Brian Blaze
"Mr. Entertainment"
Brian Blaze

Pro Wrestling Debut: 2005
Date of Birth: 01/08/86
Trained By: Wild Samoan Wrestling Academy, Knuckles Muldoon
C-Pro Wrestling Debut: Sept. 2008
C-Pro Titles: 3x Current Global Tag Champion [w/ Belanger] (12/24/12 - ) [w/Kerosene] (1: 03/21/10 - 11/15/10, 2: 01/09/11 - disbanding), 1x X-Division Champion (08/01/09 - 03/08/10), 2x World Television Champion (1: 02/28/09 - 03/21/09, 2: 04/04/09 - 06/13/09), 2009 King of Combat
Stables: None
Associates: Christien Belanger
C-Pro Tag Teams: The Spectacle [w/Kerosene]
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Other Accolades:
SWOW Tag Team Champion
SWOW North American Champion (2x)
WWF Intercontinental Champion
WIF International Champion (2x)
WIF Tag Team Champion (2x)

Height & Weight: 6'1" , 220 lbs.
Entrance Music: "Do You think I'm Sexy" by Cristangelo
Finishing Move:
Blaze of Glory (A Package Piledriver)

The Tony Danza [BB will yell "WHO'S THE BOSS??" before executing] (Sick Kick

Signature Moves:
The Money Shot (a combo of a Kick to the gut, Kick to the head, then a Superkick)
The Donkey Punch (a fist-drop to the back of the opponent's head from the top turnbuckle)
Burning Firecrotch (a low blow from behind followed by a Burning Hammer)
Celine Dion Driver (Swinging Neckbreaker off top/second rope)
This Is What I Did To Your Mother Last Night (pumphandle slam into a tombstone piledriver)

Frequent Moves:
Reverse Atomic Drop
Eye Rake
Stalling Suplex
Tornado DDT
European uppercut
Back Suplex
Bridging German Suplex
Release Dragon Suplex
Figure Four Leg Lock
low blow
dragon whip
standing enziguiri
Top Rope Elbow Drop
Missile Dropkick
Standing Dropkick
Tree Of Woe Baseball Slide
Flying Forearm

Brian Blaze began his career as The Emerald Knight in SWOW, that failed miserably. He would go on to become The Fly and start using his Package Piledriver under this gimmick in SWOW and WWF. He would then move onto WWF/WIF as "The Narcissist" Brian Blaze, his first run as a true heel and it worked over well winning a few titles until he went back to performing as a fan favorite. He would then join Combat Pro after taking a couple years off of wrestling after the closure of WIF and bring with him the new Mr. Entertainment gimmick enjoying the most of his Pro Wrestling Success today.