Eiji Naginata
Eiji Naginata

CZW Wrestling Debut: To be announced
CZW Titles: None
Stables: None
Associates: None
CZW Tag Teams: None
Location: Tacoma, Washington
Height & Weight: 5'8" , 208 lbs.
Entrance Music: "King of Monsters" from Godzilla: Final Wars

Finishing Move
"THE MDK (MURDERDEATHKILL)" (Catapult over top rope, flipping into reverse neckbreaker, both men landing on their backs.)

"NUNCHAKU" (Nunchuck strike)

"KAMINARI (LIGHTNING STRIKE)" (Eiji rope walks, than forward dives onto standing opponent. Opponent lands on back, Eiji lands on back on top of opponent, grabs both opponent’s legs similar to result of Octopus pinning move.)

Signature Moves
"SPECIAL COMBO" (Throat cross chop, snap mare, kick to back of neck, Hennig-style neck snap (sets up MDK))

Double High Knees to a cornered opponent's back

Elbow and knee strikes of all kinds (off ropes, catapult, running, standing knee strikes)

Dropkick to gut of opponent in corner, gutwrench suplex out of corner combo.

Bulldog Variations

Regular Moves
Tiger Bomb
Snap Elbow Drop
Flying Fist Drop
Knee Drop
Snap Shoulderbreaker
Double-arm Suplex / Superplex
Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
Hair Pulling