Deal" Rob Wright vs. Johnny Kerosene


A little thing to take place of the Wright/Kerosene match, and a BA seg to start right before the tag match, yo! "In the End" plays and out comes Rob Wright with the Money in the Bank briefcase to a mixed reaction. He heads down to the ring and climbs up the steps, hopping in over the top rope and appealing to the crowd with his case.

Towers: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Springfield, Massachusets, 'the Real Deal' ROB...WRIGHT!!"

Rob continues to pose as one of the ring crew enters and whispers something into Jessica's ear. She looks slightly puzzled for just a second, but quickly regains her composure.

Towers: "Ladies and gentlemen, I've been informed that Johnny Kerosene has withdrawn from this contest. As a result...the winner of the match by forfeit, 'the Real Deal,' ROB WRIGHT!"

Wright looks surprised, but pleasantly so. "In the End" blares out again as Wright heads out of the ring and back to the ramp to prepare for the battle royal later this evening.


Commotion is heard from the sports bar inside Times Union Center. It sounds like someone is arguing.

As the camera's get closer The Custodian is seen making violent hand gestures toward someone...or some thing. It's apparent that he is already heavily inebriated.

Custodian: How could you do this to me man? All we've been through together.

Mop: ...

Custodian: Are you mad at me the silent treatment?

Mop: ...

Custodian: I'm sorry. Yeah I know...I should have paid more attention to you. But we're best pals. Come on...I'm sorry I didn't buy you a Christmas present...but we did go out and get trashed on New Years. Give me a break.

Mop: ...

Custodian: You let Brian touch you. That was horrible...and then you choked me out afterwards.

Mop: ...

Custodian:'re right. I did lose too much focus. I didn't want that rusty piece of shit anyway. Let Brian keep it.

Mop: ...

Custodian: That's what this was all about? You were just trying to teach me something. You were just saving me from myself. Gold can change a man.

Mop: ...

Custodian: Wow, you are a pal. Thanks a lot buddy. Come on, we got a place to clean up.

The scene cuts to another part of the backstage area

Stepping through the door, a muscular long blond haired man wearing a long leather coat over a wife beater that makes him even better looking, with tight jeans over his legs. Pushing his shades up on the top of his head, his long blond hair still falls down and partially hides his handsome face. His bag slung over his shoulder, he stops as none other than Jenny comes bouncing up with a mic.

Closing his phone, he shakes his head and stops because he knows she will hound him like a rabid dog.

Jenny: “You, you right there, I think I know you.”

Smirking with a familiar look to it, he starts to smile and instead sneers.

?:”You know a lot of people, most of them by being in the dark if you know what I mean.”

Jenny stopped in her tracks, she had a surprised look on her face.

Jenny: “That was mean, you don’t know me.”

? : “I don’t want to know you. I was told I would have a hot woman waiting for me when I got here and what happens? You show up.”

Smiling at the presumed compliment

Jenny: “ Well thank you. I didn’t know I was hot like that.”

? : “You're not, now get out of my way, I have things to do and you aren’t one of them."

Mouth hanging open slightly, she starts to turn and suddenly starts again.

Jenny: “Wait I remember, your Alan Fiscus’s brother aren’t you?"

Shaking his head he looks at her with his head slightly tilted down so that he peers through his hair.

“Psycho” Sam Attic : “Duh. Really woman could you be any denser than you are? Yes I am Sam Attic, Psycho Sam Attic. I am signed to the great and all powerful CZW.”

Jenny: “So Alan Fiscus got you a contract here?”

Anger flashed to his face and yes the family resemblance kicked in with the look.


Jenny shook with a look of fear on her face.

Jenny: “I meant he had some influence ……”

Psycho: “I got this contract by myself. I have the skills, I have the talent and I fight under my own name.”

Jenny: “Yes I can see that, but ….”

Psycho: “You can't see past the pubic hair in your eyes. I have been a pro for one year. That’s right ONE YEAR!! And already the big boys noticed me and wanted to sign me before anyone else did. So here I am. Now that’s all you get. So go find something to stick in front of your face besides a damn microphone.”

Walking past her, she turned to watch him walk down the hall and around the corner.

Jenny: “ CZW has another maniac to worry about. Wonderful just wonderful.”

As Jenny looks on, the scene cuts back to the announce table.


IDOLIZED (Riley & Tyler) vs. BROTHERS OF MISERY (D'Spayre & Distress)


DANIELS: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen and if you’re just joining us, you haven’t missed much. We just saw The Custodian talking to his mop, and Alan's brother Sam Attic announce his signing!

WATERS: The Custodian is a weirdo, but I like the guy.

DANIELS: Indeed, and we still have a whole lot more show to go, including a battle royal to name the number one contender to Maynard O’Toole’s Intercontinental championship. We will see faces like, Mike King, Brian Kirkland, and not to mention, the former intercontinental champion, El Pablo.

MASTERS: I for one, am routing for Frank Finch. I hope he wins this battle royal and then goes on to destroy that pompous, jerk, Maynard.

WATERS: Do you just automatically go against the popular vote, William?

MASTERS: First of all, don’t call me by my first name, like you know me. Secondly, I don’t like Maynard, I think he’s a pompous, self-absorbed, jack-ass. I like how Frank presents himself, very self respectful and well put together. HE is the definition of CHAMPION and CLASS.

WATERS: So, which would that make you, the pot or the kettle?

MASTERS: Shut your mouth, Shawn.

DANIELS: Anyway, like I was saying, we have a lot of action to come your way, tonight. The bad ass, Matt Covey, goes one on one with former world champion, Cage Stryker and the winner will go on to face the champ, Alan Fiscus at Road to Glory THREE!

WATERS: I can’t wait to see this match up, two huge names on the card and either way, Alan is going to have his hands full at Road to Glory Three.

DANIELS: Well right now, it is time for another great tag team match, as The Brothers of Misery; Distress and D’Spayre is set to take on the returning, former Global tag team champions; Idolized, Evan Tyler and Kyle Riley.

WATERS: Not only that but this is one of two tag team matches in the first round of the tag team tournament match. The winner, of course, will go on to face the current tag champs, Mike Monroe and Eddie Rowan.

MASTERS: I like Idolized and I am glad to see them make their triumphant return to the ring.

DANIELS: Well with that said, lets go to Jessica Towers, in the ring.


Ein kleiner Mensch stirbt nur zum Schein

wollte ganz alleine sein

das kleine Herz stand still für Stunden

so hat man es für tot befunden

es wird verscharrt in nassem Sand

mit einer Spieluhr in der Hand

"Spieluhr" by Rammstein creeps over the speakers of the Times Union Arena as The Brothers of Misery’s Distress and D’Spyre make their way down the isle, accompanied by the lovely, Morrigan.

DANIELS: Well here comes The Brothers and Misery and how creepy are these guys?

WATERS: I don’t know, they are pretty creepy but Morrigan is looking kind of hot right about now, how YOU doin?

MASTERS: You freak.


DANIELS: These two scare me, quite frankly….and I think they scare the fans as well.

All of a sudden, the lights in the arena dim back down, with a hush of green fallen upon the entire arena. Then a guitar solo is heard, after a few moments, a beats from a drum. The fans all know what’s going on as they stand and scream, going nuts from all the excitement. "Hysteria" by Muse continues to play throughout the arena.

WATERS: Well, I think these people know who is about to grace us with their presence. I can barely hear right now. This is amazing.

The fans grow even louder as Evan and Kyle make their way out from the back, accompanied by the lovely, Crystal Marie.

DANIELS: Well, guys, if you can hear me over this screaming. There they are, the returning, Idolized along with Crystal Marie.

WATERS: I’m excited to see these guys back. I know them all too well and this is going to be a great match up. Although I must say, Crystal is looking a little different.

MASTERS: You know, I think you’re right, I think she dyed her hair.


Towers gets out of the ring, Distress and D’Spayre stand in the corner, stretching as Kyle and Evan are on the turnbuckle, celebrating their return. Crystal gets out of the ring to stand by and cheer.

DANIELS: Well I think we’re about ready to get this started….WAIT…WHAT IS MORRIGAN HANDING D’SPAYRE?!?!





DANIELS: Well this match is OFFICIALLY under way, Distress goes to his corner and now D’Spayre is going for the cover on Evan…









DANIELS: Kick out! Oh wow, what a close call and a cheap shot but this match will continue on. D’Spayre picks Evan up and throws him into the corner turnbuckle. He is now punishing Evan with hard body shots. Crystal now, pounding on the mat from the ring apron, trying to get Evan rejuvenated.

WATERS: Mmm…she can rejuvenate me anytime.

DANIELS: Look at this now, Morrigan giving Crystal the evil eye from across the ring.

WATERS: I have a feeling before the end of this match, we’re going to be seeing a good old fashioned cat fight.

MASTERS: For once, I hope you’re right.

WATERS: I’m always right, Masters. D’Spayre grabs a hold of Evan and whips him, hard into the turnbuckle, D’Spayre, with a full head of steam, follows behind….EVAN RUNS UP THE TURNBUCKLE, DUCKING SAID ATTEMPT! D’Spayre runs, face first into the top turnbuckle, Evan does a back flip, jumps on the shoulders of D’Spayre, he spins around….hurricanrana ROLL UP…HERE’S THE PIN!









DANIELS: KICK OUT!....OH MY! Another close call but D’Spayre kicks out just in the nick of time. Evan stands up and places D’Spayre up against the bottom two turnbuckles then proceeds to stomp a mudhole in his chest.

WATERS: Wow, Evan HAS been rejuvenated, D’Spayre is in lala land right now as En walks over to his corner and makes the tag to Kyle Riley. Riley now, backs up into the opposing turnbuckle, across from the fallen D’Spayre. Evan grabs a hold of Riley and launches him across the ring….RILEY IS AIRBORNE….DROP KICK TO THE FACE OF D’SPAYRE!!

DANIELS: AY DIOS MIO!!!! WHAT A DEVISTATING MOVE! They haven’t missed a step since leaving. Look at Distress, pounding on the turnbuckle to get a much needed, desperation tag from his fallen partner.

MASTERS: That was a great, bloody move, I have to admit but wait ‘till he gets that tag, I have a feeling Distress is going to turn this situation around.

WATERS: Yeah well, D’Spayre still has to get himself out of this predicament.

DANIELS: Evan steps out and into his corner as Kyle gets up and picks D’Spayre up by his hair. Kyle now, pounding D’Spayre’s head into the top turnbuckle as the fans begin to count.

*THWOMP* ..1!

*THWOMP* ..2!

*THWOMP* ..3!

*THWOMP* ..4!

*THWOMP* ..5!

*THWOMP* ..6!

*THWOMP* ..7!

WATERS: D’Spayre is in a bad way now. He is being isolated from his tag team partner.

DANIELS: D’Spayre blocks last said attempt, and now begins pounding KYLE’S head into the turnbuckle. D’Spayre grabs Kyle’s hair and walks him over to the middle of the ropes and whips him into the opposing ropes. Here comes Kyle off the rebound….he leaps over the head of D’Spayre…..he bounces off the ropes…WAIT….


DANIELS: Morrigan grabbed the foot of Kyle Riley and trips him up. Kyle stands back up and stares a hole straight through Morrigan, who is giving him an innocent look. Kyle turns around…..SITOUT INVERTED SUPLEX SLAM BY D’SPAYRE! He goes for the cover and the win.










DANIELS: He kicked out just in time but look at this….Crystal has made her way to the other side of the ring, Morrigan doesn’t see her though. Morrigan turns around…..




DANIELS: …..CAT FIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!! AY DIOS MIO!! Crystal is all over the top of Morrigan right now. They’re rolling around, each girl getting their shots in and now here comes Distress and Evan to break them up.


MASTERS: Bloody hell, what presence of mind.

DANIELS: Well, meanwhile inside the ring, Kyle is laid out, still, by that devastating move by D’Spayre. D’Spayre slides out of the ring, he sneaks around and nails Evan with a hard clothes line, knocking him to the floor. D’Spayre walks over and revives Distress. They both slide into the ring, Distress walks to the outside of the apron, just logn enough so that he can get the tag in. They both are now in the ring to wait for Kyle to get back on his feet.

MASTERS: This does not bode well for Kyle Riley.

WATERS: Kyle is stirring now, he stumbles to his feet, using the ropes for leverage….he’s up! Here comes The Brothers of Misery…..DISTRESS AND A BACK LEG SWEEP….D’SPAYRE WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE FACE!! Kyle is down and Distress goes for the cover and the win.









DANIELS: What a move, indeed. What a smart move on the part of Evan Tyler as he kicks D’Spayre out of the ring. D’Spayre is back on his feet, on the outside now as Evan backs up and charges the ropes……SUICIDE DIVE RIGHT ON TOP OF D’SPAYRE!

WATERS: Distress and Kyle are back on their feet now as Distress swings for the fences, clothesline attempt…but Kyle ducks it and nails him with a neck breaker.

DANIELS: Evan grabs D’Spayre, on the outside of the ring and launches him into the steel steps. D’Spayre now, laying up against those steps….Evan backs up, he makes a B Line straight for D’Spayre…




DANIELS: BAH GOD! D’SPAYRE IS OUT! Evan slides into the ring with Kyle. Evan picks Distress up and attempts to lift him onto his shoulders but it seems he is just too heavy to lift.

WATERS: I think he was going for that Limo Wreck setup but now what?


DANIELS: I don’t know but Evan slides back out of the ring, he grabs D’Spayre and slides him back INTO the ring, I think they’re gonna try to put their finishing move on the lighter man.

MASTERS: But D’Spayre is not the legal man.

WATERS: I’m confused.

DANIELS: As am I, Shawn. Wait…Kyle is rolling Distress to the ring apron and Evan grabs the arm of Distress and forces him to tag in. Okay, I see what’s going on now, smart move by Idolized here. Now they roll D’Spayre back into the ring as Evan picks D’Spayre up….D’SPAYRE COUNTERS WITH A KICK TO THE MIDSECTION…HE’S GOING FOR THAT SPINOUT POWERBOMB….THE PIT OF D’SPAYRE!!!


WATERS: Oh my…..Kyle sees this setup and hits D’Spayre with a roundhouse kick to the face.

DANIELS: Evan picks D’Spayre back up again, this time, on his shoulders, in that electric chair position. KYLE LEAPS UP ON THE TURNBUCKLE AND JUMPS OFF!!















MASTERS: I did not think Idolized would be able to stop these two monsters but they did it.

WATERS: Indeed, what a high impact match that was, congratulations to Idolized. Morrigan tends to her two fallen team mates as Crystal escorts Kyle and Evan up the ramp and back to celebrate.

DANIELS: Folks, we are just getting started, up next is a three way, grudge match between Kimo Newton, Caleb Walker and the Zodiac Thriller. The winner will advance to the battle royal to determine the number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship. Don’t go anywhere. Wait, what's this?


The lights go out and "Miseria Cantare" by AFI starts playing. A spotlight comes on and points at the top of the ramp, revealing Brian Kirkland,Mike King, and Dwayne Campbell standing together with the two hooded men, Badger and Encore standing behind them. Kirkland looks around at some of the now booing fans, shakes his head then points to the ring while saying something to King and Dwayne. The music fades into "Wreckless Youth" by Piller and all 5 men begin to walk to the ring. King,Campbell,Badger and Encore all enter the ring but BK just climbs onto the apron and looks out at the fans, he eventually focuses his attention on one fan in the front row that spit at him and is holding up a sign that reads "Kirkland is a child molester AND backstabber!!"

DANIELS:Kirkland seems perplexed as to why these fans are booing him.

MASTERS: As he should be. What has he done to get this kind of reaction.

WATERS:How about dropping Monroe on his head?

MASTERS:Bah, he had it coming to him

Kirkland enters the ring and stands with the other 4 men. King hands him a mic and the lights dim again so we can just see the men in the ring.

BK:So just like that you people turn on me? All you people that I put MY body on the line to entertain turn on me because for once I do something thats for me and not you? You know I thought I'd get some boos out here but I thought that most of you would be able to see that I don't deserved to be boo'ed. I haven't changed one bit, I'm still the Ultraviolent Champion, I'm still The Reaper, I'm still Straight Edge, I'm still the same guy you cheered for at the last Overdrive. The only thing thats changed since then is the shape of Mike Monroe's head.

The fans boo loudly

WATERS:These fans aren't liking what Kirkland is saying

MASTERS:Well hes right, nothing at all has changed about him.

DANIELS:How about the fact that you're now a big fan of his?

BK:Are you booing me because I stood up for myself? Or are you booing me because I decided to bring back the best tag team this company has ever seen? I had two plans in mind here tonight and they all depended on how you people reacted. If I came out here and you continued to cheer me like I deserve I was gonna continue to foucus on giveing you people quality entertainmet like I always have. But because you boo me I now see that King was right about something he said to a while back. See what he said is that you people don't need or deserve the kind of entertainment we can give you. What you people need are someone that can help you see the light, what you people need is a hero. And I don't mean a hero in the sense of defending the honor of Hardcore against Justin Marshm or in the sense of getting up and fighting after being put through a Cross by Alan Fiscus. I mean you people need a the kind of heroism that can only come from someone that is Straight Edge. You need someone to show you what a clear mind and body can acomplish, THAT makes a hero more that anythingg I've ever done before.

Kirkland pulls the mic away from his mouth for a moment then outs it back and begins to talk again

BK:Like I said, King convinced me of this but I knew that he and I couldn't do it alone. So I looked in and out of CZW for 2 others that could help us do this if it came down to it. Two men that are pure as myself and King are. And it didn't take me long to find them either. Mike, unhood them.

King walks behind the two men and stnds between them. He takes each man's hood in a hand and pulls them down to reveal their true identities.

DANIELS:Knox and Shane!!

WATERS:Looks like those two had another reason for attacking Monroe and Rowan besides the tag titles!

Brian hands the mic over to King who still stands between the two.

King: Brian is right, you guys need a true hero. I look at people these days who believe Paris Hilton is a role model when all she does is say that's hot, spreads her legs showing she has no panties on when she gets out of a club and only got money for a reality show. That or they believe TMZ, John Stewart, Steven Colbert or Perez Hilton on news instead of going up to the news stands and buying reputable news papers. This generation that we live in is screwed. We have nothing to look for and nothing to strive for. 50% of college graduates don't end up in jobs you need degrees for. And then you wonder why you spent over $80,000 dollars in four or more years on a degree that got you back to being a short-order cook, waiter or salesclerk.

So you know what you do? You go and grabs mom's Valium, dad's Oxycontin or lil' Suzie's Aderall to spend your days wondering "What went wrong?" You do that enough and eventually when your parents die and lil' Suzie isn't so little anymore and moves out, where does that leave you? It leaves you to street drugs and creating meth in barns. And I was damn close to there. Then Brian saved me. Brian got Brian Blaze, Mike Monroe and my half-brother Tim Timmons along with my family together to sit me down and tell me to just say no.

At first I crapped on it like you guys in the crowd but then I got beaten up at a CZW event and left facedown in the pavement bloodied and battered due to going off, I knew it was time to go and get help. Without Brian, I'd be nowhere right now. What Brian is asking for of everyone is a sacrifice but one that pays dividends. He is asking for everyone to not drink, not smoke, not do street drugs and not to abuse prescription medications. If you cut those things out of your life like I have, you won't ever have to deal with this monster.

King points at the screen and picture of him in his face paint is shown.

King: See when I was on drugs, this animal in me was given the ammunition to scratch and claw it's way out. It is damn near why Brian and I lost our friendship and drugs caused that abomination to appear in me. All because I was like many of you, fat drunk happy and popping pills everytime I felt a slight twinge of pain in my body.

King hands the mic back to BK

BK:We will do for you people what I did for King. But thats really enough from me right now, me and King aren't the only ones that have something to say

Kirkland hands the mic over to Ryan Shane

Ryan holds the mic in his hands, swinging it very lightly, almost playing with it. He takes a moment to collect his thoughts amongst the undying boo's of the fans, then brings it up to his lips, his head lowered, his hair covering a portion of his face.

Ryan: ".......It was never about winning championships. It was never about defeating the best. It was never about dismantling this organization. What it was about, was sending a message."

Ryan looks up at the fans, his face covered in a mask of anger of which he had never worn before. It seemed impossible, but Ryan Shane was actually more pissed off than usual. The fans, sensing his hostility, returned it ten fold. With enough force to knock a normal man emotionally to his knees, they screeched and growled at Ryan, but this was no normal man. Ryan's face curled, and a smirk appears on his lips.

Ryan: "The mission was all but obvious, but nobody seemed to pick it up. Do you know why that was possible? Because you're all too busy f**king your own heads to see the truth! None of you know what the sight, the meaning, the sound of truth is, and we took advantage of that fact gloriously! I stand here before you, no longer as a single soldier of fortune, but one of the team, no, the chosen few that have the dedication, the intelligence, and the fortitude to lead you all to the promise land!"

The fans erupt with snarls as Ryan walks, pacing back and forth in the ring, looking at his new allies in Youthful Aggression with an attentive eye. He stopped next to Brian Kirkland, arguably the voice of this newly re-formed faction.

Ryan: ""The Reaper" Brian Kirkland. CZW Ultraviolent Champion, and the man who quite frankly, made the right decision. First off, his choice for life, but not what you ignorant followers call life. He choose the path to glory, to walk with his Straight Edge brothers and sisters into a brighter tomorrow. He has decided to be a name that will matter in the analogs of history, while the rest of yours fade away. Now, when I was approached to join this Youthful Aggression, it was by this man, a man I'm now proud to call a friend, and a brother. The reason I accepted? Well, I have two. The first was obvious, my war for the dawn of a Straight Edge world could only be done with the aid of others that want the same as I. Easiest way was to join up with the YA, but the second reason is what brings my attention even more. If any of your are off your hangovers or your "prescriptions" long enough to have any sense of mental awareness, you'll remember a Triple Threat First Blood-style match between Brian, "The Ripper" McNally, and myself. It was a war, if I can say so myself, but it was during this match that I realized what kind of men I had faced. I emerged the victor, which is to be expected, but I knew Brian had won something as well. After laying out McNally with a shot right to his venomous skull, this was the first step to realizing what he was, which is better than all of you! Brian, I thank you for the opportunity, and I will not let your faith down."

Ryan takes a few steps away from Kirkland, now near the presence of Mike King. Ryan placed his right hand on King's shoulder, looking him in the eyes.

Ryan: "Men like you make me proud, Mike. It takes a strong man to live a clean lifestyle. It takes a strong man to swear against the vices that this world presents, but it takes an even stronger man to do what you have done today. It takes a real man to admit that he was wrong, to show his failures to the world as if badges of honor! Yes, wear those wasted years on your sleeve, Mike, but remember the badge which means even more than the acknowledgement that you were wrong, the X to which you will bear on your hands! These are our symbols of dominance, our sign to the brainwashed masses that we are, were, and always will be superior to them in every way! You are among friends now, Mike, and I'm proud to now call you a Straight Edge brother of mine."

Ryan pats Mike on the shoulder a few times, and then continues on to the man which he was closest, his Youth Crew tag-team partner, Knox Harper.

Ryan: "Knox, I don't need to tell you what I think of you. I wouldn't waste my time with you unless you were talented, and had the ability to take on the world with me and destroy this machine that runs on oppression, depression, and possession! We're the force that's going to make this world a better place, and I know you have the ability to bring this time of perfection matter how annoying you can be."

Ryan steps forward, looking into the crowd again, his smirk still blatantly displayed to present his unbreakable drive to destroy the fans which booed him.

Ryan: "We are the greatest force to ever walk in the world of CZW! We are the one dark flame which will incinerate the drug-fueled societies in which you call home! We are the end all, and I'll sooner pass my dying breath than admit defeat to any of you failures! The change is coming, whether you want it to, or not!"

Knox mocks tears, as he applauds Ryan's words. He lifts the microphone to his lips slowly, as the crowd grows even more intense with their barrage of jeers.

Knox Harper: You know what? This world is definately a better place with us around. Together, the five of us shall reign supreme against the injustices of the fast food world. There was this one time at McDonalds, where I---

Ryan snatches Knox's microphone away, as Knox stands there with his mouth open...

Ryan: Knox...this is what I'm talking about. Can you serious?

Knox now beings talking into his empty hand, yelling out to the crowd, who quickly respond to Knox's silent comments with a "You're A Retard" chant.

Ryan slips the microphone back into Knox's hand, as his face shakes with anger...

Knox: Yeah? Well guess what...JUST BECAUSE... I won't slit my wrists...JUST BECAUSE... I won't drink my life away over a dead hooker's body... JUST BECAUSE... I won't inject heroin, and morphine into my Adonis-like body... and JUST BECAUSE... I won't smoke my life away and kill whatever brain cells I have left, listening to you idiots...DOES NOT..MAKE ME A RETARD. The ONLY thing that's wrong with YOU PEOPLE. YOU..MAKE...ME...SICK! THAT IS EXACTLY WHY WE CAME TOGETHER! To rid...the world...of you.

Harper lowers the mic, as he looks towards his tag-partner..and then to Mike King...and finally Brian Kirkland, before eyeing Dwayne Campbell who has been standing in the corner the entire time. Dwayne takes the mic from Knox and walks up to Kirkland.

DC:Alright BK, this whole thing is nice and all but after listening to you four talk I don't understand why I'm here with you. We may be best friends but I dont think or live like you. I like to drink when I go out, sometimes I even like to smoke a cigar. So its painfully clear to me that I don't belong here so I'm just gonna leave...

BK:No, no,no my friend. You really dont understand.

BK puts his hand on Dwayne's shoulder.

BK:You are the most important part of this all. You will be an example to all these people of what YA can do to them. You will become a savior to these people in your own way

DC:I don't wanna be saved or anything like that, you know me BK, I'm fine how I am.

BK:Oh, I know you are and thats why I wasn't talking about saving you.

Dwayne looks like hes about to say something but out of now where BK blasts him with a forearm to the face

DANIELS:What the hell?! Kirkland just hit Dwayne in the face!

Shane, Harper and King now eye Dwayne Campbell as Kirkland lays into him with forearms flying. The crowd boos as King takes the microphone from Kirkland's hand. King crouches down over Dwayne and looks at him.

King: Yeah Dwayne, we're talking about you. If memory serves me correctly, you caused all of this. You cause me to let my darkside out when you poisoned Brian's mind with lies that I was not good for him. You told him that Tim Timmons poisoned my mind which wasn't true. Then you told Brian the lie that he would never fight me because he wasn't as good as me. We both know that Brian is truly better than me. He was stronger than me by going his entire life drug free and as a wrestler he proved it in the iron man match.

King hits Dwayne with the microphone in the head when he tries to get up as Kirkland, Knox and Harper put the boots to him. The crowd chants "We want Monroe!"

King: Call for that punk ass bitch all you want, he won't listen because he don't care about anyone but himself. He caused all of this when BA was un-sealed and he did not include Brian Kirkland or myself but included McNally and Brian Blaze.

King moves away so that Brian can pick up the downed Dwayne and tosses him to King who plants him with the Redline Crush. King rolls through and backs Dwayne up right into a Knox Harper Miserable Pancake. The crowd boos as Dwayne's head bounces off of the mat.

MASTERS: He deserved this, he deserved all of this.

WATERS: What, he deserved for a Redline Crush and a Miserable Pancake?


DANIELS: Do you even have a soul?


Brian laughs at his former friend and lifts up off of the mat and places Dwayne's head between his legs as King is perched on the outside of the ring standing on the second and third rope. Shane leaves the ring as Brian lifts Dwayne up and above his shoulders as King climbs the ropes and jumps off nailing Dwayne with clothesline as Brian drops Dwayne with a Splash Mountain bomb. The crowd are silenced as they hear the thud of Dwayne crashing to the canvas.

WATERS: In all the years I've wrestled, I never wanted to take that move.

DANIELS: I thought that move was banned by the boys.

WATERS: The boys never officially banned it but they broke the code. I am sickened by this like the fans in the arena.

MASTERS: Breaking the code or not, they proved a point... And they are not even done yet.

Shane returns to the ring with his guitar.

DANIELS: No, not this again.

King, Harper and Kirkland lift the lifeless body of Dwayne so he is on his knees. Shane lifts the guitar above his head and slams it down into Dwayne's knocked out head. King, Harper and Kirkland lets him down on the mat.

Kirkland sits down cross legged beside Dwayne's limp body and pulls Dwaynes head onto his lap. king hands him the mic and BK begins to talk again while looking down at Dwayne.

BK:Tonight I sacrificed our freindship to show everyone what YA going to acomplish here.What we did tonight was only the first step in all this. Step two.....step two is Beautiful Agony.

Kirkland shoves Dwayne's head off his lap and stands up as "Wreckless Youth" begins to play again.

Kirkland cracks an evil looking smile and raises his left arm while the rest of Youthful Aggression is standing around him as Overdrive cuts to a break.


The Zodiac Thrilla vs. "The Hawaiian Hustler" Kimo Newton vs. "The God of War" Caleb Walker


Daniels: Welcome back everyone, what a action packed night so far. I can't believe Kirkland turned on his own best friend! This next bout should be a fine display of athletic ability.

Masters: Kirkand and the rest of Youthful Aggression mean business, Daniels. And for this next match, brutality as well. Or have you forgotten that this is in fact a grudge match, Daniels?

Daniels: No I have not. Two of our three competitors have a burning desire to break down the self proclaimed "God of War". I'm praying for the best and expecting the worst.

Masters: I'm praying for an ambulance.

"Serial Killer" plays as Zodiac Thrilla hits the stage to an explosion of pyro. His hands take a life of their own, as gang signs are interpretated through them. His tower of man-muscle, Whiteout, follows behind, his face emotionless. A few girls in the front row shout out to him, wearing Zodiac Thrilla apparel. Zodiac stops, his hands mimicking a camera as though he were taking their picture. He quickly grabs at their shirts and rips them off the girls quite easily, leaving them in their bras. Zodiac appears pleased and rolls up into the ring.

Daniels: I don't get it. Did he not like them wearing his merchandise?

Masters: No, you buffoon. The man clearly knows a good thing, or should I say a "couple" of good things, when he sees them.

"My Hood" by Young Jeezy plays next as Kimo hits the stage, a bottle in his hand.

Masters: Oops. Looks like somebody's drinking on the job.

Daniels: That surprises you?

Masters: No. I guess not.

Kimo leaves his bottle of rum on the ring apron and then turns to face the ramp once more. "Burn in Hell" by Twisted Sister hits next, but almost as soon as Caleb Walker sets foot on the stage, Kimo Newton is on him with a birrage of flying fists.

Daniels: Kimo isn't waiting!

Waters: The match can't start until all three men are in the ring!

Kimo continues with the pummeling, grabbing Walker's head and slamming it into the ringside guardrail. In the ring, Zodiac seems amused to merely watch. He uses the top of a turnbuckle for a chair, ensuring him the best view in the house. Walker appears to shake off the stupor of having been caught off guard. He blocks a swing from Kimo, and retaliates with a thunderous clothesline that leaves Kimo grounded. A couple of stomps to the chest, and Walker pulls Kimo back to his feet, before Irish whipping him with impressive impact into the steel turnbuckle post. Looking impressed with his handi-work, Walker marches around the ring. He forcefully pushes Whiteout out of his way, looking to grab up a steel chair. Looking impressively similiar in size, Whiteout forcefully shoves Walker in retaliation. The two behemoths are now face to face. Whiteout appears angry and silent, where as Walker is shouting at the top of his lungs about being the "God of War". Just as it looks like the heated instance is about to explode, Zodiac Thrilla comes flying from the top rope to the outside with a missile dropkick to Walker's head! Walker spirals into the commentator's table with Zodiac following up quickly. Zodiac rips out a monitor from the table and blasts Walker in the head with it. Kimo is back on his feet, in a daze as he wumbles about, looking for the action. Zodiac slams Walker's head against the table. Kimo has found them now, and joins in on the Caleb Walker beatdown, taking turns with Zodiac as they punch Walker in the face. Eventually, Caleb collapses to the floor. Kimo grins holding his hand out to Zodiac for the high five. But Zodiac kicks Kimo in the gut and ddt's him on the floor as well.

Daniels: Guess the short-term alliance is over.

Waters: Of course it is. It's a triple threat, and everyone wants to win.

Zodiac looks over his work and then turns his attention back to Walker, who's having a hard time adjusting to the numbers game. Thrilla appears to be talking shit from under the bandana covering his face, as he slaps Walker disrespectully in the head. Kimo is quick to recover as he digs for something in his pocket. He retreives a small bag and opens it, pouring a handful of white powder into his open palm.

Daniels: Looks like Kimo's going classic with the salt!

Kimo stalks Zodiac now. But with a helpful shoutout from Whiteout, Zodiac ducks the handful of powder which instead explodes against Master's face!

Masters: Gah! I've been blinded by... blinded by...

Masters stops long enough to collects some of the powder on his finger and taste it. The pupils of his eyes suddenly dialate with realization.

Masters: I've been blinded by pure Columbian nose candy!!!

Masters continues snorting the rest near his nose and licking the rest of the residue of his hands. Zodiac retaliates with an enziguri kick to Kimo's head. He then tosses the Hawaian Hustla into the ring. As he slides in hmself, Kimo is already pouncing on him with kicks and stomps. As Zodiac fights his way to his feet, Kimo grabs him for an Irish whip, but Thrilla reverses and Kimo sails into the ropes. On the rebound, Kimo connects with a spinning kick (or whatever the hell you call Kofi Kingston's Trouble in Paradise). But before Kimo can capitalize, Walker assaults him with a double axehandle from behind. The opening bell sounds now that all three men are officially in the ring. Walker grabs Kimo back up and folds the small framed man with a powerbomb. Not content, Walker sets his sights on Zodiac. Lifting Thrilla to his feet, he easily grabs him up with a bearhug, before delivering a ring shaking belly-to-belly suplex. Walker follows up, wrapping his hands around Zodiac's head, attempting to crush it like a grape. After a few excruciating moments, Walker releases the hold, picking Zodiac back up again. The crowd boos Walker, which he responds to with a bellowing "SHUT THE f**k UP!!!" He then powerslams Zodiac back to the mat, attempting a pin.

Daniels: Someone tell Caleb to watch his language, we're on live TV! But he may have it right here!












No! Zodiac forces a shoulder off the mat!

Daniels: While his power game is impressive, it'll take more than that to put Zodiac away!

Masters: *fidgety* Screw his power game! I could take them ALL!!!

Daniels: Are you okay?

Masters: I'm f**king GREAT!!! I feel like Superman!!!

Waters: But you have the body of Bubba the Love Sponge!

In the ring, Walker stomps on Zodiac once more before turning his attention back to Kimo...who plays possum, catching Walker with a roll up!










Easy kick out for Walker!

Obviously angry and possibly humiliated, Walker explodes on Kimo, throwing him into a corner and pummeling furiously with his tree-trunk like arms. Walker finally pauses, snorting like a raging bull. He begins slapping Kimo in the face repeatedly. Kimo stumbles forward out of the corner, looking much like a ragdoll. He stares Walker blatantly in the face and then delivers a slap in retaliation, before collapsing face first on the mat. Walker looks outraged, sizing Kimo up for the kill. But he's caught off guard by Zodiac who drills him in the back of the head before dropping him with a reverse ddt. Caleb forces himself back to his feet where Zodiac attempts to whip him into the ropes. But Walker's strength wins out with a reverse. Zodiac flies into the ropes instead, but grabs onto them to stop his momentum. Walker charges him for another high impact clothesline, but Zodiac ducks and pulls the top rope down, sending Walker crashing out onto the arena floor once again.

Daniels: Crash and burn for the "God of War"!

Zodiac stands at the ropes, assessing the damage done. Kimo is slowly coming around now, noticing Zodiac's distraction. He grabs up his bottle of rum, grinning from ear to ear as he stalks Zodiac from behind. Before he can do anything however, Whiteout is in the ring, cutting off Kimo's direct path to Zodiac. His presense is intimidating, and Kimo thinks better of using the object as a weapon. Instead, Kimo shrugs and smiles, handing the bottle over to Whiteout, with Zodiac now aware of the situation. Walker climbs back up the ring apron, gathering his bearings. Whiteout suddenly turns and blasts the bottle upside Caleb Walker's head in an explosion of Rum and blood!!!

Daniels: Whiteout just leveled Walker with Kimo's bottle of rum! Walker is out on the floor! There's a lot of blood, and I think we mght need a medic out here...

Masters: He don't need no medic! He needs an ass kicking and a good dose of Vitamin M!

Daniels: Vitamin M?

William flexes, still fidgety.

Masters: These guns, Daniels!

Daniels: Right. I think I'll just concentrate on calling the match now.

Kimo grins and extends his hand to Whiteout. The big man shakes Kimo's hand and then exits the ring, Kimo watching him the whole time. Distracted, Kimo is caught unaware as Zodiac spins him around with a kick to the gut. It's easy enough afterwards, for Zodiac to get Kimo in position for his devastating belly-to-back piledriver he lovingly calls...

Daniels: The Horror Scope!!! Zodiac nailed Kimo with The Horror Scope!!!

Masters: Your mother's a whore.

Waters: You're cracking me up Bill!

Zodiac with the pin.














Daniels: Zodiac gets the win! The Zodiac Thrilla is going on to compete in the battle royal for a chance to become the number one contender to the Ic title!

Whiteout joins Zodiac in the ring while Thrilla celebrates his victory. CZW cuts to commercial.


|| CZW comes back from commercial, and the scene cuts to Ryan Lewis walking backstage with a cameraman, looking for someone to interview. He begins to talk to the cameraman about potential people when suddenly a commotion is heard not far from where he stands. He snaps his head around looking for the sound, might be a story. As he runs to find it, it finds him shouting...||

|| Man ||

|| Ryan Lewis ||
Excuse me sir? Can we help you?

|| Man ||
Yea you can help me punk!

|+| The man raises his head and reveals himself to be Kris Kash |+|

|| Kris Kash ||
You me find that damn paper champion, Alan Fiscus. That dude that kicked me in ma head to leave me with a concussion and bannin me from every buildin in the US, damn near! And so I been ova in Japan...England man...anywhere I can make a livin fa real. But tell that...Bitch I'm lookin for his monkey ass and If I find him if he aint know, he bout to find out. Oh yea while you hear I might as well re-introduce ma self jus them dudes dont know. This here Kris Kash aka dat boi! And now that I'm back in the buildin, Alan, yo ass is mine! Now excuse me...

|+| Kris cuts a look over to Ryan as he shuffles out the way |+|

|| Kris Kash ||
Thats what I thought....Man Up!

- We cut back to the announcers table -

DANIELS: "Whoa! That was 'The Realist' Kris Kash!"

WATERS: "We haven't seen him since 2008, where Alan Fiscus punt kicked him in the head! He was told he might not EVER be able to return to the ring!"

MASTERS: "And who says he is cleared to do so? He doesn't look like he wants a match, it looks like he wants bloody revenge!"


THE YOUTH CREW (Shane & Harper) vs. DISASTERPIECE (Mortius & Blaze)


After a few moments, Simple Survivor begins to play and the fans leap to their feet in anticipation. The roof then seemingly comes off of the arena by the scream of the fans as the members of Beautiful Agony are on the stage. Mike Monroe and Tatum lead the way down the ramp as Eddie Rowan and McNally follow behind. Brian Blaze finally makes it out as he is in his wrestling attire heading to the ring. He seems shaken up still, but gathering his bearings. Eddie and McNally seem to be discussing something as McNally rolls his eyes and then lifts Eddie up onto his shoulders as Eddie is holding his half of the Tag Title over his head. Mike and Tatum are in the ring as Eddie and McNally also make their way into the ring and Brian is on the outside of the ring giving high fives to the fans.

Daniels: Here they are Beautiful Agony and easily this is the best roster ever. They now have the tag gold to go along with their X Division gold.

Masters: This is going to be stupid.

Waters: Brian Blaze is there and in big news as well Mortius is not there.

Eddie grabs the microphone as he begins to speak.

Eddie: Let me get a “cheap pop” by saying HELLO ALBANY!

The fans cheer, like they should, as Eddie nods his head in approval.

Eddie: Alright before Mike and I do our thing Brian Blaze would like to address the people.

Brian rolls into the ring with his boa and Hawaiian shirt intact, both purple, as he grabs the microphone from Eddie.

Brian: Thank you Mr. Rowan. Now as I’m sure all of you know The Youth Crew is going to face Disasterpiece right after this Agony Time!

The crowd erupts as a small Disasterpiece chant breaks out as Brian embraces it for a second.

Brian: Well you people are clearly stupid and should know that not only is Mortius not here tonight, he is taking an indefinite leave of absence SO Disasterpiece will not be in action tonight. Seriously people get a computer and go to where you can catch up on all your Agony fun.

The fans boo as Brian scratches his head looking at the other members of the Agony. Mike simply shrugs as Eddie chuckles and McNally gives Brian a look as if to say, “Welcome to my world.”

Brian: Well that doesn’t mean that I’m just going to let The Youth Crew win. Hell no man. As I’m sure all of you know I have sources I have friends and I am allowed to go out and find myself a replacement partner. That’s right the world continues to get bleaker for you straightedge pansies. So without further adieu I introduce to you……THE NEW……BRIAN BLAZE EXPERIENCE FEATURING……..

Masters: Doesn’t matter who it is without Mortius The Youth Crew has this made.

Daniels: Shut you face Masters Brian Blaze is accomplished he’s not going to get some scrub.

Judas Priest's Johnny B. Goode begins to play as a figure walks out from backstage, slowly but still with a bit of spring in his step. The fans cheer, perhaps not as loud as if it turned out to be Mortius after all, but solid feedback nonetheless.

Masters: "Not going to get some scrub," eh Daniels?

Daniels: What do you mean? Johnny Kerosene was literally seconds away from becoming the X Division champion at There Will Be Blood.

Masters: And seconds away from winning is still losing. He's still a greenhorn, and leave it to Blaze to not know that.

Waters: Well, the champ obviously saw something in him. Maybe that handshake we saw was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Masters: Bah. That wannabe rocker will turn right back around if he knows what's good for him.

Johnny gets into the ring, all smiles, wearing his typical attire as he asks for the mic, which Brian is happy to grant.

Johnny: Alright everybody... first thing I guess I gotta say before anything else is that I want to apologize to Mr. Wright for skipping out on the match we were supposed to have earlier tonight, but... as you can clearly see, I had bigger fish to fry, and I wanted to stay fresh for it. And I guess to the fans that were excited to see me in singles action... sorry to disappoint.

The fans murmur, not sure what to make of that.

Johnny: And now since that's out of the way, it's time to talk business, ain't it? 'Cause I don't think a fan out there gives half a flip about apologies. What you care about is results. And all y'all are asking me right there from your seats 'cause everyone is so full of questions tonight, “Johnny, do you really think that you can replace Mortius?” And my answer to that would be... no.

The fans murmur even more, and even Brian seems visibly surprised at the answer.

Johnny: I mean, y'know... dude is like, huge, right? I can't fit into any of his clothes.

The fans lighten up a bit at that statement as the members of Beautiful Agony run a gamut of emotions from amused to confused to for God's sake get on with it.

Johnny: But Brian Blaze gave me this opportunity and I am not about to be a fool and squander it. Right! 'Cause you people want to be entertained, don't you? You people want the spectacle of the sport, don't you? You people don't want The Youth Crew to get the satisfaction of even winning one round, do you? You want our sweat begetting their blood and their tears, right here and right now, living proof that Beautiful Agony houses not one, but two of the greatest tag teams to ever step between the ropes? Is that it? Tell me right now, is that what you want?

The crowd cheers now, getting behind him.

Johnny: I thought as much! And mark my words, I will provide! I will not rest until every one of you is thoroughly... and perhaps even sleazily... entertained! But I'm sure all these guys got something better on tap than listening to me go on forever, so!

Johnny underhand tosses the microphone back to Brian. Eddie however intercepts the projectile and takes a lap around the ring like he just scored a winning touchdown.

Eddie: "MY TURN! Ahem. Well, it took some doing, but once again, 'Rated E' is wearing the gold thanks to a narrow victory in a five-star contest against our XTC friends. Kudos to you boys, because I'm sure I also speak for my esteemed partner when I say that was easily one of the hardest-earned wins of our careers."

Again, the fans respectfully applaud.

Eddie: "Now, after the match, however was another story. You could say that we had a shocking surprise encounter, but then you'd be making a bad pun. To get to the gist, Knox Harper and Ryan Shane...there really are easier ways to get our attention. Say, we'd really like to challenge you for those belts sometime in the near future' would've been just fine, but no. You had to bring in a taser...ow, by the way...and a fork. Seriously, I got fork-stabbed! I mean...what kind of man just carries a fork around with him to attack people with?"

Eddie shrugs to his team-mates who all return various confused looks. He then flips the microphone behind his back to Mike. Mike hold up a finger as if to correct something.

Mike: "Actually my herder of all things nerf related, Abdullah the Butcher was famous for using a fork. He always hid it somewhere, his pants or maybe one of those folds, but I digress. I'm not gonna touch too much upon Harper and Shane, as Eddie already has said what needs to be said. Thing is, Eddie and I both pride ourselves as fighting champions. We both have been champions prior and have never turned down an opponent. You want a shot? Step in line like the rest and your time will come sooner or later. You see I am a lot more verbal about what has happened than my compadre. But don't let his reserved nature fool you. He and I have faced each other more than once, and I can attest to the fact that you will get you ass kicked by him. And I know for a fact that I will kick your ass. So if you still want a shot at us, be prepared for a fight."

The crowd begins to cheer at the thought of a future throwdown.

Mike: "However there are two more people that need mentioning. Of course I mean the Bert and Ernie of CZW. Mike King and Brian Kirkland, aka Youthful Aggression. I actually have to applaud you two...ahem...gentlemen. You got one over me. It hardly happens at all, but you fooled me. I was fooled to think that Kirkland had no testicles. I guess I was wrong, small as they are. But like everyone one on the roster. You feel froggy, you better jump. Well, guess what, ladies, it's time to take that leap of faith, because this isn't over yet."

Mike once more passes the microphone to Eddie who paces a bit with a smug grin on his face.

Eddie: “Now, before Johnny and Mr. Entertainment take care of some bid’ness here in the ring, I think we should remind everyone in attendance that Team BA is back, better than ever, AND here to stay, and if you’re not down with that, then we’ve got ONE word for ya!”

Eddie lunges toward McNally, holding the microphone towards him. Taken aback a bit, McNally half-glares at Eddie as the fans shout encouragement. Finally, with an eye-roll and an audible sigh, Bryan gives the fans what they want.

McNally: “….bouche.”

The crowd roars with approval as ‘Simple Survival’ plays again, and the rest of the gang leaves the ring and heads to the back leaving Brian Blaze and Johnny Kerosene in the ring for their match.

Jessica: “The next match is part of a tournament to decide the #1 contenders for the CZW Global Tag Team Championship. Coming to the ring now, the team of ‘The Straight Edge Curse’ Ryan Shane and ‘The Straight Edge Assassin’ Knox Harper...they are...THE YOUTH CREW!”

Shane and Harper come out onto the ramp full of energy. The audience is booing them after what happened earlier.

Jessica: “And their opponents, already in the ring, ‘Mr. Entertainment’ and his NEW partner...Johnny KEROSENE!”

Masters: “I don’t know about this guy. He’s a great talent and all, but he has more tag team partners than most people have underwear! And he’s a singles champion!”

Jarred: “Well, they say that when you add fuel to a fire, the fire gets hotter.”

Masters: “...are you trying to be funny now, Daniels? That’s my job!”

The bell rings as Kerosene and Knox Harper start for their respective teams. They circle and then go for a collar and elbow tie-up, but Harper ducks under and grabs Johnny with a real waistlock, then brings Kerosene to the mat in a perfect amateur wrestling take down! Knox slides up his opponent’s body to cinch in a headlock, cranking it as Kerosene cringes in pain. Slowly, Johnny gets his knees under him, then stands, then after two elbows to the gut of Knox Harper, throws his attacker into the ropes. Harper rebounds right into Kerosene’s spinebuster! Johnny hops to his feet and grabs Knox’s legs.

Jarred: “What’s he gonna do? He drops a leg right into Harper’s groin!”

Waters: “The fans seem to really love this Kerosene and he seems to love them. They are just adding more fuel to the fire!”

Masters: “All right, stop that right now!”

Jarred: “Johnny Kerosene is helping Knox to a standing position, backs him against the ropes...the whip...Harper reverses and sends Johnny into the ropes! Kerosene returns and...Harper hits a perfect Tilt-a-Whirl, slamming Johnny down to the mat! Now Harper sits Johnny up and locks in a choke hold from the rear.”

Masters: “Look at that position! Not only is Harper wrenching in on that choke, he has his knee planted between Kerosene’s shoulderblades! That’s doubly painful!”

Jarred: “Yes, for Kerosene, the pain must be flaring red hot right now.”

Masters: “I said stop that!”

Waters: “Meanwhile, Kerosene is again trying to fight it, slowly getting to his feet, but Knox isn’t waiting for the elbows this time. He whips Johnny into the Youth Crew’s corner and tags in Ryan Shane. The Crew is putting the boots to Johnny in the corner. Five, six...eight stomps total from both young men. Wow, Kerosene looks like he’s running out of gas.”

Masters: “Dear lord, you guys are going to kill me.”

Shane backs up to the middle of the ring and sizes up his opponent, who is now sitting in the corner...he runs in and knees Johnny in the head. Kerosene flops down and rolls onto his back.

Masters: “Ha! The Kill Switch! I think Shane is trying for a quick end here! He’s going to the corner, hops up...Split Legged Moonsault! Yes!”

Jarred: “NO! Kerosene rolls out of the way! I guess that the fire isn’t out yet...”

Masters: “Stop!”

Waters: “...there are still embers smouldering...”

Masters: “Please, stop!”

Jarred and Waters: “For a moment he was running on fumes, but Johnny still has a gallon left!”

Masters: “AHHHHHH! Get me out of here!”

Jarred: “Kerosene gets to his corner and tags in Brian Blaze! Together, then grab the now standing but slightly dazed Shane...double Dropkick! Very nicely done! The crowd is going nuts as Shane hops to his feet only to be met with several right hands by Brian. He winds up...uppercut! Shane is stumbling back. Brian whips him into the ropes...Sleeper hold! Blaze is trying to cinch it in!”

Masters: “Yes! Shane was too smart or too fresh for that! He grabbed Brian’s head then dropped to his knees, Brian’s chin impacting with the top of Shane’s head. He ought to call that the fire extinguisher!”

Waters: “Why would he do that, William?”

Masters: “You know! Brian Blaze, extinguishing the fire...”

Waters: “Oh. A pun. heh.”

Masters: “Oh, come on! That was funny!”

Waters: “If you say so.”

Jarred: “Meanwhile, Ryan Shane is hitting Blaze with several hard chops and forearm shots to the chest! A whip to the ropes leads to a Rolling Elbow! Blaze hits the ground hard but almost immediately rises to one knee but Ryan is still there and hits with his Bite the F’ing Curb double stomp to Brian’s head! Ryan is getting some energy back...and he calls his partner in! Harper comes in...Hart Attack elevated clothesline combination on Brian Blaze! Johnny Kerosene is coming in now and begins to trade punches with Knox Harper! Meanwhile, Ryan is going for The Moment of Clarity! I don’t believe this!”

Waters: “And neither does Blaze! With amazing agility, Mr. Entertainment grabs hold of Ryan’s tights and drops to the mat, pulling Shane forward and into the turnbuckle! Shane is dazed and is looking for a tag...but Knox Harper is still brawling with Kerosene! Johnny just clotheslined Knox over the top rope and to the arena floor!”

Masters: “Shane is still looking and walks right into a waiting Brian Blaze...”

All three in unison: “BLAZING ARROW!”

Amazingly, Ryan does not fall, stumbling away from Blaze...and right into Kerosene!

Jarred: “Facemelter! Johnny Kerosene just hit his patented Full Nelson Facebuster on Ryan Shane! Blaze goes in for the pin!”




Ding Ding Ding!

Jessica Towers: “Your winners: Brian Blaze and Johnny Kerosene!”

Jarred: “Wow, what a win for these two! Knox is at ringside just now realizing what happened while Shane is stunned, only starting to move in the ring! Kerosene and Blaze are one step closer to a shot at the Global Tag Team Titles.”


Frank Finch vs. Mike King vs. Krimzon Blaze vs. Godzilla Sawyer vs. Brian Kirkland vs. Kimo/Zodiac/Caleb vs. El Pablo vs. Johnny/Rob


DANIELS: What a first round, tag team tournament match we have just witnessed. Mortius, out…his replacement….Johnny Kerosene. Who saw that coming?

MASTERS: I knew all along.

WATERS: Yeah, whatever…but not only that but Blaze and Kerosene are one step closer to those Global tag team championships.

DANIELS: We also saw, the returning Idolized, Kyle Riley and Evan Tyler, beat the Brothers of Misery and now, they too, are one step closer to the Global tag titles but right now, it is time to name the number one contender to the Intercontinental championship. It’s time for the eight-man, battle royal.

WATERS: Yes and because Rob Wright and The Zodiac Thriller won their prospective matches, they will be added to this match.

MASTERS: It’s ThrillA, Shawn.

DANIELS: Either way, we are about to witness a fantastic showing…..

Just then low guitar riffs are heard throughout the Times Union Center followed by a favorable reaction from the crowd as Maynard O’Toole steps out from behind the curtains.

DANIELS: Well it seems as thought we are going to be greeted by the Intercontinental champion, himself.


MASTERS: Oh blood hell, and I was hoping it would be somebody worth watching.





“Bloodline” by Slayer continues to play through out the arena as Maynard makes his way down to the ring, wearing blue jeans, black boots, a dark grey, OGT t-shirt, black leather jacket and of course, flaunting his Intercontinental championship belt, laid over his right shoulder. Maynard gets into the ring and grabs a microphone from the time keeper as his music fades out.

DANIELS: Well you gotta know he is out here to address the number one contenders, battle royal.

WATERS: You think?

Maynard cracks a mischievous smirk on his face as he slowly brings the microphone up to speak.


CROWD: CLASH IS GONE NOW! *clap clap…clap clap clap* CLASH IS GONE NOW! *clap clap…clap clap clap* CLASH IS GONE NOW! *clap clap…clap clap clap* CLASH IS GONE NOW! *clap clap…clap clap clap* CLASH IS GONE NOW! *clap clap…clap clap clap*

The crowd ends their chant then starts cheering, loudly.

MAYNARD: You know, it’s funny you should say that because that is the first thing I’m gonna address tonight.

CROWD: THANK YOU MAY-NARD! *clap clap…clap clap clap* THANK YOU MAY-NARD! *clap clap…clap clap clap* THANK YOU MAY-NARD! *clap clap…clap clap clap* THANK YOU MAY-NARD! *clap clap…clap clap clap*

DANIELS: For those of you who didn’t get to witness, at “There Will Be Blood”, Maynard, completely obliterated Andrew Clash with his signature sledgehammer.

WATERS: Oh that AND steal chair. Don’t look for Clash’s return to pro wrestling, anytime soon.

MAYNARD: You’re quite welcome. Now, as you all know, I, single handedly ridded CZW of a cancer that WAS “The Career Killer” (Maynard makes air quotes) Andrew Clash. What a ridiculous nick name .. although, he it was very fitting, he just had it ass backwards. For you see, it was HIS career, that was killed. Either way, we don’t EVER have to worry about him coming into another CZW arena for a long….long time.

The crowd erupts with cheers as Maynard hops up on the top rope, sitting ever so comfortably on the turnbuckle. Maynard continues to address the crowd.

MAYNARD: But there is just one problem with the situation, and I’m not talking about the Jersey Shore. No, I mean THIS situation, ya see, Clash was to be my next challenger for this Intercontinental championship but I put him out of commission, much like Korpse, ha, remember that guy? Then there was Jacob Havok and Kris Kash.

WATERS: Well there are rumors all over the internet that Kris Kash may, in fact, be returning but nothing is official as of yet.

MASTERS: You, bloody imbecile, you can’t believe everything you read on the damn internet.

WATERS: Which is why I said they are RUMORS!

Maynard adjusts his title belt on his shoulder before continuing.

MAYNARD: So then, the higher upps had to think on their feet, they had to figure out just who was going to be good enough to challenge me for this….excuse me..MY IC title, next. I mean, after all, I haven’t even gotten the chance to defend it yet and damn it, I’m a fighting champion. So now we have this eight man, battle royal. Now, don’t get me wrong, the list of contenders for this battle royal is chalked full of talented athletes. The only problem is, I’ve beaten more than half of them already. One guy I’ve beaten three times, two of those matches were successful IC title defenses. The others, I have yet to face, like Sawyer, Kerosene, Zodiac, Kimo and oh yeah, Fiscus’ “right hand man”.

The crowd boos, massively at the mention of Frank Finch.

MAYNARD: I mean, seriously, Frank is in this battle royal, you kiddin me? The guy’s only had like three or four matches since debuting, what, a year and a half ago? Look, I’m not putting these guys down, well…maybe just Frank but guys like Krimzon Blaze, El Pablo, Rob Wright, I have a lot of respect for those guys. All I’m sayin’ is give me somebody who truly deserves a shot at this title. This is not just any title, this is one step below WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. Now, while these guys are out here, beating the living hell out of each other, I will be ring-side, joining my good ole buddy, William Masters.


Maynard looks over at Masters, who now has a disgusted look on his face, and winks at him, while cracking a mischievous smirk.

MAYNARD: So now, without further ado, let’s get this match started and see just who will challenge me for MY intercontinental title.

“Bloodline” by Slayer starts to play, once more as Maynard hops down off the turnbuckle, climbs out of the ring and has a seat at the announcers table. CZW cuts to a break as the participants in the royal begin getting introduced.


March 21st... 2010...

They say the road to hell was paved with the best intentions.

But what do they say the road to glory will be paved with?


Atlanta, Georgia... The Philips Arena...

Our next pay-per-view mega event...

CZW proudly presents...


Tickets go on sale February 8th. Be there to witness all of the CZW superstars in action, be there to witness the BEST wrestling product today!


After the break, we have all of the competitors in the ring. In one corner, El Pablo, Krimzon Blaze, and Godzilla Sawyer talk amongst themselves, looking over the competition. Opposite their corner, Brian Kirkland, Mike King, and Rob Wright do the same. Frank Finch and Zodiac Thrilla each occupy one of the adjacent corners.

Daniels: “Here we go, an over the top battle royal to determine the #1 contendership for the Intercontinental title!”

O’Toole: “That’s right, it’s all about the bling that I currently wear around my waist. Any one of these guys would be a good challenger, but not a single one has a slushy’s chance in hell of beating me for it.”

Masters: “There’s the bell! If I were any of those guys huddled in the corner, I’d just pitch my friend out right off the bat.”

Waters: “And that’s why you don’t actually HAVE any friends.”


Daniels: “And it’s like a huge mosh pit as all 8 competitors charge into the center of the ring, fists and feet flailing around! El Pablo whips Mike King into the corner and follows up with a big flying back elbow! He tumbles out of the way and Krimzon Blaze flies in with one of his own! Brian Kirkland snags EP and hits him with a quick Russian leg-sweep and Rob Wright takes Blaze down with a lariat! Finch and Sawyer trade punches with Sawyer quickly gaining the upper hand!”

O’Toole: “The Zodiac Thrilla takes control over King in the corner punching him in the ribs and now trying to force him over the ropes! King falls out onto the apron!”

Masters: “Kirkland and Wright hit Zodiac from behind, saving King! Double Irish whip on Thrilla!”

Waters: “Zodiac with a big counter, flying double back-elbows!”

Daniels: “Sawyer scoops up Finch for a body slam…but Finch sneaks out back over Sawyer’s shoulder! Standing dropkick! Sawyer crashes face-first into the corner! Finch now trying to leverage the big man over the ropes!”

Waters: “Here on the near side we’ve got Kirkland punishing Krimzon Blaze…belly to belly suplex! He now moves over KB and starts raining punches down! Wright with a big short-arm clothesline on Thrilla and follows it up with a quick leg-drop! Mike King back in and he DRILLS EP with a roaring elbow!!”

O’Toole: “Sawyer has fought Finch back and now whips him into the ropes…BIG powerslam by Sawyer! The big man with a head of steam and he DROPKICKS Kirkland off of Blaze! I mean, it was a low dropkick, but that was still pretty impressive!”

Daniels: “Wright whips Thrilla into the corner, but he runs up and springs out of the corner…TORNADO DDT!! Great move there by the Zodiac Thrilla! KING! Mike King whips Zodiac around…DIVORCE COURT!! He plants him with that maneuver and Zodiac could be badly hurt!”

Waters: “Watch EP running the tight-rope! Flying clothesline on King!!”

Masters: “Finch is back up and he grabs Pablo…bah! That squirrely bastard counters with a sitout jawbreaker!! Shenanigans!”

O’Toole: “Sawyer has Kirkland up and in the corner, maybe looking for that Atomic DDT…Kirkland counters with a big spinebuster, though! He now measures Pablo and here’s the superkick!! OOOOOOH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

Waters: “Pablo ducked and Kirkland has crotched himself on the top rope! KB WITH A DROPKICK!! KIRKLAND FALLS TO THE FLOOR! ‘The Reaper’ has been eliminated!”

Daniels: “KB gets caught by a Mike King Metallica Kick!! He flips over the top rope but holds on and barely makes it back in under the bottom rope! Wright hammers away on Sawyer, pulling the big man to his feet. He scoops Sawyer up and BIG Michanoku driver by ‘the Real Deal!!’ That shook the ring!!”

O’Toole: “Mike King going to town on El Pablo now, pinning him in the corner and going at him with that flurry of strikes! Zodiac is back to his feet as well, trading punches with Finch. Triple F getting the upper hand and BAM, swinging knee-lift! Finch now heads over to KB and starts putting the boots to him as Blaze was trying to get back to his feet.”

Masters: “Toss that bloody midget out!”

Waters: “Finch turns back around and Thrilla pops up! Big-time hurricanrana there! Rob Wright makes a move on Zodiac but the Thrilla scoops Wright up…Death Valley Driver!! King sneaks up on Zodiac…TIGER SUPLEX!!”

Daniels: “Devastating move by King but now EP and Blaze recover and move in on King! Low kick by Blaze! European uppercut by Pablo! Enziguri by Blaze!! King is staggered!! Pablo hooks him up, as does KB...”


Daniels: “El Fuego with the Spanish Fly!! Amazing athleticism by both men!!”

O’Toole: “Guys, I don’t know if you noticed, but Brian Kirkland is still lingering out here at ringside.”

Masters: “As he should, he’s got a tag-team partner to support!”

Waters: “If by ‘support’ you mean ‘help cheat,’ then likely, yes.”

Daniels: “Finch charges El Pablo…MONKEY FLIP!!”


Daniels: “FINCH GOES OVER!! Frank Finch has been eliminated!”

Waters: “Rob Wright out of nowhere there springboards off the ropes and takes KB down with a hurricanrana! Zodiac and Sawyer are struggling on the far side, each trying to eliminate the other! Pablo picks up Mike King and hits the ropes…”

Masters: “HA! CLUMSY OAF!!”

Daniels: “Frank Finch pulled the ropes down! El Pablo falls to the outside and is eliminated!”

O’Toole: “Ah well, at least that means I won’t be falling 30 feet or more at the pay per view.”

Waters: “Pabs landed on his feet, though, and he’s none too happy! EP starts laying into Finch with strikes, and now whips him into the guard rail!”

Daniels: “Meanwhile, back in the ring Sawyer has taken control and almost has Zodiac out! NO! Zodiac with a thumb to the eye breaks it up! He springboards and…ZILLA CATCHES HIM, COUNTERING THE HURRICANRANA INTO A HUGE POWERBOMB!! Goodnight!!”

O’Toole: “Wright jumps onto Sawyer’s back, locking in a sleeper hold! It’s like I’m watching the Princess Bride!”

Daniels: “It’s down to these five and look out here in front of the announce table!!”


Daniels: “El Pablo is taking Finch to the woodshed! He’s got a chair!!”


Daniels: “Right over Finch’s head!! EP is going postal on ‘Flawless’ Frank Finch!!”

Waters: “Mike King snags Zodiac after that brutal powerbomb…going for the King Crash!! Countered into a snapmare!! Zodiac going for a springboard…KIRKLAND! BK clipped Thrilla’s legs, causing him to crash to the floor!!”

Daniels: “Sawyer and Wright are teetering close to the ropes, it looks like Sawyer is trying to flip Rob off his back and out of the ring!”

O’Toole: “Watch KB!!”

Waters: “BLAZE!! He dropkicks Wright in the back and both he AND Sawyer go over!! Amazing!!”

O’Toole: “Speaking of amazing, it looks like EP has some big plans! He’s got Finch on the Spanish announce table!! Jeez, these guys just can’t catch a break!”

Daniels: “EP punches Finch a couple more times and now…he’s heading back to the ring and up to the turnbuckle!! You can hear the fans in attendance buzzing about this one!! PABLO FLIES!! PABLO SPLASH!!”


Daniels: “HELLENA!! HELLENA FROM THE CROWD JUMPED THE BARRIER AND PULLED FINCH OUT OF THE WAY!! Good lord, Pablo looks like he’s seriously hurt after that one!!”

Waters: “KB looks concerned and-OH! MIKE KING!! King took advantage of the distraction and tossed Blaze over!! KB doesn’t really seem to care about that right now as he quickly collects himself and moves to check on his partner. We’ve got EMT’s on the way…that landing looked brutal for El Pablo!”

Daniels: “We’re down to the Zodiac Thrilla and Mike King and King is in prime position to take the win thanks to Kirkland’s interference! King runs in at Zodiac…THRILLA REVERSES WITH A HURRICANRANA! KING GOES OUT! KING GOES OUT!!”

O’Toole: “Not so fast! Kirkland caught him before he hit the ground!! King rolls back in and Thrilla is on the second turnbuckle celebrating his victory too soon!! King with a big dropkick to the back!”



Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match and the new #1 contender to the Intercontinental Championship…’The Phoenix,’ MIKE…KING!!”

“No Rest for the Wicked” plays as BK re-enters the ring, celebrating with Mike King. Youthful Aggression stand tall in the ring as the fans jeer them, staring down Maynard who stands from his position at the announce booth, holding his title high. The EMT’s have removed El Pablo from the wreckage of the table and Krimzon Blaze as well as Godzilla Sawyer accompany them as they head to the back.


The lights in the Times Union Center go black and the crowd buzzes in anticipation of what's to come. A slow rolling smoke creeps into the arena, seeping up from the floor and rising to the faces of the shocked spectators. Aside from the occasional camera flash, the darkness fills the arena. Then...

"Silence...filling this arena and filling your mind. Clear your thoughts, dispose of your inhibitions...It has been some time, yet the feeling never escapes you. Judgement is coming, and the only thing left to do is wait...A clown? A killer? A saint? A martyr? No...just a lost soul. I'm here, Rowan...waiting..."

Loud explosions burst out from two of the four ring posts and sparks shower down onto the crowd in the ringside seats, as the lights slowly come back to normal and the Times Union Center crowd is left in wonder, shocked expressions among all. The ring is empty, and the smoke dissipates.


"Bad Ass" Matt Covey vs. "High Definition" Cage Stryker


MASTERS: "What the bloody hell was that!?"

WATERS: "I have no idea but... creeeeeepy!"

DANIELS: "I'm going to have to reflect on that later, as Jessica has now entered the ring."

TOWERS: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our MAIN EVENT to determine the challenger to the World Heavyweight title at Road to Glory III!"

The crowd pops loudly

TOWERS: "Introducing first... being led to the ring by Sirena Starr... hailing from Los Angeles, California.. a former X-Division, Television, and World champion... 'High Definition' CAGE STRYKER!!"

"The Pretender" by Foo Fighters blares over the PA as the crowd pops loudly. Out comes Cage and Sirena, smiles on their faces. A small fireworks display goes off, ending with three loud booms. Sirena looks hot in a pink ensemble, while Cage is shirtless and wearing black tights with his last name on each leg. They pose for a moment, and high five fans on the way down to the ring.

WATERS: "Cage is looking as confident as ever."

MASTERS: "Sirena is looking as HOT as ever, and thats more important."

TOWERS: "And his opponent... a former tag team champion and 'The Most Dangerous Man in CZW'... hailing from wherever he damn well pleases... 'Bad Ass'... MATT COVEY!!"

"Sonne" by Rammstein begins to play as the crowd pops loudly again. A good sized 'Covey' chant begins as the man walks out on the ramp. He pauses, but does not pose. He is wearing worn in blue jeans and a plain black t-shirt. He has a cigarette in his mouth. Another small fireworks display goes off. He begins walking down to the ring, ignoring fans who try to touch him. He slides into the ring, looks at Cage, and then poses on a turnbuckle as his music fades out.

DANIELS: "These two men each have a chance to get their shot at the World title in Atlanta, Georgia.. and more importantly.. to exact revenge on Alan Fiscus, of which each man deserve they're due."

MASTERS: "Neither man can handle the riot, history has shown that. They're each beating a dead horse, because neither can beat Alan."

WATERS: "I beg to differ, Sherlock. Alan won at There Will Be Blood by sheer luck. And Cage had beaten Alan just moments before he cashed in his briefcase."

MASTERS: "You fool, you heard Alan when he said he did that purpose."

WATERS: "Whatever, he's lying."

DANIELS: "Well the bell has rung, and both men are staring right at each other. They each nod to each other, and begin circling the ring. There is respect here, and I am still amazed how Covey has turned a 180 with the CZW fans."

WATERS: "The fan have always liked him, Jarred, he's just appreciating it more nowadays. They lock up, and Covey immediately nails a kneelift to Cage's midsection. Covey may appreciate the fans more, but he's still the same deadly viper he's always been."

MASTERS: "Covey truly is a viper, I'll give him that. He's got control of Cage now, after delivering a series of punches to his head. He whips him to the ropes. Cage ducks the clothesline! On the rebound... and that bastard Cage takes Covey off of his feet with a leaping clothesline of his own."

DANIELS: "The crowd is half and half with these guys, multiple sections cheering for each man. They're both back up and begin a brawl that I can't help but think Covey would win. Powers is trying hard to break it up, but to no avail. Covey takes the upper hand, and gets Cage into a corner. He's stomping away."

WATERS: "He's stomping a mudhole into him! Cage slumps down... what's this? Covey walks to the over side of the ring.. he's getting some steam... he takes off... running knee to Cage's temple! Wow, he was almost decapitated!"

MASTERS: "Covey picks him up and bodyslams him hard in the center of the ring. He's going for the cover already!"












DANIELS: "A little early for one, and Cage kicks out just at two. Covey picks him up and kicks him in the gut. He goes to bounce off the rope for momentum.. Yakuza kic-no! Cage ducks out of the way! He is behind Covey now and grabs his head.. neckbreaker!"

WATERS: "Cage picks Covey up and throws him to the ropes.. closely following.. knee to the gut as Covey gets there. He throws him to the other side, same result. They walk out of it and Cage nails Covey with a Russian legsweep. Cage's turn to go for the cover!"












MASTERS: "And it's Covey's turn to kick out right at two. Cage picks him up, and chops him hard across the chest. He does it again, but this time Covey chops him back. Covey stomps on Cage's foot and then chops him again!"

DANIELS: "And the crowd is loving it. Covey kicks Cage in the gut... and he begins a rowdy strike combo!"

WATERS: "Cage is stunned! Covey runs to the ropes... and SPEAR! The cover!"


















MASTERS: "Covey in control for sure now, as he picks Cage up. He strolls him over to a corner... he lifts him up.. Snake Eyes! I've always loved that move."

WATERS: "That is weak, Billy. Cage stumbles backwards and Covey levels him with a hardcore lariat! Cage could have a concussion from that impact. Another cover!"


















DANIELS: "Covey questions the ref, but quickly goes back to work on Cage. He hits a series of punches to his forehead and picks him up..."

MASTERS: "He's going for the Blow It Out Your Ass! ... Ha, I love that name."

WATERS: "But Cage counters with a back body drop!"

DANIELS: "Both men momentarily laying on the mat now. Cage gets over to the ropes and uses them to pull himself up. Covey is sitting up now as well."

MASTERS: "And they're both up at the same time. They lunge at each other... another brawl, but it's sloppier than the last one. But again, Covey is taking charge."

WATERS: "Covey has Cage stunned and goes to throw him to the ropes. Cage reverses though! The rebound.. Cage nails Covey with a jumping leg lariat! Covey is back up... and Cage nails a DDT! Another cover!"


















DANIELS: "Cage is back up, and picks Covey up. Bodyslam. Cage is going to the top! He takes a moment to climb, being a little dazed still. He's up."

MASTERS: "Covey is up as well, however."

WATERS: "Cage sees it. He leaps... Missile dropkick! He takes a moment, but he makes it over to him for another pinfall attempt."


















DANIELS: "Now it's Cage's turn to check with the ref to make sure it wasn't three. He picks Covey back up. He throws him to the corner, and comes in with a splash... he nails it, but Covey also nails a poke to the eye!"

MASTERS: "Always effective."

WATERS: "Yeah, well, he still got splashed and falls back on his ass as Cage walks off a little bit holding his eye."

DANIELS: "Covey is dazed, but is pulling himself back up. Cage shakes his head a little and comes back to take back charge... Covey with a shot to the gut! Another one! Covey grabs him and slams his head into the turnbuckle. He picks him up... devestating backbreaker."

MASTERS: "Good move there, but he's still a little out of it. He's probably drunk."

WATERS: "If so, that makes him even MORE dangerous."

DANIELS: "Covey picks Cage back up. A hard knife edge chop! Another one! Another one! Cage's chest is beat red, and he is out of it. Covey picks him up... VERTEBREAKER!"

WATERS: "That has to be it!"


















DANIELS: "Cage with the presence of mind to know where he is and put his foot on the rope!"


WATERS: "Cage is a vetern in the ring, make no bones about it. Covey can't believe it. He picks him back up... he's calling for the Blow it Out your Ass!"

DANIELS: "He seems to be over doing it though. He's just holding Cage by the back of the head, looking out into the crowd."

MASTERS: "He has him and he knows it."

DANIELS: "He goes to finally lift him up for one of the most destructive moves we have in the CZW. WAIT! Cage was playing possum! He grabs Covey's head and rolls him up in a small package!"




















WATERS: "It's official! Cage finally gets his rematch for the World title at Road to Glory III!"

DANIELS: "Covey is stunned! Cage is still pretty out of it, but he knew what to do! The fans are kinda mixed about it, but he sure has his share of fans."

WATERS: "Well Powers is now raising Cage's arm in victory, as he is still down on his knees. Covey is up too, with his eyes wide open. I think he's realizing he just lost his shot at revenge on Alan."

MASTERS: "These guys have a history too, you saw what Cage said earlier this week. But look at this... Mr. Play Nice is congratulating Cage! For beating HIM! Lame move."

DANIELS: "That's called GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP, William. Something you know nothing about."

MASTERS: "Shut your bloody mouth, wanker."

WATERS: "Wait, what's this!"

MASTERS: "Who is that?"

DANIELS: "The cameras are focusing on someone.. or someones.. in the crowd, but we can't... wait.... THAT'S ALAN FISCUS!"

MASTERS: "And he's not alone!"

WATERS: "That's Sam Attic, we saw him earlier! Alan's younger brother! And Frank Finch, still in his wrestling gear! They're hopping over the guardrail and neither Cage nor Covey has noticed!"

- Alan is wearing blue jeans and a "Sonic Youth" t-shirt, as Sam is wearing what he was earlier in the show. -

DANIELS: "They slide into the ring, and now Covey and Cage see them! And they're ready for a fight! Covey clocks Alan as soon as he gets to him! Cage blocks a shot from Frank, and nails him hard. Covey chops Sam so hard he falls on his back! The crowd is loving it!"

WATERS: "Covey turns his attention back to Alan and begins clobbering him. Cage is stomping down on Frank.. but Sam catches Covey with a chopblock to the back of his knee! That's enough for Alan to take charge and begin beating Covey's back with stomps. Sam makes his way over to Cage, whose back is turned... he kicks him in the kidney!"

DANIELS: "He lifts the startled Cage up on his shoulders... what's this... he throws him up, twisting, and Cage's face lands directly on his knee! What a killer move, Cage is lights out!"

WATERS: "My note's read that he calls that move the Terror Ride. How fitting."

DANIELS: "Alan now has Covey positioned and.... Corkscrew Stunner! Covey holds his neck in pain. This is a massacre. The three men then begin stomping away at the fallen, who were already beaten up from their match. Despicable."


DANIELS: "KRIS KASH IS RUNNING DOWN TO THE RING WITH CHAIR IN HAND! Fiscus, Attic and Finch scatter to the outside of it! Kash slides into the ring, and looks down at Fiscus. He wants his blood!"

WATERS: "And he should, after what Alan did to him!"

MASTERS: "Alan looks livid, who does this guy think he his? He hasn't been in CZW for over a year!"

DANIELS: "Yeah because Alan gave him a concussion, fool!"

WATERS: "Guys..."




MASTERS: "Quit yelling, wanker! But I understand your excitement... this is brilliant!"

WATERS: "What the hell! Alan, Sam and Frank are getting back into the ring... Damn, look at the blood that is flowing from BOTH Cage and Matt's foreheads! They need medical help!"

DANIELS: "Alan and Kash... they're hugging in the ring! KASH THAT MAN ALMOST RETIRED YOU!"

MASTERS: "This has been the best show we've ever done!"

WATERS: "Shut up Bill! Kash is now picking up Covey... he lifts him up... what is this... OH! He dropped him right on his head!"

DANIELS: "And Alan is smiling like it's Christmas! This is disgusting!"

MASTERS: "And there's Hellena, coming down the ramp.. She slides in, and immediately embraces Alan! They make sure a damn cute couple."

Hellena is wearing an outfit very similar to Harley Quinn from the Batman series. Dark pink and skimpy.

DANIELS: "They're making out as they stand over the bloody and motionless Covey! That is the most horrid thing I've seen in a long while, and I've seen my share believe me!"

WATERS: "Now all four men are posing in the ring. What a great champ we have here."

MASTERS: "Totally dominant."

Suddenly, "Head Strong" begins playing over the PA and the crowd give a surprised pop


WATERS: "He's running down to the ring.. with a chair in his hand as well! Fiscus and crew all scatter and leave the ring, except Kash. Kash challenges KB as he slides into the ring. KB isn't scared in the slightest bit. Kash swings at him.. and he ducks it!"


MASTERS: "That midget just smacked the hell out of Kash's back with the chair!"

DANIELS: "Kash rolls out, and joins Alan, Frank, Hellena and Sam. Alan is yelling up at KB who is standing his ground. Alan restrains Sam from trying to go back to the ring. Kash has his arm over Frank's shoulder, holding his back. Alan smiles and orders for retreat."

MASTERS: "Blaze has just made ANOTHER really bad mistake."

DANIELS: "Alan's crew are now going back behind the entrance curtain, and KB is now checking on both Covey and Cage."

WATERS: "A medical crew is coming down, but it's time for Overdrive to close folks!"

DANIELS: "Join us in two weeks as we'll be live in Lexington, Kentucky at the Rupp Arena! Thank you and good night!"

The CZW logo appears on the screen, before leading into the station's next show.



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