CZW - Presents War Zone

| April 3rd 2008 | BEIJING, CHINA | Capital Indoor Arena |

CZW: Warzone

*cZw ASSAULT!!!*





Both men started off hot, going back and forth with punches until the bigger man of the two, Maynard, took charge. He nailed Jacob with a Gorilla Press that impressed the audience. He threw Jacob to the ropes, but Jacob reversed it and hit a spinning kick sending O'Toole to the outside. Jacob then proceeded to come flying down onto Maynard with a somersault senton from the ropes. As they were on the outside, the crowd participated in the event handing both men chairs and various other objects to use on each other. Maynard eventually slammed Jacob into the guardrail with the crowd cringing to the sound of the sickening thud. Maynard threw Jacob back into the ring, and began applying the Celtic Clutch which Jacob submitting to after thirty seconds of fighting it.




* cZw *




This match was more like a highlight reel, with each man nailing their signature moves early. Wright took control after hitting a Northern Lights driver, followed by a full nelson slam. He went to the top rope for the legdrop, but AAN moved just in the knick of time. AAN took control at that point, nailing a perfect standing moonsault to the fallen Wright but only got a two count. He then nailed a Tornado DDT from the corner, followed by a top-rope Whisper in the Wind. He went for the cover again, but Wright had the ring presence to drape his foot over the bottom rope. AAN picked up Wright and tossed him to the ropes, but Rob reversed it and nailed a beautiful Frankensteiner. Rob then went for his inverted neckbreaker, the No Laughing Matter, but AAN reversed and nailed his own finisher, the Darkness Falls which is a double arm snap swinging neckbreaker. He went for the cover, and got the pin.




* cZw *




This was a heated match, as the Union and the Twin Towers have been feuding for weeks now and a definite victor hasn't really been proclaimed. Nicky was bitter about losing a chance to win the Tag titles last week in Hamburg, and took out that aggression on the smaller Williams. He pummeled him in a corner for a few moments, reared back, and came running full force nailing Billy in the head with a knee. Nicky dominated the first half of the match until he misjudged a big boot with Billy ducking and hitting a neckbreaker. Billy had the crowd really behind him, as they seemed to despise Big Dawg. The referee got knocked out by a botched spot in the corner, and Billy then locked on the Sweeper with the crowd cheering his name. Suddenly, someone from the crowd leaped over the guardrail and slid into the ring nailing a perfect savate kick to Billy's head. He placed Big Dawg on top and revived the referee, who counted the three count. The man then raised Big Dawg's hand, and revealed himself to be "Rock N' Roll" Jimmy Bass making his CZW debut.




* cZw *

The arena is a bit quiet as then the theme song “I’m Coming” came blasting over the speakers. They look up the ramp and stood a woman in a blue business suit it seems and a huge man with a business suit of his own with some shades on his face. The wonoman givonlye him a as he step in front of her to help her inside of the ring. She step inside of the ring as some more pryos goes off in the back of them as she they stood there.

I know many of your guys do not know who this man is.

She pointing to the man in a very expensive suit as she smile up at him and walked over to him as he gently stroke her cheek as she spoke.

This is my husband know as Charles Max. We have been looking at many companies just to see where we can get our feet wet at. My lovely here is ready to make things happen not only for his self but for this company and down to the fans. He is ready to bring something different to this company. You see I am know as Lizzette Morgan. I am the type of woman who doesn’t just put her name on anything. I am business woman who look at how money can be made me not just for me but also for who ever I decide to manger. So I want people in the back to know. I am not here not only just to be a manger for my husband here but I will also be watching and look at every other male wrestler or even female wrestler around here. I will ask to form some type of contract with to make things happen for you. If I feel like you are been use wrong don’t worry. Lizzette Morgan would help you with your career.

She smirks a bit as she hand the microphone over to Charles Max as there was a mix reaction from the crowd and he took it all in as she place a hand inside of his pocket.

You see I am here ready to make a big impact in this company. I have one thing on my mind and that is to become a The Heavyweight champion which I believe every man or woman have set in their mind once they join up in a company. I am ready to start at the bottom and work my way up on the ladder to show what I have to take to become a champion. One day you just might see me inside of this ring against Matt Styles.

That when you heard some boos in the crowds.

Or whoever be the champion the time I have my chance. Who ever the champion will be. They will see they will have a fight on their hands. I am ready to bring a impact and just like my theme song say. “I’m Coming” and there nothing anyone can do about it.

They play off to the fans a bit more before walking off to the back of the arena.




Ruth and Brenda were hot, taking it to Zoe and Ashley early. Ruth and Brenda worked like a well oiled machine, as if they'd been tagging for years. Brenda, the biggest of the four women, completely annihilated Ashley with a running splash into the corner. She then picked up Ashley and nailed a perfect sit out power bomb, with Zoe breaking up the pinfall attempt. Zoe then clawed Brenda in the eyes, rendering her temporarily blind. The Upstarts continued to beat down on Brenda, who attempted a few tags but was stopped by the dirty tricks of Zoe and Ashley. The crowd were way behind Brenda getting the tag into Ruth, and when she finally did they erupted. Ruth came in and cleaned house, knocking both Upstarts down repeatedly. All four women got into the ring, and the referee didn't even try to regain order in the match. As Zoe and Ruth tumbled to the outside, brawling, Brenda picked up Ashley and NAILED a Black Hole Slam, taking the pinfall and victory for her team. Afterwards, CZW President Alan Fiscus came down to a large pop, announcing that next week Ruthless Aggression will take on The Lovely Zoe one on one on War Zone in Moscow, for the #1 contendership to the Queen of Combat title. The crowd began cheering "RUTH RUTH RUTH" as Fiscus left, and Brenda and Ruth celebrated in the ring. Zoe and Ashley looked pissed, but they slithered away like snakes waiting to try strike another time.




* cZw *


-Ruthann just finish a meeting with Alan in his office as she had her gym bag over her shoulder. She had on a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt with her hair tied back into a ponytail. She was about to walked out when she turn the corner and bump into Ace. They both just stood there in a silence mood since they both haven’t say anything to each other since the night of her attack.-

-Ace just holds his head up high and looks down at Ruth, who is at a seven-inch height disadvantage. His mouth is twisted into a playful smirk, but the eyes always tell a different story. There appears to be a bit of concern in the eyes of The Gambler-

Ace King: Look, about what happened back in England... I-

Ruth cuts him off mid-sentence and she just shook her head as she shrugs. She didn’t have the look of concern or hurt about anything that happen.

Ruthann: Look it happen and there nothing anyone can do about it. You show me after it was all over where your mind is.

She just looked up at him and not backing down from Ace as she stood her ground in front of her. His composure is decidedly more intense than before, eyes now blazing with fire.

Ace King: What, by staying there with you until medics came? Yeah, that must really show me to be the cold-blooded sonofabitch some people perceive me to be. Look, you know as well as I do that nothing could EVER happen between the two of us. So if there was ever a thought of something like that... just clear your mind of it right now. Imagine it as if you had never met me.

She swallows hard as she just stare up at him as she just crack a smile hiding the fact she was hurt about how things are going down.

Ruthann: Oh don’t worry. I knew that from the start because we are two different people plus I am wasn’t your type. The day you told you me you actually fell in love with me. I knew it was a lie and it was just you talking out of your head. So believe me when I tell you. I know nothing is going on or NEVER have. I never once say anything different but people around here kept on putting it in the thoughts of the fans that something was going to happen. I am Ruthann Park I never had a man in my life and why would I need one now. Wrestling is my life and nothing else will ever take the place of that.

She starts to walked past him as she stay in her cold glare to him. Ace looks down upon Ruthless once again, and surprisingly returns the glare.

Ace King: You think you know me? You think you have me all figured out? Well, listen up: You've got another thing coming. The person you knew before... he's gone now. He should be a distant memory to you by now, if you know what's good for you. Oh, and one more thing: Should wrestling fail you, what do you fall back on?

With that, Ace glares at Ruth before brushing past her on his way out of the arena. She watch him leave as she tighten her fist as she hit the wall as she walked back to her locker room to get a few more things she need before she leave for the night. Suddenly, the camera cuts back to Ace, who is walking out of the arena. He is about to get into his car when somebody taps him on the shoulder.

Hey Ace!

King turns around, only to be promptly smashed in the head by an aluminum baseball bat. Ace tumbles to the ground, having immediately been knocked unconscious by the blow. The attacker, who is masked, seizes the opportunity to beat the completely defenseless #1 Contender into the ground with what appears to be brass knuckles. The attacker continues the assault until “Big Daddy” Rogers and the rest of the CZW Security squad finally come out and pull the attacker off a broken and bloodied Ace. The security staff restrains the attacker, and they pull the attacker’s mask off. They are taken aback by the identity of the attacker, yet the viewing audience cannot see who it is. Ace still lies unconscious on the ground by his car. Suddenly, another person comes into the shot. The camera pans up to reveal none other than Ruthless Aggression, who has a huge smirk on her face although her eyes have a look of concern in them. She thinks about trying to help him, but she decides not to, electing to continue looking down on the unconscious and bloodied Gambler.

Ruthless Aggression: You stupid sonofabitch.

With that, Ruthless steps on the already-broken body of Ace King on her way out of the arena. The camera cuts back to Jarred and William.

Jarred: We need some serious medical help out there!

William: HALLELUJAH!!! The Las Vegas Loudmouth is hurt!!! If we’re lucky, we won’t see him for a while.

Jarred: Ugh, you disgust me. Anyhow, it’s time for our first match! MASTERS: "And it's the Mainetenance match!"

TOWERS: "This match is the Maintenance match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first... hailing from Michigan.. he is the hardest working man in the CZW... J.A. SAWYER!!"

-We hear the sounds of an engine starting, then a circular saw, then a jackhammer followed by the opening chords of 'Blue Collar Man' by STYX. As the words "THE UNION" flash on the Combatron, JA comes out and high fives fans on the way down the ramp-

TOWERS: "And his opponent..."

[Nasty doesn't wait for his entrance, as he has already walked down to the ring. He gets into the ring after jawjacking with a fan on th way in.]

[The referee backs up as he signals for the bell. The two men that hate each other more than any other two men have a stare down, Sawyer opens things up with a right hand and Nasty responds with one of his one and shortly it turns into a Rocky movie with wild right hands being exchanged. Sawyer returns this to a wrestling match with a knee thrust to the gut of Nasty. Sawyer taking two steps back, hitting the ropes and bouncing off them. Sawyer attempts a running swinging DDT but Nasty reverses, slipping his head from JA's grasp and throwing down Sawyer in a spinebuster-type move. Sawyer hits the mat hard and holds his head in shock as Nasty takes JA's legs and spreads them apart, laying a swift leg-drop to the groin-area.]

DANIELS: "That had to smart, William!"

MASTERS: "He's not the HARDEST Working Man no mo'!"

[Sawyer holds his groin and rolls away from Nasty, under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Nasty watches Sawyer steady himself on the outside as the crowd breaks out a Sawyer chant. Sawyer finds a ladder at his feet and picks up, only to have Nasty leap between the 2nd and 3rd rope; scraping his stomach on the way through; nailing Sawyer and the ladder with a suicide dive. The ladder lands on Sawyer as Nasty notices his bleeding stomach and holds his shoulder in pain. Nasty takes maybe a second too long as Sawyer has recovered and stands holding the ladder. Sawyer swings the ladder and nail's Nasty in the side of the head, sending him stumbling to the side but failing to knock him from his feet. Nasty swings, using his momentum the other way, but Nasty anticipates this action and ducks, delivering a thrusting big boot to Sawyers lower back, causing him to drop to his knees and let go of the ladder.] DANIELS: "I can't believe a man of that stature flying around like that!"

MASTERS: "Big Nasty is just that, Jarred... BIG NASTY!"

[Sawyer again takes some time before kicking Nasty in the head sending him rolling towards the ring apron, Sawyer is right by the ring apron and notices something. Sawyer picks up a hammer as he gets back to his feet and slides it along his wrist, holding the end like a pair of brass knuckles. Nasty attempts a left hand but Sawyer uses his free hand to catch Nasty's wrist in mid-dodge, bringing him forward into a vicious hammer of a right hand. Nasty drops to the floor. Sawyer breaths heavily, as Nasty rolls around and you can see blood starting to seep through his fingers from his newly busted open forehead, Sawyer goes under the ring apron again and produces a toilet to the delight of the fans. Sawyer sets up the toilet seet on the outside of the ring in front of a nearby turnbuckle, then turns to Nasty, still downed from the hammer-blow. Sawyer walks towards Nasty and picks him up by the hair; but as Nasty gets to his knees, he suddenly becomes alert, grabbing Sawyer's waist and thrusting him backwards in a northern lights release suplex. Sawyer hits the ground and holds his back in agony as Nasty gets back to his feet and drops a big leg drop on Sawyer.] MASTERS: "Big Nasty is bleeding profusely, I'm surprised he can even continue!"

DANIELS: "That looks bad, William, and rarely do we see that sadistic side of Sawyer... that worries me."

[Nasty starts pulling Sawyer up and with Sawyer on his knees Nasty rains down heavy right hands, out of desperation Sawyer throws a right hand hitting Nasty's inner thigh then a left to the mid-section. Sawyer stands and starts wearing down Nasty with rights to the head. Sawyer tries a bodyslam but Nasty slips out the back. Sawyer counters the reversal with a blind mulekick, which catches Nasty on his left side by his waist, sending him spinning backwards so the two men stand back to back. Sawyer turns around with a clothesline attempt but Nasty ducks and turns, grabbing Sawyer's waist and throwing him in a belly to back suplex. Sawyer clutches his back as Nasty quickly pulls him up only to take Sawyer back down with a neckbreaker. Nasty grabs a chair and the nearby ladder and slides them both into the ring and sliding in as well. Nasty begins to set the ladder up as Sawyer begins to stand on the outside. Sawyer looks around on the outside and grabs a toilet seat cover before sliding back into the ring behind Nasty. Sawyer runs towards and floats over a waiting Nasty. Sawyer lands in front of the ladder, pushing Nasty forwards before delivering a high dropkick to the back of his stumbling opponent. Nasty hits the canvas and Sawyer hits an elbow drop as he tries to rise. Sawyer goes for another elbow drop to keep Nasty grounded but misses. Nasty manages to get to his feet as does Sawyer. Nasty meets Sawyer with a kick to the midsection and whips him towards the ropes, but Sawyer grabs on the ropes and holds on and Nasty meets Sawyer with a huge clothesline as both men go over the top onto the floor.] DANIELS: "Both men just wanting this victory badly."

MASTERS: "The Towers and the Union do NOT like each other, and it's just getting worse and worse."

[Nasty gets up as the ref starts to count 1,2,3,4,5,6, Nasty shakes the cobwebs out and picks up Sawyer and throws him back ino the ring]

[Nasty points to the corner where he had set up the ladder and the crowd explodes chanting CZW. Nasty slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle behind the ladder. He motions that he is crazy before he leaps off, over the ladder; hitting Sawyer with a fierce guillotine leg drop, Nasty hooks a leg for the cover The ref drops to count: 1.... 2.... Sawyer kicks out just in time!]

DANIELS: "Sawyer showing heart!"

MASTERS: "As long as he isn't showing ass, I'm fine!"

[Nasty rolls off Sawyer and out of the ring as Sawyer slowly gets to his knees. Nasty grabs a steel chair and climbs back onto the ring apron but Sawyer quickly springs forward connecting with a dropkick to Nasty. Nasty falls back off of the apron and right onto a sledgehammer that was positioned on the outside, yelling in pain as his spine hits it. Nasty rolls off the sledgehammer and back onto his back as Sawyer hits the opposite ropes inside the ring, scraping his back, and springboards off the top rope, hitting a massive sentan bomb on the fallen Nasty. Sawyer takes a moment to recover before crawling towards Nasty to make a pin. The ref counts 1.... 2.... but Nasty gets his shoulder up. Sawyer collapses beside Nasty in exhaustion. Both men begins to stir and slowly begin to prop themselves back up and turn to each other. They trade shots before Nasty gets the upper hand and quickly scoop slams Sawyer hard to the ground. Nasty gets Sawyer up by the hair and slides him into the ring and quickly follows in. Nasty looks at the ladder in the ring and walks towards it, but Sawyer trips him up. Sawyer rolls away from a Nasty kick, and gets to his feet. Sawyer lunges at Nasty trying to stop him from getting to the ladder with a shoulder tackle. Sawyer picks up the ladder as Nasty gets to his feet and Sawyer charges at Nasty with the ladder in hand using it as a battering ram sending Nasty into the exploding turnbuckle in front of the table on the outside (The crowd is silent). Nasty's shoulder's rush forward from the impact but he remains in the corner with his arms draped over the turnbuckles. Sawyer pulls the ladder out and tosses it to the side and then pulls Nasty out of the corner and puts him in a standing headscissors and flips him up. Nasty counters an attempted powerbomb onto the table, sending Sawyer flying through the table, decimating it, and leaving both men broken at ringside. Nasty's arm pulsates up and down before his right hand drape's over Sawyer's chest and the ref counts: 1..... 2..... Nasty weakly gets a shoulder up, knocking away the limp hand of his foe.] DANIELS: "Damn, William! Both men giving it their all!"

MASTERS: "This is too much though, they don't need to kill themselves to prove a point!"

[Both men lie still on the ground before zmsdyu comes to, and then Nasty shortly thereafter. Sawyer rolls into the ring for further recovery, while Nasty jumps onto the apron. Nasty tries a springboard clothesline but Sawyer gets his knees up at the last minute as Nasty rolls off, holding his abdomen. Nasty slowly gets to his feet as Sawyer rises behind him. Nasty turns and hits Sawyer with a clothesline, sending Sawyer pounding to the mat. He flops around the mat for a few, his back aching from the impact before rising back to his feet. Nasty backhand chops Sawyer. Sawyer chops Nasty. Nasty palm-chops Sawyer, only to have Sawyer bar his arm and drop him in a jumping arm bar/DDT combo. The crowd oohh's as Nasty's head hits the mat and Sawyer goes for the cover: 1..... 2..... Nasty kicks out and fiercely. Sawyer starts pulling Nasty up when Nasty lands a right hand to the midsection then to the face as he stands. Another. Another. Nasty lifts Sawyer up and drops with a samoan drop. Sawyer's back crashes to the mat.] [Nasty sets up the toilet seat. Nasty grabs the steel chair laying on the canvas and Nasty strike's Sawyer across the chest with the chair for good measure and drapes the chair across Sawyer's chest and sets Sawyer on the toilet, Nasty sets up another ladder and then he starts to climb it. Sawyer begins stirring as Nasty leaps off the top of the ladder in a huge splash, nailing Sawyer and the chair, picture perfect. The crowd explodes as Nasty bounces off the chair and hits the mat hard on his chest and Sawyer crashes threw the toilet from the force of Big Nasty.]

MASTERS: "This Mainetenane match is just wrong, Jarred! Look at this mayhem!"

[Nasty lays there for a moment before stirring. He begins to inch his way towards Sawyer as the crowd moves to the edge of their seats. He covers Sawyer as the ref drops to his knees: 1... but Sawyer's upper half raises before two as he begins almost having seizures. Nasty can't believe it as he starts to pull Sawyer up with him. An exhausted Nasty tries another right hand, but Sawyer ducks and as Nasty spins and has his back towards Sawyer, Sawyer takes the opportunity and slides Nasty onto his back locking in a torture rack, jumping up and down to magnify the pain before dropping him into a piledriver. Sawyer hooks the leg and goes for the cover: 1..... 2...... 3! No! Nasty got his shoulder up on time.]

DANIELS: "Sawyer is frustrated, he thought he had him!"

MASTERS: "I thought he did too, to be honest!"

[Sawyer gets Nasty up by the head, and begins peppering him with right hands, he whips Nasty into the rope. Sawyer goes for a clothesline but it is ducked by Nasty, again Nasty bounces off the ropes and returns the favor to Sawyer with a massive clothesline of his own. Nasty takes this time to wipe some blood from his eye as Sawyer rolls towards the steel chair. Nasty rolls outside of the ring and grabs two glass mirrors and a kitchen sink and throws it into the ring he sets the sink in the middle and the glass mirrors on top, Nasty kicks Sawyer in the head numerous of times to keep him down then he picks him up and delievers the Nasty Bomb!]




DANIELS: "Big Nasty with the upset!"

MASTERS: "Wow, maybe this kid should stick to the singles matches! He just beat a champion!"

DANIELS: "And look at this, JA is a good sport... he's offering a hand shake to Big Nasty!"

MASTERS: "Nasty won't go for that! I -- Uh -- WHAT!?"

-Big Nasty, after a few moments, nods his head and shakes the hand of Sawyer. The crowd cheers both men, as the sore Sawyer leaves the ring and Nasty celebrates a little more-

Jarred: And Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just been handed a note by Chairman Derek Damage, who has just returned from the local hospital. It says that Ace King has suffered a concussion and severe facial lacerations as the result of the attack this evening. The timetable for his recovery is unknown at this point, so his title match against Matt Stylez at No Remorse might be in serious jeopardy. Needless to say, he will be unable to compete in tonight’s Main Event, which makes it a 2-on-2 match.

William: FINALLY, the knuckleheads at the top got it right by taking King out of the match! His team had an unfair advantage!

Jarred: Unbelievable! And if that wasn't enough, what about this Impaler / Caleb situation?

William Masters: Last week at in Hamburg, Germany the Road to Glory was paved for many but the Road to Hell seemingly has been paved by the actions of one man, Caleb Walker has driven Impaler over the edge of insanity by his latest act of betrayal.

Jarred Daniels: Well those actions led to a new sadistic streak in Impaler and Eric Ryan shunned by the group now known as Power and Glory, they set the wheels of vengeance in motion last week. I mean it seems that revenge for Impaler means more than Championship Gold at this point. I mean the man blatantly miss a match just to satisfy his twisted need for revenge. Kidnapping Jenny Walker, Caleb’s wife for those keeping score at home.

("Hair of the Dog" by Nazerath begins to play as Caleb Walker walks out to the ring accompanied by Glacier and Ice-Breaker. Before Caleb enters the ring he grabs a microphone from the time keep and then he slides in under the bottom rope.)

Jarred Daniels: Well let’s see how Caleb handles this.

Caleb: Impaler, I know you’re not here but I know your listening. Please, this is between you and I please leave Jenny out of this she’s innocent!

(Just then Impaler’s face pops up on the CombatTron in the background we see Jenny Walker tied to a chair and blindfolded struggling to get out of her bonds.)

Impaler: Caleb you know as well as I do that innocent don’t mean crap to me and as far as I’m concerned you’ll get her back soon enough. I just wanted your attention and I want you to know that I am serious. You stabbed me in the back, you made my life hell, before that you threw this mask on me and said be our monster. Is a man not entitled to the sweat from his brow, “No” says the government it belongs to the people“, “No” say the Vatican “it belongs to god “, “No” says Power and Glory “it belongs to us”. Well I say tonight, no more. My sweat is mine, my blood is mine, soon revenge will most certainly be mine and tonight I am my own monster.

(With that Impaler rips his mask off showing his true face to the world.)

Caleb: You’re a sick man.

Impaler: Sick? define sick, I don’t feel ill. In fact after last week I feel pretty damn good. Yeah, hey I may even show up next week.

Caleb: What are you getting at?

Impaler: Simple I may just drop your little wife off next week. I mean it’s not like you miss her anyway you’re so obsessed with your in ring achievements that you didn’t even miss her this week. Just like you don’t miss my friendship. In all of this one of us is sick I’m just not so sure it’s me anymore.

Caleb: Oh, I hope I find you next week.

Impaler: Oh, I don’t hope, I’m counting on it.

(With that the screen goes black again and Impaler is gone. Caleb and Power and Glory leave the ring.)


TOWERS: "This next match is scheduled as a TLC - Tables, Ladders & Chairs - Match... with the partner who retrieves the briefcase that is suspended above the ring becoming the #1 contender to the X title!"

(Crowd cheers)

TOWERS: "Introducing first... led to the ring by Mr. Tiko Suriyama... and hailing from Tokyo, Japan... Mido Makkaido & Kendo Kazuki... THE DRAGON SOCIETY!!"

("HERE COMES THE PAIN" plays as all three men come out to the entrance ramp. The crowd is wishy-washy, but mostly booing them. They make their way down to the ring, ignoring fans along the way. They examine the various tables, ladders, and chairs that are place all over ringside and in the ring)

TOWERS: "And next... hailing from Canada and Michigan, respectively... the team of Timmons and Blaze... THE HARDCORE FELONS!!"

("STRICKEN" plays as the crowd boos. Both men come out, with grins on their faces. When they get to ringside, they huddle discussing their game plan. As Blaze turns, Timmons gives a sly smirk to his back. They both then slide into the ring)

TOWERS: "And their opponents... hailing from Canada and St. Louis... the team of CHRISTIAN CAMPBELL & KRIS KASH!!"

("REALIST KILLAZ" plays over the PA as the crowd bursts into cheers. Kash and Campbell come out, playing up to the crowd)

DANIELS: "This is the first time these guys have teamed up, but they seem pretty comfortable together already!"

(Both men make it down to the ring, high fiving fans along the way. They slide into the ring, and two members of each of the other teams attack each of them. Mido and Timmons are on Christian, Kendo and Blaze are on Kash)

MASTERS: "That's what I like to see!"

DANIELS: "This is almost like a gang beating!"

-Mido and Tim pick up Campbell. As Tim throws Christian to the ropes, Mido picks up a chair and measures-


DANIELS: "And the first man to taste chair is Campbell!"

MASTERS: "He just met his limit!"


DANIELS: "OH! Mido turns it around, and levels Timmons! So much for team work!"

-On the other side of the ring, Kendo is holding Kash as Blaze is punching him. Blaze takes a few steps back... runs... but Kash ducks, and Blaze hits Kendo with a flying forearm! Kash then kicks Blaze in the gut, and delivers a DDT... right onto a chair!-

MASTERS: "Blaze didn't see it coming, and just like that... lights out!"

-On the other end of the ring, Mido is beating down Timmons. Tim is staggering, as Mido runs to the ropes... Mido jumps, but Tim ducks backdropping Mido over the top rope, and on to the floor-

DANIELS: "Air Mido 2!"

-Mido is down, and out. He is clenching his ribs. Tim gets out of the ring, and begins to set up a table as the crowd cheers for the first use of one. He sets it up on the guardrail and the ring apron. But before he could do anything about it, Campbell comes flying over the top rope and crashing down hard onto Tim with a plancha-

MASTERS: "And it's Christian's turn to take flight as he comes slamming down on the Hardcore Master!"

-On the other side, Kash and Kendo are duking it out. Blaze is still recovering from the DDT. As they go back and forth, Blaze slowly gets up, grabs a chair, and goes to the outside of the ring apron. Kash and Kendo get positioned just right, and Kendo ducks as Blaze throws the chair up to Kash. Blaze then jumps up and springboards, drop kicking the chair right into Kash's face-

DANIELS: "Good God, what a thundering smack!"

MASTERS: "Kash might need to spend some of that money on plastic surgery now! Payback for the DDT earlier."

-Kendo stalks Blaze as he gets up though, and delivers a staggering kick to his kidney area. He then leaps up, straddles, and pulls sending Blaze over with a reverse Frankensteiner-

DANIELS: "I think I heard K-Blaze's spine snap like popcorn!"

MASTERS: "It sounded like the bubble wrap going off... damn, that's gotta hurt."

-Kendo then turns his attention to Kash. Blaze is out for the second time. On the other side, still on the floor, is Mido, Tim and Christian all three going back and forth. Christian leaps up for a Pele kick, but Tim sees it and shoves Mido in the way. Mido takes it full force, seemingly knocking him out. Tim then grabs Campbell and walks him towards the guardrail a little. He grabs him, and Russian legsweeps him right into the guardrail-

DANIELS: "Good god, the back of Christian's head just met that cold hard steel!"

MASTERS: "He's gonna be seeing stars for a while after that, Jarred."

-Timmons jawjacks a little with the fans. In the ring, Kendo is beating up on Kash. Kendo kicks Kris right in the face, sending him down. Kendo then grabs a ladder, and begins to set it up underneath the briefcase. The crowd gets electric-

DANIELS: "Kendo is the first to set up a ladder, is he going for the finale right now?" MASTERS: "Looks like it, Dumbass!"

-Kendo sets it up and begins to climb. Kash slowly moves around, and finally sees Kendo advancing. Kash stands up, stumbling.. He lunges towards the ladder, knocking it over! Kendo goes crashing down, out of the ring, right onto the floor on the opposite side of where Timmons and the others are. Kendo lands with a thud, and the crowd cheers Kash-

MASTERS: "Kendo might be dead, someone call an ambulance!"

DANIELS: "You wouldn't show that kind of emotion if it were Fiscus or King, would you!"

MASTERS: "Of course I would.. I am an unbiased journalist, Jarred!"

DANIELS: "Right..."

-On the other side, Timmons has picked up Mido and has set him up on the table. Timmons then gets on the ring apron, and measures Mido up. He yells out to the crowd "WATCH THIS" and takes a running leap... but Mido moves! Timmons goes right through the table, breaking it in two!-



-Campbell is sitting up now, and seeing Mido who is looking at the motionless Tim. Suddenly, Kash comes crashing down onto Mido with a springboard body block. Campbell gets up and goes to them after a few moments, and all three men are standing up. They all three look up to see a revived K-Blaze come crashing down on them with a somersault splash. All four men are down-

DANIELS: "It looks like a train wreck out there!"

MASTERS: "This is what the TLC is about, Daniels."

-Kendo, on the other side of the ring, is up but still hurt. He leans against the ring, occassionally looking over on the other side. He slowly and sluggishly begins putting up another table, the same way the previous one was only on the opposite side of the ring. Blaze is the first man up on the other side, and picks up Christian. He irish whips Christian right into the guardrail. He then grabs a steel chair that was on the ground, and tosses it to Christian who catches it. K-Blaze jumps and spins, kicking the chair right into Christian's face-


MASTERS: "Quit trying to come up with move names, Jarred. But damn, Christian may be out for good!"

-Kash is up, and sees Kendo trying to set up a ladder in the ring. Kendo begins climbing, and Kash slides in and starts climbing on the other side of the ladder. They meet at the top, and both men begin throwing rights at each other. Kris takes control, and both men seem to get on the very top rung. Kris leaps up...-



MASTERS: "Damn, Kendo went flying... he almost fell out of the ring! He was just inches away from smacking the ropes."

DANIELS: "And he appears to be out!"

-Kash has kept on the mat as well, a little spent. On the outside, Campbell is still down as Mido and Blaze are going toe-to-toe. Blaze takes control and nails Mido with a spinning heel kick. He had previously set up another table on the other side of the entrance aisle, and then sets Mido on top of it. He gets in the ring and moves the ladder over just slightly. He seemingly sprints up the rungs until he is at the top-

DANIELS: "What is this daredevil thinking?"

MASTERS: "He's thinking of putting Mido away for good, right now!"

-Blaze points out to the crowd, and turns around.. he back flips...-




DANIELS: "I have to agree with the crowd on this one... Holy shit!"

MASTERS: "Daniels! Language!"

DANIELS: "Look at Blaze though, that took him out of the game as well! And Kash... Kash is up and stumbling to the ladder!"

-Kash sees his opportunity and grabs the ladder, placing it back directly underneath the briefcase. He crawls up the ladder, and as he gets closer the crowd cheers more... He gets up.... reaches.....-


DANIELS: "Kash did it! Kris Kash Money did it!"

MASTERS: "Kris Kash is now the #1 contender to the X title!"

-As Kash continues to celebrate his victory in the ring, the lights in the arena suddenly go completely dark, and sounds of rumbling thunder and a strange chanting can be heard-

DANIELS: "Wait a minute….what the hell is going on here? I thought maybe we had some sort of a blackout, but this….what IS this?"

MASTERS: "I’ll tell you what this is! Some IDIOT is trying to interrupt Kash’s hard-earned victory! This guy is the number-one contender for the X Championship, and…."

-Suddenly, the lights in the arena come back on, and standing in the middle of the ring, we see none other than “The Dark Prince” Rave, with an enraged look on his face and armed with a steel chair. As the crowd begins to go wild, Rave slowly stares down Kris, who is completely unaware that Rave is even standing behind him-

DANIELS: "Oh my God! It’s Rave! It’s Rave! 'The Dark Prince' is here tonight!"

MASTERS: "What business does that emo-freak have out here? This is Kash’s moment of glory! This guy has NO business being out here!"

DANIELS: "You better not let Rave hear you say that, William!"

Suddenly, as Kash turns around, he comes face-to-face with “The Dark Prince”. Kris has a look of shock and surprise on his face as Rave slowly advances towards him with the steel chair in his hand. And just as Kash attempts to bolt from the ring, Rave drops the steel chair and grabs ahold of Kash’s neck, quickly pulling him back. Rave then violently headbutts Kris, causing him to fall to the mat

DANIELS: "My God, what a damn vicious headbutt from Rave! But what in the world is he doing out here? He has no part of this!"

MASTERS: "Jarred, don’t you EVER listen to me? Rave is out here to ruin Kash’s moment of victory, something he has absolutely NO right to do! Somebody get him out of here!"

Rave then pauses to stare down at Kash’s limp, fallen body. Kris manages to make it back to his feet, but Rave has already picked up the steel chair. As Kris turns around again, Rave blasts him in the head with the chair, causing blood to begin flowing profusely from Kash’s head, giving him a crimson mask

DANIELS: "William, I can’t believe what the hell we’re seeing here! Rave has just busted Kris open with that shot from the steel chair! I can understand that “The Dark Prince” is maybe upset from not becoming the number-one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship back at the Pay-Per-View, but this is getting WAY out of hand!"

MASTERS: "Why isn’t security coming out here to clear the ring of this maniac????"

-Rave then softly runs his fingers across the head of Kash and smears the blood onto his chest. “The Dark Prince” then leaves the ring and takes the microphone from the ring announcer. Getting back into the ring, Rave then grabs ahold of Kash’s head and sits him up on his knees. As he looks at his latest victim, grinning, Rave brings the microphone up to his mouth

DANIELS: "Wait a minute, here….is Rave actually going to SPEAK!?"

MASTERS: "It sure looks that way, Jarred! Where the hell is security?"

-Rave then begins speaking to the fans in the arena-

RAVE: "Last week at “Road To Glory”, I was to have gotten the biggest victory of my career by becoming the number-one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. But a few select UNDESERVING individuals decided to take it upon themselves to ROB me of what should rightfully be MINE - YOU in particular, ACE KING! If you even THINK that I’m going to allow this TRAVESTY to come full circle, if you THINK that I’m going to ALLOW someone the likes of YOU to capture MY World Heavyweight Championship….I strongly - VERY STRONGLY - advise you to THINK AGAIN! The time WILL come when you will have NO CHOICE but to defend - and might I add HAND OVER - that championship to Combat Zone Wrestling’s TRUE form of talent, “The Dark Prince” himself! But until that time comes…."

-Rave then looks back down at the bloodied body of Kash and grins evilly-

RAVE: "….It looks as though I’ll have to settle for the next best thing! That’s why tonight, I’m issuing the challenge - the challenge that THIS waste of human flesh WILL accept!"

-Rave then gets down to his knees and pulls Kash back up. Rave then begins to look deep into his eyes-

DANIELS: "Oh, man, come on! I think this has gone on for long enough! Someone get down here and get Rave out of here!"

MASTERS: "Jarred, you know how much I like seeing some good violence, but this is just starting to get extremely uncomfortable…."

-Rave brings the microphone back up to his lips as he begins speaking directly to Kash-

RAVE: "Kash, just like Ace King will with me in the future, you’re going to be taking the BIGGEST gamble of your life NEXT WEEK! You listen to me, and you listen good….you may have achieved your number-one contendership status here tonight, but next week….next week, how about we find out if you TRULY deserve the honor? Next week, you and I, one-on-one! The winner becomes the TRUE number-one contender for the X Championship!"

-The crowd begins to go wild in agreement as both Jarred Daniels and William Masters both get shocked looks on their faces from ringside-

DANIELS: "OH MY GOD! Rave vs. Kash next week! I can’t believe this!"

MASTERS: "Well, “The Dark Prince” has laid out the challenge, but the question remains - will Kash accept it? Will Kash put his X Championship shot on the line against this maniac??"

DANIELS: "I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out, and…."

-Rave then gets back on the microphone-

RAVE: "Oh, and by the way, SHOULD you decide to be a man and accept my challenge, I want to see just how tough you can REALLY be in a situation that will be virtually impossible for you to escape from! That’s why if you accept my challenge, it will be….an INFERNO MATCH!!!!!"

-The crowd then starts to go crazy once again-

DANIELS: "Good God almighty! Did he just say what I think he just said????"

MASTERS: "A damn Inferno Match???? That’s NEVER happened in the history of this company!!!!"

DANIELS: "You’re damn right it hasn’t! It looks as though the odds MAY NOW be stacked in Rave’s favor if Kash decides to accept the challenge of “The Dark Prince”! My God, an Inferno Match! A first in the entire history of Combat Zone Wrestling!"

-Rave is then seen pushing Kash’s bloodied head back down to the mat as he gets on the microphone once again-

RAVE: "If it’s THIS easy to make you simply BLEED….just IMAGINE what I could do to you inside a blazing inferno!"

-As “Nymphetalmine” begins to play over the PA system, Rave drops the microphone, takes one more look at Kash’s bloodied, broken body and leaves the ring, heading towards the blackstage area-

DANIELS: "Ladies and gentlemen, what a SHOCKING development THIS is! If you’re just joining us, Kris Kash claimed the briefcase to become the number-one contender for the X Championship, but right after that victory, the lights went dark and none other than “The Dark Prince” himself, Rave, showed up in the ring and just completely beat the living hell out of Kash! He then went on to say that he would soon come after Ace King for what he calls “stealing” the number-one contender’s slot for the World Heavyweight Championship away from him, when CLEARLY Ace won it fair and square! Rave THEN went on to challenge Kash to a match next week with the number-one contendership to the X Championship on the line, but not in just ANY match - an Inferno Match! Something we have NEVER seen in the history of CZW! But William, the question is will Kris accept Rave’s challenge and put his shot at the X Championship on the line next week in a seemingly dangerous situation?"

MASTERS: "I hope we find out soon, but now the EMTs are coming down to help all of these men! It truly IS a train wreck now, Jarred!"

-As the EMTs get the wrestlers taken care of, a commercials for is played. The scene then cuts to the CombatTron-

Matt Styles was inside of his locker room and the lights seems to go out inside of his locker room. Out of nowhere they came back on as he look around wondering what the heck just happen. He looked over at the mirror and it seems there blood written across the mirror with the words.

“What comes around goes around! You will pay for your actions.”

He stood there looking at with a look of confusing and wondering who the heck could have put that on his mirror.

DANIELS: "Welcome back everyone and -- what!?"

-The whole arena goes black all of a sudden. After a few more moments, a light right above the ring shoots on revealing the anarchy symbol from last week in the middle of the ring-

MASTERS: "What the hell is this, Jarred, is he going to attack someone else!?"

-After a few more moments, the light stops leaving the arena in black again. 10 seconds later, the lights go back on-

DANIELS: "Uhhh... okay. Well... let's get on to the next match then, I guess?"

TOWERS: "This next match is a singles match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first... hailing from Sydney, Australia... He is SHAWN WATERS!!"

("4 Words" hits, causing the fans to boo (except for the few Waters fans who play air guitar). Shawn and Ashley walk onto the stage. Shawn looks around at the fans. He smiles then dips Ashley, waltz style. He looks at the crowd, then pashes her. He lifts her back up and heads to the ring. He rolls onto the ring and walks over the the ropes. He poses for the crowd. He then sits on the corner waiting for his opponent.)

TOWERS: "And his opponent... hailing from Trenton, New Jersey and being accompanied to the ring by Loki.. SPECIAL ED COVEY!!"

("Shut Me Up" by Mindless Self Indulgence plays.)

(Ed comes stumbling out from the back and glances to each side of the ramp at the fans. He thrusts Loki high into the air for a big pop from the crowd. He brings Loki back to his side and points a finger at the ring, shaking it like he's going into convulsions. He grins as he approaches the ring, looking like he's constantly walking with a limp. Once he enters the ring, he raises Loki into the air once more, before placing him on a turnbuckle where Ed looks to be talking strategy with his friend.)

[Waters climbs up onto the ring apron as he steps between the ropes as the ref calls for the bell. Waters circles around Ed who stands still in the center of the ring. The two look each other over and then holds their arms out as they approach each other to lock up in the elbow and collar, but Waters strikes first as he lands a kick into the mid-section of Ed who winces in pain. Waters then follows up as he grabs Ed by the hair as he jams his knee up into the ribs of Ed repeatedly as he grimaces with each shot and drops to a knee as the crowd boos. Waters then backs up and then lays into Ed with a stiff kick to the ribs as he drops down to the mat as Waters struts around Ed and then tells the crowd to "shut up" as he grabs a hold of him and slowly pulls him back up onto his feet. Waters measures Ed and then lands a big right to the head as he drops to a knee as Waters shakes his hand out following the punch.]

Masters: See how hard that punch was?

Daniels: Probably broke his hand.

Masters: I think so.

[Waters then grabs Ed by the arm as he turns and fires him into the back ropes. As Ed comes off the ropes, Waters hits him square in the gut with a knee as Ed flips over and drops to the mat in pain. Waters drops down and makes a quick cover.]


Masters: Special Ed easily kicks out.

Daniels: I hope he did not think he was going to get the win there.

[Waters is quickly back up on his feet as Ed remains down. Waters then drops down with a leg drop across the throat as the crowd boos louder as Waters rolls over and gets on his feet as he backs up into the side ropes. He waits patiently as Ed holds his throat and then rolls over as he slowly works up to a knee. As Ed works to his feet, Waters moves in for a clothesline, but Ed ducks underneath. As both men turn, Ed strikes first as he slaps his right hand around the throat of Waters which draws a pop from the crowd. Waters though thinks quickly as he lands a stiff kick to the gut, and then another as the hold is broken. Waters then grabs Ed, turns and fires him into the opposite side ropes. As he comes off the ropes, Waters telegraphs a back-body drop as Ed moves in and slips him into a quick front facelock and then slams him down with a DDT as the crowd responds.]

Daniels: Great move by Ed!

Masters: Yes it was. Nice reversal.

[Both men roll over onto their backs as they breathe heavily. Ed winces as he slowly begins to pull himself up as Waters rolls onto his side and then slowly does the same. Waters shakes his head to clear the cob webs and as he looks ahead, Ed hooks him into a waistlock and then flips him back to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex as the crowd cheers. Waters holds his lower back as he rolls over and slowly gets back up as Ed slowly works back to his. As Waters turns, Ed runs him down with a clothesline. Waters rolls over and gets back up as the crowd buzzes as Ed turns back to face Waters. He moves in for another clothesline as Waters ducks underneath as Ed winds up in the side ropes. Ed then comes off the ropes as Waters then turns and executes a drop toe hold as he drives Ed face-first to the mat. Waters then drops down quickly as he hooks his arm around both sides of Ed 's head and then locks his hands as he slips him into a crossface submission hold as Ed grimaces in pain. ]

Daniels: Come on Ed! Make it to the ropes!

Masters: I don't think he is going to make it!

Daniels: Yes yes he will!

[Waters grinds the crossface on as Ed continues to try and fight free. The ref checks on him again as Ed again says "no". Waters finally releases the hold after a few more seconds as the crowd boos. Ed remains flat on the mat as Waters gets back up on his feet. Waters walks around in front of Ed as he tells him to "get up" as the crowd boos. Waters continues to verbally assault Ed as the crowd boos louder. Ed struggles to pull himself up off the mat as he rises to all fours. Waters throws his arms up as he motions for Ed to get up. He struggles up to his knees and then to his feet as Waters then moves in as Ed scoops him up off his feet as the crowd responds. The momentum though carries Waters over the shoulder of Ed as he slides down Ed 's back.]

Daniels: That mistake might prove costly right there for Covey!

[Waters spins Ed around and goes for the SAW. Once he starts to pick the big man up, Ed knees Waters right in the face. Waters drops Ed back down to his feet. Ed picks Waters up, turns, but Waters reverses, and hits SAW! Waters drops down and makes the cover. 1.........2............3!]

Jessica: Your winner….Shawn Waters!!

[Shawn wearily celebrates his victory, while Ed rolls out of the ring and sits on the floor, leaning on the guardrail. Shawn now slides out of the ring, and kinda stands on the opposite end, as Jessica Towers gets ready to announce the next match.]

TOWERS: "And the following contest is set for one fall and is between the cZw Intercontinental Champion and the cZw TV Champion"

DANIELS: "But both of these men are still at ringside, is this match going to take place with them watching on"

MASTERS: "Well Upstarts are always working together so I guess so, Shawn getting his revenge on Ed just earlier, now it is time for Mack to get his revenge"

DANIELS: "What makes you think that will happen? Ronnie is the TV Champion, he looks focused on this match and I heard earlier he wants to prove something here tonight after the Tower of Power match"

MASTERS: "Yeah and who would of thought Shawn and Mack out of Upstarts would both be eliminated by that demented coconut loving fool Ed Covey, a real disgrace that was"

DANIELS: "I disagree, I thought he gave his heart and his soul into that match, but just came up short"

MASTERS: "What is that to make up for the fact he could not put his brain into the match, the guy is even more stupid than you, and that is hard to do, your IQ is in single digits for goodness sake"

DANIELS: "What the guy lacks in brain power he certainly makes up for with heart and determination, but he was just unlucky here tonight"

MASTERS: "Whatever, i just hope he does stick around a little longer so Mack can get a piece of that twirp tonight too"

DANIELS: "You know what, I am sick and tired of hearing you talk about you little obsession you have with Upstarts, if you love them so much why not go and join them, maybe then I can be left to do my job in peace"

MASTERS: "Oh stop being so dramatic, I could never do that to the fans, I mean just imagine having to listen to just you for two hours, suicide rates would go sky high"

DANIELS: "Ha ha...Anyway, I feel as though Upstarts have something planned here, Mack is about to come down and Shawn is still here, Shawn of course the number one contender for the TV Title, Ed the number one contender for the IC Title, this could explode here tonight"

MASTERS: "With Upstarts involved I am sure it will not be as simple as that, these guys are genious"

DANIELS: "Oh God, I despair I really do, anyway, thaknfully Mack is about to come out now so this match can get started"

( "MAN UP" by "STICKY FINGAZ" blasts out throughout the arena)

TOWERS: "On his way to the ring, he is the Intercontinental Champion, hailing from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 240 lbs, the #1 Draft Pick, Mack Beaudin..."

( Mack comes down to the ring on his own, his eyes focussed on Ed who is still at ringside. Shawn walks upto him and talks strategy with him as the fans boo them both thoroughy. Ed gets the fans even more wound up as he starts a Upstarts Suck chant throughout the arena. Mack walks up close to Ed as they both peer at each other, Ed cutting the tension as he whispers somethig to his friend, Loki. Mack now gets into the ring as he awaits his opponent)

Towers: "And his opponent, the current cZw TV Champion, hailing from Birmingham, Alabama and weighing in at 260 lbs, The Living Legend, Ronnie McNiel..."

( "REMEMBER THE NAME" by "FORT MINOR" begins to play. Ronnie comes out as the fans now start to cheer, still some can be heard chanting obsceneties to Upstarts though. Ronnie raises his arms up into the air as he begins to walk down the ramp. He looks deadly serious and focussed on the task ahead. The sight of Shawn does not even put him off, but Ed does though as he runs up and gives him a huge hug, Ronnie eventually prising him off as Shawn laughs at him. Ronnie, still focussed gets into the ring as both the TV Champ and IC Champ face off)

DANIELS: "Did you see the eyes of Ronnie McNeil, terrifying"

MASTERS: "Yeah he certainly did look terrified after that freak Ed Covey pounced on him, I think he should be locked away in a zoo somewhere"

DANIELS: "I think the same about you William all the time"

MASTERS: "Good, because that is going to be your last thought Jarred"

DANIELS: "This is truly a interesting contest, not only is this between the current holders of the IC and TV Titles, but Shawn and Ed have decided to stichk around, I personally feel something is planned but lets see"

MASTERS: "Oh Jarred, surely you should know by now, Upstarts always have things in motion, so yes, I guess something will be planned, ad it won't be pretty for Ed and Ronnie, I bet"

DANIELS: "As much as I hope it does not happen, I have to agree with you there, these Upstarts are savage dogs"

MASTERS: "Yeah with a taste for gold"


- Mack stands still smiling as the crowd chants Ronnie's name, Mack getting booed but loving it. Ronnie looking focused on the match. Shawn tells the crowd to shut up as they start to get louder, now chanting 'You Suck'. Mack loves it though as he walks around the ring with his head up high. Ronnie begins the attack as he goes to lock up with Mack, they test each other's strength as Ronnie begins to get the upper hand, Mack fights back, both looking evenly matched in the power department, only before Mack cowardly kicks Ronnie in the sternam then elbows him on the back of the head

DANIELS: "Well I could see that coming, an Upstarts member taking a cowards way out"

MASTERS: "Funny, you call him a coward, I call him a genious"

- Shawn loves it as he claps on the outside, Ed, on the other side of the ring, talking to Loki. Mack throws Ronnie into the corner where he hits him with several elbows to the jaw, then two shoulder thrusts, Ronnie now trying to find his breath as Mack closes his fists and hits Ronnie right under his rib cage, knocking him to his knees as the referee tells Mack off. Mack apologises to the ref, only to follow it up by kicking Ronnie square in the face with his huge boot.

DANIELS: "This man is full of dirty tactics"

MASTERS: "Yeah he has a whole range of them but that is not necessarily a bad things, look at Ric Flair for example, the dirtiest player in the game, Upstarts may be the dirtiest players in the game but they get the job done"

DANIELS: "Yeah, resorting to cheating, they should be so proud of themselves"

- Mack now picks Ronnie up as Ronnie fights back, elbows to the sternam, kicks to the shins, then he runs off into the ropes, bounces off as Mack goes for a hip toss, Ronnie counters however throwing Mack with a hip toss instead, Mack gets up quickly, Ronnie hits him with a perfectly times dropkick knocking Mack out of the ring.

DANIELS: "Finally we have seen the quickness of Ronnie, this man has that ability which only a few wrestlers have, an ability to turn the match upside down just in an instant"

MASTERS: "Yeah, I ctually do respect the skills of Ronnie McNeil, I just think he has chose the wrong path to go down, enemies of Upstarts, it is not a place where anyone wants to be"

DANIELS: "I have to agree with that, they are capable of anything which is what makes them such a dangerous team"

- As Shawn goes to meet Mack on the outside trying to compose him, Ronnie smiles and waves at the crowd as he runs up, dives over the ropes and lands brilliantly on both Shawn and Mack, knocking both Upstarts members down. The crowd picks up as does Ed who laughs at both Shawn and Mack. Ronnie now picks Mack up and throws him into the ring, Mack rolling around not knowing where he is. As Ronnie is about to get into the ring however, Shawn gets up and shouts something to him, Ronnie stays on the apron as Mack sees an opportunity, Ronnie gets back into the ring as Mack, badly timing his run, runs towards Ronnie but Ronnie catches him and hits a back body drop as Mack once again, flying to the outside, but also landing on Shawn Waters. Ronnie, Ed and the fans all laugh as Upstarts are rolling around on the floor outside looking dazed.

DANIELS: "FANTASTIC...They can't seem to get up, Ronnie is on fire here"

MASTERS: "Too much too early on in the match I think, he will regret this later on"

DANIELS: "Who knows, this one could be over early here, HAHA...They look like a fish out of water"

- Shawn gets up and tells Mack to get back into the ring and destroy Ronnie, Mack gets into the ring but is caught by Ronnie who kicks him in the sternam, twists his arm around and locks in a hammerlock. Mack cringes in pain as he eventually switches it around, only for a second though as Ronnie reverses, then hitting Mack with a German Suplex. Mack is down as Ronnie runs at the ropes and delivers a nicely executed elbow drop down on the heart of Mack, he covers...



- Mack kicks out as Ronnie jumps up, running at the ropes again but this time, Shawn catches his foot, Ronnie now distracted as he turns around talking to Shawn, Mack comes up from behind and takes advantage of the situation, hitting a Russian Leg Sweep on Ronnie, then covers...





- Ed comes into the situation taking Loki with him as Loki starts telling Shawn off, or as Ed, makes it seem, Shawn having none of it swings at Ed but Ed ducks then plants Loki crashing head first into the genitals of Shawn as he collapses to his knees and rolls around screaming in pain, tears starting to show as Ed celebrates holding loki up high. Mack this time the one getting distracted as he grabs Loki off him from inside the ring but Ronnie quickly comes behind him and rolls him up with a school boy pin...






MASTERS: "Damn Ed Covey, someone get him out of here"

- Ed gets Loki back as Mack gets up raging after the nearfall, he runs at Ronnie as Ronnie quickly sidesteps and plants Mack down face first with a drop toe hold, then follows up by locking in a nice Mexican Surfboard, Mack tries to wriggle free but Ronnie has it locked in within a second.

MASTERS: "OH NO...Get out Mack, GET OUT"

DANIELS: "I am sorry to say this William but he has no where to go, he is stuck"

MASTERS: "Rubbish, Mack can think of a way out, I know he can"

DANIELS: "Wait...What is Shawn doing?"

- Shawn is violently angry now on the outside as he watches his partner being torn apart inside the ring, Ed celebrating on the outside with Loki and the fans cheering Ronnie and Ed on. Shawn begins to crack as he tries to get into the ring but the referee stops him, Shawn is relentless however, trying to weave his way inside the ring as the referee finally, to everyone's delight sends Shawn to the back, the referee incensed and ordering Shawn to the back, Shawn tries to argue at first but then realises he has to go. Ed waves goodbye as Shawn scowls at him, leaving the ringside.


DANIELS: "He can and he has, now Ed is left at ringside watching on as Ronnie has control of this match"

MASTERS: "These damn biased referees, I am sick of them"

- Now, back in the ring, Mack is still locked into the hold, however Ronnie releases it in the end as he knows Mack is not about to tap, Ronnie now, with Mack hurt in the middle of the ring picks him up and connects with a fluent Capture style suplex. Ronnie picks Mack up again as this time he hits him with a belly to back suplex. Ronnie, now on a roll picks Mack up one more time as Ed and the fans clap him on, Mack however low blows Ronnie as Ronnie loses all of his momentum as Mack hits him now with a short arm clothesline, knocking Ronnie down then collapses down himself as the referee tells him off and the fans boo him

MASTERS: "That is how you get the job done, you might of thought his parter being thrown out of the area would of hinded his chances but Mack is always in control"

DANIELS: "What? You didn't see that? It was blow the belt Dammit"

MASTERS: "I saw nothing"

- Mack is first to get up, noticing that Ronnie is still in some pain, he grabs both legs and stomps his boot down on his sternam, then drops an elbow down. Mack picks him up, Ronnie unable to fight back at the moment as he is in such heavy pain, Mack lifts him up and purposely drops him back down on the third rope as Ronnie lands legs apart, then dropping to the ground screaming in pain. Mack takes his time now as he walks around the ring, also shouting out things down to Ed who watches on, still with Loki in his clutches. Mack goes back to Ronnie, Ronnie holding his mid section as he creases up his face still in pain, Mack irish whips Ronnie, Ronnie ducks under a clothesline attempt, now slowing down though as he cannot run too fast, Mack catches him coming off the rebound and slams him straight down with a Spinning Spinebuster. Mack hooks the legs...





MASTERS: "Don't let him breathe, get him, GET HIM"

DANIELS: "What the hell are you, his manager?"

MASTERS: "No, I like to think of me more like an associate, but I would make a good manager"

DANIELS: "My goodness, my Commentating partner has gone insane"

- Ronnie with the kickout but no chance to breathe, Mack straight back on the attack as he stomps Ronnie deep into the ground, then kneels down a grabs Ronnie in a chinlock. Ronnie kicks his legs trying to gain momentum to escape the hold, he reaches his knees, now stands up as Mack tries to put on more pressure, Ronnie now though is virtually out of the hold, picks Mack up who still has a grip on Ronnie and slams Mack down with a pinning side suplex, bridging over...





MASTERS: "Okay, my heart just stopped, I am sure this is not normal"

DANIELS: "Well apart from you dying out here, we are in the middle of one hell of a match"

- A very close fall, Mack and Ronnie both rise as they come to blows, Ronnie dodging the punches of Mack as he jabs him, twice, three times, then hooks the jaw of Mack with a huge right hand, the referee objecting to the move which knocks Mack clean out. Ronnie now sets his sights on the top rope, sensing that Mack is out of it. He climbs up high quickly, facing away from Mack as he dives off, a spectacular Moonsault, but unfortunately being counted as Mack lifts up both boots, lodging in the lower mid section of Ronnie as he bounces off and rolls around the ring in serious agony.

MASTERS: "I may not be a big Ronnie fan but I sympathise with him here, that made my eyes water"

DANIELS: "Yeah but Lassie made your eyes water"

MASTERS: "Look, as I explained last time, I had just been chopping up onions, I do not give a crap about that damn dog"

DANIELS: "Whatever, anyway, back to reality, Ronnie is in serious trouble here"

- Mack begins to rise now as Ronnie is finding it hard to breathe, Mack picks him up back facing him, Ronnie still trying to get his breath back, Mack now hitting Ronnie with a high angle backdrop. He keeps his clutches on Ronnie though as he lifts him up and hits an even more fierce back drop, again keeping his hands locked, picks up Ronnie for a third time, Ronnie elbows Mack in the head, then the stomach trying to escape until, Mack ties Ronnie up in a dangerous cobra clutch.

DANIELS: "Mack looking relentless now, can Ronnie cunjure up enough strength to escape this hold"

MASTERS: "I doubt it, Mack has been clever throughout this match, weakened his opponent, now locking him into a dangerous submission hold, Mack is looking impressive here"

DANIELS: "Well these fans do not seem to think so, they have been all over Mack in this match, Mack is just not liked anywhere"

MASTERS: "Yes but I know for a fact Mack would rather be hated by these lowlifes than be respected by a group of people who cannot even tie there own shoe laces"

DANIE:S: "Well, these fans are makinfg as much noise as they can but Ronnie is slipping it seems, is this match about to be over?"

- Ronnie fades quickly as he goes down to one knee, Mack making him look like a featherweight as he throws Ronnie around, thrashing him from left to right with the hold. Ronnie, starting to froth from the mouth now looks in a bad way. Ed and the rest of the fans try to lift the spirits of Ronnie, they make a huge amount of noise as Ronnie begins to show signs of an adrenaline rush, gets up to both feet, twists out of the move using immense power then hits Mack out of desperation with a T Bone Suplex. Both men now out in the middle of the ring.

DANIELS: "WOW...What can happen next? This match has it all"

MASTERS: "Yeah, even the demented Ed Covey and his carribean friend, soemtimes I think I have slipped into another dimension, but then I see you and realise the dark cold truth, I am stuck here commentating with you, you have held me back for years, I could be Donald Trump or anyone, but instead i have to talk with a complete doofus and sit infront of 10 000 knuckleheads, what a life"

DANIELS: "Well if it is that bad then get the hell out of here, i am sick of your endless bab..."

MASTERS: "Be quiet, i am trying to watch the match"

DANIELS: "Why do I even bother?"

- Ed bangs on the side apron as he wills Ronnie on, Loki falls out of his hands as he runs around trying to get him back. Ronnie is first to rise, grabbing onto the side of the ropes, Mack begins to stir too though, as Ronnie leans on the ropes trying to get his breath back, Mack runs towards him, Ronnie pulls the top rope down as Mack collapses over, but lands on the apron rather than the floor. Mack grabs the back of Ronnie's head as Ronnie turns around and hits Mack in the jaw, then drops off the apron. Ed happens to still be trying to pick Loki up on the outside as it somehow manages to roll right upto the feet of Mack. Mack looks down in anger as he picks it up, Ed looks on in sadness. Mack is about to smash it down on the guardrail but out of no where, Ronnie comes sliding through and crashes into Mack with a strong baseball slide, Mack goes crashing into the guardrail as Ed grabs Loki back.

MASTERS: "That damn Loki, he is a jynx"

DANIELS: "You do realise you just called Loki a him, not a it, I think you are the deranged one"

MASTERS: "I think you are right, I need a break"

- Ronnie gets to the outside and hits Mack's head down on the apron, then throws him back into the ring. Ronnie now stalks Mack as he gets up, ready to pounce on him, he comes running in as Mack pokes Ronnie right in the eye, then bounces off the ropes as Ronnie can only see a blur, Mack crashes into Ronnie with a shoulder block knocking him down. Mack then picks him back up laying him down in the middle of the ring with a positioned powerslam. Then he climbs up onto the second rope on the turnbuckle as he waits on Ronnie

DANIELS: "Is this wise?"

MASTERS: "If it pays off, this match is over"

- Mack takes his eyes of Ronnie for a split second as he scowls at Ed. Ronnie suddenly though dives up onto the third rope, then quickly grabbing Mack, dives off with him hitting a top rope Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Mack crashes down as does Ronnie as the ring almost explodes, the crowd however do explode into a mass of cheers. Both men lying motionless in the ring as the fas cheer Ronnie on



- Ronnie begins to move his arms, then his legs, he looks over as Mack is flat out on his back, eyes closed. He knows this is his opportunity as he crawls desperately over to Mack, getting closer but trying to drag himself there. Finally he reaches, he leans over and places a finger tip on Mack's body, the count...






DANIELS: "What a match we have here folks, and don't forget, still to come tonight we have the big main event where Jesse Montana & Matt Stylez team up for one night only. But back to the action here"

MASTERS: "This is one hell of a match, these two men are champions but both could easily go for the World Title, they are proving it here tonight"

DANIELS: "I am surprised to hear you say that"

MASTERS: "Oh did I say both men? I meant Mack"

- Ronnie and Mack lie there, not even knowing whether that was a three count or not, but the referee screams it down there ears, it was only a two count. Ronnie tries to get up but collapses back down again, now Mack overtakes him, getting to his feet, but looking off balance, Ronnie now up, they hit each other as each shot takes so much out of the other, but they stay on their feet, another hit from both, then Ronnie hits Mack sending him into the corner. Ronnie climbs up and starts pounding away at the forehead of Mack







- Mack eventually blocks a punch from Ronnie and quickly lifts Ronnie up and spins him around slamming him into the corner now, kick to the sternam, punch to the jaw, he sets Ronnie up, irish whip to the opposite corner, Ronnie bounces back, then Mack comes running up as Ronnie hits another dop toe hold now locking in an ankle lock. Mack gets caught in it as Ronnie locks it in perfectly. Mack rises up on both hands as his mouth, wide open, his eyes closed as tears scroll down his cheeks, Ronnie using every muscle in his body to rip away at the ankle of Mack. Mack, now trying to crawl to the ropes gets pulled back into the middle of the ring, screaming in pain as he collapses. Ronnie now falls back and locks his legs around the leg of Mack, so that Mack cannot move now.

DANIELS: "I can't remember seeing Ronnie use this move before but it is highly effective"


DANIELS: "Mack can't hear you, and even if he could, I do not think hearing your voice would help matters"

MASTERS: "What are you talking about, I have a lovely soothing voice"

DANIELS: "Yes and I have an eight pack"

- Mack, desperate to escape now, rises up one more time, drags himself towards the ropes as he reaches out, clawing away and finally gets one hand on the bottom rope. Ronnie releases the hold as he looks at the crowd, all cheering for him, he picks up the weakened Mack who is now limping severely, then just like that, out of no where, in one moment...FLAWLESS!!!







MASTERS: "There must be some sort of mistake Jarred"


TOWERS: "And the winner of the match by pinfall, the cZw TV Champion, Ronnie McNeil"

As Ronnie celebrates in the middle of the ring, Ed dives in and jumps around holding up the arm of Ronnie, who looks pretty freaked out. Suddenly though, from behind come Shawn who is back out at ringside and chop blocks the leg of Ronnie, Ed tries to attack Shawn but Mack is up by this time and spins Ed around, hitting him with the Greeting From Tampa. Shawn and Mack now work together as they stomp Ronnie down into the mat, Shawn pouncing on him and laying furipus shots into the face of Ronnie. Mack then picks up Ed and nails him in the face with his best friend, Loki. They continue to pound away at their opponents as blood starts to appear on both superstars. Mack lay the Greeting From Tampa on both Ronnie and Ed now, as they lie in the ring, out cold. the crowd boo furiously shouting out 'Losers' and other chants. Then, mack looks down as he sees Loki on the floor. He picks him up and takes him with him out of the ring. Both members of the Upstarts wlk away with smirks on their faces as they leave the arena, Mack still holding onto Loki.

DANIELS: "Where is Mack taking Loki, dammit!? Loki isn't his property!"

MASTERS: "Loki's his own free man, Jarred! *laughs* He can do whatever he wants!"

DANIELS: "This Covey / Beaudin rivalry just took it up a notch!"

MASTERS: "I can't wait to see them fight, one on one. But now it's time for the main event, Jarred!"

DANIELS: "Yes indeed, and now it's an even playing field! 2 on 2, the roof is gonna blow off!"

MASTERS: "Let's see if Fiscus can really cut the mustard now!"

TOWERS: Now introducing, The Sensational Jesse Montana!!!

(“Rainmaker” blares and The fans explode into boo’s as Jesse appears atop the ramp. Along with Jacqui, they walk down the ramp. Jesse stops midway down the ramp and fakes like he is going to slap a fans hand but pulls back and shares a laugh with Jesse. He escorts her into the ring. His music stops and He looks up the ramp.)

TOWERS: His partner, The cZw World Heavyweight Champion… Matt Stylez!

(“Serial Thrilla” remix plays. The song is slowed down and accompanied by evil maniacal laughs throughout. He appears atop the ramp, he shakes his head really not sure about anything but the fans boo louder then they did for Jesse. He stops mid ramp and then looks around at the boo’s. He shakes his head again and then slides into the ring and walks over to Jesse. They talk for a minute, Matt smirks and then jumps onto the top turnbuckle and sits.)

TOWERS: Their opponents, First.. Your X Champion. El Pablo!

(“Been training dogs” plays and the fans cheer. Pablo gingerly walks out, he is still in some pain but he plays to the crowd and jogs down the ramp as he slaps hands with the fans. He stands outside of the ring and yells something at Matt. Matt turns his head, and continues to look up the ramp.)

TOWERS: His partner… Combat Zone President, Alan Fiscus!

(“Thieves” plays and Alan jogs out onto the top of the ramp. He smiles and waves to the fans, a sadistic look on his face. He walks down the ramp and stops by Pablo. They nod heads and then slide into the ring and go straight for their opponents.) DING DING DING

-They jump in and Stylez and Montana both exit the ring. Stylez standing looking into the ring as him and Jesse talk. Pablo clearly is upset that Matt and Jesse seem to be on terms, baseball slides right into Matt. Matt hits his back on the announce table. Matt seems to change as he gets that same sadistic look on his face. Jesse smiles but Matt nearly tramples Jesse as he jumps onto the Apron. Him and Pablo begin to trade blows. Jesse was bumped but smiles at the Sadistic Matt. Jesse climbs in, but Alan and him begin to go at it as well. The referee tries to restore order, pries Matt off Pablo and then Alan off Jesse. Jesse starts in the ring, with Pablo. Pablo looks to tag in Alan but instead rushes at Jesse and is caught with a dropkick off the top rope. Jesse exits the ring and stands on the apron as Matt just nailed Pablo. Matt jumps back to his feet and then mounts Pablo, attacking with a flurry or lefts and rights. Alan climbs the rope to Dropkick the unaware Matt but Jesse sprints across the ring and hits the ropes causing Alan to fall on his jewels. Jesse then delivers a DDT off the top rope. Matt finally gets off Pablo and stands over him smiling. The referee goes to grab Jesse and pull him off Alan but Jesse jerks away hitting the referee in the face, forcing him to fall from the ring.-

MASTERS: Holy Hell! That a boy!

DANIELS: You’re sick. Someone check the referee!

-Matt stomps on Pablo and then picks him up. Jesse kicks Alan out of the ring, and him and Matt begin to pull off astonishing double team maneuvers on Pablo. They start with a double suplex, pick up Pablo then hits him with a double DDT. Pablo is hurting bad. The referee still unconscious, Jesse and Matt leave the ring to start on Alan.-

MASTERS: They are doing this company some good…

DANIELS: But look at that!

-As Jesse rounds the turnbuckle, Alan catches Jesse in the head with a chair shot. The downed referee still knocked out. Jesse falls to the floor, Alan turns and is met with a round house kick by Stylez. The chair slamming into Alan's face. Matt lets out a roar as he gets to his feet. He jumps on the barricade and starts to berate a fan that is sitting a few rows back. He turns back around to see Pablo mounted on the top turnbuckle He flies off and hits a cross body, they both fly into the fans - nailing through a few chairs. They both lay in a little pain, but Stylez being “Fresher” rolls onto Pablo and starts to hit him with punches. Stylez stumbles to his feet and climbs across the barricade, helps Jesse to his feet and then both of the slide into the ring. Alan begins to get to his feet, and then he helps the referee up as Pablo clears the barricade too. Alan and Pablo go over a gameplan and then Pablo slides in. Alan gets the tag and comes in and tells Matt to tag in Jesse. Matt walks over and “tags” in Jesse. Jesse gets in and the referee notices they faked the tag, Alan however does not. Alan spears Jesse and goes for the cover but is met by a swift kick to the face from Matt. Matt covers-



Kick Out

-Alan raises and looks at the referee wondering what’s going on. Referee explains to Alan, and then Alan gets to his feet and goes to punch Matt. Instead, Jesse kicks Alan’s feet out from under him and then two begin to stomp the president. Pablo saves his teammate and nails Matt and Jesse with a double dropkick sending them both over the top rope.-

DANIELS: What an effort by the Five Star Superstar

MASTERS: Yea, Well… HE will pay for that.

-Stylez was knocked into Jacqui, who flops to the ground. Jesse lands next to her, and then yells at Matt. Matt looks at Jesse and shakes his head and climbs back into the ring. He reaches down and tags in Jesse then jumps to the floor. Jesse looks confused but then Alan leaps over the top rope with a cross body to knock Jesse down. The two lay on the concrete for a few minutes but then begin to move. Matt helps Jacqui to her feet, and then looks into the ring at Pablo. Pablo bounces off the top rope attempting a cross body but instead lands face first on the barricade as Matt moves. The referee tries to coax Jesse and Alan into the ring but they are trading rights and lefts ignoring the referee. Matt leans down, checks on Pablo and then helps him to his feet. Pablo looks confused and Matt whispers something to him. Pablo doesn’t quite understand what is going on, but walks toward Jesse and Alan. As he turns his back on Matt, Matt cringes and then flips his hair out of his face and nails Pablo with a clothesline from behind. The fans near him hear “Slide tackle me again” as Matt stands over Pablo. Matt stomps Pablo on the spinal column. Jesse and Alan have battled into the ring at this point and are now trading blows in the turnbuckle. Jesse appears to be wearing down and Alan is too. Jesse snap suplex to Alan and then smiles as he prowls over his prey. Alan gets to his feet.-



-Jesse attempts the Montana Express but Alan catches him legs over his shoulder and locks in the “Overthrow”. Alan nails Jesse hard in the ring and then covers.-




-Matt apparently wasn’t going to allow that to happen. He enters the ring with the sledgehammer from before and drove it into the spinal column of Alan Fiscus. Alan arches his back in pain, but Matt stands there looking down at Fiscus. Matt then out of the corner of his eye sees Pablo attempting to jump into the ring. As Pablo lands Matt nails him in the stomach with the hammer. The referee goes to ring the bell, but Matt then nails the referee in the skull with the hammer. Matt jumps onto the turnbuckle with the hammer and raises it into the air. The fans boo - the extremists mark for him but majority boo. Stylez drops down and looks at Fiscus and Pablo, along with the referee that is bloodied open. He gets that sick grin on his face and watches Jesse get to his feet. Stylez looks at Jesse, whose eyes get big as he sees Matt standing there with the sledge.-


-Jesse cringes as Matt nails… Pablo in the stomach with the hammer once again. Jesse laughs and Matt looks at Jesse, his eyes glazed with rage. Jesse picks Alan up and tells Matt to hit Alan again. Matt goes to nail Alan, but Alan dives away and the sledge hits Jesse right in the stomach. Jesse crumples over in pain, and Alan is on one knee staring at Matt. Alan says something to Matt, all that is picked up by audible is “Fired” and Matt stands there and watches as Alan pins Jesse. Alan grabs the referee's hand and slaps the mat.-





DANIELS: What did Mr. Fiscus say to Matt?

MASTERS: There is no way I know, Do I have big ears? No.. You have the dumbo ears, you tell me.

-Alan jumps up, and gets in Matts’ face. He yells at Matt. Matt’s face flushes red with rage, but he drops to the mat and rolls from the ring. Matt drags Jesse out by his foot. Jesse shrugs away from Matt because he hit him with the hammer, and Jacqui pushes Matt away to check on Jesse. Matt looks in the ring now, where Pablo and Alan are standing, recovering from the match. Pablo holding his X Championship in the air and staring at Matt, emotions running high. Matt grabs his World Title and looks at Jesse, then back into the ring before walking out the side of the ramp. Jesse soon exits after, with Jacqui.-

DANIELS: "That's all the time we have for the night everybody! Thank you and Good night!!"

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