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-=CZW Presents: OVERDRIVE!=-
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-=Monday January 7th, 2012=-
(All matches 1RP Limit. RP Deadline Friday, January 4th, 1AM EST, Send Stuff to Eddie this time)
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

"The South Beach Specimen" Big Nasty vs Ace King


Wes Hartley vs "The Star" Jason X


Boulder vs. "The British Lion" Daniel Ward vs. Mason Kaid


The Demolition Crew (Stevens & Anderson) vs. The Revolution (Mark and Troy Brooks)


Cameron Matthews vs. "Pinoy Boy" Beboy Aquino


Jenna Mourey vs. Laura vs. Danielle Santiago



Overdrive opens up with the camera trailing behind ALAN FISCUS as he walks through the backstage area with a purpose. The fans in the arena can be heard cheering loudly upon seeing him on the video screen. Alan aggressively pushes open an exit door and heads out into the parking lot, looking around for a brief moment before finding his target. He heads over to a lone figure leaning against a rail, smoking a cigarette, the figure recognizable as Alan’s current nemesis CRYPT!

Alan: “There you are, you Misfits-wannabe bastard…”

CRYPT holds his hand up, taking a drag before tossing his cigarette aside.

CRYPT: “Firstly…the Misfits are shit. Secondly, are you wanting to throw down right here?”

Alan’s response is a malevolent grin and a nod.

CRYPT: “Works for me. Tell ya what. I’ll even give you the first pun-“

CRYPT’s words are cut off as Alan clocks him with a big right hand, unloading on him with punches and kicks, stomping the bigger man down to the ground.

Alan: “Come on, CLOWN! Get up!”

Fiscus yanks CRYPT up by the hair and flings him hard against the railing, driving home a few more shots to the face before CRYPT takes an opening and knees him in the gut! CRYPT staggers Alan with a stiff punch to the mouth and then rushes him back-first into the wall! CRYPT grabs Fiscus around the neck with both hands, throttling the life out of him. Gasping, Alan struggles against the grip but is unable to break the hold, so instead he cuffs CRYPT with open palms, boxing his ears! CRYPT is stunned briefly, but Alan takes a moment to catch his breath, during which CRYPT flees into the building!

Alan: “We aren’t done yet, you son of a bitch!”

Fiscus charges off into the building after CRYPT as we go to the ring!


Jenna Mourey vs. Laura vs. Danielle Santiago


Jarred Daniels: I am really looking forward to these three women’s superstars making their CZW debut on the first Overdive of 2013.

William Masters: I had my doubts at first, but after listening to where these women came from, I think we might have a place for all three of them. But who is going to start their career off with a victory?

Jarred Daniels: I don’t know, but there are three very different styles in the ring.

William Masters: I have to put my money on Laura.

Jessica Towers: The opening bout is a Queen of Combat triple threat match and introducing first, standing in at 5 feet 10 inches, weighing in at 155 pounds, and hailing in from Houston, Texas… LLLLAAAAURRRRAAAAA!!

“The Final Countdown” hits and the fans begin cheering and chanting “Laura’s” name as Laura walks out from the back. She raises her arms to the ceiling and slides them down beside her before continuing down the ramp. She makes her way to the ring apron and hops on the apron as she dives down under the second rope. She enters the ring and walks over to the far corner as she starts on the second turnbuckle, raising her arms to her adoring fans. She hops down and looks up at the ramp.

Jarred Daniels: I can see how you predict her as the winner. She does look like a tough superstar. Let’s see if she can hang.

William Masters: I’m sure she can hang. Let’s see how well the other women do against her.

Jessica Towers: And introducing one of her opponents, standing in at 5 feet 6 inches, weighing in at 120 pounds, and hailing in from Orlando, Florida… JENNA MOUREY!!

“Girl on Fire” starts to play and Jenna Mourey comes skipping out from the back. She waves to the fans as she starts dashing down the steel ramp and she starts slapping her fans’ hands as she passes them. She makes her way to the ring apron and walks along the side of the ring before hopping on the apron. Kneeling up she starts working her way up to her feet. She leans down and goes under the second rope as she enters the ring. She dashes over to Laura and shakes her head as her theme gets cut off.

Jarred Daniels: She’s inexperience, but she might be able to hang with these two experienced veterans.

William Masters: She might have beginner’s luck. Weirder things have happened Jarred that’s for sure!

Jessica Towers: And introducing the last participant, being accompanied by Gabrielle Santiago, standing in at 5 feet 6 inches, weighing in at 135 pounds, and hailing in from Dallas, Texas… DANIELLE SANTIAGO!!

“4ver” interrupts her theme as Danielle Santiago along with her sister Gabrielle at her side come strutting out to the booing crowd. They sway their hips to the side as they pursed their lips together staring at Danielle’s opponents. They make their way to the ring apron and walk along the same side as Jenna and hop on the ring apron. They turn their back to the ring and backflip inside the ring. They start talking among each other as they walk across the ring. Gabrielle leaves the ring.

Jarred Daniels: My money has to go on these two ladies. There are two and they both have talent.

William Masters: If this were a tag team match, then maybe, but have you seen the size of Laura? She could use these girls like pixie sticks!

(ding, ding, ding)

Jarred Daniels: I have a feeling this match is going to be a good one!

William Masters: We have three women all fighting for the same thing, to prove herself.

After the ref has called for the bell, Laura and Jenna look to meet up with a hold, but Danielle interrupts the encounter as she kicks Jenna in the midsection before tossing her through the second rope. She turns around to Laura only to be met with a standing clothesline. Danielle gets whipped across the ring and Danielle meets the mat with a back body drop.

William Masters: Laura seems to be starting off very aggressively.

Jarred Daniels: You have to in a match like this.

Danielle gets up to her feet and Laura grabs her wrist, but Danielle with a quick thumb to the eyes. She follows through with a kick to the midsection and flips her over with a snap suplex. She goes for a quick cover and only gets a one count. Danielle gets up to her feet and Jenna charges in the mid with a spear. She starts pounding Danielle’s head against the canvas repeatedly.

Jarred Daniels: Jenna is back in this one!

William Masters: She is being completely relentless against Ms. Santiago!

Danielle rolls out of the ring as Jenna is standing to her feet. Laura grabs her from behind with locking the arms with a tiger suplex. Laura is grabbed from the outside and Danielle yanks her out of the ring. She grabs Laura up by the hair and runs her into the steel stairs, before reentering the ring. Danielle spins a newly standing Jenna around with a kick to the midsection: DDT!

William Masters: Danielle has just dropped the rookie right on her skull.

Jarred Daniels: Jenna is not looking too good right now.

Danielle goes for a cover and only gets a two count as Jenna kicked out. Danielle lifts her up halfway and starts connecting with forearms to her back. She whips Jenna into the corner, but Jenna reverses it. Jenna runs at Danielle with a crossbody across the midsection and landing on the apron.

Jarred Daniels: Oh and what the hell was that? Gabrielle just yanked Jenna off the apron.

William Masters: You can’t turn your back on some vindictive twins!

Danielle holds her chest as she staggers around, but Laura has reentered the ring. Danielle charges at her, but Laura takes her down with a tilt a whirl backbreaker.

William Masters: Danielle has just been broken in two Jarred!

Laura kneels up and starts opening up with closed fists to the top of her head. She keeps a tight grip of her hair in hand as she pulls Danielle up to her feet. She lifts her up, but Danielle slips down her back. Danielle falls and rolls her over with a school-girl, but Laura kicks out after a two count.

Jarred Daniels: Danielle is doing this without her sister for the most part and she’s looking good.

William Masters: Laura has been damn impressive tonight, you have to admit that. And Jenna is on the top rope!

Danielle is first to her feet and she turns around to see Jenna leaping off the top turnbuckle. Jenna has just connected with a front dropkick and lands on her lower back. Jenna gets up to her feet at the same time as Laura. The two look down at Danielle as Jenna lifts her up. They both whip her into the ropes, but as Danielle comes bouncing off the ropes—she is met with a double hip toss.

William Masters: The double team and nobody can escape that!

Jarred Daniels: It’s a very effective maneuver in a match like this.

Danielle gets up to her feet and Jenna grabs her arms from behind her. Laura aims for her with a calf kick, but she wiggles out from the hold Jenna had on and Laura takes Jenna down with a calf kick. Danielle kicks Laura in the midsection and follows up with a sit-out facebuster.

Jarred Daniels: The Twin Buster!

Danielle focuses her attention on Jenna as Jenna kicks her in the midsection. She grabs Danielle by the tights and lifts her feet off the canvas to only connect with an inverted DDT.

William Masters: I hope Danielle ordered a Face Lift!

Jenna covers and Gabrielle is on the ring apron, distracting the referee. Laura runs up behind the referee and Gabrielle hops off. The referee is now yelling at Laura and Gabrielle slides inside the ring. She pushes her sister of the ring.

Jarred Daniels: Twin magic!

William Masters: These girls are going to steal one right here!

Jenna grabs Danielle up to her feet, not realizing it is Gabrielle, but Gabrielle counters it with a forearm to the face. She backs Jenna up with multiple forearms to the face. She grabs Jenna by the hair and slams her backwards against the canvas. Jenna rolls over the side of the apron.

William Masters: By God Gabrielle is as dangerous as her sister!

Laura walks up from behind Gabrielle and leans down to lift Gabrielle up on her shoulders like an electric chair. She drops her with a driver like move.

Jarred Daniels: She calls this the dangerous liaisons!

She locks in the ring of saturns.

William Masters: Now the Queen’s lock!

Gabrielle immediately begins tapping as the referee calls for the bell as Laura continues to keep the hold locked in. Jenna is just leaning on the apron from the outside in disbelief. The referee manages to get Laura to break the hold.

Jarred Daniels: These three or four ladies are wonderful additions to our growing division. What a way to start Overdrive!

William Masters: Yes, but we can’t forget Laura is the one who walked away with the victory. She’s going places.

Jessica Towers: Here is your winner… LLLLAAAAUUUURRRRAAAAAA!!

“The Final Countdown” starts playing as Sydney Vicious raises Laura’s arm in victory as there’s a hug pop from the audience. Laura rolls out of the ring raising her arm as she walks up the ramp leading to the back. Gabrielle is helped up by her sister and the Santiago twins begin arguing inside the ring. The cameras fade to the back.


Visual- The scene switches to the backstage area as we come into visual with the first lady of wrestling herself and first Queen of Combat Champion since the reinstating of the division, Kandi Washington. She is wearing a bright pink strapless ruffle dress with a diamond bracelet, necklace, and earning set, and her beautiful customize QOC Championship belt in shape of butterfly wings. As she's walking through the backstage area, her heels are clicking against the hard concrete floor as CZW staff and superstars turn toward this enchanting physical beauty. But coming out of a nearby office is Big Nasty with his newly won MITB 2012 briefcase as he accidentally collides with the first lady of CZW. She stumbles back and looks up to Big Nasty with a twinkle in her eye. She places her hand on his midsection and struts closer to him.

Kandi Washington: I do believe you're new around here because I would have remembered a big, strong, and talented man like yourself.

Visual: She says with her eyes slightly close and her tongue licking her luscious pink lips. She leans in and sniffs his male fragrance and inhales the scent. She looks down in his hand and notices the briefcase. She slides her hand across his stomach and down to it as she nods.

Kandi Washington: Oh I do believe you are that unbelievable talent known as Big Nasty. I watched the Money in the Bank ladder match very closely and I was absolutely impressed with how well you did in it. It looks like you and I are two of a kind; we are cut from the same cloth.

Visual: She turns her head to her shoulder and glances down at her championship.

Kandi Washington: You look like the perfect candidate to destroy that bastard Ryan Shane and I would absolutely love the opportunity to witness it! After all, a dominant man needs a dominant woman and there's no other whore in CZW who can come close to delivering the way I do!

Visual: She tilts up as she places her right hand on her hip as she starts tapping her heeled shoe on the concrete as Big Nasty rubs his chin, staring at her with a grin across his face. Big Nasty gulps, as he attempts to find the words. He looks her up and down, and the smile only grows wider across his face as he studies her body intently.

Big Nasty: S-sure. I like the sounds of that. I mean you are the Queen of the cZw. What's a Queen without a strappingly handsome and strong King to take care of her?

Kandi seems taken back by the comment of her needing to be taken care of. Big Nasty notices this and immediately replies back to save face.

Big Nasty: Not that you would need any protection, or anybody to take care of you that is. But damn you would look great by my side!

VisuaL: She begins stroking her hair and extending it outward as she twitches her nose.

Kandi Washington: Do you know how many of these deadbeat losers I look make look like millionaires, had I want to stand beside them? Every single last one of them, but you see Big Nasty, I love winners. You and I could simply be unstoppable with each other.

Visual: She twists her hips as she slightly turns to the side as she pooches her butt out and sets her hand over the back of her ass. She places her finger on her bottom lip.

Kandi Washington: So how does a man like you go about making a girl like me his?

Visual: Big Nasty stares at Kandi as she twirls her long blond hair. He again studies her body. Kandi takes notice, and does a little twirl.

Big Nasty: God...How could I say no to a sexy lady like you? I mean just look at you! GAWD! Honey, you make me happy just by standing right in front of me. If you can lead me out to the ring everyday, and I can stare at that beautiful thing you call an're as good as mine!

Visual: She turns to Big Nasty and sets her hand on his stomach with her head tilted down. She licks her lips as she slides her hand down over the front of his pants as she grips in her hand.

Kandi Washington: It feels like you're a real man and I love a man who stays stiff.

Visual: She stands up on her tippy toes with her lower body pressed ever so tightly against Big Nasty.

Kandi Washington: And if you beat Ace this week, I will give you the longest and most satisfying night of your life!

Visual: She slants her face down in Big Nasty's chest as she kisses the middle of his chest. She tilts her head up as she smirks.

Big Nasty: For you honey, I'll move mountains. If you come down to ring with me, I'll make sure you get a front row seat to the ass whooping of a lifetime. I'll dedicate every hit, every Nasty Bomb to you. Baby, we're a match made in heaven, and together, we'll rule the cZw. King and Queen on top of their throne.

Visual: Big Nasty raises the case at eye level to Kandi and pats the case.

Big Nasty: This assures it!

Visual: Kandi smiles as she thinks of the prospects of the two together. Big Nasty turns in the direction Kandi was walking, and extends his arm for Kandi to grab onto.

Big Nasty: Shall we?

Visual: With that, Kandi interlaces her arm in Big Nasty's, and they walk arm in arm away from the camera. As they walk, they find themselves startled by the sudden appearance of Alan Fiscus and CRYPT as they come BURSTING through a door right in front of them! Nasty stands protectively in front of Kandi, but the two brawlers pay them no heed, focusing instead on their own fight! Alan grabs CRYPT by the hair and SLAMS him face-first into the wall before driving home a series of forearm shots to the lower back, but CRYPT catches Alan with a back-elbow to the face! He grabs Alan in a bear-hug and then DRIVES him against the wall, then flings him into a door, hard enough to force it open! CRYPT follows Alan through as we return to ringside.


Scene shifts from the action to the expression on Jarred Daniels face as he is arguing with Williams Masters. Jessica Towers enters the ring and stands in the middle gathering the attention of all the fans who just witness an exciting match.

CZW chants are heard throughout the arena as the lights slowly flicker and then dim out as the arena goes pitch black. For a brief moment everyone in the arena goes silent

Jarred Daniels: Ladies and gentlemen we must be having some issues with the lighting backstage please bare with us as CZW is live and anything can happen at any given time.

Williams Masters: Are you sure that the power commission didn't cut the power because this is starting to get annoying.

The lights in the arena flicker and then slowly fade out as the arena is engulfed with darkness as the titan-tron brightens up and a video plays of a figure surrounded in darkness slowly approaches which each flicker of the video frame. Suddenly a spotlight shines on the stage and a figure turns with his back to the cameras as " Your Going Down" by Sick Puppies blast through the arena.

Jarred Daniels: What is going on and who is that figure standing on the stage we have had many suprise returns but I got no clue who this could be.

Williams Masters: Maybe you should pay attention more and you will know exactly what is going on here in CZW

Jarred Daniels: Oh shut up William you got the attention span of a five year old.

For a moment the crowd goes silent as a spotlight shines in the ring on Jessica Towers as she raises the microphone to her mouth for the introduction.

JT: Ladies and gentlemen Please welcome back to the CZW, the former 4 time CZW Hardcore Champion, Tag Team Champion and X Division Champion....

Jessica pauses as pyro goes off on the stage the titan-tron flickers and blasts of a video package of Tim Timmons as the fans erupts while Tim turns and stands on the stage looking around at everyone.

Jarred Dainels: MY Gawd it's TIM TIMMONS!!!...We haven't seen him here in CZW in over nearly a year....

William Masters: Why are these fans cheering for Tim Timmons this man hates them, he dosen't care about anyone but himself...

JT: Please welcome back " The Whole Show" TIM TIMMONS!!!!

Tim slowly makes his way down the ramp way and claps a few hands of some fans before stopping dead in his tracks and looks around at everyone.

Jarred Daniels: You were saying William?

William Masters: I can't believe it I never thought I utter the words that Tim Timmons has gone soft

Jarred Daniels: Yeah I am willing to bet my pay check you wouldn't go say that to his face

Tim makes his way down around the ring clapping some more hands of fans as he hops on the side of the ring climbs under the middle rope and climbs on the turnbuckle. Tim then walks over to Jessica Towers shakes his hand and then walks to the middle of the ring with a microphone in his hand that he took from Jessica as the fans goes nuts.

Jarred Dainels: Things are about to pick up here William

William Masters: This is a bull crap

Tim looks around at everyone and they start chanting " Welcome back", welcome back". Tim raises the microphone to his mouth and proceeds to speak.

TT: It has been a while since I stood here in this ring and the last time I did I suffered a broken back and was told that I would never wrestle again in a wrestling ring. Now I know many of you at home and in the back don't really know what to think of me do to my past actions and I am here to tell you that life is to short and I am not that man I use to be.

Jarred Dainels: Tim Timmons has had a change of heart, look at these fans they are going nuts.

William Masters: Tim sold out straight forward sold out.

Tim takes a breath to gather his thoughts as he looks down at the mat and then out into the crowd.

TT: I have been sitting at home for sometime now feeling sorry for myself and trying to figure out what to do with my life as I watched the one thing I did best be flushed down the toilet and I did go into a depression and found myself doing things that I never thought I would have done. So with that being said I had to fight my demons and I sat at home and finally one day I got a call from someone who I thought would never call me or give two craps if I was alive or dead and this person told me " Tim, you know you can sit in your self petty or you can get up off your ass and done something about it".

"St. Anger" plays through the Convention Center and Mike King walks out wearing mouse ears, jeans and a Wayward Sons t-shirt. He basically runs out to the arena. He looks visibly spent as he rushes to the ringside area.

Daniels: "What is Mike King doing?"

Masters: "It looks like he was at Disneyland earlier and had to rush to get here..."

Daniels: "Why the CZW Intercontinental Champion was not here the normal time is beyond me."

King grabs a water from the timekeeper's table and drinks it.

Masters: "Well it looks like he was enjoying himself before getting here tonight."

King puts the water down and he grabs a microphone.

King: "I am sorry everyone, I was across the street admiring the Ornament Valley across the street when the ride broke down with me on it."

King gets some cheers as he enters the ring.

King: "I know, I know it's fun to be at the Happiest Place on Earth but I got here as fast as I could after I saw this text from Daniel Ward: WTF TT is here, I thought he died LOL!"

Timmons looks at King.

Timmons: "Mike don't you read the texts your half-brother sends you?"

King nods his head.

King: "Yes but I can't remember the last text you sent me about anything CZW related was."

Timmons shakes his head.

Timmons: "This weekend I sent one to see if we could hang out backstage and in Disneyland this weekend."

King nods.

King: "That you did. We spent time in the ESPN Zone as I watched you pound a few beers during the different bowl games. You think he talks bad now, wait til he's drunk."

Timmons gets angry with King as the crowd laughs.

Timmons: "Glad to see you haven't change you jackass."

Mike smirks.

King: "The feeling is mutual Tim."

King pats Tim on the shoulder.

King: "And I am glad to see you are back here in a CZW ring."

King puts the hand on Tim's shoulder but Tim pushes it off.

Timmons: "I see in my absence you have been busy. Intercontinental Champion, leader of the only group who is willing to stand up against Ryan Shane."

King nods agreeing with the praise.

Timmons: "But not one call to see if you want me to join you? You bring in Krimzon Blaze and Mike Monroe before talking to your step-brother what gives man?"

King is caught off guard by Tim's question.

Timmons: "Mikey."

King is angered and pokes Timmons in his chest.

King: "Don't call me that."

King backs away and allows Tim to finish it.

Timmons: "Well Mike, you knew that if you called I would have your back depression or not. Just like when you had your addiction when despite not liking Brian Kirkland or Mike Monroe, I stood behind you with them."

King nods.

King: "You did but I know I need the strongest people to stand up against Shane. I've tried getting people but the fact is it took time. I knew you had your issues and I want you at your best. I don't want just another body. If I were to settle for that we would have accepted Edward Croft, Kris Kash and Chris Tolwar while he was an active wrestler. I could have added many dime-a-dozen guys into a slot. You didn't give just anyone a spot in The Next Generation. It was four deserving wrestlers in that group. Yourself, Joshua Newsome, Rob Wright and myself. We were the prototype of the Wayward Sons, four guys who are way better than anyone gives them credit. Guess what, we proved the world wrong the same as the Wayward Sons are doing now. I know you are better than just a guy in a group. You lead the damn Next Generation. But I didn't want you to come back during your weakest or comeback and have to live up to the hype of being the sixth member of the Wayward Sons."

A fan yells "what about Tatum?" King looks right at him.

King: "Tatum is a girl, she can't be a Wayward Son. Instead she is a Wayward Daughter. Nice try though"

King turns back to Timmons.

King: "But the fact remains that Tim if you want to fight along side us that's fine because I need more men. However right now even though you are my half-brother, there is no open spot in the Wayward Sons for you until you prove yourself in this ring again. When you do, I will be ready to accept you and I am sure my fellow Wayward Sons would too."

King pats Timmons on the back.

King: "I know you can do it."

King hugs Timmons before leaving the ring.

Tim watches as his brother Mike King the walks up the ramp as he smiles and shakes his head befor looking back in the camera.

TT: Well, now that is over and done with net week on Overdrive I am planning to return to the ring and with that being said let it be known now that Tim Timmons is back and I am ready to take off where I left off. I am stronger, I am faster and I am more determined to achieve my goals set out before me. CZW is going though allot at the moment but now " The Whole Show" is here and I am going to get things back on track starting with this whole Derek Damage and CZW issue...If you don't know... now you know.. The Whole Show is back.

Sick Puppies " Your going down" blasts through the sound system as Tim drops the microphone and exits the ring as he makes his way up the ramp to an encore of cheers from the fans.


Cameron Matthews vs. "Pinoy Boy" Beboy Aquino


Daniels: It's time for more great CZW action as Beboy Aquino is getting ready to face off against a man making his CZW debut.

Masters: That's right Cameron Matthews makes his debut and I have a good feeling about this kid.

Daniels: Well Beboy put up a great fight in his first effort match against Big Nasty but fell short. Let's see if he can beat the debuting Cameron Matthews.

Greatness by Drake begins to play as Cameron Matthews walks out from behind the curtain as you can hear some boos from the crowd as Cameron confidently makes his way to the ring.

Jessica: Making his way to the ring first. He is from Miami Florida. CAMERON MATTHEWS!

Cameron walks up the ring steps as he enters the ring and taunts the fans as the boos get louder. Then Bebot by the Black Eyed Peas begin to play as those boos turn to cheers and Beboy Aquino comes from behind the curtain to the delight of the CZW fans.

Jessica: And his opponent. He is from Manila, Phillipines he is Pinoy Boy BEBOY AQUINO!

Beboy slides into the ring under the bottom rope as he jumps on the second turnbuckle as the fans cheer. Beboy jumps off as Jessica exits the ring and the referee signals for the bell.

Daniels: The referee has motioned for the bell and we are under way as Beboy and Cameron are circling the ring sizing each other up the two tie up as Cameron gets the upper hand. Beboy gets out by throwing Cameron into the ropes. Cameron bounces off the ropes and drops Beboy with a big closeline. Cameron again goes off the ropes as Beboy turns over onto his stomach and Cameron jumps over. Beboy is quick to his feet as Cameron runs into a big drop kick from Beboy. Cameron quickly rolls out of the ring as he takes a minute to catch his breath.

Masters: Smart by Cameron here. Everyone needs a break every now and then. OH GOD!

Daniels: He didn't get much of a break as Beboy absolutely nails Cameron with a Suicide Dive as Cameron is pushed back and hits the guard rail hard as Beboy is on his feet and the fans bust out a Beboy chant as Beboy is loving it.

Masters: That was a hell of a move there by Beboy but he's not going to win the match on the outside of the ring. He needs to get Cameron back in the ring and he does. Goes for a cover 1.....2..... NO Cameron kicks out. Beboy goes for another cover 1.... NO Cameorn kicks out again.

Daniels: Beboy picks Matthews up but Matthews with a quick arm drag to Beboy. Matthews holds on to the arm as he pulls Beboy up and nails him with a closeline. He holds on again and picks Beboy up and hits him with another closeline. Matthews now seems to be in the drivers seat as he is taking a quick break. However his break doesn't last long as Beboy is trying to get up and Cameron is instantly on the attack as he is stomping away at Beboy. He picks Beboy up and hits him with a back breaker as Beboy is now clutching at his back as Cameron goes for a cover 1...... Beboy gets the shoulder up.

Masters: Here we go now we have what is looking like a strong debut from Matthews. Matthews now continues just stomping away at Beboy as he picks Beboy up and throws him into the corner. Matthews now runs full tilt as he nails Beboy with a closeline in the corner. He hooks Beboy up and lifts him in the air. He then drops Beboy on his head and hits him with a Brainbuster!

Daniels: What a Brainbuster and Matthews is more than pleased with that as he takes a second to admire the great job he has done and now he goes for a cover 1....2..... NO! Beboy at the very last second manages to get the shoulder up!

Masters: Matthews could be losing his cool here and that could cost him a victory.

Daniels: Matthews though confient still on the attack as he goes to bring Beboy back to his feet but Beboy is showing some fight! Beboy with a left and a right and another left. Cameron could be reeling here but Cameron hits a quick kick to the midsection of Beboy to stop the Beboy assault. He then absolutely PLANTS Beboy with a STO as he gets a very smug grin on his face and goes for the cover 1......2......3......NO!

Masters: I can't believe that Beboy kicked out of that!

Daniels: Beboy is showing he has absolutely no quit in him and Cameron is showing he is getting a bit frustrated as he covers Beboy again 1.....2..... Beboy kicks out again. Cameron now just hammering away with rights on Beboy as the referee is trying to get Cameron to break it up and he does. Cameron is now up standing on his feet as he is waiting for Beboy to do the same. Beboy is using the ropes to get himself up as Cameron is getting ready. He goes for a superkick on Beboy but Beboy catches Cameron's foot. Beboy now hits Cameron with a forearm to the head. He then hits him with a right and a left and another right and another forearm. Beboy then NAILS Cameron with a huge spinning heel kick. He then quickly grabs Matthews and hits him with the "Pinoy Legsweep"

Masters: That was a Russian Legsweep you moron.

Daniels: That is just what he calls the move masters.

Masters: Then Beboy Aquino is also a moron.

Daniels: Well I'm sure he values your opinion as Beboy has now climbed to the top rope. Cameron on his feet and Beboy FLIES and nails a Beautiful diving cross body! Beboy now stands and hits a standing moonsault! Cover 1.....2.........NO!

Masters: Matthews barely got the shoulder up in tim but he got it up in time. Now Beboy lifts Matthews up. He hits him with three quick punches right to the face and then NAILS Matthews with an Enziguiri! That could do it.

Daniels: Beboy calls that Sawi as he is now dragging Cameron to the corner. Beboy is feeling the energy from the CZW fans as he does a handstand on the top rope. Not only very impressive but he could be going for that 450 Splash he calls Ang Patapos and if he hits this it's over. He goes for it.....


Daniels: Amazing, I thought Matthews was out cold. Beboy is still on his feet but hunched over in pain as Matthews goes over and hits a Backstabber on Beboy! He calls that Burned Out and goes for the cover 1......2......3! Cameron has won it.

The bell rings as Greatnes by Drake plays as Cameron is on his feet and the referee raises his hand.

Jessica: Here is your winner, CAMERON MATTHEWS!

Daniels: A hard fought battle from Beboy Aquino but Cameron Matthews comes away with the victory in his CZW debut.

Masters: Looks like it's back to the drawing board for you Beboy. Still searching for his first win and a good start for Cameron.

Daniels: Beboy has nothign to be ashamed of. He is a mainstay in CZW for sure and things will only go up from here however tonight was just not his night as Cameron Matthews wins.


The Demolition Crew (Stevens & Anderson) vs. The Revolution (Mark and Troy Brooks)


Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag-team match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first…”

“King of the World” plays and the Brooks brothers head out to the ring with Miss Michelle leading them out, the fans jeering loudly.

Towers: “Being accompanied to the ring by Miss Michelle, Mark and Troy Brooks…THE REVOLUTION!!”

Mark and Troy head to the ring and assist Michelle onto the apron before the trio enters the ring, smugly posturing before the Anaheim crowd. The jeers continue even as “Scorpion Deathlock” begins to play.

Towers: “And their opponents, being accompanied to the ring by Mr. Sugamoto…Nick Stevens and Lance Anderson…THE DEMOLITION CREW!!”

Mr. Sugamoto leads his team out to ringside, the Demolition Crew glaring out at the fans in an intimidating fashion. The duo heads up the ring steps and enter the ring, staring down their opponents who joke amongst themselves with smug expressions. Michelle and Sugamoto head to their respective corners and Troy Brooks faces off with Nick Stevens as the bell sounds!


Daniels: “Tag-team action tonight on Overdrive and here we go! Stevens and Troy Brooks circling the ring, and there’s the lock-up with Stevens taking control right off the bat with a pair of forearm shots to the head! Stevens scoops up Brooks and PLANTS him with a big bodyslam! Brooks looking to get up, but Stevens lays into him with those double axe-handles!”

Masters: “Both of these teams are looking to establish themselves as contenders tonight, Jarred.”

Daniels: “True enough. Whoever pulls out the win here just might have the next shot at the Global Tag-Team Championships since it seems as if the former champions are out of sorts! Stevens drags Brooks to his corner and tags in Anderson, and there’s the double team!”

The Demolition Crew drives Troy to the mat with a series of double-axe handle smashes and Stevens exits the ring. Anderson lifts Brooks up and lifts him up into a stalling vertical suplex!

Daniels: “Great strength on display from Lance Anderson here! Wait, Brooks is struggling!”

Troy ends up wriggling out of the suplex, landing on his feet behind Anderson and flooring him with a neckbreaker! The crowd gives some applause at the counter, and Troy manages to make it to his corner and tag in his brother.

Daniels: “Mark Brooks in now, NAILING Anderson with a running knee-lift! Anderson is staggered, and Brooks sends him to the far side with an Irish whip…no, reversed! Anderson goes for the back-drop, but Brooks with a swift kick! He scoops Anderson onto his shoulders and connects with a big rolling fireman’s carry slam! Brooks makes the cover!”

1! -








Brooks gets up and pulls Anderson to his feet, sneering at him. He whips Lance into the corner and taunts him before charging in with a big CROSS BODY INTO THE CORNER!!

Daniels: “AIR CORLEONE from Mark Brooks!”

Masters: “Ha! Anderson caught him! Check out the look on his face!”


Daniels: “BAH GAWD! What a powerslam from Lance Anderson!! What a counter out of nowhere! Anderson with the cover!”

1! -








Daniels: “Not yet! Anderson now pulls Mark Brooks to his feet, dragging him to his corner in a side headlock. He tags in Stevens who comes in…ascends to the second turnbuckle and drives a big fist-drop into Mark Brooks’ back! Brooks falls to his knees in pain and-


Daniels: “BRUTAL slap to the side of the ear! That’s a dangerous maneuver as people can be deafened by something like that!”

Masters: “Your voice makes me wish that would happen to me sometimes.”

Daniels: “As often as you get slapped, I’m surprised it hasn’t yet.”

Stevens pulls Brooks up and grabs him in a front waist-lock, flipping him over into a northern lights suplex!

1! -








Daniels: “Stevens now back on his feet, measuring Mark Brooks up…Brooks gets to his feet and…SUPERKICK! No! Brooks ducks…3.0!! Mark Brooks with a great counter, ducking the kick and connecting with that inverted headlock backbreaker!! Both men are down, slowly crawling towards their corners!”

Brooks and Stevens both make the tags, and Anderson and Troy rush in! Anderson goes for a lariat, but Troy ducks. Both men continue momentum to the opposite ropes…to find each other’s managers on the apron!

Daniels: “Oh my! Sugamoto just threw salt into the eyes of Troy Brooks!”

Masters: “Michelle just spritzed perfume into Anderson’s eyes!!”

Anderson and Brooks stagger back, blinded! As they stumble about, they back into each other and, in reaction, turn to face each other!

Daniels: “Anderson with a superki-NO! Brooks ducks! There’s the roll up! Hand full of tights!!”

1! -









Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match…THE REVOLUTION!!”

Daniels: “What a timely counter by Troy Brooks!”

Masters: “Yeah, watch that again, Daniels. It was less of a ‘counter’ and more Brooks just tripping because he was blinded!”

Daniels: “Well, maybe it was a strange twist of fate, but the Brooks brothers took advantage of it and pulled off a win here tonight!”

The Revolution have bailed from the ring and are backing up the ramp with smug looks on their faces, even as Troy blinks vigorously, trying to clear his vision. Nick Stevens helps his partner to his feet, the Demolition Crew giving the Revolution death-stares as they leave the ringside area.


Boulder vs. "The British Lion" Daniel Ward vs. Mason Kaid


Towers: "The following contest is a non-title Triple Threat match scheduled for one fall."

"Warning" pumps through the Convention Center and Boulder walks to the ring.

Towers: "Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York; weighting in at 326 pounds; Boulder."

Boulder rolls into the ring and just stares down the entrance ramp.

Daniels: "There’s Boulder, the man who attacked Big Nasty just after winning Money in the Bank."

Masters: "Well he made an impact at Event Horizon and tonight he is looking to make one in his CZW debut."

"Warning" fades out.

Towers: "His opponent."

"God Save the Queen" pumps through the Convention Center and the crowd goes wild as Daniel Ward walks out of the entrance way.

Towers: "Representing The Wayward Sons, from Cambridge England; weighting in 225 pounds; 'The British Lion' Daniel Ward."

Ward slowly walks to the ring and slaps hands with the fans.

Daniels: "There is a good wrestler right there and will make it tough for Boulder’s CZW debut."

Masters: "Daniel Ward is a very strong wrestler and will put up a challenge for Boulder’s first match."

Daniels: "And we all know after that impressive showing at Event Horizon, he is looking to regain momentum."

Ward enters the ring looks at Boulder as "God Saves the Queen" fades out.

Towers: "Their opponent."

"Bartholomew" pumps through the Convention Center and the crowd starts to boo as the CZW Television Champion Mason Kaid walks out.

Towers: "Representing The Uprising, from Akron, Ohio; weighting in at 220 pounds; the CZW Television Champion Mason Kaid."

Kaid pats the title which he has upside down.

Masters: "There’s the Television Champion.”

Daniels: "He is not acting like a champion."

Masters: "What do you mean?"

Daniels: "He has the title upside down. That is not respecting the title."

Masters: "He told me it is a sign of distress. Sailors would put their flags upside down to let other ships know that they are in trouble before morse code was created."

Kaid gets to the ring and takes the belt off before entering.

Daniels: "This will be a battle."

Masters: "A newcomer, a wrestler looking to break out and the Television Champion. Don’t get much better than that."

The referee calls for the bell.


The three men size each other up as the bell rings. All three move in to attack, but Boulder steps back, allowing Kaid and Ward to start the match off. After exchanging a few blows, they lock up, Kaid locking Ward in a side-headlock. Ward fights out of it, pushing Kaid off and into the ropes. Kaid rebounds, dodges a clothesline attempt from Ward, hits the ropes again, rebounds, and nails Ward with a forearm smash. Kaid picks Ward back up and hits a DDT, then turns his attention to Boulder. As Kaid approaches, Boulder catches him with a kick to the midsection, then clubs him on the back of the head.

Daniels: "Boulder had Kaid scouted."

Masters: "He maybe a rookie but he sure as hell don’t act like one in the ring."

Boulder hits the ropes, then grabs Kaid and takes him down with a mafia kick. Boulder gets Kaid up and drops him with a backbreaker. Kaid rolls off clutching his back as Boulder attempts a quick pin, but Ward pulls him off before the referee is in position. The two eye each other up briefly, then suddenly turn and floor the recovering Kaid with a double clothesline. The two exchange a few words, then pick Kaid back up, only to promptly take him down again with a double suplex. They get back to their feet, and inflict more pain on Kaid with a double elbow drop. Daniels: "Looks like The Wayward Son and the newcomer are teaming up."

Masters: “Well everyone hates The Uprising.”

Seizing the initiative, Boulder once again goes for the cover.


Ward breaks it up, much to the annoyance of Boulder, who gets to his feet and gets in the face of Ward who just grins cockily, albeit only for a moment, as Boulder shoves him .

Daniels: "Looks like that partnership has gone down the tubes."

Masters: "No partners in a three-way match."

Ward shoves him back, and Boulder responds by poking Ward in the eye, much to the displeasure of the crowd. Boulder begins delivering right hands to the head of Ward, then whips him off the ropes, Boulder goes for a clothesline but Ward ducks. Boulder turns around and Ward hits him with a chop. Boulder responds with a chop of his own. The two of them exchange chops and the crowd woos in response.

Daniels: "They are throwing down here."

Masters: "Both of them are hard choppers. Just look at their chests."

Kaid gets back up and is chopped by both Ward and Boulder. The crowd cheers as Kaid falls back to the mat. Ward then turns his attention to Boulder and throat thrusts him. Ward follows them up with another one and another one. The crowd cheers as Ward hits Boulder with a European uppercut. Ward tries to lift Boulder up onto his shoulders but Boulder fights out. Boulder lifts Ward up by the legs and drops him with a huge spinebuster. Boulder taunts the crowd and they boo him again.

Daniels: "Boulder is impressive in his debut."

Masters: "Well he was trained by Mack Beaudin, what do you expect?"

Daniels: "Exactly what we are seeing?."

By this time, Kaid is back on his feet, and he hits the ropes before coming up behind Boulder and planting him with a bulldog from the top rope. Kaid taunts the crowd who boos him wildly. Kaid notices Ward is getting up and runs towards him and leaps onto him with the Thesz Press and follows up with a series of mounted punches. Kaid gets off of Ward and bounces off the ropes and to a kneedrop.

Masters: "Kaid is showing why he is the Television Champion."

Daniels: "He hit Daniel Ward with the Drone Strike and followed it up with a kneedrop."

Kaid taunts the crowd and goes for the pin.




Masters: "Kaid cannot taunt the crowd. You’d think he’d know that by now."

Daniels: "Ward is the most experienced debuting just last year."

Masters: "Yeah but Kaid is a champion. He shouldn’t do that and expect to win matches."

Kaid gets up and boots Boulder in the head. Boulder goes down to the mat. Kaid walks back over to Ward and drops him with a swinging neckbreaker. Boulder gets quickly back up, but Kaid comes right back again, hitting a flying dropkick. Boulder gets up again, but Kaid continues to use his speed advantage, connecting with a picture-perfect standing dropkick. Boulder crawls into the corner as Kaid turns his attention back to the now-recovering Ward. Kaid lifts Ward to his feet, but Ward fights him off, hitting Kaid with a forearm to the face, then jumps up and hits a jawbreaker and then a short range lariat sending Kaid flopping back onto the mat.

Daniels: "Nice lariat by Ward."

Masters: "Ward has one of the most vicious lariats in the game."

Ward heads over to the corner, where Boulder is now back upright. Ward hits Boulder with a few throat thrusts, then drops his head and begins ramming his shoulder into the sternum of Boulder. Ward then lifts Boulder up onto the top rope, and climbs up with him, setting him up for a superplex. Boulder attempts to fight him off, but to no avail, as Ward lifts him over and drives his back into the mat. Ward gets to his feet, but before he can do anything Kaid comes out of nowhere with and drops Ward with the AWOL.

Daniels: "AWOL and Daniel Ward is out."

Masters: "Nice use of the opportunity by the Television Champion."

Kaid shoots the half on Ward and covers...




Ward gets the shoulder up, but not wasting a second, Kaid dives on top of Boulder...



Daniels: "Both men kicked out of those high impact moves."

Masters: "Ward hit Boulder with the superplex only for Ward to get hit with the AWOL."

Daniels: "Kaid looks frustrasted."

Masters: "Wouldn't you be if you hit your opponent like Ward with a move like the AWOL."

Kaid hits the mat in frustration, but gets to his feet and heads over to Ward, who is currently pulling himself to his feet with help from the ropes. Kaid punches Ward in the side of the head, then attempts an irish whip. Ward counters though, and drops Kaid with a short-arm clothesline. Not missing a beat, Ward then drops a leg across the throat of the still-grounded Boulder. Ward gets back up, and sneaks up behind Kaid. He sets Kaid up for a back suplex, but Kaid flips out of it. Ward turns, and Kaid catches him right in the chin with a jumping knee strike, connecting with such force that it sends Ward tumbling over the top rope and out of the ring to the floor. Kaid turns around and walks into a vicious clothesline.

Daniels: "WTF."

Masters: "Looks like Boulder drilled Kaid with that one."

Boulder goes for the pinfall.




Daniels: "Kaid kicked out."

Masters: "You sound as shocked as Boulder does Jared."

Boulder gets up and signals for the end.

Daniels: "He might be looking for that Burning Hammer of his."

Masters: "I believe he calls it the Armageddon."

Boulder awaits for Kaid to get up and grabs him but Ward gets back up and shoot kicks Boulder in the back and then lariats him down to the mat. Ward grabs Kaid in a fireman's carry and rolls forward driving Kaid down to the mat. Ward grabs the head and lockes in a dragon sleeper.

Daniels: "Legend of George. Daniel looks like he is getting it locked in."

Kaid shuffles to the ropes and forces the break. Ward allows for the break as Kaid rips the turnbuckle pad off the middle turnbuckle.

Masters: "Not as locked in as you thought."

Daniels: "He ripped off the middle turnbuckle pad."

Ward comes back to Kaid drop toe holds Ward onto the middle turnbuckle.

Masters: "Nice move by Mason Kaid."

Daniels: "Nice move, he drop toe hold Ward face first into an exposed turnbuckle."

The crowd boos as Kaid kicks at Ward and then drops him with a northern lights bomb. Kaid turns his attention to Boulder and he drops him with an inverted DDT. More boos come through as Kaid goes back to Ward and picks him up to his feet before dropping him with the Impact Driver. Kaid goes for the pin.




Daniels: "Ward kicked out of the Impact Driver."

Masters: "I can believe it, Daniel Ward is a tough fighter."

Kaid is mad and complains about a slow count to the referee. Kaid stomps the mat and then Ward’s head. Kaid grabs Ward and starts punching him with a closed fist and the referee is begging Kaid to open the fist. Kaid lets go of Ward and he backs away. Kaid walks over to the recovering Boulder and goes for a forearm but gets forearmed for his troubles. Kaid turns around and Ward catches him with a reverse STO into the exposed turnbuckle. The crowd goes wild cheering Ward.

Daniels: "Turnabout is fair play."

Masters: "Are you kidding me, Daniel Ward should be disqualified for slamming Kaid into the exposed turnbuckle."

Daniels: "Yeah the turnbuckle that Mason Kaid previously exposed and used against Ward."

Masters: "Yeah but that was not intentional, this was blatant."

Kaid then gets back up and walks right into the Burning Hammer!

Daniels: "Armageddon. We have seen that from Boulder before."

Masters: "That was the move he hit on Big Nasty after the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Event Horizon."

Daniels: "He completely took down the television champion there."

Masters: "He should go for the pin."

Boulder covers...





Towers: "Here is your winner, Boulder."

Ward rolls out of the ring and holds his head as the referee grabs Boulder’s hand.”

Daniels: "He got him. Boulder just pinned the TV champion."

Masters: "I am shocked. Boulder in his debut match has beaten Mason Kaid."

Boulder raises his arms in celebration as Ward just stands on the outside, beating the apron in frustration.

Daniels: "Impressive debut by Boulder."

Masters: "We will see a lot from him soon enough."


The scene cuts backstage, transporting us to a scene that bears a remarkable resemblance to, but is in no way an obvious and direct rip-off of the office of a certain infamous protection agency in operation back at the turn of the century. A large round wooden table sits just in front of a backdrop of various storage units, apparently just left loosely-gathered in a dark, distant corner of the Anaheim Convention Center. The top of the table is almost completely covered by a combination of cans of Lowenbrau beer, packets of Skittles and a liberal scattering of playing cards which, upon closer inspection by the camera, all appear to be threes. There is also, on the far side of the table, a rather familiar-looking masked head, slumped face down into a pair of doubled-round arms, the hands of one of them clutching a beer glass half-full with a strange, rainbow-tinted golden liquid. The camera lingers on this familiar CZW personality for a few moments, before we are joined by a second very-familiar face, as CZW's very own "South Beach Specimen" Big Nasty takes a seat at the table beside El Pablo, placing his shiny new Money in the Bank Briefcase lovingly on the table top with the logo positioned perfectly towards the camera. Nasty looks down at EP, who makes no motion or sound, apparently unaware of Nasty's arrival on the scene.

BEENZ: "Pabs? PABS!"

Nasty takes his giant hand and wraps it around Pablo's cranium, and gives him a friendly shake. Pablo begins to stir, showing a slight glimmer of hope.

BEENZ: "What the hell is wrong with you man. I won the Money in the Bank case, that prick Ryan Shane is going down, unless Mike King threatens me in a awkward way, then he may go down. But more than likely Ryan Shane. What is it you wanted anyway, and why don't I have a beer?"

BN looks down at EP, who rolls his head slightly in his arms as a muffled groan can be heard emanating from between his lips.

EEPZ: *mumbles* door...

BN cocks an eyebrow.

BEENZ: ..What?

EP rolls his head again, bleary eyes looking up at Mr Two-Time Money in the Bank.

EEPZ: There's a door... how can you be sat here talking to me if you didn't come in through the door?

BN looks over the camera, which turns to follow his gaze, revealing a door frame standing alone in the hall. The camera swings back to the table, as BN looks stoney-faced at EP.

BEENZ: ...You're kidding me.

At this point, EP finally sits up, massaging the bridge of his nose briefly with his fingers.

EEPZ: Sure.. because what else is more automatically associated with El Pablo than "joke", right?

EP places another glass on the table, and fills it with beer. He then breaks open a packet of Skittles and pours them into the drink, which he then hands to BN who looks over the concoction somewhat nervously as EP lets out a sigh.

EEPZ: I dunno, man... this whole Ryan Shane thing has me just completely... *mimes explosion with hands* CZW's dying on its feet, and nobody in that locker room seems to care, or even notice what it is that's going on around them! Everyone's so caught up in their own little self-serving vendettas.. when what we SHOULD be doing is banding together as one big, ass-kicking army and working to offer some REAL resistance to this thing that is now on the very verge of burning this company completely to the ground!

Pabs goes to grab for his elixer, but Big Nasty quickly grabs it away, putting it just slightly out of reach of the distraught El Pablo. Pabs looks up at Big Nasty with the anger of a thousand Raves.

BEENZ: "Woah woah woah there little buddy. Lets cut off the tonic, and focus on what's at hand. Apparently you haven't paid a lick of attention to anything I've been doing since I got back in the cZw."

Pabs looks at Big Nasty in a drunken stupor.

BEENZ: "My friend, you do realize that the whole reason I'm here, the whole reason I have this case...."

Nasty pats the shiny cZw case that sits right next to him.

BEENZ: " because I'm here to stop what Ryan Shane is doing. I'm here to put an end do his douchebaggery, and ensure that the cZw stays the great empire of a league that it is. What exactly are you doing about it? Sitting here all sloshed on the skittle juice? Meanwhile, I've done everything I've set out to do. I hold the key to this whole demise of Ryan Shane and his cronies."

EP looks at the case.. then back at his beer. He reaches to grab it, but Nasty slides it away from him. Pabs tries again, with the same result.. and then a third time, because comedy. EP then turns to look at his intervening co-worker.

EEPZ: What am I doing? I've BEEN doing everything in my power to try and keep this boat the right side of shipwrecked.. but when you're swimming upstream against a riptide of sharks and spiders and Sublimations, and you're the only one who bothered to bring a paddle... I'm a small boat, man, I can't swim with the hopes and dreams of an entire wrestling company strapped to my back!

BN just scratches his head, attempting to make sense of the loose collection of words and sentences spewed forth by the Technicolor Tecnico.

BEENZ: Wait.. you're the boat.. or CZW's the boat?

EEPZ: Yeah!

BEENZ: And you're swimming upstream?

EEPZ: Yeah!

BEENZ: WITH a paddle?

EEPZ: Yeah! But.. you know what?


EP touches his fingers to his shoulders, then traces them slowly and (not very) steadily across to Nasty's.

EEPZ: Two shoulders are bigger than one...

BEENZ: Four...

EEPZ: That's what I'm saying; two shoulders are bigger than four...

BEENZ: Nope.

EEPZ: So...

BEENZ: Come on, buddy.. think it over...

EP gasps and snaps his fingers triumphantly.

EEPZ: ..WE should team up together and kick-start this company's big triumphant fightback against the Uprising!!!

Big Nasty looks taken back from this proposal. He first points at himself with a shocked look. Pabs nods his head sloppily. Then Nasty slowly points to Pabs, who responds with in a similar fashion.

BEENZ: Are you truly drunk? Do Skittles and a beach match?

Pabs nods again.

BEENZ: You're really serious about this. You realize with our powers combined, the CZW will implode with awesomeness. Ryan Shane and his circus of baboons wouldn't stand a chance. I'm BIG, and you''re......

Pabs looks deep in thought, then suddenly and drunkenly exclaims.


A smirk spreads across BN's face as the BAH GAWD SLOBBERKNOCKIN' potential of this proposed alliance begins to sink in.

BEENZ: BIG NUTZ... I like it. It feels... right... natural.

EEPZ: It's almost like it's a name that's been doing the rounds on the internet for about three years or something!

BEENZ: Right!?

EP promptly pulls up another glass and fills it with the combination of beer and Skittles, then raises it above the centre of the table.

EEPZ: A toast!

Big Nasty looks at Pabs with dissaproval, and slowly reaches for the bottle Pabs has in his hand. He tries to grab it from Pabs there is a struggle, but eventually Big Nasty eventually wins, as Pabs begins to fade out and drops his head to the table, clearly having at least one too many of his skittles concontions.

BEENZ: Check please.

In the background shot, we see Alan Fiscus and CRYPT brawling with each other, grappling and exchanging big punches. Alan grabs a chair and swings it, but CRYPT ducks and socks Alan in the gut, causing him to drop the weapon. Alan recovers quickly and they continue to brawl out of sight.

BEENZ: …still going…


Mike King walks out of through the curtain he has the CZW Intercontinental title around his waist. He has a microphone in his hand.

King: "For a place that is supposed to be the Happiest Place on Earth, I am not happy. For the last two weeks I have dealt with people saying that Alan had me beat. Crypt saved my title reign and that I am a paper champion. It makes me sick. It sickens me to hear this. The leader of The Wayward Sons, the Intercontinental champion and your ace is not a paper champion. I will take on all comers at any time, any place. I want to beat Crypt and Alan Fiscus. I know I can beat them one-on-one. Alone Alan Fiscus would have lost. I know I can beat him for the first time of my career. As for Crypt, I had him beat had it not been for Fiscus."

The crowd boos King. King does not look pleased.

King: "I am not whining or complaining. I am speaking the truth. And sometimes the truth is harsh. But it is nessicary. Look at the Uprising. They have succeeded because CZW is divided. Forget those of us in The Wayward Sons, the CZW Elite is not relevant. I challenge you El Pablo, make them relevant. The Wayward Sons can use allies in this war because we won't let Ryan Shane win."

The crowd cheers King for his anti-Uprising statements.

King: "Right now Ryan Shane is the CZW Champion and people are wondering who will be the new King of CZW now that TJ Hix has been dethroned and Kandi Washington kicked him to the curb because he had a flaw. Everyone wants to know who's next. I have the answer. You are looking at him. I am ready to fight for the honor of CZW. Forget the fact that I am a Wayward Son rather than a CZW Elite, I am a CZW True born. I have been in CZW longer than most men on the roster now. I have proven myself time and time again and quite frankly, if no one else will do anything to save CZW, I will"

The crowd does not know how to respond. About half of the crowd cheers for King.

King: "I have said things in the past six months that quite frankly pissed people in CZW off. I said in the past how there are many people looking for glory days and hold talents back and look at it now. We have the cream from the original and we have new blood. However the same problem exists and that is Ryan Shane. We need to get rid of him. CZW needs to fight along side the Wayward Sons to preserve itself. I have seen promotions die because of a harsh dictator taking over. Hell, I was one of those men at one point in my life. And I do not want to see it happen again. CZW is the home to anyone who loves professional wrestling whether it is hardcore, technical, high-flying, comedy or serious. We are all here because we love wrestling. The same as how I go across the street to enjoy myself, we all come to CZW to enjoy professional wrestling and so do I. How can we let a man who wants to kill it be champion? How can we just lay down and die without a fight? How can we just not even take a shot at stopping these terrorists who are trying to stop what we love?"

The crowd is going wild cheering for King.

King: "The Wayward Sons were created so that we could save CZW and preserve our spots through force but now we have to fight. Now we have to go to war. Ryan Shane I hope you can hear this because if you want a war, The Wayward Sons are declaring war. All the battles that have happened before whether it was in Philadelphia or Tokyo don't mean anything compared to the future. I will go through any and all Uprising member from the past or present to get to the head of the beast and then I will cut it off. The only question I have is CZW going to back up the Wayward Sons? See this war, CZW needs soldiers and not people burying their heads in the sand thinking that The Uprising will go away because they wont and just destroy CZW. The fact is, the only way to deal with them is by fighting their way, dirty. As everyone knows, I have no problem doing that." The crowd cheers.

King: "And this time I wont even put on a mask or facepaint to do so."

The crowd laughs at the reference to KING.

King: "See KING is inside of me. This Mike King you see is the monster and the dangerous thing is now I control the rage. Now I am in control as oppose to just having it take over me and lead to me burning bridges while I stand on them. The fact is, Mike King will dig down deep to pull this monster out and he will destroy the Uprising whether CZW is here to back me up or not."

The crowd cheers again.

King: "The apocalypse is coming Ryan Shane, are you ready?"

King walks away and the crowd cheers for King as "St. Anger" pumps through the Convention Center.

Daniels: "Mike King has put Uprising on notice."

Masters: "I am not sure what he is thinking. They could eat him alive."

Daniels: "Well he does have The Wayward Sons standing behind him. What do you think of him saying he has KING under control and does not need the mask or face paint anymore?"

Masters: "All I know is that The Uprising may have to worry about that. I mean KING was one sick identity that Mike King had."

Daniels: "That he was. I just hope for Mike's sake he isn't fighting alone monster or not."


Wes Hartley vs "The Star" Jason X


Towers: "The following contest is scheduled for one-fall."

"X Gonna Give it To Ya" pumps through the Annaheim Convention Center and the crowd goes wild. Jason X stands at the enterance way.

Towers: "Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada; weighting in at 216 pounds; "The Star" Jason X,"

Jason X walks down the aisle and to the ring.

Daniels: "Here's the man who just lost to Krimzon Blaze in Tokyo at Event Horizon."

Masters: "I don't think he wants to be reminded of that Jared. Jason X looks determined tonight."

Daniels: "Well that is true, Jason X does have a chip on his shoulder."

Jason X enters the ring and awaits his opponent as "X Gonna Give it To Ya" fades out.

Towers: "And his opponent..."

"Releasing The Demons" pumps through the arena and the crowd is going wild for the returning Wes Hartley who enters the Convention Center.

Towers: "Making his return to CZW, from Nashville, Tennessee; weighting in at 220 pounds; Wes Hartley."

Hartley walks to the ring slapping hands with the fans behind the guard rails.

Daniels: "There is the man who very well could be the next man to challenge for Krimzon Blaze's X Title."

Masters: "He looks a little more serious this time."

Daniels: "This 5'10" 220 pound machine always looks intense but you may be right William."

Hartley enters the ring as Towers exits. Hartley stares down Jason X as he awaits for the bell.

Masters: "This is a new Wes Hartley, I am telling you Jared. Something is different about him."

Daniels: "We will see when the bell rings to start this match."

The referee calls for the bell.




Masters: "Here we go."

They circle around each other as they finally lock up, the fans excited. They try to gain control and Hartley locks in a headlock Jason X tries to break it but Hartley’s lack of hair prevents it. Jason X walks backwards to try to break out of the hold but Hartley quickly reverses dragging Jason X back to the center of the ring. Jason fights out and pushes Hartley into the ropes. Hartley rebounds and goes for a clothesline but Jason X ducks. Jason X slips around the back of Hartley but gets a heavy elbow in the jaw. Hartley turns around then whips Jason X to the ropes. Jason X though dives off the second rope and moonsaults onto Hartley, hitting a very early high flying attack which lands perfectly, Hartley now down as the fans clap Jason X after the move.

Daniels: "Jason X looks to be in the early advantage."

Masters: "Jared when will you learn that this is a only a few minutes in."

Jason X gets back up as Hartley follows, Jason X whips him to the ropes as Hartley comes off, and kicks a bent over Jason X. Hartley chops Jason X and it echoes through the convention center. Jason X holds his chest before he is whipped into the ropes. Jason X bounces off and ducks a clothesline by Hartley. Jason X rebounds once again and charges back at Hartley. Hartley taken down by a fast head scissors by Jason X. Hartley now back up again but Jason X is straight in with a high knee, then a kick to the shins, Jason X now runs off towards the ropes as he rebounds off but Hartley hits him with a boot to the face. The shot takes Jason X down as it got him in the skull.

Daniels: "That boot might have changed the momentum in this match."

Masters: "Who knows but Hartley’s kicks are vicious. He showed that in EWA and previously in CZW."

Hartley now hovers over him as the fans try to will Jason X back up. Hartley grabs him by the hair and pulls him up. Hartley hits him with a kick to the sternum, then pushes him back into the corner as he unloads with vicious blows to the face and chest, hitting a combo of chops and kicks. The referee tries to stop the assault but Hartley keeps the attack going. Hartley now strangles Jason X with his boot, burying it deep in his throat. Hartley lets go as Jason X tries to regain his breath, Hartley now running up and hits Jason X with a running knee to the temple.

Daniels: "This looks to be a newer, more aggressive Wes Hartley."

Masters: "I like it. He is showing Jason X no mercy here tonight."

Jason X collapses to the ground as Hartley begins to pose, knowing he is in complete control. He sits on the back of Jason X as he locks him up into a Camel Clutch. Hartley begins to smash his forearms into the side of Jason X’s face as he keeps the hold on. The fans are on their feet for the Jason X, however he seems weak as Hartley continues to apply pressure.

Daniels: "Camel Clutch synched in by Wes Hartley."

Masters: "It looks like he is giving up."

Daniels: "No he does not William."

Jason X begins to gain momentum, his arms shaking, his legs shaking, he presses himself up, Hartley slipping the hold free, but jumps up as he lands down on the spine of Jason X who collapses down again. Hartley now grabs his arms as he begins to lock in a dragon sleeper Jason X slips out from the hold and hits an arm drag on Hartley. They get up and Hartley takes Jason X with an armdrag of his own. They get up and Jason X hits another armdrag. The two men get up and have a stand-off.

Masters: "The classic stand-off."

Daniels: "Both men are having an impressive showing thus far."

Hartley throws the first shot, which is a hard back hand chop. Jason X fires back with a right hand, and then Hartley with another back hand chop. Jason X comes straight back with a European Uppercut that sends Hartley reeling back but as Jason X comes in for another shot, Hartley cuts him off with an open hand chop, a back hand chop and then a savate kick. Hartley goes for roundhouse kick but Jason X sidesteps the kick and then hits a backflip kick.

Masters: "Nice reversal there."

Daniels: "Jason X nailed Wes with the Pele."

Masters: "And boy is he rocked."

The kick hits Hartley hard across the top of the skull, sending him crashing to the canvas. As he begins to get up, Jason X is ready and running he hits a frankensteiner sending Hartley sliding across the canvas and onto rolling onto the outside. Daniels: "Nice takedown by Jason X."

Masters: "The frankensteiner, still a great move."

Daniels: "To say Jason X is not one of the best X-Division talents is a lie."

Outside the ring Hartley lands on his chest and stomach. Jason X offers him little respect as he slides out of the ring and begins stomping the fallen Hartley. After a number of hard stomps, Jason X pulls back and adopts a charging posture as Hartley staggers back to a vertical base, using the steel barricade at ringside to help him. Jason X runs towards Hartley but Hartley catches him and drops him with an STO

Masters: "That will hurt."

Daniels: "Jason X ran into that STO."

Hartley takes a moment to catch his breath, but even after a few seconds, Jason X is on the floor... clearly hurt. With a look of renewed confidence on his face, Hartley picks up Jason X and hooks up his arms before headbutting five times in the chest. the same place that he just clubbed him moments before! Jason X falls the the floor, the veins on his neck beginning to bulge, his eyes turning red.

Masters: "Hartley has snapped."

Daniels: "Someone step in, this is getting out of hand."

Hartley then picks up Jason X again and with ease picks him up and dumps him in the ring. As Jason X lies in the ring, Hartley mounts the top turnbuckle and dives off. Hartley hits the headbutt in the chest of Jason X again!

Masters: "Flying headbutt by Hartley."

Daniels: "With it connecting on Jason X’s ribs it this could be doom."

Hartley then goes for the cover.









Hartley smacks the canvas in frustration and then stands up. Masters: "Looks like Hartley is pissed."

Daniels: "That attack must have put Hartley in a false sense of security."

Hartley is waiting for Jason X to stand. Jason X slowly stands but Hartley with big boot into the chest. Jason X falls back to the canvas in a crumpled heap. Hartley goes for the cover.








Jason X kicks out at the last split second. Hartley smacks the canvas again and then picks up Jason X. He points to the chest of Jason X and gestures he is going for the heart punch. With Jason X dazed and seemingly unable to catch his breath Hartley aims for a roundhouse kick but Jason X blocks and catches Hartley into a fireman carry before dropping him gut first on both of the knees. Hartley holds his ribs and rolls on the ground.

Masters: "Fireman’s gutbuster that can change tide right there."

Daniels: "Jason X was some how able to summon the strength to do that after the work to the midsection by Wes."

Masters: "You ever here about mom’s being able to lift a car to save their baby from under it?"

Daniels: "I thought those were urban myths."

Masters: "Well it looks like Jason just showed it is possible there."

Jason X gets up steps backwards towards the ropes as Hartley runs at him with a clothesline. Jason X ducks as Hartley crashes into the ropes, Jason X now jumps up with a tremendous dropkick which knocks Hartley right over the top rope. Hartley crashes down hard on the apron as he lands on his right arm. Jason X takes a breather as he holds his spine, the fans cheering him on. Without hesitation, Jason X runs towards the ropes, bounces off and flies through the ropes onto the outside opponent with a somersault senton. The crowd goes wild.

Daniels: "Somersault senton by Jason X."

Masters: "Yeah too bad you can’t pin your opponent on the floor."

The fans are on their feet as both men roll around the concrete floor seeming to be hurt. Chants of ‘CZW’ erupt throughout the arena as Jason X gets to his feet. Hartley follows as Jason X crashes Hartley’s head off the apron then rolls him back inside the ring. He gets a cover but Hartley kicks out after one. Jason X now back up as he lays down an elbow drop, then a leg drop. Hartley stays down as now, Jason X begins to climb through the ropes. He stands on the apron as the fans look forward to his next attack. He propels himself over the top rope as he flips. Jason X lands knee first Hartley.

Daniels: "Ropeflip kneedrop. Can you say ouch?"

Masters: "Yes I can Jared. What are you stupid or something?"

Hartley begins to cough wildly as Jason X rolls off, holding his own back. Jason X lifts Hartley up as Hartley begins to throw right hands, Jason X ducks though as Hartley gets caught and dropped with a capture suplex. Jason X goes for the pin.









Daniels: "I can’t believe that Wes kicked out from that."

Masters: "I can. He is a hard fighting wrestler that does not give up."

Daniels: "You read that from his bio didn’t you."

Masters: "No my sources found that out."

Jason X is up and stomping the mat.Hartley gets back up, now finding it hard to breath as he holds his mid-section. Jason X bounces off the ropes as he comes in but Hartley catches him with a back body drop over the top rope however Jason X manages to cling on though as he lands balanced on the apron once again, Hartley now turns around as Jason X propels himself up once again and flies off the top rope but gets met with a Hartley shoot kick to the midsection.

Daniels: "That will hurt."

Masters: "That sounded like it would."

Jason X falls to the ground crumpled over as the fans look worried. Hartley dives on top of him as he covers.










Daniels: "It will take more than that to put Jason X down."

Masters: "Yeah like that gogoplata."

Hartley looks slightly shocked as he looks at Jason X down at the ground, coughing and spluttering. Hartley waits for Jason X as he gets to his knees. Jason is up and Hartley bounces into the ropes and springs of with a kick dropping Jason X to the mat. Hartley grabs him by the hair again and picks him up. Hartley locks him in as Jason X doesn’t fight back as Hartley runs before dropping Jason X down with a sitout power bomb.

Daniels: "Running power bomb by Wes Hartley."

Masters: "That will hurt the spine, neck and head. This could be it."

Jason X bounces face first off the canvas as Hartley throws his legs off him, then covers him once more.










Daniels: "I am surprised that Jason X was able to kick out there. That power bomb looked vicious."

Masters: "I agree. If I were still wrestling, I would have stayed down."

Jason X impressively kicks out yet again. The fans begin to silence as Hartley picks Jason X up once more, his eyes dazed over and his limbs not moving. Hartley locks him up again as he lifts him up into the air trying to go for his Small Package Driver but Jason X reverses into a small package.










Daniels: "Jason X blocked Packaged Hart."

Masters: "I don’t think I have seen anyone doing it before."

Both men are down, but it is Hartley who starts to move first. He is getting to his feet and comes over to pick up Jason X and goes for a suplex but Jason X Blocks. Hartley goes for a second Brainbuster but it is blocked once again. Jason X lifts Hartley and drops him with the brain buster. With a second wind Jason X goes to the turnbuckle.

Daniels: "This could be nuts."

Masters: "High risk, high reward."

Jason X mounts the turnbuckle and leaps off and hits his 360 Shooting Star Press. The crowd goes wild as Jason rolls off holding his midsection.

Daniels: "X-Star Press, Jason X hit it but he looks hurt."

Masters: "After the work Hartley has done his ribs, I am not surprised Jason X is hurt from it."

Daniels: "If he can pin him, he has this match won."

Masters: "I agree with you for once Jared."

Jason X guts through the pain and goes for the cover...









Daniels: "You gotta be kidding me."

Masters: "Well if only Jason pinned him a little more quickly."

Hartley kicks out, but Jason X is fired up. He mounts Hartley and hits a flurry of rights and lefts, leaving Hartley seemingly out of it. Jason X grabs Wes by the head and puts them in between his legs. Jason X signals for his X-Driver but Wes backdrops Jason X. Hartley turns around and Jason X is already up and charges at Hartley who ducks going for another back body drop but Jason X slides through the legs. Jason X nails Hartley with a forearm to the back and grabs the arms. Jason X turns Hartley and lifts him up in a powerbomb before dropping him with a cutter. The crowd goes wild.

Daniels: "X-Cutter."

Masters: "So much for Hartley’s victory."









Daniels: "What does it take for Jason X to put Wes Hartley away?"

Masters: "I am not sure. I cannot believe it."

Jason X grabs the arm and puts it between Hartley’s legs. Jason X lifts him and up and over suplexing him facefirst on the mat. Jason X grabs Hartley and drags him to the corner and then flips him.

Daniels: "What does Jason X have in mind?"

Masters: "After that pumphandle suplex, he could go for anything Jared."

Jason X mounts the turnbuckle again with his back facing Hartley. He leaps off Corkscrew 450 Splash but he misses as Hartley is able to roll away. Jason X hits the canvas face-first.

Daniels: "He went for the Flying X Attack after hitting the X-Star Press but Hartley moved."

Masters: "Remember what I said about high risk, high reward Jared?"

Daniels: "Yes I did."

Masters: "Well he had no reward from this one. It was just crash and burn forJason X."

Hartley gets up and grabs Jason X by the arms in a butterfly before picking him up and dropping him headfirst onto the canvas. He rolls through and grabs Jason X by the neck and leg. Hartley lifts Jason X and drops him with the small package driver.

Daniels: "Hartless Driver followed by Packaged Hart?"

Masters: "That is vicious."

Hartley holds on and makes the cover!














Daniels: "He's got it."

Masters: "I was right Wes is a new man. He is a dangerous man."

The referee calls for the bell and Hartley releases the small package.




The referee grabs Hartley's wrist and raises it.

Towers: "Your winner, Wes Hartley."

The crowd cheers for Hartley and he drops his arm.

Daniels: "Wes Hartley has basically destroyed Jason X with that combination."

Masters: "Krimzon Blaze should be taking notes, Wes Hartley threw the gauntlet down tonight with that performance."

Daniels: "What do you think the future is for Jason X?"

Masters: "I don't know but one thing is for sure, he will be back to fight soon enough."

Hartley exits the ring and walks in front of the camera. He looks at it and says "I am back. Blaze, I haven't forgotten about you. I hope you haven't forgotten about me." Hartley walks away.

Daniels: "He is determined to get the X title shot he almost had at one point."

Masters: "If he continues to wrestle the same way he did tonight, it wont be long until they do this."


"The South Beach Specimen" Big Nasty vs Ace King


TOWERS: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

"The Bleeding" by Five Finger Death Punch hits the soundsystem, and after a brief pause, our first competitor of the contest steps out, Money in the Bank Briefcase in hand, through the curtain to a big pop from the crowd - although that pop is tempered somewhat when the woman whose arm is currently wrapped around his steps onto the stage, the CZW Queen of Combat Championship belt draped delicately over her shoulder.

TOWERS: Introducing first.. being accompanied to the ring by the CZW Queen of Combat KANDI WASHINGTON... from South Beach, Florida.. standing 6 feet 11 inches and weighing in at 295 pounds... he is the only AND current TWO-TIME holder of the CZW Money in the Bank Briefcase... "The South Beach Specimen"... BBBBBIIIIIGGGGG NNNNNAAAAASSSSSTTTTTYYYYY!!!!!

Nasty and Kandi pause at the edge of the stage for a moment, casting eyes of varying degrees of smugness around the room for a moment before making their way down the steps and towards the ring.

DANIELS: Well, Big Nasty's certainly been a busy boy tonight.. we've seen him hanging out with El Pablo and attempt to fish him out of the rainbow-coloured drinking hole he appears to have slipped into since Event Horizon, and we've also seen the start of.. whatever this thing is.. could be.. between him and our new Queen of Combat!

MASTERS: Male or female, big or small.. everybody wants a piece of the Nasty man, Jarred!

Nasty climbs the steps into the ring, sitting on the middle rope and allowing Kandi in behind him. He then crosses the ring and approaches the ropes, thrusting his briefcase into the air and letting out a roar as Kandi looks on, applauding with a sultry smile on her face. Nasty then hands the briefcase to a ringhand, and aids Kandi in exiting to the outside as his music fades out. A small "We Want Big Nutz!" chant begins to bubble in the stands, drawing a smirk from Big Nasty, but before it can gather momentum, the rather unfamiliar sound of "Bastards of the Machine" by Symphony X hits the speakers. The crowd's initial reaction to this is one of confusion, however, that confusion is swiftly replaced by hostility, venom and a good deal of betrayal as the man to whom this piece of music now belongs steps onto the stage, a cold, emotionless glare on his face as he stares dead ahead at Big Nasty in the ring.

TOWERS: And his opponent... from Las Vegas, Nevada.. weighing in at 225lbs... making his return to active competition here in Combat Zone Wrestling... "The Gambler"... AAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEE KKKKKIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!

DANIELS: You say that everybody wants a piece of Big Nasty.. well, I happen to know for a fact that there are a GREAT many people sitting back in that CZW locker room who want a piece of this individual right here.. for very different reasons! A former multi-time World Heavyweight Champion, former multi-time Intercontinental Champion, former Tag Champion, the founder and flag-bearer for arguably THE most influential group ever seen under the CZW name... and he tainted every last little bit of that great, incomparable legacy at Event Horizon, when he turned his back on every single one of us, and crawled into bed with Ryan Shane and the Uprising!

MASTERS: I thought he made some fair points...

DANIELS: There's no justification, William.. whatever you think of Derek Damage - and I'll never go down as being one of his biggest fans, believe you me... but to align yourself with Ryan Shane, a man who has been nothing but a cancerous leech on this company since the day he got here... to stab the company that gave you so much.. that laughed with you.. cheered with you.. that shed so many tears as a union when you announced your retirement... to stab that company right in the throat, when it's already choking and struggling for air as it is... there is NO justification for that in my eyes whatsoever!

MASTERS: ...Bloody hell, Jarred.. do you want to leave me in charge of wrapping up the show while you go back to your hotel room and watch The Notebook and eat Whipped Cream straight from the can?

By this point, Ace has made it to the ring, and steps through the ropes as Nasty eyeballs him from the other side, leaning back slightly on the ropes. As Ace's music fades out, the two men approach each other, the excitement of the crowd reverberating around the room as a staredown between two bona-fide CZW legends kicks off.


DANIELS: So much past history between these two men.. so much present hostility.. this contest could be one for the ages... the question is, who's going to come out on top!?

Suddenly, "Immigrant Song" by Gotthard hits the soundsystem, and boos unlike anything heard outside an internet streaming of a Justin Bieber concert descend upon the stage as Ryan Shane steps out through the curtain, his newly-won title belt wrapped proudly around his waist.

MASTERS: Ohhhhhhhhh!!!

DANIELS: Oh, what the hell is this about!? The new World Heavyweight Champion.. professional wrestling's very own hellspawn himself, Ryan Shane.. making his way out here!

Nasty glares at Shane, then at Ace, mouthing something to the Gambler who, it has to be said, appears a little confused himself by the appearance of the WHC. Nonetheless, Shane continues his advance, very slowly and with a small smirk on his face, until he comes to a stop a couple of feet from the apron. The boos continue to rain down upon the Champion.. and then begin to grow even louder still as it gradually becomes apparent that the other members of the Uprising have taken up position at various points around ringside in the crowd.

DANIELS: Oh it's a goddamn set-up!

MASTERS: It's a message is what it is, Jarred! Derek Damage set this main event up to try and get back at Ace King and the Uprising... but now that Ryan Shane is the World Heavyweight Champion, it's HE who has the power.. HE who calls the shots.. HE who sets the terms for when and where his soldiers do battle!

One by one, the Uprising hop over the barricades and stand by the apron, the gravity of the situation evident on Nasty's face as he looks around.

DANIELS: The Uprising have the ring surrounded.. Big Nasty has nowhere to go... and Kandi Washington has apparently elected to seek refuge by our announce table.. I'm not sure how safe a haven this is going to be, if you follow my line of foreshadowing!

MASTERS: It's okay, come sit with me, Miss Washington, I'll look after you!



The Uprising keep their eyes keenly fixed on Big Nasty in the ring, who begins to talk trash to Ryan Shane. Ace then turns round and begins his own discussion with the World Champion, apparently not completely sold on the idea of a mass assault. Shane switches between reassuring Ace and cussing out Big Nasty, when suddenly, there is movement on the other side of the ring.

DANIELS: Wait, what the...

MASTERS: It's...


Unbeknownst to Nasty, but VERY beknownst to everybody in the crowd - and not pleasantly so - Boulder has somehow snuck into the ring, and now stands behind the South Beach Specimen with a steel chair in hand.

DANIELS: Don't tell me he's suddenly part of the Uprising too!

MASTERS: I dunno, Jarred.. the Uprising look about as surprised to see him out here as everyone!

DANIELS: That's true.. Ryan Shane does not currently bear the look of someone who had this as a part of his plan.

Boulder continues to stand in the ring, begging for Nasty to turn around. However, Nasty is still too preoccupied with smack-talking Shane, and so, eventually, Boulder elects to take a step back.. and smash the chair down onto the canvas.


This finally draws Nasty's attention, and he turns round to see Boulder smirking at him, tapping his temple lightly as he steps back towards the ropes, leaving the chair on the mat.

BOULDER: I had you, man... just like that!

Having had quite enough of this horseshit by now, Nasty charges at Boulder, but Boulder swiftly drops to the mat and rolls to the outside, then hops over the barricade and makes his escape through the crowd. Nasty glares out after him, then steps back from the ropes.. right into a roll-up from Ace.
















Nasty throws Ace off barely a hundredth of a millisecond too late, but before he can do anything else, the Uprising storm the ring and immediately start beating down on him.

DANIELS: And now here come the dogs!

Ace gets back to his feet, and hauls Ryan away from the melée. The two begin exchanging words again, as the crowd suddenly explodes into cheering and applause, all eyes focused on the rainbow-coloured blur flying through the curtain towards the ring.


EP slides under the ropes and pops to his feet, as Christien Belanger turns round to cut him off. Belanger swings a fist, but EP ducks behind.. spins.. Belanger turns.. EP throws his legs up, and plants Belanger face-first into the canvas.


EP pops up again, as more Uprising members abandon Nasty to attack the Technicolor Tecnico. EP rolls under a charge from CRYPT, then hops up onto the bottom rope, bounces onto the second turnbuckle, then springboards off with a twist, catching Brian Blaze with a Taste the Rainbow of his own.


EP pops up again, throwing a triumphant fist into the air as he spins round...



EP spirals to the mat, as Covey shakes his wrist a little before beginning to put the boots to the Five Star Superstar. His assault does not last for long, however, as he is quickly tackled from behind by Eddie Rowan, who begins wailing on Bad Ass with right and left fists of his own. CRYPT moves to intervene, but a hand pressed upon his shoulder stops him in his tracks. He turns round...



CRYPT crumples to the mat and rolls to the outside, as Alan sets his sights on the suddenly-rather-isolated Mason Kaid.

DANIELS: And now the TV Champion with nowhere to go.. the rest of the Uprising gathered on the outside.. Matt Covey just slithering out to join them...

Kaid's eyes dart between the steel chair and the eyes of Alan Fiscus, as he attempts to formulate some kind of solution to his predicament. He turns to flee.. but runs right into the big pawz of Big Nasty, who hoists him up into the air, Gorilla Press-style.


After taking a few moments to demonstrate how strong he is, Nasty turns in the direction of the Uprising.. then marches forward and tosses Kaid down into them! Nasty then throws his fists up and lets out another roar as Eddie and a slightly-unsteady EP step up alongside him and pat him on the back, while Alan points out at CRYPT, the chair still gripped tightly in his hands. "Doormats" by E. Town Concrete hits the soundsystem, leading to another big swell in the pop from the crowd as Ryan Shane glares with eyes of fire at the celebrating CZW Superstars in the centre of the ring.



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