| August 2nd | * San Antonio, Texas * AT & T Center |

Combat Zone Wrestling presents


live from - San Antonio, Texas -
AT & T Center
August 2nd 2008

(Shawn Waters is Special Enforcer)
"The Gambler" Ace King -VS- "The Sensation" Jesse Montana (c)

Big Nasty is special guest referee
"The Realist" Kris Kash -VS- "The Prodigy" Maynard O'Toole (c)

"Bad Ass" Matt Covey -VS- Special Ed Covey

"The Five Star Superstar" El Pablo -VS- Jena Cyde

[If Allyson wins, she is granted her freedom...]
[If McNally wins, a dark secret of Allyson's is revealed...]
Bryan McNally -VS- "The Dark Kiss" Allyson Thorn

Dusty Davis -VS- Jordan Bryant -VS- Cage Stryker (c)

"The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze -VS- Eddie Rowan (c)

(Person who retrieves the belt is the Hardcore Champ)
Tim Timmons (c), Carnage & Total Mayhem -VS- Buck Evans, Mike King & Nasty Damage

Gregory "The Graduate" Grantham -VS- Karl "The Jackal" Jackson

Thanatos -VS- Mike Monroe -VS- KC Kash


DANIELS: "Welcome, everyone, to CZW's pay-per-view... AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!"

GOLD: "Tonight we will see a slew of championship matches.. and a slew of feuds possibly ending!"

MASTERS: "One thing we won't have though, is Bryan McNally against his wife, Allyson Thorn! We'll have more details as we receive them, but Christian Aleksander has said nothing more than that the match is off!"

DANIELS: "But we still have plenty of action, and what about next week.. a Tribute to the Troops!"

FARLEY: "That's going to be awesome."

DANIELS: "This just in.. a few changes have been made to the card! The X title match is now a Strap match!?"

MASTERS: "What the hell!? I wanted to see a Seventh Heaven match!"

DANIELS: "And the Hell in a Cell is no longer going down.. it'll just be a normal match!! This _HAS_ to be the work of Jesse."

FARLEY: "He's the boss, he can do what he wants!"

MASTERS: "And we've still got plenty of action!"

GOLD: "Indeed, but now it's time for our opening bout!"

** WAR ZONE TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Thanatos VS. Mike Monroe VS. K.C. Kash **

Towers: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one-fall.

"Mony, Mony" by Billy Idol pumps through the arena as the crowd sings along with the "Go get laid, get f**ked" line as K.C. Kash comes out onto the stage.

Towers: Introducing first, from New York, New York, weighting in at 245 pounds, K.C. Kash.

Kash continues to cockily strut to the ring. He enters and then takes off his fringed ring jacket as he awaits his two opponents for his pay-per view debut. "How Can I Live" by Ill Nino pumps through the arena as the crowd goes wild awaiting for Mike Monroe. Mike Monroe comes out onto the stage and poses for the crowd.

Towers: His opponent, from Tiffiin, Ohio, weighting in at 201 pounds, Mike Monroe.

Monroe charges towards the ring and slides in. He then climbs the nearest turnbuckle and poses for the crowd some more as his song fades out. The crowd is restless and excited to see the next wrestler on his way to the ring. The loudspeakers blare as "This House is Haunted" by Alice Cooper plays to the packed house. Green spotlights focus on the curtain as a light smoke billows, surrounding the entranceway.

Towers: Introducing their opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighting in at 185 pounds, Thanatos.

Out steps the shadowed Thanatos, and green flames light up the entire walkway down to the ring. Thanatos moves slowly, but steadily, keeping his eyes fixed on the ring ahead. He is wearing a tattered, hooded black cloak, and underneath, black shorts and boots. The flames die out, with the music, and the lights come back to normal as Thanatos enters.

The three men who are fighting tonight to better their position in cZw stare at each other for several moments as the crowd has a battle of chants for three of them. Monroe breaks the tension in the ring calling for a triple Greco-Roman knuckle lock. Neither Thanatos or Kash obliges. Instead Thanatos and Kash then lock up. They struggle as Monroe goes for a waistlock on Kash. Kash tries to shake him off but Monroe clubs him in the back of the neck. Monroe rolls Kash on the mat. Monroe goes for a neckbreaker on Kash but Kash fights out. Thanatos grabs Monroe and drops him with a choke slam. Kash then walks over towards Thanatos but Thanatos powers him straight to the mat with a backbody drop. Monroe gets up and locks up with Thanatos. Monroe breaks the lock up after kicking Thanatos’ knee. Monroe then dropkicks Thanatos to the mat.

Thanatos gets up as Kash is starting to get up as well. Thanatos and Monroe continue to grapple with eachother as Kash tries to muscle in on the lock up but Wildfire kicks him in the shin. With Kash softened up. Both Thanatos and Monroe lift him up and drops him with a double vertical suplex. Kash rolls out on the mat in pain holding his back. Thanatos signals to Monroe to double team Kash but Monroe responds with a spear and follows up with a series of mounted punches. Thanatos and Monroe roll around on the canvas until Kash gets back up and kicks at the rolling bundle of bodies. Kash grabs Monroe and snaps him over snapmare followed by a dropkick. Thanatos then gets up but is peppered with punches and kicks from Kash. Kash then hits a spinebuster on Thanatos and then goes for a pin



Kick-out by Thanatos. Kash is not happy and pulls Thanatos off the mat however Kash gets pelted by punches into the midsection by Thanatos. Before Thanatos can get an advantage, Kash knees him straight in the jaw. Monroe is recovering on the rope and uses it a trip wire for a charging Thanatos. Thanatos falls over the top rope and Monroe follows it up with a legdrop on Kash. The fans cheer as Monroe gets back up bounces off the ropes and nails a flipping legdrop this time. Monroe goes for the pinfall.



Kash kicks out. Thanatos is getting up as Monroe picks Kash up off of the mat. Monroe goes for a headlock but Kash pushes him off and into the recovering Thanatos who is now on the apron. Monroe knocks Thanatos back to the mat. Kash runs to nail Monroe with a clothesline but Monroe ducks and goes for a Yakuza Kick but Kash ducks. Kash goes for a hiptoss but Monroe reverses and goes for a hiptoss but Kash blocks it and goes for a frankensteiner but Monroe power bombs him to the canvas. Before Monroe can take advantage, Thanatos gets up and nails him with a clothesline.

Thanatos grabs Monroe off of the mat before snapmaring him back down and following it up with a stiff kick to the head. Kash gets up but is met with a side kick. Kash hits the canvas rolls to the floor in pain. Thanatos then turns his attention back to Monroe with an elbow drop. Thanatos goes for a cocky pin on Monroe.



Monroe kicks out. Thanatos pulls Monroe off of the mat and whips him into the ropes. Monroe goes for a clothesline but Thanatos ducks and goes for a baseball slide on the recovering Kash. Kash dodges and charges him into the guardrail. Kash climbs the apron and Monroe is waiting but Kash shoulder blocks Wildfire. Kash slings himself over for an attempt at a sunset flip and he brings down Monroe but Monroe rolls out and picks up Monroe in one swift motion and drops him on the canvas with an exploder. Monroe is cheered but he goes for the pin on Kash.



Kash kicks out. Thanatos is getting back up and rolls back into the ring. Monroe runs at the recovering Thanatos and hits him with a forearm shot. Thanatos doesn't fall but is rocked and nails Monroe with a forearm of his own. Thanatos and Monroe continue to exchange blows as Kash gets up and charges at them. But he gets back bodydropped by both men. As Kash rolls on the mat to regain his bearings as Thanatos and Monroe continue to exchange blows. Monroe gains the advantage after near a minute and goes to whip Thanatos into the ropes but Thanatos reverses. Monroe bounces off the rope and Thanatos drops down. Monroe bounces off the ropes and as he comes back Thanatos leapfrogs over Monroe. Monroe bounces off the ropes another time but this time when Parr leapfrogs over Thanatos, Monroe slide on the canvas under Thanatos. Monroe climbs to his feet and leaps with a front dropkicks Thanatos onto his back. Monroe then taunts the crowd giving Kash an opening. Kash starts striking Monroe with rights, lefts and knees. Kash then drops Monroe with the Paydrit and Monroe lands on the mat face-first. Kash laughs about this before going for the pin.



Monroe kicks out. Kash goes back and sets Monroe for a belly to belly suplex but Monroe blocks it. Kash hits Monroe again and goes for another but Monroe blocks again. Thanatos comes over and breaks the attempt at the suplex. Thanatos grabs Kash by the head and drops him with a DDT. Thanatos then goes over towards the recovering Monroe and nearly takes Thanatos’ head off with a Yakuza Kick. Thanatos is rocked and Monroe drops him with a spinning neckbreaker. Monroe goes for the pin.



Thanatos kicks out and his fans boo. Monroe picks up Thanatos off of the canvas and goes for a vertical suplex. Monroe plants Thanatos with a vertical suplex and rolls into an attempt at a fisherman’s suplex. Monroe has Thanatos lifted up in the air but doesn’t have the hands clasped so Thanatos is able to knee Wildfire in the face with his free leg to break free. Thanatos flips out on to his feet and runs into the ropes but is tripped by Kash. Kash re-enters the ring and faces off Monroe once again. Kash and Monroe exchange blows until Monroe goes for a kick and Kash blocks by catching Monroe’s leg. Monroe goes for an enzuigiri out of desperation but Kash ducks and holds the leg. Monroe gets back up but gets dropped with a dragon screw leg sweep from Kash. Thanatos however comes from behind and drops Kash with a northern lariat.

Thanatos looks at Monroe and is laughs. Thanatos starts clubbing Monroe with forearm that cause Monroe to hit the canvas. Thanatos lifts Monroe up off the mat and drops him with a swinging neckbreaker. Kash is getting to his feet and Thanatos notices it. Thanatos walks over to the recovering Kash and starts to kick away at Kash. Thanatos picks up Kash and drops him with a bodyslam. Thanatos bounces off the ropes then drops the knee on a grounded Kash. Thanatos turns his attention back to Monroe. Monroe surprises Thanatos with a spinning heel kick. Monroe locks up in a cravate but Thantos pushes Monroe off and shoots him into the ropes. Monroe rebounds and takes him down with a hard clothesline. Monroe goes for the pin.



Thanatos kicks out. Instead of picking him up, Monroe points towards the turnbuckle and goes for a moonsault but Thanatos moves and Monroe hits nothing but canvas. Monroe holds his guts as Kash gets up and grabs Thanatos and goes for a suplex. Kash tries to lift him up but Thanatos blocks it and lifts Kash up for a suplex but Thanatos stops it and wraps his legs around the waist of Kash. Kash turns it into a modified DDT and goes for the pin.


Monroe is back on his feet.


Monroe knocks Kash off of Thanatos and tosses Kash out of the ring. Thanatos is out on his back and Monroe stomps him twice and then picks him up. Monroe signals for his Shock Trauma and then climbs the turnbuckle. Monroe leaps off and misses the 720 DDT. Thanatos then grabs Monroe and drops him with a piledriver. Thanatos goes for the pin.


Kash re-enters the ring.


Kash breaks the pin. Kash kicks at THanatos as he gets back to his feet. Thanatos is whipped into the turnbuckle but he boots the incoming Kash.Thanatos hopes onto the Second turnbuckle on the inside and has Kash set up for a power bomb. Thanatos lifts Kash and drops him with the End of Days. Thanatos goes for the pin.




The referee calls for the bell and Thanatos gets off of K.C. Kash.

The Winner of the bout... with the End of Days... THANATOS!!


After the match....cameras cut to the back where Rob Wright and his wife Tabatha are walking down the hall. Wright is dressed in street clothes, a pair of blue denim jeans, his latest CZW t-shirt with his picture on the front and the phrase "mess with the best....die like the rest" on the back. He's also sporting the New York Giants Super Bowl Champions hat just to spite the Texas crowd. Tabatha is dressed in a black mini skirt with a black spaghetti strap top. They’re walking down the hall holding hands and talking to each other about Rob’s current losing streak. When they hear someone yell to them.

Voice: Hey!!!!!

They turn around to see who’s calling them. They turn to see the resident parasite of the CZW, Ryan Lewis.

Rob Wright: Oh shit! It’s Ryan Lewis. Hurry babe. Let’s get out of here.

They turn back around and start to run, but Lewis chases after them. They turn a corner and try to open a door to hide behind it, but the door is locked. They continue to try door after door, and have no luck. Rob turns around and notices that Lewis is gaining ground on them. They try one more unmarked door, and to their surprise it opens. They quickly run inside the door and close it before Ryan Lewis can get there. Ryan turns to the camera and lifts his microphone to his mouth.

Ryan Lewis: Well folks. I tried to get a word with Rob Wright and his wife about what happen this past week on Warzone, but they ran behind this door. It’s funny. There seems to be another person in there as I can hear three different voices. I’ll try to catch them as they leave. In the meantime, let’s send it back to the ring for our next match.


** ASSAULT I QUIT MATCH: Gregory "The Graduate" Grantham VS. Karl "The Jackal" Jackson **

TOWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be an I Quit Match, the only means of winning is forcing your opponent to utter the words…I Quit!”

GOLD: “Here we are then, a first ever I Quit match in CZW, two men who predominantly would never want to utter those two words, these two men full of confidence and pride, their egos as big as William’s!”

MASTERS: “Yes, me and the Graduate are very similar if you think about it, we both are extremely intelligent human beings”

DANIELS: “Yes, but William, you kind of differ, I mean your whole torso is about the same size as one of Gregory’s legs. Anyway, these two men have been building up quite a feud I have heard, is that right Farley?”

FARLEY: “That is right, mystery surrounds Jackson, coming in and attacking Krimzon Blaze, he is a very dangerous man, people say he is an Upstarts, well I guess answers may just be revealed here tonight!”

GOLD: “Here it is then, Grantham…Jackal…I Quit”

MASTERS: “You hear that…Ricky quits…Must be good for you Farley!”

TOWERS: “On his way to the ring…From Orlando, Florida…Weighing in at 235 lbs…Karl ‘THE JACKAL’ Jackson!”

The lights go out and darkness fills the arena as only the dim glow of spotlights can be see scattered around the arena roof. After a moment of darkness and silence, the quiet tones of single guitar tones can be heard as the Combat-tron explodes into life with images of Karl 'The Jackal' Jackson. Fans are kept waiting for a few moments as the images and guitar tomes continue to play. Suddenly a single explosion of sparkling red fireworks and the playing of 'Gold Metal' by Trademarc announce the arrival of The Jackal to the stage area as he stands with eyes focused on the ring, bouncing from one foot to the other. He then walks slowly to the ring, not taking his eyes off the ring, his cold stare piercing a hole into the eyes of his opponent. As he reaches the ring he climbs the steps and climbs carefully through the middle and top rope. Once inside he mounts the second turnbuckle of the corner post which is above the steps he has just used to enter the ring. He performs a breaking action with his hands, indicating his intentions in the match he is about to have. He then descends off the turnbuckle and turns to re-establish the stare to his opponent, walking closer as if more than ready to engage in combat

TOWERS: “And his opponent…Hailing from Beaumont, Texas…Weighing in at 245 lbs…The Graduate…GREGORY GRANTHAM!”

The lights dim as the Graduate makes his way to the ring, his usual Graduate theme song playing throughout the arena. The fans boo, Gregory charismatically holding up his arms, posing to the fans who deeply despise him. He then kisses both his biceps before making his way down the ramp. Jackson stars at him with hatred in his eyes, Gregory chuckling to himself, clearly feeling confident. Once fan manages to touch him as they lean over the rail, Gregory yells as the security guard to do his damn job as he wipes his arm in disgust. As he reaches the ring, he stays on the outside for a moment as Jackson tells him to get inside. Gregory poses once more then climbs inside as the music fades and the lights return as usual.


- Both men warm up as the tension rises high for the first ever I Quit Match in CZW. The two men have built up quite an aggressive feud towards one another, the fans clearly allured by this match. Both men start of professionally, with a lock up, Jackal switches to the back, locking his arms around the toned waist of the Graduate. Gregory hits an elbow, then another, Jackal won’t let go, not until Gregory hits manages to reverse hitting a Face lock takedown. Both men now back up, Gregory gets a cheap boot to the gut, then a European uppercut knocking the Jackal back towards the ropes, he Irish whips him as Jackal bounces off the other side, then comes back, Gregory with a clothesline…Jackal ducks, from behind…Neckbreaker!

- Jackal gets back up. He starts to viciously stomp down the Graduate, picking out various body parts to weaken. He picks him back up, chopping him in the chest, stinging Gregory as his chest turns roar red. Jackal whips him to the ropes, Gregory comes back, Jackal catches him with an Overhead Belly to Belly suplex, Gregory goes rolling under the bottom ropes and out onto the concrete outside. The fans love to see the Graduate get taken to school as Jackal celebrates inside the ring, picking up some boo’s of his own. Gregory now back up, eying up the chair in which the timekeeper sits, eventually thinking better of it and going back into the ring to wrestle the Jackal.

- They lock up once again, Jackal swinging around to the back again, then going to his knees as he sweeps the legs out from under Gregory, causing him to land right on his face. The fans laugh as he holds his nose in pain, looking annoyed. Jackal swings his body around, mounting Gregory as he locks in a cross face. Gregory roars in pain, growling getting a bit frustrated by the technical ability of the Jackal. Jackal pulls back, contracting the neck of Gregory. The referee doing his duty, asking Gregory if he quits, Jackal interrupts him telling the referee it is his duty to ask that I an I Quit Match, then goes pulls back applying even more pressure.

- Gregory eventually manages to roll through as the grip is loosened, eventually all grip is lost and Gregory is free. He rolls out of the ring once again as de-ja-vu happens inside the squared circle, Jackal celebrating, getting into the mind of his opponent. Gregory though, being the intelligent man that he is laughs it off, then starts to walk up the ramp for some reason. The fans boo furiously as Jackal look confused. Gregory reaches half way until Jackal loses his cool and calm persona. He dives out of the ring and chases Gregory up the ramp. The fans don’t know what to make of this, but can spot Gregory feeling something, reaching inside his trunks. Jackal completely unaware of this catches the Graduate up, turns him around but is totally caught by Grantham…


- Gregory pelts Jackal straight in the temple with a pair of brass knucks that he secretly placed on his right hand. He drops them to the ground, smiling and posing as the fans throw abuse at the cocky Graduate. Jackal is out cold. Of course that is no way to win the match, Grantham needing to make Jackal say the two famous words. Gregory strolls back towards the ring, throwing his arms as he walks, looking like he is in some kind of second rate commercial. He climbs inside the ring, then sits on the turnbuckle, raising his hands in complete and utter glory, believing he is so great after orchestrating that last assault on the Jackal. Gregory looks towards Karl, noticing he is flinching, twitching, he has regained consciousness. Jackal then sits up, turning his head towards the ring, towards Grantham. A worried look goes over the face of the Graduate as Jackal clearly looks pissed, he has a trickle of blood flowing down the side of his bald head, reaching to his mouth as he smiles in anger, his teeth stained red, covered with blood. Gregory gets up, trying to pretend to be ready, Jackal gets to his feet and storms down the ramp and rolls into the ring, Gregory trying to kick him down but Jackal is up as both men brawl.

- Jackal gets the upper hand, he whips Gregory to the ropes, back body drop. He lifts him back up, fast stinging chops to the chest and throat area of Grantham, then whips him to the corner, Jackal dives in with a spear/shoulder block, but Gregory dodges as the neck and shoulder of Jackal smashes into the turnbuckle hard. Jackal sits down, an extremely worried look crosses his face, he goes pale white. Flashbacks of the past, his last I Quit Match where he broke his neck, Jackal holds his shoulder and neck with fright, the referee checking if he is okay, but clearly he seems perturbed. Before Jackal can answer the referee, Grantham psychopathically runs in with a knee to the face, cutting Jackal open more, plus whip-lashing his neck as he slams his head back into the canvas.

- Gregory picks Jackal up, a grimace shown on the face of the Graduate, no mercy for Jackson. He wraps his arm around the back of Jackal, then lifts him up into a power slam position with Jackal’s arm still trapped, unveiling his bare shoulder and neck. Instead of a power slam, he slams Jackal down onto his knee hitting a modified Shoulder breaker. Jackal rolls around screaming in pain as Gregory poses once again. Gregory then wraps Jackal up into a Front face lock, pulling and contorting the neck of Karl Jackson. Gregory stages a sick smile as he licks his lips, totally in control of this match up right now. He pulls and pulls, Jackal with no means of escape. Clearly, he has started to fade as the fans boo for the Graduate. The referee tells Gregory to break the hold, but he continues to put more and more pressure on the hold. The blood flows drastically to the head of Jackal, starting to bleed a bit more heavily now. It drips onto the floor, his neck in an awkward position. Jackal mounts some attempt of escape though, but Gregory clearly has it singed in.

- Jackal makes it to one knee, then to both, he hits Gregory in the gut, desperately trying to reverse this hold. Jackal again with shots to the gut, then stands up as he hits Gregory with an impressive Northern Lights Suplex. Jackal rolls out of harms way as both men regain their breath. Gregory shows his experience though as he does not let Jackal recover, he gets up and hit’s a heavy Elbow drop onto the back of Jackal’s neck. He then lifts him up, hitting a snakes eyes but wrapping the throat and neck of Jackal around the top rope as he bounces off violently, now convulsing on the mat as Gregory stays on the attack. Gregory picks him back up again, whips him to the ropes, throws a clothesline attempt, but he misses that, Jackal now on the rebound gets caught in a sleeper hold by Gregory, but he has no intention of keeping the hold on, he viciously pulls Jackal down from a sleeper position so he falls backwards, then places his knee out so Jackal crashes down hard onto his knee, back onto that injured neck.

- Gregory seems like a man possessed, but also methodically destroying Jackson. He mounts him, now looking to cut him even wider open as he hits rights and lefts into the cut. Jackal blocks, but cannot block for long, Gregory getting once or two powerful blows to the skull through, then grabs his arm as he locks in an arm bar, mixing his offense up, Jackal taken unaware again. Gregory destroying every section of Jackal’s body, now stretching out his arm as the nerves from his neck, down his shoulder and through his arm all pulsate, Gregory like a doctor with his intelligent ways of taking Jackal out piece by piece. Jackal though, an intelligent submissionist himself, rolls back, knowing a counter for the hold, Gregory loses grip, but goes back on the attack as he tries for a spear, Jackal dodges though and wills Gregory on as he flies through the ropes, lading on the outside with authority. Jackal collapses back to the ground holding his whole left side of his body, blood dribbling down his face, still though, Jackal looks intense upon winning this match.

- Jackal dives out of the ring as both men fight on the outside. Gregory attempts to throw Jackal into the stairs but he reverses, Grantham charging the steps and sending a loud echo throughout the arena as the fans cheer in delight. Jackal wipes the blood from his forehead, he carries on. He grabs Gregory, shoulder tackling him into the guardrail as he starts hitting him with right hands, Gregory looking heavily dazed. Jackal then lifts Grantham’s left leg up and over the guardrail, planning something. He looks around, Gregory trapped in a precarious position. Jackal smirks as he picks up a medium sized ladder from under the apron. Gregory starts to struggle, but unable to move out of the way I time as Jackal drives the base of the ladder into the lower leg of Grantham. The guardrail shakes as Gregory falls off lading on the concrete floor, holding his ankle in pain. Jackal sets up the ladder around his ankle, his vicious side starting to come out. With the ankle trapped inside the ladder, Jackal begins to stomp on his leg. Grantham screams, Jackal asking him if he wants to quit, Gregory shakes his head as the punishment continues.

- Jackal climbs the steps, looking down as Grantham struggles to release himself, Jackal smiles and whispers…This is for my wife…Then jumps off landing a heavy stomp on the ladder, thus trapping the ankle and potentially destroying the leg of Grantham. The crowd hiss in silence, noticing Jackal now has snapped. He grabs the microphone off the staff member then drives it into the face of Grantham. Clearly he is in pain, he puffs and pants, but still, he says


- Jackal smiles, then drops to his knees, with his right had, he presses the microphone up against the mouth of Grantham, with the left, he starts slamming the ladder up and down, every time, shattering the bones a little more in the left ankle of Grantham. Jackal asks him again…But again, Grantham does not quit. Gregory tries to crawl away, actually completely on the defense now, Jackal with blood down his face. Jackal grabs Grantham, stopping him from getting away, then throws him inside the ring. Jackal climbs in, then preys upon Grantham as he starts to rise, leaning up against the ropes for leverage. Jackal dives in, dropkicking the left leg of Grantham as he crashes back down to the ground. Jackal pulls him to the center of the ring then locks in a Fujiwara Leg bar, most of the pressure highly on his ankle.

- Jackal wrenches back and forth, ripping the veins and tissue, Grantham screaming I pain, gritting his teeth, trying to withstand the hold. Jackal orders the ref to ask Grantham, but clearly he shakes his head, making sure everyone knows he is not going to quit. Jackal sits up and then lies back again, every movement he makes rips another nerve out of Grantham’s ankle. Jackal now sits up staring at Gregory, asking him plainly, ‘Do you quit?”











- Jackal frowns, then sits back again, keeping the hold on. Grantham lifts himself up, hand standing trying to pull himself towards the ropes, but he is a distance away. Grantham then tries to roll over, changing the hold, but Jackal keeps it locked in still. Gregory lies back, clutching his face with his hands, the pain becomes unbearable. Jackal screams…‘Quit Greg…Quit before I SNAP your damn ankle’

- Grantham powers to the side, managing to twist and turn Jackal, he loses grip, Jackal has been rolled over. Grantham is nearly out of the hold, but Jackal switches it around, maneuvering himself until it becomes clear…JACKAL LOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Gregory panics, the crowd goes wild, Jackal desperately rips at his ankle, standing tall above Grantham who seems stuck in the middle of the ring…Until…Gregory rolls forward as Jackal goes plowing through the ropes and onto the outside. The fans boo. Jackal rolls around, clutching at his neck and shoulder which was weakened from before. Gregory and Jackal both o the ground, both in pain, both trying to recover to win this battle of pride.

- Gregory rises, shaking his leg, trying to regain his blood flow to his injured leg. He falls back down, then rolls out of the ring, trying not to put pressure on his leg. Jackal now rises, but looks a bit dazed. Gregory hit’s a right hand, then a left, then a knee to the gut before running him shoulder first into the turnbuckle, the ring shaking upon impact.

- Gregory grabs Jackal from behind, Jackal stomps on his foot though as Gregory backs away almost in tears, the fans laughing. Jackal runs towards him, but Gregory has him scouted as he lifts Jackal up…Spine buster…


- The back of Jackal’s neck crashes onto the tip of the guardrail, a impact which could have shattered his neck in many places. He makes no movement. His eyes are closed. The fans lean over the rail to take a look at Jackal. Gregory checks one more time on his leg, then goes after Jackal, yelling at the fans to stand back, as they boo him powerfully. Gregory prizes Jackal up off the ground, but he seems knocked out. Grantham rolls him into the ring. He rolls in himself, then stands over the Jackal waiting for his next assault.

- Gregory gets sick of waiting as he lifts Jackal up, sets him up for a power slam, but then drops Jackal right on the top of his head as once again, his neck crushes into the ground. Jackal still makes no movement. Gregory picks him up again, lifts him up even higher…Vertical Suplex…NO…BRAINBUSTAHHHHHHHH!!!

- The fans go silent, actually worried for the Jackal. Gregory clearly incensed upon re injuring his neck, after the incident a few years back in Japan. Gregory slaps the back of Jackal head, trying to wake him, but Jackal is out. The fans begin slowly to chant for Jackal, Gregory looking around a bit surprised, then chuckles. He grabs the microphone.

“You like him now do you? Well it is a shame I am going to have to break this Jackass neck and put him out of action again. YOU HEAR THAT JACKASS? QUIT…BEFORE I BREAK YOUR NECK!”

- Gregory throws the microphone down, then picks up the bloody battered Jackal, who still makes no movement…He lifts him up…He takes him to the outside…The fans go silent looking sickened by this…Gregory swings him…

4.0 INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- The whole arena goes wild. The arena shakes as Jackal’s head and neck smashes off the turnbuckle, now starting to flip around like a fish out of water on the concrete…Gregory snarls with a sick evil smile. Gregory rolls back into the ring, picks up the microphone, then slides out again, looking pretty coident as he limps over towards Jackal.

‘You quit now Jackass?’

























- The fans jump out of their seats, Jackal unbelievably still wants to continue. At first Grantham looks scared and shocked, but then a cocky smile comes over his face, before then frothing from the mouth, driving his face into Jackal’s as he speaks…

‘You truly are a stupid Jackass…That decision could cost you your life…I will break your neck again…Then nice little Cindy will be all alone…But don’t worry Jackass…I will keep her company!’

- Grantham places the microphone down, smiling as the fans boo him furiously. All of a sudden Jackal climbs to his feet, Gregory looking like he just saw a ghost, he swings a right hand at Jackal but Karl blocks, then hit’s a right hand of his own, another, then another, then knees him in the groin as Grantham cries in pain, Jackal then picking up the microphone and swinging it around the head of Grantham.


- Jackal drops the microphone, then looks around. He is searching for something, maybe a weapon. The camera switches to show Gregory as he rolls around clutching his head, blood can be seen, now…Both men are cut open. Jackal looks under the apron. The fans seem excited, especially when he starts to pull a table out from under the ring…


- The fans scream in delight, Jackal desperate to put his adversary through the glass. He sets it up on the outside, then turns around to fetch Grantham. He picks him up, noticing he is bleeding as he hits him square in the cut. Jackal bounces Grantham’s head off the apron, then a knee in the ribs, Grantham seems hurt bad after the shot to the head with the microphone. Jackal signals the end to the crowd, both men been through a hellacious battle. Jackal locks Grantham up for an overhead belly to belly, he lifts…


- Grantham knees him in the groin, a desperate ploy to escape danger. Gregory then rolls into the ring just to get away, blood now profusely pouring down his face, both men bleeding badly actually. Jackal powers himself up onto his feet as he crawls back into the ring. Greg tries to attack him but he pushes him off. Jackal sweeps his legs, then drops an elbow drop. He lifts Grantham back up as he hit’s a couple of European Uppercuts, then starts to rip at the cut on the head of Grantham, with his bare hands he rips open the deep cut. The fans are in shock about the level of intensity of these two. Gregory fights back, but only for a while until Jackal hit’s a couple of neat shin kicks to the injured leg, then he whips him to the corner, Grantham comes back, Jackal locks in a sleeper hold, but Grantham slips out of it, keeping hold of Jackal’s arm…Short-arm Clothesline…Almost taking the head off Jackson!

- The whip lash causes Jackson to hold his neck, once more in severe pain. Grantham then starts to stomp on his shoulder and neck area. Jackal rolls away but Grantham comes in with a heavy foot to the temple, making an even bigger gash in the side of Jackal’s head. The technical wrestling now has flown out of the window, now these two men fight for the win. Gregory mounts Jackal, closes fists shots to the head of Jackal, but he switches it over, now brawling Gregory into the ground. Both men get up, Gregory with a knee to the gut, then goes for another short-arm clothesline…But Jackal ducks, then in a split second, he lifts Gregory up for a German Suplex…Only the adrenaline and power that Jackal felt causes Gregory to flip over the ropes…OVERHEAD GERMAN SUPLEX TO THE OUTSIDE…

GREGORY SHATTERS THROUGH THE GLASS TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- The glass shatters through his skin, Gregory lying a broken bloodied mess, actually flying over the ropes through a glass table, shades of the legendary Greenhouse match from moths previously. The fans go INSANE!

- Jackal smiles. A kind of psychopathic look upon his face. Gregory quite obviously making and showing no signs of movements. Suddenly paramedics rush down the ramp, looking to help Grantham. Jackal sees this and dives out of the ring looking angry. He grabs the first paramedic, throwing him head first into the steps. Then he clotheslines the other one to the ground. The fans going wild. Jackson then grabs the microphone, planting it up against the face of the lifeless Grantham…

‘You quit now Grantham?’













There is no sound.






‘Well, do you quit Greg?’












Still no sound, the referee trying to call the match off, but Jackal screams at him to carry it on. The referee looks confused, looking around the arena full of CZW fans booing him. He then says okay, but Grantham has not quit. Jackal then throws the microphone to the ground, then runs to the ladder, a spring now in his step. He pulls the ladder over to Grantham who is still face first lying into the pit of broken shards of glass. Jackal pulls him clear, stains of blood from every body part of Gregory can be seen. Jackson screams out to the crowd to signal the end…JACKSON CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- He then sadistically places the ladder over the throat of Grantham, the camera shows his face which has been obliterated by the glass. Jackson traps his legs through the ladder, then pulls on the head of Grantham…He locks it in!

JACKSON CRUSH THROUGH A STEEL LADDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- The fans are completely shocked. The referee checks quickly on Grantham, no signs of even being alive. The Jackal has him beat, he makes no sound, he is trapped, he cannot escape…Jackson crushes the throat of Grantham and does not let go…But suddenly the fans boo and hiss violently!


- He runs through the crowd holding a ladder of his own, then jumps over the guardrail. He looks rushed, trying to help his Upstart teammate. Jackson does not even notice. He keeps the hold on Greg. Jesse then sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. He climbs, the fans chanting ‘Jesse Sucks’ loudly. Finally Jackson notices as he looks up…Jesse dives off the top of the ladder onto the outside…Elbow Drop!

JESSE CRUSHES JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- The crowd are sickened by the despicable actions from the CZW World Champion. Jackson releases Grantham and seems to be out of it himself. The steel off the ladder crushing into his skull. Jesse recovers, holding his arm as it were broken, but it’s not. He then tries to revive Grantham who is covered in broken pieces of glass, ripping into his skin. He wakes. Jesse the reaches under the ring, pulling out a strip of rope. Jesse clearly had all of this planned. The fans boo continuously. Jesse then ties the rope around the neck and arm of Jackson, basically wrapping him up in rope in a triangle position, tying up his injured neck and shoulder. Jesse then wraps the rope around the turnbuckle, creating a devise that would tug Jackal and choke him. Grantham now back up on his feet. He looks devastated, blood dripping out of every part of his body. He clearly has been through one of the toughest battles ever. Jesse hands Grantham the rope as the fans chant profanities uncontrollably. Grantham then in one sick motion pulls the rope as the broken body of The Jackal hangs up, dangling down from the turnbuckle, his feet off the floor. Jesse then gets the microphone…

‘Jackal…You better quit or my boy Grantham here will snap your neck like a twig’

- Jackal turns purple, security and paramedics rush down to the ring as the referee tries to untie the knot around the neck of Jackson. Faintly down the microphone we hear the Jackal whisper the everlasting words…



- Grantham celebrates as he lets go of the rope, Jackson being able to finally receive treatment. Greg celebrates inside the ring with Jesse as the fans hate them. Both competitors look catastrophically damaged, both will never be the same again. Jesse cuts the music as he walks up to Jackson, slapping him as he smiles, then screams down the microphone at the Jackal…


The music fades back in as Upstarts exit the shocked arena, Jackson leaving on a stretcher, the fans amazed by the I Quit match they had just witnessed.

Winner is Gregory Grantham after 21.35 via Jackson quitting…

The Winner... by Karl saying 'I Quit'... GREGORY GRANTHAM!!!!!


The scene cuts to the backstage area where Ryan Lewis is standing by the same door the cameras left him at. He is unaware that the cameras are rolling as he continues his conversation with on of the backstage workers.

Camera Man: Ryan, we’re live.

Ryan Lewis: Ryan Lewis here, and I’m gonna try and get some answers from the Wright’s about what happen during his tag match this past week on Warzone.

Just as he finishes that sentence, the door opens. Tabatha comes out first with a smile on her face, and following right behind her is her husband, Rob Wright. As Rob closes the door he turns and says.

Rob Wright: Alright man. That sounds great. We’ll be back in a little bit. We’re gonna go grab a bite to eat.

As Wright turns around, Lewis has his microphone in his face. Wright looks at him and smacks the mic away, and Lewis pulls it up to his mouth ready to ask a question.

Ryan Lewis: Rob Wright. I got a question for you. Why did you up and leave K.C. Kash last week on Warzone?

Rob Wright: What do you mean? Did you see that fool out there? He thought he was the whole team. I tried to tag in, but the boy wonder wanted to do it by himself. So I decided to let him, and look what happened. As soon as I walked away. BOOM!!!! He got hit with some Shock Trauma, and then the 1….2….3.

Ryan Lewis: other words. Another failed tag team for Rob Wright.

Rob Wright: As far as I’m concerned…he fought the match by himself, and he lost by himself. I never fail at anything. That was his failure. All I know is the next time I tag with someone....IF I tag with someone. It's gonna be somebody that I know I can trust.

Ryan Lewis: You weren’t booked on the PPV card. Was there a specific reason for that?

Tabatha Wright: No. There was no special reason why he wasn’t booked. Mr. Aleksander was nice enough to give us a day off. Which we thanked him for. It gave a chance to get some personal stuff out of the way.

Ryan Lewis: Ok Rob. One last question. Who were you talking to in there?

Rob Wright: Do you really wanna know? Huh. Do you? Go ahead. Open the door and find out.

Lewis goes to open the door, but Rob Wright stops him.

Rob Wright: C’mon Ryan. Did you really think I was gonna let you in on something that is so ground breaking that it is going send shockwaves through the entire CZW? Do you really think that I am that dumb? I may have temporary amnesia, but I’m not stupid.

Ryan Lewis: Define ground breaking.

Tabatha Wright: We’re sorry, Ryan. We really want to give you more, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise. If you wanna find….stayed tuned.

With that being said, Rob shoves Ryan Lewis out of the way as they make there way down the hall. After the turned the corner, Ryan Lewis opens the door that the Wright’s walked out of. He turns and his jaw drops to the floor.

Ryan Lewis: Oh my god. It’s……..

The camera fades to black before he can reveal the name of the person in the room.


** ELIMINATION 8-MAN TLC HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: The Dark Side VS. The Outlaws & "The Phoenix" Mike King **

Disturbed’s “Inside the Fire” fills the arena, and the newly formed Darkside walks out of the back. All four men seem to be locked in and ready for the match, and they are met with a chorus of boos. They walk down the ramp and towards the ring slowly almost enjoying the boos that shower them. Once in the ring they huddle in their corner and begin discussions of strategy.

“Cowboy Up,” by Chris LeDoux begins to blare out of the PA system, and the Outlaws with Mike King appear at the top of the ramp. The boos for this team are even worse, as they pick on the fans sitting along the side of the ramp. It seems as if the Outlaws aren’t taking this match as serious as the Darkside. When the Outlaws hit the ring they begin a two round paper-rock-scissors tournament to see who will be in the ring first.

Daniels: Mike and Ezra from Total Mayhem begin the match. And they lock up.

Ezra gains the advantage and walks Mike to the ropes. Ezra whips Mike across the ring and on the rebound connects with a hard clothesline. Ezra drags Mike over to the Darkside corner and tags in his brother Jakob.

Gold: Here comes the other Mayhem brother.

Farley: You think they’ve recuperated from that orgy earlier this week?

Gold: It sure looks like it.

Jakob pushes Mike back into the corner and begins to pummel Mike with rights and lefts. The referee steps in to allow Mike to get up off the ropes, but with his back to the corner, the other three men begin to choke and kick the down Mike.

Daniels: That’s despicable!

Masters: No, that’s smart!

The Outlaws hit the ring and knock all three of the Darkside members not in the match off the ring apron, and climb out after them.

Daniels: All hell has broken loose already.

Jakob turns his attention back to Mike and is greeted with a kick to the gut followed by a DDT. Mike stomps away at Jakob and pulls him back to his feet by his hair. Jakob is sent to the ropes across the ring and ducks a clothesline from Mike, rebounds off the opposite ropes and connects with another clothesline. By this time the melee has been broken up, and Jakob tags in Carnage.

Farley: Finally the big man can get in ring and create….well…..carnage.

Gold: I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Carnage comes in and picks Mike up. Mike blocks a right from the big man, followed by another, and another head butt by Mike.

Daniels: Now is the time for Mike to get a tag!

Gold: Mike tags in Buck!

Buck gets in and lands three straight rights on the stunned Carnage. Buck with a kick to the gut. Piledriver from Buck.

Farley: Wow, sure seems like Buck is on a mission to destroy Carnage again.

Buck stomps away at Carnage before pulling the big man back to his feet. Buck tries to body slam Carnage but it’s blocked and Carnage goes on the offensive. Rights, lefts, a kick, powerbomb. Carnage goes for the pin.














Carnage drags Buck to the Darkside corner and tags in Tim. Tim goes to work on Buck’s mid-section with a few boots. Tim follows the boots by mounting Buck and pummels him with a couple rights and lefts before Buck blocks a couple and responds with a right of his own. Buck makes it to his feet and whips Tim into the Outlaw corner. Buck grabs the ref and turns him away from the Outlaw corner as his teammates begin to beat on Tim. Buck finally walks over to the corner and tags in DD. DD comes out and drags Tim to the middle of the ring. LEGEND LOCK!

Gold: This move almost put Tim out of action for a while a few weeks back.

Farley: Yeah, DD said he was going to break Tim’s leg, and it looks like he’s about to do just that.

DD is wrenching on the leg of Tim and after a while the Darkside comes into the ring to break up the hold, but before they could make it they are met by the rest of team Outlaws. The referee tries to separate the other six men, and while he’s not paying attention Tim begins to tap out. Carnage finally fights Buck off and stomps DD to break the hold before the ref could see Tim tapping. Now all eight men are in the ring in what has become nothing more than a gang fight.

Gold: Looks like mayhems unfolding in our ring!

Farley: Can we get some order here!

Nasty tosses both members of Total Mayhem out of the ring as he’s also tossed out by Timmons. When Timmons turns around he’s standing to toe with Mike King. Buck and DD are on the other side with Nasty beating the tar out of there opponents.

Gold: Here we go Timmons, King toe to toe.

Farley: These two former tag team champions can’t stand each other.

Timmons starts in on Mike’s face with a few right hooks, Mike catches one and kicks Timmons in the midsection, followed by a monstrous DDT. King makes the cover




















Gold: Timmons kicked out

Timmons gets back up and starts up his assault of right hooks once more but Mike begins to counter the punches thrown by TT. Mike begins throwing hay makers on TT.

Farley: I think Timmons is dazed.

Timmons rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair.

Gold: Hmmm I wonder what TT is gonna do with that!

Timmons rolls back into the ring with a chair, he comes charging for Mike but when he raises the chair to hit Mike, Mike executes a big boot into the chair, sending the steel chair right into Timmons’ head. Timmons is knocked out cold. .

Gold: OH MY GOD! Mike just planted Tim right in the head with that steel chair.

Farley: I think that’s it for Timmons.




















Gold: The Hardcore Master is Hardcore Champ no more.

Farley: So the champ gets is eliminated first, which means we will have a new hardcore champion.

Timmons throws a hissy fit for a few moments when he’s attacked with a painful kick from behind to his nuts by Buck Evans.

Gold: Right in the koneke!

Farley: That can’t feel to good.

Tim is then thrown out of the ring and escorted to the locker room while holding his nuts in his hand.

Meanwhile out side of the ring DD and Big Nasty are going back and forth beating the hell out of Total Mayhem and Carnage.

Gold: Did you see what the boss man just did to carnage?

Farley: Damage is introducing his knee to Carnage’s face.

Nasty rolls Carnage into the ring.

Gold: There’s two men standing right now, DD and Buck Evans both with evil smiles on there faces.

Farley: I’m more then willing to put money on it that Carnage is next!

Buck rolls out of the ring, grabbing a table and sliding into the ring and turns back for something else. Meanwhile DD is connection with a few mounted punches keeping the big Carnage down on the matt.

Gold: What’s that Redneck doing?

Farley: It looks like he’s looking for more tool of pain.

Buck grabs the ladder and slides it into the ring. Damage gets off carnage to give a helping hand to his fellow Outlaw.

Gold: Ok, They have the ladder set up and DD just finished setting up that table.

Farley: It don’t look good for Carnage.

Jakob rolls into the ring just to be pulled back out by Nasty as Ezra levels him with a low chop to the knees. Nasty’s down on the floor in extreme pain.

Gold: Looks like Ezra just put the hurting on The Big Nasty!

Farley: It appears that the self proclaimed greatest I.C. Champion may not be able to finish this match up.

Buck commands that DD climb the ladder, as Evans holds Carnage down on the table.

Gold: The old timmer is gonna fly!

DD takes a flying leap off the ladder crushing his fragile body onto of Carnage, threw that table. DD covers for the pin.




















Farley: There goes Carnage.

Gold: I can’t believe that Derek Damage flew off that ladder and on to man and wood.

Just as the “3” is called both members of The Outlaws standing in the ring run to aid of Big Nasty who is getting a beat down by the 2 other remaining members of the opposing team.

Gold: Here we go 2 down and 6 left to go!

Farley: Team Darkside has lost 2 members, so it is now 4 on 2 with Team Outlaws with the advantage.

All four members of the Outlaws team are beating the hell out of Jakob and Ezra. With hard right hands Buck and Nasty split open Jakob ad Ezra, covering their faces in a crimson masks!

Gold: Look Blood!

Farley: It was only a matter of time before we saw Blood and there it is. I think Buck didn’t realize how much force he put behind that punch.

Damage walks out of the ring to grab another chair, Nasty is holding Jakob and Buck has Ezra, Nasty then calls Mike to go get a table. Mike gets out of the ring and grabs a table and sets it up by the nearest ring corner. Buck then climbs the turnbuckle as nasty sets up Jakob on Bucks shoulders. Buck is about to power bomb Jakob through the table but Jakob counters and executes a hurricann runna, sending Buck through the table instead. As Nasty and Mike are posing to the crowd, celebrating, thinking that Buck just eliminated Jakob, Jokob gets the pin on Buck.



















Farley: Well that’s it for the hog tie-in’ sumbitch, Buck Evans

Gold: Now we are down to 3 on 2.

Farley: So does this mean that TM, Nasty Damage and Mike King are the only members left in this match up?

Jakob climbs the top right turn buckle waiting for someone to come his way. When someone does that someone is Derek Damage and he’s taken down with a flying clothes line and then take out of the ring with a baseball slide from Ezra.

Both members of Total Mayhem grab the ladder still in the ring from DD’s high risk elimination. They both take an end waiting to take down Nasty when he stands up.

Farley: Nasty’s back to his feet.

Gold: Not for long!

TM taking a running start at BN with the ladder just to be taken down themselves when The Big Nasty connects with a big boot to the ladder.

Gold: Damage is back in the ring.

Farley: Nasty’s telling him to end it.

Gold: DD just locked in the Legend’s lock to Jakob Mayhem!

Farley: And look at him tap like a little bitch. Jakob Mayhem is now eliminated from this match.

Gold: So it’s on man left from Timmons team and 3 men left from the team Nasty Damage and Mike King.

Farley: Not for long partner.

Ezra is knocked out by a big boot from Nasty. Nasty grabs Ezra, stands him up and holds him for Damage this time. Damage steps back then runs towards Ezra for a super clothes line but Ezra ducks, sending Damage right into Nasty, he goes flying out of the ring to the floor. Ezra then kicks Damage in the mid section, then grabs Mike and throws him out of the ring. Ezra then nails Damage with a DDT then applies the Python submission. Damage can’t hold on and taps out quickly.

Gold: Damage is gone from the match, leaving Ezra Mayhem to fight off Nasty and Mike king.

Nasty gets back to his feet on the outside but Ezra back up, runs toward the ropes and lands on top of Nasty via a Cork screw plancha but just as Ezra hits Nasty, he also lands his face right into the security railing. Mike King then gets back to his feet on the outside and walks over to Nasty but he stops, looks up at the Title and goes for the ladder. Mike sets up the ladder, climbs to the top as Nasty and Ezra are laid out cold.

Mike King grabs the title, unhooks the belt and it’s over.

Mike King is the new Hardcore Champion.

Gold: I can not believe it, we have a new CZW Hardcore Champion and his name is Mike King!!

The Winner and reigning CZW Hardcore Champion... MIKE KING!!!!


** X TITLE STRAP MATCH: Krimzon Blaze VS. Eddie Rowan **

TOWERS: "This next match is for the CZW X title and is now... a strap match? Introducing first!"

The lights go out. TRAPT - HEADSTRONG hits the P.A. very loudly, with only a single white spotlight at the top of the entrance-way. K-Blaze walks out, and throws his arms into an X, as a smatter of red X's in pyro shoot off from each side he's standing. The CombatTron video shows K-Blaze pulling off high-risk moves such as the Shooting Star Leg-Drop on El Pablo during the Tag Team Tandem Match, and hitting the Kode Of Silence on an already busted-up Shawn Waters & AAN, as well as that Moonsault off the ladder onto Mido in the TLC Match. K-Blaze then gets to the ring steps, walks up them, and springboards off the ropes and lands on his feet.

TOWERS: "The challenger.. hailing from Detroit, Michigan... weighing in at 215 pounds... He is the "Aerial Specialist" KRIMZON BLAZE!!"

* Crowd continues popping *

TOWERS: "And his opponent... he is the current reigning and defending CZW X Champion... hailing from Seattle, Washington and weighing in at 205 pounds... "RATED E FOR EVERYONE" EDDIE ROWAN!!"

A quick countdown appears on the screen, followed by an old-time announcer's voice.

"You are watching Ed-E.T.V."

"Doomsday Clock" by Smashing Pumpkins then begins to play, and smoke begins pouring down from the entranceway. As the drum intro ends and the guitar kicks in, Eddie emerges through the smoke, looking back and forth to the crowd with a broad grin. He is attired in a pair of long black shorts, flame-trimmed wrestling boots, and one of many various rock band or anime character t-shirts, typically with the sleeves removed. His hands are taped from knuckle to mid-forearm, with a single black 'X' drawn on the back of each hand. He has his championship title belt hooked his actual belt so that it hangs sideways down over his right leg.

He proceeds to make his way to the ring with a bit of a hop in his step, the smile on his face is one that shows that he loves to be where he is, doing what he does. Eddie gestures at his gold, showing it off for the crowd a bit before rolling into the ring. He stands and throws his arms up, and a small pyro blasts from the ring-posts. He poses a bit more, bouncing on the middle of the second rope with his title belt held high in one hand.

Both men are now in the ring staring each other in the eyes while the ref explains the match to them, after both men single they understand the ref takes the leather strap and tie it to both men's wrist. Both men shake hands before the ref rings the bell. Eddie comes out of the box strong to start the match by taking KB down with a running forearm. Eddie quickly gos to touch the 1st post but KB pulls him back with the strap and hits a drop kick, KB jumps over Eddie and touches the 1st post, as KB gos for the second Eddie pulls the rope as KB steps over it crotching the challenger breaking KB's momentum. Eddie gets up and stops KB a few times before wrapping the strap around KB's throat, choking him.

After a moment Eddie lets go and touches the post, he gos to the 2nd post and touches it but when he gos for a third KB is back up pulling on the strap, Eddie continues in vain to go for the other post un till he turns and runs at KB, KB ducks down and back body drops Eddie over the ropes, But Eddie falls so far out that KB is pulled over the ropes to. After a minute both men stumble up, KB got up slightly before Eddie allowing him to climb onto the apron. KB jumps off the apron with a cross body but Eddie side steps, throwing KB into the guard rail. Eddie climbs in the ring and back out on the other side of the turnbuckle, when KB gets to his knees Eddie pulls the strap causing KB to hit the post head first. Eddie climbs back in and touches one post, he pulls KB back in and touches another, Eddie gos to touch a third But he sees KB getting up, Eddie walks away, breaking his momentum and kicks KB in the gut, He sets KB up for a pile driver but after a attempt KB back drops Eddie, Eddie Stumbles up and gets a few right hands from KB, Eddie gos for a clothes line but KB ducks and hits a pele kick. KB whips Eddie with the strap multiple times before wrapping it around Eddies neck and drapes him over his back. With Eddie over his back KB touches the first post but as he passes Eddie touches it to, both touch the second, both touch the third,KB tiredly drops Eddie off his back and gos for the fourth but Eddie pulls him back with the strap, Eddie pulls KB to him and does a back body drop, but KB land on his feet!!! KB hits a big super kick but accidentally knocks Eddie into the forth post. As the bell rings KB realized what he did as The ref hands a “out of it” Eddie the X-title.

The Winner of the bout... and STILL CZW X Champion... EDDIE ROWAN!!


** CZW WORLD TV TITLE TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Dusty Davis VS. Jordan Bryant VS. Cage Stryker **

Jessica Towers is in the ring as we get set for the Television Title match. “Second Coming” by Julez Santana begins to play and Jordan Bryant makes his way to the ring, the fans booing him loudly.

Towers: “Making his way to the ring, hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, he is ‘The Baller,’ JORDAN BRYANT!”

Bryant enters the ring and poses a bit, trash-talking several fans. His music cuts and “Luv Addict” by Family Force 5 hits, the fans booing even louder now as Dusty Davis appears onstage, smiling wider than ever before.

Towers: “Now on his way to the ring, from Lincoln, Rhode Island, being accompanied by ‘The Featured Attraction,’ he is ‘The Flagship Player,’ DUSTY DAVIS!”

The Featured Attraction move to ringside, and Mercy and West hold the ropes down for Dusty and Ashley to enter. Dusty appeals to a chorus of jeers before turning his attention to Jordan, motioning across his waist, insinuating that he will win the title. Bryant looks at Davis like he’s joking and talks some smack to him. Suddenly, “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva hits, and the fans begin a deafening roar of cheers as Cage Stryker appears on the ramp with the Television Title around his waist, appealing to the crowd.

Towers: “And finally, on his way to the ring, he hails from Hollywood, California and he is the current CZW World Television Champion, CAGE STRYKER!!”

The crowd cheers loudly as Cage moves into the ring showing his belt off to the fans, and then to his opponents. He passes the belt to the referee, who holds it up, turning to all four sides of the ring, and then calls for the bell.

Daniels: “And here we go, Television Title match is underway!”

All three circle a bit, all trying to avoid opening themselves up to one another. Finally, Davis and Bryant both rush Cage! Cage with an elbow to Davis, dropping him, but Bryant gets in and hits Cage with a strong clothesline.

Masters: “Bryant taking charge early!”

Bryant stomps away at Stryker, but Dusty out of nowhere with a roll-up!


2… Bryant kicks out!

Daniels: “Davis almost stealing it in record fashion right there!”

Masters: “Just another second and this one would be over already!”

Bryant beats Dusty to his feet and grabs him by the hair, flinging him backwards and slamming his head to the canvas! Cage up suddenly and he grabs Bryant from behind, but Bryant counters with an elbow, staggering the champion!

Daniels: “JB in complete control so far!”

Masters: “He is an Outlaw, after all. They’re the toughest bunch of guys in the locker-room!”

Jordan now whipping Stryker into the ropes, and throws a clothesline, but Stryker ducks! Davis out of nowhere nails Bryant with a flying forearm! A split second later, Dusty is speared by a rebounding Cage Stryker!!”

Masters: “These guys are all over the place, you can’t keep track!”

Stryker with the pin on Davis.



Dusty with the kick-out. Stryker up quickly and grabs JB as he tries to make it to his feet, taking him down quickly with a Russian leg-sweep! Cover!



Bryant now kicking out!

Daniels: “The champ wasting no time in trying to claim the victory here!”

Masters: “None of them can afford to waste time in a triple threat! You don’t even have to be the guy beaten to lose the match, and the title!”

Stryker moving back towards Dusty now, Davis seems to be dazed, but no! He lures Cage in and drives his knee into Stryker’s abdomen! Dusty lifts Cage up for a stalling vertical suplex!”

Masters: “Look at the strength of Dusty Davis! He’s got the champ at his mercy!”

Daniels: “Look out! JB!!”

Bryant runs up behind Dusty and jerks him backwards to the mat with a Russian leg-sweep of his own, also causing Dusty to suplex Cage!

Daniels: “OH! What a move by ‘The Baller!’

Bryant goes for the cover on Dusty!



3!- NO! Cage breaks the count at the last moment!

Masters: “Stryker just barely able to keep the TV Title from slipping through his fingers!”

Cage now going to work on Bryant, punching him back into the corner. He sets him up for an Irish whip, but JB reverses! He throws Cage, but holds on, pulling him back for a short-arm clothesline, but Cage ducks! He quickly snatches Bryant up and takes him down with a spin-out powerbomb, much to the fans’ approval!

Daniels: “Excellent counter by the champion!”

Stryker turns to see a charging Dusty Davis, but he reacts, scooping Davis up and bringing him down with a spinebuster! He jumps up and appeals to the crowd, as they cheer on their champion! Cage lifting Dusty up and throws him into the corner. He lifts him up to sit on the top turnbuckle and begins climbing after!

Daniels: “Stryker, perhaps going for the Implant DDT!? NO, Bryant from behind!”

JB with a thunderous shot across the back of Cage, then throwing him down to the mat! He makes a move for Davis, but receives a gouge to the eyes for his efforts! Dusty grabs Jordan and jumps off with a tornado DDT! As he lands, he drives an elbow home on Cage! Davis’ cronies jump up and down with excitement, as the rest of the fans boo ‘the Flagship Player.’

Masters: “Beautiful execution by Dusty Davis! Now where’s he going!?”

Davis making a move back to the top rope! He points down to Jordan and Stryker, lying side by side and leaps off with a Shooting Star Press!

Masters: “Hell’s Inferno!!! NOOOO!!”

Simultaneously, JB and Cage roll out of the way, and Davis crashes hard to the canvas! The crowd goes crazy! Bryant grabs Stryker in a front facelock, but Cage reverses with a double-leg takedown! Boston Crab!! Bryant writhes in pain!

Daniels: “Submission situation here! Will Bryant find a way to get free!?”

Cage cranks on the hold, and Bryant is too far away from the ropes! Suddenly, out of nowhere, Dusty Davis is able to jab a thumb into Cage’s eye, breaking the hold!

Masters: “That was close! I thought he was about to tap for sure!”

Davis gestures to the referee, pointing to his shoulder!

Daniels: “Davis now talking to the referee. He may have hurt himself after missing that high-risk maneuver!”

Cage and Bryant making their way to their feet, both using the ropes to pull themselves up. Suddenly, Mercy and West jump onto the apron, hitting them both with guillotine drops!

Daniels: “And there they are! I knew it wouldn’t be long before Dusty’s goons became a factor! And look at Davis! He feigned the whole thing!”

Davis quickly rushes over to cover Bryant!



3!....NO! Bryant kicking out at the last second!

Davis looking frustrated now! Suddenly there is a commotion from the crowd! Buck Evans comes charging down the ramp! Also, from the other side of the ring, Jason Moore jumping the barricade! Mercy and West don’t notice them and Moore and Evans take them down with stereo clotheslines! Both men stop as they come face to face, and begin having words!

Masters: “What business do either of them have at ringside!?”

Daniels: “I think it’s clear that they’re evening the playing field for Bryant and Stryker!”

Masters: “This is SO unfair!”

Davis notices the scuffle outside and he yells to his cronies to take care of them. Stryker almost to his feet, but Dusty rocks him with a European uppercut! JB now getting up, and Davis hits a Mongolian chop!

Daniels: “Dusty struggling to keep control of the match! Meanwhile, look out here on the outside!”

Jason and Buck continue to argue, seemingly almost at a boiling point, when West launches an attack, diving at Jason Moore! Jason…casually steps back, and West crashes face-first into the steel steps, the crowd erupting in laughter! Mercy rushing Evans with a chair! Buck, not even looking, still trash-talking Jason, throws an elbow and catches Mercy in the jaw, taking him down, the audience laughing even more! Davis happens to see his men down AGAIN and Cage is able to take advantage of the momentary distraction!

Daniels: “Stryker grabs Davis, inverted facelock….OH!!!!!!”

Cage holds Dusty and grabs JB, in a front facelock at the same time, dropping JB and Davis with a DDT and reverse DDT respectively at the same time!! The crowd goes nuts! Meanwhile, outside the ring, Buck has had enough, and he throws the first punch! Jason takes it and begins to fire back, and in an instant the two are straight-out brawling! Jason pushes Buck back and they both go over the barricade! They make their way to their feet and continue to slug it out, moving farther back into the crowd!

Masters: “Well, good! Now they’re gone! Wait, what’s this!? Stryker climbing the ropes!”

Cage ascends the turnbuckle, but just then, Ashley jumps onto the apron, distracting the referee! Cage jumps down to take care of her, but out of nowhere, JB is up behind Cage, and he locks in the Timeout!

Daniels: “Timeout! Timeout!! He’s got it locked and the champ is fading!”

Dusty is up and he rushes them with a charging superkick, but Bryant yanks Cage aside! DUSTY KICKS ASHLEY!!

Masters: “OH MY GOD!”

Daniels: “Dusty just took out his own girl! AGAIN!”

Masters: “This isn’t funny, Daniels!!”

Dusty looks on in horror at what he’s just done. Suddenly, Cage loosens the hold a bit, jumping up and kicking Dusty with a front dropkick, knocking him out of the ring! Stryker and Bryant both fall backwards, Cage rolling over Bryant who still has the choke locked in! Bryant’s shoulders are down and the ref goes for the count!!




Daniels: “Amazing! Stryker reversed the Timeout into a pin! The champion retains!”

The ref signals for the bell, and “Ladies and Gentlemen” blasts over the PA as the crowd erupts into cheers.

Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, and STILL CZW World Television Champion, CAGE STRYKER!”

Bryant sits up and he looks about ready to snap. An exhausted Cage Stryker is handed his belt by the referee. He stands and raises it high, but Bryant gets right in his face. He talks some trash, holding his hand up with his thumb and forefinger an inch apart.

Bryant: “This close…this close…”

JB turns and leaves, passing by Dusty who is tending to an unconscious Ashley Valentine!

The Winner of the bout... and STILL CZW World TV Champion... CAGE STRYKER!!


The scene cuts to the parking lot of the AT&T center as a red and light blue candy cooted caddy with dayton rims and tinted windows rolls up. Jenny Jacobs stands several feet away from the vehicle and looks into the camera with mic in hand.

Jenny: I'm here in the back about to be joined by one of CZW's newest signees and member of the assualt roster. The man known as "Big Daddy" Brown.

The camera cuts back over to the car as the driver's side door opens. A fresh white air force one and 8732 jeans slides out of the car. "Big Daddy" Brown makes his way out of the vehicle, also sporting a black sports jacket, a black headband with white letters reading HNIC and a black and gold cane. The fresh new superstar hands his keys to a lovely young valet of his and struts over to Jenny Jacobs. She looks very unimpressed by Brown's swagger as he makes his way in front of the camera.

Jenny: Mr.Brown...

BDB: Yes bitch.

Jenny: Excuse me?

BDB: You gonna do this interview or not?

Jenny: Well, Big Daddy, for all the fans we don't remember, we first saw you make your debut at last month's pay per view Summer Showdown, were you failed to win the Hardcore championship, and then we saw you the next Annihilation were you lost a four way contest and... we haven't seen or heard from you since then. So why have you come back, and why should we care?

Brown smirks at Jenny's snide remarks towards him.

BDB: Bitch you think you funny huh? Let's get something straight, from the very start of my CZW career, I was throwen into unfair situations due to extremely bad booking. See I suffered a high ankle sprain at last months Summer Showdown, and then was forced to compete one week later were my injury was worsened. But now, Big Daddy is back, and not that whack ass security guard you got hanging around. Now, the glicious pimpin has returned. Thanks to Jesse Montana closing one of the best deals of his life. See, I can take Assault to new hights, and uh... Big Daddy can take you to new lows.

Jenny looks on in disgust as Brown makes sexual gestures towards the young women.

Jenny: So when will CZW be ever so graced by your presence?

BDB: Well bitch, you grace me in that bathroom stall over there. But as far as all the people once again being able to witness the phenomenal athletic proweless of Big Daddy, you can bet your sexy little vanilla ass you'll be seeing me return at Tribute To The Troops. As for tonight, I have a luxury box to go watch the show from, courtesy of Jesse Montana. And if you wanna come by, we can play oval office intern. But I gotta go... Bitches!

Several sexy valets of Big Daddy Browns walk onscene and escort BDB as he makes his way to his luxury suite to enjoy And Justice For All with the rest of the CZW.


** LADDER MATCH: El Pablo VS. Jena Cyde **

DANIELS: Well folks, we're now entering the home straight of "..And Justice For All", and this next match could quite possibly top everything we've seen so far!

MASTERS: That's right, we've seen pain, brutality, insanity, and after this match is through, we could also see a wedding! HAHA!

DANIELS: We sure could Will! And while the crew here are preparing the "decorations" for this next match, let's take a look back at just how this EXTRAORDINARY situation came about!

*The screen cuts to a recap of the El Pablo/Jena Cyde rivalry, showing footage ranging from their first ever meeting before the six-person Divas' Debut Tag match, through the ill-fated first date - thoughtfully set up by Jesse Montana - right up to El Pablo assaulting Jena and making the challenge to this match-up. The camera cuts back to the arena, where the ring has been dressed up in some sort of wedding theme. The ropes are covered in white ribbons, and flowers hang from the turnbuckles, petals scattered across the ring. The referee attaches two briefcases - each containing a contract - to a rope in the centre of the ring, and watches as they get hoisted high up into the arena air.*

JESSICA TOWERS: Ladies and gentlemen.. the following contest is a LADDER match, to determine the fate of the relationship between Jena Cyde and EL PABLO!

*The crowd cheers in anticipation.*

JESSICA TOWERS: Hanging above the ring are two briefcases, each containing an official, legally-binding contract. One of these is a marriage contract. If Jena Cyde successfully retrieves that briefcase, her and El Pablo will be joined in marriage with a ceremony at a date to be confirmed.

*The crowd boos, although there is a small amount of cheering to be heard from people wishing to see such a hilarious development.*

JESSICA TOWERS: The other contract is a restraining order. If El Pablo reaches THIS briefcase first, Jena Cyde will not be allowed within 100 feet of El Pablo, and as a result, will be forced to LEAVE the CZW!

*The opposite reaction is given to this announcement.*

JESSICA TOWERS: So, without further ado, allow me to introduce the first competitor..

*The lights go down, and white spotlights begin flickering around the arena as "Been Training Dogs" by The Cooper Temple Clause begins to play over the loudspeakers. As the music kicks in, a huge wall of pyro shoots off the Combattron, and the crowd erupts as El Pablo steps out onto the stage, North American Tag Title belt wrapped around his waist.*

JESSICA TOWERS: From Portsmouth, England.. weighing in at 206 pounds.. a member of Team XTC, and one half of the CZW North American Tag-Team Champions.. THE FIVE STAR SUPERSTAR.. EL PABLO!

*El Pablo bounds down the ramp and jumps into the ring as the crowd continues to applaud. He removes the belt from round his waist, climbs the turnbuckle, and hoists it into the air above his head. He yells out, trying to get the crowd as pumped up as he is, then hops back down and heads over to Towers. He beckons for the microphone, which she hands over. El Pablo stands in the centre of the ring, title belt now over his shoulder, and waits for the crowd to die down.*


*El Pablo raises his mic in the air as the crowd pops again.*

EL PABLO: Now, before we get down to business, there's somebody I'd like you to meet. You might remember her from her previous stint here in the CZW.. I'm sure my opponent tonight will.. *grins* Ladies and Gentlemen.. KRYSTAL STARR!

*Krystal Starr's music hits, and the former Diva steps out onto the stage to a good level of cheering, although nothing like the reception El Pablo recieved earlier. She waves at the fans, a beaming grin on her face, and runs down the ramp to join El Pablo in the ring.*

MASTERS: WOO! Krystal Starr's back!

DANIELS: This must have been the suprise that El Pablo was talking about earlier in the week! Former CZW Diva Krystal Starr, the latest in a long line of former superstars resurrected by Team XTC! But Will, what exactly do you think she's out here for?



MASTERS: Oh, sorry.. I was distracted.. Well, I'm hoping she's out here to come and see me!

DANIELS: Somehow I doubt that...

*Krystal steps into the ring, and shares a hug with El Pablo. The two exchange a few unheard words before El Pablo raises the microphone to his lips again.*

EL PABLO: Krystal.. welcome back.

*El Pablo points the microphone in Krystal's direction.*

KRYSTAL: It's great to BE back El Pablo, HOW ARE YOU GUYS?

*The crowd pops, suggesting they're just dandy.*

EL PABLO: Now Krystal, you know why you're out here tonight, correct?

*El Pablo has a cheeky grin on his face as he asks the question. Krystal smiles as well, although she looks slightly more bashful.*

KRYSTAL: I sure do..

EL PABLO: Well.. are you ready?

KRYSTAL: Let's do it!

*With that, El Pablo drops the microphone, and he and Krystal suddenly engage in a full-on liplock, causing the crowd to erupt into cheering and hollering.*



DANIELS: El Pablo and Krystal Starr, playing a little bit of tonsil hockey!

MASTERS: He can't do that!

DANIELS: Well, something tells me Jena Cyde won't take to kindly to this little display..

*Almost as if prompted by Daniels' words, Jena Cyde's music hits the soundsystem, and El Pablo's stalker/fiancee steps out onto the stage. Her face is a frankly terrifying mixture of despair and fury, mascara streaming down her cheeks. El Pablo and Krystal stop their antics, and turn to look up at Jena, devilish grins on their faces.*

MASTERS: Uh-oh...

DANIELS: Business, to coin a phrase, is about to pick up here!

MASTERS: I don't think that was such a good idea Pablo!

*Jena suddenly sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring. Krystal dives out the other side as Jena spears El Pablo to the ground, and begins hammering away at him with hard fists to the face.*


DANIELS: Well, El Pablo said he was worried about Jena perhaps not being eager to fight him, I think it's safe to say he's solved that particular problem!

*After a few moments of beating, Jena looks up and spots Krystal looking on from the outside of the ring. Jena gets up off El Pablo and slides out of the ring, giving chase as Krystal runs off around the ring. Jena's larger-than-average reach means that she soon catches the returning Starr, grabbing her long blonde hair and pulling her in. Jena squares right up to Krystal, her eyes burning with rage. Before she can do anything, though, El Pablo flips over the ropes right on top of Jena, taking her down to the floor.*

DANIELS: Beautiful move by El Pablo! And this match is now well and truly underway!

*El Pablo checks on Krystal quickly, who is now holding the back of her head, then picks Jena up and whips her full-pelt into the steel steps. Without missing a beat, El Pablo begins rummaging around under the ring, and begins tossing various items into the ring. Trash can, stop sign, cookie sheet, trash can lid..*

MASTERS: What's he doing? This isn't a hardcore match!

DANIELS: It's No DQ, William, he can do whatever he likes!

*El Pablo pulls out another trash can, and heads over to Jena Cyde, who is just getting back to her feet. El Pablo kicks her in the stomach, then leaps up onto the steps, turns, and jumps off again, driving the can down onto Jena's back. Jena staggers away, then shakes it off and turns to retaliate. As she does so, however, El Pablo jumps up onto the steps again, and leaps off, dropkicking the can right into Jena's face.*

DANIELS: OH! El Pablo really starting this match-up with incredible intensity!

MASTERS: Sure is, but can you really blame him?

DANIELS: No sir, I cannot, I agree with you there.

MASTERS: Eurgh, let's not make a habit of that!

*El Pablo heads under the ring again, and the crowd starts to cheer as he pulls out.. a ladder.*

DANIELS: The ladder is out! El Pablo perhaps looking to end this thing quick!

*El Pablo slides the ladder into the ring, but before he can join it he is blindsided by Jena, who catches him with a charging forearm to the side of the head. Jena begins hammering El Pablo's face again, then stands up and starts choking him with her foot. After a good few seconds, she relents, and El Pablo attempts to crawl away, coughing and spluttering. Jena doesn't allow him to recover, however, and picks him back to his feet, before lifting him completely off the floor and dropping him face-first onto the guardrail.*

DANIELS: Look at the power of Jena Cyde! Lifting El Pablo clean off his feet!

MASTERS: To be fair though Daniels, El Pablo isn't exactly Carnage, is he? DANIELS: No, fair point.

MASTERS: Will you stop agreeing with me!?

*Jena turns and climbs into the ring. She looks up at the briefcases, then begins setting up the ladder, much to the crowd's dismay. Jena gets it up and positioned, and begins to climb. She gets about halfway up, but El Pablo dives into the ring and stops her ascent with a thump on the back. El Pablo hits her again, then bends down and picks up the cookie sheet. He smashes it into Jena's spine, causing her to drop off onto her feet. She turns to face El Pablo, who nails her right in the forehead with the sheet, the sound echoing throughout the arena.*

DANIELS: Oh my GOD! What impact!

*El Pablo folds the ladder up, and leans it against the turnbuckle. He picks Jena up to her feet, and whips her across the ring, sending her crashing face-first into the ladder. Jena flops down onto her back, and the ladder topples over on top of her! Without wasting a second, El Pablo charges, steps up off the ladder, jumps onto the turnbuckle, and flips backwards, hitting a moonsault through the ladder onto Jena Cyde!*


DANIELS: El Pablo showing great ingenuity, and putting his own body on the line as we've seen many times before.

*Indeed, the move hurts El Pablo too, who rolls around on the floor clutching his chest. After a few seconds of recovery, and with a bit of encouragment from Krystal and the CZW fans, he hoists himself up using the ring ropes, and heads over to the motionless body of Jena Cyde. El Pablo drags the ladder off her, and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He starts to climb, rather slowly, still feeling the effects of his moonsault, as the crowd cheers him on. He gets within touching distance of the briefcases, but Jena manages to recover in time, and topples the ladder over, sending El Pablo crashing into the ropes.*

DANIELS: So close! But Jena still lives!

MASTERS: As do her hopes of marrying El Pablo!

*Both competitors are down, although the referee obviously does not begin a 10-count, there must be a winner! After a few seconds they both begin to stir, and gradually and groggily get to their feet. They lock up, which proves to be a mistake on El Pablo's part, as Jena easily overpowers him, lifting him up by the throat and throwing him against the turnbuckle. Jena once again begins beating El Pablo, alternating between fists and back elbows to the head. She pulls him out, and whips him against the ropes, catching him on the rebound with a big back body drop. Jena then decides to take a leaf out of El Pablo's book, and picks up the trash can that the Five Star Superstar threw in earlier.*

DANIELS: Jena's got something in mind here..

MASTERS: I think she's looking to take out the trash!

DANIELS: Wow William, you write that one all by yourself?

MASTERS: Shut up!

*Jena drops the can in the centre of the ring, then stalks El Pablo as he pulls himself up to his feet again. He turns, and Jena kicks him in the stomach and shoves his head between her legs. She hoists him up onto her shoulders, clearly looking to powerbomb him onto the can. El Pablo starts fighting back though, punching Jena in the head. Jena staggers over towards the ropes, and El Pablo rolls backwards, hitting a hurracanrana that throws Jena right out of the ring and onto the floor. El Pablo lands on the apron, and rolls back inside the ring. Seeing Jena staggering to her feet, El Pablo positions the ladder in front of the ropes, and picks up the cookie sheet. He hits the ropes, then throws the cookie sheet onto the ladder and literally surfs down it, before leaping off and hitting a variation of the Pablo Splash onto Jena, sending the crowd into raptures.*

CROWD: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!


MASTERS: That was unbelievable!

*El Pablo raises his arms in triumph, a grin on his face as the crowd continues to applaud. He slides the ladder back into the ring, and points up to the belts, before grabbing the ladder and setting it up once again in the centre of the ring. El Pablo starts to climb, but rather than cheering, the crowd suddenly starts to boo with increasing volume. The camera cuts to the Combattron, where Jena's brother Justin Cyde can be seen running down the ramp towards the ring, steel chair in hand.*

DANIELS: Wait a minute!

MASTERS: It's Jena's brother!

DANIELS: What the hell is he doing out here!?

MASTERS: Well, El Pablo was warned what would happen if he didn't go through with this marriage!

*Justin charges into the ring, and smashes El Pablo in the back with the chair, not once, not twice, but THREE times. El Pablo drops back-first onto the mat with a thud, and Justin starts screaming at him to get back up again. El Pablo slowly does so, and as he turns round, Justin smashes him in the face with the chair, almost exactly like El Pablo had done to Jena with the cookie sheet earlier.*

DANIELS: Oh! For God's sake!

MASTERS: I see blood!

DANIELS: Oh man, El Pablo has been busted wide open!

*Indeed, El Pablo's face is swiftly turning into the proverbial crimson mask, blood oozing out of the wound inflicted by the chair shot. Justin throws the chair onto the mat, then picks El Pablo up, setting him up for what looks to be a DDT. Suddenly though, the crowd erupts into cheers.*


*Special Ed Covey charges down the ramp and slides into the ring. Justin releases El Pablo, and turns round to be met with a flurry of rights and lefts from El Pablo's XTC team-mate. Ed throws Justin out of the ring, and the two begin brawling on the outside, eventually heading out into the crowd. El Pablo lies face-down in an increasing pool of his own blood in the centre of the ring, making very little movement. His reprieve doesn't last long though, as the crowd once again begins booing, this time even louder.*

DANIELS: Oh COME ON! Not this as well!

*The camera cuts to the rampway again, where Jena's father, Homer Cyde, is now making his way towards the ring. He climbs inside and stares down at El Pablo, a look of pure contempt on his face. He drops to the mat and locks in a camel clutch causing El Pablo to cry out in pain.*

DANIELS: DAMMIT stop it! Enough's enough!

*As Homer keeps the hold locked in, the camera can just about pick up his voice, shouting at El Pablo.*

HOMER CYDE: I told you boy! I told you I was gonna break every bone in your body! Now you're gonna get it!

*After about 30 gruelling seconds, the crowd suddenly erupts into cheers again, even louder than before, as another of El Pablo's associates comes to his aid.*


MASTERS: Shouldn't he be preparing for his main event tonight?

*Ace leaps into the ring and lunges at Homer, forcing him off of El Pablo. As with Ed and Justin, the two begin brawling on the outside of the ring, eventually making their way through the crowd. El Pablo starts to crawl towards the corner of the ring, blood still running down his face. On the outside, Jena is finally stirring again. She pulls herself up with the help of the apron, and looks across the ring at El Pablo, her expression changing to shock when she sees the state of the love of her life. She slides into the ring, and crawls over to El Pablo, her anger now apparently subsiding, replaced with a look of worry and concern. Her attention, though, is soon diverted by the appearance of her mother at the top of the rampway, walking towards the ring.*

DANIELS: Now her as well!? Will somebody stop this PLEASE!?

MASTERS: El Pablo was warned what would happen! He brought this on himself!

DANIELS: So that makes it OK!?

MASTERS: It makes HIM partly to blame!

*Sue E. Cyde steps into the ring, rolling pin in hand, and starts talking to Jena, a look of anger in her eyes. It's not clear what is being said, but Jena appears to be pleading or protesting with her mother. Sue E. points to Krystal Starr, still looking on from the outside. This appears to rile Jena back up again, and she grabs El Pablo, under instruction from her mother, and holds him up. Sue E. talks some trash to El Pablo, then draws the rolling pin back and clobbers El Pablo in the head, sending him flopping down to the mat again.*


MASTERS: That could be game over right there.

DANIELS: El Pablo looks to be unconscious, this is really bad folks!

*Sue E. climbs out of the ring, and pulls out a table from underneath it! She sets it up on the outside, and motions to Jena, clearly telling her to drive El Pablo through it. Suddenly, the crowd once again erupts into cheers, as former CZW Queen Of Combat and Team XTC member Ruthless Agression storms down the ramp. Rather than fighting though, Sue E. escapes out of the other side of the ring, as Jena attempts to block Ruthless off. Ruthless dodges though, and slides out of one side, giving chase through the crowd after Sue E. Cyde. Jena looks on, calling out after her mother, clearly concerned for her wellbeing. After a few moments, she turns round.. and finds herself face to face with...*



*The Orange-Haired Man, grins at Jena, then kicks her full pelt in the most feared crotch in CZW history.*


MASTERS: Oh no! Oh no!

*Jena drops to the floor in agony, and the Orange-Haired Man starts celebrating, jumping up and down with his fists raised above his head as the crowd starts a "CZW" chant. The applause sufficiently milked, he climbs out of the ring and heads into the crowd, many of the fans taking the opportunity to pat him on the back.*

DANIELS: Well folks, we said this was gonna be an extraordinary match-up, but I don't think ANYONE could have predicted this!

MASTERS: And we ain't done yet, Daniels! We STILL need to find out if the wedding's still gonna go ahead or not!

*For the second time in the match, both El Pablo and Jena are down, although Jena is rather more animated than her fiancee. After a few seconds though, El Pablo does start to stir, his face completely covered in blood. Jena, too, begins to rise, incredibly gingerly and still clutching her crotch. The two stagger towards each other, and...*


*The cheers are deafening as El Pablo hits his finisher on Jena Cyde, and somehow get even louder as he kips back up to his feet.*


MASTERS: Jena's dreams are fading!

*El Pablo takes hold of the ladder, which has been standing throughout this whole thing, and begins to climb, the crowd and Krystal willing him on every step of the way. He reaches up, fingertips on the case.*

DANIELS: Just one more rung Pablo! COME ON!

*El Pablo takes another step up, and reaches again. Suddenly though, he gets yanked back down to the mat.. but it's not Jena who pulls him down.*





DANIELS: Matt Covey, Ed's brother, has just stopped El Pablo from SURELY gaining his freedom!

MASTERS: I can't believe it!

*El Pablo apparently can't believe it either, and he stares wide-eyed at "Badass", who simply glares right back at him. El Pablo's pupils start darting around, examining the situation, trying to plan his next move. After a good 10 seconds, he goes to swing at Covey, but before he can connect, Covey catches him square in the jaw with a fist of his own, sending El Pablo crashing to the canvas. Covey mounts El Pablo, and begins pummelling his head and face. He gets up, and pulls a pair of handcuffs out of his wrestling attire.*

DANIELS: Oh no...

MASTERS: Surely you don't think...

*Covey drags El Pablo towards the corner of the ring, and handcuffs him to the turnbuckle.*

DANIELS: Oh my God! Covey has handcuffed El Pablo to the turnbuckle!

MASTERS: How's he gonna climb the ladder now!?

DANIELS: I don't think that's a huge concern of Matt Covey's, do you?

*Matt laughs at El Pablo, a sick grin on his face, then kicks him in the temple, before leaving the ring and heading up the ramp, revelling in the booing and abuse from the fans. Back in the ring, Jena slowly starts getting back to her feet.*

DANIELS: Jena is up! And El Pablo has nowhere to go! He's completely helpless!

*Jena looks at El Pablo, then at Krystal, then up at the briefcase. She suddenly grabs the ladder and starts to climb, as El Pablo frantically tries to fight his way out of the cuffs. In desperation, Krystal Starr dives into the ring, and attempts to stop Jena's ascent, hammering her with forearms to the spine. Jena steps down, and turns to face Krystal, her eyes once again filling with rage. After a brief stare-down, she grabs Krystal by the throat.*


MASTERS: This is what you get for screwing with Jena Cyde!

*El Pablo looks on helpless as Jena chokes the life out of Krystal, leading her over to the edge of the ring. Jena lifts Krystal up.. and chokeslams her, out of the ring, right through the table that Sue E. set up earlier in the match!*



*El Pablo looks at Krystal in shock, before once again fighting to free himself from the handcuffs. Jena smiles at him, then climbs back up the ladder.. reaches up.. and retrieves the briefcase!*




*Jena looks almost in disbelief at the briefcase in her hands, as tears of joy start streaming down her face. She starts laughing, and raises the briefcase above her head, screaming out in delight. El Pablo, on the other hand, just sits there, staring blankly ahead, also in disbelief at the prospect now facing him.*

DANIELS: Jena Cyde.. and El Pablo.. the wedding is STILL on, thanks to that DAMN Matt Covey!

MASTERS: Well now, I'm fairly sure that the WHOLE of Team XTC got themselves involved in this match!

DANIELS: Yeah, AFTER Jena's lovely family decided to deliver a beatdown to the man who will now join their family!

MASTERS: So you admit it!

DANIELS: NO! I.. well.. shut up! You're being ridiculous!

*Jena bounds up the ramp, still giddy as a schoolgirl, as the security and medical teams come out to assist El Pablo and check on Krystal Starr respectively.*

The Winner of the bout... The One Your Father Warned You About ... JENA CYDE!!


** BAD BLOOD MATCH: Special Ed Covey VS. Matt Covey **

Gold: What a great show we have been fortunate enough to witness thus far, here tonight at “And Justice For All”.

Farley: I couldn’t agree more. And we still have three major matches to go, with two of them being title defenses of the Intercontinental and World championship variety.

Gold: At this time, we are being joined by Warzone’s commentating team of Jared Daniels and William Masters, who will help us in calling this next bout between Bad Ass from our own Assault roster and Ed Covey from Warzone.

Daniels: That’s right, Gold. And this isn’t just any match, this is a fight that’s been brewing for a long time now, since the actual debut of Ed’s cousin on the Assault roster.

Masters: Well, while you and Gold were playing “Hide the Sausage” all week, Gold and I looked up old footage of this family feud turned bad blood that has stemmed since long before either of the debuts here in the CZW.

Gold: Indeed we have. Now why don’t you pansies sit back and revel in the work of real men.

A video package airs to the song “Through and Through” by Life of Agony. Clips of a younger Matt and Ed Covey are shown in a different fed at another time, the logo on the ring apron blurred out as Matt appears to be reigning blows down onto his cousin in a brawl that appeared to come from nowhere. Clips of Ed with a beautiful blonde are shown as Matt stands across the ring with a microphone. The blonde low blows Ed and walks up to Matt, kissing him before Matt drops his cousin with the “Blow It Out Your Ass”. A scene change and the cousins look to be hanging out in a mall. The music lowers so that their voices can be heard as a group of young punks approach them, talking trash.

Special Ed: Oh, you guys don’t want to go there. Trust me.

Punk: And why is that?

Bad Ass: Because I don’t give a f**k about anything and I won’t think twice about snapping all of your f**king necks right here, right now.

Matt shoves Ed over the side of a rail, sending him plummeting off the second floor balcony of the mall, to the first where he crashes through some tables in the food court. The punks stand back in awe as Matt’s gaze never leaves theirs.

Bad Ass: That was my cousin I just f**ked up, and I’m not even mad at him. What do you think I’m going to do to you, now that you’ve pissed me off?

The music picks up again as more clips are shown of the good times between the cousins, which somehow still seem to revolve around Matt abusing Ed. Matt slapping Ed several times. Ed giving Matt a present in one shot, only for Matt to throw it out a window before punching Ed in the stomach, winding him. Matt winning his first world title is shown, his friends and family coming out to help him celebrate the victory. Matt nails Ed in the face with the world title before throwing the belt out into the crowd like it was garbage. More recent clips are now shown of their fallout brewing over the past few months. Matt’s debut where he dropped both Ed and his brother Jigga. Matt stomping the chair that rested over Ed’s neck and the resulting assault on Ed and Hellena in the hospital afterwards. Their contract signing is then showed, with Ed getting the upper hand and nailing Matt with his “Special Driver”. Next, Matt’s fight with his brother is aired as Ed empties the contents of a fire extinguisher on the Bad Ass, before leveling him with the metal object, giving Jigga the win. And finally, the game of chicken between their cars that left both men injured in a collision of twisted steel, ending last week’s Assault. The video ends in a collage of their faces, looking malicious.

Daniels: Man, I got chills just watching that!

Gold: Me too. I didn’t realize Bad Ass had been picking on Ed for as long as he has.

Farley: Picking on? He was helping the moron build some character!

Masters: Precisely. If you don’t toughen up, you’ll fall prey to any and everybody in this business. The vultures will pick your bones dry!

Daniels: Well regardless of what side of the fence you’re sitting on…

Farley: The straight side over here, thank you.

Daniels: …This fight is about to happen!

Masters: Ha, ha. He called you a fudgie.

Jessica Towers: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and is the Bad Blood match! Introducing first, the special guest referee, hailing from Compton, California…Jigga C!!!

Bullet for My Valentine’s “Scream Aim Fire” plays , the crowd erupting into cheers as the hip hop mogul emerges onto the ramp, not in the traditional referee shirt, but a black and white striped referee jersey with his name on the back and the number 69 beneath it. He takes a stylish hat off his head and launches it out into the crowd as he thrusts his arms high into the air, the fans loving him. Jigga two steps his way down to the ring, sliding in under the ropes and grabbing Jessica by the hand, spinning her around and then bending her over with a dip. She seems flustered and caught up in the moment as Jigga returns her to her feet, his music dying down.

Farley: Now see, this is an unleveled playing field for Bad Ass, what with his brother who hates him currently being the guest ref.

Williams: But of course Matt’s back up plan will be too lay him out and get a new referee entirely.

Gold: And if that doesn’t work?

Farley: He keeps beating refs until he gets one that gets the point.

Jessica Towers: Introducing the first competitor, making his way out of anywhere he damn well pleases, he is the “Bad Ass” Matt Covey!

“Tear Away” by Drowning Pool blares out across the arena. The fans in an immediate awe at the new music for Matt. The beat suddenly kicks in and Matt bursts out onto the stage with a beer in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth as the fans boo him, their cries of dislike for him echoing around the arena. Ignoring them, he exhales a cloud of smoke and drops the butt in his beer can before downing the liquid. He tosses the can into the crowd, spilling it’s backwash contents on a girl who had been booing him. She begins to yell obscenities at him, but he doesn’t giver a second look, just giving her the finger as he walks by her on his way to the ring. Climbing in the ring, he immediately goes face to face with his brother, spouting some hateful words. Jigga grabs on his jersey reminding Matt that he’s the authority in the match.

Daniels: Oh man, this could get ugly before Ed even gets to the ring!

Jessica starts to continue, but Matt jerks the mic out of her hand.

Bad Ass: I don’t remember anybody saying you could continue, bitch. Now why don’t you take your syphilis infested ass, and go sit the f**k down at ringside. You’re not needed anymore.

The fans cry foul as she looks terrified, slowly making her way through the top and middle ropes. Matt kicks her in the ass and she falls to the floor. Jigga begins to say something but Matt grabs him by the face and shoves him back.

Bad Ass: Stay out of my face, little brother. Unless you want that ass beat again. Look at me Ed, I masterminded the kidnapping of your best friend, which by the way is still retarded considering he’s nothing more than an inanimate coconut. I’ve taken your girl away, and I gotta say she’s been crying like a bitch for you and I’m almost ready to shut the bitch up. And now…Now I’ve taken your introduction from you. So why don’t you just bring your goofy ass on down here so I can beat the shit out of you and make you my bitch?

No music plays but the fans still erupt into a massive unified response of applause as Ed breaks through the curtains in a full sprint for the ring. Matt quickly tosses the mic out of the ring and braces himself for impact as Ed slides into the ring, immediately trading blows with Matt as the bell rings. Ed punches. Matt punches. Ed punches. Matt punches. The blows keep coming, until finally Ed gains an extra second shot to Matt’s one. Matt teeters back as Ed keeps coming with the blows. Ed spins around and goes for a clothesline, but Matt ducks it and spins Ed back around, driving a stiff shot of his steel toe boot into Ed’s groin, dropping him to the mat. Jigga steps in and chastises Matt for the cheap shot, but Matt ignores him as he begins stomping away at Ed’s skull. Appearing to have an early advantage, Matt continues with the stomps, attempting to punish his cousin. But Ed recovers briefly and pulls Matt’s legs out from under him. Matt falls to the mat as Ed climbs over him, driving a flurry of mounted punches at Matt’s head. Matt covers his face with his arms and blocks most of the shots, prompting Ed to lean in a bite his forehead!

Masters: Come on! There’s no biting in wrestling, damnit!

Gold: Ed has clearly had enough of Matt’s shenanigans and is doing whatever it takes to inflict some payback after all the years of abuse!

Jigga calls for Ed to stop the biting, but Ed is lost in his own maniacal world, his eyes distant and vacant with no signs of the pupils that reside there as his mouth foams over like a rabid dog. Jigga attempts to pull Ed off of Matt, but Ed shrugs him off and starts clawing viciously at Matt’s face. Matt manages to work a leg under Ed and kicks, pushing him off. Matt quickly gets back on his feet but Ed is up too and launches himself at Matt, hitting him with a spear as the two topple through the ropes and out to the arena floor. Matt rolls backwards onto his feet and quickly removes his leather jacket as Ed comes at him again. Like a matador with a bull, Matt distracts Ed with his jacket, Ed missing with his tackle and flying into the guardrail instead. Matt tosses his jacket aside and quickly picks Ed back up by his hair. He thrusts Ed’s face into the steel turnbuckle post, bouncing it off with a sickening thud. Ed’s pupils return to his eyes as he appears dazed. Matt grabs him by the arm and whips him into the steel stairs, sending them crashing. Ed tries to get up, but Matt is still on him, lifting Ed into the air with a bench press and then dropping him so that Ed’s face bounces off the steel stairs. Jigga slides out of the ring and checks on Ed, keeping Matt at bay. Matt scoffs at his interference and turns away grabbing a steel chair. Jigga notices and quickly rolls Ed back into the ring. Matt slides into the ring but Jigga takes the chair away and throws it back out.

Masters: Come on, Jigga! Let the boys have some fun!

Gold: Jigga is keeping the match within some safe standards. And I don’t think Matt appreciates his interfering. But he’s saving a life here tonight.

Matt grabs Jigga by the neck and shoves him back into a corner before sliding out of the ring again. Ed stumbles back up onto his feet, shaking off the damaging blows to his head. He locates Matt and runs at the ropes diving through them, but Matt has the steel chair again and swings for the fences, damn near taking Ed’s head off with it! Ed collapses to the floor, a gash on top of his head, flowing with blood. Like a shark attracted to the smell, Matt tosses the chair into the ring and goes to work hammering fists down onto Ed’s head, getting blood all over his fists and Ed’s face. Jigga exit’s the ring again, trying to separate the two, but Matt tosses him into the barricade at ringside, Jigga grabbing his back in pain as Matt rolls Ed back into the ring. Ed slides in, a malevolent look in his eyes as he stalks Ed, who begins to look pale at the blood loss. Ed climbs up to his knees but Matt runs in, driving a boot into his face, sending him crashing back to the mat. Matt pins his cousin.

Daniels: The ref is still outside the ring after that collision with the barricade.

Farley: That’s just an excuse so he doesn’t have to make the count!

Matt gets up and walks over to the ropes, shouting at his younger brother to get back into the ring. Jigga nods and rolls in as Matt returns to Ed and pins again.









Kick out!

Ed thrusts his arm high into the air, showing a sign of life as the crowd cheer his durability and will to keep fighting. Matt pulls Ed back to his feet and nails him with a stiff right shot, knocking him out cold to the mat again. Matt turns away from Ed and heads to the nearest turnbuckle, literally ripping the turnbuckle pad from the corner, exposing the steel. He pulls Ed up by the blood drenched hair and leads him to the corner. As he goes to slam Ed’s face against the exposed steel, Ed blocks with a boot and throws a sharp elbow into Matt’s gut. Matt reels over, winded from the blow. Ed leaps and dropkicks him from behind, running Matt’s face into the steel! Matt leans against the steel, grasping at his face as Ed grabs him from behind and repeatedly drives his head into the exposed steel! Jigga pulls Ed off of him and tries to return the peace, but Ed tosses him aside and grabs the steel chair, bringing it crashing down across the back of Matt’s head, sandwiching his face against the corner steel once more! Matt pulls back from the corner, his own face now busted open as blood trickles down his forehead and all around his face.

Daniels: The score is even as both men are now busted open!

Gold: Jigga’s attempts to keep the match civil have been in vain.

Ed places the round rim of the steel chair tightly against Matt’s throat and presses down with all of his body weight, cutting Matt’s oxygen supply off as Jigga voices reason, but his cries fall upon deaf ears. Ed pulls the chair up and cracks Matt against the skull with it, his face showing a renewed fight as he screams aloud, the crowd behind him all the way! An explosion rings out from the stage, the crowd, commentators and even Ed and Jigga taken by surprise. Ed stands over his beaten cousin, eyeing the stage as a large man suddenly emerges onto the ramp, some mechanical device strapped to his back and metal gauntlets on his hands. He stares down on the ring , approaching a microphone on the stage as he raises his arms, shooting streams of fire off into the roof!

Man: Don’t worry little brother. I have come to wash away your sins with the flames of redemption…

Ed suddenly looks nervous, the look of the fight in his face has gone and a visage of fear has replaced it. The large man discards his metal accessories as a massive woman in black and fishnets joins him, strolling towards the ring. Jigga appears at a loss for what to do next as well.

Gold: Did that guy just call Ed “little brother”?!?

Daniels: That has to be the Ed’s older brother that Matt talked about weeks ago! He wasn’t bluffing!

Farley: Of course he wasn’t bluffing. Ed stole his brother away didn’t he? Bad Ass is fighting fire with fire!

Masters: Literally! We have four Coveys out here at once! Two sets of brothers and cousins!

As the man reaches the ring, Ed suddenly breaks into a sprint and dives over the ropes with a vault, but the bigger man catches him in the fall away position and runs Ed’s spine into the steel post on the outside! Ed cringes, his back curved from the blow as the fans begin to boo hysterically. Still clutching Ed in the fall away position, the big man turns to the massive woman and holds Ed steady as she runs in, driving a big boot into Ed’s back, before the man tosses Ed against the guardrail with the fall away slam!

Daniels: This isn’t right! This family feud just became a three on one!

Gold: Jigga’s powerless to do anything to them! If he gets taken out, the favor turns even more to Matt’s favor!

As if hearing them and choosing to ignore them, Jigga slides out of the ring and gets in the face of the much larger couple, waving a finger at them. The duo raise their hands in the air and appear to back off as Jigga helps Ed back into the ring. Inside, Matt has gotten back up. He stands over Ed’s nearly broken body and screams at him, demanding he get up as he pounds his fists into the mat. Ed struggles in vain as his legs wobble beneath his own body weight. As he eventually manages to stand, Matt kicks him in the gut and then lifts him high into the air with the power bomb position only to turn it into a piledriver, delivering the “Blow It Out Your Ass”!










Ed kicks out of his cousin’s finisher! Frustrated Matt gets in Jigga’s face and demands he count faster. Jigga argues back and the two begin shouting back and forth. Ed suddenly becomes revitalized and leaps back onto his feet, his pupils gone once more as his mouth foams over at the lip, his wild side having returned. Jigga points behind Matt who turns around gets a headbutted in the face for his efforts. Ed whips Matt into the exposed turnbuckle, Matt’s back taking the brunt of the impact as Ed charges in and spears him in the gut. Ed lifts Matt on top of the turnbuckle and follows him up, lifting him into the air with a superplex, only to turn around and deliver a piledriver from the top, nailing the “Special Driver”!!! The fans are on their feet as Ed stands, screaming and beating his chest like a caged animal. The big man and woman climb separate sides of the ring apron trying to get Ed’s attention, but Ed quickly swoops up the steel chair again and cracks his brother in the head, sending him to the floor. He then turns and nails the woman in the head, sending her toppling off the apron as well. Ed holds his arms and the chair in the air triumphantly as the crowd applauds. Jigga suddenly turns Ed around and takes the steel chair away from him. As Ed asks for the chair back, Jigga cracks him across his busted head with it!


Masters: Yes! Jigga shows his true colors!

Daniels: That’s despicable!

Farley: That’s how wars are won!

Ed teeters around the ring, dazed from the blow. Jigga drops the chair to the mat and grabs Ed from behind turning a back suplex into a rock bottom on the chair for the “Jigga Drop”! The crowd boos fanatically, throwing objects at him in the ring as he smiles with a sinister grin. Matt struggles and pulls himself back on his feet, patting Jigga on the back and telling him to pick Ed up again. Jigga does so and Matt nails a second “Blow It Out Your Ass” onto the steel chair! He pins Ed…










The bell rings.

Daniels: I don’t believe this! The entire family was against Ed the whole time!

Gold: Makes you think that maybe Ed was the only sane one after all.

“Tear Away” by Drowning Pool picks up as the large man and woman join them in the ring. The woman stands back while Ed’s brother and Jigga raise Matt’s arms in victory. Matt nods towards the ropes and Jigga slides out, grabbing a microphone and bringing it back to Matt as his music dies down again.

Bad Ass: Ed… You dumb son of a bitch. I told you from the beginning that you couldn’t beat me. You just had to have faith didn’t you? Well, you belong to me now. You’ll do what I say or you’re fired. Where’s your faith now, Ed? Huh?

Matt kicks Ed in the side.

Bad Ass: Since you have to do everything I say, and since I’m going to remodel you into a Covey that’s not a complete waste of the breaths he takes, I’m going to give you a little multiple test question. There is no right and there is no wrong, but the ramifications are on your head. Ransom, come on down here…

The crowd sits in a buzz of hisses and silence as the masked man emerges onto the ramp with a bound and gagged Hellena in one arm and a cage with Loki in it, in the other. Entering the ring, the massive woman firmly holds a terrified looking Hellena in place from behind while Jigga un-cages Loki and places him on the mat. Ed’s brother creeps up behind him, lifting him up and holding him still with a headlock. Jigga exit’s the ring and retrieves a sledgehammer from beneath the ring. Sliding back in, he hands it to Matt as Ransom turns and leaves the ring, heading back up the ramp.

Bad Ass: Hey Ransom, hold up!

The masked man turns around.

Bad Ass: You know, something’s been bugging me and I finally figured out what the hell it is. It’s that mask, man. You gotta ditch that hideous shit.

Ransom pauses and looks about at the crowd that have suddenly become curious as to who the demented masked man really is. He finally grasps the mask from beneath the chin and peels it back quickly, revealing…DUSTY DAVIS!!! The crowd boos and hisses, throwing random debris all around the arena. Dusty takes a bow and makes his exit up the ramp as Matt turn back to Ed.

Bad Ass: And to think, if you had focused more on him than on me, we might not have even had this little match and you might’ve spared one of your friends. Too bad… So the question Ed, is a simple one. There are two people…well, one person and one coconut here in this ring that I’ve taken away from you. You belong to me now, and as such I’m going to return one of them to you. But only one. One lives, the other goes home in a pine box. The one I spare, is up to you. So which is it gonna be Ed?

Matt makes the sound of a clock ticking as he swings the sledgehammer back and forth between Loki and Hellena. Ed begins weeping uncontrollably, unable to make a sound at first.

Bad Ass: Better choose quick, Ed. Before I decide to go and off them both.

Ed’s face turns red as his blood, sweat, and the tears he cried mix together on his face. As Matt’s ticking becomes faster, Ed finally cries out.

Special Ed: HELLENA!!!

Bad Ass: Wise choice my friend!

Matt turns and drops the sledgehammer against Loki, shattering the coconut into hundreds of pieces as the fans in attendance gasp in shock and horror, almost as torn up over the loss of Loki as Ed himself is.

Bad Ass: Let him go, Mikkel. We’ve broke him.

Ed’s brother, apparently named Mikkel, releases Ed who crawls over to the shattered remains and splinters of coconut, weeping uncontrollably. The large woman releases Hellena who high fives Bad Ass and hugs Jigga and Mikkel…

Daniel: What the hell?!? Hellena was in on it too!

Gold: No way!

Masters: I love it!


Hellena grabs Ed from behind, hugging his neck tightly. He grasps at her arm as he sniffles, wiping the tears and blood away from his face. Matt walks over and stands in the spot where Loki was shattered, Ed looking up at him from his knees.

Bad Ass: Brighten up, Ed. You’re not alone anymore. As a matter of fact…

Matt and Jigga simultaneously reach into their back pockets, pulling out matching sheets of paper.

Bad Ass: Jigga and I are officially members of Warzone as of tonight! So cheer up, you’ll be seeing us every week. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Matt drops the mic as he, Jigga, Mikkel, and the large woman roll out of the ring and head to the back, Ed looking worse than death as Hellena holds him tightly, oblivious to the pain of his loss.

Masters: Yes! We’ve acquired all of the Coveys! All of the Coveys on Warzone!

Farley: Damnit!

Daniels: This does not bode well for the Warzone roster, what was Aleksander thinking?!?

The event fades to a commercial for the next pay per view event while the ring is cleared.

The Winner of the bout... and now controller of Special Ed ... "BAD ASS" MATT COVEY!!




TOWERS: "It is now time for our CZW Intercontinental Title match!"

* Crowd pops *

TOWERS: "Introducing first.. your challenger.... hailing from St. Louis, Missouri... "The Realist" KRIS KASH!!"

"Mic Check" plays as the crowd is half and half on Kash as he enters. Most of the crowd is booing him for turning his back on Ronnie McNeil.

TOWERS: "And his opponent... he is the current reigning and defending CZW Intercontinental champion... led to the ring by Cameron... "The Prodigy" MAYNARD O'TOOLE!!"

The crowd is surprisingly half and half on Maynard as well. He comes down with Cameron at his side, and the IC belt around his waist.

*O'toole and Kash then tied up, and Kash kneed him in the gut, and then clotheslines him down. Kash then grabs O'tooles legs going for a submission hold, but O'toole got Kash in a small package! 1-2-kick out, and then both men got up and O'toole kicks Kash in the gut. O'toole started pounding on Kash in the corner and choked him with his boot. At three O'toole broke up the hold, and threw Kash across the ring. O'toole ran to Kash and splashes him in the corner, goes for the cover, but Kash kicked out! As O'toole lifts Kash up, Kash punched O'toole in the gut and ran to the ropes with a clothesline, but O'toole ducked and as Kashr was running back, O'toole picked him up and drove him down with a massive spine buster!*

*O'toole made the cover but somehow Kash kicked out. O'toole pounded on Kash some more and then picked him up and threw him in the corner. O'toole got some chops in and went running with another splash in the corner, but Kash moved out of the way. Kash kicked O'toole in the gut and planted a DDT and quickly made the cover, but O'toole still kicked out. Kash then ran to the ropes and connected with a leg drop, but instead of making the cover, he stomped on O'toole. Kash waited for O'toole to get up to clothesline him back down. He made the cover, but O'toole kicked out. Kash then went to the top rope and signaled for a uncharacteristic high flying move, but O'toole got up and punched Kash to the outside. O'toole then followed Kash to the outside and slammed him throat first into the rail. O'toole then threw Kash into the ring steps and then picked him up and signaled for the powerbomb. O'toole the put Kashs head between his legs and called for a powerbomb, but out of desperation Kash backdropped him on the steps!*

*Kash then set O'toole on the padding, went to the apron, and flew with a big splash onto O'toole! Both men seemed to be in great pain, as Kash was able to get up and throw O'toole in the ring. Kash then heads in the ring and makes the cover, but O'toole kicks out! Kashr picks up a prone and broken O'toole and delivers a punch to the face, which knocks O'toole down. Kash turns O'toole belly first to the mat, and then applies a camel clutch, which makes O'toole begin to pass out. The referee checks O'tooles hand twice, and when he lifted his arm for the third time, O'toole started gaining back energy. O'toole got up, but Kash forearms him in the back. Kash places his arms in position for the Midwest Swing, but O'toole elbows himself out, and then kicks Kash in the gut. O'toole quickly gets in a side russian leg sweep in, and then grabs Kashs legs and goes to apply on the Celtic Cross! O'toole is unable to get the move fully in, but suddenly Kash reverses it into a small package! The referee makes the count, 1-2-

O'toole gets up and hooks a massive head lock on Kash then releases and runs against the ropes. Kash ducks under a clothesline attempt by O'toole and O'toole stops behind Kash as he turns around into a huge sit out spinebuster. Kash is down and seemingly out as O'toole drags him towards the corner. O'toole climbs up with his back facing Kash and flies off with a knee drop that is avoided by Kash and O'toole lands on his knee then rolls around the ring in pain. Kash springs to his feet and has new life as he stalks his prey then when O'toole gets to his feet Kash runs at him and hits him with the Money Clip.

*O'toole gets to the ropes to avoid the submission ref breaks the hold O'toole strikes at Kash only for it to be blocked. Kash counters O'toole with a clothesline that sends him stumbling over the ring barrier and into the crowd. Kash taunts to the crowd a rookie mistake as O'toole moves in behind Kash and runs him foreword face first into the ring post. O'toole lifts Kash up and smashes him face first into the ring before sliding him in. O'toole again goes up top and waits as Kash gets to his feet. Kash is up and turns around as O'toole flies off the top with a flying clothesline but Derek hits him with a right hand to the abdomen in mid air blocking the move. Derek then locks O'toole and connects with a release Northern lights Suplex that leaves O'toole out in the middle of the ring. Kash sees and opening to win the IC Title and climbs to the top. Kash again taunts to the crowd before flying off with the 540 kick connecting hard with the mat as O'toole steps out of the way. Kash slowly gets to his feet holding his back area as O'toole gets up and moves behind a staggered Kash and hits the Celtic Cross. O'toole makes the cover 1-2-3.*

The Winner of the bout... and STILL CZW Intercontinental Champion ... MAYNARD O'TOOLE!!




DANIELS: Oh Boy! It’s time for the main event! I cannot wait for this match to get underway...this will be an incredible ending to an incredible PPV!

MASTERS: Now, now Jarred...don’t blow your load!

DANIELS: are hilarious...anyway...this match was announced last week on Assault, when Shawn Waters, who was sent to prison the week before, came out after the Upstarts defeated Kash and Collum. Let’s look at the replay...

*A replay of the conclusion of Assault is shown.*

MASTERS: And don’t forget why Shawn had to be sent to prison...

*A replay of Mack’s ‘accident’ is shown.*

MASTERS: Clearly, Shawn was the one who pushed Mack!

DANIELS: I don’t believe it...look! They are bringing out the cage!

A crew of stagehands carry out a small cage, 2 metres by 2 metres. A large padlock is hanging of the door. More stagehands come out, carrying a mass amount of weapons, including tazers, steel bars, gavels, a set of handcuffs and various other weapons. Two long pews are brought out and placed either side of the stage. A large chair and desk are brought out, similar to a judge’s bench and placed in the centre of the entrance ramp. ‘4 Words (To Choke Upon)’ by Bullet for my Valentine hits. Shawn Waters walks out onto the stage dressed in formal judge regalia. He takes his seat on the bench and grabs the microphone off the desk.

WATERS: Welcome to the Cage of Justice match! I am your judge for this evening. The rules for this match are simple...get your opponent in the cage using any means necessary to win the CZW World title! Once the cage has been locked, I will press this button here and the cage will be hung 20 metres off the ground. If anyone from the Upstarts or Team XTC interferes...they will be suspended! The match will start in the ring...and will not leave this area. You see...I’m not only here to keep people from entering the stage...I’m also here to keep these two from leaving the area...this helps prevent the interference rule being waived. It also allows you fans to get a full view of the bloody action!

The fans pop!

WATERS:’s time to introduce the competitors! Firstly...the challenger!

‘Ace of Spades’ by Motorhead hits...

WATERS: From Las Vegas, Nevada...a former CZW World champion...the Gambler...ACE KING!!!!

Ace King walks out onto the stage to an eruption of cheers from the fans. He eyes the small cell and smiles. He nods to Judge Waters and heads to the ring, hi-fiving fans on the way.

WATERS: And his opponent...

‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ by Metallica hits...

WATERS: From Miami, Florida...He is the World Heavyweight champion, the Assault general manager...and the leader of the Upchucks...I mean Upstarts...HANNAH MONTANA!

Jesse walks out onto the stage angrily. He glares at Shawn with hatred. Shawn motions for Jesse to approach the bench. He takes the title off Jesse and lays it on his bench. Shawn tells Jesse to go to the ring now, waving. Jesse looks to attack, but instead turns around and looks at the small cell. He then heads to the ring, death staring Ace. He enters the ring and both men stand still, glaring...

WATERS: Alright...let’s get this contest underway.

-Shawn bangs his gavel three times, signalling the start of the match. Neither competitor makes a move. They continue to just glare. Ace then holds his hand up for Jesse to grab. He does. The men lock up and instantly begin a power struggle. Ace tosses Jesse to the ground. Jesse gets straight up and locks back up, this time getting put in a headlock by the Gambler. Jesse elbows Ace off and backs into the corner. They lock up for a third time, this time Jesse raking at the eyes of King. Jesse then DDT’s Ace. He heads straight for the ropes and removes one of the steel bars hanging off. He swings it at Ace, who ducks and German Suplexes Jesse. Jesse stumbles back to his feet, and groggily moves into another German suplex from Ace. Jesse pulls himself back up with the ropes...only to receive a third German suplex! Ace grabs Jesse and lifts him up. He whips him into the ropes and Jesse flies over the top. Ace backs up and runs, going for an AK Russian Roulette!




-BUT JESSE HAS A TAZER! He dodges the senton and tazes Ace! Ace hits the ground hard, slightly convulsing after the taze. Jesse stands Ace up. He backs up and goes for the Montana Express! But Ace ducks the kick and hits a neckbreaker. Ace leans against the ring, shaking off the tazed feeling. He then notices a bar of soap hanging just above his head. He smirks and grabs it. Jesse gets to his feet. Ace waits for him to turn...and shoves it in his mouth!

DANIELS: And Jesse gets his mouth washed out! Maybe he’ll be more cautious before he speaks now.

-Jesse spits the soap out and is promptly clotheslined by Ace. Ace grabs Jesse and whips him into the steel barrier. Ace then runs at Jesse, who reverses, lifting Ace up and dropping him face first on the steel. Ace then turns around into a suplex. Jesse kicks Ace hard in the abdomen, before reaching under the ring and pulling out a steel bar. He drives it into Ace’s ribs, before throwing it aside. Jesse grabs Ace by the head and slams it into the ring post. He then drags Ace up the ramp. Jesse tosses Ace first into the barricade halfway up the ramp. He then walks up the stage and just out to the back. Shawn moves off his seat, but Jesse comes back on the scene, carrying a large plank of wood with rusty nails poking out at either end. He leans it over the edge of the stage. He grabs Ace and pulls him over to the plank. Ace elbows him in the stomach. He then dives on the other end of the plank, driving it up into Jesse’s face, the nails leaving a gash in his forehead. Jesse yells in pain. He looks down at Ace, who grabs Jesse legs and pulls, causing his head to slam into the steel stage. Ace drags Jesse of the side of the stage, near the pyro controls. Ace slams Jesse head into the control board. He hears a clang from behind him and notices a steel chair on the ramp, Judge Waters smirking. Ace grabs the chair. He slams it into Jesse’s head, wedging it between the chair and the control board. He does this another two times. He then tears open the side of the panel, revealing the wiring. He places Jesse’s head in front of the wiring and backs up. He runs...



-JESSE MOVES! Ace’s foot gets stuck in the wiring! Jesse stumbles back to his feet...MONTANA EXPRESS! Ace slumps to the ground, foot still stuck. Jesse grabs the chair and glares at Shawn. He then drives the chair into Ace’s leg. Jesse yanks Ace’s leg out of the circuitry, breaking some of the wires in the process. Jesse rolls Ace up onto the stage and follows him up. He lifts Ace and whips him into the judge’s stand. Jesse back up and grabs the discarded chair. He lines Ace up...


-Jesse falls back onto one of the pews. Ace climbs up onto Judge Waters’ stand. He looks down at Jesse and flies off with a diving headbutt! Both men crash through the pew, Ace busted open from the dive. Shawn looks down at the wreckage. He laughs.

MASTERS: Waters is actually laughing! He’s laughing? I knew he was sick!

DANIELS: Oh quiet, William...I can guarantee that if Jesse and Shawn swapped places...Jesse would be laughing.

MASTERS: Yeah, but only because Waters deserves it. Jesse did nothing to suffer this...

DANIELS: Are you kidd...

MASTERS: Shut it! Someone’s moving.

-Slowly, both men get back to the feet, Ace a bit more stable than Jesse. They look at each other...Jesse throws a punch...Ace throws a punch...Jesse throws a punch...Ace throws a punch...Jesse throws a punch...but Ace ducks! Ace throws one punch...two...three...four...HIGH ROLLER! Jesse goes down. Ace catches his breath. He lifts Jesse up and irish whips him towards the REVERSES! Ace slams into the set of the PPV. He walks back towards Jesse holding his back...BACK BODY DROP OFF THE STAGE! Jesse looks down at Ace, who has his arm on the pyro box. He begins to pull himself to his feet. Jesse runs at the edge of the stage...and dives off!












MASTERS: That was a bigger bang than the 4th of July! And they are still going!

DANIELS: QUICK! Get someone in there! Both men could be dead!

-Medics and road agents come out and wait for the fireworks to subdue. Slowly they start to fizzle away. The medics move a stretcher closer, just in case...


-Jesse Montana comes flying out of the rubble, crashing into the stretcher. Ace limps out of the rubble. Ace waves bye-bye to the medics. The medics and road agents leave. Ace grabs Jesse and irish whips him into the side of the stage. He sets the stretcher back up. He grabs Jesse...suplex through the stretcher! He then kicks Jesse in the ribs before lifting him up and placing him back on the stage. Ace climbs up as well. They move back over to the judge stand. Jesse get slammed head first into the desk. Ace then drags Jesse towards the cage. He slams Jesse head into the steel bars, before German suplexing him on the stage. Ace opens the door of the cell. He grabs Jesse and throws him inside. He goes to shut the door, but Jesse begins lashing out desperately with his foot. He collides with Ace’s jaw, allowing Jesse to escape the cell. Jesse stumbles out. Ace walks over to him...LOW BLOW! Ace goes down. Jesse grabs Ace and drags him towards the stand. He looks up at Waters and they glare at each other for a few seconds. Jesse then drives Ace’s head through the side of the stand. Jesse then jumps onto the stand and pulls Ace up with him. Shawn moves off the stand and watches as Jesse lifts Ace up in the wait...Ace lands back on his feet...he blocks another Montana suplex...










MASTERS: That stand got decimated...

DANIELS: Not to mention the men who just went through it...the things they are doing for the CZW World title...folks...this is what sets us apart from the rest of the wrestling world...

-Ace stands up slowly. He grabs one of the large blocks on wood left over. He grins to the fans. Ace walks towards one of the fans and talk to him. The fan produces something from his pocket...


-Ace flicks the lighter on and sets the end of the wood on fire!

DANIELS: Ace sets the block of wood on fire! The fans are going crazy...things are really heating up now...

MASTERS: I did not think your jokes could get so lame...

-Ace holds the block of wood up high. He looks at Jesse and strikes him in the lower back with it. Jesse writhes in agony. Jesse rolls onto his knees. Ace swings the flaming wood again, hitting Jesse in the stomach! Ace tosses it to the side as the fire crew put it out before it spreads. Acer grabs another plank of wood and breaks it over Jesse’s back. He then looks down at the ring, where there are weapons galore. He rushes down to the ring and grabs one of the tazers, a steel bar and the set of handcuffs and heads back up to the stage. He walks over to Jesse, tazer at the ready. He zaps Jesse in the stomach. He puts the tazer down and pulls out the handcuffs. He latches one of them around Jesse wrist, and latches the other around his own wrist. He drags Jesse over towards the cage. Ace jerks his wrist, urging Jesse to stand. Jesse stands up and is met with a blow to the side of the head. Ace swings again, but Jesse crosses his arm in front of his face, blocking the hit. Jesse smiles. He twists his arm, gaining control over Ace’s wrists. Jesse kicks Ace between the legs, causing Ace to slump onto Jesse. Jesse grabs him and suplexes him...he stands and suplexes Ace again...he stands and delivers a third suplex, this one a fisherman’s suplex...

MASTERS: There we go...the Fisherman’s Amigo.

-Jesse puts Ace in the cell. He tries to shut the cage door, but the handcuff chain is in the way. Jesse tries slamming the door, but to no avail.

MASTERS: Damn it...the keys are down here Jesse! They are hanging off the turnbuckle!

-Jesse sighs. He pulls his arm, slamming Ace into the door of the cage. Jesse then begins the difficult task of dragging Ace down to the ring. About halfway down the ramp, Ace comes to and aimlessly follows Jesse. Jesse grabs the keys to the handcuffs...BLACKJACK BOMB! Ace grabs the keys off Jesse and tosses them away. He then pulls Jesse to his feet and manoeuvres the cuffs into a position so that they are choking Montana.

MASTERS: Ace is choking the life out of Montana!

-Jesse desperately begins clawing at Ace’s hands, but Ace tightens the choke. Jesse begins coughing. With the last ounce of strength, he swings his leg up backwards, nailing Ace in the sack. Jesse and Ace both drop, Ace loosening his grip. Jesse claws around, eventually finding the key. He unlocks his cuff. He then struggles over to the foetal Ace and latches it o Ace’s other wrists, cuffing his hands behind his back. Jesse pulls himself to his feet and smiles evilly. He begins kicking Ace anywhere his foot can reach. Jesse then lifts Ace up and let’s him stand on his own...MONTANA EXPRESS!

MASTERS: YES! Get him in the cage Jesse!

DANIELS: I cannot believe you want an Assault wrestler to beat a Warzone wrestler...

MASTERS: But, Jesse is World Champion and therefore is a part of both brands! And I enjoy seeing him on Warzone...

-Jesse grabs Ace and begins dragging him back up the ramp. He throws Ace down face first at the top of the ramp. Jesse then walks over to the pile of rubble that was Judge Waters’ stand. He digs through till he find the CZW World Heavyweight title. Jesse stares at Shawn, who is leaning against the cage, angrily glaring back. Ace stumbles back to his feet...only to have his head taken off by the title belt. Blood is steadily flowing from both men...the ramp and stage are stained with the red stuff. Jesse walks over to where Shawn is standing and gets in his face. They trade a few insults, neither throwing punches though. Jesse grabs Ace’s leg and places it in the cage doorframe. He then kicks the door shut on Ace’s ankle. Jesse pushes Ace into the cage and goes to shut it...but Ace sticks his ankle out! Montana repeatedly slams it shut on Ace’s leg, but still he keeps his leg sticking out, preventing the door from shutting. Jesse then pushes the door against his ankle, but still Ace, screaming in pain, refuses to move his leg.

DANIELS: Damn it Ace...don’t be a hero...he’s going to break your ankle!

MASTERS: He ignorant...ignorant and stubborn...and look where it’s gonna get him...

-Jesse throws the door open in rage. He drags Ace out and begins stomping his ankle. Jesse grabs Ace’s ankle...TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Ace is screaming in pain as Jesse applies the hold. Eventually, Jesse releases the hold. He tosses Ace back in the cage and goes to shut it...but still Ace blocks the door with his ankle. After another try at shutting the door, Jesse furiously grabs Ace’s leg, looking for another Texas Cloverleaf...



-Jesse struggles to flip Ace over...





DANIELS: Ace has that All-In locked in! This could be the break he needed to get Jesse into that cage!

-Ace tightens the hold, Jesse fighting the hold. Slowly, Jesse starts fading. Ace screams and puts as much pressure as he can on the hold. Jesse slumps. Ace releases the hold, but is too tired to move. Both men are lying on the stage, just inches away from the cell.

MASTERS: This is insane, I can't take any more!"

They slowly get up, with Jesse up just a little bit first. They both wobble back and forth, as if they were drunk. Their eyes both lock up, and they pause for a moment. Jesse then suddenly kicks Ace in the gut and.....


DANIELS: "Montana pushed Ace into the cell! It's over! Jesse retains the CZW World Heavyweight Title!!"

Your Winner... and STILL CZW World Heavyweight Champion... JESSE MONTANA!!

Shawn has the most disgusted look on his face, as he bangs the gavel to declare the match over. Jesse is handed the World title as he smirks over at Shawn. Suddenly...



Mack Beaudin comes out, wearing a very expensive ensemble as the crowd is booing. He runs down to the ring, as Ace is being helped out of the cell by a few referees. Mack gets to where Shawn and Jesse are, and Shawn is ready to fight as he has his eyes on both of them. Mack points to the exhausted Jesse as if directing traffic, and they begin to circle Shawn.

DANIELS: "Those bastard Upstarts!"

MASTERS: "Get that traitor!"

They close in, as Shawn is backed up into a corner. Suddenly, Mack turns to his left and kicks a stunned Jesse Montana in the gut!!


Mack grabs the exhausted Jesse, positions him and ---





Mack talks some mad shit to the fallen champion, as Shawn has a smile on his face. Mack and Shawn shake hands, and the crowd is exploding in cheers for both men.

As Ace is heading up the ramp, he is backwards and looking at the ring, stopping when realizing what he's just seen. He tells the refs he doesn't need their help. He is holding his head, and has a surprised look on his face. He begins walking backwards, still looking at the ring, and gets near the entrance. He turns around and --


Ace faces down on his back, violently. He is blinded, as green mist covers his face and upper torso. The camera reveals no one just behind the curtain, as they have vanished.

DANIELS: "--- Someone get medical help for Ace!!!"

The screen fades to black with a large CZW logo in the center of it.


* cZw! *

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