Boise ("THIS IS HOW YOU REMIND ME" blares over the P.A. system and the camera begins to rapidly pan in and out showing the fans and the beautiful display of fireworks. The camera pans around showing all of the signs from "Hamuza- BEAST OF THE MIDDLE EAST" to "The Peoples Champ : Zodiac" The Idaho Center is going crazy with the CZW Fever. After showing the fans our commentators begin their spills as the camera settles in on the commentators booth)

DANIELS: "Welcome to CZW Warzone, we are live from The Idaho Center in Boise, Idaho!"

MASTERS: "This place is on fire tonight as we have many outstanding matches. Personally I can't wait to see the team of Altair and Hamuza tear the ring down in the 3 way tag match. That's going to be intense!"

DANIELS: "Very true, but I must admit our Main Event will take the cake, as we have an 8 man tag of gigantic proportions. On one side we have THE World Champion, Zodiac. The Intercontinental Champion, Ace King. The X-Division Champion, El Pablo and probably one of the most promising youngsters that we have on our roster, Matt Stylez. That team will be tough to beat William."

MASTERS: "Indeed it will. BUT, The team across the ring will be tough as nails. All four men on the opposition have revenge in their minds. Caleb Walker, Mack Beaudin, Adam Swinger, and Jesse Montana. That's quite a crew, and every single one of them hates someone across the ring."

DANIELS: "We expect to see a lot of controversy though, Not only has Stylez and Zodiac been going at it verbally, but we got word this week that Adam Swinger and Tim Timmons had offered Stylez a place in New Blood Rising. That could change the dynamic of this match by leaps and bounds."

MASTERS: "I don't know Jarred, Stylez doesn't seem like he's that type of guy. Then again, I never expected Mack Beaudin to jump on the ship either. Tonight is going to be full of surprise that's for sure…"

(All of the sudden, "SIMPLE SURVIVAL" begins to play and we see Tim Timmons and Adam Swinger appear on the top of the ramp. Both wearing wrestling gear and New Blood Rising t-shirts. Adam Swinger also has a t-shirt draped over his shoulder. They make their way down to the ring and slide into the squared-circle)

DANIELS: "What the hell are they doing out here!? They aren't in our first match…"

(New Blood Rising asks for a mic and begins to speak promptly) SWINGER: "Cut the music. NBR is growing, and we're not going to be able to be stopped. We need an answer and we need it now from someone in the backstage area. You see, The guy that we are talking about would no doubt make NBR one of the toughest in the business today. Come on, You Boise hicks can't be that stupid.. We talking bout the Serial Thriller, Matt Stylez."

("SERIAL THRILLA" blares over the P.A. system and we see Stylez appear atop the ramp. He poses for the fans with his patented X-Factor arm raise. He is wearing his baggy jeans with the chains in the pockets and a black and red "Serial Thriller" hoodie. He walks down to the ring and comes in through the middle ropes taking time to pose on a turnbuckle before walking in front of Swinger, who now has Tim Timmons behind him. Stylez puts his hands on his hips and looks out into the stands before looking Swinger in the eyes)

SWINGER: "Now look man. Everyone knows we are going to be on opposite sides of the ring tonight, but we see some talent in you man. You see we just got my dude back here Mack and we going to take this federation by storm. So It's all up to you, Either you with us or your against us."

(Adam tosses the shirt over Matt's shoulder. Stylez looks at it and smiles looking into the fans. Swinger then extends his hand for a handshake to Stylez) STYLEZ: "Well, You make a tempting offer Adam. I'm glad someone see's the skills that I possess. You know what… New Blood Rising sounds fantastic!"

(Matt Stylez and Adam Swinger share a handshake and Tim Timmons stands in the background clapping. Swinger raises Stylez arms in the air as the fans seem to not like the idea and boo loudly. Stylez grins and walks to the turnbuckle taking his hoody off. Adam points at Stylez, who lays his hoody over the turnbuckle and turns back facing Swinger. Stylez raises the shirt to put it on, but instead he throws it at Swinger who catches it but the shirt blocks his line of sight. Stylez then from nowhere connects with "High Style" (superkick) leveling Swinger. Stylez ends up with his legs standing over Adam Swingers body but Tim Timmons reacts and levels Stylez with a clothesline and then begins to mount Matt pounding away)

MASTERS: "What an idiot! Stylez turned down an offer from NBR, now his face is going to take the beating!"

DANIELS: "Wait! Who is this?"

(The Zodiac Thrilla then runs from the back and slides into the ring, spearing Tim to the ground. Tim immediately rolls from the ring holding his shoulder. Tim retrieves Swinger from the inner ring by dragging his foot outside. Stylez stumbles to his feet with the aid of the ropes and sees Zodiac mouthing to the members of New Blood Rising. Zodiac looks at Stylez who stumbles toward him. Matt Stylez and Zodiac pound fists and then stare down their opponents going up the ramp)

DANIELS:"What the hell!? I thought they hated each other!"

MASTERS: "That may be true, but tonight all fueds are going out the window it seems. I can't believe what I'm seeing."

(Zodiac then climbs down from the ring followed by Stylez. They both walk toward the back as the camera cuts back to our commentators)

DANIELS: "Well, Anything can happen in the CZW folks. Stylez and Zodiac apparently are forming a momentary bond to make it through the match tonight. Masters, I just don't know what else to expect tonight)

MASTERS: "We'll we've got the ref in the ring, so it looks like we are going to be going straight into our opening match!"

TOWERS: "It is time for our opening bout! This match is scheduled for one fall. First, from Sydney Australia. SHAWN WATERS!"

("WE ARE GODZILLA, YOU ARE JAPAN" blares over the P.A. as Shawn Waters appears atop the ramp. He does a few poses and goes down the ramp slapping the hands away from the fans. He climbs into the ring and poses once more on the turnbuckle before coming to a rest facing the ramp and doing a few mild stretches using the ropes for support)

TOWERS: "Next, from Chicago, Illinois… JEREMY DART!"

("SAVE A HORSE (RIDE A COWBOY)" begins to play and nobody appears. A few moments pass and we see a male figure coming from the side stage and walking next to the ramp. He stumbles and trips over the ramp. It's the Cowboy, Jeremy Dart. He takes a last drink of the can he is holding and then throws it over his shoulder. He slowly rolls into the ring and then leans back on the ropes. He completely reeks of alcohol and clearly has had too much to drink)

DANIELS: "This is no good, no good at all."

MASTERS: "Ha, well what do you expect? He's been like this the last two weeks!"

(The bell rings and Waters takes off toward Dart. Dart clearly "scared" of the oncoming assault drops to the apron and rolls from the ring. Waters mouths at him from inside the ring and the referee pushes Waters back. Dart rolls back in and meets Waters in the middle of the ring. Waters goes for a grapple but instead is met with a knee to the groin, followed by a poorly executed DDT. Waters rolls for a minute and Dart just sits there looking into the crowd. Waters gets to his feet and looks at Dart confused.)

DANIELS: "What the hell? Someone tell that drunk to sober up!"

MASTER: "Look at it this way. That's my type of guy, someone who shows up obliterated and barely knows where he is!"

(Waters runs and delivers a kick to the backbone of Dart who whinces in pain and holds his back. Dart uses the ropes to get to his feet and then Waters and Dart run at each other. Waters drops to the ground, tripping Dart and causing him to slide from the apron to the ground. The ref then begins to count.. 1……..2….. Waters watches Dart get to his feet and then suicide dives through the ropes to Dart sending both into the barricade)

DANIELS: "Dart doesn't even know what's going on! He just stood there and watched Waters come diving at him!"

MASTERS: "We're lucky that he even made his way down to the ring in the first place, Daniels!"

(They both lay and the referee restarts his count. 1……2……3…….4…….5….. Dart and Waters both get to their feet and start punching at one another, 6…..7….8…. Waters whips Dart into the ring and follows before the count concludes. Waters gets Dart in a small package)

Referee: 1….2…..KICK OUT

(Dart looks pissed and goes into a swinging spree causing Waters to step back. Dart is back on his feet and continues to swing randomly and ends up hitting the referee in the face. The referee flops to the ground and acts like he is in pain. Dart swings at Waters but misses and takes a low blow. Waters takes the chance he is given and performs a spinning DDT. Dart lays on the ground, limp now more than likely from the alcohol more than the DDT. Waters signals to the fans that he is going to the top turnbuckle and does so. He then jumps into the air and performs the backflip legdrop to the already knocked out Dart. Dart lay motionless on the ring mat)

MASTERS: "This new kid is looking good, he's got Dart right where he wants him!"

DANIELS: "I would imagine so, Dart doesn't know where he is!"

(Waters then plays into the crowd and then sets up Dart for the ShawnShooter. The move gets locked in and Waters yells into the crowd as he adds more weight into the move. Dart lay still motionless…The referee rings the bell because Dart is clearly out)


(Waters then jumps up from the move and poses on the turnbuckle with "WE ARE GODZILLA, YOU ARE JAPAN" playing. Shawn Waters poses a little and then jumps down on the ramp and acts as if he is going to give the fans on the ramp a high five. He pulls back and walks on up the ramp into the back. Paramedics rush past and tend to Dart, who after a few moments drunkenly stumbles to his feet)

("HERE COMES THE MONEY" blares over the P.A. system and we see the new Vice President of Operations come out to the entrance wearing a black suit with a red t-shirt underneath. He stands atop the ramp with a microphone and begins to address the man standing in the ring…when we say stand, he was actually leaning on the ropes fighting sickness)

SHAWN MCCALLISTER: "Well Well, Mr. Dart… It seems that you cannot take this job very seriously. You come out here completely belligerently drunk and expect to maintain a job here in the CZW. We are the future of Entertainment Wrestling and you sir, You are not someone I am sure have… Made the cut. So until you can clean up your act and think you can take this job seriously…. How do I say this?"

-Shawn McCallister walks back and forth on the ramp and then stops and glares down at the ring-

SHAWN: "YOU'RE FIRRRRED!! Boys, Take him away."

(Shawn McCallister grins as police rush the ring and cuff Jeremy Dart. He struggles for a moment but is soon overwhelmed and dragged from the arena. "HERE COMES THE MONEY" blares on the P.A. again and Shawn nods and smiles, then disappears into the backstage arena, as the show cuts to it's first commercial)

-- (The show comes back on the air with Jessica Towers in the ring)

TOWERS: "This next match is a three way Highway to Hell qualifyer, scheduled for one fall."

MASTERS: "Who you going for in this, Daniels?"

DANIELS: "I'm liking The Northern Light, William!"

MASTERS: "Yeah, I bet you are..."

TOWERS: "Introducing first... hailing from Lisbon, Portugal... DANTE SPARDA!"

(Dante appears as "OTHERWORLD" plays. He is wearing all black. He makes his way to the ring as the crowd looks on)

TOWERS: "And second, hailing from Sydney... "The Australian Sensation" KEVIN KBANGO!"

("DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS" plays as the crowd boos. Kevin Kbango comes out and poses with a very arrogant look on his face. He struts down to the ring)

DANIELS: "You know, Masters, this is kind of an international match... all three combatants are from overseas."

MASTERS: "No, Daniels, it REALLY is an international match! No 'kind of' about it."

TOWERS: "And their opponent.... hailing from Hull, England.... "The Northern Light" ANDREW ARASHAVIN!"

("BLUR THE TECHNICOLOR" begins to play as the crowd pops. Andrew Arashavin makes his way out, and high fives fans on the way to the ring)

DANIELS: "All three in the ring now, let's get this one started!"

-As the bell rings, all three men circle around, measuring each other. Kevin is the first to lunge, trying to take down Dante with a legsweep. Dante moves and avoids Kevin, but Andrew sees an opening and begins kicking Kevin in the stomach. Dante then tries to punch Andrew, who ducks and levels Dante with a right uppercut-

DANIELS: "Andrew taking charge early!"

-Andrew goes to pick up Kevin, who grabs him in a small package. Andrew kicks out before the ref can even being counting. Kevin hops up and kicks Andrew. He grabs him and irish whips him... right in a giant dropkick from Dante-

MASTERS: "I like these two, working together! Maybe they can both beat Andrew at the same time, that seems to be his favorite way to LOSE."

-As Andrew is laying down, Kevin hits a snap legdrop. As Kevin gets up, from behind Dante levels him with a lariat to the back of the head. With both men down, Dante goes to pick up Andrew and throws him into the ropes... Andrew ducks a clothesline... Andrew comes rearing back with a flying elbow-

MASTERS: "Yowza, that smarts!"

DANIELS: "You can't keep a man down like Andrew for too long, William!"

-As Dante falls down, he slides out of the ring holding his mouth. Kevin is getting back up, and Andrew kicks him in the kidney. He gets a hold of him.. and drops him down with a back suplex. Andrew gets up and sees Dante still holding his mouth on the outside. Andrew takes off.. and hits a suicide dive through the ropes, right into Dante knocking him into the guardrail!-


MASTERS: "That has got to be one of the stupidest moves anyone could make! With one slip up, there goes your career down the drains."

-Both men are down on the ground. Kevin is slowly getting up, shaking the cobwebs loose. As both men start to get up on their feet on the outside, Kevin sees his chance. He runs to the ropes, and rebounds running full speed... he jumps up on the ropes, turns around, and nails a springboard moonsault onto Dante and Andrew on the outside!-

(crowd cheers)

-As all three men are down, the referee is lax with his count. Kevin is the first one up, and he kicks Dante. He grabs Dante and throws him into the ring. Kevin then sees Andrew who is up now, and chops him twice. He then grabs him and whips him into the guardrail back first. Kevin then enters the ring, but Dante blindsides him and attacks him with lefts and rights-

DANIELS: "This match is high paced and as back and forth as a see saw! It's any man's game at this moment."

-Dante gets Kevin turned around, and grabs his head... Dante drops Kevin down with a Reverse DDT. He goes for the cover-




-Dante goes to pick up Kevin, but Kevin pokes him in the eye as he tries to gain his grounding. Dante is dazed. Kevin kicks up, but Dante grabs his leg. Kevin then twists.. and hits an enziguri that everyone in the arena can hear-


MASTERS: "Good lord, did Kevin just kick off one of Dante's ears!? That sounded like brain turning to puddy!"

DANIELS: "I can't imagine that felt TOO good, William, as Dante fell down like a sack of potatoes!"

-As Kevin is looking down at Dante, and beginning to pick him up, he is unaware that Andrew is back up, and perched on a top turnbuckle... awaiting his opportunity. Kevin has Dante up... and hits a Leg-feed spinning mule kick. Dante is right back down-

DANIELS: "Brilliant move from the Australian, but I'm afraid he is being stalked by one vicious lion!"

-As Kevin smirks down at Dante, he turns around to meet a top rope spear from Andrew. The crowd goes crazy. Andrew then picks up Kevin and throws him to the ropes. Kevin ducks a clothesline... the rebound, Kevin bends over for a back drop... and Andrew stops. He kicks Kevin in the face!-

DANIELS: "The Northern Light is looking for the closing!"

MASTERS: "Yeah, and I'm afraid it's a done deal!"


-Andrew nails Kevin Kbango with the A GRADE. Dante stirs up... but Andrew sees him, and kicks him in the gut-


-Andrew hits another A GRADE on Dante Sparda! He goes for the pin on Dante!-





TOWERS: "Your winner and now Highway To Hell participant.... "THE NORTHERN LIGHT" ANDREW ARASHAVIN!!!!!!"

DANIELS: "Andrew wasn't duped by a mob this time around, William! In fact he showed the whole audience why he deserves to be in the H2H. Pure talent, this kid is!"

MASTERS: "I'll give him one thing... he's only been beaten by multiple people.. one on one... I don't think many stand a chance! But I still don't like him. Damn english people."

(Andrew plays to the crowd who a good portion of are chanting "Andrew! Andrew!" He poses for a few more moments, and then leaves the ring. As the camera and everyone else is paying attention to Andrew leave, Dante and Kevin are slowly getting up in the ring. They both look at each with pain and defeat in their eyes, and they exit the ring. Andrew is now behind the curtain, and the focus is preparing for the next match. But as Dante and Kevin begin making their way up the ramp, from the side right before the entance ramp descends a man blindsides them both with vicious chair shots Both men are laid out at the entrance. The man looks down at his prey, and then sees the camera. He tells the camera "TEO IS HERE" and then throws down the bent chair as he leaves the scene. A small medical crew come out to attend to Dante and Kevin)

DANIELS: "Teo is making his mark.. and with good reason! Both Dante and Kevin are now entered into the Money In the Bank Ladder match at Evil Intentions... and they're also both Teo's opponent in that match!"

MASTERS: "Oh I'm loving this, Daniels! TEO is going to show the CZW what world class... really is!"

(commercial break)


(Jimmy and Teddy come out, to a very good crowd reaction. They play up to the crowd a little, and then head for the ring. Before Jessica can announce Timmons, Teddy requests the microphone)

TEDDY: "Alright... before we get down to the violence, I have something to say. Tim Timmons, the last week you have ran your mouth and burned my name. There is NO WAY that you could EVER beat me, Timmons! In fact.... I've got something bold and proud to say, just to prove to the whole CZW audience that what I say is true. I cleared it with CZW Management and Haywire himself earlier today. If for some reason... somehow, and it'd have to be divine intervention... that you win this match, tonight... Jimmy and I will leave the CZW forever!"

DANIELS: "WHAT IS HE SAYING!? If he loses tonight, The Chainsaw Brothers are done in CZW??"

MASTERS: "HA Ha, yes he is! C'mon Timmons, send these freaks packing tonight!!"

(The crowd is surprised and you can hear)

TEDDY: "That's right, Timmons. I am so positive I will beat you here tonight, to go onto the Highway To Hell match... that Jimmy and I will go for good if I'm wrong. I'll forfeit our chances to fight for the CZW World Tag Titles. We'll forfeit the torture and hell we are planning to put the Alaskan Warriors through... EVERYTHING! Now get down here, and get your ass beaten and your dreams shattered!"

("STRICKEN" by DISTURBED begins to play, as the crowd explode in jeers. Timmons walks out with a smirk on face, waving off the booing crowd. He is staring down at Teddy, who is telling him to come on. Timmons runs down into the ring, and Teddy immediately jumps on him as he enters)

DANIELS: "Can you believe that Teddy is willing for him and Jimmy to LEAVE the CZW if he loses this match!?"

MASTERS: "This is beautiful! C'mon, Timmons, beat that freak and get rid of them both! They creep me out!"

-Teddy picks up Timmons and throws him into the turnbuckle. He then proceeds to stomp him down until he falls. Teddy takes a second to play to the crowd. He then goes to pick up Timmons, who pokes Teddy in the eye. Timmons then starts wailing on Teddy. He throws him to the ropes... and Teddy ducks a clothesline. On the rebound... and Teddy nails a vicious lariat-

DANIELS: "He almost took Tim's head off with that display of power!

-Teddy picks up Timmons and punches him in the gut. He grabs him in a pumphandle position... lifts him up... and drops him down with a sit down power bomb pin-

REFEREE: "1........2" - kick out.

-Teddy then picks up Timmons, and nails a russian legsweep. He motions down to Jimmy-

MASTERS: "Oh no, what are these freaks up to!?"

DANIELS: "Looks like Teddy's calling for a chair!"

-Teddy yells out to the crowd "Who's the real hardcore master?? TEDDY IS!!" and Jimmy throws in a steel chair. He positions the chair, and picks up Timmons. He picks Timmons up for another power bomb, but as Timmons lifts up he begins pelting Teddy in the face with right hands. Timmons drops down, kicks Teddy in the gut... and nails a DDT on Teddy, onto the steel chair!-

DANIELS: "YOWZA!! That had to hurt!"

MASTERS: "YES YES! Get them the hell out of CZW, Timmons! You're the man!"

-Timmons plays to the crowd, as they boo. He picks up Teddy and throws him into the ropes... and hits a wicked spear! As Teddy lies down, Timmons swiftly moves to the top turnbuckle. He pauses a moment to flip off Jimmy, and then leaps!-


MASTERS: "Oh yeah!! Timmons just hit a text book frog splash on that freak Teddy! Count it, ref!!"

REFEREE: "1....... 2................." - kick out!

DANIELS: "I must admit, that looked AWESOME. Timmons is surprised Teddy kicked out, but he has the look of confidence on his face."

MASTERS: "Oh yeah, oh yeah. Two good things will come out of this match. Timmons will go to H2H... and Teddy will go home!"

-Timmons picks up the chair.. and WHACK! Smashes the chair right over Teddy's head. The whole crowd grimaced. The referee looks on, as this match has to have a winner, and after all.. this is CZW! Timmons then picks up the chair, and throws it down at Jimmy, who then jumps on the apron. The referee goes to get Jimmy off of the apron, and Timmons grabs something out of his boot-

DANIELS: "What is he doing!? What does he have there!? REF! REF!"

MASTERS: "Shhhh! Shut up Daniels! We want those freaks gone!!"

DANIELS: "Speak for yourself, William!"

-Timmons has a pair of brass knuckles. While the referee is distracted with Jimmy, he punches Teddy squarely in the jaw. He falls right back down, as he was just getting up from the chair shot. Jimmy gets down, and the ref is back in action. Timmons then picks him up and slams into a corner-

MASTERS: "Ha ha YES! This will GUARANTEE the win for Timmons!"

-Timmons lifts up Teddy, puts him on the top turnbuckle, and Timmons follows. He then positions Teddy into a fireman's carry-

DANIELS: "NO NO NO! Teddy, get out of it!"


REFEREE: "1.................. 2.......................................... 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

TOWERS: "Your winner, and now Highway To Hell Participant..... TIM TIMMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-The crowd is freaking out, as Teddy and Jimmy are now GONE from the CZW! Jimmy comes to the aid of Teddy, who is barely conscious. Jimmy is beside himself-


DANIELS: "THIS CAN'T BE! THIS CAN'T BE!! Who's going to be in the Four Way Tag Title match now??!"

-Jimmy and Teddy finally exit the ring, and they raise their arms in the air with tears on their faces. They head towards the ramp, turn around for one last look at what it's like to be a part of CZW-

(commercial break)

(The scene cuts to Haywire, who is backstage. He is on a cell phone, and he notices the camera)

HAYWIRE (on phone): "Okay, okay... sounds great. Alright, it's all worked out. Okay. Bye."

HAYWIRE: "Hey, hey alright I've got an annoucement. As far as the Chainsaw Brothers go, they're gone, goodbye, history. They wanted it, they got it. Sorry everyone. But the good news is, I've already signed a replacement for them to go into the four way tag match at EVIL INTENTIONS. But I like surprises. I hope you all do too, and I hope the other teams as well. Because until the PPV, it's going to stay a mystery!"

(The scene cuts back to Daniels and Masters)

DANIELS: "Breaking news, William! Who could be the mystery tag team?"

MASTERS: "My mind is racing, Daniels! I think of all the tag teams out there who realistically could join the CZW and the list is long! It could be a brand new team no one's heard of! This is exciting!"

(commercial break) TOWERS: "Our next match is a singles H2H qualifying match!"

("TUBTHUMPING" by CHUMBAWUMBA begins to play over the PA)

TOWERS: "Introducing first... from Buffalo, New York... Master of the One Punch K.O.... here is "IRISH" IAN CHADWICK!!"

DANIELS: "This is going to be a fight! These men have been at each other's throats since the Rumble for the Gold!"

MASTERS: "This should be the match to put one of them ahead of the other. I hope they tear each other apart!"

(Ian Chadwick makes his way out onto the ramp, with a mixed reaction mostly cheering him. He jumps into the ring, and leans against one of the turnbuckles, awaiting his opponent)

TOWERS: "And his opponent.... hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan... He is the Working Man... JA SAWYER!"

("BLUE COLLAR MAN" by STYX plays, as the crowd also mostly cheer for the hardest working man in the CZW. He storms down to the ring, as Chadwick stands guard)

DANIELS: "This is a Highway to Hell qualifying match, and I can tell both of these men want it!"

MASTERS: "Please... Chadwick wants a drink, and Sawyer wants a hoagie!"

-The bell rings as both men face off. They lock up, and Sawyer immediately pushes Chadwick into a corner. The ref is there... clean break-

DANIELS: "Sawyer may have been a little more violent last week than any of us expected, but this is the Sawyer I know. Fair!"

MASTERS: "That's not going to get him anywhere but in the losing bracket, Daniels!"

-They come back to the middle of the ring, and lock up again. This time, Ian hits a knee to Sawyer's gut. and then he just slaps him in the face as the crowd goes "oh!"-

DANIELS: "I knew it wouldn't take long for the problems these two have had to surface!"

MASTERS: "Ian just punked JA! This is funner than I thought it would be."

-Sawyer doesn't take too kindly to that, as he gives back what he just received. They both began brawling, and Sawyer gets the upper hand. He throws him to the ropes.. Chadwick runs right into him, falling flat on his back-

MASTERS: "Ha, good luck with that, 'IRISH'!"

-Sawyer goes to the ropes and tries to drop an elbow, but Chadwick gets up. As JA is getting up, Ian goes to the ropes.. and kicks him right in the face. He then picks him up and hits a few elbows to his chin... and then land's a fireman's carry. He goes to the ropes, and lands a picture perfect legdrop. He goes for the cover-

REFEREE: "1....." - kick out.

DANIELS: "Going for the pin quickly, Ian wants to put JA away fast... maybe to prove a point?"

MASTERS: "No, no... it's Two for Ones at McCabe's!"

-Ian picks up JA and tosses him to the ropes. He goes for a shoulderblock, but JA knocks him out of his boots. JA then goes to ropes, and hits a legdrop of his own. He picks up Ian, and throws him to the ropes.. grabs him... and lifts him up in a Gorilla Press Slam... and drops him flat on his back. JA goes for the pin-

REFEREE: "1.." - kick out.

DANIELS: "Both men trying to put the other down early."

-Sawyer starts working on Ian's left arm with an arm ringer. Ian winces in pain. Sawyer lays down a few elbows on the arm, right near Ian's elbow. Ian starts fighting back with right hands.. and dazes Sawyer, who lets go. Ian runs to the ropes... jumps.. and gets planeted with a powerslam courtesy of the Working Man. Sawyer then grabs Ian's left arm again, in a tighter hold-

MASTERS: "The Working Man's got a good strategy, I must admit. Take out Ian's main weapon. Kill the body, and the head will die!"

DANIELS: "Egad! Ian's arm must be stinging, look at the pain on his face!"

-Sawyer lifts Chadwick up... and slams him back down, reversing his hold into a fujiwara armbar. The referee is checking Ian, but he says he doesn't want to give up. The crowd has been cheering for both men this whole time. Ian stretches... and reaches the ropes. JA, being the sport that he is, lets go immediately. He picks up Ian, and he goes for a vertical suplex. But Ian blocks it!-

DANIELS: "Ian's blocking the suplex.. look at this, he breaks the hold and begins pounding at Sawyer's face!"

-Ian dazes Sawyer enough to measure him.. and dropkick him in the knee, bringing the Working Man down. Ian begins stomping on the fallen Sawyer. He runs to the ropes... and comes crashing down with a running legdrop. He turns JA over and goes for the pin-

REFEREE: "1.... ....... 2..." - kick out.

-Ian picks up Sawyer and smacks him with a kneelift. He then points to his left hand, signalling for the One Punch K.O., but it's obviously in pain. He lunges, but Sawyer ducks, and grabs him arm.. and brings it down with an armbreaker! Ian screams in pain-

MASTERS: "Holy hell, I think I heard his arm snap!"

-Ian falls to his knees. Sawyer grabs a hold of him, and turns him around. Belly-to-belly suplex! He then picks Ian up, and nails him with an armdrag on his left arm.. Ian immediately clutches his arm-

DANIELS: "Ian's arm seems to be in a great deal of pain here... he might've pulled a muscle, or worse.. broken a bone!"

MASTERS: "I tell ya, the arm just snapped! Or did my ear pop?"

DANIELS: "I think it was your brain!"

-Sawyer picks up Ian and tosses him into the corner with force. He slumps down to the ground. Sawyer sees this, and starts measuring the distance.. he sprints.. and nails Ian right in the face with a running knee-

MASTERS: "Whoa, duck Daniels! I think that was Ian's teeth that just flew by!"

-There is an energy in the crowd, as Sawyer picks up Ian.. he twists Ian's left arm and begins to pull down on it and proceeds to slam his shoulder into the arm. Very Scott Hall-esque. Ian cringes in pain. He tries to fight back, and nails Sawyer in the face which dazes Sawyer, releasing the hold. He goes to pick up Sawyer for a bodyslam... and nails it!-

REFEREE: "1.......... 2...... " - kick out!

DANIELS: "Ian almost had him with that surprise bodyslam!"

MASTERS: "How did he do that? Of course it was with his right side, Jarred, or else he would've been crushed!"

-Ian slowly gets up and begins to lay the boots to Sawyer. He bounces off the ropes, and hits a Yakuza kick, with Sawyer spit selling the move.

MASTERS: "Dammit, I think I just got some spit in my water! Go get me some more water, Jarred!"

DANIELS: "That's not water, William! You ain't fooling anyone!"

-Ian sees an opportunity, and climbs up to the top rope, wincing in pain. He pauses as the crowd is electric... he leaps... and nails a picture perfect top-rope legdrop! He stays in the sitting position, going for the pin-

REFEREE: "1...................... 2............................" -KICK OUT!

DANIELS: "I thought he had him!"

-Both men are laying on the mat, exhausted. They begin to slowly get up, with Ian getting up first. He wails on Sawyer, but every time he uses his left arm it hurts him just as much. He kicks Sawyer in the gut... and nails a bulldog legdrop, channeling Billy Gunn. He calls that he's going to go to the top rope once more-

MASTERS: "No, wrong move, Ian! You should've gone for the pin!"

-As Ian climbs, Sawyer gets up. Ian's looking out into the crowd, as JA sluggishly walks to him. When Ian turns around he is stunned with a right hook from JA. JA climbs the ropes, positioning himself at the top with Ian, hitting him in his left arm the whole time. He grabs him... and drops him down with a superplex!-


DANIELS: "My god, the whole ground shook!"

-Sawyer slowly gets up, but doesn't go for the pin. He grabs Ian's right arm and drags him towards the corner. He looks out into the crowd, as they begin popping louder, anticipating what they think is coming next. JA climbs the ropes, and turns around. He raises his arms out, and leaps..... -



REFEREE: "1....................... 2............................................... 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" * DING DING DING * DANIELS: "Sawyer wins it! Sawyer wins it! The Working Man has a job on the HIGHWAY TO HELL!!!"

MASTERS: "Ahhhhhh, look at this! What a sport! What a guy! WHAT A BUFFOON!!!

-Masters is implying to Sawyer, who is actually checking on Chadwick. Chadwick slowly gets up, shrugging off Sawyer. The referee raises Sawyer's hand, as Ian clutches his shoulder. JA looks at Ian, who is pissed. JA then extends his hand in a handshake, signaling respect for the irish fighter-

DANIELS: "That is gratitude! That is respect!"

MASTERS: "That is lame!"

-Ian pauses for a moment, making the crowd question his intentions... and eventually shakes JA's hand, as the crowd erupts! They look at each other for a moment, and then Ian lets go.. and leaves the ring. JA poses for the crowd as "BLUE COLLAR MAN" begins to play over the PA-

(commercial break)

TOWERS: "Ladies and gentleman, this match is scheduled for one fall. This next match is a Triple Threat Tag Team Match. The rules for this contest is as follows, there will be three men legally allowed in the ring at once, one partner each, a normal tag team style in a triple threat contest."

MASTERS: "Wow, I like it, three people in the ring, room for more carnage!"

DANIELS: "Exactly, let's get down to action!"

("LIKE TOY SOLDIERS" by EMINEM starts to play throughout the arena)

TOWERS: "Introducing first...Coming from Queens, New York at a combined weight of 395 lbs, James Douglas and Chase Williams, they are The NEW AGE WRECKING CREW!!!"

(They both come out looking ready for a fight. They hit knuckles and slap the hands of some of the fans. They slide in the ring simultaneously and raise their arms high to respect the crowd)

TOWERS: "And their opponents...Coming from San Antonio, Texas, at a combined weight of 338 lbs, Victor Barrero and Miguel Suarez, they are LAGARTOS MEXICANOS!!!"

("COWBOYS FROM HELL" by "PANTERA" starts to play throughout the arena. Victor and Miguel come out immediately posing to the crowd. They run down the ramp at pace and slide into the ring. Victor and Miguel go up to different turnbuckles and shout "Viva Con La Pasion" to the crowd who adore them)

TOWERS: "And finally making their way dow to the ring...Coming from Saudi Arabia, at a combined weight of 655 lbs, Altair and Hamuza, they are WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!"

("TOTAL WAR" Middle Eastern desert music starts to play as the crowd boos. We catch a sight of a huge man, 7"4 Hamuza walking with his head up high. Altair also comes out ignoring the crowd. They walk slowly down to the ring looking very intense. Hamuza climbs over the third rope as Altair goes up the steps. Altair and Hamuza walk to the middle of the ring as Hamuza raises his arms letting out a huge roar)

DANIELS: "What a great tag team division we have got here at CZW!"

MASTERS: "It's got alot bigger recently, ALOT bigger with that mammoth in the ring!"

DANIELS: "How do you think the others will try to combat an opponent that big Masters?"

MASTERS: "Pray to God, I do everyday, I ask him for a better commentating partner all the time, preferably female!"

DANIELS: "The rules have been explained but what is at stake has not. The loser of this match, the team who gets pinned or the team that quits, they miss out on the huge Title Match at the Pay-Per-View Evil Intentions. The other two teams will qualify."

MASTERS: "So to make it simple for all you pinheads, to get a title shot, do not get beat!!!"

DANIELS: "Well folks, here we go..."

-Chase, Victor and Altair are first in the ring. Chase and Victor lock up while Altair watches on. Victor takes Chase down with a Firemans Carry, but Chase gets straight back up. Chase runs at Victor only to be brought down again, this time with a Hip Toss. Chase starts to get angry as he tries to attack Victor again but Victor hits a Belly to Back Suplex which causes Chase to roll out of the ring-

DANIELS: "Wow Victor seems fired up. The fans are loving this contest!"

MASTERS: "Yeah Chase got abit frustrated in the early goings."

DANIELS: "The crowd is loving this match!"

MASTERS: "Watch out you fool..."

-As Victor celebrates he forgets about Altair lurking in the background. Altair runs up from behind and takes out his left leg with a chop block. Victor rolls around in pain as Altair holds out his leg and Elbow drops it. Altair continues the punishment to the weakened limb and applies a Leg Lock. Victor screams in pain as Altair looks to his corner to see the giant Hamuza clapping with a smile on his face-

DANIELS: "Weapons of Mass Destruction have the upper hand here."

MASTERS: "And Hamuza hasn't even entered the ring yet!!!"

-Chase gets back into the ring but does not help Victor, he starts to illegally stamp on his head, making the referee break Chase from the attack. Victor finally escapes kicking Altair off but seems to be hurt. Chase tags in James who immediately goes after Victor. He picks him up and connects with a Snap Suplex-

DANIELS: "There seems to be an alliance here between Weapons of Mass Destruction and The New Age Wrecking Crew."

MASTERS: "Way to point out the obvious!"


-Altair picks Victor back up and irish whips him into the ropes as Victor runs off the rebound into high powered spine buster. Altair goes for a cover-




-James goes back to the weakened leg of Victor as he drags Victor to the ropes and rests his leg on the bottom rope. He then propels himself up and lands down on the weakened leg. Altair carries the punishment on as he lifts Victor up and connects with a leg breaker. The two carry on working together as James grabs Victor and irish whips him into the corner. Altair then storms into the corner to attack Victor but Victor dodges as Altair goes shoulder first into the ring post, keeping Altair hurt in the corner. James then attacks Victor, a kick to the stomach and lifts him up for a powerbomb but Victor quickly counters and hits a HURRICARANA-


DANIELS: "WHAT A MOVE!!! James landed on his head!"

MASTERS: "Well, he can't get any more brain damaged than he already is!"

-Victor goes after Altair but he slides out the ring. Victor chases him around the ring at high speeds, he nearly catches him but as he gets close he gets knocked down by running into the 7"4 Hamuza-

MASTERS: "Ha, he ran straight into a brick wall!"

DANIELS: "He is not even the legal man!"

MASTERS: "Who is going to stop him though, his damn leg is bigger than you, what, your going to stop him?"

DANIELS: "Not in this life time, but look at Victor, he looks hurt!"

-Victor lies down on the outside as Hamuza stands over him. Miguel runs across the ring trying to get involved but the referee stops him. With the referee distracted Hamuza picks up the lifeless Victor. Hamuza lifts him up and runs his spine into the ring post causing a huge thud throughout the arena-


MASTERS: "Wow, this beast is impressive!"

DANIELS: "But he is a damn CHEAT!!!"

MASTERS: "Hey, watch your voice, you don't want him to hear do you, I sure as hell won't save your ass!"

-Miguel gets even more angry as he slides out of the ring. Miguel attacks Altair as James and Chase mixes in too. Victor is still in harms way as Hamuza stands over. He picks him back up, Victor trying to hit out of the situation but to no effect. Hamuza wraps his huge arm around the back of Victor then gives him a devastating headbutt, next he sets him up lying helplessly on the steps. Hamuza walks away looking like he is planning something evil. He suddenly turns around coming charging at Victor who is lying on the steps and seems trapped. Victor in the last second escapes as The Giant Hamuza crashes into the steps causing the ring to shudder-


MASTERS: "He crashed and burned, but my ears are still ringing from the sound!"

DANIELS: "That serves him right, now Victor finally has a chance."

MASTERS: "Man, it is like a car wreck, only instead of a car, it is a giant truck!"

-The steps fly as Hamuza crashes through. Hamuza lies down not moving. Victor finally recovers and climbs back into the ring. He sees the four men battling still at the side on the outside. Victor straight away runs, bounces off the ropes and dives out of the ring on top of all four men with a DIVING CORKSCREW, knocking all of them down including his own partner-

DANIELS: "WOW, He took them all out, Masters!"

MASTERS: "Yeah, if I was Miguel I would be pissed!"

DANIELS: "What a move, the crowd is going WILD!"

The referee starts his count now up to 5.



Victor starts to stur.


-Victor climbs back into the ring stopping the count but holding his previously injured leg. James and Altair, the other legal men slowly climb in as Chase and Hamuza have managed to make it to the correct corners. Victor with the advantage picks James up and hits a devastating Tiger Suplex. Victor now in complete contol picks as he Altair up who immediately eye rakes Victor. This gives some breathing room for Altair who comes up from behind Victor who is attending to his eye and hits a Russian leg sweep. All three men are exhausted lying in the ring as the crowd cheers. Altair and James get close to the tag but it is Victor who reaches the fresh Miguel first. Miguel jumps over the top rope and stops Altair from reaching Hamuza-

DANIELS: "Good game plan there, Miguel not wanting to have to wrestle Hamuza so he breaks up the tag!"

MASTERS: "I want to see Hamuza, I want some DESTRUCTION!!!"

-James however tags in Chase who gets in charging at Miguel and hits a tornado DDT knocking Miguel down. Chase grabs Altair and whips him to the ropes, Chase goes for a clothesline, Altair ducks gaining more pace but Chase catches him on the rebound hitting a Samoan Drop. Chase with both men down signals to go high as the crowd looks on-

DANIELS: "This could be it!"

MASTERS: "What, he is going to hit both of them?"

-Chase climbs high and gets to the top, he dives off looking to hit Miguel with a frog splash of his own but Miguel moves. Chase and Altair are now down. Miguel immediately stirs eventually getting up as he grabs Chase in a Cross Legged STF. Miguel applies pressure to the hold as Chase screams out. Altair however decides not to break up the hold, he instead tags in The Giant Hamuza. Miguel releases the hold as Hamuza steps over the ropes. Miguel walks up to Hamuza coming up to just below his chest. The crowd cheer in antiscipation-

DANIELS: "This is the moment we have all been waiting for!"

MASTERS: "LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HIM. Miguel looks like a mexican midget!"

DANIELS: "I would not like to be him right now!"

MASTERS: "Well, there is only one man unluckier than you, that is Miguel right now!"

-Miguel gulps as he stands below the beast. Hamuza roars as he raises his tree trunk of an arm. Miguel quicky ducks the attack and moves around the ring. Hamuza tries to catch him but Miguel keeps on dodging. Chase starts to stir looking at the huge beast, Hamuza not being able to catch the speedy Miguel focusses on Chase. Chase panics virtually crying as he tries to escape on his hands and knees. Hamuza reaches down and picks up Chase with one arm and slings him across the ring-


MASTERS: "Yes you fool, I am watching this match too!"

DANIELS: "With one arm he threw him across the whole ring!"

-Hamuza continues the assault grabbing Chase again. Miguel looks on out of harms way. Hamuza lifts Chase into a BEARHUG, crushing the life out of him. James tries to break his partner free but Hamuza gives him a big boot while still holding Chase. Chase begins to feint as the pressure increases. With Chase on the brink of tapping out, Hamuza lets go as he shakes his head-

DANIELS: "What now!?"

MASTERS: "I like it. Hamuza does not want it to end that soon, he wants to inflict more punishment!"



-Hamuza grabs Chase wrapping both hands around his head to pick him up. Chase tries to kick free but to little effect. Hamuza gets him up into a Military Press Position. Hamuza walks around the ring scowling at the crowd with Chase up above. Hamuza sickenly throws Chase out of the ring as his head crashes into the guard rail at full force-



MASTERS: "I know I can be sick sometimes but Hamuza has gone too far!"

DANIELS: "WE NEED HELP. Get some help out here quick, his head wrapped of off the damn rail!!"

MASTERS: "I knew he was strong but that is just freakish, Chase isn't moving!"

-Hamuza raises both arms up roaring to the crowd as Altair runs in slapping him on the chest looking impressed. The referee is momentarily out of the ring attending to Chase as the rest look on. The referee signals he is not injured and the match should continue. Now in the ring is Miguel, James and the giant Hamuza. Both Miguel and James charge at the giant with their shoulders, causing him to stumble but still standing. They try again this time both connecting with a dropkick. Hamuza stumbles again. They try once more but Hamuza grabs both of them and does a DOUBLE CHOKESLAM. As the two lie motionless in the ring Hamuza then steps on both of them, digging his huge feet into the sternams of the two. He the picks up James and presses him up high just like he did with Chase-

MASTERS: "This could be de ja vu Daniels!"


-He takes him to the ropes but before he can throw him Miguel dropkicks the leg of Hamuza which makes him let go of James. While the giant stumbles around holding his leg, James runs into the ropes bounces off and hits the giant with a huge Yakuza Kick to the neck off Hamuza. Altair then runs in and belly to back suplexes James out of the ring. Altair continuing, does a suicide dive to the outside hitting James but causing damage to himself. This leaves Hamuza in the ring with both Miguel and Victor. As Hamuza tries to get his breath back after the Yakuza kick, Lagartos Mexicanos both climb up the turnbuckle and scream out-


-The crowd cheer as Hamuza stands in the centre of the ring. Lagartos Mexicanos both fly high and hit the giant in the chest with a double team drop kick which knocks back Hamuza causing him to lose his balance and the Giant FALLS DOWN-


MASTERS: "That caused an earthquake, I felt it sitting here!"

DANIELS: "How did they do that???"

MASTERS "The Giant is finally knocked down, but still he is as tall as most men when lying on his back!!!"

-Altair gets back into the ring only to be dropkicked by Miguel. The referee gets the illegal men out of the ring as James climbs back in. James covers Hamuza-





Daniels: "OH MY GOD!"

Masters: "WOW!"

-Hamuza kicks out but by doing so throws James off throwing him so far across the ring he actually travels to the outside over the top rope landing on his back. Hamuza sits up as Miguel tags in Victor. Altair eager to get in taps Hamuza on the shoulder not pleasing the beast but he steps out. Victor and Altair lock up, Altair gets the advantage locking in a side headlock, Victor makes it to the ropes but Altair keeps it on, only letting go on the 4 count. Altair kicks Victor in the stomach and irish whips him into the corner. Victor bounces off the corner as Altair catches him with a POWERSLAM. Altair walks up to the corner and climbs with Victor set out on the ground. Altair dives off and as Victor is still lying down. He lands on Victor hard with a Diving Headbutt. Altair covers-





-Victor somehow manages to lift his shoulder up at the last split second. The crowd cheers as Victor tries to gain momentum. He gets up and hits the defensive Altair. Hits him again, again and again, lefts and rights driving him back towards the corner, but again Altair rakes the eyes of Victor, this time attracting the attentions of the referee. Altair goes back on the attack as he comes up behind Victor and locks in a sleeper hold. Altair keeps it on as Victor tries to stay on his feet. The crowd chants Victor's name but Victor loses his footing and drops to his knees. Altair stays on him rything Victor from side to side continuing to pressure the head of Victor. Victor looks sleepy as the referee comes up to check on him-




-Suddenly Victor gets a boost of strength as Miguel and the rest of the crowd cheer on Victor. He starts to elbow Altair in the ribs, again and again eventually breaking free. Victor manages to irish whip Altair now free and hits Altair with a Tilt-A-Whirl-Backbreaker. Victor now with momentum picks Altair up and chops him into corner. Victor goes up the turnbuckle with Altair trapped, Victor starts hitting Altair from above as the crowd chants along











-Victor climbs down as Altair stumbles around. Victor suplexes Altair. Victor gets back up still with Altair locked in, Victor delivers a second suplex-

DANIELS: "Can he get a third?"

MASTERS: "I don't know, watch and see you idiot!"

-Victor hits a third delivering the Three Amigos. At this point both Chase and James are beginning to rise on the outside, both had previously been demolished by Hamuza. Victor grabs the beaten Altair and locks in a splendid Indian Deathlock. Altair screams in pain. Victor not letting go while Altair gets no where and is screaming. Hamuza then decides to break it up but by this point Chase and James have got back in the ring and both shoulder barge the giant. Hamuza gets knocked backwards into the ropes. Shockingly the Giant gets TIED UP IN THE ROPES. His arms have been locked up as the beast roars in anger not able to escape. James and Chase beat down the giant who can't fight back as blood appears on the head of Hamuza. Meanwhile Altair is virtually out of it, he has not tapped out but seems to have passed out. The referee is too busy though trying to release Hamuza. The blood pours down his giant head as the New Age Wrecking Crew continue to hit Hamuza with huge rights af lefts, even elbows, to the opened up head-

MASTERS: "Turn around REF you blind IDIOT!"

DANIELS: "If he does this match is over, Altair is out of it!!!"

-The referee unable to free Hamuza gets tapped on the shoulder by Miguel telling him to count down Altair. The referee notices and gets down to count out Altair. The ref raises Altair's arm with no reply-


Again the ref raises the arm of Altair who shows no reply






-The commentators notice what happened behind the referee. Hamuza who was tied down tight by the ropes broke free, not only breaking free but RIPPING that side of the ring ropes off the turnbuckle. The second and third row on that side of the ring's ropes fall down as the Monster breaks free. Hamuza immediately knocks down the New Age Wrecking Crew with both arms and breaks up the referees count by kicking Victor in the head-

DANIELS: "The match was nearly over then!"

MASTERS: "I am lost for words!"

DANIELS: "So am I!"

MASTERS: "My God it must have been impressive if it made YOU lossed for words!!!"

-Hamuza who can taste his own blood gets fired up and clothelines both James and Chase to the outside. The ref tries to get Hamuza outside as Hamuza stares at him making the referee run off scared. Hamuza grabs Miguel and picks him up. He goes for the Nuclear Bomb his finisher and gets it. NUCLEAR BOMB. Miguel bounces off the floor of the ring with force causing blood to appear, coming out of his mouth. Victor looks over at his team mate who is out of it. Hamuza then grabs Victor by the head and irish whips him through the exposed side making him land on the outside ad crashing into the guard rail. Hamuza stands tall in the centre of the ring with blood covering the face of the Giant. He roars to the crowd-


DANIELS: "This has gotten chaotic!"

MASTERS: "What do you expect with a Grizzly bear in the ring??"

DANIELS: "And would someone sort out the ring!"

MASTERS: "You get up and do it then if you're that bothered!"

-The referee does start fixing up the ropes as he wants the match to continue. Meanwhile there is a brawl going on on the outside as Victor, Altair and the New Age Wrecking Crew fight. Hamuza looks on as Miguel, who has rolled to the outside, starts to badly spit out blood after the huge Nuclear Bomb. Hamuza feels his own head bleeding but just smiles. James and Chase get the upper hand knocking down Victor and Altair on the outside and climb back into the ring. James runs behind Hamuza and spears his leg causing Hamuza to go down on one leg, Chase then hits a DDT on the giant. The referee finally manages to sort out the ropes but Altair out of view grabs a steel chair. The referee distracted in the final parts of fixing the ropes does not see the assault. Altair swings the chair into the already injured ribs of Miguel as more blood comes out of his mouth. Altair puts down the chair as the match is resumed-

DANIELS: "That was just sick!"

MASTERS: "Hey, he was only doing what he has to!"


-Victor, Altair and James are now the legal men. All three look exhausted. Victor locks up with Altair as Victor hits some hard European uppercuts, James comes only to be met by furious chops from Victor-


-Victor irish whips James and knocks him down with a perfect dropkick. Altair gets back into the mix as he knees Victor in the sternam, he lifts Victor up into suplex position but Victor counters landing behind Altair and delivers a release German suplex. Victor covers-




MASTERS: "I hate that Wooing with such a passion, Daniels!"

-James is back up and hits Victor with a lariat as he's getting up. He grabs Victor, and throws him to the ropes.. but Victor reverses.. and Hamuza knees James in the back as he bounces off of the ropes! He stumbles towards Victor, who grabs him and puts his head down... lifts up...-



-As Victor goes for the pin, Altair actually prevents Chase from coming in and breaking up the count-





DANIELS: "The New Age Wrecking Crew are out of EVIL INTENTIONS!!!!"

MASTERS: "Maybe they should go to 8 Mile instead!"

DANIELS: "So this means that Lagartos Mexicanos and Weapons of Mass Destruction will be entered into the four way at the PPV, for the CZW Tag Team titles!! We'll have the champions, but who will be the fourth team? Only Haywire knows, and he's keeping his lips sealed!"

MASTERS: "It doesn't matter who it is, Jarred, because of one word. HAMUZA!"


'EVIL INTENTIONS' January 31st 2008

Cumberland County Civic Center

Portland, ME


The Zodiac Thrilla -c- VS Caleb "The Franchise" Walker

Special Guest Referee: Haywire


Jesse Montana VS Matt Stylez VS JA Sawyer VS Andrew Arashavin VS Tim Timmons


"The Gambler" Ace King -c- VS "#1 Draft Pick" Mack Beaudin


The Alaskan Warriors -c- VS Lagartos Mexicanos VS Weapons of Mass Destruction VS ???


"The Five Star Superstar" El Pablo -c- VS "The Amazing" Adam Swinger


Ian Chadwick VS Teo VS Thomas Shock VS Chris Dee VS Shawn Waters VS Nicky Vitale VS Kevin Kbango VS Dante Sparda


DANIELS: "It's that time of the night. We've got our Main Event coming up next!"

MASTERS: "The REAL Champs against The Chumps this is going to be great!"

DANIELS: "It's just going to end in a brawl I can tell you that much…"

("RAINMAKER" begins to play over the P.A. System)

TOWERS: "Introducing first, from Miami, Florida… The Sensational JESSE MONTANA!!"

(As "RAINMAKER" continues to play, Jesse Montana appears atop the ramp with Jacqui and is posing for the fans. Jacqui waves to the fans but then changes her look to disgust when the hooting and hollering begins. Jesse and Jacqui climb into the ring and pose in the center. They stand in the middle of the ring and await his tag team partners)

TOWERS: "Next, from Tampa, Florida…. The self proclaimed Number One Draft pick, MACK BEAUDIN!!"

("MAN UP" begins to play and Mack Beaudin, along with The Lovely Zoe walk out. Mack doesn't take the time to pose as he seems to be all business as he helps Zoe into the ring and then looks into the section of men hollering and motions for them to "Shove it". He walks in and shakes hands with Jesse as they both look down the ramp)

TOWERS: "The third member of team contenders, hailing from Canada… ADAM SWINGER!!"

("SIMPLE SURVIVAL" takes over the P.A. as "MAN UP" fades out. Adam Swinger appears atop the ramp. He holds his chin and rubs it as he seems to be extremely upset. Someone down the ramp holds a "Serial Thriller" sign. Swinger grabs it and rips it up throwing it into the stands. He rolls into the ring and bumps elbows with Mack and Jesse, nodding to the two females who have taken their spot outside the ring)

TOWERS: "Lastly, From Sacramento, California… CALEB WALKER!!"

("ANIMALS" blares over the P.A. system and Caleb appears wearing his traditional wrestling attire. He too seems to be all business and climbs into the ring. He looks at his teammates rather disgustedly but nods to the them and secludes himself by the ring posts. The three other members of the team look at him and then huddle up for a minute talking strategy no doubt)

TOWERS: "Now for their opponents. First from Cincinnati, Ohio. MATT "The Serial Thriller" STYLEZ!!"

("SERIAL THRILLA" begins to play and the fans seemingly go insane. Stylez appears atop the ramp. His paint on his face again glows bright red. He stops atop the ramp and poses the X-Factor but also throws his hands up moving with the beat. As he does so fireworks blast off and Stylez grins as he stops midway down the ramp, pointing and yelling at the 4 men in the ring, who motion for him to "Come on in")

TOWERS: "Second, We have Your X-Division Champion… from Portsmouth, England…. EL PABLO!!"

("BEEN TRAINING DOGS" blares and Pablo stylishly appears atop the ramp playing to the crowd. His belt is wrapped around his waist and he pats it with his hand and poses as fireworks rain from the sky. He joins Stylez mid ramp and they share a fist pound and look on into the ring)

TOWERS: "The third member representing the CZW Champions… Your Intercontinental Champion… From Las Vegas Nevada…. ACE KING!!"

("ACE OF SPADES" begins to play and Ace King too appears with his belt around his waist. He turns atop the ramp as fireworks blast. He walks down the ramp and slaps hands with the two partners already mid ramp. The three are smiling as they talk to each other and glance into the ring)

TOWERS: "The Fourth and final member of this eight man tag match, Hailing from San Francisco, California…. Your CZW World Heavyweight Champion… THE ZODIAC THRILLA!!"

("ANOTHER BODY MURDERED" blares over the P.A. System and Zodiac Thrilla appears atop the ramp accompanied by Vinny Corino. They both wear blank bandanas over their faces. Zodiac plays to the crowd atop the ramp with fireworks blasting off and his Belt strapped to his waist. The four members in the ring have made their way to the ropes edge mouthing and pointing for them to get in the ring. Jessica Towers retreats from the ring. Zodiac joins his teammates and they all bump fists with each other. The three champions unstrap their belts. They huddle up)

DANIELS: "The tension could be cut with a knife…"

MASTERS: "Yes it could… Too bad Team Champions doesn't have anyone attractive on their side. That Vinny is an ugly mug."

DANIELS: "This match is going to be intense that's for damn sure!"

(The four members of Team Champions break the huddle and rush the ring. They all slide in the ring and an all out brawl consumes the ring. Zodiac and Caleb Walker begin trading blows back and forth. Pablo and Adam Swinger roll on the ground trading blow after blow. Ace King and Mack Beaudin also trade blows, Mack gets trapped in the corner as Ace begins to lay assault into the contender. Matt Stylez and Jesse Montana are also trading blow for blow. They get into a grapple trading side shots to one another)

MASTERS: "HAHA! Look at this madness!"

DANIELS: "Oh my god! It's crazy in there. Darrin Powers is going to have a hard time breaking this one up!"

(Powers finally separates Walker and Zodiac and both end up outside of the ring across from each other. Powers breaks each fight up starting with Ace and Beaudin and ending with Montana and Stylez. The four teammates end up huddling back up and sending a man from each team to start the fight. Matt Stylez slides into the ring while his teammates take their spot on the apron. Montana goes to slide in with Stylez but Swinger beats him to the punch and gets into the ring. His teammates do the same and take their spot on the apron)

MASTERS: "Nice! Stylez kicked Swinger in the face and now it seems Swinger wants revenge."

(Swinger takes off running at Stylez. Swinger jumps into the air but Stylez grabs him by the waist dropping him chest first into the corner of his team. Swinger holds his face and Stylez points to the other side of the ring. The referee sees Montana trying to come in and goes to tell him to stay out. This gives the opening for Team Champion to beat on Swinger. The referee turns around and the fighting subdues as Stylez begins to stomp Swinger who is laying back first into the corner. Stylez picks him up and sets him up for a DDT in the middle of the ring but Swinger fights out of it and ends up kicking Stylez in the gut and delivering a DDT of his own. Swinger sits in the middle of the ring holding his ribs that were viciously assaulted. Swinger begins to get to his feet and picks up Stylez. He whips him into his turnbuckle and tags in Mack Beaudin. The two begin a stomp-fest on Stylez who is trapped in the corner. Ace King tries to get in to save him but the referee stops him mid stride and Team Contender takes the chance to level the field by assaulting Stylez. The referee then breaks up that fight and Beaudin sets Matt on the ringpost. He climbs with him to the top and superplexes him down onto the mat. Stylez bounces off the mat holding his back. He tries to get over to his team to tag but Beaudin drags him over to the turnbuckle of his team. He tags in Montana who also comes in and they begin to assault Stylez' leg that is propped on the bottom turnbuckle. They stomp him until the referee breaks it up. Montana picks Stylez up and holds him by the hair. He begins to yell at Stylez who is whincing in pain. Montana picks up Stylez and then assaults Stylez leg with a shoulder block to the knee. Stylez falls to the ground in pain)

DANIELS: "Team Contender had a plan that's for sure. Stylez just seems to be the unlucky one that is getting the beating first."

MASTERS: "Indeed. He needs a tag that's for sure. And a haircut!"

(Montana then begins to knee drop Stylez legs. All the sudden, we hear a scream and Montana turns to see what's going on. Vinny Corino is walking over toward Jacqui. Montana jumps up and runs over to the ropes. Beaudin jumps down and blocks the path telling Montana to focus on Stylez. However, This diversion created enough time for Stylez to get over and tag in Ace King. Montana turns to apparently go after Stylez but is met with a clothesline from Ace King. Montana flees for his life because of the unexpected turn of events and tags in Mack Beaudin again. Caleb Walker is clearly growing agitated with not being in the ring at all. Beaudin runs at King but is caught with a drop toe hold slamming Beaudins face into the mat. King then crawls onto Beaudin's back and locks in a camel clutch. Beaudin screams in pain as King pulls back on Beaudins chin. Stylez is finally back to his feet on the apron. The referee kneels down to check with Beaudin but Caleb Walker comes in and delivers a kick to the back of the head to Ace. King falls to the mat holding his head and the referee tries to tell Walker to get out. Walker walks towards the exit as Beaudin and King try to get to their feet. Walker stands back on the apron. Both Beaudin and King crawl to their corners and tag in Caleb Walker and… El Pablo. Pablo runs at Walker and tries a running cross body but is caught by Walker. Walker holds Pablo in place and then promptly delivers a back breaker. He doesn't let go and still holds him in place)

DANIELS: "Walker is seeming to take out his frustration on Pablo who tried to take him down with a cross body."

MASTERS: Walker is a monster indeed. He'll break that little back into two piece in no time!"

(Walker faces his corner grinning mouthing something about "This is how it's done" He fails to see that Stylez and Zodiac have entered the ring. They both deliver shoulder blocks to each leg knocking Calebs legs from under him and Pablo laying on top)

Referee - 1….2…..KICKOUT!

-Caleb threw Pablo off him atleast a couple of feet into the air and sat up. Zodiac and Matt had slid from the ring after knocking Walker down as to not delay the count and are back on the apron waiting. Walker gets to his feet and gives Pablo a very well executed Military Press. He then takes this chance to clothesline all 3 members of team champion, who certaintly didn't expect that. All three men get knocked from the apron and Walker laughs. He then goes and picks Pablo up. Pablo begins to kick Walker in the gut and fight his way away from the beast, Walker seems to get pissed and then slings Pablo over toward his teammates in the corner and tags in Adam Swinger. Swinger and Walker deliver a double suplex to Pablo who on impact holds his back. Walker then delivers a few quick elbow drops to the back of El Pablo. Swinger rolls up Pablo trying to get a quick victory-

Referee- 1….KICKOUT!

-Swinger jumps up and argues with the referee giving time to Pablo to make a tag. Zodiac Thrilla gets tagged in and takes the opportunity to clothesline Swinger down. Montana jumps in but is met by a DDT upon entrance. Beaudin runs in and a dropkick sends him back out of the ring. Walker then climbs into the ring and Zodiac attempts a shoulder block. Walker stands tall and Zodiac does it again. Zodiac then goes off the ropes and goes for another Shoulder block but slides between Walkers legs. Walker turns to look at Zodiac and Matt Stylez nails a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle knocking Walker down to size, and flat on his back. Zodiac and Stylez both deliver a Elbow Drop to Walker before the referee forces Stylez out and directs Zodiacs attention to Swinger, whom is still the legal man. Walker rolls from the ring holding his chest and Zodiac locks Swinger into an Arm Bar-

MASTERS: "Zodiac's got that arm of Swinger all twisted up!"

-Zodiac picks up Adam, keeping a hold of his arm. He twists Adam's arm around to where Zodiac is behind him, and Zodiac drops down on his back with his knees directly placed behinds Adam's kidney area. Adam screams out in pain. As Adam is on his knees holding his back, Zodiac runs to the ropes and with the return nails a dropkick to Adam's face. He goes for the cover-

Referee- 1....................... 2........................... Kick Out!

DANIELS: "Zodiac did some damage to Adam's back with that move, look at Adam holds his back!"

MASTERS: "Swinger will prevail. Zodiac's probably high as a kite, he'll forget where he is soon enough."

-Zodiac then tags in Ace King, and holds up Swinger. Ace King nails an elbow right to the lower back, with Adam screaming in pain. Ace then goes to throw Adam into the ropes, but Adam reverses... and Mack holds down the top rope and Ace goes spilling out of the ring-

DANIELS: "Oh no, look at this! Caleb dropped down and picked up Ace and now he's ramming him into the ringpost!"

MASTERS: "This Walker is my kind of guy! THIS should be your World champion, and will be soon, I guarantee it."

-Caleb throws King back into the ring, as Swinger tags in Montana. Montana stomps down on King a few times, and then picks him up. Montana nails a chop. He nails another one. This time Ace responds with one of his own-


MASTERS: "I think I'm gonna be sick!"

-Montana then rakes King's face, killing any momentum. He then locks up Ace in a cobra clutch. Montana swings Ace's head back and forth as the ref is there to check King. King will not give up. Swinger on the apron, is still holding his back in great pain. Montana lets go of the cobra clutch and kicks King in the gut. Montana then hits a piledriver and goes for the pin-

Referee- 1............... 2..........- KICK OUT.

DANIELS: "It's going to take more than that to put down The Gambler!"

MASTERS: "Yeah but not much more!"

-Montana then tags back in Walker. Walker grabs a hold of Ace and seemingly throws him into his own corner. Walker is yelling "I want the champ!" and Zodiac doesn't hesitate to tag in. Zodiac walks right up to Caleb, who is quite larger. Zodiac then slaps Caleb in the face, and Caleb rears back for a second. Zodiac starts delivering forearms to Caleb's head, looking to daze him. Zodiac goes to the ropes, but Caleb catches him with a very vicious lariat, knocking Zodiac completely around to where he lands on his face-

DANIELS: "Dear God, he decapitated the champ!"

MASTERS: "Caleb is so much stronger than Zodiac, I don't see how he's going to be able to fight him back at all!"

-Caleb then picks up Zodiac, and nails a very enforced vertical suplex. He goes for the pin-

Referee- 1................. 2.............. -KICK OUT!

MASTERS: "How did he do that!?"

DANIELS: "Zodiac is the champion, William, he's not just another joe off of the street!"

-Caleb then positions Zodiac for a power bomb. Caleb lifts up, but Zodiac starts punching him when he's up. Caleb teeters back and forth and Zodiac jumps out of the hold. Zodiac then nails a dropkick to Caleb's knee, sending Caleb down on his belly. Zodiac then runs to the ropes and baseball slides right into Caleb's face-

DANIELS: "THAT'S how he's going to fight back, with his speed and brains!"

MASTERS: "He's smoked all of his brains away, Jarred!"

-Zodiac goes and tags in Stylez. Stylez and Zodiac both run at Caleb who is in on his knees, and they both nail a dropkick to Caleb's face. Matt goes for the pin-

Referee- 1.......................2- KICK OUT

DANIELS: "Caleb kicked out with authority there!"

-Caleb fights off Matt enough to tag in Beaudin. Beaudin gets in to meet a right fist from Matt. Matt then kicks him in the gut and nails a neckbreaker. Matt then quickly gets up and drops a legdrop across the throat of Mack.-


-At the entrance ramp, The CZW Tag Team Champions have walked out looking down at the action. No one at ringside has taken notice. Ice Breaker and Glacier slowly make their way down to the ring, where Vinny Corino's back is turned. They jump him, dropping him quickly with an assault. Zodiac takes notice, and quickly drops down and runs towards them, helping out his manager-

DANIELS: "Someone get them out of here, what are they doing!? What are they trying to prove!?"

-In the ring, Mack and Matt are going back and forth with punches and kicks. Caleb looks over to Swinger who is hurt and Montana, shakes his head and drops down to the ground. Both men look at him with shock. Caleb then notices the commotion with Zodiac and runs.. and with Zodiac's back turned as he was fighting Glacier, Caleb nails another vicious lariat to the back of his head. Ice Breaker tears down the already beaten Corino, and lays him next to Zodiac. All three men start laying down the boots on the beaten men-


-Unfortunately Zodiac's other team mates are concentrating on the match at hand. Caleb, Glacier, and Ice Breaker finally stop and all men go up the ramp-

DANIELS: "Where is he going!? He's got a match going on! He's just leaving his team mates behind!"

-In the ring, Mack has tagged in Adam and both men are kicking at a fallen Stylez. Mack leaves, as Adam slams Stylez into their corner. All three men take their shots, as King and Pablo try to make the save but the ref stops them. Adam then throws Stylez out of the ring. On the outside, The Lovely Zoe walks up to the dazed Matt, and slaps the spit out of him. Matt looks on in anger, and he's about to retaliate when Mack kicks him in the head. Mack then drops down, picks Matt up and throws him back into the ring-

MASTERS: "I love me some fiesty women, Daniels!"

DANIELS: "We need a medical team for Zodiac and Corino! Anyone in the back, if you can hear me, send down help!"

-Adam picks up the Serial Thriller and nails him with a gutwrench suplex. He goes for the pin-

Referee-1........................ 2............ 2.999999.........- KICK OUT!

-Adam has a surprised look on his face as Stylez kicks out. He picks him up and throws him to the ropes... but Matt holds on, and Adam's planned dropkick nailed only air! Adam falls on his back, and it aggravates his back injury even more. Matt is hanging onto the ropes, trying to get a grip. He lunges out and drops to all fours, crawling towards his corner. Adam tries to stop him.... but Matt makes it and tags in Ace!-

DANIELS: "Listen to the crowd as King takes charge! He nails Adam with a stiff lariat, and then goes and attacks Jesse and Mack in their corner, knocking them down on the floor! The Gambler has shown his hand, and it's a full house!"

-King then picks up Adam in a power bomb position... drops him down.... right onto Ace's knee with Adam's back. Adam screams in pain-

MASTERS: "Leave his back alone, Ace!"

-Mack and Jesse start getting back up, and King notices. He runs over and knocks them both down again, with stiff shots. He then turns around and kicks Adam in the lower back, yet again! He grabs him and lifts him up ---



MASTERS: "NO!!!!!!"

-El Pablo had just recently positioned himself on the top turnbuckle, and almost as soon as Adam is settled from the Blackjack Bomb, he leaps--



-King then goes for the pin, and Jesse and Mack don't even care. They go and pick up some steel chairs....-





DANIELS: "King pinned Swinger after two vicious moves, who could've kicked out of that!!"

MASTERS: "Oh here comes the medics, thank god! Go help Swinger, his back is hurt!!"

-The medics are obviously there to attend to the fallen Zodiac and Corino. In the ring, Ace and Pablo celebrate and take notice to Zodiac, and while they're looking down at his direction, Jesse and Mack get back into the ring with the chairs. They come running at Ace and Pablo-


-Mack and Jesse level Ace and Pablo just as they turn around. Jacqui and the Lovely Zoe get into the ring. Mack and Jesse lay down the chairs over and over, and both Ace and Pablo start bleeding from their foreheads. Matt runs towards them, but they are too much and eventually beat the hell out of him as well, laying him next to the others in an almost pile. Adam Swinger is starting to get up, and notices what's going on. He crawls over to Jesse and Mack, with a smile on his bruised and beaten face. He's on his knees, and Mack and Jesse notice him. He starts telling them to continue the attack, as if he were the mastermind behind it all. They look at each other for a moment, turn around and SQUASH ADAM WITH A CONCHAIRTO!!!!-


-Jesse gets a mic, as Mack lays Adam near the fallen bodies of Ace, Matt and El Pablo-

(A small pictures appears at the bottom of the screen, and it's Tim Timmons in the back, watching the match. Seeing Swinger laid out, he just wipes his hands and walks away disgusted)

JESSE: "Oh look, the fan's favourites just got their asses kicked! You may be the ones with the gold now but as you just saw, Jesse and Mack are ready to do anything to get our hands on what rightly is ours, CZW Gold!! The Sensation and The Number One Draft Pick, along with our girls, we are going to be indestructable! You lot never saw this coming, Jesse and Mack, a new force here in the CZW, one that will destroy everyone in our way, especially you Zodiac--"

-Jesse turns his attention down to Zodiac, who is being helped up by medics, and not paying attention-

JESSE: "-- once Mack wins his IC title and I massacre the competition in the Highway to Hell match, we are both coming for you. You better get you little cronies of Death Row around, you're gonna need them, so Belee dat, Me and Mack, The main force in CZW!!!"

-Jesse drops the mic, as the crowd is booing and hissing hysterically. Mack, Jesse, Jacqui, and Zoe all pose in the middle of the ring-

MASTERS: "TWO alliances show their colors here in this main event!! I Love it, Daniels!! Caleb is gonna KILL Zodiac at Evil Intentions! Jesse is gonna KILL Matt in the H2H! Mack is gonna make the Gambler go bankrupt on his IC title! THIS IS GREAT!!"

DANIELS: "There HAS to be retribution for this!! We're out of time, folks, thank you for watching and please order EVIL INTENTIONS, CZW's first EVER PPV!! We'll see you in Portland next Thursday! GOOD NIGHT FOLKS!!"

(C) CZW 2008