| December 31st | * Milwaukee, Wisconsin * Bradley Center |

Combat Zone Wrestling presents BEGINNING OF THE END

Theme Song: "The End is The Beginning is The End" by Smashing Pumpkins

live on PAY-PER-VIEW from
- Milwaukee, Wisconsin -
Bradley Center
December 31st 2008

"The OGT" MAYNARD O'TOOLE -vs- "The Five Star Superstar" EL PABLO (c)


"The Gambler" ACE KING -vs- "Bad Ass" MATT COVEY




"The Living Legend" BIG NASTY -vs- KARL "The Jackal" JACKSON (c)


"Faithless" MIKE MONROE -vs- "Rated E For Everyone" EDDIE ROWAN (c)


"The Ripper" BRYAN McNALLY -vs- "The Human Highlight Reel" ERIC COLLUM (c)





1. GREGORY "The Graduate" GRANTHAM
2. "The Sadistic Solution" ALAN FISCUS
4. "The Working Man" J.A. SAWYER
5. "The Aerial Specialist" KRIMZON BLAZE
7. "Mr. Entertainment" BRIAN BLAZE
8. "Krazy" CHRIS ROSS


"The Violet Violence" LEAH KIMARA -vs- "Miss Sexy Thong" DEBRA LOPEZ (c)


"The Original Showstealer" S.J. FUNK -vs- JAKOB MAYHEM



* cZw! *


As the Pay-Per-View telecast begins but before we go to the opening graphics, the camera pans across the arena floor to show the audience waiting for the show to begin. People are still taking their seats but already the place is packed! As the camera crosses the arena floor a cheer goes up, not a really loud one but significant, and the large Combatron TV screen focuses on a former CZW superstar, The Janitor Billy Williams, as he pushes an arena maintenance cart down to the ring. He begins to absent-mindedly sweep around the ring area. Then, looking around to see if any CZW wrestlers are watching, he seems to take something from the bottom shelf of the cart and hide it under the ring. Acknowledging the fans that recognized him, he ambles back up the ramp and through the wrestler’s entrance.

"The End is the Beginning is the End" by Smashing Pumpkins begins to play and the camera pans over a sold out crowd. Signs such as "EP RULES!," "IT'S THE END FOR WDS," and "CZW NEEDS HARDCORE" can be seen. The shot cuts to the announcers, William Masters and Jarred Daniels, as they welcome the at-home audience.

DANIELS: "Welcome, folks, to Milwaukee! Welcome to BEGINNING OF THE END!"

MASTERS: "And Happy New Year's, everyone, we got one hell of a show for you tonight!"

DANIELS: "We sure do, every title is on the line except for the Global Tag belts! We have Debra Lopez defending the Queen of Combat against her rival Leah Kimara.. in a women's division first... Xtreme Scaffold Match!"

MASTERS: "We'll see the fourth ever Money in the Bank ladder match, Eric Collum fight Bryan McNally for the World TV title, and Eddie beat Monroe's ass in a lumberjack X-Division title match!"

DANIELS: "We'll also see El Pablo defend the World Heavyweight title against Maynard O'Toole, but before that, get this... Justin Marsham will fight Brian Kirkland for the CZW Hardcore belt... if Justin wins, The Hardcore Division ends!"

MASTERS: Well this opening match should be interesting to say the least. We have SJ Funk making ….

Daniels: A big mistake. He shot his mouth off and said he wanted someone to fight.

Masters: He got that.

Daniels: Yeah he did. But he didn’t expect who stepped up.

Masters: A member of the Players Club did just that. One half of the brothers known as Total Mayhem, none other than Jakob Mayhem.

Daniels: Funk is so funked now. Mayhem is going to rip him in half.

Masters: I can’t say that. I know it won’t be pretty.


Funk is standing ready to be announced when he is tapped on the shoulder. Turning around he is face to face with none other than Jakob Mayhem. The crowd lifts the roof off with cheers for Funk and loud boos for Mayhem.

Mayhem: You have a death wish?

Funk: What do you mean?

Mayhem: You shot your mouth off telling the world you wanted someone to fight.

Funk: And you are being captain obvious for what reason?

Mayhem: I stepped up. Now I am going to give you a chance to step out. Walk away now. Or you will be wheeled out on a stretcher.

Funk: Threats? You want me to run away from you because you are the big bad Jakob Mayhem?

Mayhem: No, you can just walk away.

Funk: Let me think about that for a minute.

Masters: This isn’t good. Funk won’t back down.

Daniels: And he wont walk away from this either. Mayhem has been on a rampage lately.

Masters: Yeah but Funk is a strong man.

Daniels: So was Goliath.

Funk smiled at Mayhem as he raised his hand to his chin as if he was thinking. Instead he blasts Mayhem with a hard right hand. Mayhem’s head snapped back and he staggered slightly as Funk unloaded with a quick left, right, left, right, and left and a kick to the midsection. Mayhem doubled over as Funk looks around for anything he can use. Grabbing a tray from a table he turns back to Mayhem as the monster straightens up. Slamming the tray down on his head, he looks at the bent tray and the man standing before him starting to grin. Motioning for him to hit him again.

Funk slams the tray over his head again and again and again, each time Mayhem staggers back but won’t go down.

Masters: That man is not normal.

Daniels: Yeah most men would have run by now. So Funk is not brave, he is just stupid.

Master: I’m not talking about Funk! Mayhem is smiling with the blows. He is not normal, he is insane.

Funk slams the bent tray to the floor looking at Mayhem as he straightens back up again. This time blood starting to trickle down his forehead. Funk charges into him with an attempt at a shoulder tackle. Mayhem moves to the side and grabs him by the head. Spinning him around and throwing him at the stack of utility crates. Funk slamming hard into them and slumping to one knee. Mayhem walks over and grabs him by the hair and slams his head into the crate. The thud making the crowd oooh with the impact. Pulling his head back, Mayhem is hit hard with an elbow to the ribs. Funk follows that with a hard right to the head. Mayhem moves back in time to be hit with a drop kick that sends him to the floor. Funk catching his breath, turns and grabs a steel chair, running to the stunned Mayhem, he raises it and slams it across his chest, the metal clang echoing as he raises it to blast him again. The metal slamming into his head, the blood literally starting to puddle under his head. A crowd standing around watching winces with the impact. Throwing the chair away, Funk smiles quickly as he turns to walk to the curtains.

Masters: I guess that was settled. Funk headed to the arena now.

Daniels: I don’t think this is over by a long shot.

Masters: Let’s take this to the ring.

Towers: For the opening match coming to the ring…..

Let’s get rocked blasts into the arena as Funk comes through the curtain to the cheers of the fans.

Towers: from Durham England, The Original Showstealerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr S J FUNKKKKKKKK!!!!!

Funk stands on the ramp and smiles as he lets the crowd cheer and applaud.

Towers: And his opponent …..

The crowd boos as they look towards the curtain. Jakob Mayhem charges through and tackles Funk halfway down the ramp. His face smearing blood on Funks back as he hits him. The crowd really into the fight as they roll down the ramp and come to a stop with Jakob mounting Funk. Fists raining down on him like a thunderstorm. Refs come out and try to stop him only to have him leave Funk and start pounding on them.

Funk rolls off to the side, slowly getting to his feet as Mayhem drops the last ref. Mayhem turns around to be nailed with a stiff right that rocks the big man backwards. Following that with a kick to the gut. Catching him with a snap ddt, driving his head into the concrete.

Funk raising his arms and smiling at his handy work, he heads towards the ring and starts to go up the stairs. Never making it to the top stair as Jakob nails him with a shoulder tackle, both men falling over the steps and to the mats around the ring. Both men rolling around trying to gain an advantage. Separating from each other, Mayhem gets to his feet first and grabs Funk by the arm. Slamming boots to his exposed ribs. Funk writhing in pain as Mayhem reaches down and grabs him by the hair and tries to pull him to his feet. Funk knocking his arm away and throws a right, blocked by Mayhem, throwing a left that is blocked too. Mayhem grabs him by the head and head butts him causing Funk to fall back into the ringside barricade. The crowd hot on Mayhem, trash raining down around him.

Daniels: This is not for the faint of heart. Mayhem is bleeding and it looks like Funk may be busted open as well.

Masters: Funk asked for it, Funk got it.

Jakob grabbing Funk and pulling him to his feet, turning and throwing him in the ring. Funk dazed, he rolls over on his stomach. Mayhem looking under the ring apron. Pulling out a chair and throwing it in the ring. Reaching back under the ring, he smiles with his crimson coated face, holding up a sledgehammer.

Daniels: Someone needs to stop this. Mayhem will kill him with that.

Masters: (holding a thumbs down like at a gladiator fight) Let him.

Rolling in the ring, he walks over to Funk and leans over, bad mouthing him. Funk in desperation rolls over and kicks Mayhem in the nads. Stumbling back and then to the mat, Mayhem holding himself in pain. Funk getting to the ropes on hands and knees, he slowly gets to his feet. Seeing the chair, he gets a grip on it and moves towards Mayhem. Not seeing the sledgehammer lying near him, Funk raises the chair and brings it down. Mayhem grabbing the hammer and using it to block the chair. The chair flying from Funks hand, Mayhem hits him in the knee with the handle of the hammer. Funk dropping down to the mat and holding his knee. Mayhem slowly getting up, walks over and starts stomping on Funk, the mat shaking with the blows. The crowd hating each move and tries to rally Funk by chanting his name. Mayhem ignoring the crowd, walks over and gets the chair. Laying the hammer down, he blasts Funk with it as he tries to roll away. Arching his back in pain, Funk lets out a loud yell of pain as Jakob nails him again and again with the chair. Funk lying still, Mayhem stops and raises the chair over his head in a salute to the crowd. Smiling as he lays the chair over the side of Funks head, he gets the hammer. Climbing up on the second turnbuckle, raising the hammer up by the handle, he turns the hammer down and leaps. The head of the hammer hitting the chair and the crowd falling silent. Funk trembles on the mat as Mayhem rolls him over and points to the ref to count.




Daniels: God, someone get in there and check on Funk, he may be dead.

Masters: He aint dead, but he will wake up and wish he was.

Daniels: Let’s go to something else, get the camera off that maniac in the ring.

(The video starts showing an empty gym with a mixed martial arts cage. Inside the cage is a young woman sitting in the middle of the cage.)

“The Bone Saw Sandra Marshall 16 wins 0 losses.”

(It shows Sandra fighting in the cage knocking her opponent out with a brutal right hook.)

“People said I was nothing more but a little girl.”

(It shows Sandra locking an armbar on her opponent.)

“Don’t let my beauty fool you.”

(It shows Sandra standing above her opponent who is unconscious with a gash above her right eye.)

“I’ve been through battles of glory”

(It shows a picture of Sandra with her right eye swollen shut.)

“I’ve had to get stitches.”

(It shows a picture of Sandra with a gash under her left eye.)

“The reason they call me The Bone Saw is because I cut my opponents to the bone.”

(It shows pictures Sandra’s many fallen opponents covered in there own blood.)

“All it takes is one mistake and It’s game over for you.”

(It shows a picture of Sandra locking on a leg lock on her opponent making her tap out instantly.)

“When I get in that ring I suggest you don’t make any errors or else I will cut through you.”

(The screen fades to a final picture of the gorgeous Martial arts bombshell.)

“The Bone Saw Sandra Marshall is coming.”

- The scene cuts to backstage -

Ruthless is standing in the back by the entrance way before the woman's match begins. She looks like she is waiting for someone as you could see both Leah Kimara in her ring attire along with Debra Lopez in her ring attire walking towards the entrance way. Once they reach the entrance they both stare at each other as Ruthless is standing in between them. She has her hands on her hips as she looks between them both.

RUTH: "I know right now ladies you're both ready to have this match but before you both go out there... I want you to know I have listened to your comments in your promos for the match and I have something to say about them."

Leah looks at Ruthless Aggression with a bit of a smirk as Debra is rolling her eyes softly. She fixes her title on her shoulder. Leah starts to speak as she goes to shake Ruthless’ hand.

LEAH: "I would like to say thank you for listening to my request. So, Miss Aggression which I hope it is ok for me call you that..."

She tosses her hair to the side with a grin.

LEAH: "So, which choice will it be?"

Debra and her both look at Ruthless Aggression, waiting for her answer. Ruthless looks over at Leah and gives her the finger. Leah blinks as Debra start to laugh. Ruthless looks over at Debra with a smirk.

RUTH: "What are you laughing about? Fuck you too!"

Now both Debra and Leah have a shocked look on their face. It seems Ruthless is angry.

RUTH: "Who the hell do you both think you are! You both do have A LOT of great talent but where do you get off trying to change matches around here? You are the Queen of Combat but I am the one that runs this women's division and I make the matches. You don’t like how I make matches? Don’t let the door hit you where the sun doesn’t shine."

Leah starts to say something before Ruthless cuts her off.

RUTHL "If I were you, Leah, I would shut that damn mouth of yours before I shut it for you."

Leah looks angry as she glares at Ruthless Aggression. Ruthless starts to mock both of the girls a bit.

RUTH: "Scaffold match sounds so boring..."

She folds her arms and looked at both women with anger in her eyes.

RUTH: "It's not just any Scaffold match! It a match that will make Queen division history. What other company would let two of the best be in this type match that some of the greatest wrestlers of the past have been apart of! Here is just a few of them Tommy Dreamer, AJ Styles, Rhino, Jeff Jarrett, Road Warriors, Midnight Express..."

She gets more upset as she keeps on talking to both of them.

RUTH: "You both will be 18 feet up in the air from the ring and on the bottom will be tables to catch your fall in but on top will be bags with surprises inside of them.. If you ACTUALLY read the damn type of the match it's called an Xtreme Scaffold match! I am telling you both and EVER other damn woman wrestler on the roster right now. If your EVER try to go over my head again and try to tell me my ideas are boring... I will make your life a hell!"

Both of the women stand there, pissed off at Ruthless Aggression as she walks away from them. They then turn to each other staring down each other. Debra smirks as she flips her hair to the side.

DEBRA: "It seems like we both pissed off the boss but I have a feeling you don’t give a damn like I do."

Leah laughs a bit as she lick her lips glaring right at Debra.

LEAH: "You are damn right but tonight will be the night when we both will see who is the best between us both."

Debra shakes her head up and down with a grin as she slap the Queen of Combat title on her shoulder.

DEBRA: "Yes we will."

They both walk away from each other in different directions as the camera goes back to ring side.

Masters: It seems like “Ruthless” is a bit up tight tonight. Ace must not be taking care of our GM in the bedroom lately.

Daniels: Everyone around here know how she can be when it come to the Women's Division especially with how she make matches.

Masters: But they both were right this match idea was boring but I am just happy at the fact we see some sexy women wrestle tonight.

Daniels: Tonight match I believe won’t be anything sexy about it!

The camera point up to the Scaffold that seems to be form into a X that was about 18 feet high but it seems there are Santa like bags in the corners of the scaffolds.

Masters: I wonder what inside of those bags.

Daniels: Well we will found out about it right now.

The lights dim down as "Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns blasts through the P.A. system. Out walks Leah Kimara to a purple, pink, and blue light show. She gets to the top of the ramp and looks around a bit before smirking from the cheers and boos she receives from the crowd. She bends over and comes up quickly with her hands in the air as purple and pink pyro sparks rain down on the set. The sparks continue as she walks down the ramp looking at the fans reaching for her touch. She ignores the fans as she waves them off and continues her way to the ring. She walked over to where a ladder was it seems as she climb up. She smirks as she balance herself on the scaffold walking to the center with a look of determination ready to start the match.

Daniels: It seems Leah is ready for this match and believes she has it in the bag.

Masters: I believe she does. Just look at this woman. This is a woman that EVERY girl in the back wish they could be!

All is quiet in the arena, the lights dim as red and orange pryo's erupt around the stage for a good minute. The pryos stop and the arena goes silent again. One final BOOM goes off the center stage and Ain't It Funny begins to play over the P.A System As Debra Lopez on the center stage hands on hips gazing over the crowd as they cheer and whistle. She begin to strut down the runway as she shake her hips and booty to the beat of the song and slapping fans hands. She looked down at the title one more time as she hand it over to Stephanie D. Stephanie held the title high in the air as Debra started up the ladder to the scaffold. She just reach the top of the scaffold as the bell rang and that when Leah came running towards her it seems to knock her off as the ladder was been removing. Debra saw her coming at her jump over her it seems and somehow landed on her feet as she had this look of a bit of surprise that she just did that.

Daniels: Leah almost just won there.

Leah growls softly as she turn around and looked over at Debra as it seem both of the women looking at each other wondering who will make the first move since they were both up 18 feet up in the air. Debra start to go right at Leah with a right punch but Leah block it and came back it seems with a chop across her chest. Soon both of the woman were going at it till the point that Debra was now on her hands and knees on the scaffold as Leah took her boot and kick her in the gut. She smirks looking down at her as she look from the corner of her eye at the bag in the corner. She starts to balance herself as she walked over toward the corner of the scaffold wonder what inside of the bag. She open the bag and looked inside of the bag and pull out some bass knuckles it seems. She smirks as she place one on her right hand.

Daniels: That was inside of those one of the bags up there. It seems to be weapons the woman can use on each other up there.

Masters: I believe we are going to see blood tonight!

Leah kisses her right hand with a grin as Debra was right now on her knees in front of her. Leah mouth the words just like where you should be as she took Debra by the hair and starts to hit her in the middle of her head with them. After about five hits to the head could see blood coming down the side of Debra’s face it seems. She then looked like she was taking a picture of it as was about to take her boot to kick Debra in the face when Debra caught it. Debra took her by the foot and pull her down on the scaffold it seems as she jump on top of her and now was throwing fists to Leah head. She then stood up and wait for Leah to get up and kick her in the gut and give her a DDT somehow up on the scaffold.

Daniels: It seems the Queen of Combat Champion is coming back right now.

Masters: Leah right now just have her where she want her Daniels.

Debra now have Leah by the hair and she took her head and slam it hard down on the scaffold. Debra then sat down on the scaffold as she wrap her legs around the scaffold to keep her balance and took Leah head and starts to smash it some more down on the hard scaffold board as it seems that now Leah was a bit open as some blood was coming down her face. Debra then stood up and balance herself and walked over to another corner to one of the others bags and was going inside of it.

Daniels: What do you think will be inside of that bag Masters?

That when Debra pull out a some barbwire as the crowd were on their feet cheering when they notice this.

Masters: Where the hell did that came from!

Daniels: It seems these women are showing they aren’t scare of heights like some other males have done in this type of match before.

Debra starts to wrapped some of it in her hand and by right now Leah was up on her feet and as she starts to move the scaffold a bit back and fourth and Debra was losing her balance a bit and was on one knee a bit as Leah walked over to her and grab her by the hair and was about to try to toss her but Debra came back with her fist to her face with the barbwire that she wrapped around her fist. Could see some blood starts to drip a bit from her hand as she hit Leah with it again. Leah was falling backwards and then it seems Debra kick her in the gut and grab her by the hair and smash her down right on her knee. Leah was falling it seems a bit backwards as she catch herself from falling backwards on her back but lean to forward a bit too much and was land on the scaffold on her stomach.

Masters: That was a bad fall by Leah but she still hasn't fallen off the scaffold yet.

Leah is lay out a bit it seems on the scaffold as it seems she was laying on top of the scaffold flat on her stomach and Debra is standing over her and she drop down on Leah with her butt right on the center of the girl back. Debra sat there a bit on top of her with a little grin as the fans were chanting her name. Debra lock her legs under the scaffold as it seems she had Leah pinned up there and bridge back and wrap her arms around Leah’s chin and starts to pull back on as Leah seems to be screaming in pain. Leah starts to reach up to try to get her to break the hold but it seems her arms were lock as Debra pull back a bit more hard and that when Leah scream out a bit in pain. Soon you could tell the crowd was getting as they were chanting both of the female wrestlers name.

Daniels: It seems like Debra has her in some type of submission move.

Masters: Debra is dumb! She needs to throw her off to win the damn match not make her tap out!

It seems like Leah got some type of strength as she slowly starts to push herself up by her hands up on the Scaffold but it seems she when back down on the scaffold since Debra had her legs lock under her to keep them both in this one spot but Leah use her legs and took her foot and hit Debra right in the face which got her to let go of the move. She then took her legs and wrap them around Debra neck and starts to flip her off her back as Debra hit hard on top of the scaffold. Debra scream out a bit of pain as she both woman starts to stand up right now as Debra notice the wire was on the scaffold pick it up and threw it in the hair of Debra and pull back down on which made Debra hit face first right on the scaffold as she walked over to her and with her foot and stomp Debra head. Leah stood took a bow as the crowd start to boo a bit now for Leah as she just grins.

Masters: That's my woman!

Daniels: I don’t know if the Queen of Combat champion could get up from that.

Leah have this look on her face as she was ready to finish this as she bend down and just wait for Debra to start moving. Debra starts to slowly move and stood up and Leah when after her to give her the RKO but Debra block it and came back with a chin breaker. Leah held her chin as she goes after Debra again and she kick her in the groin hard. Leah is down on one knee as Debra grab her by the hair and she push Leah’s face into her breasts as Leah has this look of disgusted as she then took her and place her in between her legs as Debra grins and was about to try to power bomb Leah but Leah block it and trip up Debra and was on top of her hitting her with fist as Debra flip her off her. Both women are now standing up and starts to go after each other again when Leah spear Debra right off the scaffold with her following after her and it seems they both landed in the on top of tables on the outside of the ring. The crowd starts to chant CZW loud as the refs starts to go try and check on the woman. They seems not to be moving a bit catching their breaths.

Masters: Who the hell is the Queen of Combat?!

That when "Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns came blasting over the speakers in the arena.

Daniels: I have word from in the back that Ruthless declared Leah the champion because of the fact that Debra landed on the tables first then Leah.

The crowd has a mix of boos and cheers as you could see Debra looking up from the fall at Leah who is handed the title as she looked down at it with a grin looking right over at Debra with a grin. Leah starts to walked up the ramp it seems with the title but that when you could see Evangeline Morgan wearing all black with a hood over her head walking down the ramp and she hit Leah the new Women Champion across her back. Soon you saw Leah and her fighting that when out of nowhere it seems Reva and Marie got into somewhere in the back and they starts to brawl outside to where the women were already fighting.

Daniels: Hell just broken loose out here with a few of the Women from the Women Division!

Masters: It a big damn catfight! Someone pull off someone clothes I want to see some tits!

Debra had gotten up and she head towards Leah first. Soon you then saw new comer Sandra coming from the back and she starts to join in the fight. Now you see Stephanie D and Sydney Vicious trying to break up the women from fighting but it was just getting out of control as you heard Ruthless coming from the back with a microphone in her hands.


Soon you saw it seems all the women have stop fighting trying to catch their breath looking up at Ruthless but at the same time not taking their eyes off of each other.

The crowd starts to chant Ruthless name as she wait for them to calm down and brought the microphone up to her mouth.

You see I have had it up to here with each of you just attacking each other out of the blue and start a brawl.

She looked down at the woman as some of them smirk.

I also am tired of seeing how when you get into a brawl it has to be broken up also but I love the fact you all love to fight.

Masters: Where the hell she going with this!

Daniels: I have a feeling this is going to be good.

On the anniversary show that coming up I was thinking of way to let the fans have fun watching a big old cat fight but also away for one of your women to get a shot now at our new Queen of Combat Champion!

Leah looking up at Ruthless with a confused look along with the others as she just grin. She then motion to the back as two men came from the back seems to be heavy guarded with a briefcase each in their hand.

These two briefcases will be coming in handy with my idea ladies. I am sorry Leah for that night on the Anniversary show you won’t be in this match I am giving you the night off but I think you might like this. It a tradition it seems here when one of the Queens win the title for the first time in the company. She can give some type of victory speech if she want after she win the title for the first time. So, the offer is open to you but now to the other ladies standing in front of me. All of you and a few others off the Queen roster will be taking part in a Gamble for the Gold match. The men division have the Money in the Bank match and us women will have a Gamble in the Gold match.

She looked over at the men as they open both of the cases and one case say a shot for the Queen of Combat championship title and the other no shot for the Queen of Combat title for 3 months. The men close the cases as she smirks looking over at them as she just saw the hungry in some of the women eyes.

These two cases will be apart of the Gamble of the Gold match that will take place on the anniversary show. The Gamble of the Gold match will be one big huge street fight that your all will be taking part in but this is the catch about the cases. These two cases will be hid somewhere in the arena. The first two women who found them will either have a shot for the Women Champion title whenever they want it or the Women wrestles can’t have a match for the Queen of Combat title for 3 months. So, ladies since you love to fight I believe that night will a night your all will put the division back on the map.

Debra start to motion towards her waist towards Leah about the title as Leah just smirk and laughs as she Ruthless walked off to the back.

DANIELS: "What a revolutionary idea for the Queen division!"

MASTERS: "I am damn anxious to see this one, actually. Great call, Ruth!"

DANIELS: "And congratulations to Leah Kimara for winning the Queen of Combat title in a very brutal match!"


A brief video package highlighting 2008 is shown. Various moment from the very first War Zone to the last Overdrive play through, as "Bodies" by Drowning Pool is the soundtrack.


Several ladders have been arranged at ringside as Jessica Towers stands in the middle of the ring.

Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is the MONEY IN THE BANK ladder match number four!! In order to win this particular match, the superstars must climb the ladder, retrieve the briefcase, AND make it TO THE FLOOR with the case in hand to win!”

Daniels: “That’s right folks, the rules for this show’s match being altered a little this time around! It’s a first in CZW and it should prove to be very interesting!”

“Country Boy Will Survive” plays and Mountain Man is greeted with a mixed reaction as he heads out with a determined look on his face.

Towers: “First, from ‘a log cabin in the hills,’ MOUNTAIN MAN!! “

Disturbed’s “Inside the Fire” plays and Tim Timmons heads out towards ringside to a chorus of cheers.

Towers: “Introducing next, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ‘the Hardcore Master,’ TIM TIMMONS!!”

“Phenomenon” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays and Chris Ross heads out with Kimo, the crowd’s reaction turning a 180 as they boo the Hawaii native.

Towers: “Hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii, ‘Krazy’ CHRIS ROSS!”

“Let Me Entertain You” by Robbie Williams begins to play, and Brian Blaze makes his way out to a good ovation.

Towers: “From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ‘Mr. Entertainment,’ BRIAN BLAZE!!”

A mixed reaction from the crowd as “Ambitionz az a Ridah” by 2Pac plays out over the PA, and Vince Khan makes his way to ringside.

Towers: “Introducing next, from Compton, California, VINCE KHAN!!”

“Headstrong” by Trapt plays and Krimzon Blaze makes his way out to the ring with his new getup, the crowd going crazy for him.

Towers: “Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, he is ‘the Aerial Specialist,’ KRIMZON BLAZE!!”

A rousing round of cheers as “Blue Collar Man” plays, and J.A. Sawyer makes his way out, all smiles.

Towers: “Introducing next, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, ‘the Working Man,’ J.A. SAWYER!!”

“Tearing the Veil From Grace” hits and out walks the big man, Mortius, the fans giving him a resounding chorus of jeers.

Towers: “From San Antonio, Texas, he is MORTIUS!!”

“Thieves” by Ministry hits, and the crowd boos loudly as Alan Fiscus and Frank Finch head out down the ramp, with Finch heading to the announce booth.

Towers: “From Wichita, Kansas, ‘the Sadistic Solution,’ ALAN FISCUS!!”

Finally, the Graduation Theme plays and Gregory Grantham heads out to ringside, the crowd still booing, perhaps even more loudly now.

Towers: “And the final competitor in this match, from Beaumont, Texas, ‘the Graduate’ GREGORY GRANTHAM!!”

Towers leaves the ring as the ten competitors all stare down, keeping as much space between them as possible. The bell rings and chaos ensues immediately. Ross and Mountain Man begin to scrap, pummeling eachother against the ropes. Mortius and Sawyer begin to brawl as well, with JA getting the upper hand, clotheslining the big man out of the ring. Timmons and Brian Blaze start to team up on Vince Khan, but Khan overpowers them, sending them sprawling until Krimzon Blaze leaps in out of NOWHERE, taking the big man down with a flying headscissors. Meanwhile, Fiscus and Grantham pace around each other before finally lunging forward, clashing right in the center of the ring.

Daniels: “And we’re under way here! Money in the Bank IV! It’s already out of control, and the bell has just sounded!”

Masters: “And I love it! Look here, on the outside, Mountain Man has just tossed Ross out, following him to the floor. He grabs him and slams him face first into the ring steps! Oh, look out! Krimzon Blaze launching himself to the outside right onto Mountain Man!”

Finch: “More importantly, you can all see mah boy Fiscus whomping up on Grantham in the ring! Look at him pummeling the so-called ‘smartest’ superstar in the corner!”

Daniels: “Indeed, Fiscus laying into ‘the Graduate.’ He pulls him out of the corner and…head and arm suplex! Beautiful maneuver there from ‘the Sadistic Solution!’ OH! Fiscus is caught by Brian Blaze with an enziguri!”

Finch: “Cheap shot!”

Masters: “Khan and Timmons on the outside, going at it right here in front of our announce booth! Khan overpowering Timmons, smashing him face first right onto our table! No-hey! OW!”

Daniels: “Oh, my! Vince Khan stealing William Masters’ headset, strangling Tim Timmons with the cord! Fans at home right now are having to do without hearing his voice! How lucky!”

Finch: “Ha! Look in the ring now, we’ve got Fiscus, Grantham, and Brain Blaze all having a three-way slugfest! Blaze rakes the eyes of Grantham, but Fiscus kicks Blaze in the ribs! Blaze goes down like a chump!”

Daniels: “And that surely doesn’t have anything to do with that cast, I’m sure! Now, on the outside, Chris Ross has the upper hand on Krimzon Blaze after throwing some of that powder into the eyes of ‘the Aerial Specialist!’ He lifts KB up with a gorilla press, OH, dropping him onto the ring steps! Blaze is hurting after that one for certain!”

Finch: “And here’s Mortius and Sawyer, somehow they’ve ended up in the CROWD now! Mortius laying into JA with some heavy rights, and he whips him against the guardrail! Mortius on the charge…but Sawyer counters, backdropping him back onto this side of the railing!”

Daniels: “Vince Khan now sending Timmons to the ringpost! REVERSAL! Timmons sends Khan into the post shoulder-first! He grabs a chair…OH! Timmons SMASHES Khans head against the post with the chair! Khan hits the ground! Lights out!”

Masters: “Jeez, that psycho! Is this thing working? Okay, good! Anyway, It looks like Mountain Man is going for one of the ladders! He BASHES a dazed Krimzon Blaze with it and begins to slide it into the ring, where it looks like Grantham have taken down both Brian Blaze and Alan Fiscus! Mountain Man climbs in, but Grantham takes the ladder and drives it into him, knocking him off his feet!”

Finch: “Tim Timmons on the outside now putting the boots to KB! He lifts him up and whips him against the ring apron, clotheslining him against it! BRUTAL!”

Daniels: “Here comes Sawyer into the ring now! Grantham swings the ladder, but JA ducks! Headbutt!! Grantham drops the ladder and Sawyer delivers a second headbutt! He hits the ropes and nails GG with a running forearm shot! Now, heading to the ropes again but…OH! Mortius from the outside pulls down the top rope! Sawyer falls to the outside!”

Masters: “Here comes Mortius back into the ring! He and Grantham now cleaning house on Blaze and Fiscus! Grantham grabs Blaze and Mortius grabs Fiscus…STEREO POWERBOMBS ONTO THE LADDER! HOLY SHIT!”

Daniels: “A good type of match to have a henchman in, that’s for sure! They fling the two men out of the ring and set the ladder up… It looks like Mortius is going to play guard-dog for Grantham!! Grantham begins to climb as Mortius takes out Chris Ross from the apron with a running boot! Timmons climbs into the ring, but Mortius grabs him…sidewalk slam! Grantham almost has the case!”

Finch: “Watch the jumping bean!! Krimzon Blaze on the apron, springboards off the top rope… HURRICANRANA! BLAZE TAKES GRATHAM DOWN OFF THE LADDER!!”

Masters: “Yeah, but he nearly killed himself, too! Mortius with a running knee to the face as Blaze tries to recover! What the..?! Mountain Man out of nowhere! CHAINSAW CHOKE ON MORTIUS!! Watch out on the top rope! Tim Timmons!! HUGE frog splash on Grantham!!”

Daniels: “Here comes Sawyer back into the ring! He’s got his hardhat with him! Timmons is up and JA DECKS him with the hardhat! Brian Blaze up onto the apron and Sawyer blasts him one as well! Sawyer sees Ross on the apron now, running charge with the hardhat! Ross counters with a knee! Ross with a guillotine, dropping Sawyer’s throat over the top rope! He slides in and begins to scale the ladder! Meanwhile, Brian Blaze has slid in with another ladder, and he props it up on the other! He’s made some sort of make-shift ramp!”

Finch: “What the hell is he thinking!? Here comes KB, but Brian smashes Blaze’s head down across the leaning ladder, knocking him back on his ass! Blaze looks up and sees Ross reaching for the case! He hits the far ropes and comes back…!”

Daniels: “Blaze runs up the ladder-ramp! BLAZING ARROW!!”

Masters: “He took Ross’ head off! Both men go crashing to the mat!!”

Daniels: “Mountain Man rolls Mortius off of him, it looks like he choked him out! Mountain Man going to climb! Wait, here’s Vince Khan! He’s still in this, though he’s been busted open by that vile shot from Timmons! He moves under Mountain Man, climbing up behind him! OH, LOW BLOW!”

Finch: “Yeah, but now what’s he doing!? Look at Khan!! He’s halfway up the ladder and he’s pulling Mountain Man into a fireman’s carry!? NO WAY!!”


Masters: “I cannot believe we just saw that!! Look at Khan, he’s already back up! He’s berserk!”

Finch: “That’s about to change boys, take a look!”

Daniels: “Fiscus back in the ring! He’s got Khan measured up, looks like he’s about to put that boot to use! Fiscus charges, but Khan turns and catches the boot! He throws the foot down and kicks Fiscus in the gut! Double-underhook DOMINATOR!! Khan now relentlessly attacking Fiscus!”

Masters: “Here’s Timmons on the other side, now slugging it out with Brian Blaze! Blaze with a thumb to the eye, now going up top! Timmons recovers and knocks Blaze’s feet out from under him! He climbs to the second turnbuckle and scoops Blaze up on his shoulders! HOLY SHIT!!”

Daniels: “CANADIAN DRIVER! RIGHT INTO THE LADDER THAT BLAZE SET UP EARLIER!! Both men go crashing into the ladder, bending it severely and knocking the other ladder over!!”

Masters: “It’s anarchy in there! Timmons, Brian Blaze, Fiscus and Mountain Man are all down and out right now! Vince Khan finally looks like he’s going to try to set up the ladder again, but here come Mortius and Grantham, double teaming the big man from Compton! Mortius has returned with a chair! Khan fights off GG, but Mortius blasts him across the back! Grantham recovers…4.0!!”

Finch: “It’s a good thing that Grantham has his bitch Morty in there with him!”

Daniels: “You can tell him that if you want, but I’m not going to. But he is definitely taking advantage of having his teammate help him out. Wait, Mortius turns around… KRIMZON BLAZE OUT OF NOWHERE!! He dropkicks Mortius’ chair into his own face!! Grantham turns to Blaze and rushes him, but Blaze ducks, attacking with a flurry of strikes! Blaze sending Grantham to the ropes, but ‘the Graduate’ holds on! He sets him up for the 4.0! No, Blaze rolls out of it, scooping Grantham up in a rack!! BROKEN KODE!!”

Masters: “Blaze is fired up! Mountain Man getting up and Blaze knocks him out of the ring with a step-up enziguri! He turns and sees Fiscus getting to his feet and charges! ROSS WITH THE WIPE OUT! ‘Krazy’ Chris Ross stepped in and blindsided Blaze with that slam! Ross looking to climb the ladder once again, but Fiscus begins moving up the other side, punting Brian Blaze in the ribs with that boot before he begins his ascent!”

Finch: “Fiscus is hurt boys, but he’s like a wounded animal when he’s hurting! It just makes him twice as tough and three times as crazy!”

Daniels: “Ross reaching for the case, but Fiscus makes it up to him in time, punching him right in the throat! Ross almost falls off, but Alan grabs him by the hair, pulling him back closer! Fiscus with that crazy grin to the crowd before…oh no…no..NO!”


Daniels: “Ross crashes to the mat, as does Fiscus for that matter! Fiscus rolls over, getting to his feet, albeit a little slowly and-OH! JA SAWYER! STAPLE GUN from the second rope! Fiscus hits the mat! Sawyer turns and sees Mortius! He scoops him up and drives him to the mat with a front powerslam!! Khan getting to his feet, but Sawyer takes him up and over the top to the outside with a clothesline! BOTH men spilling over the top after that!!”

Masters: “Grantham is up again, moving to the ladder, but Timmons is up as well, pulling him back down! Grantham swings but Timmons ducks! Tim with a DDT!!”

Daniels: “Brian and Krimzon Blaze now making it to their feet, and it looks like Brian Blaze has another ladder! Mountain Man back into fighting condition, taking both Sawyer and Khan down with a giant double-clothesline outside the ring! He then slides in under the ropes. Ross and Fiscus all getting up as well! KB and Brian Blaze with the ladder held lengthwise now, what are they going to do!?”

Finch: “They throw it at the line of opponents, but HA! They all caught it!”

Masters: “NO WAY!”

Daniels: “Brian Blaze with a BLAZING ARROW!! He kicks the ladder and knocks down all four of them!! Wait! KRIMZON BLAAAAAAZE!! SHOOTING STAR LEGDROP ONTO THE LADDER!! Fiscus, Ross, Mountain Man and Timmons all crushed under that ladder!!”

Masters: “Yeah, but Blaze basically killed himself to do it! And that’s not going to stop Brian Blaze from trying to take advantage! He’s setting the ladder up and climbing!”

Finch: “Here comes Mortius up the other side! Blaze reaches but Mortius grabs him around the throat! Look at the power as he pulls him OVER the top of the ladder!!”


Masters: “Sawyer and Khan duking it outside the ring here in front of us! And look! Inside!! GRANTHAM!!”

Daniels: “Grantham is on his way up the ladder!! He gets to the top!! NOBODY TO STOP HIM!!”

Masters: “HE’S….HE’S GOT IT!!”

Finch: “Yeah, but he’s gotta get OUT of the ring with it!!”

Daniels: “Grantham clutches the briefcase and Mortius stands below him, looking to guard him! Grantham jumps down! Timmons rushes, but Mortius catches him with a big boot! Grantham makes a run for the ring apron!”

Masters: “VINCE KHAN!! “

Daniels: “Khan straight-up punched Grantham in the face, staggering him back!! Krimzon Blaze on the ground with a drop toe-hold! GRANTHAM DROPS THE CASE!!”

Finch: “It’s a mad scramble for the cases-HEY, WHAT!?”

Suddenly, two more briefcases come flying into the ring out of nowhere! JA Sawyer laughs from the outside of the ring as everyone inside stares wide-eyed in disbelief.

Daniels: “Which one’s the real case!?”

Masters: “I don’t know! And neither does anyone in there!”

Finch: “It’s a feeding frenzy!!”

A huge brawl breaks out, Sawyer re-entering the ring as everyone fights for possession of one of the cases! Eventually, Brian Blaze rolls to the outside, holding one high!

Daniels: “BRIAN BLAZE!! He’s out with the case!”

Masters: “No, he’s out with *A* case! It might not be the right one!”

Daniels: “Timmons has the case, NO, Fiscus with the Riot Act! He grabs it and rolls for the apron!!”


Daniels: “And now, it looks like maybe Chris Ross has the other one, heading for the ropes! NO! Mortius BRAINS him with a roundhouse kick! He picks up the case and tosses it to Grantham! GRANTHAM TO THE OUTSIDE!!”

Masters: “WHOA! So who wins!? Brian Blaze, Alan Fiscus, or Gregory Grantham!?”

All three men grudgingly make their way up to the top of the ramp, keeping their distance from one another, the other participants glaring and complaining from ringside. The referee first moves to Brian Blaze, nodding as he opens the case… sending a bunch of spring-snakes spewing forth!

Daniels: “That was clearly not the winning case! And look at Sawyer in the ring! He thinks this is hilarious!”

Masters: “Well, Brian Blaze sure doesn’t look amused!”

Finch: “It’s down to Grantham and Fiscus! How fitting!”

Daniels: “He goes over to Fiscus now, and opens the case…”

Masters: “It’s….THE CONTRACT!! Grantham stares in disbelief, opening his case and…a roll of toilet paper rolls out!! HA HA HA!”

Finch: “This is GREAT!”

Daniels: “Grantham stares in rage as Fiscus taunts him, slamming the case shut. Several CZW staff members make their way out, keeping them separate! Excellent foresight there as this would’ve definitely been a fight!”


Daniels: “And there goes “Flawless” Frank Finch, heading to the back with his partner and the winner of Money in the Bank IV, Alan Fiscus, and ‘the One Man Riot! A huge win for the Whole Damn Show!”


Another brief video package highlighting 2008 is shown. Various moment from the very first War Zone to the last Overdrive play through, as the War Zone performance of Rihanna's "Disturbia" is the soundtrack.


TOWERS: This following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Texas Death Match. Rules state that if Justin Marsham defeats Brian Kirkland here tonight, the Hardcore Title and entire Division is to be abolished from the CZW!

DANIELS: Could we be witnessing an end of an era here tonight? We all know Kirkland has many devoted Hardcore followers behind him, but is Justin Marsham a strong enough entity to surpass all of them and break the entire division? He is impressive but this is a tough task.

MASTERS: He is entering the very place Kirkland feels comfortable, look at the ring, we have barbwire, we have tacks, we may even have explosions, Hardcore still has one more show to give!


MASTERS: Marsham is good, and Kirkland may have the support of the entire division, but he also has to carry that supreme pressure on his shoulders, Justin is free and out to place his name in lights, this is Justin’s night, let that be known.

DANIELS: The passion we have seen in Kirkland this week, well it is simply moving, but maybe he is feeling the thing he loves slipping away, Marsham of course a part of the Players Club, if he wins here tonight, they would certainly be taken more seriously here in CZW.

MASTERS: A group with starts like Marsham and Impaler, they should never be underestimated!

‘Last’ by Nine Inch Nails begins to play, causing a loud echo of boos to drift around the entire arena.

TOWERS: On his way to the ring, hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana and weighing in a 219 lbs…He is the Epitome of Technical Finesse…JUSTIN MARSHAM!

Marsham walks down the isle, a smug smile on his face as the fans violently boo him, all of them chanting ‘hardcore’. Marsham looks at the ropes made of barbwire and shakes his head in disgust before entering, waiting for Kirkland to arrive.

TOWERS: And now the CZW Hardcore Champion, he hails from Dallas, North Carolina and weighs in at 228 lbs…He is the Reaper…and defending the Hardcore Division…BRIAN KIRKLAND!

Kirkland arrives to a huge welcome from the fans, still chanting for the legendary division in CZW! Brian holds the belt in the air, staring at Marsham, almost growling with anger as he walks down the isle. The fans reach out, Brian though unresponsive, looking at the ring, smiling with delight to see weapons galore. Brian gets in the ring as he holds the belt up once again, receiving huge cheers.


- The match begins as both men look around, observing the extreme surroundings. Kirkland looks nervously at the Hardcore Title as the referee hands it over to the timekeeper. Justin smirks, then makes a signal of the end as he scrolls his thumb along his throat. Both men immediately then lock up, Kirkland with a strong headlock, almost growling with anger. Justin throws him off as Kirkland runs towards the ropes, but obviously stopping dead before crashing into the barbwire ropes. The fans hiss as Kirkland is within inches, but walks back to the center of the ring.

DANIELS: This match is like no other, a simple Irish whip is now a deadly attack, Kirkland escaping danger there.

MASTERS: But for how long?!

- Another lock up sees Justin take Kirkland down with an arm bar, Brian quickly back to his feet though as both men refuse to release each other. Kirkland uses his strength to back Marsham back into the ropes, quickly arriving at the barbwire, Justin however kicks Brian in the gut, which looked rather low, then hit’s a quick DDT out of no where. Justin gets up as he begins to patrol the ring, looking confident. Kirkland gets up slowly as Marsham crashing a forearm down on his neck, then lifts Brian up as he whips him to the corner, narrowly missing both sides of barbwire as he rests in the corner. Justin runs at Kirkland, hitting a clothesline, then goes for a bulldog out of the corner, however Brian grabs him and lifts him up for a side suplex, but instead…HE DROPS JUSTIN ON THE BARBWIRE!


DANIELS: This man could be seriously hurt, as we can see, he lands on the outside, gashes down his thighs, Kirkland is licking his lips, and the fans love it.

MASTERS: These fans want Hardcore…And that is exactly what their gonna get!

- Marsham is rolling around on the outside as the fans begin to chant for Kirkland. As Justin tries to stand, clearly favoring his groin area, Brian begins to run towards the ropes…




- Both men lie down breathing heavily on the outside, the impact made the fans to jump off their seats and chant for Kirkland wildly. Brian is first up, trying to regain his breath, giving it his all, Marsham now rising but looks a bit confused. Brian rolls Marsham back into the ring as he is about to climb inside himself, however looks under the apron instead.

MASTERS: Is Kirkland planning on making this match even more extreme?!

DANIELS: This is the Hardcore Division in CZW William…It can get a while lot more extreme!


- The fans cheer with more enthusiasm as Kirkland throws the bag inside, then enters back into the ring. Brian stomps down Marsham, then drops an elbow drop. Marsham now picks Marsham up as he locks him up, Marsham not being able to mount any defense, Kirkland hit’s a Sidewalk Slam, now covers…











- Kirkland gets back up as he now grabs the bag of tacks, once again receiving a loud screech from the hardcore fans. Brian empties each and every tack on the canvas as Marsham looks up, almost looking sickened. Kirkland throws the bag over the ropes and into the crowd as he gets pumped up. Marsham leaps off the ground trying to hit a clothesline but misses as he flies onto the barbwire, back first, Marsham letting out a loud scream. He bounces back as Kirkland grabs him…



DANIELS: Marsham is being taken to school here, could this be it?!














- Marsham kicks out, but the tacks and the barbwire has causes a pool of blood to from inside the ring. Kirkland at this points looks slightly worried as Marsham begins to stir. Kirkland stomps him down again, then begins to climb the turnbuckle, his legs shaking as he knows so much is at stake. Marsham though once again leaps up, now balancing on the second rope as Kirkland gets caught…

DANIELS: WICKED DRIVER II OFF THE SECOND ROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MASTERS: If that’s not hardcore, I don’t know what is, Kirkland landed on his head for goodness sake!

DANIELS: He missed the tacks, but the damage that move can cause, and then delivered off the ropes, this match in my opinion should be over…

- Marsham begins to crawl towards Kirkland, having to strive through tacks that pin into his skin. Kirkland is motionless as Marsham gets the cover, the fans miserable…















DANIELS: Don’t you think he has the passion FROM all of those superstars, Kirkland knows he has their lives on his shoulders.

MASTERS: Well I doubt Marsham cares abut that, and now he is in full control of this match bleeding or not, Kirkland could be near the end.

- Marsham gets to his feet, checking over his body as blood shows up on his hands. Marsham growls an sick and twisted growl as he now picks up a hurt Brian Kirkland. Marsham hit’s a couple of knife edge chops which knocks Kirkland back into the barbwire ropes. Marsham now begins to grind Kirkland’s face along the ropes, screams and moans can be heard, but he cannot fight back. Marsham lets him go as we see Brian’s face now a crimson mess. Justin picks him up…Fireman’s carry, but dropping him over his knee in the end, Kirkland once again looking out of it..

MASTERS: I think he has hi here, pin him, take the title and the division…just do it already…

DANIELS: Marsham has other things in mind, now dragging the lifeless body of Kirkland over towards the ropes, and I can only dream of what monstrosity this man is planning.

MASTERS: To beat a man at his own game is to truly BEAT a man.

- Marsham now rolls to the outside as he grabs Kirkland by the legs, now wrapping them around the bottom rope which is covered in barbwire. The fans hiss and cringe as the commentators even become silenced…Marsham now locks in a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK AROUND THE BARBWIRE ROPE!

- Marsham is ripping his own leg, but seems to not care, Kirkland is screaming, desperately in a world of pain but no way out. Kirkland tries to lifts himself up, but cutting his hands on the barbwire, Marsham ripping and tearing. Kirkland bites his lips as the blood gushes down his face and legs. He reaches out to tap, tears in his eyes.



DANIELS: It is an amazing sight, Mike King, Mike Monroe, Corey Jackson, Mountain Man, Chris Ross, Bryan McNally, Eddie Rowan, El Pablo, Ace King, even Alan Fiscus now standing on the ramp, clapping and cheering for Brian Kirkland!

- Justin Marsham lets go of the hold and turns to face a whole bunch of adversaries. Kirkland crawls away and tries to regain strength in his legs as Marsham begins to put his firsts up, actually wanting to take on a whole army of Hardcore Superstars.

MASTERS: What do these guys care with the Hardcore Division?!

DANIELS: They all respect the hardcore division, and Kirkland, maybe there not all his best friends, I mean we all know the differences between Kirkland and Fiscus, but these guys want Extreme to stay here in CZW!

MASTERS: Go get them Marsham!

- Kirkland now rolls out of the ring and begins to look under the apron again. The fans wait in silence as they wonder if Kirkland is okay, but then he pulls out some kind of weapon, looking like a small mine or explosive.


- Kirkland dives into the ring, drops the weapon in the middle then baseball slides into the back of Marsham. Kirkland lifts him back into the ring as the superstars surround the ring, clapping the Reaper. Marsham gets up and goes for a huge right hand, swinging violently but Kirkland ducks…lifts Marsham up…








- Kirkland stands watching as Marsham lies down in a pool of blood, mild burns and tacks in his skin. Kirkland claps the other superstars as he points at the Hardcore Title, then smiles as he drops to his knees for the cover…

















MASTERS: I have to admit, Kirkland is a true hero in CZW here tonight.

- The superstars enter the ring as they lift Kirkland on their shoulders, shaking his hands as Fiscus hands him the CZW Hardcore Title. Marsham rolls out of the ring, hobbling off into the back. The fans are ecstatic.


Another brief video package highlighting 2008 is shown. Various moment from the very first War Zone to the last Overdrive play through, as "Angry Chair" by Alice In Chains, HATEWAVE's theme song, is the soundtrack.


Towers: The following contest is set for one fall, and it is a CZW Television Championship Match!


Towers: Introducing the challenger...

"Live Forever" by Solidium begins playing as the fans in the arena are all massively booing as "The Ripper" Bryan McNally is show atop the ramp, where pyro explodes all around him as he makes his descent towards the ring, his eyes in a transient state of mind as he seems very focused on the task he's about to endure against the reigning TV Champion.

Daniels: McNally sure is damn focused tonight!

Masters: Hell, I would be too! Its a title match for christ's sake!

Towers: From Chicago Illinois, standing 7 feet tall and weighing 308 pounds, representing The Whole Damn Show, "The Ripper" Bryan McNally!!!!!

-McNally taunts to the crowd as most of them jeer him.

Towers: His opponent...

"Fly From The Inside" by Shinedown begins playing as the fans go over a new wave of booing as "The Human Highlight Reel" Eric Collum makes his way to the ring, TV Championship around his waist, as he looks over McNally, who slowly paces back and forth inside the ring. Collum then enters the ring with little ease as Towers goes back to the introductions.

Towers: From Houston Texas, standing 5'10 inches tall and weighing 215 pounds, representing The Elite Revolution and the CZW Television Champion, "The Human Highlight Reel" Eric Collum!!!!

-Collum taunts to the crowd as well as the fans jeer him as well, but Collum seems to not care at all. Collum hands the referee the TV Championship as he hoists it in the air, turning around for all the fans to see, as the referee then hands the championship to the timekeeper as Collum and McNally circle the ring.


-Collum and McNally go straight at each other with fists-a-flying, trading rights and lefts, but McNally is the one getting the advantage as B-Ry goes for a huge clothesline, MISS! Collum ducked under! Collum bounces off the ropes and goes for a shoulder-takedown! BRYAN STILL STANDS! He challenged Collum to do it again! Collum attempts it again but to no avail! Collum goes back another time but Bryan hits a decapitating clothesline on Collum sending him inside out!!!

Masters: What power by this giant!

Daniels: Collum will regain himself eventually!

-McNally picks up Collum, drags him over to the farthest turnbuckle, as Bryan goes to the opposite one... Bryan charges full speed!!! COLLUM ESCAPES JUST IN TIME! Bryan hits the turnbuckle hard as Collum hits a SUNSET FLIP FROM THE CORNER!!! COVER!!!


Kick Out!

Daniels: Not even a 2-count there!

Masters: McNally isn't through with Collum yet!

-Collum regains his footing as B-Ry uses the ropes, Collum on the attack now with rights, lefts, and a few well-placed kicks to the mid-section... Collum runs full speed off the ropes but McNally catches Collum with a big boot turning Collum inside out once again!!! McNally picks up Collum and puts him in a corner, Collum sitting down as McNally charges from the opposite side for a full-on front face kick!!! NO! COLLUM DODGES!! McNally holds his foot as Collum rushes and hits a Spinning Heel Kick taking the giant down! Collum quickly covers!!



Kick Out!

Daniels: Very close for Eric there!

Masters: McNally isn't that easy to put away with a silly spinning kick... stupid Collum...

-Eric picks B-Ry up, or at least attempts to anyway, but B-Ry hits a low-blow right in front of the ref, but the ref isn't calling for DQ?! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT?! B-Ry picks Collum up with one hand!! CHOKESLAM TO THE OUTSIDE!!!


Masters: You sound like a complete retard, you know that right?

Daniels: Shut the fuck up already...

Masters: WHAT?!

-McNally follows suit as Collum is still recovering from that ultra huge chokeslam earlier. B-Ry grabs a chair from a technical producer and goes for a crushing blow to Collum's head, but to no avail! WAIT WHAT?! Collum dodged it!!! Collum dodges another shot!!! McNally gets pissed the hell off and throws it right at Collum, HOLY SHIT! IT CATCHES COLLUM SQUARE IN THE HEAD!!!!!

*The crowd are in utter shock as that chair blast echoes throughout the arena! BAH GAWD!!!*

-McNally throws Collum back into the ring, but takes the chair with him... McNally lifts Collum up for a powerbomb, but Collum has that chair! WAIT WHAT?!? COLLUM CRUSHES MCNALLY'S HEAD IN WITH THE SAME CHAIR!! MCNALLY IS DOWN! BAH GAWD!!!

-Collum covers quickly hooking the farthest leg!




-McNally gets up all enraged, Collum picks up the same chair, but WOAH!!! McNally with a SHINING WIZARD TO THE CHAIR RIGHT TO COLLUM'S HEAD!! BAH GAWD!!

Daniels: He calls that The Glowing Magician! That sadistic Shining Wizard!

Masters: You'd think with a giant like McNally he'd resort to power moves, but a Shining Wizard in that man's arsenal?! WOW!

-McNally picks up Collum whose busted wide open now as McNally sets up Collum, COULD THIS BE IT?! McNally's calling for it...



-Collum wiggles himself free from it and counters into a MASSIVE DDT!!!! Collum looks over McNally who seems out of it after that huge DDT, Collum does a sort of awkward dance and connects it with a leg-drop! Collum then runs over and goes for a LIONSAULT... WAIT!! WHAT?!? MCNALLY WITH BLACK MIST OUT OF NO-WHERE BLINDING COLLUM MID-MOVE!!!!!!

-Collum falls to the ground as his face and body are covered in black mist from McNally... B-Ry then waits patiently in the corner as Collum gets to his feet, slowly turning around....



-McNally turns back around into a HUGE PELE KICK by Collum!!!!!! Collum then ascends the top rope... IS HE GOING FOR IT, BLACK MIST AND ALL?!?



-Collum covers McNally!!!





















Towers: Here is your winner, and -STILL- CZW World Television Champion, "The Human Highlight Reel" Eric Collum!!!!


Another brief video package highlighting 2008 is shown. Various moment from the very first War Zone to the last Overdrive play through, as "In The City" by Kevin Rudolf is the soundtrack.


Daniels: Its time now for the X title lumberjack match, pitting Mike Monroe and team BA/XTC against Eddie Rowan and the Whole Damn Show.

Victim by Eighteen Visions hit’s the speakers and the crowd go wild for Mike Monroe, coming to the ring with Jacob Havok, and CZW Heavyweight Champion El Pablo

Daniels: I thought there was to be three lumberjacks? Wait, Mike is grabbing a mic, look I made a funny

Masters: Yeah, you’re about as funny as a bullet wound

Monroe rolls back into the ring and starts addressing the audience

Monroe: Now I know everyone is expecting another of our team to come out and support me in this match, but instead we got approached by another favourite, he is not a member of BA/XTC, but he is definitely still going to be an asset, even in his current state, so I want everyone to give it up for…

Ladies and gentleman by Saliva plays as the crowd raise to their feet screaming their approval, Monroe smiles and hands the mic back down as Cage Stryker comes through the curtain, he is rotating his hurt arm while with the other hi fiving fans down the ramp, he rolls into the ring as his music winds down and shakes hands with the three men in the ring, then he, Jacob Havok and El Pablo make their way outside as outside as Fear Factory’s New Breed starts to play. Matt Covey, Alan Fiscus and Big Nasty lead Eddie Rowan to the ring, Eddie holding his belt high as he jumps to the ring, the other three taking their places on the opposite side to BA/XTC.

Daniels: Well this ones quick to start as Eddie Rowan runs straight to Mike Monroe

Eddie hit’s a flying tackle taking Mike down, but Mike counters with a kick into a triangle hold, which Eddie is quick to break. Back on their feet the two go into a tie up, both men jockeying for position, finally Mike gut kicks Rowan and runs to the ropes

Daniels: That was a blatant trip, Mike now on the mat after that outside interference

Master: What are you talking about, I didn’t see any interference, Monroe tripped, and that’s no way to go about trying to beat Eddie Rowan!

As Mike makes his way back up Rowan takes advantage to hit a quick enziguri and goes for a quick cover



But a quick kickout and Monroe is straight back to a vertical base. A tie up again, but Mike comes off better, going into a hammer lock into a flow over DDT, he runs to the turnbuckle, leaping to the top, and bounds off, twisting and curling into a cannonball senton

Masters: But Eddie moves out of the way, that’s what i’m talking about, clearly the better man

Daniels: You think? I honestly can’t tell them apart right now

Rowan approaches Mike, lifting him and sending him in an irish whip into the ropes, but Mike is quick off the mark and lands a spear on the return, going for a cover





Rowan grabs a fistful of Monroe’s tights and rolls over reversing the pin





Mike with a kickout as the two raise once more and look into each others eyes

Daniels: An extremely difficult match to call, I have no idea which way this is going to go

The two now start trading backhand chops, back and forth, Rowan finally blocking a return and landing 1, 2, 3, 4 chops, backing his opponent against the ropes, Eddie takes a few steps back and runs in with a raised knee, but Mike is ready and backdrops Rowan straight out of the ring into the clutches of Monroe’s lumberjacks. Feeling threatened Rowan takes a swing at Stryker, which he ducks, and lays in a powerful punch as the crowd let out a cheer, Pablo takes the reeling Rowan and rolls him back into the ring, but Monroe is already on the rebound from the ropes and sends Eddie straight back out with a baseball slide. His team, as one, smile at this as Mike issues instructions, he makes his way to the turnbuckle as, per instructed, El Pablo and Jakob Havok pick up Rowan, holing him outstretched with an arm each, Mike releases with a huge missile dropkick, which connects hard on the helpless Rowan, who gets rolled into the ring followed by Mike for the pin








Fiscus suddenly lays a kick to Monroe’s back, breaking the count, the ref tries to get him out of the ring, and Fiscus puts up a fight, unbeknownst to the ref however, Covey and Big Nasty run in behind him, Nasty picking up Mike and setting him up for a powerbomb, but Stryker comes in with a chop block, taking Nasty down as El Pablo and Havok run in and throw Covey over the top rope, Fiscus, seeing what is going on, leaves the ref and jumps outside to help his team fend off Mikes lumberjack, all six men now battling up the ramp as Rowan, now back to a vertical base, tries to call them back, he turns just in time to see Monroe running towards him and flings out his arm for a picture perfect clothesline

Masters: Damn those lumberjacks, now the Whole Damn Show isn’t here to make sure Monroe doesn’t cheat

Daniels: Yeah, that’s the way round it would be…

Eddie locks in a texas cloverleaf, Mike screams in pain as Rowan wrenches in the hold, He looks set to tap… but stops himself, trying and finally reaching the nearby ropes. Rowan, angry, gets up and turns back to his downed opponent…

Daniels: Oh my god, Mike with a nip up hurricanrana from nowhere, Rowans down as Mike rolls to the apron… Eddie gets back up…. SHOCK TRAUMA! Rowan’s down, can it be?

Masters: Please god no









3!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!

Daniels: YESSSSS!!!!! Here he is everybody, you’re NEW X DIVISION CHAMPION….. MIKE MONROE!!!!!

Masters: This is a travesty!

Daniels: This is well past due, after everything he’s been through and the effort he’s put into his career there’s no man here that deserves it more!

Masters: If you say so

Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold starts to play as Mike Monroe holds up his new belt, the crowd chanting his name as Eddie makes his way slowly to the back

--- (Ross and Kimo are walking backstage where they stop in front of there locker room door to see the police are there.)

Officer: You guys need to come with us. An individual named Justin Marsham reported you two have drugs hidden somewhere.

Kimo: What!? That motha fucka snitched us out!

Ross: KIMO!!!!

Officer: Put your hands where I can see them.

(Kimo turns around and starts running like a mad man knocking a random backstage employee over. Ross pulls out a pouch and digs in it and throws a handful of Jamaican Jerk Powder in the officer’s eyes. Ross then bolts in the same direction Kimo went. The camera switched to another camera further down the hall where it shows Kimo running past it.)

Kimo: Ya ain’t takin me down pigs! C’mon Ross! Move those tree trunk legs!

(Ross comes charging past looking like an out of control freight train. He grabs a table and knocks it over behind him for an obstacle.)

Ross: Damnit Kimo I can’t believe this!!!

(Ross says as he runs into the camera man knocking him over. The scene turns to static.)

DANIELS: "They're on the run!"

(Suddenly Kimo and Ross run down the entrance ramp and slide through the ring and out to the other side of the ring. They regroup for a few seconds where a swarm of police officers are now coming down the ramp. Ross grabs a guard rail and rips it off from the fans and puts it in the officers’ way and they run across the other side of the ring and over to the announce table. Kimo jump sup onto the announce table and does a nose dive over Masters’ head and into the fans. Ross jumps up on the table and attempts to do the same thing but lands on Masters himself.)

Ross: Damnit get off me moron!

(Ross grabs Masters and takes his watch and throws him in the direction of the police. The scene turns to outside of the arena where they are running through the parking lot and they spot the stolen white Chevy Escalade. They also notice one of the cop cars parked near the entrance.)

Kimo: Ross dog buy us some time!

(Ross looks around and he sighs as he bends down beside the cop car and gets the right grip. With a lion’s roar and an insane feat of strength he tips the police vehicle over and onto it’s roof conveniently in front of the entrance door where they ran out of.)

Kimo: Ross! Let’s go dog!

(Ross rushes over and dives into the back seat where the Escalade roars to life and screeches out of the parking lot at break neck speeds.)


Another brief video package highlighting 2008 is shown. Various moment from the very first War Zone to the last Overdrive play through, as "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson is the soundtrack.


Daniels: And up next we have another title on the line as Big Nasty gets his shot at the Jackal’s Intercontinental championship, a title that Big Nasty has held before.

Masters: And a title that he could be wearing again after tonight.

Daniels: Oh Absolutely William. Most have predicted that the Jackal will take this one but let’s just look at the facts for a moment. Big Nasty has a great deal of size advantage over the champion, add to this that slight experience edge and the fact that the Jackal is still reeling from that horrific 20ft crash through a table three weeks ago on Overdrive. I think it would be a stupid man to count Big Nasty out, if anything he has more momentum going into this thing than the Jackal does.

Masters: Well as you very well know I am not a stupid man and I know never to count out the Nasty one. Hey I have just realized, we have just agreed on something… oh hell, better take this one to our dear friend Jessica.


Towers: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is schedule for one fall and it is for the CZW Intercontinental championship!!!

Swagga like Us by T.I. and Jay-Z begins to play as Big Nasty appears on the stage.

Towers: First, the challenger, coming to us from South Beach, Florida... weighing 295lbs…The Living Legend…Big Naaaaasty!!!!

Daniels: A very mixed reaction from the crowd, not the boos you would expect. I believe the fans here are very certain who they would like to see win this match.

Masters: But it’s not up to the fans Jarred, its down to who is the better man inside that ring. Big Nasty looks quite confident striding over that top rope.

Daniels: Well he has to be and he knows it. Go into a match lacking confidence and you don’t stand a chance of coming out a winner.

Masters: Really! Is that the latest piece of advice from your vastness of in-ring experience there or have you just copied that straight from the William Masters commentary guide.

Gold Medal by Trademarc begins to play and as the lights go out the Jackal can be seen on the staging area.

Towers: And the opponent…now resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida… he is the CZW Intercontinental champion…Karl the Jackal Jaaaackson!!!

Masters: No surprise that this gentlemen is getting a shocking reaction.

Daniels: He’s not the most popular superstar but I don’t think the fans reaction really fazes him. He may have been a little pre-occupied going into this match but we all know that this man is all business once that bell goes. Especially with his championship on the line.

Masters: Title match or no title match, the fact is that the Jackal hates to lose. I’ve never been a fan of this man but you can’t argue that he is one tough competitor in that ring. Kind of reminds me of myself when I was a younger man, although I conducted myself in a far more respectable manner.

Daniels: Respectable! You call that night at Madison Square…

Masters: And moving swiftly on!

Daniels: I was just saying that…

Masters: And I am just saying that you will have my foot shoved up your backside if you don’t shut your mouth and commentate the match.


Daniels: Well the bell has rung and from the look on the Jackal’s face he is in the same mood as William here.

Masters: I’m not in a bad mood… look lets just move on shall we?

Daniels: Woah, Big Nasty going for a haymaker there but lucky for the Jackal he was able to duck. And the Jackal backing up, aware that he was almost taken out there early on.

Masters: Big Nasty now gesturing for the Jackal to come closer. I think he wants to fight Jarred, but the Jackal looking a little nervous.

Daniels: Well he knows he has to be careful here; one mistake against a man the size of Nasty and it could be over quick… Nasty again with a right hand, Jackal ducking and backing off once more.

Masters: The Jackal rolling to the outside and the challenger is starting to look a little frustrated. And what is this, the Jackal has just flipped off Big Nasty.

Daniels: Oh he’s had enough of this, he’s outside now too and the chase is on. Jackal running for his life, back in the ring now… Nasty following…elbow drop by the Jackal.

Masters: The Jackal lured Big Nasty in right where he wanted him there… smart move by a smart competitor. You see, he’s not the wild psychopath that you seem to think he is.

Daniels: The Jackal stomping on Big Nasty now, laying the boots to him. And now in a mounted position… he’s raining those shots down hard into the cranium. Closed fists into the head of Big Nasty… one after the other.

Masters: Well he has Big Nasty grounded and that is a smart move as it negates the height advantage that Big Nasty has. The crowds are all over the Jackal though.

Daniels: And the Jackal grabbing hold of Nasty’s right leg… but Nasty kicks him off, way too much power in those big legs.

Masters: But the Jackal is back up and… another elbow drop, stopping Nasty from being able to mount his first bit of offence in this match.

Daniels: The Jackal back to the leg… he obviously wants that leg for something. Big Nasty kicks him off a second time.

Masters: But the Jackal right back up again… another elbow drop, this time Big Nasty rolls to his stomach and the Jackal misses.

Daniels: It just looks to have fired the champ up as he comes back with a hard fist to the back of Big Nasty’s head as he is up to a knee.

Masters: Oh look at this!!! Big Nasty seems to be unaffected by it. The Jackal with a right hand, but Big Nasty just taking it!!!

Daniels: And another shot, but look at that look on Big Nasty’s face… he has had enough. Oh the Jackal with a kick to the knee.

Masters: Very smart… Nasty felt that one and the Jackal off the ropes…Big Boot!!!!

Daniels: He almost took the Jackal’s head off with that shot!!! And with a very slight limp from that kick to the knee he walks over to the Jackal…. Lifting him to his feet… a hard Irish whip… the Jackal in the corner. Big Nasty follows him in…

Masters: Oh the ring almost shook as Big Nasty just hit a near 300lb big splash in the corner… Jackal still standing but obviously dazed. That big man can turn a match around in an instant.

Daniels: It’s that size and power we talk about with Big Nasty. Speaking of which he has the Jackal up and… Sidewalk slam!!!

Masters: You could see the effect that move had, the Jackal arching his back on impact. That hurt the champion Jarred, the challenger is in control now.

Daniels: And Big Nasty is not done… lifting the Jackal to his knees once more…setting him up… what a suplex!!!

Masters: A simple but very effective snap suplex, even more effective when you are nearly 7 feet tall. And what is the challenger doing now; he’s gone to the outside of the ring.

Daniels: He’s pulled out a table, reminiscent of Overdrive some three weeks ago. The crowds are going nuts here!!!

Masters: And he is setting it up outside the ring right in front the aisle Jarred. Do you think he is planning on delivering a Nasty Bomb like he did before?

Daniels: Who knows, but Jackal is getting back to his feet now. Big Nasty back in the ring… hard right hand by the Jackal as he attempts to fight back.

Masters: But little effect again as Nasty counters with a knee… a second knee, the Jackal is bent double from those high impact knees, but still on his feet. Oh, maybe not for long…Big Nasty with a hard kick to the Jackal’s abdominal region and… Powerbomb!!!

Daniels: He’s kept hold of the Jackal… look at that power William as he lifts him back up… a second powerbomb!!!

Masters: The strength of this man…. He still has hold of Karl Jackson… up onto his shoulders once more… and a third powerbomb!!! That one was delivered with some impact. Nearly as much as the impact I made with a certain lady friend I was with last night. Canadian I think she…

Daniels: And a cover. One……. Two…..A kickout at the last split second.

Masters: She was a fine young lady which was surprising considering being Canadian and all that…

Daniels: William lets try and concentrate on what is happening inside the ring.

Masters: Yes, that’s what she said, though not sure what ring she was referring to Jarred.

Daniels: Well I am referring to that ring up there, the one where we are now seeing Big Nasty pointing to the table on the outside.

Masters: Another kick to the gut…he is going to lift the champion up… I think.

Daniels: The Jackal smartly has locked his legs around the bottom rope. Big Nasty trying to pull Jackal up anyway but he is holding on for his life… if Big Nasty gets him up then the Jackal will be at his mercy.

Masters: Look at that Jarred, the power of Big Nasty… he has the Jackal up.

Daniels: Nasty too powerful for the Jackal, he has him set up.

Masters: Wait, he is biting Big Nasty… the Jackal is biting him.

Daniels: Jackal is fighting for his life up there… now head butting Big Nasty… but Nasty still has him up.

Masters: Nasty lets go… what the bloody hell… Christ almighty!

Daniels: He just caught Jackal in mid air and turned this into a bearhug… he has Jackal in a bearhug. His strength is downright scary!!!

Masters: He’s squeezing the life out of the Jackal here.

Daniels: Jackal is fading… and the referee needs to check here, the Jackal may be out. The referee has the arm of the Jackal, if it drops three times then we have a new Intercontinental champion.

Masters: Well that’s one….

Daniels: And two

Masters: The Jackal keeps his arm up… he is still in this thing. Now what is Nasty doing… he has the Jackal around the throat….. Chokeslam!!!!

Daniels: That’s not just a chokeslam William that is the NASTY CHOKESLAM… and straight out of a bearhug. Nasty is impressing me here tonight.

Masters: He goes for a cover… 1….2….

Daniels: A shoulder up… give credit to the Jackal to kick out from that.

Masters: He’s a tough cookie is the Jackal; that just proves it… if indeed it needs to be proved.

Daniels: Big Nasty looking a little frustrated. Jackal is down and almost out… wait…it’s the LEGENDARY HOLD!!!!

Masters: And after all that work on the Jackal’s back this could be the end for our champion here.

Daniels: He has it locked in William, Jackal is in pain… look at his face, I think I just saw a tear.

Masters: I doubt that you silly little man.

Daniels: I’m not so sure, the Jackal is in pain here. He is trying to reach the bottom rope to break the hold but he is a long way from it.

Masters: And there is little chance of him powering out, Nasty is just too strong.

Daniels: But he is refusing to give up, the referee asking but the Jackal refusing. Wait, what’s this, he is seemingly powering out of it.

Masters: Oh my goodness, he is trying to lift himself up with that near three hundred pounder on his back. And Nasty releases before the hold can be broken.

Daniels: Jackal struggling to his feet, Nasty is waiting behind him. I don’t think Jackal…

Masters: German suplex… No!!! Reversal!!! Jackal with an explosive German Suplex out of nowhere.

Daniels: And he is holding on William… a second German… no, Jackal doesn’t have enough strength and there is a reverse elbow from Nasty. Sends Jackal reeling back… Nasty running in… Big Boot… No!!! Jackal ducks and Nasty finds himself straddling the top turnbuckle.

Masters: And directly over that table that has been set up.

Daniels: The Jackal struggling to his feet, he has taken one hell of a beating in this match. Running at Big Nasty… And Nasty grabs him by the throat!!!

Masters: Nasty back in the ring… his large clasped around the Jackal’s neck. Lifts him up and holding him over the ropes… he is going to chokeslam him through the table.

Daniels: Oh my God!!!

Masters: No, Jackal held onto the top rope, Nasty doesn’t realize… Jackal is behind him.

Daniels: Nasty turns around… goes for the Jackal… a hangman over the top rope on Nasty who is now dazed… Jackal back in… chop block!!!

Masters: Oh my!!! Did you see the angle of Nasty’s ankle when he went down? Nasty might be hurt here, a vicious chop block by the Jackal.

Daniels: Nasty his holding his right ankle William. You have to believe that is going to be a bullseye now for the Jackal. Speaking of which, he appears to have noticed as a smile comes over his face.

Masters: This could be bead for the challenger.

Daniels: The Jackal with a vicious stomp to Big Nasty’s right ankle.. And another… take a look at his eyes Masters, there are no feelings there… just a cold, hard machine is the Jackal when he gets to work.

Masters: He obviously came in here with a game plan and its working as the Jackal is not giving his opponent a moment to breathe… another vicious stomp and what’s this… the Jackal is dragging Big Nasty’s right leg underneath the ropes and around the steel corner post. He has something sadistic in mind here I fear.

Daniels: Oh my, the Jackal slamming Big Nasty’s right lower leg and ankle into the steel post…not once, not twice… that’s three times!!!

Masters: Big Nasty is in pain here, and I can’t see the Jackal relenting. Infact he has just grabbed the timekeepers chair!

Daniels: Well he has that long leg around the turnbuckle and the lower leg is resting on the top of those steel steps… oh no, don’t tell me!!!!

Masters: Oh my goodness!

Daniels: The Jackal is smiling but that was sick… that twisted monster has just slammed the chair down hard onto Nasty’s leg. Nasty had nowhere to go… and NO!!!! A second shot!!!

Daniels: And what is the Jackal doing now; he is untying Big Nasty’s boot! Why does he need to do this?

Masters: Well the boot is off and…Oh my good lord!!! He just slammed the edge of that steel chair into that exposed ankle… Big Nasty is screaming!

Daniels: Nasty is done here... someone needs to stop this!

Masters: Absolutely not… this is what in ring competition is all about. And when there are titles on the line, things can get a little brutal shall we say.

Daniels: Well there is brutal and there is downright sadistic. The referee checking on Big Nasty, but he seems to think that Nasty is okay to continue.. And finally he has managed to crawl into the centre of the ring and away from that predicament.

Masters: But the Jackal is coming right after him Jarred.

Daniels: As we were saying… relentless is the Jackal. He has that steel chair in hand as is mounting the second turnbuckle, oh no don’t tell me… he has his cold eyes locked on that exposed right ankle.

Masters: And he comes off…

Daniels: Nasty moves!!! Nasty moves!!!!

Masters: And the champion just got a face full of steel chair and canvas.

Daniels: Jackal is bleeding from the mouth… I think he may have lost a few teeth on that one.

Masters: He would’ve done had he not be wearing that protective gum shield he always wears. Nasty is using the ropes to get back to his feet, but I think the damage may have been done to that right ankle.

Daniels: Wait! What’s this… that’s Tim Timmons coming down to the ring?

Masters: And he has his eyes set on the champion. Remember it was the Jackal that dislocated his ankle in an unprovoked attack a few weeks ago.

Daniels: Meanwhile in the ring, Jackal is up… spitting the blood from his mouth. He sees Timmons and is staring at him as if to dare him into the ring.

Masters: Nasty is up to but Jackal is distracted by Timmons. Look behind you Jackal…Nasty hopping one his left leg... the crowd now cheering for the challenger.

Daniels: Jackal turns around, Nasty charges in with a clothesline but Jackal ducks… low blow on Big Nasty!!!

Masters: That must have hurt, I should know…

Daniels: Why is that? Your lady friend?

Masters: Absolutely not, I’m not into all that kinky sadomasochist stuff…

Daniels: Wait, look at this…. Nasty is up. Surely he must be… Oh would you look at that!!!

Masters: He was wearing a groin guard! I guess if you are fighting cheating scum like the Jackal and the rest of his stable you need to come prepared. Jackal has no idea that this big man is right behind him.

Daniels: Of course not…Timmons has Jackal distracted… Nasty from behind… spins the Jackal around and lifts him…OH MY GOD!!!! Masters: On just one leg Big Nasty delivered the NASTY BOMB through the table!!! That is one amazing competitor… and quite frankly I think he may be the new champion in a few seconds time. Hats off to the Jackal, a good champion but tonight was just not his night.

Daniels: I think you are being a little premature William. Nasty has to get the Jackal back in the ring to win the match, and at the moment he is on the canvas holding that ankle.

Masters: Come on Nasty, get that man back in the ring and pin him!

Daniels: Anyone would think you are taking sides… oh wait; Timmons is rolling the Jackal back into the ring. You may be right William…

Masters: I’m always right, I’m William Masters!

Daniels: Nasty crawling over… the cover.

Masters: One….. Two….

Daniels: He kicked out! He kicked out!

Masters: What do you have to do to beat this man?

Daniels: Nasty using the ropes to get back to his feet. Tim Timmons has the chair… what is he doing now.

Masters: Well the Jackal is somehow getting back to his feet. Timmons with the chair…

Daniels: Jackal ducks… and Timmons looks confused.

Masters: Jackal with the overhead belly to belly suplex, taking young Timothy over the top rope to the outside!!!

Daniels: But Jackal distracted again... Nasty up on his feet… kick to the Jackal’s midsection…

Masters: He has the Jackal in position, lifts him up… on one leg again!!!

Daniels: But the Jackal escapes… slip behind… oh wait… it’s the JACKAL LOCK!!!!

Masters: Oh my goodness… Nasty’s ankle is already injured!!!

Daniels: Look at the way the Jackal is twisting that ankle. Jackal really has it locked in William.

Masters: Maybe not… Nasty lifting himself onto his hands…. And he swings around, sending the Jackal spinning the canvas.

Daniels: But the Jackal has not let go of the hold. The crowds are booing but Jackal doesn’t care… he is ripping at that ankle. Nasty has to tap, he has too!!!

Masters: There is that look in his eyes Jarred, the look of a madman.

Daniels: I don’t believe this… Nasty is powering out again. Jackal shaking his head in disbelief… I am shaking my head in disbelief… he powered out!!! He’s powered out!!!

Masters: But somehow the Jackal has kept hold again. Nasty is screaming in pain, even I am starting to feel for the man… and that is saying something.

Daniels: The Jackal grapevining the leg now, applying even more pressure. Look at him twisting William…wait, what is this… Nasty has stopped screaming.

Masters: You’re right Jarred; he appears to have passed out… the referee checking on him.

Daniels: Well it doesn’t look like Nasty is responding… Jackal still has the hold locked in…and that’s the bell!!! This one is over!!!

Masters: Damn it! The Jackal retains… Nasty so tough he refused to tap, but in the end it was too much and his body just gave out on him.

Daniels: Well the real story here is the state of his ankle. I do hope he is going to be okay after what we just saw.

Towers: Here is your winner and still CZW Intercontinental champion…. Karl the Jackal…

Daniels: What the hell!!!

Masters: What is Timmons doing? He just laid out the Jackal with a chair shot to the head.

Daniels: And now he has mounted the Jackal and is throwing lefts and rights into his head… what’s he saying William?

Masters: You mean what is he shouting? I think he is indicating that he wants the title... yes he is, Timmons has the title belt in his hand and is holding it up. The crowds appear to like this, but I think it was a blatant cheap shot. As much as I dislike the Jackal, this was the actions of a thug… typical of a former hardcore champion.

Daniels: Well the story here is we have Big Nasty and the Jackal unconscious in the ring whilst Tim Timmons is standing with the Intercontinental title in his hand above his head.

Masters: Well he has just dropped it on the body of the Jackal, who is starting to come round I think. And what now… he has that damn chair again.

Daniels: Look at this, he is pushing the top of the chair into the throat of the Jackal, not sure what he is saying but I would imagine it has something to do with what goes around comes around. Jackal attacked Timmons a few weeks ago and I know from talking to this guy, he has been waiting for the opportunity to get pay back.

Masters: Maybe we are looking at the new number one contender for the Intercontinental title Jarred.

Daniels: Maybe so. It would be a great match; Timmons has that hardcore background and can bring that toughness to the table on any night William.

Masters: Well as Timmons finally leaves we can see Nasty is now stirring as medics are running in to attend to him, most probably just precautionary… we hope he isn’t too badly hurt.

Daniels: And take a look at the Jackal as he clings to his title and the bottom rope watching Tim Timmons stroll casually out of here.

Masters: He sent a message to the Jackal and from the look on his face; he certainly heard it loud and clear… a look of pure anger on the face of our still Intercontinental champion.

Daniels: Yes, the Jackal looks pissed… I am sure there will be a meeting sometime soon for these two, and hopefully with the title on the line too.


Another brief video package highlighting 2008 is shown. Various moment from the very first War Zone to the last Overdrive play through, as "Wake Up (Make A Move)" by Lostprophets, the EXTREME INTERVENTION theme song, is the soundtrack.


TOWERS: "Ladies and gentlemen, our musical guest... COHEED & CAMBRIA!!"

TOWERS: "Ladies and gentlemen... the next match is our co-main event of the evening and it is an UNSANCTIONED MATCH!"

The crowd explodes

TOWERS: "Introducing first... hailing from your mother's fanatasies... weighing in at 225 pounds... 'Bad Ass' MATT COVEY!!"

The crowd boos as "Puritania" by Dimmu Borgir plays over the PA. Out comes Covey, wearing blue jeans, no shirt, and his trademark leather jacket. He ignores the boos completely. He walks down to the ring, with a calm demeanor on his face. He shrugs off fans trying to touch him. He slides into the ring, seeming focused.

TOWERS: "And his opponent..."

The crowd pops loudly as "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead begins to play...

TOWERS: "Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada... weighing in at 205 pounds... 'The Gambler' ACE KING!!"

Ace comes out, relishing in the cheers. The crowd loves this man, as he is making his official in-ring return to CZW. He is wearing red and black pants with a "Bet On It" t-shirt. He stares a hole into Covey, never taking his eyes off of him as he walks down to the ring. He high fives a few fans on his way. He gets in the ring, and immediately Matt grabs the mic from Jessica.

BAD ASS: "Look, what I did was wrong and it should have never happened. Not to you, not to anyone. It's true, I am an asshole. I am the son of a bitch that everyone of you loves to hate. But I believe in kids. They're innocent and should never be the victim of the sins of their parents. And for that I apologize to you. I'm giving you five minutes, Ace. Five minutes to rip my head off and shit down my throat. For that brief moment in time, I will not fight back. But the second my watch goes off, I will consider my debt paid, even if you don't. At that point, I'm going to break you, Ace King. You have no choice in the matter. I just started the clock..."

DANIELS: "And look, Ace isn't wasting any time!"

MASTERS: "Ace just levelled Matt with a thunderous lariat... what a noble man this Covey is."

DANIELS: "... He killed Ace and Ruth's baby!"

MASTERS: "Please."

DANIELS: "... Whatever. Ace picks up Matt. He's unleashing some frustration right here! Lefts and rights galore! Matt's on his back, and Ace is mounting him."

MASTERS: "This isn't fair! Matt, do something!"

DANIELS: "He will... if he can still breathe by the time his clock beeps!"

MASTERS: "Dammit, it looks like Matt is already busted open from those shots to his forehead! This isn't right!"

DANIELS: "Ace picks Matt up and whips him into a turnbuckle. Ace comes crashing in with a splash! This Milwaukee crowd is loving it!"

MASTERS: "Oh come on time, hurry up!"

DANIELS: "I have to commend this sick freak. He's really keeping his word. Ace chops him hard. He then grabs Matt's leather jacket and forcefully rips it off of him! He throws it down on Covey."

MASTERS: "Covey's going to be pissed about that!"

DANIELS: "Ace picks Covey up. Inverted atomic drop! Another chop! Ace is on fire!"

MASTERS: "Not hard to be when your opponent isn't fighting back!"

DANIELS: "Matt is bleeding from his forehead, and Ace grabs on a tight headlock. He slams him down with a takedown. Ace gets up and runs to the ropes. Running legdrop. Matt seems completely out of it, Ace could probably take the pin right here!"

MASTERS: "I doubt that very much so, Daniels! Ace picks Matt back up... his clock just dinged!! C'mon Matt!"

DANIELS: "Ace has control of him however. Ace throws him over the top rope! Matt goes crashing down onto the mat. And Ace follows up with a SENTON OVER THE TOP! Amazing’’

MASTERS: ‘’Damn, this would never have happened if Matt hadn’t been so racked with guilt at the start, honestly, how can you not respect that guy?’’

DANIELS: ‘’Ace is up, and picks up Covey, he puts him on his shoulder looking for a powerslam… no, he’s walking up the ramp, where can he be going? At the top he starts running Covey head first into the stage set.’’

MASTERS: ‘’But at the last second Covey slides down Ace’s back, pushing the Gambler HARD into the set, YES, now we’re going to see a fight’’

DANIELS: ‘’Well there goes my hope for a short end to this one, I know why Ace is so mad, but I have no desire to watch these guys try to kill each other. Matt now trying to get his bearings, wiping the blood from his forehead as he sets into Ace with some hard boots, screaming at him, he picks him back up, and throws King head first into the set, downing him once more.’’

MASTERS: ‘’Covey disappears behind the curtain?’’

DANIELS: ‘’You thing he’s gone?’’

MASTERS: ‘’Noooo…. AH, here he is back… with a TABLE!’’

DANIELS: ‘’But the table obscures his view so much he doesn’t notice King is back on his feet, DROPKICK to the table, sending Covey flying back through the curtain, and Ace follows. Can we get a portable cam through there?… Well we know that Ace has every reason to want to hurt Covey, I don’t know what’s going on out there, but I know it won’t be pretty’’

MASTERS: ‘’I have just received word that those two are slugging it out back there, I think… yes, we’re getting a feed now’’

DANIELS: We’re back with them now as we see the two making their way through the corridors in the back Ace seems to have the upper hand, forcing Matt back with some brutal knife edge chops, they’re coming to the end of the hallway, there’s no way to go.’’

MASTERS: ‘’Yes there is!’’

DANIELS: ‘’Ace, with an irish whip… Through the emergency doors, they’re outside! Covey landing hard on the sidewalk outside, he’s trying, but it seems he just can’t get one up on Ace, who is attacking with vengeance and fury in his eyes.’’

MASTERS: ‘’Just wait, Covey will get his in.’’

DANIELS: ‘’You might be right, King goes to pick up Covey, who fights back with a few gut punches as he gets back to his feet, swinging neck breaker on Ace, and now he’s pounding Ace’s head off of the sidewalk, oh god, I see blood, and not just the drops dripping from Coveys head, the back of Ace’s head is busted open.’’

MASTERS: ‘’I told you, look, Covey is SMILING as he continues the beating, the blood dripping down his face,’’

DANIELS: ‘’This is sick! Matt finally gets off of Ace, picking him up and whipping him… INTO THE ROAD! HOLY SHIT, he nearly got hit by a car, it’s swerved, DAMN IT’S CRASHED, and this is a busy road, it won’t be long until… yep, there goes another into the back of the first, it’s a pileup, but that’s not stopping Covey as he follows up with a clothesline on Ace, who had managed to stop his run into traffic, Ace is down and Covey lays a stomp straight into King’s groin, ouch, Ace is writhing on the ground as Covey goes to the nearest crashed car. All the drivers seem to be out of their vehicles, and actually watching the match!’’

MASTERS: ‘’No wonder, getting the chance to be right there, watching this… It’s worth the price of a car.’’

DANIELS: ‘’Matt jumps on the car… leg drop from the car onto the prone Ace, looks like Covey’s tailbone took a lot of impact there, but not as much as Ace, after a few seconds Matt is back up and on the attack, he lifts his opponent, onto his shoulders… SNAKE EYES on a nearby car, Ace turns back as Covey is rushing in… but King somehow has the presence to dodge and hit a drop toehold, Covey’s wound, if healing, has certainly opened back up now, the blood pouring all over the road.’’

MASTERS: ‘’Dammit, Ace is somehow getting back up, I don’t believe it!’’

DANIELS: ‘’Well he is a man on a mission, and it looks like Covey is going to have to try harder if he wants to keep this man down, and the ref is on the roadside, but neither man has even attempted a pinfall yet, now it’s Ace’s turn to jump on a car, right to the roof, what’s he going to try?… A falling headbutt, he hit a falling headbutt, right onto the opened wound on Matt’s head, the back of Ace it has to be said, is also covered in the crimson stuff from that savage beating earlier, but that doesn’t seem to phase him as he picks up covey and drags him onto the front of a car, lifts him onto his shoulders… BLACKJACK BOMB ONTO THE CAR!!! He finally goes for a cover as the ref runs over…





2 .



Ace lifts Matt’s shoulder before the three count and…’’

MASTERS: ‘’He spit in Coveys eye, c’mon, that’s not on!’’

DANIELS: ‘’Well, it doesn’t look like he’s done yet, as he drags Covey from the car and lifts him, walking across the road to the doors of the arena… are they finally coming back? NO, Ace grabs Covey from behind, and hit’s a release german suplex, Covey bouncing off those doors, and lands awkwardly onto the ground.’’

MASTERS: ‘’Where the hell is Ace going now? He’s moving back to the cars, he’s shouting something, a small guy steps forward with a set of keys, Ace is getting in one of the lesser damaged cars, is he leaving?’’

DANIELS: ‘’I don’t think so, though if he’s planning on doing what I think he’s planning on doing, I hope he actually IS leaving… but no, as I feared, he’s reversed and turned the car towards Covey, who is trying to get up as we speak… DON’T DO IT ACE!!!’’

MASTERS: ‘’I can’t believe I’m saying this but… listen to Jarred, don’t do it!’’

DANIELS: ‘’Ace is revving up as Covey finally gets back to his feet, though he seems unfocused, LOOK UP MATT!




MASTERS: ‘’I’ve never seen anything like it in all my days here.’’

DANIELS: ‘’I think they’re hurt bad, this crowd has gone silent as they too realise that this has went too far… this is directed towards the back… get some damn E.M.T’s down there… Well as we wait we see the referee checking on them and looking into the camera shaking his head, we always have emergency vehicles standing by, though we never like the though of using them… and yes, here comes the ambulance now, I’m sorry to say that I think this one is over, both men bloodied and battered, and now unable, it seems, to move. The door of the mangled car is being opened as they try to untangle these two bodies safely, not knowing quite what injuries have happened where. We’ll try and keep you updated CZW fans, but, as the old adage goes, the show must go on, and go on it will.’’


A final video package highlighting 2008 is shown. Various moment from the very first War Zone to the last Overdrive play through, as "Southern Comfort" by Shooter Jennings is the soundtrack.


Daniels: Well here we are folks, it’s time for the main event, the big one, the last match in 2008, and what a match it’s going to be, on one side we have ‘The OGT’ Maynard O’Toole, and he is facing of against ‘The Five Star Superstar’ El Pablo for the biggest prize in CZW today

Masters: It has to be said that this isn’t just a stand alone match, it is of course another extension of the ongoing ‘stable wars’ that have plagued CZW in the past while. Though it is the biggest contest between these two factions to date.

Daniels: And you have to wonder if these two will ‘go it alone’ as it were, or if their respective factions will seize the opportunity to get ‘one up’ on the other.

Masters: Well it does sound like something Team XTC would do, I have to admit

Daniels: I was actually trying to diplomatically point out the fact the The Whole Damn Show might get involved.

Masters: What!? You know what, I’m going to let that pass, because I know how bias you can be in these situations, and I’ve learned to accept it.

Jarred shakes his head as the lights dim in the arena, on screen a video starts playing as the letter ‘W’ appears in huge letters on the left, ‘D’ appears in the middle, and finally ‘S’ shows at the end, the crowd chime in with a really divided chorus of both boos and cheers as Fear Factory’s New Breed starts playing to flashing images of Alan Fiscus, Maynard O’Toole, Matt Covey, Big Nasty and Eddie Rowan. Shots of the group both in and out of the ring appear on the Combatron in time with the music. Suddenly all goes quiet and, marginally louder than New Breed just was, Tool’s Die Eier Von Satan blasts through the speakers as Maynard O’Tool’s video starts playing and the man himself steps out from behind the curtain

Daniels: Wow, I’ve never seen him look so focused, and that’s saying something

Masters: Well he knows this is all or nothing, and I don’t think he will give less than 100% focus to El Pablo, he now enters through the ropes and looks back up the ramp, just waiting on his opponent.

A huge cheer rings out around the Bradley Center as the lights go down, leaving Maynard pacing the ring in darkness, illuminated only by the odd camera flash.

Daniels: And we now await the arrival of our World Heavyweight Champion!

Masters: O'Toole's in the ring already, pay attention!

Daniels: Unfortunately for YOU, William, El Pablo is still the current World Champion.. at least for the time being!

After a few tantalising moments, the Combattron flickers into life, and starts broadcasting a high-speed montage of a selection of highlights from the best CZW matches in 2008, accompanied by the sound of an engine revving. The sound builds until it reaches a crescendo, then suddenly dies out, with "2008" being displayed on the screen in big letters. A small burst of pyro sparks off the edges of the screen, and the screen cuts, now showing "2009" in the middle of 5 shimmering golden stars. This draws rapturous applause from the fans, which escalate even further as the opening riff to "Been Training Dogs" starts to play, the trademark white spotlights flickering on and off around the arena. The drums kick in, and a huge wall of green pyro shoots up from the stage, signalling the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion. El Pablo steps out onto the stage, bouncing up and down with his arms raised, urging the crowd to make the biggest amount of noise they possibly can. He beats the WHC belt with his fist, then stands at the top of the ramp, in front of a giant slip-n-slide, just like the one seen back at Hatewave.

Masters: Oh, not this again!

Daniels: El Pablo preparing to see out an historic year for CZW the only way he knows how.. in style!

EP points at Maynard in the ring, then takes a few steps back, charges, and slides down the ramp on his knees, pyro explosions following him on his way down. He comes to a stop just in front of the ring, and throws some smack-talk in Maynard's direction, gesturing to his title belt. EP then leaps up to his feet, and dives into the ring, climbing up the turnbuckle and hoisting the WHC belt high above his head as the crowd pops once again. He hops down, and hands his shades to Jessica Towers. He then stares at Maynard with a cocky grin, slowly raises the belt to his lips, and gives it a kiss, before handing it over to the referee.

Daniels: and it looks like this thing is about to start, the last match in 2008, and by that amazing entrance, El Pablo has every intension of main eventing the anniversary show with that belt around his waist.

The referee calls for the bell

The two men start things with a quick shoulder elbow tie-up, and after jockeying for only a few seconds Maynard comes off easily with the upper hand and pushes El Pablo to the floor, who quickly rolls and jumps back up straight into another tie-up, and once again gets thrown to the matt, rolls once more and gets to one knee. The two men stare at one another and El Pablo breaks into a smile, looking at the crowd who cheer in response to the acknowledgement.

Daniels: And he makes his way to his feet once more, he must realise by now he’s not going to win a test of… no he’s going for it again, wait… no he isn’t, O’Toole goes for the tie-up and El Pablo nips underneath his opponents outstretched arm and lands a neat dropkick to Maynard’s back, sending the challenger careering for the ropes and grabs them to stop his return journey, and listen to this crowd as Pablo gets back to his feet after releasing that dropkick.

. El Pablo runs towards the turning Mayo, who sidesteps and catches Pablo with a sleeper on the return. After a few seconds of struggling the champ lays in a few elbows and Maynard loosens the hold, Pablo grabs his opponents arm and twists around into a hammer lock, into a headlock, into a bulldog.

Daniels: Nice sequence there, as Pablo goes to Maynard’s legs and applies a boston crab, Maynard is quick to scramble for the ropes though and El Pablo releases the hold. O’Toole back to his feet now and approaches… WOW, a roundhouse kick from nowhere spins Pablo around, Maynard hooks the head from behind…inverted headlock backbreaker, that’s gotta hurt

Masters: Everything Maynard does hurts, he’s not doing it to tickle him

Daniels: Just making a point, well with El Pablo down O’Toole goes for the head

Maynard applies a sleeper hold on Pablo, really wrenching it in, after trying to fight back for a while he finally goes limp, the ref goes down and proceeds to lift one of El Pablo’s arms, which immediately falls to the ground, the crowd start chanting the champs name, again the ref lifts up an arm, and again it falls, the chants take a new level as the name Pablo fills the arena, the ref goes for the final lift, and just as the arm is about to hit canvas it stops midair. This simple gesture throws the fans into an uproar of applause as El Pablo makes it to one knee, fighting against the hold, then two knees, on his feet he starts to fling elbows HARD into O’Toole’s ribs, almost lifting the challenger off of his feet. At last Maynard breaks the hold and El Pablo wastes no time in hitting the momentarily stunned O’Toole with a spinebuster and goes for a quick cover





Maynard kicks out roughly, sending Pablo skidding across the ring

Daniels: Both men back to their feet again as El Pablo lunges straight for O’Toole, but Maynard’s ready and catches the running champ by the throat, completely stopping him dead. Maynard then starts to walk forwards, leading to the centre of the ring, but Pablo collects himself in time and gut kicks O’Toole, making him release the hold and crouch over, and the champ takes advantage of the position to jump from the mat to Maynard’s back, landing with both feet hard, sending O’Toole to the canvas for the first time. Pablo runs and bounces of the ropes as Maynard makes his way back up… straight into a shining wizard, El Pablo once more makes his way to the ropes and goes for a lionsault… and lands ribs first on O’Toole’s raised knees

Daniels: Well, El Pablo tried to end this one quickly there and it backfired spectacularly as now he is down and Maynard is back to his feet

Masters: Serves him right, underestimating the eventual winner of this match

Daniels: And you have to believe that at least some small part of both of them is wondering how there stable mates are doing after being carted away earlier, but of course they can't let it intrude in thier focus on this match, which, luckily, i don't believe is happening.

Mayonard lifts El Pablo back to a vertical base and starts laying in a flurry of left and rights, forcing the champion into the turnbuckle, he then backs off and runs in with a devastating clothesline, lifting El Pablo off of his feet, landing in a sitting position against the turnbuckle, O’Toole once again backs up and rushes in, landing a knee to the side of El Pablo’s face. Grabbing his feet Maynard drags his opponent away from the ropes and makes his first cover of the match





But a quick kickout doesn’t seem to surprise the challenger as both men make their way back to their feet, Pablo checking his jaw after that knee, but with no recovery time afforded both men once again go on the attack, throwing punches back and forth at each other, Maynard comes off the better as he grabs El Pablo and irish whips him into the ropes, but Pablo, upon reaching the ropes, jumps on the first rope and leaps, twisting in the air, taking down his challenger with a flying cross body and after landing continues rolling until he is on the outside

Daniels: What is he doing?

Masters: He’s lifting the apron… I knew it, that little cheater is going for a weapon

Daniels: How exactly is that cheating?

Masters: Shut up Jarred, it’s unethical, that’s all, and here he comes, back in the ring with a steel chair

Pablo lays the chair on the still downed Maynard and runs towards the ropes, returning In a rolling thunder manoeuvre, but at the last second O’Toole moves

Daniels: He was playing possum!

Masters: Ha, see, a smart champion

Maynard then places the chair under his upper arm and performs El Pablo‘s own steel elbow finisher. He stays in his landed position for the cover






And another kickout, but El Pablo is a little slower to get to his feet this time, as Mayonard raises, the chair still in hand, he takes a swing at Pablo, who ducks, and the momentum from Maynard’s swing bring him right round into an enziguri from El Pablo, landing Maynard face first, straight into the chair he was holding, and Pablo runs to the turnbuckle, quickly leaping to the top, and…

Daniels: … starts walking along the ropes, what an amazing display of balance, but what is he going to do from there?

Masters: My god, he just leapt from the middle of that rope into a leg drop on the back of the new champs head

Daniels: He is NOT the new champ

Masters: What can I say… I’m clairvoyant

Daniels: Either way a devastating move from the ACTUAL CZW champ to his challenger, and he rolls him over for the cover…









…My god that was close! I honestly thought he had it there

Maynard, after kicking out rolls to the outside, landing on his feet, and takes a second to get his wind back as El Pablo looks on to the crowd, who start screaming as he points to Maynard on the outside, he nods his head as the crowd start raising into a frenzy, finally Pablo runs towards the opposite ropes, returning and leaping over in a rolling thunder but turning the landing into a hurricanrana to the delight of the fans, straight back up he once again reaches under the apron and pulls out a table, moving to the corner he sets it up on the barricade.

Daniels: Well he did say he was going to turn this into a ‘five star slobber knocker’ though I didn’t think this is what he had In mind

El Pablo picks up O’Toole and makes to irish whips him towards the table…

Masters:… NO! it’s reversed c’mon Pablo, break that table

Daniels: But Pablo manages somehow to apply the breaks just as he was about to go through the table, and he turns, running back to Maynard with a back elbow

Maynard is quickly back to his feet as is the champion and the two once more start trading blows, back and forth. El Pablo, blocks the punch… and again… lays a huge chop on Maynard’s bare chest, sending him back, and another, Pablo jumps, grabs the back of O’Toole’s head…. Facecrusher on the outside. El Pablo now goes over to the table against the barricade corner and lifts it, now setting it up resting on the two sides of the barricade corner, so It is face up, he goes back to Maynard and lifts him, dragging him over and laying him on top of the table, running back into the ring he climbs the turnbuckle…

Masters: Don’t do it! You’re not in the X-Division anymore, there’s no place for these types of daredevil stunts

Daniels: Oh, I think there’s plenty of room for what this man brings to the table, excuse the pun

El Pablo looks to the crowd, really hyping them up into a frenzy, chants of El Pablo and XTC raise in a deafening roar. Finally he takes a breath


The crowd break into chants of


Masters: Yeah, but it looks like he caught his leg on the barricade as he made impact

Daniels: Indeed, both men are down as they try to compose themselves we’ll take another look at that amazing move

In a split screen we see El Pablo, taking one last breath in slow motion

Daniels: And you can see, a picture perfect swanton bomb, the body angle and elevation

Masters: Here you see where the former champ hit his leg on the railings on impact, hah

Daniels: Not forgetting what O’Toole must be feeling after being driven through that table, well he did say to Pablo that to keep that title he’d have to kill O’Toole

Masters: Yeah, but your not supposed to try

Daniels: Okay, i'm finally getting an update on Ace King and Matt Covey's condition, it seems that by some miracle Ace has escaped with only a minor concusion and a broken nose, Covey on the other hand required around one hundred stitches between his legs and forehead and a bruised tailbone... but trust me it could have been a hell of alot worse, these to will amazingly still be able to compete next week instead of lying in a box.

Masters: Wait, wait, so Covey's okay? Phew, excellent, Ace King should be banned for life for what he done

Daniels: Then it's just as well the match was unsanctioned. Well, back here live we see these two men stirring, it hasn’t taken them too long, even after that devastating move, for these guys to get back up, I’d say we’re in this for a while yet.

Masters: Maynard could end it any time he wants, he’s just giving these fans a match to remember

Daniels: Sure he is, well both men amazingly back to their feet, though you can see, still feeling the effects, O’Toole rubbing his ribs and El Pablo trying to shake off that impact to his leg.

Maynard recovers first and approaches El Pablo, viciously kicking the champs leg from under him, after taking a few more seconds to compose himself he picks his opponent up…

Daniels: He’s thrown Pablo over the rail and into the crowd, and now he’s following after, what is he doing?

Masters: Showing the so called ‘champ’ who’s really in charge, go get ‘em Maynard

Pablo gets back up somehow and the two men start trading blows, making their way through the crowd as security run in to try and keep the fans back. After a few left and rights Maynard lands a European uppercut, staggering El Pablo back and takes the opportunity to perform a firemans carry into a fist drop. Upon getting back to his feet he hears his name being chanted from those in the audience eager to see him win. Smiling to himself he grabs Pablo by the hair, dragging him to his feet, keeping hold as he moves them further into the crowd, near an exit. Seeing his goal he grabs El Pablo’s hand and irish whips him towards the door, but this time it’s the champ that puts the brakes on and uses Maynard’s momentum against him, reversing the move and sending O’Toole flying through the exit.

Daniels: They’re in the back, dammit, someone get a camera back there… well in the meantime what can we say, so far these men have put their bodies through hell in trying to get the better of their opponent, and so far it’s almost impossible to call between them. We can only speculate as to what is going on back there as these two literally battle each other for supremacy… WAIT! There they are, both men have just appeared on the top balcony, and from what I can see it’s Maynard with the upper hand once more as he spins Pablo around and hit’s a full nelson slam onto the flight of steps between these rows of seats. The champ rolls down the stairs and has now disappeared from my view

Masters: Get a damn camera up there, I’m missing this!

Daniels: Indeed, well, amazingly he’s getting back up, but O’Toole is already on him as he clasps both hands around El Pablo’s throat.

A collective gasp issues from the crowd as, twenty five feet up, Maynard is trying to push Pablo off the balcony by the throat. The champion trying with all his might to push Maynard off. His feet begin to raise off of the ground as he starts to go over, a crazed look in O’Toole’s eyes. But Pablo uses his raised legs to push against Maynard’s abdomen, slowly the aggressors hands break away from his opponents neck, and with one last almighty push El Pablo manages to knock Maynard to the ground and turns, looking at the amassed crowd below, where he so nearly landed. He exhales deeply and turns towards back to Maynard, who is already back to his feet. Pablo runs and takes O’Toole down with a tackle, he springs back up and performs a standing moonsault, raises, and utilises the backrest of a nearby seat to do another moonsault, he then, from his downed position looks around, the crowd knowing he needs another, higher, place to complete the third moonsault, he suddenly looks towards the balcony and smiles, the fans that can see the look start to cheer as he makes his way up, runs towards the balcony and leaps on the edge, and for a split second nearly loses his balance before finally completing the triple moonsault, both him and Maynard being hurt in the impact on the stairs…

Daniels: That was unbelievably dangerous, he nearly sent himself over the edge with that last move, talk about putting it all on the line!

Masters: Well this isn’t a falls count anywhere, so it’s all useless he gets Maynard back in that ring.

El Pablo rolls slowly off of O’Toole holding his right knee, wincing. The fans applause spurns him on to get back to his feet, which he does with the aid of a nearby chair, he walks down the stairs. Leaning on the balcony he tries to shake some stiffness out of his leg, as he turns around…


Masters: I… I can’t believe it, let’s see that again… did that just happen?

The angle is from a camera on the ground. El Pablo, far overhead, leaning against the balcony, he turns so his back is to the camera… suddenly Maynard O’Toole is seen, hitting El Pablo with a high impact spear, causing both men to go flying over the balcony in a perfect arc O’Toole’s shoulder firmly planted in Pablo’s abdomen all the way down. This all happens so fast that the fans had no time to react, and both competitors land on the mass crowd below. Some fans begin screaming, but these are drowned out by the overwhelming majority screaming

FU KING AWE SOME (clap clap clapclapclap) FU KING AWE SOME (clap clap clapclapclap)

Daniels: Well E.M.Ts are making their way to these two men. And indeed, the numerous fans below them as the rest of the fans continue to bring the roof down… I hope this isn't a repeat of the Ace and Covey match, we can only hope these two can continue, but to be honest, i think this is it, and if it is we can only aplologise to the folks at home.

Masters: Don’t say that, Maynard’s not champion yet, it can’t end like this

Daniels: Well it seems that we have another shot of the ‘incident’, a camera man got up there just before it happened, let’s take a look

The shot is shaky as the cameraman is running down the stairs, we see El Pablo, shaking his right leg while leaning against the balcony, behind him Maynard has got to one knee, like a track runners starting position, Pablo turns as Maynard takes off, cleanly lifting his adversary as he makes impact and goes sailing out of view, the camera suddenly gets lost in a tidal wave of fans running for the edge to look over…

Maynard is lying face down on top of the face up El Pablo, who is in turn on top of many fans as medical personnel try to sort out the tangled mess, through the groans of the fallen comes a movement, from right on top….

Daniels: I don’t believe it, Maynard O’Toole is moving, how is this possible?

Masters: Well in the few seconds since he’s moved I have formulated a theory on that, you see, they obviously landed in El Pablo’s cheering section, and those guys bulbous asses would be enough to cushion anyone’s fall.

Daniels: Really! Well however it was done, it is nothing short of miraculous that O’Toole is even moving after that fall, but there he is, now rolling of the bodies, his hand wildly reaching out and keeping hold of any part of El Pablo he can find, he is now literally slipping and sliding his way through this crowd, dragging with all his strength the lifeless body of the champion

Each step seems like a mile as Maynard hauls El Pablo by the arm, falling every other step with the effort. Reaching the barricade he stops and lets go of his hunt as he tries to regain some semblance of composure. After what seems like an age he finally reaches down and grabs the nape and trunks of the champion and uses everything he has to dump him unceremoniously over the rail, literally falling over himself, both men are now down again, but, painfully slowly, O’Toole uses the railing to assist in getting him back up, he sways a little before grabbing El Pablo once more and moving him to the ringside, lifting his top half up and laying it on the apron before reaching down to Pablo’s lower half and moving that too onto the apron, finally rolling him once so he is in the ring before rolling himself in and draping an arm over the champ…











Masters: Dammit! What does he have to do

Daniels: Well it seems that O’Toole used everything he had to get Pablo back in the ring as both men are now down once more

El Pablo is seen to be shifting, slowly but surely he leans, grabbing the rope with his hand, he looks around completely unfocused, shaking his head, he looks around at his surroundings, and finally looks up at the balcony, a perplexed look on his face

Daniels: Well it looks like El Pablo is trying to work out how he ended up in the ring

Masters: Through the will and determination of the better man in the ring, that’s how!

Daniels: That’s one mans opinion, but unbelievably El Pablo is actually making his way back to his feet, albeit shakily.

Pablo blinks a few times, trying to rid himself of the last remaining cobwebs as the arena absolutely explodes with Pablo chants, putting any prior chants of the night to shame, he looks down at the seemingly unconscious Maynard like a gift from the gods, after moving his limbs to check they are all in working order he reaches down and picks up his opponent, he takes a deep breath and lifts him up for the Pablo Slam…

Daniels: HOLY SHIT, MAYNARD REVERSED! He lands on his feet, somehow not only standing, but focused, and gut kicks El Pablo, thrusting Pablo’s head between his thighs, he rolls him up, looking for The Opiate

Masters: GOD DAMN! El Pablo turns it into a head scissor takedown, he gets back up, though hell knows how, runs for and climbs the turnbuckle…

As he stares down at his opponent he gives himself enough time to signal to the fans, who start cheering once more…

Daniels: PABLO SPLASH!!!


Sure enough Pablo crashes to the mat, as Maynard makes to get up, once vertical he picks up the CZW champion and grabs his hair, pulling his opponents head back so he can stare dead in his eyes before lifting El Pablo high above his head for the Cold and Ugly

Masters: WHAT THE HELL! PABLO HAS THAT CHAIR IN HIS HANDS, the one that got left in the ring at the beginning… HE JUST CROWNED O’TOOLE WITH THAT DAMN CHAIR!

Daniels: Let there be blood! through all the carnage in this match this is our first sight of the crimson, Maynard is down and El Pablo is making his way back up the turnbuckle, that chair in hand

Masters: Don’t do it, you’ll regret it Nooooo











Masters: Not only that, he's up, both men have to be running on pure adreniline. Ha, and look at El Pablo, the shock!

Daniels: The blood is streaming down Maynards face, reminisent of his stable mate Covey earlier.

Maynard gut checks the stunned and worn out El Pablo and lifts him into a firemans carry...












El Pablo is seen out cold on the canvas, Maynard seems to have lost any adrenaline that had been spurning him on as he collapses to the mat amid a pool of blood and a mixture of jeers and cheers, Jessica Towers makes her way into the ring carrying the belt, which she hands to O'Toole, who is managing, just, to sit up against the ropes, suddenly the fans break into a chorus of out and out boos, bemused, the dazed O'Toole turns his head and sees at the top of the ramp Impaler. Maynard holds the belt a little tighter, remembering how a year ago Impaler stole the belt after a Championship win.

Daniels: What the hell is he doing here? He has no right being out here right now

Impaler raises the mic he was holding and starts addressing the new champ

Impaler: Don’t think that I’m here to highjack that belt again, that is not my plan, because as Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Tonight as I sat backstage and watched the most vile and disgusting abuse of power as every member of the Whole Damn Show was involved in at least one match and what did the Player’s Club get? we had two matches and one title elimination match. I guess all I have to do to get a title match is team with a guy who will hand one to me. While they tell me, “Nah man, you got to pay your dues you have to beat the men a head of you.” Well I will be damned if I haven’t paid my dues once before O'Toole, when next you see me in that ring with you I will be the one wearing that belt at the end of the match.

Impaler then drops the mic sending feedback through the speakers, and walks backstage as fans boo him and Maynard, still seated, looks perplexed as to why Impaler didn’t resort to his usual tactics.

Towers, now the interruption is over, lifts the mic to her mouth


The lights dim as brilliant white fireworks explode, circling the combatron, down the ramp and finally from all four corners of the ringposts as Maynard struggles to his feet, leaning against the ropes. Die Eier von Satan hit’s the P.A system as Jarred Daniels, struggling to be heard over the combined fireworks and music.

Maynard celebrates a little, holds the title high above his head, and makes his exit. The crowd expects this to be the last part of the show, but they can't tell. Suddenly...

‘FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL’ hits the arena as the whole place fills with excitement, the lights go off as a tranquil red and green light shine down from the rafters, creating motions and patterns from these bright torches. The fans now begin to boo and cheer, whatever reaction they give, it makes the whole of Milwaukee shake with anticipation.




DANIELS: More information than I needed to know there William…but I am too excited. Ever since that faithful night on Halloween, after one of the greatest Pay-Per-Views in CZW History, Horrorcore, Jesse Montana has been recovering at home away from any CZW spotlight, now for the first time, we are about to see him in person, so many questions, so many answers…

MASTERS: Do you think he has found that miserable toe rag who attacked him?!

DANIELS: Anything is possible here tonight, Jesse Montana is here folks…HOLY HELL WHAT AN OVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!


Montana appears on the stage in his wheelchair as the fans have a mixed but loud reaction. Jesse looks around with a glint in his eyes, then begins to roll his way down the ramp, two members of the staff helping him down and into the ring. The fans continue their chants, Jesse eventually making it into the ring as he gets a microphone of Towers.

MASTERS: I love the sound of this man's voice!

Thanks…Thank you so much. And first before I speak, I would just like to congratulate my good friend Maynard O'Toole for his win here a few moments ago...well done son, I told you your day would eventually come.

The fans once again have mixed reactions from this.

Man…I never thought I would be back here again, being the center of attention again, being the man that makes you guys either jump up and laugh or lay back and cry….we have been through quite a ride together, and to be quite honest, we have gave each other some tough times…but I have to say, when I see the buzz inside these arenas, when I hear the noise you guys make…I feel proud to be here, for where I am, for where we are today…I am proud of CZW!


Now I’m sure when I say the name…Jesse Montana…


Yeah I deserve that…That’s alright. When I say that name, well…not only do you feel the need to boo, but the name itself also signifies controversy…yeah wherever I have gone, whatever I have done, it was controversial in many eyes. That is always going to happen, I simply push all the boundaries when it comes to doing my job as President of CZW…or a Superstar in CZW…Jesse Montana will always be controversial.

But I have changed. The controversy I want to spread is not one of…How can you run a man over and still be smiling? Not one of…How can you purposely break a man’s neck and still be laughing? Certainly not one of…

(Jesse pauses for a while before letting out a sneaky smirk)

How can you accidentally sleep with a transvestite and still show your face in public…(God knows I never want that to happen again)

(The fans laugh and clap in memory of that famous promo. Jesse‘s smile turns back to seriousness as he carries on)

…but you get where I’m going with this don’t you? Jesse Montana will always push the boundaries of sports entertainment…I may have done bad things in my past…things that can never be made right…and I may never gain any forgiveness for what I have done…but what I should have done many months ago, every day since I joined…I should have come to this ring in front of millions of fans watching around the globe…and from the bottom of my heart…and yes…Jesse Montana does have a heart…I AM SORRY!

(Fans cheer and look almost stunned as Jesse Montana has changed in front of their eyes and finally apologized for his mass of crimes)

No more do I want to be known as being controversial for doing inhumane things…No more do I want to be known as the Satan of CZW…the Most Hated Man in CZW…I want to be known as being controversial for doing whatever I can to make CZW the GREATEST company in the world today…AND ALL THE WAY INTO 2009!


You see…you may not know this…but Jesse Montana has always done what was right for CZW…since my arrival and to this very day now, I have had this companies best intentions for everything I have done, whether I failed or I succeeded, no one can take away the fact that I…as much as anyone else, maybe even more so…LOVE CZW!

(Jesse changes his look of love to pure pain and emotion as he bites his lip, trying to stop it from quivering, a slight tear comes down his cheeks)

I have always done what is best…which brings me onto the next topic…WHO PUSHED JESSE MONTANA?!

(The clip suddenly appears on the Combat-Tron as the fans cheer)


** CRASH!! **


ALAN: "Holy Shit! The cover attempt!!!!"




















ALAN: "Jesse can't believe it, look at him as he is on his knees, covered in blood!! Now, every member of the original AMP XTC has held the greatest belt of them all!"

"Been Training Dogs" begins to blare over the PA.


The crowd is going ballistic.

ALAN: "I wouldn't take my eyes off of Jesse though, he looks up to something!"

As the cage was being lifted, with Ronnie just stirring and Matt Stylez laid out motionless, the referee is handed the World Heavyweight belt. He turns around to hand it to El Pablo, but Jesse side swipes EP with a running lariat. He then kicks the referee in the gut, and takes possession of the belt.

ALAN: "Jesse with the crazy eye, something I'm all too familiar with... he might be delirious!"

Jesse has the belt, and leaves the ring. He maniacally walks up the entrance ramp, clutching on to the belt with dear life. He goes behind the curtain, and everyone is looking around confused. "Been Training Dogs" has stopped playing, and the arena is silent.

DANIELS: "What is going on here, can't we get a camera back there!?"

MASTERS: "I'm receiving word... hey look at the sky box right above the entrance ramp!"

U.S. Bank Arena's sky box suite's lights are on, and everyone can see Jesse Montana at the window. He has the World title in a death grip. He looks out into the ring, and El Pablo sees him and motions around his waist that he is the new champion. Jesse shakes his head no, almost irrationally. Suddenly, Jesse turns around as if someone else just entered the box.

DANIELS: "What is going on here..."

ALAN: "Jesse is exchanging some words with someone in that suite... wait... what --"

**** CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ****


The crowd is going crazy.

ALAN: "Holy hell! LOOK AT WHO IT IS!!!"

The person who was dressed up as Jesse Montana from earlier is at the gaping hole that once was a window, looking down. He has Montana Expressed Jesse right through the window, and onto the concrete floor some 20 feet down. A EMT crew rushes to Jesse as he is motionless. The man in the Jesse outfit looks very satisfied, as he turns around and leaves..

DANIELS: "Who the hell was that!!?!"



DANIELS: "Wait did you see what that man's jacket said on the back? What did it say?!"

ALAN: "I didn't get a good look... but all I can say, THIS time the masked man ISN'T me!"

(The scene ends as the cameras scroll back on the fans who are on the edge of their seats, now silenced as Montana sits inside the ring, his right hand on his crucifix he wears around his neck, the other grasped around the microphone as a more dull robotic voice echoes out)

Well, I guess a bunch of you have been studying that tape for days, weeks…even months. The CZW world all wants to know who pushed the Most Hated…The Most Controversial…The Most Electrifying Star to ever step foot into the CZW ring…One man pushed me…and tonight…I tell you all the truth!

(The fans cheer and screech as they anticipate the truth)

Yes…I know who pushed Jesse Montana…

It was…

(Jesse slwoly stands up and walks across the ring, the whole arena amazed, Jesse Montana is not really hurt, he can walk. Jesse stares into the camera as he continues.)












MASTERS: Oh no, my poor Jesse, he must have brain damage!

Now I’m sure all of you must be thinking…how can Jesse of pushed himself? Has he took a major bump to his head? Has he finally snapped into insanity? Well Jesse Montana has always been insane in some ways…but I have always been something else…unpredictable…some can even call me a genius…I on the other hand…only call myself now…a coward…a fraud…Jesse Montana is dead!

You see, as we see the tapes roll here, we see two men standing up on the sky box right? We see myself and we also see my assailant right? My assailant was the man dressed in the Jesse Montana mask right? WRONG! I was the assailant…Jesse Montana did not fall…Jesse Montana was never hurt…injured…he didn’t even get a bruise…the man in the mask however…he plummeted 30 long feet down to his demise…who was this man you ask? A nobody…a shmuck…I paid him a few thousand dollars to fall and be my personal extra…my very own stuntman. It was not me that fell. It was the man in the mask, the man who was the treacherous assailant that never really was…I looked down that night and saw the World Title fall along with my paid friend…I knew it was the last day Jesse Montana would be at the top of the ladder, looking down on all of my CZW…I knew I had finally escaped…I was finally free…and Jesse Montana was free…he was dead!

Why did I fake my own demise?

As I stand here in front of you all, in front of millions watching at home and my friends or enemies in the back…I will tell you the story of Jesse Montana…

As we all know, I became the World Heavyweight Champion at Summer Showdown, an event which took CZW to new heights. I had finally achieved my destiny and I was now without any doubt, the biggest heel in Sports Entertainment, my reputation had spiraled out of control and my ego in turn just kept evolving. Many adversaries arrived as I battled them away, by hook or by crook, I held onto that belt like it was my own flesh and blood, it ruled my world. The reason I was the longest reigning World Champion in CZW history is because I needed the gold, without that belt I was nothing, a worthless existence of humanity. With every day that passed as I held that energy in my hand, my eyes glowed with delight, my heart would beat uncontrollably, my veins would tighten as I felt the power it gave me, but in turn, it was suffocating the very life out of me. I turned my back on most of my friends, I turned my back on my family, my Father…


So there I was, heading into Horrorcore, no man or woman would bet against me, I was to have this belt for eternity. I felt the same, but it was not a thought of confidence, it was like being trapped, in prisoned, how fitting that our match was a Monster’s Ball match where we were held captive for 24 hours inside the darkest dungeons on this Earth. I needed to escape, there had to be a way. Once I lost my Title, El Pablo breaking my not so much unbeatable reign…I knew I could end the entrapment once and for all.

I had it planned all along, I was to run up to the sky boxes, I was to be confronted by…well…myself…and then I was to fall…only, it wasn’t me, it was John Smith, Joe Black, Billy Bunter, it was nobody. I escaped that day, and a sense of relief passed through my body, I was free from the World Title and CZW!

While ‘recovering’ at home, I tuned in, I watched as my show was aired each and every week and I noticed how it transformed, mutated into a pit of ego’s and greed. Stables were formed, each one wanting to in some way, control CZW, save CZW…they wanted to rule but they failed to realize, the only man in control of CZW was…IS JESSE MONTANA!

Well that is what I thought, until I saw my old friends switch sides within an instant, I saw a company frail into politics, CZW was dying. I thought I would come back here today and take back control of CZW…and maybe I can, but I know and you know, it comes at a price…I have been a Wrestler all my life it seems, always been in my blood, but if I want to take back control of CZW…I must now quit as an active Wrestler, I must hang up my towel, I must leave the squared circle and take charge of company that I CONTROL! I am not strong enough to do that and wrestle at the same time. I have claimed many things over my career, and I never would admit to being incapable of being the greatest…incapable of being World Champion…but I am…I am not cut out to do this anymore.

I don’t want it anymore, you can boo all you like but I can not defeat all these stables in the ring…I must place all my focus as being President…it is finally time for me to step aside and leave the ring…

I am sorry…we have come a long way…but in my heart I know this is what I must now do…I have to do what is best for CZW…I…Jesse Montana…

I QUI---

Gold Medal by Trademarc begins to play and interrupts Jesse Montana mid sentence. The Jackal appears on the stage, this time with no lights… just the Jackal himself, still dressed in his wrestling attire from earlier.

Daniels: What is this… the Jackal is on his way down to the ring.

Masters: I don’t know Jarred, but he is staring a hole through our President. This excitement is too much, you can almost cut this tension with a knife.

The Jackal enters the ring and stands nose to nose with Jesse Montana. Neither man moving a muscle, just staring through each other… both men seemingly wanting to rip each other apart but neither man wanting to make the first move through either mutual respect or fear of what the implications could be. The Jackal turns away from Jesse and demands that Jessica Towers pass him a microphone and she doesn’t argue.

Wah, wah wah!!! I have been so bad… I have changed… I can’t do this anymore. Boo hoo Jesse boo hoo!!!

The fans boo heavily at the Jackal’s interruption and now deeply disrespectful remarks to the CZW President.

I was sitting in the back, caressing my Intercontinental championship and laughing about what I plan on doing to that little piece of crap Tim Timmons when I heard your familiar wining little voice come through my television and low and behold there you are … Jesse Montana.

The fans now appear to cheer at the name of Jesse Montana. The Jackal turns and looks at the fans

.. And you guys can shut up! Hell, you hated this guy until just a few moments ago when he fed you all a load of crap about how he’s changed and how he is sorry. Well how about you cheer me for saying that I too am sorry… because… I am sorry.

The fans fall silent as the Jackal stands in front of Jesse Montana with his head down, looking at the floor. The Jackal then looks up and smiles…

I am sorry I didn’t cripple your ass for real those weeks back when I came and visited you in Montana mansion or whatever the hell you call your little house. But that was then, this is now. Yeah you screwed me over all those weeks back, and how fitting it is that with you gone I have moved on to become one of the most dominant men in CZW, and part of THE most dominant stable in CZW history… even more so than your precious System of Supremacy or that other stable you had.

The fans start chanting Upstarts! Upstarts! The Jackal stops speaking and lowers the microphone, appearing to listen to them.

Nah… I can’t understand them. Then again what can you expect from an arena stuck in the middle of a shit hole state like Wisconsin.

The crowds now boo and hiss at the Jackal as he walks back up to Jesse Montana, who is simply staring and listening to what the Jackal has to say.

But then I hear you in this ring talking about how you love CZW, CZW are great and all that crap. Well whilst you have been gone me and a few friends of mine have created a group called the Elite Revolution… you heard of them Jesse.

The fans begin chanting ‘who are they! Who are they?’

Well these guys clearly haven’t been watching CZW these past few weeks because if they had then they would know exactly who we are. We are the guys that have been kicking ass each and every week, winning matches and taking over your precious CZW. And we are the guys that are going to continue doing this until there is no CZW.

But Jesse, before we do that I have a little score that I need to settle… and that is with you Jesse Montana. You never gave me my title shot and then, before we could get in the ring, you fake your own injury and take a two month break… sitting at home claiming to be crippled. Then I see you are back, think to myself finally I am going to get my chance to get you in that ring and prove that I am better than you… and what do you do… you announce your retirement.

The Jackal shakes his head and Jesse Montana still remains silent, but nods his head. The fans boo at the thought of Jesse retiring; more are booing more at the continuing disrespect shown by the Jackal.

Jesse, you are a coward!!!

Daniels: Oh my, that is uncalled for Jackal.

Masters: I don’t think he cares what we, the fans or Jesse Montana thinks.

But… as you are a coward I see no reason to have to beat the crap out of you in this ring. You have already proved you are scared of me. Besides, I am not that new guy trying to make a name for himself anymore. I don’t need to beat you anymore, I have already proved myself. What is more important now is this stable thing we have going on, and more specifically the Stable Wars. Jesse, I hear you are going to make some stipulation in this match… and I am demanding you tell me… and the rest of my stable that are listening in the back, just what those stipulations are.

The Jackal backs off a little and holds out his arms as he awaits an answeras does the fans...

Yeah, I have changed, you have changed, we have all changed over the history of CZW...

Jesse looks cloesly at the Jackal which makes the Jackal feel slightly uncomfortable.

In fact, have you lost a little hair?

The fans cheer as the Jackal storms around the ring, veins tensing up and out of his skin, desperate for this answer.

Okay, I can see I am not the only one who is a little anxious tonight, I have been waiting 2 long months to make this announcement, then you interfere? right Jackal. I do know the stipulation for the Stable Wars match next week...and it just so happens to be held on the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY FOR CZW!

The fans burst out with cheers as Jackal becomes even more impatient, now actually throwing the wheelchair out of the ring, Jesse now looking on in shock as Jackal rampages up into his face, almost growling with anger.

Tell me you son of a bitch, stop your cheap little pops with these bunch of rejects and tell me...or as God is my witness, I will snap your freakin neck right here right now.

Jesse steps back a little as he realizes the intensity within the Jackal, the fans booing.

Okay, wow, I have to say, you truly are the most dangerous man in CZW history...I mean can snap bones and end careers and all...but that garlic breath you have...damn man that could wipe out countries!

Jackal now breathes heavily almost going purple with rage, the fans and Jesse now trying to restrain their laughs as the arena now falls silent, Jesse about to announce the stipulation that the whole CZW has been waiting for.

This stable wars has been brewing for many months here in CZW and there is only one way we can settle the problem we have here. It seems Elite Revolution wants to take over CZW? Well Jackal...if your stable wins this match, if one of your stable mates or even yourself is the last man standing...The Jackal...YOU HAVE YOUR WISH! You can rule the show, without any help from myself or anyone else...FOR THIRTY DAYS!

The place falls silent as light boos occur, Jackal however having the biggest grin on his face we have ever seen, now clapping and nodding his head. All turns around though as Jesse says one word.


Oh yeah Jackal, there is always a but, and I am sure you more than most people know about the 'butts'...IF YOUR TEAM LOSE and XTC or WHOLE DAMN SHOW WIN...THEN THE ELITE REVOLUTION IS OVER AND DONE...GONE FROM ALL OF CZW FOREVER!

With this news, the fans cheer and Jackal stomps his feet in anger. Jesse drops the microphone as does Jackal, however Jackal viciously spits right in the face of Jesse Montana.

MASTERS: How dare he?!

DANIELS: What dis-respect!

Jesse stands still as Jackal smiles, now talking trash right in the face of the Sensation. The fans boo loudly until the whole arena explodes into cheers as Jesse Montana hits the MONTANA EXPRESS!

DANIELS: Haha Jesse just knocked the taste out of Jackal's mouth.

MASTERS: I have waited for that for months and months!

"For Whom The Bells Toll' plays as the arena erupts once again, Jesse now rolling out of the ring leaving the unconsious Jackal alone inside.

DANIELS: So many revelations tonight, I can't hardly sustain myself, and I can't wait for our One Year Anniversary show next week.

MASTERS: Yeah tonight we have seen it all, even a knew World Champion...and Jesse Montana, I am so glad he is back, and the Stable Wars...I need a glass of water!

DANIELS: That is all from 2008 folks, it has been one hell of a ride, join us next week as we have highlights, awards, celebrations...

MASTERS: And most importantly myself, William Masters.

DANIELS: I don't know about that, but we do have the MONUMENTAL Stable Wars, goodnight folks!

©2008 CZW-EFED /All rights reserved.