CZW - Presents War Zone

| July 24th | * Dallas, Texas * American Airlines Center |

Combat Zone Wrestling live from - Dallas, Texas American Airlines Center
July 24th 2008

"Outlaw" Buck Evans -VS- "The Gambler" Ace King


Jena Cyde -VS- "The Dark Kiss" Allyson Thorn (c)

Rob Wright & K.C. Kash -VS- Beautiful Agony (Monroe & Havok)

Thanatos -VS- Angel Suicide

Jason Moore -VS- Dusty Davis -VS- Jordan Bryant

Hellena -VS- Tatum Regan



--- SORRY GUYS, this is a BRIEF RECAP of the Dallas show. Not sure what the issues were, but this shouldn't happen very often and please be considerate... everything will work itself out. Thanks everybody ---


Both ladies went back and forth after a handshake, with each able to display their wrestling skills. After a solid six minutes of action, Tatum surprised Hellena with the Unholy Driver and took the win.

WINNER: Tatum Regan

After the show came back from a commercial, it was revealed that Matt Covey came in and attacked Special Ed! After knocking Ed unconscious, Matt proceeded to kidnap Hellena!


All three men showed their skill and impressed the crowd with what many would say was the best match of the night. Jason Moore, Dusty Davis, and Jordan Bryant gave it their all each, and as Jason Moore was thrown over the top rope Dusty and Jordan both climbed the ladder at the same time and retrieved the contract AT THE SAME TIME, each holding as they fell to the mat. The referee, after consulting the time keeper, awarded the match to BOTH Dusty and Jordan, making the CZW World Television match at AND JUSTICE FOR ALL a three way.

WINNERS: Dusty Davis and Jordan Bryant, who will both face Cage Stryker at the PPV.


Thanatos is quickly becoming a household name as he creeps out every single person he gets close to. Angel Suicide was rather intimidated, and didn't get much offense in. After four minutes and a steel chair being added to the mix, Thanatos nailed Angel with an Abyss right onto the chair for the three count.

WINNER: Thanatos

NOTE: Angel Suicide's first RP was too short, his second posted after the deadline. Work on the length a little, and you'll be good as they were solid RPs otherwise.


Both teams put up a hell of a fight, but Kash seemed too full of himself to work with Rob Wright appropiately. After Wright extended his hand a few times for the tag and Kash ignoring it, Wright decided to just up and leave the match, wiping his hands of another failed teaming. As Kash looked out at him, stunned, Mike Monroe went to the outside of the ropes and waited for Kash to turn around. As he did, Monroe leapt and NAILED him with the Shock Trauma, a 720 DDT. Monroe covered and received the three count.

WINNERS: Beautiful Agony


Jena tried to intimidate Allyson with her strength early on, slamming Thorn down to the mat. For the first few minutes, Jena manhandled Allyson, but Allyson surprised Jena with a dropkick and her speed took it from there. Just as Thorn was going for a springboard move, Jena grabbed her and slammed her down. Then, on the Combat-Trom, The "Five Star Superstar" Emblem appeared. Jena was beside herself, literally crying, in anticipation for El Pablo to come and show her how much he loves her. Thorn seized the opportunity and rolled Jena up for the three count, retaining the CZW Queen of Combat championship.

WINNER: Allyson Thorn

TOWERS: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our MAIN EVENT of the evening!"

Crowd cheers

TOWERS: "This is a 30 minute Iron Man match! The one with the most pinfalls or submissions by the 30 minute mark is the winner of the contest!"

"Ramblin' Man" starts to play as the crowd's reactions are mostly boos with mixed in cheers here and there

TOWERS: "Introducing first and representing the Outlaws... being led to the ring by his wife, Karen, and hailing from Algoma... weighing in at 285 pounds.. he is THE Outlaw... BUCK EVANS!"

Buck comes out, with Karen at his side. He is wearing his usual wrestling gear, and a tan cowboy hat. He points out into the crowd with a confident smirk on his face before making his way down to the ring. Karen stays at ringside and he gets in, removes his hat and awaits King.

TOWERS: "And his opponent... representing Team XTC... he is a former Intercontinental and World Heavyweight champion, and 1/2 of the current North American Tag Team champions... hailing from Las Vegas and weighing in at 205 pounds.. he is the Gambler... ACE KING!"

"Ace of Spades" plays and the crowd erupts. XTC are so over, it's ridiculous. Ace comes out, wearing the North American Tag title around his waist. He pauses at the entrance, with his hands on his hips. He looks out into the crowd with approval and makes his way down to the ring.

DANIELS: "As always, Ace is oozing with confidence."

MASTERS: "I think Buck's got his number this time though, it's a new age in the CZW and the Outlaws run the War Zone show."

Ace hands his tag title to the ref, and does some stretching in his corner. Buck, on the other side, looks directly at Ace and is running his mouth but Ace pays no mind. On the Combat-Tron, a large clock is put up.



DANIELS: "Alright, we're set to begin with this Iron man contest!"

Both men make their way to the center of the ring, eyeing each other looking for an opening. They circle, cautiously grabbing at each other's hands as they feel their way into the beginning of the match. They lock up. Buck, with the size advantage, pushes Ace back into a corner. The ref gets in the middle, looking for the clean break, but as Buck lets go he slaps Ace square in the mouth. Ace is nothing but pissed, with a fire in his eye as a smirk is on Buck's face.

MASTERS: "Buck's letting Ace know he is not intimidating whatsoever by his decorated history here in the CZW."

DANIELS: "Without a doubt Evans wants everyone to know he belongs in the main event here in CZW."

The ref gets out of the way and Ace immediately goes after Buck, delivering blow after blow as Buck tries to block them. Ace with a powerful knee to Buck's gut, and Buck bends over a bit stunned. Ace bounces off of the ropes and grabs Buck's head, nailing a swinging neckbreaker. He picks up Buck and nails an atomic drop. As Buck holds his ass, Ace kicks it. Ace then grabs Buck and tosses him to the ropes... Buck ducks a clothesline. On the rebound, and Ace is met with a violent boot to his head.

MASTERS: "Buck just took Ace's head off!"

DANIELS: "Ace could have a concussion after that devestating Big Boot!"


Buck smiles as he picks up Ace and nails a hard right hand. He picks Ace up in a bearhug, with Ace cringing in pain. The ref is asking Ace, but he quickly shakes his head no.

MASTERS: "Buck going old school here, I love it!"

Ace grits his teeth as Buck locks in the hold, focusing on Ace's lower back. Karen cheers Buck on from ringside. Buck begins to swing Ace back and forth, and Ace almost looks like a ragdoll which is surprising. Ace yells out in pain. In desperation, Ace claps his hands together over Buck's head, causing Buck to let go. Ace grudily nails a forearm to Buck's head. He then kicks Buck in the gut and nails a DDT. Ace with the cover.



kick out


MASTERS: "That was close.. TOO close!"

DANIELS: "Not close enough, apparently. He didn't get the pin."

MASTERS: "You're a smart ass, you know it?"

DANIELS: "Takes one to know one!"

MASTERS: "True!"

Both men are up at about the same time, each feeling about the same amount of pain. Buck nails Ace first, with an elbow to his temple. He throws Ace to the ropes and goes for another big boot, but Ace ducks. Ace springboards off of the ropes, and nails a standing Asai moonsault to Buck.. but Buck catches him! Buck positions him.. and nails an Orange Crush Bomb! Buck with the pin!




DANIELS: "The same move that Owen Hart used on Steve Austin that put Austin out for months!"

MASTERS: "Buck is the man, I am telling you! Ace's time has already came and gone!"

Buck is surprised he didn't get the three count. He gets up in the ref's face, arguing the count. Ace isn't able to capitolize though, as that tombstone took a lot out of him. Karen yells at the ref from ringside.

DANIELS: "Evans needs to quit worrying about the ref and go back to the Gambler.. or else Ace will surprise him and him alone!"

MASTERS: "Does Ace pay you to say such garbage as that?"


Buck turns his attention back to Ace. He picks him up and slams him back down with a side walk slam. He goes for another pin.



kick out

DANIELS: "Ace is relentless!"

Buck shows frustration and picks Ace back up. He tosses Ace to to the ropes, but Ace hangs on to them. Buck is caught off guard and pauses for a moment before realizing and running towards Ace. Ace ducks down, and Buck goes flying out of the ring and onto the floor.

MASTERS: "What the hell, King, leave it in the ring! Ha, that rhymed."


As Buck is stirring to get up, Ace measures him. He takes off running after backing up, and hops up on the top rope, positioning himelf for a second. He then leaps, and takes Buck down with a flying crossbody onto the floor.


DANIELS: "Ace showing us his high flying techniques as well, he's not just a one trick pony!"

MASTERS: "But dammit he IS a horse's ass!"

Both men are slow to get up, but Ace is up first. He nails a few forearms to Buck's back before trying to send him into the guardrail. Buck reverses it!


Ace cringes in pain as Buck laughs to the crowd, who are yelling at him. Karen still cheers him from afar. Buck chops Ace. Again. Again. Ace's chest is turning red. In frustration, Ace begins fighting back. He chops Bucks back. Buck again. Ace again.


Ace begins to take the advantage when Buck squarely kicks him in the groin area. The crowd oohh's as the referee can't do a thing about it. Buck then nails a vertical suplex on the outside. He picks up Ace and throws him into the ring. He grabs Ace and nails him with an Outlaw Slam!!




TOWERS: "Your first fall goes to... BUCK EVANS!"


The clock stops, and will resume when the referee deems Ace ready to go.

MASTERS: "Ah ha, Jarred, the first fall goes to The Outlaw! What do you think of that?"

DANIELS: "I think Ace likes his odds, to be honest with you."

MASTERS: "Shut up."

The ref checks on Ace as he stands up. Buck looks at him with a confident smile, pointing to Ace and then pointing back to himself. Ace gives the go ahead, and the ref starts the clock.

DANIELS: "And round two!"

They lock up and Buck immediately kick Ace in the gut. He does it again. He leans back on the ropes and comes in with a third, elevated kick to Ace's midsection and Ace falls back down. Buck talks some trash to the fallen King.

MASTERS: "That's right, Buck, tell that dumb ass who you are!"

Buck picks up Ace and irish whips him into the nearest turnbuckle. Buck takes a moment to taunt the crowd and takes a few steps back. He takes a running start, with a full steam at Ace. At the last moment Ace moves out of the way, and Buck nails the turnbuckle chest first. Buck has a look of pain on his face. He stumbles back and Ace nails a German suplex. Ace keeps the hold on!


DANIELS: "Ace King is looking for the hat trick!

Ace King nails another devestating German suplex, holding on again.

DANIELS: "And here it is..."

Ace nails another German suplex, this time holding it in a bridge.




DANIELS: "Buck kicked out! The crowd is shocked!"

MASTERS: "And they shouldn't be, that's the baddest motherbucker on the planet!"


Both men are slow to get up. Ace, however, makes it up first. He stumbles against the ropes. Buck staggers up, and sluggishly walks towards Ace. He goes for a haymaker but Ace grabs his arm and pulls down. Ace locks in a submission move...



Ace King pulls back and Buck Evans squirms and squirms, trying to get out of the move. He pulls back with all of his might, but to no avail. The ref keeps asking him, and after one final attempt Buck begins tapping on Ace King's leg.

TOWERS: "Your second fall by submission, ACE KING!! They are now tied, 1 to 1!"


The clock is stopped, and both men are laid out. CZW takes a convienent commercial break.



Live from San Antonio, Texas...
The A T & T Center
August 2nd

Jesse Montana defends the CZW World Heavyweight title against Ace King!

Kris Kash will face Maynard O'Toole with Big Nasty as the ref in a HELL IN A CELL Intercontinental Title Match!

Special Ed Covey will challenge his cousin, Matt Covey, in a Bad Blood Match!

El Pablo will fight his stalker, Jena Cyde, in a ladder match that is one of TWO intergender matches tonight!

Newlyweds Bryan McNally and Allyson Thorn will fight each other with heavy stipulations implied!

Eddie Rowan will be defending the CZW X title against the man he won it from, Krimzon Blaze!

Cage Stryker will defend the CZW World Television title!

plus more!



A few more commercials play, and we come back to both men standing up. The ref calls for the clock.

DANIELS: "And here we go with the third round, both men tied at one and one and we're at less than 10 minutes left."

Ace and Buck circle each other again, both exhausted but determined. They lock up and Buck rakes Ace's eyes. He then grabs Ace and drags his eyes across the top rope.

MASTERS: "Vintage Buck!"

DANIELS: "Cheap moves from a cheap bully!"

MASTERS: "Quit crying."

Buck grabs Ace and positions him... and nails a piledriver. He goes for the pin.



kick out

MASTERS: "Buck looking for the elusive second win, and I think he'll get it it's just a matter of time now."

DANIELS: "XTC is resiliant, and I fully expect Ace to pick up this win."

Buck picks Ace back up and grabs his arm, wrenching it. He twists it around as Ace grimaces. Buck flips over and forcefully grabs Ace in a headlock. A few seconds later and Ace moves him to the ropes and throws him, sending him running. On the rebound, and Buck shoulderblocks Ace back down to the mat. Buck takes off for the opposite ropes, and Ace turns over on his stomach. Buck hops over and Ace stands up. Ace leapfrogs over Buck, and Buck heads back into the ropes. Ace goes for another springboard move... this time nailing Buck with a Springboard kick to the head! MASTERS: "You're the president of the Ace King fan club aren't you? AREN'T YOU!?"

DANIELS: "Why yes I am."

MASTERS: "Of course."


Ace is up, grabs Buck and lifts him up. He irish whips Buck.. and on the rebound.. Roundhouse kick!

DANIELS: "Full House on Buck!"

MASTERS: "Damn that move! Damn Ace King!"

Ace is slow to recourse, but does get up and covers Buck.



THRE-Buck grabs the bottom rope.

MASTERS: "Ha, Buck is a master of the ring.. he's always aware of where he is in it."

Ace lifts Buck up and chops him. Buck chops Ace back. They go back forth with sloppy chops and punches. Buck kicks Ace in the gut and grabs him... lifts him up and slams him back down with a power bomb! Buck covers!




MASTERS: "How did Ace kick out of that? His head just bounced off the mat like a rag doll's!"

Both men are remaining laid out on the mat, each taking a moment to try and catch their breath.


Buck is eventually the first person back up, and he goes to pick up Ace. But Ace surprises him with an inside cradle!




MASTERS: "That sneaky bastard!"

DANIELS: "It's like what you just said about Buck... Ace always knows where he is!"

Both men are up and Buck drops a fist on Ace's face. He grabs Ace and slams him hard into the nearest corner. He slaps Ace, talking trash, and lifts him up on the top rope.

MASTERS: "I love it! The Outlaws rule, Jarred."

Buck climbs up on the top rope, and both men begin hitting each other sloppily again. Buck takes the advantage and lifts Ace up, as Ace tries to fight it. Buck gets Ace on his shoulders, positions him... FALLS BACK..


MASTERS: "WHOA HO! Buck just slammed Ace down with a Super Samoan Drop!"

DANIELS: "That could very well be the catalyst in this match, with under 3 minutes to go."

Both men, again, remain laid out due to exhaustion. Buck is finally back up, and we're at 2 minutes.


Buck picks up Ace and tries to go for another power bomb. He lifts up, but Ace blocks up. Ace then lifts up and tosses Buck over with a back body drop. Ace falls to his knees as the crowd pops. They both are groggily back up and Ace measures Buck.. leaps up.. and NAILS the High Roller!

DANIELS: "The High Roller, and Buck's head jerks back with a vicious recoil!"


Buck, however, feel near the ropes and rolls out of the ring before Ace could make a cover. Ace is up on his knees and finally talks trash back to Buck, telling him to get back into the ring. Buck shakes his head, not taking his eyes off of Ace. Ace sits on the ropes and holds them open for Buck. Buck then goes and slides in the ring from the right side, and Ace is on the defense. Both men are now standing in the middle of the ring.


They lock up yet again, and immediately Ace knees Buck in the gut. He goes to the throw him to the ropes, but Buck reverses. On the rebound Buck grabs Ace's head and runs with him, throwing over the top rope and back onto the floor. The crowd gasps.


MASTERS: "Someone better do something, the clock is under a minute!"

As Buck was arguing with the ref, Ace exhaustedly climbs up on the apron, staying on the outside of the ropes.


Movement can be seen from underneath the ring, and right under Ace. The apron lifts up and it's... it's...


Jesse Montana crawls from underneath the ring, and Ace didn't notice. Jesse grabs Ace and pulls him down. Ace is stunned, and Jesse LEVELS him with the World Title belt! Jesse picks up Ace and throws him in the ring.

DANIELS: "That no good, lying, cheating SNAKE!"

Buck quits arguing with the ref and grabs Ace. He picks him up, twists him around.. and...




Buck with the pinfall




Since the clock was under 10 seconds, it is allowed to just run out and a large BUZZ sound goes off.

TOWERS: "The winner of the third fall AND the Iron Man Match.... BUCK EVANS!!"

The ref raises an exhausted and surprised Buck Evans' arm in victory. Jesse Montana walks backwards up the entrance ramp, with a smile on his face and the CZW World Heavyweight Title in his arms. Ace King is laid out in the ring, and hasn't moved yet.

DANIELS: "Horrible, horrible turn of events. That concludes this broadcast of War Zone, next you will see us in San Antonio for CZW's next Pay-Per-View event, AND JUSTICE FOR ALL on the 2nd of August!"

MASTERS: "Where Montana will RETAIN the title against Ace King! I can't wait!"

DANIELS: "* rollings eyes * SO LONG EVERYBODY!!"

* cZw *


* cZw! *

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