CZW Live Events!
CZW Live!
Baltimore Arena - Baltimore, MD
Thursday, February 14th
Doors - 7:00 PM • Bell - 7:30 PM
Baltimore Arena
201 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD
*cZw ASSAULT!!!*





The four men paired off right away, with Waters fighting Striker, and Hendrix fighting Dee. Hendrix took control over Dee early, repeatedly punching him in the head until his forehead was beat red. Striker and Waters were locking it up, until Waters threw Striker over the top rope and followed. Hendrix picked up Dee and dropped him down with the Hang 'Em High bomb right into the turnbuckles. After five minutes of going back and forth, The ref was distracted by Shawn and Striker, and Theo threw Kenny his axe. Kenny came down squarely on Dee's head with the butt of the axe, and right after Kenny threw the axe back to Theo, the ref counted the three count. The crowd did NOT like Kenny or Theo.




* cZw *




The battle of the big men came right away as Carnage and Hamuza duked it out, as Altair and Timmons were having more of a technical lock up. As the big men brawled onto the outside, Timmons used almost every trick in the book to pin Altair. Altair took control for the better part of 3 minutes, until Timmons hit a T-Crusher right out of the blue. Carnage had just busted Hamuza wide open from his forehead with a thunderous toss into the ring post, very nearly literally making the whole place shake. Carnage then entered the ring, and New Blood Rising hit Altair with a massive double power bomb to pick up the victory, and to get rid of yet another tag team in the CZW. Timmons is becoming the Tag Team Retirer, and he played this up to the crowd who booed the hell out of NBR.




* cZw *




The Assault crowd erupted when Campbell sans Michelle came down to the ring, and almost completely ignored Dante when he did. The match was back and forth in the beginning, but Christian took control about 2 minutes in and stayed in control. He displayed some very impressive wrestling holds, and eventually got the pinfall with his Welcome To The Prime Time driver. Campbell advances on to the semi-finals of the TV title tournament, and will find out who his opponent will be after the opening War Zone match, Vitale against the debuting Simon. Afterwards Veronica came running down to the ring, surprising Christian who thought she was still at home with her family.




* cZw *




The match started off a complete brawl, with Ian taking control. The match was an odd pairing, as when Ian was in charge it was a brawl, when Teo was in charge it was a technical match. Ian hit a stiff power bomb onto Teo, and Teo landed funny, holding his neck. The match continued, and Ian eventually had Teo set up on the top turnbuckle. Ian hit the ONE PUNCH K.O., knocking Teo off of the top turnbuckle and onto the floor. As Teo was coming down, his sore neck caught the ring apron and he landed very badly. The match stopped as medics came down to check on Teo, who was not moving. Even Ian had a look of concern on his face, as he got out of the ring and stood by, watching. As the medics were taking Teo away, the bell rang, and Ian followed them a few steps back. From out of nowhere, Kenny Hendrix nails Ian from behind, repeatedly hitting him with the butt of his axe. Hendrix continues to hit Ian until he begins to bleed from his forehead. Theo is standing off a few feet, clapping with approval. After Ian is seemingly unconscious, Kenny stops and holds his hands up in the air as the crowd boos him loudly.




* cZw *


- The show starts with Justin Brackus and Leonard Moore of Street 2 Street are seen hanging out in their locker room before their match. They are talking about strategies, getting ready, no sight of beer around at this moment. Suddenly Jesse Montana walks in as they shoot up in surprise. Jesse looks intense, infact he has a look of no emotion across his face. He walks upto Justin and Leonard, though Jesse is a big athelete, he looks small compare to these two men. They both stare at each other as Jesse starts talking while gritting his teeth -

JESSE: "Now guys, I pay you to work for me, I allow you to be members of the greatest force in sports entertainment history, so I expect you to deliver tonight"

JUSTIN: "Or what?"

JESSE: "Or Jesse Montana will purposely make sure your careers are over and you two bums will find your way back to the damn jail, where you belong"

MOORE: "I think you are getting ahead of yourself dog"

JESSE: "Dog? DOG?"

- Jesse starts to smile now at this point -

JESSE: "Look guys, I respect you alot, I really do, I even like you, which is why I will find it hard when I send you two loudmouths back on the unemployment line. Now, you work for me, SO LISTEN UP"

MOORE: "What?"

JESSE: "Tonight you face The Union. Now I happen to dislike a member of that team a great amount, infact, I hate his damn guts, now go out their, do what you two can, but do not only win the match, do not only make the fans boo, make that fat scum Sawyer scream in pain"

JUSTIN: "That is what we do for a living boss"

JESSE: "Good, so we have an understanding"

LEONARD: "Yeah, no worries man"


- Jesse walks off out of the room leaving Justin and Leonard to look at each other with aggression in their faces -


DANIELS: "Welcome everyone, to another edition of CZW WAR ZONE!!! We're coming to your TV sets live on this Valentine's Day, from BALTIMORE!!"

MASTERS: "Yes, tonight we will see BLOOD in the main event!"

DANIELS: "And we will see The Upstarts vs AMP XTC, in two singles matches with Beaudin vs El Pablo and Montana vs King!"

MASTERS: "That's two gang wars we've had in CZW, already!"

DANIELS: "Now let's kick it off with another TV Title Tournament match!"

MASTERS: "Wait, first there's something happening on the CombatTron!"

(The cameras cut away from Daniels & Masters and a video message starts to play. As it does you are staring eye to eye at the newest and brightest star to sign with CZW Extream. He is sitting on a chair in front of a camera with a pretty bland scene. All you really see is Ex sitting in front of a black background staring into the camera with his trademark smile as he starts to talk to everyone in CZW)

EXTREAM: "Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the extreme revolution in CZW. Some are excited, some are sad, hell some of you may even be pissed that I am here. And you know what I have to say to each and everyone of you? None of it matters to me. I am not here for anyone of you. I am here for myself. It's been a long and winding road to get to the place I am in my career and this is just another stepping stone for me. I have won titles, owned companies, ended careers, broken bones, bled my blood week in and week out to get to where I am. So don't get the misconception that I am here for anyone but myself. I am here to prove to everyone just how good I am, just how crazy I can be, and just what the true meaning of "extreme" is. I have heard it all, you can't spell look at your name. Your not good enough to be the best. Your not what we want. Your too crazy for our taste. And yet every single ring I have ever stepped into I have proved everyone wrong, I have shut the mouths of everyone who has ever doubted me. Now here we are a new page in the career of one of the most talented, charismatic, entertaining, exciting, and extreme wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring. I am not here to make friends, I am here to win titles and prove all my doubters wrong. Folks it is soon time for all of you to witness the rise of everyone's favorite man to hate......EXTREAM!!!!"

(Without hesitation he jumps up out of his seat and walks past the camera as the scene slowly fades away to all black and the cameras cut back to ringside)

DANIELS: "That was Extream, and we're actually expecting to see him here later, William!"

MASTERS: "That is awesome, Extream is here to save the CZW!"

DANIELS: "Let's get on to the first match, a first round TV Title Tournament match!"

TOWERS: "This match is scheduled for one fall and is a first round match for The CZW Television Championship Tournament."

("SMOKE ON THE WATER" by Deep Purple plays over the sound system)

TOWERS: "Coming to the ring, from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 245lbs., Slammin' Scotty Simon!"

(Simon heads for the ring not just ignoring the fans but actually pulling away from anyone who gets to close. In the ring, he reclines in the corner as if bored with the entire situation)

("GIMME BACK MY BULLETS" by Lynyrd Skynyrd begins to play)

TOWERS: "Making his way to the ring area, from Lodi, New Jersey, weighing in at 370lbs., here comes 'Big Dawg' Nicky Vitale!"

(Vitale heads for the ring, and the fans aren't quite sure if they should root for him, though some do in response to Scotty's attitude)

DANIELS: "This will be an interesting match. I appreciate Scotty's confidence, but Vitale is deceptively heavy. He doesn't look like he would be 370 with that build. Scotty may find it difficult to suplex him."

MASTERS: "Scotty's a real man, though, Daniels. He'll find a way."

-The bell rings and the two lock up, but the test of strength is really not much of a contest. Vitale shifts his wait and literally throws Simon over the top rope, but Simon hangs on to the top and ends up on the ring apron, his eyes bugging out at the display of strength-

DANIELS: "Vitale just made a huge statement."

MASTERS: "I'm not sure Nicky could make any other kind."

-The two lock up again, but this time Scotty slips behind Nick with a waistlock, and tries to pull back into a german suplex, but Nicky reaches out those long arms and grabs the top rope, and Scotty cannot pull him over. Just as quickly, Scotty kicks Vitale once, twice, three times behind his left knee; after the third shot, Vitale tumbles over and Scotty grabs the left leg and continues to kick at the knee.-

MASTERS: "Smart man. A big man is nothing without his legs."

-Vitale smoothly shoves Scotty away with his right leg and stands up, no worse for wear with the treatment. As Simon comes in, Vitale grabs him and executes a vicious head butt, but holds on Simon's hair to keep him from falling. Vitale head butts Scotty twice more, and Simon collapses in the corner. The Big Dawg grabs the ropes with both hands, plants his huge foot against Simon's throat, and pushes, waiting late into the ref's 5 count before releasing. Not hesitating at all, Vitale brings Simon fully to his feet and slings him into the rope, but Scotty ducks under the big boot, ducks under a clothesline attempt, and hits a low shoulderblock right into Vitale's left leg again. Vitale stumbles but doesn't fall, so Scotty nails the same leg with a dropkick. Vitale stumbles into the corner, and Scotty flies across the ring and nails a Flying Avalanche, which stuns Vitale further. Scotty snap mares Vitale out of the corner, then locks on a leg scissors choke.-

DANIELS: "Wow, Masters. There was no feeling out period in this match at all. Both of these men went from preliminaries straight to some of their signature moves."

MASTERS: "You're right. I think they both feel a quick win would be much better than a long match. Vitale is likely worried about Scotty's conditioning in a long match, and Simon is probably thinking about the damage he could take if this match goes very long."

-Slowly, Vitale rolls over on his hands and knees, then gets his feet on the mat and his legs under him, Scotty still trying to choke him out. Vitale's face is turning red. Suddenly, he heaves Scotty off the ground, adjusts his hold, and powerslams him down! The slam is awkward, but does break Scotty's hold. Scotty hops to his feet and bounds off the ropes, but Vitale scoops him up and locks him into a vicious bear hug. Scotty shouts in pain as Vitale lifts him off his feet and SQUEEZES, the big man gritting his teeth with the effort. Nicky shakes Simon from side to side to add to the pain. Scotty double chops Vitale's shoulders twice, then rakes the eyes, forcing Vitale to drop him. Simon locks Big Dawg's head under his arm and tries for a suplex, but Vitale blocks it. Scotty bounds again off the ropes and hits with a high cross body block, but instead of falling right there, Vitale stumbles backward and both men tumble out over the top rope to the arena floor.-

MASTERS: "This is great stuff, Daniels! I don't think I've seen a stranger, back and forth match like this in a while. These guys are really impressing me."

-Slowly, they both rise, trading blows as the referee begins to count. Scotty punches, Vitale punches, Scotty kicks to the side, Vitale head butts back. Nicky grabs ahold and whips Scotty into the ring post as the ref's count reaches 5.-

MASTERS: "They better be minding the time."

DANIELS: "Wait a minute, William! Someone is coming to the ring. He's huge, but I don't recognize him."

MASTERS: "Look at his T-Shirt! That's Big Nasty!!! What is he doing here?"

-Unaware of the intruder, Vitale begins to climb back into the ring, but the tall Big Nasty grabs him from behind and yanks him from the ring apron. Even as Vitale rages, Scotty slides into the ring. Vitale follows, but to be met by a vicious Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Scotty goes for the pin-




As the bells rings, Big Nasty backs away with his arms in the air and then leaves ringside.-

TOWERS: "Your winner by pinfall and advancing in the CZW Television Championship Tournament, Slammin' Scotty Simon!"

-At ringside, Nicky Vitale looks at Jessica with frustrated rage even as Scotty gloats. Vitale rips a monitor from the commentator's table and throws it into the ring. Jessica and Scotty bail out, and Scotty grins from ear to ear as he chooses an alternate route from the ring area. Still fuming and escorted by security, Vitale grudgingly goes backstage.-

MASTERS: "What a poor loser!"

DANIELS: "Cheap wins cause frustration, and THAT... was a cheap win!"

(The announcers are cut off as Serj Tankian's "Unthinking Majority" starts to blare over the PA system in the Baltimore Arena. The fans are not quite sure how to react not being familiar with the theme music. They sit silent for a few moments before for the first time ever in front of a live CZW audience Extream steps out from the back and stands in the entrance staring around the arena wearing his new "everyones favorite man to hate" T-shirt. He gets what could be called a mixed reaction as he starts to make his way down to the ring slapping hands with a few fans on the way)

DANIELS: "Here it is folks. For the first time live in CZW, Extream!"

MASTERS: "I have heard so many different rumors about this guy it is hard to know what he is going to do, we just don't know what he is capable of."

DANIELS: "Well I have a feeling we are about to get a little insight into what this superstar is going to bring to the table."

(As Ex gets to the ring he rolls in and hops to his feet throwing his hands in the air once again getting a mixed reaction from the fans who have yet to make their opinion of him. He walks around the ring looking around the arena a bit before calling for a mic. A ringside helper tosses him the mic and he walks to the center of the ring and starts to once again show that trademark grin of his before he starts to speak to the fans, the front office, the locker room, and anyone else who wants to listen in to this monumental occasion)

EXTREAM: "Damn it feels good to be here. Be in a place where I am wanted and hell to be honest unwanted. There has been so much controversy about CZW signing me and for good reason. I am not your parents idea of a wrestler, I am not even your idea of what a wrestler should be......or am I? I was sitting at home and thinking you know maybe that pre-recorded message to the fans is all i need to do, maybe I should just let it at that and make them wait for debut in this ring. But then I thought this isn't about you people, this is about me. This isn't about Derek or Alan, this isn't about you guys in the locker room, this sure as hell isn't about the fans."

(The fans are starting to get an opinion as they start to boo profusely at Ex and his selfish comment)

EXTREAM: "You people can boo all you want, It never has and never will bother me. I am not here to make you happy. I am here to win titles, break heads, and be as exciting as one can possibly be. Some might say, "well Ex you know you want to be exciting that has a lot to do with the fans and what they want". But thats not true. It's about me and my push to get to the top once again. And the only way to get ahead in this business is to be ruthless, entertaining on the mic, exciting in the ring, and creative when it comes to new ways to get into a guys head. And guess what people, I am all of the above. I am going to revolutionize the way you all look at a professional wrestler. I am going to be the first name to come out of your mouth when you think CZW whether you like it or not. So you better get ready.......get ready for the extreme revolution!!"

(He throws the mic to the ground leaving it short and sweet and rolls out of the ring to an array of boos by the shocked fans. Everyone is shocked at what he just said as he makes his way up to the entranceway once again slapping hands with a few of his loyal fan base and flicking off the rest of the doubters as he walks back through the entrance way to the back)

DANIELS: "Well then. I don't think I have ever seen a man step into the ring and blow the minds of so many people so quickly!"

MASTERS: "I don't think I have either Jarred. But I do think I am going to be waiting and anticipating his first match here in CZW!"

DANIELS: "That's for sure. It just might be one of the most anticipated debuts in CZW history. But now we must go to a commercial."


(As we come back from break "THE FOUR HORSEMEN" by Metallica rocks the arena. Street 2 Street makes their way to the ring amid a chorus of boos. Brackus and Moore talk trash to a number of the fans lining the ramp, even ripping a young man's "Working Man" poster to shreds. As they hit the ring, both men pose atop the turnbuckles)

DANIELS: "It sure takes two big men to rip a child's sign. These two men are just disgraceful!"

MASTERS: "Disgraceful? Who are you watching??? These two are the future of tag team wrestling! You better get used to it!"

(Before the announce team can continue their banter "BLUE COLLAR MAN" by Styx hits the announce system as the crowd goes nuts! The Union, composed of Sawyer and Williams appear at the entrance, soaking in the adoration of the crowd)

MASTERS: "I guess you'd rather cheer for a pair of hillbilly janitors wouldnt you Daniels?"

DANIELS: "I appreciate what these two men bring to our business Masters, and thats something even you should respect!"

(As the Union makes their way to the ring they stop by the child whose sign was early destroyed and give him an autographed Union poster)

DANIELS: "Now that's a class act. That young man will never forget this night!"

-Finally, all four men are in the ring. Sawyer and Moore will be starting off the action as the ref calls for the bell. As the two men lock up Moore overpowers Sawyer with a scoop slam. Moore off the ropes now and into a running elbow drop. Moore picks up the fallen Sawyer and drags him to the corner where he tags in Brakus. Both members of S2S begin delivering boots to the Working Man. The ref forces Moore out of the ring as Brackus delivers a massive backbreaker. Quick cover by Brackus but Saywer kicks out at 2. Brackus hooks Sawyer for a suplex but its blocked by Sawyer. Another try by Brackus, another block by Sawyer. On the third attempt, Sawyer fully reverse the hold and delivers a suplex of his own. Sawyer now off the ropes just as Brackus begins to stand and hits the S2S member with a flying shoulderblock. Sawyer back into his corner as he makes a tag to Williams.Billy quickly hops to the top turnbuckle-

DANIELS: "High risk time for Williams!"

-Williams attempts to hit a flying headbutt but Brackus moves out of the way at the last second-

MASTERS: "At least he didn't hurt anything useful to him..."

-As Williams lays in the ring, Brackus goes for the tag. Moore is in now as he picks up the prone Williams and delivers a knee breaker. Picking up the smaller man again, Moore delivers a full nelson slam. The assault continues as Moore picks him up for a gorilla press slam. Before he can finish though, Sawyer runs in and spears and Moore!-

DANIELS: "What a maneuver!"

MASTERS: "Real original Daniels, real original."

-As the three men lay in pile of humanity, Brackus tries to enter the ring but the ref catches him and keeps him on the outside. While the ref is busy with Brackus, both members of The Union are up and grab Moore. They attempt a double powerbomb but Moore is able to reverse it and send both Union members to the mat-

MASTERS: "Now thats a show of strength!"

-The ref starts the ten count on the two legal men as Sawyer regains his mental abilities and gets to the apron. As the count reaches 7 both Williams and Moore up. Moore goes for an irish whip but somehow Williams is able to reverse it and slings the S2S member into a neutral corner. Williams delivers a top rope hurricanrana to Moore! Williams for the cover now-



-Breakup by Brackus. The crowd now is really getting into the match as its been back and forth all night long-

DANIELS: "I wonder how "Mr. Montana" is enjoying this?"

MASTERS: "Shut up! Its not his fault these two goofs cant finish the job!"

-Williams goes to his corner and tags in Sawyer just as Moore tags in Brackus on the opposite end. Head of steam now as both men charge each other at full speed, DOUBLE SPEAR!-

DANIELS: "Good God what a move! Both men are down at the sime time, to the same move! Only in CZW!"

-As the two men lay in the middle of the ring, Brackus gets one arm over Sawyer-



-Kickout by Sawyer! As both men struggle to their feet Sawyer tries to deliver a full nelson slam but once again its blocked by a Brackus kick to the groin-

DANIELS: "What an underhanded move by Brackus!"

MASTERS: "He didn't get caught did he? Perfectly legal. And brilliant!"

-While Sawyer is agony over his family jewels, Brackus picks him up the head and delivers a swinging neckbreaker. With the Sawyer on the mat, Brackus now attempts a boston crab-

MASTERS: "He can't last long in this hold! Check him ref, check him!"

-As Masters has a fit on the mic, Sawyer is able to reverse the hold and apply pressure to Brackus. He quickly releases the hold to relieve pressure on his legs-

DANIELS: "Even you would have to agree The Union is really stepping up their game here tonight. A win here would certainly put them in contention for the titles."

MASTERS: "How about we just buy them new jumpsuits and call it even?"

DANIELS: "You're unbelievable."

MASTERS: "And good looking."

-The action continues in the ring now as Sawyer nails Brackus with a hip toss. Sawyer tags out as Williams is the new legal man-

DANIELS: "Great team work by The Union here tonight."

MASTERS: "I wouldn't let them pick up after my dog..."

DANIELS: "Stop it."

-The match has escalated now as Williams has Brackus in a sleeper! As the ref checks on the S2S member, Moore enters the ring, looking to end the hold. However, Sawyer also enters the ring and nails Moore with a vicious clothesline. With Moore out, Williams drops Brackus with a sleeper slam. The crowd is about to blow the roof off as both members of The Union are playing it up. The two men go to opposite turnbuckles and prepare for the....-

DANIELS: THE PAYDAY!! PAYDAY!! Here it comes!"

MASTERS: "Mr. Montana isnt't going to be happy!!!"


-Sawyer and Williams deliver The Payday to the prone Brackus! Sawyer now grabs Moore and throws him out of the ring as Williams makes the cover on Brackus. Ref starts the count-




DANIELS: "They did it! The Union has just defeated Street 2 Street in one of the best tag matches I've seen all year! What a match!"

MASTERS: "NO!!! This can't happen! Whats Jesse going to do to these guys?! Nobody fails Mr. Montana!"

-Street 2 Street leaves the ring quickly as the announcer makes the official call. While Sawyer and Williams celebrate in the ring, they invite the young boy from the crowd into the ring to celebrate-

DANIELS: "What a classy group of guys! This is what CZW is all about, action, drama, and most importantly, you! The fan!"

MASTERS: "I hate the fans! I hate you! And most imporatantly, I hate The Union! Nooooo!!!!"

DANIELS: "And we're already set for our next match!"

TOWERS: "Our next bout is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the guest referee... he is the Franchise... CALEB WALKER!!!"

("I AM THE LAW" by ANTHRAX plays as the crowd boo. Caleb Walks down to the ring, seemingly about to bulge right out of his referee shirt. He is wearing black shorts. He storms down to the ring, looking disgruntled)

TOWERS: "And your first participant... hailing from Birmingham, Alabama... RONNIE McNEIL!!!"

("REMEMBER THE NAME" plays as there is a mixed reaction from the crowd. Some people like him because of his impressive match against Teo, but most are unsure as of yet. Ronnie comes out with a look of confidence and walks down to the ring, unhinged by the reactions. He climbs in the ring, cautiously looks at Caleb, and begins stretching)

TOWERS: "And his opponent... *crowd pop* He is the #1 Contender... MATT STYLEZ!!!"

("SERIAL THRILLA" plays as the crowd erupts with electricity. Matt comes out and plays up to the crowd. He comes down the aisle running, high fiving fans on the way down. He hops into the ring, and looks at both men, on alert)

DANIELS: "This should be interesting, William! I mean... what is Caleb doing in this match anyway?"

MASTERS: "Well we know Caleb well enough to know... it most likely involves money and PAIN!"

-Ronnie started things off with a bang, uncorking a quick flurry on punches followed by a nifty release northern lights suplex. Stylez grabbed Ronnie's legs and dropped a low blow fist drop, as Ronnie was trying to pick him up-

DANIELS: "Both men full of talent, and hungry for glory!"

The two struggled in a tie up until Matt scored with an arm drag take down into an arm bar. Ronnie reversed the hold but found himself quickly countered and back on his back on the mat. Stylez slammed Ronnie into the corner and laid the boots to him briefly before eating some knees to the ribs. Ronnie avoided a back drop to the mat and landed on the apron, hitting a shoulder thrust before going for a vertical suplex. Stylez blocked and sent Ronnie clattering to the floor before flinging himself over the top rope and onto the waiting Ronnie on the floor-

DANIELS: "McNeil tastes concrete!"

MASTERS: "and then Stylez lands on him for dessert!"

DANIELS: "We need to take a short commercial break, we'll be right back!"


-We come back to Ronnie in control wrenching away at Stylez's neck. Apparently Stylez crashed and burned over the break and then ate a kick to his head. Ronnie fought off the brief comeback with a nasty piledriver for a two count-

DANIELS: "Surprisingly, Caleb has been pretty fair in this match as ref! What's his deal, William?"

MASTERS: "Caleb is a professional, that's his 'deal' Jarred!"

-Ronnie booted away at Stylez in the corner before hitting a running fore arm smash to the face. He quickly gathered Stylez and connected with a neck breaker for another near fall before going right back to the chin lock. Ronnie eventually shimmied into a cover attempt before looking for side kick, but Stylez blocked it and both nailed each other with a lariat-

DANIELS: "Both men just going back and forth, looking to take advantage and take the win!"

-Stylez gained the advantage with a snap mare before hitting a top rope moonsault. Stylez went for a spinning neck breaker, but Ronnie countered with a back breaker for another two count. Ronnie pounded away on Stylez before hitting a side Russian leg sweep and again, we have another near fall-

DANIELS: "I am just shocked about Caleb.. he's doing better than most regular refs!"

-Stylez tried to hit a vertical suplex, but Ronnie swooped out of it and hit a neck breaker and still can’t keep Stylez down. Ronnie missed a charge to the corner before Stylez went to the top quickly. Ronnie leaped up to the top rope but got knocked off and got crushed with a The Thrill Kill but Ronnie kicked out at two-

DANIELS: "I can't believe he kicked out of the Thrill Kill!!"

MASTERS: "It's too early for that, that's why! But I bet it hurt!"

-Ronnie grabbed a side headlock before Stylez tried to knock him back. The two traded shoulder blocks before Stylez went for a flippy leg drop but Ronnie avoided it. Ronnie picks him up, but Stylez hit an inverted atomic drop and a low blow leg drop for a two count-

MASTERS: "These guys are showing everyone here what they've got. I'm liking this Ronnie kid a lot."

-Ronnie blocked a punch and hit a northern lights suplex for a two count of his own before Stylez got up. Stylez shoved him and Ronnie slapped him back. The two brawled and fell out ot the outside where they exchanged blows. Stylez went to the top rope after assuming the advantage but Ronnie avoided the flying plancha-

MASTERS: "That idiot Stylez! Now Ronnie will show him why he's YOUR living legend!"

-Ronnie is in firm control of things with a half Boston crab, after throwing Matt back in the ring. Stylez powered out of the hold before Ronnie whipped him to the buckles face first. Stylez came gunning out of the corner though with a nice lariat to buy himself some time. Stylez went to the top rope but Ronnie hit a standing drop kick that knocked Stylez off the top rope and to the mat for a two count-

DANIELS: "I am just amazed by Caleb!"

MASTERS: "Oh get over it already!"

-Ronnie went right back to the half crab and sat down deep on the hold. Stylez reached the ropes eventually and the hold was broken. Ronnie stayed in control, sitting out on the leg before going for the hold again but Stylez shoved him to the outside. Ronnie went to drag him to the floor but Stylez kicked him back. Ronnie came shooting back into the ring though and hit a chop block for a two count. Stylez hit a jaw breaker and hit a take down on the rebounding Ronnie before speeding up the pace despite the gimp in his step-

DANIELS: "Matt looks like he's in pain!"

-Ronnie cuts him off again with a leg trip before going for a roll up. Ronnie got caught with his feet on the ropes so he went for a whip, but Stylez countered into a side Russian leg sweep for a two count- Stylez went for the High Style before Ronnie blocked and loaded him up on his shoulders. Stylez wiggled out though and hit an inverted brain buster before scaling the ropes for the Thrill Kill again but no one was home. Ronnie crawled over for the cover but Stylez kicked out and hit a roll up out of nowhere but Ronnie kicked out at two-

DANIELS: "Near fall after near fall, and Walker is on it like a hawk!"

-Ronnie missed a charge in the corner and Stylez attempted a whip only to eat a head butt in the face. Ronnie missed a falling head butt on the mat and was drop kicked to the outside. Stylez kept up the high speed offense before going for a two count and getting flung into the ropes. Stylez looked for a sunset flip. Ronnie went for a punch and missed. Stylez hit a forearm before going to the ropes for a second and getting killed with a shoulder block-

MASTERS: "Yeah, Matt's DEFINITELY in pain!"

-Stylez fought back with some punches only to get floored with some punches. Ronnie got "The Broken Dreams" hooked on Stylez on the mat. Stylez repeatedly tried to use the crowd to rally him to his feet, but Ronnie kept bearing down, forcing him to the mat-

MASTERS: "Just give it up, Serial Thrilla!!!"

-Stylez finally looked for some elbows to the gut, but got socked in the puss again with another big right hand before Ronnie went right back to the hold. Ronnie was in full control and began to diversify the portfolio so to speak, only to miss a charge and crash into the ring post. Stylez connected with a DDT and headed to the top rope only to get tossed off and eat a nice patch of the security wall- DANIELS: "No matter what Matt seems to give Ronnie, he's right back on the hunt!"

MASTERS: "Ronnie is your next TV champ, deal with it!"

-Ronnie begins mangling Stylez in the Broken Dreams again. Stylez fought back yet again went for a body slam but Ronnie reversed the slam into a inverted DDT and only got a two count as Stylez kicked out-

MASTERS: "OH! I thought that was it!"

-Stylez got up and was met by a big boot from Ronnie and Ronnie snagged him and slammed him into the mat. Ronnie dropped the leg before going for a pin and getting a two count. Ronnie began planting some stiff old kicks to the chest before hitting a spinning wheel kick for another two count. Ronnie beat Stylez with rights onto the ring apron, but Stylez was able to hang him up on the top rope. Stylez took a gamble, looking for something off the top rope and got caught in THE FLAWLESS. Somehow, someway, Stylez kicked out at two-


-Stylez fought back again only this time, to eat a big boot to his face. Ronnie lined up a big splash but missed completely. Stylez HAD an opening, but Ronnie picked him off again with an uppercut. Ronnie went for the Legacy Made but Stylez dodged it and hit a a reverse neckbreaker, but couldn’t capitalize. He got a two count but it wasn’t good enough-

DANIELS: "These men are giving it their all here tonight, and the crowd is the winner here!"

MASTERS: "Great match, great match."

-Stylez hit a series of forearms before going for the High Style but got kicked in the face. Stylez quickly hit a mule kick and got out of the way of a big splash in the corner only for Ronnie to move out of the way himself. Ronnie hit a Samoan splash before signaling for the Fall from Grace. Ronnie missed the Fall From Grace and Stylez hit a High Style. Ronnie rolled to the outside-

DANIELS: "Wait, what the!?"

-Stylez began running to the ropes, looking for the high risk, only to get jumped by Caleb Walker. Caleb grabbed Stylez and hit Styles with a massive spine buster, then Caleb stood over Stylez looking at him laughing Caleb slid out of the ring and grabbed Ronnie and tossed him back in the ring Caleb picked up Stylez and military pressed him walking around the ring showing off his power as the fans booed him Caleb slammed him to the mat. Ronnie goes for the cover, and Caleb delivers a VERY fast three count-




-Ronnie and Caleb shake hands as they smile, looking down at Matt. As Ronnie's music plays, They begin to lay the boots down on Stylez. Suddenly the crowd bursts with cheers as The Zodiac Thrilla comes storming down to the ring, with a chair in hand. Both Ronnie and Caleb high tail it out of there, as Zodiac stands guard. As Zodiac looks down at Ronnie and Caleb, who are slowly backing up to the entrance, Matt awakes at looks up at Zodiac-

DANIELS: "THE CHAMP IS HERE! But I don't think Matt's liking the help!"

MASTERS: "He's a fool, Daniels!"

-Matt gets up, as Zodiac turns around and looks at him. Matt walks up to him and has a pissed look on his face. Matt seems to say thank you but he doesn't want the help, and Zodiac just shrugs, getting out of the ring. Matt stays in, holding his head-

DANIELS: "What a turn of events, Ronnie must've paid Caleb off! This CANNOT count as a win, dammit! Matt had the match won!"

MASTERS: "Are you kidding, Ronnie had control the whole time.. get over it Jarred."

DANIELS: "I don't think so, Masters! You one-sided jackass!"

MASTERS: "What did you say, pip squeak!? I could break your neck like a twig!"

DANIELS: "Yeah, yeah, yeah.."

(The feed cuts to the back, where Caleb and Ronnie are seen shaking hands, and parting ways. Caleb comes walking down the corridor, and as he turns a corner he runs right into Andrew Arashavin)

ANDREW: "Oh, sorry pal! Didn't see you!"

CALEB: "Get out of my way, british!"

(Caleb pushes Andrew out of his way, making Andrew hit the wall. Andrew gets an angry look on his face and grabs Caleb's shoulder. Caleb comes reeling back with a right hand and they begin trading blows ferociously as the crew and staff take notice. It takes 5 men each to pull them off of each other, and after a big struggle, Caleb storms off. The men on Andrew ease up, and Andrew has a KILLER look in his eyes, as he grinds his teeth-

MASTERS: "Holy hell, man! Andrew, you don't know what you're getting yourself into!"

DANIELS: "Caleb needs an attitude check, William! He thinks he owns the place!"

MASTERS: "Yeah yeah... let's get to the ring, I wanna see Mack beat that El Pablo up!"

TOWERS: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall"

DANIELS: "This is going to be a classic in my opinion, two men, two stables"

MASTERS: "Two men, two stables, one stipulation"

DANIELS: "Exactly right, our new CZW Commissioner certainly made an impact with his announcement about this match, also the Jesse Montana v.s Ace King match"

MASTERS: "Yeah, maybe just a taste of things to come, maybe Farley can fire you and get me a decent partner to talk to"

DANIELS: "Oh come on, just admit that you like it really"

MASTERS: "Yeah about as much as I like kidney stones, only difference is, that goes away, YOU DON'T"

DANIELS: "Anyway folks, here they come!"

( "MAN UP" by STICKY FINGAZ blasts out throughout the arena )

TOWERS: "On his way to the ring, accompanied by The Lovely Zoe, coming from Tampa Florida, weighing in at 240 lbs, The Number One Draft Pick...MACK BEAUDIN!!!"

( Mack comes out on to the stage along side the Lovely Zoe. He arrogantly walks down the ramp as he raises his head up not looking at the crowd who boo them both furiously, which only makes them smirk. Mack gets in the ring and raises his arm in the air while Zoe gets in through the bottom and middle rope)

( "BEEN TRAINING DOGS" by THE COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE blasts out throught the arena )

TOWERS: "And his opponent, coming from Portsmouth, England, the current cZw X Champion, The Five Star Superstar...EL PABLO!!!"

( El Pablo makes his way out to the ring as the fans give a loud reaction. El Pablo makes his way down the walk way and into the ring. El Pablo hops over ropes and poses as the music stops )

DANIELS: "These two have been at each others throats for a while now, but both still have their eyes on other people"

MASTERS: "Yeah like I have my eyes firmly stuck on The Lovely Zoe"

DANIELS: "What I am trying to say is Mack still has his thoughts on Ace and the IC Title, whereas EL Pablo has his thoughts on his next opponent for his X Title, do you think any of these distractions will cost them in this match?"

MASTERS: "No, these men are proffessionals and are both very impressive thus far"

DANIELS: "Well, lets get down to action then folks"

MASTERS: "Hey, Why do you always get to say that?"


- The bell rings as we see Mack immediately talking trash to El Pablo. Mack goes to grab El Pablo but he dodges. El Pablo circles around the slower Mack. Eventually they lock up as El Pablo takes Mack down with a snapmare takedown, then dropkicks the sitting down Mack in the back on the neck. El Pablo quickly runs off, bounces off the ropes, then rolls towards Mack going for the Rolling Thunder but Mack sees it coming and gets his knees up. Now Mack has the advantage as he gets up, picks El Pablo up and whips him into the corner and follows up delivering a clothesline. El Pablo falls to the ground trapped in the corner -

DANIELS: "Straight away Mack is thinking something evil!"

MASTERS: "Exactly why I like him!"

- Mack gets out of the ring and grabs El Pablo's leg and wraps it around the turnbuckle. Mack smiles as El Pablo screams in pain and he does it again. The he grabs his leg and pulls on it as he digs the back of his knee into the ring apron in a modified submission hold, but the referee comes up and breaks the illegal hold -


MASTERS: "Mack is thinking clearly tonight, methodically destroying his opponent El Pablo!"

- Mack gets back into the ring. El Pablo tries to get up but Mack stomps him back down. He then hits El Pablo with an elbow drop. Mack picks him up and sets him up for a back drop as El Pablo lands on his feet and runs off to the rope, bounces off and hits Mack with a quick Tornado DDT which makes Mack bounce of the top of his head, El Pablo covers -




- Mack rises but unknown to him, El Pablo is waiting for him on the top of the turnbuckle, Mack turns around to see El Pablo coming down with a Missile Dropkick which catches Mack in the jaw as he falls down. Another cover -




DANIELS: "Wow two quick attacks by El Pablo!"

MASTERS: "This man is giving me a damn headache, I feel dizzy!"

DANIELS: "You're always dizzy!"

- Mack gets up as El Pablo is on the attack again as he runs at the ropes and comes back, but Mack catches the speedy Pablo with a thunderous Spine Buster. Mack now with the advantage slows the match down now as he grabs El Pablo in a sleeper hold. Mack wrenches his head around as he tries to find energy to escape from the hold. Elbow to the gut, Mack keeps it on, another elbow, another and another as Mack lets go, El Pablo turns around as Mack hits a huge Clothesline on him to knock him straight back down -


- Mack then picks El Pablo up and whips him into the corner so hard that El Pablo flips over the turnbuckle and lands head first on the outside bouncing off the concrete -

MASTERS: "Look at the power of Mack, El Pablo was made to look like a crash dummy there!"

DANIELS: "He looks hurt!"

- Mack attempts to go out but the referee stops him, offcourse Zoe then catches an opportunity to stamp on the hurt El Pablo on the outside. Mack eventually gets outside where he picks up El Pablo and presses him up high, then drops him down face first into the guardrail. Mack then throws him back into the ring. He covers -





- Mack looks slightly confused that El Pablo has kicked out. He then picks El Pablo up and backs him into the corner giving him shoulder thrusts to the sternam. Mack then chokes El Pablo illegally with his boot -






- Mack releases the hold as the referee tells hm off. Mack ignores the ref as he goes back on the attack, only to be met with a boot to the stomach, another boot, El Pablo then climbs to the second rope and hits a cross body, El Pablo bounces straight back off as Mack gets up angrily, El Pablo goes to kick Mack, Mack grabs his foot, El Pablo goes for the enzuguri but Mack ducks that, then goes for a back side drop but El Pablo lands on his feet, El Pablo immediately goes for a drop kick, but does not hit it as Mack swipes his attempts away, El Pablo get up and they both stare each other down as the crowd goes wild -

DANIELS: "Wow now this is what you call wrestling, both men doing impressive counters"


DANIELS: "HA. Well these fans loved that technical match right there"

MASTERS: "Yeah but these fans probably like you so they must be crazy"

- Mack hits El Pablo, El Pablo hits back, rights and lefts from both men, Mack knees El Pablo to get the advantage, then whips him into the ropes, clothesline, but El Pablo ducks, then on the rebound El Pablo hits a nasty Swinging Neckbreaker. He covers -




- El Pablo picks up Mack and ushers him towards the corner where he hits Mack with fast knife edge chops which echo throughtout the arena -


MASTERS: "Right that is it...I am taking out my sniper!"

- Mack reverses the third attempt throwing El Pablo into the corner and goes for a huge thrusting elbow and hits it, then he lands a huge boot to the sternam. Mack then places El Pablo on the second rope, El Pablo kicks away at Mack but Mack climbs up to the second rope to. Mack gets El Pablo in line for a superplex, El Pablo hits out of it though as Mack slips of the ropes and lands on his feet on the floor but El Pablo takes advantage of the slip up and hangs on and then hits a tremendous SIT DOWN JAWBREAKER from the second rope. Mack bounces off El Pablo and flips over as El Pablo quickly rolls Mack up -





- Mack somehow kicks out throwing El Pablo off with his legs and across the ring. El Pablo though goes straight back on the attack quickly as he goes for another rolling thunder, this time hitting it perfectly. El Pablo straight away runs off on the attack again, this time connects with a reverse rolling thunder hitting a standing moonsault. Again though El Pablo goes off for an attack as the crowd soaks it all up -

DANIELS: "Wow I have never seen such quickness"

MASTERS: "But are these attacks actually effective"

DANIELS: "I am not sure...But this will be"


- El Pablo climbs to the top rope, right up high on the third rope, he leaps off doing a Split Legged Moonsault but Mack moves out of the way. El Pablo bounces off the ground and rolls around in pain -

MASTERS: "HAHA I love it"

DANIELS: "You love the fact El Pablo missed the move and rolls around in pain?"

MASTERS: "Yeah do you know why?"

DANIELS: "You're evil?"

MASTERS: "Yeah, that and I am picturing you jumping off the turnbuckle and crashing and burning"

DANIELS: "Oh thank you, I feel welcome"

- Both men look to be hurt, both are lying, resting on the ground motionless as the referee begins to count them out. Mack finally gets up at the count of 8. Mack walks over to El Pablo but he jabs Mack in the ribs, another in the jaw, then whips him into the ropes and times a perfect dropkick which knocks Mack down. Mack gets up quickly looking enraged as he runs at El Pablo, but he counters and catches him with a drop toe hold, Mack gets up looking even more enraged as he tries and grab El Pablo but keeps dodging, then Mack comes running at El Pablo but he ducks, pulls the top rope down and Mack goes crashing to the outside -

DANIELS: "HAHA I love it!!!"

MASTERS: "No. You're not allowed to laugh"

DANIELS: "But I am picturing your falling and rolling around in pain"


- Mack tries to calm down as Zoe talks to him, but he is virtually frothing from the mouth now, suddenly though El Pablo runs at the opposite side of the ring, bounces off the ropes, throws himself to the outside and hits Mack with a Suicide Front Flip, Zoe just manages to dodge out of the way -


DANIELS: "Yeah but what a great move that was, another fantastic attack by El Pablo"

MASTERS: "Sure, side with the maniac why don't you"

DANIELS: "He is just giving these fans what they deserve"

MASTERS: "What? Herpes?"

- El Pablo picks himself up, he then waves to the crowd to signal something, Mack begins to stir and gets up. El Pablo climbs up on the barrier as the crowd slap his hands, Mack looks on as El Pablo comes running towards him, jumps of going for the WALK THE TIGHTROPE, Mack catches him though, GREETINGS FROM TAMPA ON THE OUTSIDE!!! -


MASTERS: "Now that is how it's done!"

- El Pablo crashes off the concrete floor and looks completely out of it, Mack climbs back into the ring, rolling in. The referee begins to count out El Pablo -






El Pablo begins to move


El Pablo rises into a sitting down position


He gets to his feet


El Pablo tries to climb back into the ring but Zoe grabs his foot


- El Pablo thrusts her off and she goes flying off accidentally into the guardrail. El Pablo gets into the ring on a 9.5 count. Mack dives out of the ring as he tends to the hurt Zoe. He looks at El Pablo who looks sorry, Mack has huge open eyes, he looks extremely intense. He then runs around the ring and grabs a steel chair from under the timeskeeper and gets into the ring with the chair in hand -

MASTERS: "What was El Pablo thinking kicking that poor defenseless love into the guardrail"

DANIELS: "It was clearly her fault!"

MASTERS: "Do you think I should go and help her, in my own special way"

DANIELS: "Just sit down you dirty old man"


DANIELS: "This does not look good"

- Mack swings wildly at El Pablo but he dodges, the referee tries to stop him but Mack over powers him, he swings again, but again El Pablo ducks, this time though El Pablo runs at the ropes as Mack turns around with the steel chair, Flying Head Scissors, Mack goes crashing down on top of the chair, the referee allows it as he throws the weapon out of harms way and El Pablo covers -

MASTERS: "EL Pablo cheated!!!"

DANIELS: "What are you talking about, Mack was the one with the weapon, besides, weapons are legal now in CZW, remember the announcement?"

MASTERS: "No, I must have been helping a few young women to train in my local gym"

DANIELS: "Yeah...I bet you were...'Helping'...Them"






- Mack gets a late shoulder up, but still manages. El Pablo now looking to end the match climbs outside onto the apron, the crowd knows what is coming as he raises his arm in the air, El Pablo dives up onto the top rope with the restless Mack in sight, he dives of and does a 180 in mid air to hit the 180 FLIP SPLASH. He hits it but seems to of hurt his back while landing -

DANIELS: "I don't know who got the worst end of that one"

MASTERS: "This man seems to have springs to his feet, how does he do it?"

DANIELS: "He is looking for the cover, but he looks hurt"

MASTERS: "That is what I like to see, PAIN!!!"

- El Pablo crawls over, the fans cheer for him, Mack lies there, eyes closed, El Pablo reaches over and gets an arm around Mack and covers -





- Mack somehow musters enough strength to kick out. El Pablo rolls around holding his back, he seems to be more hurt than Mack after the previous attack. Mack capatilises on this as he manages to get to his feet and stomp on the back of El Pablo. He then sits down and pulls back the head of El Pablo locking in a devastating Camel Clutch. El Pablo sreams out in pain as Mack sits on the weakened back. Mack keeps it on -

MASTERS: "Wow, Mack has picked up on the weakness straight away"

DANIELS: "This could be the beginning of the end for El Pablo"

- El Pablo tries to push himself out of the hold but Mack seems to be too heavy. Mack realises though that El Pablo is not tapping out as he rises and sits straight back down landing heavily on the weakened back. He picks El Pablo up and hits a High Angle Backdrop. He gets back to a submission wrapping his arms around the lower back of El Pablo locking in a barehug type manuevar -

MASTERS: "Another submission attack"

DANIELS: "Straight back to the injured area, Mack sure knows what he is doing"

MASTERS: "Yeah, he also looks like he is enjoying punishing El Pablo"

DANIELS: "That sounds like Mack"

- Mack crunches the injured back as El Pablo begins to get to his feet, Mack though with his hands already locked around the waist of El Pablo, throws him backwards with a German Suplex. El Pablo bounces of his back. Mack mounts El Pablo and lays fists to the head of El Pablo, rights and lefts furious shots to the skull then gets back up, then comes straight back down with a leg drop -

DANIELS: "What is he doing? Why is he looking at Zoe?"

MASTERS: "Well because him, along with every other man in this arena finds her 'Lovely', apart from you of course"

- Mack then looks at Zoe who seems to have recovered, though screaming at Mack to hurt El Pablo. Mack then grabs him and lifts him up high and smashes him down right on his back and neck with a Powerbomb. But instead of covering he lifts him back up into the same position, hits him again with a second Powerbomb, then lifts him up once again, this time he walks towards to ropes thinking of throwing the defensless El Pablo onto the outside -


DANIELS: "Wait...Look at this..."

- Suddenly though El Pablo reverses and hits Mack with a hurricarana to the outside, Mack lands on the conctrete as El Pablo stays on the apron. El Pablo holds his injured back as he cringes,but still climbs to the top rope -


- He dives off, unfortunately, Mack catches sight of the previously used steel chair that the referee threw out the ring. He picks it up as El Pablo comes diving down, Mack wraps the STEEL CHAIR AROUND THE BACK OF EL PABLO!!! -


DANIELS: "Damn him...DAMN HIM"

MASTERS: "What? It is all legal APPARENTLY"

DANIELS: "That was so sickening it echoes throught the whole arena"

- El Pablo lies badly hurt on the outside as Mack stands there with a chair still in his hand. The referee warns Mack but it is all legal. Mack smiles at El Pablo who cringes in agony. Mack shouts at the ref to count out El Pablo -


- The referee gets up to a six count but at that point Mack impatiently climbs outside and throws him into the ring. Mack slaps him in the face, then smiles as El Pablo rolls around looking badly hurt -


- Mack picks him up, knees him in the sternam and takes him towards the corner where he gets a few hits in on him. Mack kicks him in the ribs a few times then throws him into the opposite corner, El Pablo bounces off at force landing on the ground face first after his back bounced off the turnbuckle -

MASTERS: "Mack is in complete control of this match now"

DANIELS: "Yeah after using the damn chair"

MASTERS: "He was just protecting Zoe, plus defending himself"

DANIELS: "Oh Rubbish, he just thinks he can do what he wants, when he wants"

MASTERS: "He can, he is a member of Upstarts!!!"

- Mack strolls over with extreme arrogance as he stands on El Pablo's head as he presses it into the ground, and laughs at the crowd who boos him. He then picks El Pablo up again and powerslams him back down. Mack then walks towards the turnbuckle, climbs up and looks down on El Pablo down on the floor. Mack lifts his arm up to enfuriate the crowd even more as he dives off to hit the Top Rope Leg Drop, but El Pablo moves out of the way -

MASTERS: "NO NO NO...Poor Mack"

DANIELS: "The crowd has gone wild"

- The crowd chants El Pablo as Mack sits there with his mouth open wide screaming in pain. El Pablo gets to his feet at the same time Mack does, Mack walks up to him but El Pablo takes his legs down and holds them up as Mack lies on the ground, El Pablo does a huge double leg drop into the groin of Mack. Mack again opens his mouth as he screams in pain much to the delight of the crowd. El Pablo lifts Mack up, then out of no where, The Twist Of Fate!!! He covers -





- Mack just kicks out at the last split second. El Pablo looks shocked. He then climbs to the top rope as the fans cheer his name. He lurks there waiting for Mack to get on his feet, he dives off, flies over Mack and somehow manages to hit a Victory Roll, the referee counts -





- Mack kicks out again at the last split second. El Pablo looks completely shocked as to think of what he needs to do to finish it. He then signals to the crowd, they cheer him. Mack gets up as El Pablo creeps up towards him, kicks him in the stomach, rolls over his opponents back. Mack turns around as El Pablo tries to go for his finisher, Mack counters and kicks him in the sternam, though the kick looked a little low...Then...Out of nowhere...MEANS TO AN END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -






MASTERS: "What a terrific performance from the Number One Draft Pick"

DANIELS: "El Pablo was also terrific"

MASTERS: "Yes but lets talk about Mack, look at him celebrating, fantastic"

DANIELS: "I believe that kick though was a little below the belt"

MASTERS: "RUBBISH...You bore me"

TOWERS: "And your winner...By ways of pinfall...The Number One Draft Pick...MACK BEAUDIN!!!"


- After the match, Mack celebrates leaving El Pablo defeated and hurt on the floor. Mack and Zoe walk out to an array of boos and insults from the crowd, Mack offcourse loving it. Suddenly though after Mack gets out of the staging area, Tim Timmons walks onto the stage, looks at Mack and smiles, so does mack, Tim then runs down to the ring, the crowd boos, Timmons gets in and smiles at the sight of El Pablo holding his back in extreme pain. Timmons then stands him up, El Pablo looks completely defensless. Tim then lifts El Pablo up into a Tombstone position, he looks for his finisher, El Pablo though to his surprise manages to struggle free, Timmons turns around as El Pablo runs at the ropes and hits him with a spinning heel kick. The crowd cheers as Timmons lies on the floor knocked out from the kick. El Pablo then gets to the outside and picks up the steel chair. He climbs the turnbuckle as he points to the chair and his elbow as the crowd chants his name. STEEL ELBOW!!!!!!!! -

DANIELS: "Well that poroperly backfired on Tim Timmons, what was he thinking?"

MASTERS: "Well quite obviously he was picking the best time to attack the X Champion, but El Pablo proved their is no good time to attack him"

- Timmons is decimated in the centre of the ring as El Pablo celebrates as he rolls out of the ring, holding his back as he raises his arm to respect the crowd -

DANIELS: "I can't wait to see what is going to happen in the future with these two"

MASTERS: "And we still have more AMP XTC vs Upstarts action, and it's gonna happen now!"

TOWERS: "And our next match is scheduled for one fall and is a non-title match!"

("RAINMAKER" plays over the PA as the crowd explode is a chorus of boos)

TOWERS: "Introducing first... hailing from Miami... accompanied to the ring by Jacqui Rhodes... He is a member of the Upstarts... JESSE MONTANA!!!"

(Jesse Montana and Jacqui Rhodes come out, playing up to the crowd's jeers. They make their way down to the ring, chastising certain crowd members for their signs)

MASTERS: "Jacqui is looking as hot as ever!"

TOWERS: "And his opponent... representing AMP XTC... He is the current CZW Intercontinential Champion... ACE KING!!!"

(The crowd cheer as "ACE OF SPADES" begins to play. Ace comes out, and raises the CZW IC title up above his head. He then eyes Jesse and Jacqui in the ring, and doesn't take his eyes off of them until he gets to ringside. He puts the IC title on the announcer's booth, near Daniels, and then enters the ring)

DANIELS: "Now remember, neither men's stable-mates can interfere or they'll be suspended!"

MASTERS: "Jesse doesn't need help to beat a gambling addict!"


DANIELS: "Look at Jesse talking trash to Ace! Ace looks right past it though, passionately determined."

MASTERS: "That's not determination in his eyes, that's FEAR!"

-The two men finally lock up, and struggle with each other for a moment. King gets a side headlock on Jesse, who after a moment throws King into the ropes. King hits Jesse with a shoulderblock. King runs to the ropes, hops over Jesse who then gets up, and when King comes back, Jesse leaps over him. Jesse turns around, and gets NAILED with a lariat, causing him to slide out of the ring to catch a breather-

DANIELS: "Oh, looks like Ace got the best of Jesse there!"

MASTERS: "He's playing games with Ace, Jesse is a mastermind!"

-As Jacqui consoles Jesse on the outside, Ace sits on the ropes, offering Jesse to get back in the ring-

DANIELS: "Jacqui's only allowed down here on the condition she doesn't get involved in the slightest bit. If she does, the same suspension stipulation applies to her!"

MASTERS: "There ain't NO way the CZW is gonna take that face off of the air!"

-Jesse doesn't get in the ring until the referee has King backed up to the other side of it. They then circle each other, looking for an opening. They lock up, and Jesse nails a well placed knee to King's gut. He does it again. He then throws King into the ropes, and nails him with a running knee to the chest, knocking King down. Jesse takes a moment to jaw jack at him-

MASTERS: "Telling him how it is!"

DANIELS: "He's wasting time, though!"

-Jesse goes to pick up King, who chops him in the throat. King then nails a few forearms to Jesse's back, walking him to the corner. He positions Jesse, and nails a scathing knife-edge chop-


MASTERS: "For those of you at home, I'm rollin' my damn eyes right now!"



-King hits three chops, and then grabs Jesse and irish whips him to the opposite corner. Jesse rebounds, and King hits a roundhouse kick!-


-King goes for the pin-



-King picks up Jesse, and throws him to the ropes. Jesse ducks a clothesline, and comes flying back with a forearm to King's face. Jesse then kicks King's calf, making him fall to his knee. He then kicks Ace in the chest-


-And then to the back, causing King to fall to his stomach-


MASTERS: "Good god man that had to hurt something bad! Look at King's face!"

DANIELS: "Agonizing in pain, indeed!"

-Jesse then tangles up King's legs, and falls back with an Indian Deathlock. King yells in pain, but refuses to submit. When the referee is paying complete attention to King, Jesse sits up and slams back down on his back, applying pressure to King's legs. King yells out again, but still refuses to give up. King begins inching his way over to the bottom rope and finally grabs it, and the ref makes Jesse break the hold-

MASTERS: "Ah, but the damage is done!"

DANIELS: "Unfortunately so, as Ace is favoring his right knee now. This can't be good for the Gambler."

-Jesse picks up Ace and nails a perfect Russian leg sweep. As King is on his back, Jesse leaps to the ropes, and comes crashing back down on King with a springboard Asai Moonsault. The cover!-




DANIELS: "That was a close one but Ace manages to kick out in the knick of time!"

MASTERS: "Sheer luck! Maybe that's why he gambles!"

-Jesse takes a moment to question the ref, getting into his face. He then turns his attention back to Ace who springs up and surprises Jesse with a European uppercut. Jesse rears back, and Ace kicks him in the gut with his left foot. He lifts him up and back down with a gutwrench suplex. Ace gets up, but gingerly-

DANIELS: "The effects of that Indian Deathlock are sure evident, Masters."

MASTERS: "Jesse's the MAN, Jarred!"

-Ace manages to pick up Jesse, and toss him into the corner. As Ace approaches, Jesse jabs him in the eyes, causing the crowd to jeer. He then switches places, throwing Ace into the corner, and climbing up. He prepares to do the 10 punch count off, when Ace surprises him by grabbing him, walking a few steps, and dropping him down with an inverted atomic drop-

MASTERS: "That's gotta smart!"

-Both men are laid out, with Jesse moving around just a little more. Jesse pulls himself up using the ropes, as Ace is on his knees now. Jesse goes to kick Ace in the head, but Ace blocks it. He grabs Jesse's leg and pulls, bring Jesse down with a single leg drag. He springs up and tries to get Jesse in his Big Slick On The River submission, but Jesse struggles trying to break free-

DANIELS: "If King can get this move on, this could the end!"

MASTERS: "There's NO way Ace can get it locked in!"

-Jesse struggles, as Ace almost has him turned over... and Ace finally turns it over, pulling back-

MASTERS: "NO!!! Get out of it, Jesse!"

DANIELS: "He's not so sensational when he's screaming in pain!"

MASTERS: "Are you kidding? He even does THAT better than anyone else! Wait..."

-Jesse reaches up and grabs the bottom rope, with the ref forcing Ace to break the hold. Ace limps around, trying to catch his bearings. Jesse is also grabbing his right knee now. Ace goes to pick up Jesse, but Jesse grabs him and rolls into an inside cradle-



-As both men get up, Ace kicks Jesse in the gut. He then grabs his head, and drops him down with a powerful DDT. Ace goes for the cover-




DANIELS: "Montana kicked out at the very last moment!"

MASTERS: "There's the sensationalism, Jarred!"

-Ace is up, and he picks Jesse up as well. Ace then flings Jesse over the top rope, with Jesse landing on the concrete-

DANIELS: "Ace is turning it up a notch!"

MASTERS: "Tell him to turn it down!"

-Ace climbs out of the ring, and tells Jacqui to stay out of the way. He goes to pick up Jesse, who chops Ace in the throat. Jesse then grabs Ace's arm and flings him right into the ring stairs-


MASTERS: "How's that feel, Gambler!?"

-Jesse plays up to the crowd as they boo him. Ace is slumped over near the disturbed steps. Jesse picks him up and throws him back in the ring, and immediately goes for the pin-




DANIELS: "King's tank isn't out of gas just yet!"

MASTERS: "But it might be out of luck, finally!"

-Jesse patronizingly kicks at King's fallen body, a la a heel Jericho. He stops when his knee begins to seriously bother him, and he makes sure his knee pad is back in place. He then picks up Ace, who comes up chopping away at Jesse, sluggishly. Jesse fights back, but Ace wins this round, as Ace chops him so hard he falls on his back. Ace takes advantage and lands a breakneck legdrop on the unexpecting Jesse. He then picks up Jesse and flings into the corner-

DANIELS: "Looks like he's setting him up for the high risk manuevar!"

MASTERS: "The fool!"

-King lifts up Jesse and places him on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up, punching away. He grabs a hold of him, but Jesse tries to block. King forearms his back and cinches up...-


DANIELS: "King nails the Superplex!"


-King slowly lifts his right arm and drapes it over Jesse's chest-




MASTERS: "Oh dear god, I think I'm having a heart attack!"

DANIELS: "Numerous close calls in this magnficient match!"

-Both men take a minute to get up, but eventually start duking it out yet again. King elbows Jesse in the temple, dazing him. King bounces off of the ropes, albeit with a limp, and chops the shit out of Jesse, knocking him flat on his back.-

MASTERS: "YOWZA! His chest is beat red now!"

DANIELS: "Well, with good reason!"

-King goes to pick up Jesse, who grabs him and rolls him up in a small package... but King reverses it!-




DANIELS: "Jesse gave all he had to kick out of that one! Both men are hurt and blown up!"

-Both men lay on the mat, trying to catch their breaths. King grabs the ropes and finally pulls himself up, and stumbles in with a kick on the rising Jesse. He turns him around and hits a thundering back suplex. King calls for the top rope-

MASTERS: "Dumb move!"

DANIELS: "Go Ace, Go!!"

-King climbs to the top rope, and stands up on it. He looks down at Jesse, and then looks out into the crowd. He points up to the sky and LEAPS-


DANIELS: "Holy crap, as Ace leapt out to land a frog splash, Jesse knipped up and dropkicked him!!"

MASTERS: "He nailed him right in the ribs, look at how Ace is holding 'em! He gambled and he CRASHED."

-Jesse is too exhausted to immediately capitolize though, as both men are yet again laid out on the mat. They both roughly get up at the same time, dazed and confused. Jesse leaps up for an attempted Montana Express, but Ace blocks it. Ace turns him around and goes for another back suplex but Jesse flips through the move. He puts his head between Ace's legs-

MASTERS: "Oh is this what I think it is? THE MONTANA BAY!?"

DANIELS: "That dreaded Ocean Cyclone Suplex!! I'm afraid this might be it for Ace!!"





DANIELS: "Did you see that!? Ace kicked out HALF A SECOND before the three count! He was THIS close!"

MASTERS: "It's only a matter of time now though, Jarred! Montana is SENSATIONAL!"

-Jesse gets up with a shocked look on his face. He goes to pick up Ace but Ace blocks it, throwing his hands up. He punches Jesse, who rears back. Jesse goes to punch back but Ace blocks it and twists Jesse's arm to his back.. slips his arms in and pulls down Jesse in a backslide pin-







-Ace rolls out the ring and grabs the IC belt, posing with it as the crowd cheers. Jacqui is in the ring and checking on Jesse, who is on his knees and very pissed-

DANIELS: "Such a close match, it could've gone either way all the way through it!"

MASTERS: "Well what do you expect? It's the CZW BABY!!"

DANIELS: "And now it's time for our main event, the MY BLOODY VALENTINE FIRST BLOOD match!!"

MASTERS: "I can't wait to see blood!"

TOWERS: "This match is billed as a My Bloody Valentine first blood match. The first person to make his opponent shed the first drop of blood will be determined our winner. Introducing first from San Francisco , accompanied by Vinny, Your World Heavyweight Champion The Zodiac Thrilla!!!!"

(“ANOTHER BODY MURDERED” blares and we see Zodiac Thrilla appear atop the ramp with Vinny. They walk down the ramp very focused and climb into the ring. Zodiac pounds fists with Vinny and then crouches down in the corner, a fire in his eyes burning as he seems to be in a darkness and not even realize the fans yelling his name. Zodiac sits there waiting for Impaler to come down with HIS world belt)

TOWERS: "Now introducing, from Black Mist, Maine… being accompanied to the ring by Eric Ryan... Impaler!!"

("WAR MACHINE” plays and Impaler appears at the top of the ramp. With his is his associate Eric Ryan. Neither of them are holding a world title in their hands. They stop atop the ramp, and then the combatron changes views and we see a dark room that has the World Title hanging in it. The walls cannot be made out but the gold on the belt shines bright. Impaler rubs his hands together and walks down the ramp. Zodiac has had enough and as Impaler nears the ring apron Zodiac suicide dives right into him sending both into the floor. Zodiac then starts to lay into Impaler)

DANIELS: "Doesn’t look like Zodiac is playing around. He wants his belt back and isn’t having any of this nonsense!"

-Zodiac is thrown from Impaler by a surge of energy and Zodiac's back is driven into the guardrail. Impaler then stands and begins to choke Zodiac with the barricade. Zodiac elbows out of it but Impaler just smashes Zodiacs skull into the guardrail. Impaler then picks up Zodiac in a military press and sends him face first into the top of the railing. Eric Ryan stands next to the men yelling at Zodiac and directing Impaler to do more and more damage. The fight proceeds with Zodiac getting tossed around until a fire sparks and Zodiac begins to deliver left and right hooks into the abdomen of Impaler. He then throws a cheap elbow into Eric Ryan sending him to the floor. The referee is out and tells Zodiac to leave him out of it but the furious Zodiac blocks the ref out and continues to punch at Impaler until he folds over in pain. Zodiac then uses his top of head to deliver a prompt chin buster. Impaler holds his chin and backs off a little and then Zodiac drops kicks Impaler back into the guardrail.-

MASTERS: "Zodiac is delivering a nice beating but there’s no way he can make Impaler bleed. He barely has any skin showing."

DANIELS: "That is true, but He will find one way or another…"

MASTERS: "Yea right, Zodiac is going to be busted open like a pumpkin on Halloween night!"

DANIELS: "That was just a stupid analogy!"

-Zodiac and Impaler have made up the ramp a little more. They are at about halfway up the ramp and Zodiac is throwing lefts and rights right at Impaler from every angle. It appears like an inconsiderate beatdown until Impaler flares up and boots Zodiac right in the forehead. Zodiacs head bounces off the steel ramp with a force and he rolls around holding the back of his head. The referee runs over to check for blood but then signals no and continues the match. Impaler picks up Zodiac and holds him high in the air before throwing him face first down onto the ramp. The referee runs back over but Impaler just shoves him away and the referee rolls down the ramp a little. Impaler mounts Zodiac and starts to punch him in the face very quickly as if he is trying to draw blood from the world heavyweight champion. Impaler gets frustrated and stands up picking Zodiac up again. Zodiac out of desperation delivers a low blow to calm the beast but Impaler just cocks his head and looks at Zodiac and then headbutts him. Impaler goes to mount Zodiac again but Zodiac flips Impaler over him and off the ramp near the guardrail.-

DANIELS: "That low blow did nothing…"

MASTERS: "He’s not human idiot!"

DANIELS: "But still…"

-The match continues and now both men are on their feet trading left and rights to each other. The referee too regains his composure and watches the match, not a lot he can do but watch. Impaler goes for a hellatious punch but Zodiac ducks under it and then kicks Impaler in the back of the leg dropping him to one knee. Zodiac then grabs a camera cord that is laying near by and drives the connecter right into the back of Impalers head. The referee looks but sees no blood and Zodiac continues the assault. He ties the cord around Impalers neck and then pulls him to the edge of the ramp so that his head hangs off. Zodiac backs up and then legdrops the head of Impaler. Zodiac stands back to his feet and then forearms Impalers in the upperbody. Zodiac then takes a few steps runs and jumps off the guardrail going for a leg drop but Impaler sits straight up and Zodiac hits full force on the concrete. He holds his back and is in sheer agony-

MASTERS: "That concrete went right up his ass Jarred!!"

DANIELS: "I doubt that but it no doubt hurt…"

-Impaler gets to his feet and untangles the cord on his neck. He then uses it to whip Zodiac. The thick cord on the back of Zodiac leaves instant welts. Impaler then grins Zodiacs face into the guardrail trying to institute some blood. Zodiac elbows Impaler in the stomach and then gives him a neckbreaker laying both men out in pain. Both men use opposite railing to get to their feet. Zodiac irish whips impaler toward the ring and Impaler stops and pushes off the ring going for a clothesline. Zodiac ducks and jumps on the apron before corkscrewing off and kicking Impaler. Zodiac then crawls to the apron and pulls out an iron pipe. Impaler gets up and walks toward him but Zodiac drills Impaler right in the mask with the pipe forcing a piece of the mask to break off near the upper forehead. Zodiac then swings again, this time “decleating” Impaler and sending him to the ground. Impaler isn’t phased much by in and sits up. His eye sockets are turning red but the referee can’t get in there to see what it is and is forced to let the match continue. Zodiac then swings the pipe again as impaler gets to his feet but Impaler catches the pipe and throws it to the ground.-

DANIELS: "I think Impaler is bleeding under that mask…"

MASTERS: "Our officiating crew could point that out. It’s probably just paint from his mask…"

DANIELS: "Highly doubt that… The beast can barely see whats going on. Look at him swinging and missing Zodiac."

-Sure enough, Impaler can’t seem to locate Zodiac in the ring. Zodiac dips and dodges each swing causing Impaler to go into more and more of a rage. Zodiac uses it to his advantage and then drop kicks Impaler right in the knee. He rolls over and then shoulder blocks that same Knee forcing Impaler to the ground. Vinny then slides in a chair to Zodiac who picks it up and drives it into the back of Impaler. The belt still hanging on the Titantron. Zodiac looks up at it and then his mood goes into a frenzy. He begins to slam the chair into the back of Impaler.-




-The chair is deforming and warping as it is driven into the spine of Impaler. Impaler lays lifeless in the middle of the ring and Zodiac rolls him over and places the warped chair on the face of Impaler. He spits down on the chest of Impaler and then climbs the turnbuckle. He looks down and then motions to the crowd who begin to cheer. Zodiac leaps…-


-Zodiac leaps from the top turnbuckle and delivers a Horrorscope to the chair resting on Impalers face. After he bounces off the chair, Zodiac looks over his shoulder at Impaler whose chin is busted wide open. Blood gushing onto the mat from his chin.-


-Zodiac drops down and tells Impaler to give his belt back as his music blares. Zodiac climbs down from the ring while Impaler lays lifeless and Ryan tends to him. Zodiac gets halfway up the ramp when Ice Breaker and Glacier appear holding their tag team belts and cracking their knuckles. Zodiac turns to look at Vinny but he is already laid out near the ring. The fans can sense the tension rising as Zodiac puts on his game face and starts to walk up the ramp. The Alaskan Warriors both grin as they stand at the top of the ramp waiting for Zodiac who is walking straight at them-

DANIELS: "He is a mad man…"

MASTERS: "He is getting what’s coming to him. They will tear him limb from limb…"

DANIELS: "Where is security?"

-As Zodiac pauses as he gets about 10 feet from the Alaskan Warriors, Glacier unsheathes a baseball bat that was strapped to his back and begins to pat it on his hand. Ice Breaker motions for Zodiac to bring it…-


DANIELS: "What the hell!?"

-As the two brothers had been focused on Zodiac, they left their back wide open. None other than Matt Stylez came from backstage and nailed Ice Breaker with a stern chairshot to the back, forcing him to fall face first on the ramp. Glacier turns to face Stylez but Zodiac runs at him and shoulder blocks his knee dropping Glacier to the ground as well. Glacier tries to swing his bat but Stylez nails the bat with the chair forcing the bat from his hands and leaving him laying on his back helpless. Stylez then throws the chair down and Zodiac elbow drops Ice Breaker. The tag team champs dropped their belts on the rampway as the collision occurred, and now both champs are left laying on the ramp. The begin to move a little and crawl to their hands and knees and Stylez and Zodiac assault them again. Stylez picks up Glacier and whips him into the Combattron Stand. Zodiac on the other side does the same thing with Ice Breaker. Stylez looks over at Zodiac and they then irish whip the Alaskan Warriors into each other.-

MASTERS: "That’s one hell of a collision - Where the hell is security?"

DANIELS: "Don’t ask me, This is going to get out of hand…"

-The Warriors then get on the offensive as they get to their feet and take down both Stylez and Zodiac with a clothesline. Breaker picks up Zodiac and drives him face first into the combat tron stand. Glacier kicks Stylez in the gut and then slams him face first into the stand. The brothers then look toward each other sadistically and grab tables that were near the ramp. They begin to set the up right next to each other, unfortunately it takes longer than expected and Stylez and Zodiac are both on their feet. When the Warriors turn, Zodiac nails Ice Breaker with the chair Stylez had been using and Stylez uses Glaciers bat against him as the thick part nails him right across the temple. Both Warriors fold on impact but Stylez and Zodiac place both Warriors on separate tables-

DANIELS: "What are they doing!?!!?"

MASTERS: "They are insane… Where’s Caleb Walker… Impaler GET OVER THERE…"

DANIELS: "Impaler still isn’t moving"!

-Zodiac and Stylez both climb the outside of the Combattron and stand next to each other on the top. The Warriors are both laying on tables nearly 30 feet below. Zodiac and Stylez nod and then yell into the crowds who explode into applause. Both men leap, Zodiac does a perfect elbow drop, while Stylez executes his Thrill Kill from the astonishing height.-


-Both men go through the tables, the result is a near train wrest atop the ramp. All four men are immobilized and not moving as EMT’s rush to the four and call for stretchers. They try not to move Stylez or Zodiac due to freightening neck trauma but they soon get all four men on stretchers and begin to wheel them out.-

DANIELS: "They could be seriously injured, We need to do something about this.. This is getting too extreme…"

MASTERS: "Impaler might walk away the world champ because those two men are insane - they very well could have ended their careers!"

-The camera shows Zodiac and Stylez on the stretcher as they are the last two to be carted off. Stylez raises his hand barely and showing intense pain and the fans go nuts-

DANIELS: "We are out of time folks… WAIT! Before we go, we heard of a disturbance in the parking lot during the Zodiac/Impaler match. We have Ryan Lewis on the case, Ryan?"

-Scene cuts to Ryan, walking steadily down a hallway-

RYAN: "Hey I'm going to the parking lot now to see what the commotion is."

-Ryan is seen racing down the hallway with a cameraman in tow. He then pushes through the doors that lead into the parking lot. As Ryan comes out he stops and looks around. We then hear some voices in the distance. Ryan runs towards the voices until he stops as someone dresses in all black with a ski mask on almost runs right into him. The masked person is holding a steel pipe and is about to use it on Ryan when the person then turns sees the cameraman filming and then runs away-

RYAN: "Did you get that? okay lets go!"

-Ryan then goes towards where the masked man came from and as he arrives at the scene he stops and has a shocked look on his face. He then looks at the camera.-

RYAN: "You guys won't believe this... but the masked man took out 2 members of the Upstarts!!"

DANIELS: "What, Ryan? What??"

MASTERS: "Did he say what I think he said!?"

-The camera then starts showing the carnage. We see Jesse Montana laying face down on the ground as Jacqui is kneeling down next to him crying. We also see Mack Beaudin laying on his back as Zoe is near him also crying. They both look bloody as an Ambulance arrives.-

RYAN: "I'm going to see if I could get a word with any of the women."

-Ryan then walks up to Jacqui-

RYAN: "Jacqui! What happened??"

JACQUI: "Get away from me!"

-Ryan then goes to Zoe-

RYAN: "Zoe! Please talk to me, what happened?"

ZOE: "What do you think happened? Get out of my face!"

RYAN: "Okay the ambulance is now here, tending to Jesse Montana and Mack Beaudin. I think that Masked person really tried to end their career guys!"

DANIELS: "This is horrible news, but we're out of time! Check out CZWEFED.COM to find out the latest on what's happened!!"


cZw Feb. 2008 (C)

card is subject to change