Detroit CZW Live Events!
CZW Live!
Joe Louis Arena - Detroit, MI
Thursday, February 7th
Doors - 7:00 PM • Bell - 7:30 PM
Joe Louis Arena
600 Civic Center Dr.
Detroit, MI
*cZw ASSAULT!!!*





Both men went head on, and back and forth for a while. Nicky finally got the upper hand, hitting a massive Powerslam. Dante fought back, delivering a powerful piledriver. Each men made repeated pinfall attempts, going back and forth with their strong moves and action. They paired well together, as the crowd gradually grew more and more interested. Nicky countered the Devil's Bomber and delivered a tremendous Bronx Bomber power bomb for the win.




* cZw *




When Striker's music hit, there was a delay before he was pushed out of the entrance curtain, by Tim Timmons. Striker had a very worried look on his face. He reluctantly made it to the ring, and paced around before Hamuza's music kicked on. Striker became even more manic, pacing back and forth even faster, but he stopped when he realized that no one was coming out. After a few more moments, the referee decided to award the match to Mark by forfeit.




* cZw *




Veronica looked amazing outside of the ring, as Campbell looked amazing inside of it. Shawn and Christian were pretty well matched, giving a surprisingly good main event match. Campbell nailed Waters with a springboard Enziguri about 3 minutes into the match, and kept in control from that point. Campbell got the pin after hitting his SHOW STOPPER bomb, and the crowd cheered him and Veronica on.





("RUN TO THE HILLS" plays as the camera pans around the Joe Louis arena, nearly sold out. There are signs in the crowd such as "ZODIAC RULEZ," "SAWYER FOR PREZ," and "JESSE IS ACE'S GIMP!" The shot cuts to Jarred Daniels and William Masters, dressed in suits and addressing the camera)

DANIELS: "Welcome everyone to another action-packed edition of War Zone! Tonight we come to you from Detriot, Michigan, here at the Joe Louis arena, and we come to you with a big Tag Team Main Event... El Pablo and Ace King versus Jesse Montana and Mack Beaudin!"

MASTERS: "The Upstarts are due some revenge here tonight, Daniels. Those Five Star Gamblers are in for it!"

DANIELS: "We'll also be having a one on one encounter from two of the participants from Evil Intentions' HIGHWAY TO HELL match, "The Hardcore Master" Tim Timmons against the #1 Contender, "The Serial Thriller" Matt Stylez!"

MASTERS: "Stylez pissed off Timmons during that match, and Timmons let Matt know with a vicious T-Crusher Tombstone. Tonight, he'll OWN Stylez!"

DANIELS: "And we'll be having a unique bout for CZW, the first ever BATTLE FIELD CHALLENGE! JA Sawyer and Andrew Arashavin will race each other, with the winner donating the proceeds to their charity of choice! I think this is a great public relations event for the CZW, William."

MASTERS: "Yeah, yeah.. goody two shoes stuff. I get it. But I want to see BLOOD, Jarred! This is wrestling for christ's sakes, not AMERICAN GLADIATORS!"

DANIELS: "But first we will be hearing from the Money In the Bank winner, "Irish" Ian Chadwick!"

("TUBTHUMPING" by Chumbawumba kicks on and "Irish" Ian Chadwick walks down the entrance, smoking a cigarette and drinking a Bud Light. He has the Money In The Bank briefcase in his other hand. There are random chants of 'Ian! Ian! Ian!' as he makes his way down to the ring)

CHADWICK: "I'm gonna make this short and sweet. I ain't got time to be chatter-boxin' about dumb stuff. First off, I would like to thank all my opponents from the Money in the Bank match for giving me one hell of a fight. I knew I was in for a long night, and you boys brought it to me. Fortunately enough for me, I won. What title I'll be going after and where is yet to be determined by me, so ladies and gentlemen, just be patient. You will see a new champion very shortly."

(Crowd cheers)

CHADWICK: "But, on to the real reason I came out here. There's something I need to address. Some sore loser, French-Canadian pussy got a little upset that he wasn't good enough to win the match last week. Teo, I'm talking to you. You did, what I consider to be, the biggest form of disrespect. Not only did you snuff, or cheap shot, me... You spit on my unconscious body. At least be a man and spit on me when I'm awake, standing toe-to-toe with you. Only pussy's do stuff like that, Teo, so guess what that makes you? You may have accomplished things in other places, but this isn't other places. This is the home of the brave, and you just messed with the wrong bull. I'll be seeing you around nancy-boy, so you better bring your lunch-box to work 'cause you're in for a long day. No one, and I mean no one, gets away with what you did to me. Hopefully the M.F.I.C.'s can get me in the ring with you soon, but if not that's OK too. I'll find you backstage, I'll find you in your locker room, I'll find you getting into your car. Where ever I see you is where you're gonna lay. I got my eyes on you Teo. You just made the biggest mistake of your life."

(Crowd cheers again, with 'Ian! Ian! Ian!' getting louder)

CHADWICK: "And for my final order of business, I recently received an offer to join a new stable here in the CZW. So, Mack, Jesse, I have my answer for you. (The crowd waits in anticipation and wonder)

CHADWICK: "It is with great reluctancy that I must turn down your offer to join The Upstarts. You are very nice guys, with some very attractive women by your side might I add, I just think we are heading in different directions. Now if everyone's looking for a party after the show, I'm at the downtown Marriott! Room Number 69! Woo!!"

(Just then "MAN UP" plays, but only the Lovely Zoe comes out. She is wearing a tight orange dress. She comes down to the ring, ignoring the fans. She gets in the ring, and politely asks for the mic from Ian)

ZOE: "Ian, I have only one thing to say to you. Ian, you've made a very BIG mistake! But personally I never wanted a dumb drunk to be apart of the Upstarts in the first place!"

-With that, Zoe goes for a slap but Ian anticipates it and blocks it. He grabs Zoe and reels her in, putting a big wet one on her as the crowd cheers. Mack Beaudin quickly runs down from the entrance ramp, as Ian sees it and gets out of the ring as soon as Mack enters. Mack is jaw jacking down at Ian when "ACE OF SPADES" hits and Ace comes running down to the ring. Mack begs him to bring it on. They begin to go all at it, delivering blow for blow. Jesse Montana then runs down, making it a 2 on 1 situation. They double team Ace for a few moments, before El Pablo comes running down to an explosion of cheers. He runs in the ring, and ducks a double clothesline. He comes back on the rebound, and clotheslines both Mack and Jesse out of the ring. All four men stare at each other-

DANIELS: "The tension is building for our tag team main event!"

MASTERS: "Poor Zoe, I bet SHE'S drunk after that disgusting kiss!"

DANIELS: "And it looks like Ian is out for Teo's blood!"

MASTERS: "Yeah... because his is mostly alcohol!"

DANIELS: "Oh.... let's get to our first match!"

(Towers goes into the ring and raises the microphone to her mouth as the crowd goes nuts with "CZW! CZW! CZW!" chants. Jessica Towers nods her head as she speaks)

TOWERS: "The following contest is a first round match of the TV title tournament! Making his way to the ring first, from Chicago Illinois... J0K0RE!!!"

(DO YOU CALL MY NAME" BY RA hits the sound system as Jokore makes his way out to the rampway. He makes his way down the ring calmly)

TOWERS: "And His opponent... hailing from Ozone, New York....EARL SWISHER!!!"

("TOM SAWYER" BY RUSH plays as Earl makes his way on the stage. He heads down to the ring wasting no time. Earl rolls into the ring where he goes right after Jokore and hits him with rights and lefts and rights and lefts)

DANIELS: "Earl is not wasting any time here, as both men are making their cZw debut."

MASTERS: "One of these men will move on to the next round, and try and get a shot for the TV Title. I think I like this Earl."

-Earl has Jokore backed in the corner as he kicks Joker in the midsection. The referee gets in and breaks up the assault. Earl runs at Jokore but Jokore hits a nicely done Spinning wheel kick. Jokore gets up and poses as the crowd gives a mix reaction-

DANIELS: "That was a nice spinning wheel kick from Jokore. He's really showing us something tonight!"

MASTERS: "Earl can regain control of this match, and he WILL regain control of this match."

-Jokore doesn't see Earl getting back to his feet and when he does it is too late as Earl lays Jokore out with a float over DDT. Jokore's head smashes off the mat as Earl goes for a pin-



TH-kick out

DANIELS: "That was an awesome move, Earl Swisher came close to having this match won!"

MASTERS: "Yeah, I'm digging the Swish!"

-Earl picks him up and throws him to the ropes... and goes for the Straight Swish Clothesline, but Jokore ducks it and grabs Earl's head, coming down with a stiff neckbreaker-

MASTERS: "Ouch! I don't like the way he landed there, Jarred!"

DANIELS: "That move knocked Earl out for a loop!"

-Jokore gets up, kicks Earl a few times and then he picks him... positions him and nails the Evolution Press!-

DANIELS: "Awesome move!"




TOWERS: "Your winner, and advancing in the TV title tournament... JOKORE!!!"

DANIELS: "What a strong debut from each men, although a little quick.. It's a high paced world now, William."

MASTERS: "That it is, with the attention span these kids have nowadays.. that match might've been TOO long!"

DANIELS: "Hold on, I'm being told we need to send it to the back."

(The feed cuts to backstage)

(Jesse and Mack are shown hanging out in Jesse's locker room as they talk about a plan for tonights match. Jesse is standing up while Mack is more relaxed as he sits down on the comfy leather couch Jesse has in his room)

MACK: "Don't worry Jesse, I think tonight is going to go down...Very...Well"

JESSE: "Yeah, I hope so, I hope our plan works out dude"

MACK: "It can't go wrong bro, I sorted everything out"

JESSE: "Yeah man, El Pablo and Ace King are not gonna know what hit them"

MACK: "So you bringing Jacqui down to the ring then?"

JESSE: "Yeah I was thi..."

(At that moment Jesse is interrupted while stating his answer to Mack as a man rushes into the locker room without knocking. Jesse looks at him furiously as he notices it is JA Sawyer. Jesse looks slightly confused by the visit)

SAWYER: "Hey Jesse, hey Mack, I just wanted to say to you Jesse, good match at Evil Intentions buddy."

JESSE: "Yeah...Well were kind of bus..."

SAWYER: "Yeah I had alot of fun in that match Jesse. And Matt did so well when he pinned you 1...2...3"

JESSE: "Yeah well he got lucky, is that all you wanted to say?"

SAWYER: "Well that and also this. I just wanted to make sure there were no harsh feelings after I slapped the taste out of your mouth in the Highway to Hell match."

-Jesse looks at Sawyer as he closes the door after that comment while Mack grins at Jesse who looks bright red-

JESSE: "What the hell was that?"

MACK: "Just you getting punked out bro, you gonna let him talk to you like that?"

JESSE: "No...He will get what is coming to him..."

-The scene cuts back to Daniels and Masters-

DANIELS: "Looks like JA might've upset Jesse a little there."

MASTERS: "You don't UPSET a man like Jesse, Daniels. You either move or GET moved!"

----- TOWERS: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is part of the CZW Television Championship Tournament. First to the ring (the song “FOLLOW” by Breaking Benjamins plays over the sound system), standing 5 foot 11 and weighing 225 lb.,!!

-Teo strolls to the ring coolly, not really acknowledging the fans but not taunting them either. He seems focused as he sops up to the ring apron. He half climbs the corner ropes, performs a hand-stand over the turnbuckle looking out at the audience, then falls backward landing on his feet-

TOWERS: “His opponent, standing 6 foot 5 and weighing 260 lbs., he is perfection personified, Ronnie McNeil!”

-McNeil walks out almost the same way, straight to the ring staring at his opponent while Teo stares back. McNeil uses the stairs to access the ring; a moment later, Ronnie and Teo are nose to nose talking quietly to each other-

DANIELS: “I would love to know what they are saying.”

MASTERS: “They are asking what they had for breakfast this morning! They are trash talking! What else would they be saying to each other?”

-After the ref checks for weapons and the bell rings *DING!*, Teo and McNeil lock up. Though losing height and weight to McNeil, Teo does not give ground. For ten long seconds, they push at each other, then McNeil sidesteps, locks an arm across Teo's chest, and hits a Rock Bottom! Teo bounces to his feet while McNeil shouts out, “SUPLEX, anytime, anywhere!”

MASTERS- “Ronnie’s trying to make a statement, but he’s not going to intimidate Teo. He’s a real pro!”

-The two opponents lock up again with the same struggle. McNeil steps in and attempts another move, but Teo hops back and nails Ronnie with a perfect enzugiri kick to the back of Ronnie’s head, Ron hitting the mat face first. McNeil jumps to his feet as Teo shouts to the rafters, “Boot to the head, anytime, ANYWHERE!”

-After a moment's break, the competitors lock up a third time, and this time a wrestling clinic begins with a series of quick moves and counters-McNeil with a side headlock, Teo backs out and cinches a rear hammerlock, McNeil pulls Teo over with a snap mare and applies a rear chinlock, which Teo twists out of by grabbing a leg and applying a toe hold. McNeil boots him off and jumps to his feet, then hits a drop toe hold and slides over Teo's back, applying another headlock. Somehow, without breaking out of the headlock, Teo rolls McNeil over onto his shoulders for a quick two-count. This back and forth action continues for several minutes, ending with Teo applying a vice-like side headlock. McNeil tries to push Teo off, but Teo hangs on without pulling hair. Suddenly, McNeil lifts Teo off of his feet and slams him down backwards on his shoulders and back. Teo lay on the mat in pain as McNeil rolled to his feet with an exultant yell!-

DANIELS “That was a brutal shot!”

-Teo stands only to meet a McNeil dropkick. Ronnie launches Teo to the ropes, but Teo grabs ahold, and Ron’s 2nd dropkick gets nothing but air as McNeil hits the ground face first. Without missing a beat, Teo slips onto the ring apron. Ron gets to his feet, and his smaller opponent uses the top rope and catapults himself into the ring, nailing Ronnie with a hard flying clothesline-

DANIELS: “Teo’s got that look in his eyes. He is going to work now.”

-In quick succession, Teo dropped 2 elbows and a knee, then pulled McNeil to his feet. Ronnie tried to apply a belly to belly, but Teo nailed him with three stiff knees to the gut, then grabbed a double underhook and suplexed Ron, trying for a pin-




MASTERS: “I think Teo went for that a little too early.”

DANIELS: “Maybe he hoped McNeil was just a bit more stunned from that.”

-Teo locks in a Dragon Sleeper, wrenching away at Ron’s neck. Ronnie slowly slides his hand across Teo’s neck and linked it with his other hand, cinching in his own sleeper-

DANIELS: “I can’t believe this! They’re choking each other out!”

MASTERS: “But Teo just let go, leaving McNeil without support!”

-Teo went right back at it, lifting the prone Ron and attempting a piledriver, but McNeil places his hands down on the mat and Teo can’t follow through. As they both rise, Teo hits the ropes but Ronnie plants Teo with a high angle rolling Spinebuster. Ronnie roared into the air, then hits the rising Teo with a perfect scissor kick. As Ronnie picks Teo up, Teo connects with another sudden enzugiri. Then Teo climbs to the top rope and quickly hits with a 360 splash!-

MASTERS: “It’s over! Teo has it!”

DANIELS: “I don’t think so. Ronnie rolled at the last minute. Teo didn’t get him fully.”

-Teo stands and signals that this is the end, and Irish Ian Chadwick appears from backstage and heads for the ring. Teo sees him and becomes angry, shouting, “You get your ass back! This ain’t your match!” Chadwick stopped about half way to the ring yelling back at Teo. Behind him, Ronnie rises to a kneeling position, sees what is occurring, and lays back down. Teo turns his back on Chadwick and begins to set McNeil up for his “Skematics” reverse neckbreaker finisher-

DANIELS: “He has no idea!”

-Teo begins to turn Ronnie around, but McNeil steps into it, turns, and slams Teo down with his ‘Flawless’ Cutter, Teo’s face bouncing off the mat. Quickly, McNeil lifts Teo to his feet, bends him over, and locks on a double underhook. Shifting his weight, Ronnie slams Teo down again with a Spinning Sit-Down Double-Arm DDT, called “The Legacy Made!"

Ref- “One...”

Commentators- “Two...”

Crowd- “THREE!!!”

DANIELS: “And there it is, sports fans. Ronnie McNeil has defeated Teo to advance in the TV title tournament!”

MASTERS: “But not cleanly! I want sanctions against that Irishman. He had no business coming to ringside!”


TOWERS: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. This next match is a tag team competition."

DANIELS: "Here we go then, Boris and Joker-Face v.s James Douglas and Chase Williams."

MASTERS: "This is not a wrestling match, this is battle of the rappers!"

DANIELS: "You won't be saying that when you see some of the stuff they can do!"

MASTERS: "What freestyle?"

DANIELS: "No, I saw Boris perform in earlier parts of his career and he is a maniac."

MASTERS: "That is my type of guy!"

( "LIKE TOY SOLDIERS" by EMINEM starts to play throughout the arena )

TOWERS: "Introducing first...Coming from Queens, New York at a combined weight of 395 lbs, James Douglas and Chase Williams, together they are The NEW AGE WRECKING CREW!!!"

( They both come out looking ready for a fight. They hit knuckles and slap the hands of some of the fans. They slide in the ring simoultaneously and raise there arms high to respect the crowd )

TOWERS: "And their opponents...Coming from Mongolia and Parts Unknown at a combined weight of 420 lbs, Boris and Joker-Face, together they are DEATH ROW!!!"

( "BANDANAS" by PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAZ begis to play throughout the arena. They too come out ready to fight but seem more excited with the fans who scream. Some of the fans chant 'Death Row' as they walk down the ramp and respect the crowd. They get in the ring and walk around for abit until they get on the turnbuckles and raise both hands in the air )

DANIELS: "Well, lets get down to the action then!"

MASTERS: "Wow, these fans sound like a pack of hyenas."

DANIELS: "Yeah both seem to be popular with tonights fans."


- Boris and James are the first men in the ring. They circle each other before locking up. Boris gets the advantage being slightly stronger and pushes James into the corner. Boris kicks him in the sternam a few times as James begins to look weakened. Boris then lands a few right hands on James leaving him stunned in the corner. Boris backs away and stands in the opposite corner. He then comes charging at James and does does a handspring as James seems trapped and Boris hits a diving elbow into the head of James who falls down in a slump -

DANIELS: "Straight away Boris does some of his unique style."

MASTERS: "The man looked like a deranged monkey doing those flips!"

- Boris picks up James and irish whips him into the ropes and goes for a standing handspring spinning wheel kick and catches the unaware James. James now on the ground again lies there holding his face as Boris goes running off again and comes back to attack the motionless James. Boris hits a spectacular Cartwheel, Backflip followed into a standing moonsault. This time Boris goes for a cover -



- James kicks out quickly and begins to rise. Boris kness him in the sternam and takes him towards his partner in the corner and gets a tag in to Joker-Face -

DANIELS: "Wow, Boris looking very impressive here early on!"

MASTERS: "A long way to go yet Daniels, unfortunately for me."

- Joker-Face gets in and immediately knees James in the sternam area again. Joker-Face goes for a DDT but James hooks his leg around Joker-Face's leg to stop the maneauvre, James reverses and hits a snap suplex. James regains his energy as both James and Joker-Face rise and lock up. James grabs Joker-Face in a headlock, which he gets out of by throwing James into the ropes only to be caught with a clothesline. James picks Joker-Face up and hits him with another clothesline, a short armed one. James picks Joker-Face up and tags Chase in who jumps over the ropes and hits a tornado DDT, then covers




- Joker-Face kicks out. Chase starts to stomp on Joker-Face as Boris gets frustrated in the corner. Chase walks up to Boris and gives him the finger, Boris gets anoid then smiles at Chase who turns around to be met with a giant yakuza kick which knocks Chase down. Chase gets back up and sees Joker-Face running towards him so he ducks down and waits for the rebound but Joker-Face is too quick as he hits a flying Lariat -

DANIELS: "Members of Death Row look to be ninjas here tonight!"

MASTERS: "Have you ever see a ninja looking like that?"

DANIELS: "Well no but I was mer..."

MASTERS: "YEAH well shut up then."

- Joker-Face then picks him up and hits a realease German Suplex on Chase who manages to land on his feet and grab Joker-Face and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Chase follows it up with a dropkick to Joker-Face who is on the floor. Chase grabs up Joker-Face and rams his head into the corner post again and again until he stops and hits a backbreaker. Now Chase continues to work on the back of Joker-Face as he stomps on it. He then lifts him up and hits a Belly to Back Suplex only for Joker-Face to land on his back and bounce out of the ring -

DANIELS: "High powered move there by Chase."

MASTERS: "He made Joker-Face look like rubber ball on a bouncy castle there. And I love it!"

- Chase chases after Joker-Face who finds himself near the announcers tables. Chase lays a few hits on Joker-Face as he stumbles backwards, Chase carries on the beating laying kness into his back as he tries to get away. Chase then starts to rip at the protected floor on the outside as the padding comes off to reveal a solid conctrete floor. Chase grabs Joker-Face and drags him towards the patch but Joker-Face quickly goes for a snap vertical suplex but Chase lands on his feet, Chase then goes for a reverse DDT but Joker-Face counters that. They both lock up again still hovering over the concrete patch -

DANIELS: "Both able to reverse each others moves here, some good wrestling action!"

MASTERS: "Good wrestling but it looks like it is about to get nasty!"

DANIELS: "Very true Masters, that floor has been exposed and all that covers it now is pure concrete!"


DANIELS: "Who are you talking to?"

MASTERS: "I don't know, both of them I suppose!"

- Chase goes for a fishermans suplex as he hooks the leg of Joker-Face but he hits out of it and delivers his own Fishermans Suplex right on the CONCRETE FLOOR...


MASTERS: "Well it was inevitable someone was going to go crashing down on it!"

- James then attacks Joker-Face who gets back into the ring. The referee who was upto a 6 count tries to break the illegal fight up leaving Boris on his own. Boris looks around and sees Chase lying unconsious on the outside. Boris quickly flips across the ring doing a cartwheel, jumps onto the turnbuckle and balances on the third rope as Chase still lies on the outside -

DANIELS: "I hate to know what he is thinking here!"

MASTERS: "No one knows what that maniac is thinking, I don't think even he knows!"

- Boris sets his sights and leaps of the ropes going for a GANGSTA SPLASH/ 50-50. Chase moves at the last second but Boris lands on top of the arm of Chase. Both lie their motionless as they both crashed off the Conctrete Floor -


- Both look on at the carnage on the outside. They go to look at their partners who lie there looking hurt. The referee follows them out as medics come down to the ring -

DANIELS: "This one could be over already!"


- Boris gets put onto a stretcher as Joker-Face looks on. Chase clutches his arm and shoulder but seems to be able to continue the match. The referee looks unsure about what to do but after converting with others he decides the match should continue-


DANIELS: "Joker-Face now going to have to do it alone then!"

MASTERS: "No chance in hell is what he now has!"

- Joker-Face is alone as Chase is in also as the legal men. Joker-Face gets the advantage staright away as he goes for the weakened arm, he locks in a wrist lock. He then changes it to an armlock and sends Chase down to the floor as he wrenches back Chase's arm. Chase looks hurt as he gets to one knee, Joker-Face then releases the hold but smashes an elbow down on the sholder area -

DANIELS: "Chase got hurt from that move earlier and Joker-Face seems to be picking apart the weakened limb!"

MASTERS: "Well maybe he is not as stupid as he looks then."

- Joker-Face whips Chase into the corner and follows him there to hit a clothesline but Chase moves as Joker-Face smashes head first into the corner. Chase then quickly climbs up the same turnbuckle and hits a Moonsault on the standing Joker-Face to knock him down. Chase screams in pain as he lands on his injured arm -

MASTERS: "Well that was just stupid!"

DANIELS: "Yeah damaging himself just as much as his opponent there!"

MASTERS: "The idiot!"

- Both men try to get up, Chase gets up first and goes to punch Joker-Face but he blocks and hits back. He hits him again, then Chase goes for a hit but Joker-Face avoids it again this time nailing Chase with a Michinoku Driver. He covers





- James runs in and breaks the count up. The referee gets him out of the ring as Joker-Face gets up looking angry. He then picks up Chase and demolishes him with a Fisherman Buster. Instead of going for the pin though he charges at James who gets knocked off the apron by Joker-Face. Joker-Face then picks up the broken Chase and gets him set up perfectly -


MASTERS: "He is certainly on the crowds side...And yours as it looks, CALM DOWN!!!"

- Joker-Face hits a huge JOKE'S ON YOU...






- James interferes again this time pulling Chase out of the ring and breaking the count as there are huge boos and sighs from the crowd -


- Joker-Face walks around the ring looking frustrated as Chase and James stand on the outside. Suddenly Joker-Face decides to do another daredevil move as he does a Canonball Senton over the top rope and lands perfectly on both of New Age Wrecking Crew -

DANIELS: "These men just don't stop do they, what an awesome move!"

MASTERS: "Yeah not a clever move but it sure does look good!"

- Joker-Face throws Chase back in the ring and tries to climb in himself but James grabs his leg. James pulls him to the outside where he hits a powerslam onto the concrete. James throws Joker-Face back into the ring as Chase is just about recovered. Chase goes for a cover just about -




- Joker-Face gets his shoulder up. Chase then gets up dragging Joker-Face to his corner while still holding his injured arm. He tags in the fresh James who immediately kicks away at Joker-Face. He lifts him up into the air in a suplex position and keeps him up there for a while before slamming him down with a huge suplex. James then hits a standing elbow drop on Joker-Face who holds his ribs in pain. James contiues his attack by mounting Joker-Face and hits right and lefts to the head of Joker-Face who starts bleeding from the nose -

MASTERS: "What I expected to happen eventually."

DANIELS: "Yeah the odds are just too great for Joker-Face!"


DANIELS: "Okay, now your the one that needs to calm down!"

- James lets go and picks Joker-Face back up and plants him straight back down again with a powerbomb. Again James goes back on the assault again as he swings away at Joker-Face and busts his nose open even worse. Joker-Face now starts to grab his nose as blood pours out. James seems to be waiting in the wings as he waits for Joker-Face to get up. James charges at Joker-Face as he tries to connect with a huge GREETINGS FROM NEW YORK, but misses as Joker-Face dives out of the way and James crashes into the turnbuckle almost shaking the ring -


DANIELS: "What are you laughing at?"

MASTERS: "Your face...It is a joke!"

- Joker-Face mounts an attack on James as he comes up from behind him, turns him around and hits a Northern Lights Bomb. He then charges at Chase who gets knocked right of the apron and lands hard on the guard rail. Joker-Face picks up James and irish whips him and hits a victory roll on the running James and covers him





- James manages to kick out just in time as he gets up looking stunned. Joker-Face capitalises on the shocked James as he grabs him throws him to the ground. James sits up as Joker-Face sits down and attaches the Anaconda Vice. James screams as Joker-Face locks it in applying pressure to the arm and neck of James. Joker-Face continues the hold as James screams in pain but eventually Chase gets into the ring and breaks the move up. Chase picks up Joker and delivers a Double Underhook Piledriver. James then picks Joker-Face up as he hits him with a snap suplex. They both continue the punishment as they stamp on Joker-Face who is lying on the floor as the referee tries to stop them


- James now holds down Joker's arms as he positions him in place for an aerial attack from Chase. Chase climbs up high to a huge melee of boos from the crowd. He dives off as Joker-Face unable to escape gets crashed down on. FROG SPLASH. James, the legal man covers -





- James gets frustrated as he signals another double team attack. Joker-Face tries to crawl to his corner but then realises Boris is not there anymore. Chase gets in again as the referee tries to stop him. New Age Wrecking Crew lift Joker-Face up for position in the crucifix bomb. They decide to climb to the second rope insead though to deliiver it from there. ROUGH CUT!!!






- Boris runs back down with a bandage around his chest and back and gets into the ring to stop the count. Boris then punches both of the opponents down then does a flip dropkick on James. He then whips Chase to the ropes and catches him in a cutthroat swinging neckbreaker. Then he climbs the turnvuckle as James tries to get him down but Boris kicks him to the ground as he lands next to Chase. Boris dives off and gets both of the New Age Wrecking Crew Cartwheel Moonsault -

DANIELS: "How is he fit and well after that move earlier!"

MASTERS: "I think he is doing it without thinking, maybe he does this stuff in his sleep!!!"

- By this point Joker-Face manages to get up and grabs the injured Chase who rolls around holding his arm and hits him with a Release German Suplex. This makes Chase roll out of the ring in pain. James is left with both of Boris and Joker-Face of Death Row. They lift him up as he tries to punch out of the situation but to no success. They both knee him in the sternam as they both run off in different directions and eventually hit James with the DEATH CARD!!!!!!!!!!





DANIELS: "They over came all the odds there and Boris came back from a life threatening injury and recovered in just a few minutes, truly amazing!!"

MASTERS: "Do you ever shut up...But yeah, good match..."

TOWERS: "And the winner of the match by pinfall...Boris and Joker-Face...DEATH ROW!!!"


(CZW comes back with Jenny Jacobs wearing a purple trench coat, standing outside of Joe Louis Arena)

JENNY: "Welcome to CZW's first ever BATTLE FIELD CHALLENGE!"

(Jenny pauses as the fans inside can cheer)

JENNY: "With me are the two participants, Andrew Arashavin and JA Sawyer!"

(The camera pans out to show both men standing near Jenny. JA is wearing his traditional work outfit, and Andrew has on dark blue sweats. Both men are smiling, with their arms crossed)

JENNY: "Thanks guys, I also wanted to mention before we begin, that each man has taken it upon themselves to donate an undisclosed amount of money to their charity of choice, no matter what! So everyone's a winner with this one! On top of the companies sponsering JA, CZW will ALSO contribute $5,000 to the Ronald McDonald House!"

(On the feed from the building, you can hear the crowd cheer)

JENNY: "And Andrew will be donating to The World Wildlife Fund. CZW will donate the same!"

(Crowd cheers)

JENNY: "Now, to the event itself. It's a simple obstacle course, but it's been CZW'ed! First they have to do the traditional running-through-tires. Then they have to get down to their bellies, and crawl under 8 foot of barbed wire! After that, they will enter a field where many volunteers from the local paintball field will let loose with paintballs, as both men have to cross a field of 10 feet. Then they will meet a barricade where they'll need to climb a rope to get over. And then the final stretch, they have to cross a football field's length with Detroit college football players trying to block their path, after that a 10 yard dash to the finish line, where I'll be to interview the winner!"

MASTERS: "I need a drink."

DANIELS: "Oh shut up, this is fun!"

-Darrin Powers, head CZW referee, holds up a gun as both men position themselves, waiting for the go ahead. They take a moment to shake hands-


DANIELS: "And they're off!"

-Both men reach the tires at the same time, and rush right into them. 3/4ths of the way, JA trips and Andrew moves passed him, finishing the tire run first-

MASTERS: "HA HA HA! This IS fun!"

-JA gets up and finishes, as Andrew is at the point where he needs to get down on his belly. For some reason Andrew takes a little long getting down, and JA reaches him before he's all the way. Both men begin crawling, with Andrew just slightly ahead of JA now-

DANIELS: "I think the Working Man might have a little more experience being on his hands and knees!"

MASTERS: "... I'm not even touching that one."

DANIELS: "What? OH! No, you fool! Get your head out of the gutter!"

-As Both men are crawling, JA accidently lifts up a little and tears his shirt in the back. Ja lets out a little painful moan as barbed wire claws down his back. He persists, though, and lowers again. Andrew gets up first, just slightly ahead of JA-

DANIELS: "JA's work shirt is torn in the back, and a small blood stain is starting to form. Both men are up and about to approach the paintball field."

-Both men reach an opening made of out large sticks. As soon as Andrew pokes his head through, he gets hit in the forehead with a paintball. JA seizes the opportunity and sort of makes Andrew his shield as he pushes him forward, and directly into the path of a dozen paintballs. As Andrew is getting ambushed, JA takes off and runs towards the exit as about as fast as you'll ever see JA run. He gets pelted with a few, but it's Andrew sluggishly following that is getting the brunt of the attack-

MASTERS: "Oh man, this is fun Jarred! Seeing those goody-goody's getting pelted with paintballs is the best!"

DANIELS: "I'm worried that Andrew is hurt!"

MASTERS: "Oh shut up, OF COURSE he's hurt!"

-JA is first out of the paintball threat. Andrew comes stumbling over, with welts beginning to form all over his body. Both men are in pain and take a second to catch their breath. Andrew looks up at JA, who can only shrug. Both men gingerly jog over to the barricades, where Andrew obviously has an easier time of climbing over. JA is surprisingly agile though, and isn't far behind. Andrew leaps over just a few seconds before JA-

MASTERS: "That was the most amazing feat I've EVER seen that man do!"

-Both men approach the make-shift football field. As the football players see them, they stand alert-

DANIELS: "This is almost like Red Rover, Red Rover!"

MASTERS: "What the hell are you talking about!?"

-As JA and Andrew both approach the football players, each take a different method. Andrew meets the players head on, and althought he puts up a great fight, they overwhelm him-

MASTERS: "That idiot thought he could bulldoze right through!"

-JA, on the other hand, shows a little bit of skill on the field, and he ducks and dodges, shucks and jives across the field, making Masters and Daniels crack up hysterically. Only because it's an odd sight, with his uniform and all. JA makes it through the guys, and seemingly sprints to the end, having won the Battle Field Challenge-

(crowd cheers in background)

-Andrew eventually makes it over as well, but is clearly beat. Jenny Jacobs is there, and addresses JA-

JENNY: "JA, Congratulations!"

SAWYER (panting and sweating): "Whoo! Can't say I do something like that very often. Jenny, I just want to say that Andrew is a very good competitor and I'm glad we could do this in front of my fans in Detroit, Michigan. With the corporate sponsors, We've raised over $100,000 for Ronald McDonald house which, for those who aren't aware, helps children with potentially fatal diseases get the medical attention they might otherwise not have received. Thanks for participating, Mr. Arashavin, thank all of the fans for being here and for contributing tonight, and thank you, CZW, for the opportunity to give back more than I could have just from my paycheck. The Working Man is punching out for the night!"

-FROM OUT OF NOWHERE JA Sawyer gets kicked straight in the jaw and falls to the ground. The camera focuses on the assailant who is none other than Jesse Montana. He is vitually foaming from the mouth as he grins looking down at the unconsious Sawyer. He then looks up at Jenny Jacobs as she looks on scared of the Sensation. Jesse then grabs the microphone off her and crouches down, as the camera follows it shows Jesse lifting up the head of the knocked out JA Sawyer. He speaks to the camera-

JESSE: "Damn straight you're punching out for the night. Jesse Montana is in no mood to be embarrassed by this tub of lard. This is a damn statement to the whole locker room, do not make fun of the Sensation, as I can be very nasty when I want to be. This piece of crap thought he could slap me in the jaw, then use me as a human pinball in the Highway to Hell match at Evil Intentions. Then he has the audacity to barge into my locker room and rub that in my face in front of Mack my tag team partner. Well, look at him now, completely out of it just from one split second. That is all it takes when Jesse Montana gets angry. Next time though, I will make the attack longer, I will make my victim suffer as I will enjoy every damn moment of it. This goes for you El Pablo and you Ace King, that is your fate tonight, but unlike this sucker, you will not be out of it, no, I will make you feel the pain every second of the match"

-Jesse throws back down the head of JA Sawyer as he rises and the camera follows-

JESSE: "This is the God Amongst Men, the Sensation, Jesse Montana saying goodnight and God bless"

-Jesse makes a sick smile at the camera as he throws back the microphone for Jenny to catch. He walks off as the scene cuts back to Daniels and Masters-

MASTERS: "THAT... WAS... AWESOME. Jesse Montana is my new favorite wrestler of all time!"

DANIELS: "That was disgusting, dispicable, and just plain out HORRIBLE! You fool, that was a GOOD thing for the CZW! And Jesse Montana RUINED it!"

(A commercial promo is shown, highlighting Evil Intentions moments. The DVD will be available next tuesday, and can be found on and also many DVD retail stores)


DANIELS: "Now that I have some time to discuss this, I will. Last Thursday, I saw the worst display of treachery and deceit that I have ever witnessed in my life. Millions of fans and myself included saw Eric Ryan rush the ring and steal the CZW World Championship at Evil Intentions. This to me marked perhaps the darkest day in CZW’s short history and tonight, live via satellite we have the man who is said to have orchestrated this event and tonight I will get to ask him the big question, why?"

-On the CombatTron-

(Impaler appears on the tron sitting in a blue room. Ever present aside from the Impaler, “Kill or be Killed” T-shirt *available now on*. Over his shoulder is the CZW World Championship that was stolen during the Championship Match between Zodiac Thrilla and Caleb “Franchise” Walker)

DANIELS: "Impaler, how do you sleep at night knowing that you and your lackey have robbed the CZW blind?"

IMPALER: "I sleep very well thanks for asking. As far as I’m concerned the CZW World Championship is over the shoulder of the man who deserves it the most. I may not have faired well in the Money in the Bank Ladder match but I know that I was meant to wear this gold."

DANIELS: "So you feel no remorse for what you did?"

IMPALER: (scoffing at the question) Remorse, for what? Taking the CZW World Title from a man who is nothing more than a vagrant in the CZW, a solider without an army? You see I have busted my ass years to make it this far in the wrestling industry and I will be damned if I will allow myself to be kept down by a man who paraphrases the name of a serial murderer."

DANIELS: "So what do you think of the challenge he has leveled at you to go one-on-one with him next week here on live television?He issued the challenge right after he got out of the hospital, and later tonight he plans on coming out here and making it public."

IMPALER: "Look, if he wants me to embarrass him, he’s welcome to it but if he wants his precious title back... well then he’s gonna have to meet me in a match for it at the Pay-Per-View, Broken Hearts Broken Bones."

DANIELS: "What about the Highway to Hell winner!? Stylez has the shot in the Main Event!"

IMPALER: "Well I guess the power of the Zodiac best be with the Thrilla cause if he wants his gold back he’ll meet me in the opening match. And if he wins he can have his belt but if I win and I will, I will keep it and than I will beat the hell of the Highway to Hell winner, Matt Stylez."

DANIELS: "Why go to all this length just to get your title, why can’t you just earn it like everyone else?"

IMPALER: (annoyed) "Why, listen here! I have learned that if you don’t take what you want you never get it hard work and perseverance is second to wit and cunning when it comes to gaining championships. I hold here a golden ticket and I will not let it slip through my hands. I will become the CZW World Champion whether people like it or not!"

(With that Impaler removes an ear piece that until now had been well hidden and he walks off screen carrying the CZW World Title like a child clutching a security blanket)

DANIELS: "Well, I know the Zodiac was watching in the back, and later tonight we'll see how he feels!"

MASTERS: "We KNOW how he feels, Jarred! We both saw what happened to him at Evil Intentions!"

DANIELS: "Yes we did... but now it's time for our next bout!"

TOWERS: "The next match is a Highway To Hell aftermath match!"

(The crowd cheer)

TOWERS: "Introducing first.... from Canada... he is the Hardcore Master.... TIM TIMMONS!!!!!"

("STRICKEN" by Disturbed plays as Timmons walks out, and the crowd jeer. He ignores them as he walks down the aisle, purposely avoiding any fan wanting to touch him. He gets in the ring, and poses on the turnbuckle)

TOWERS: "And his opponent...."

(The crowd pops as "SERIAL THRILLA" plays over the PA)

TOWERS: "From Cincinnatti... He is the #1 Contender.... MATT STYLEZ!!!!!"

(Stylez walks out, playing up to the crowd as they cheer. He jogs down to the ring, high fiving fans on the way. He gets in the ring, and looks at Timmons, who is looking right back)

MASTERS: "Timmons is pissed!"

DANIELS: "This should be a hell of a fight!"

-The two lock up and Timmons grabs an arm bar and jaw jacks a bit before being sent to the ropes... only to level Stylez with a shoulder block. Timmons is on a roll the whole early part of the match here, hitting two big arm drags before Stylez wiggles around to a front face lock-

DANIELS: "Timmons showing everyone that he can wrestle too, with those nice arm drags."

MASTERS: "Timmons is an all-rounder, Jarred!"

-Timmons spins out and goes to the hammer lock but Stylez fights out and the two criss cross and exchange some single leg nonsense before a few quick near falls. Stylez goes to the headlock only to be countered by a pair of Timmons scissors. The two keep rolling around and countering before they back off and give each other a stare down-

DANIELS: "Both men very impressive in the early-goings of this match. Toe for toe, hold for hold!"

MASTERS: "Not for long, Daniels, Timmons always has a trick up his sleeve!"

-Timmons stops the wrestling and begins throwing punches and knees to Stylez’s face and the stuff earns him a near fall. Timmons hist an awfully aggressive rear chin lock before raking away at Stylez eyes-

MASTERS: "WHAT did I tell you?"

-Timmons grabs Stylez and keeps on doing an inverted back breaker. He lets go after a few moments, but Timmons keeps up the stiff stuff and keeps on earning near falls here and there. Timmons trash talks some and Stylez takes exception and fights back with some strikes. He counters a suplex and hits a swinging neck breaker and is finally able to give himself a little space to breathe-

DANIELS: "Timmons showing some aggression, do you think he's upset he hasn't won much?"

MASTERS: "Timmons doesn't care about that, he just wants to inflict pain!"

-The two exchange some stiff strikes before Stylez hits a flying forearm. Stylez goes into his victory sequence rather abruptly and scales the ropes. Stylez hits Timmons with a flying side kick. Timmons goes careening out of the ring and stands up, dazed. He looks up just in time for Stylez to flip himself over the top rope and onto his face-

DANIELS: "And now some aggression from Stylez! He's not going to take it lying down, William!"

MASTERS: "That's not what I hear..."

-Timmons is able to capitalize on Stylez after running him into the ring post on the outside. Timmons picks up Matt and throws him back into the ring. Timmons sets up a slumping Stylez in the corner and hit a nasty running splash for a two count-

DANIELS: "Timmons is frustrated, not being able to get the pin."

MASTERS: "That's not frustration, that's annoyance!"

-Stylez fights back with chops and other manly slaps before completely taking Timmons out with a nasty clothesline. These guys are working REALLY stiff tonight. Timmons went for a T-Crusher but Stylez avoids him. Timmons finally bullies him to the corner and propped him up on the top rope before scaling them himself and going for a super plex-

MASTERS: "Timmons wants to show this high flyer, just HOW to fly!"

-Stylez battles on the top and is able to knock Timmons back to the mat. He goes for an elbow drop, but Timmons gets the knee up and Stylez is stunned badly. Timmons goes for the Spinning side slam and connects but only got a two count-

MASTERS: "That Matt is like a cockroach... annoying and hard to get rid of!"

-Stylez gets up after Timmons is busy admonishing the referee and takes Timmons' legs out from underneath him and goes for the Still Shot. Timmons staggers back avoiding the move, but as he reels around Stylez nails him with High Style!!- ONE


THR-Timmons got his foot on the bottom rope!

MASTERS: "Timmons is a master of the ring, Daniels, he knows where he is at ALL times!"

DANIELS: "I call it a lucky break!"

-Stylez tries a roll up out of the hold twice but no dice. He struggles to his feet and tries to toss Timmons to the ropes but Timmons clings to the hold and was able to maintain position. Second time was a charm and Stylez hits a back elbow to give himself a reprieve-

DANIELS: "Some good back and forth action between Stylez and Timmons tonight!"

-Stylez stomps on Timmons' face and goes for a cover but doesn’t get so much as a one count on the cover attempt. Stylez goes for a suplex but Timmons wiggles out only to eat a back elbow. Stylez goes for the High Style again but Timmons kicks him in the back and the two fumble through a sunset flip exchange before Timmons slaps on an ankle lock-

MASTERS: "He's also master of submission holds, did I tell you that, Daniels?"

DANIELS: "Really... great..."

-Stylez reverses the hold into a roll up for a two count but Timmons goes right back to the ankle lock. Stylez reaches the ropes. Timmons wiggles out of another slam attempt and grabs a go behind which unravels into Timmons clotheslining Stylez over the top rope and down to the floor-

DANIELS: "Both men down on the floor again, just tearing into each other!"

-Both men start to pound on each other with lefts and rights as the ref starts counting he gets to 9 as they both get back into the ring. Stylez catches Timmons on his way into the ring and hits a super nasty DDT on him. Stylez picks up Timmons and hits him with a snap suplex. Stylez drops a knee on the head and goes for a cover but only gets two. Stylez works over Timmons in the corner, flooring him with multiple right hands. He slaps on a body scissors and rear chin lock to keep Timmons at bay-

DANIELS: "Two can play at the submission game, William!"

MASTERS: "Whatever..."

-Timmons struggles to his feet and hits some shots to the gut. The two exchange shots in the middle of the ring before Timmons hits the swooping forearm. Timmons starts to celebrate and goes for an inverted atomic drop before Stylez avoids the atomic drop only to be countered into a backslide for a two count. Timmons hits the scoop slam and then crawls to the top, hitting the elbow drop off the top rope-




DANIELS: "Wait, what is this!?"

-As the men continue to go back and forth, the big man Carnage comes out. He just stands at ringside, watching on-

-Stylez and Timmons are both back up to their feet at this point. They are directly across from each other. Stylez runs at Timmons and hits him with a drop kick to the knee dropping Timmons to one knee. Styles jumps up and then immediately goes for a DDT, Timmons however begins to squeeze Stylez from one knee into a miniature bearhug. Stylez begins to swing left and right as the life is visually being crushed out of him. The ref runs to check Stylez but life sparks into him and he punches Timmons a few times in the forehead breaking the hold. Stylez then falls face first on the mat holding his back. Timmons grins as he maintains his posture and picks Stylez up by the Hair and whips him into the ropes. Stylez slides between Timmons legs and Timmons turns and clotheslines Stylez to the mat-

DANIELS: "Stylez clearly didn’t see that coming!"

-Stylez holds his head as it bounced off the mat rather hard. Timmons plays to the crowd who immediately begin to boo him. Stylez fights to his feet and turns to face Timmons who kicks him in the gut. Stylez hunches over and Timmons then grabs Stylez and sets him up for a T-Crusher. The fans boo but Stylez appears to be finished as Timmons take a second to flex his arm. This momentary lapse gives Stylez enough time to wiggle his legs and force Timmons to lean backwards. Timmons regains his balance and Stylez headbutts Timmons in the stomach. Stylez flips from the hold and lands on his feet-


-Sure enough, Matt Stylez flipped to his feet and promptly delivered a High Style to Timmons. Both men lay on the mat, Timmons from the High Style and Stylez from the pain he’s endured. Stylez begins to move first and climbs to his feet using the Ropes for stability. He looks at Timmons who is laying in the middle of the ring and then does the X-Guns pose and looks at the turnbuckle. Stylez climbs the turnbuckle and poses one more time. Stylez sits on the top turnbuckle for a minute and then poses again-

MASTERS:"Uh oh, What iss that beast doing?"

DANIELS: "I had a bad feeling about him being down here! He isn’t involved in this match! Someone get him the hell out of here!!!"

-Stylez doesn’t see him and Carnage jumps onto the apron and shoves Stylez from the top turnbuckle onto the ground below. Stylez nails the ground with a thud and the referee witnessed all of it. He immediately calls for the bell as Carnage climbs into the ring to check on Timmons who is beginning to wake. “Serial Thrilla” is playing and Timmons looks at Carnage and begins to yell at him. Matt Stylez climbs back onto his feet and looks in the ring and begins to mouth at Tim Timmons and the beast Carnage. Stylez slides into the ring and Timmons pushes Carnage back and he looks at Stylez. Stylez holds his lower abdomen and is still yelling at Timmons-

DANIELS: "Hell is going to break lose…. What the… We need some order, I didn’t think they were even in the ARENA…"

-Altair and Hamuza run down the ramp and slide into the ring. Stylez drops to his back and rolls out of the ring looking in. The ropes jiggle and Timmons gets a look of fear on his face. He turns and his nose is on the chest of Hamuza who immediately delivers a headbutt to the smaller Timmons. Altair begins to punch at Carnage with little effect and then Hamuza jumps in. The two beat the beast down to one knee and then Hamuza headbutts him to the ground. Altair sits on Timmons chest and begins to yell at him in Arabic. Stylez at this point is sitting at the Commentator booth-

STYLEZ: "What the hell? Where did they come from?"

DANIELS: "Arabia…"

MASTERS: "Shut up you fool! No idea Mr. Stylez. How pleasant of you to join us."

STYLEZ: "Yea yea, I had that punk Timmons right where I wanted him until that seven foot tall hot dog vendor got involved.."

-William begins to laugh at Stylez, all three still focused in the ring where Hamuza and Altair and stomping Carnage to keep him down. Hamuza picks up Timmons and military presses him to the ground. Carnage soon sits straight up and yells “HAMUZA!” causing the two members of WoMD to climb from the ring as Security runs down and separates the two-

STYLEZ: "Where were they when that giant doorstop came down and ruined our match?"

MASTERS: "They always come too late, they just can’t get it right."

STYLEZ: "Figures, Oh well… We all know that Timmons was about to get a piece of the Thrill Kill and a ensuing 3 count… It was inevitable…"

-Security has the teams broken up and WoMD laughs as they go back up the ramp. “Serial Thrilla” plays as WoMD walk up the ramp, Stylez laughs as Timmons holds his torso and head from the attack-

DANIELS: "Is that it? Is that the men you’ve been talking to? Is that the team you have been mentioning."

STYLEZ: "What team? *Stylez laughs* Timmons got what he deserved. He went for the lame T-Crusher and I reversed it. I had it won until Carnage came down *Stylez begins to speak sarcastically* I don’t know whyyy they came down."

DANIELS: "Makes sense I guess."

-The ring is being cleared as Timmons and Carnage leave the ring with Security around them and Timmons yelling at them to get away-

MASTERS: "Stylez, Why don’t you stay down here for the next match. This tag team match might make history…"

STYLEZ: "Man, I really outta get to the back…"

DANIELS: "Yea Stylez, It’ll be nice to have a new voice in the booth. I get sick of hearing Williams’."

MASTERS: "Your voice isn’t great either…"

STYLEZ: "Guys, Guys… Sure I’ll stay, Why not. It’ll be good to actually watch a match for once."

DANIELS: "And we will back with our Main Event. The “Five Star Gamblers” against The Upstarts, after these commercial breaks."

-Scene cuts to a commercial for Broken Hearts, Broken Bones-









-We return to the ring where ring announcer Jessica Towers is ready for the next contest to begin-

TOWERS: "This contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Miami Florida… JESSE MONTANA!!!!"

(”RAINMAKER” blares over the P.A. system and Jesse Montana appears atop the ramp. His face utterly disgusted with the fans of Detroit. He turns and motions for Jacqui to come out who does so, looking sensational as usual wearing a blue and black sequence dress that reads “Upstarts” near the chest. They walk down the ramp and Jesse stops to pose as fireworks blast off behind him. He escorts Jacqui into the ring and then points to the ramp waiting for his partner)

TOWERS: "His tag team partner, from Tampa Florida… The Number One Draft Pick… MACK BEAUDIN!!!"

(”MAN UP” blares and Mack appears atop the ramp posing as fireworks shoot off. At his side is the Lovely Zoe, whom is sporting the same dress the Jacqui is. Mack and Zoe walk down the ramp and Mack escorts her into the ring also. Mack and Jesse pound fists as the ladies leave together. Mack and Jesse talk strategy as Jessica announces their opponents)

TOWERS: "And their opponents… ACE KING AND EL PABLO!!!!!"

(”ACE OF SPADES” blasts and then a slight remixed tone hits as “Been Training Dogs” intertwines the music and produces an actually pleasant sound. Ace King and El Pablo appear from the back sporting their title belts over their shoulders. They look at each other and nod then sprint down to the ring and slide in where they immediately begin to trade blows with Mack and Jesse as the bell rings)

MASTERS: "So Matt.. Who do you think is going to win?"

STYLEZ: "I hate to say it but Jesse and Mack look fearless. They seem to want to just cause damage. They clearly appear to be a force to be reckoned with. With that said, I’d have to say Pablo and Ace will win because Jesse and Mack’s frustration will be too much."

MASTERS: "Those 5 star punks may hold those belts but they are going to get beaten today, no doubt about it Stylez."

-The referee has finally gotten order and Mack and Pablo are the two in the ring. Mack has the upperhand as he has Pablo in an armbar. Pablo is whincing in pain and Mack uses his other hand to apply pressure. Pablo tries to rally from it but Mack uses a tough shoulderblock to the arm to force Pablo back down. Mack then begins to twist Pablos’ arm until he is laying on the mat helpless. King attempts to get in but the referee goes and forces him out giving Montana the chance to come in and assault the shoulder of Pablo. Jesse stays in and claps his hands making it sound like he tagged and begins to kick Pablo in the sternum. Montana holds Pablo’s arm and continues to kick at his chest forcing Pablo into the air and crashing down to the mat. Jesse then brings Pablo to his feet and whips him into the ropes and attempts a clothesline that misses and Pablo hits a dropkick off the rebound sending Montana to the mat. Pablo also his the mat and tries to crawl toward Ace. Montana gets up first and then breaks up the tag with an elbow drop-

STYLEZ: "Impressive, They sure have a method down. Weaken a link in the chair and it will fall apart."

DANIELS: "Indeed Stylez, I mean they are dismembering Pablo."

-Jesse then begins to assault the legs of El Pablo. He stomps the legs and back region a few times and then locks in an inverted figure four. Ace King then takes the opportunity to get involved and kicks Jesse in the sternum before the referee can get him out. Jesse and Mack clap their hands to make it sound like a false tag and then Mack runs in and starts to pound away on Pablo. Ace is getting mad because he has yet to see any action and Pablo is taking a fierce beating. Pablo lays on the mat clearly in pain and then tries to crawl toward Ace when Mack takes a break to talk to Jesse. Mack then sprints over and grabs PAblo’s foot, slings him back to the other side of the ring and begins to stomp away. Mack picks Ace up and gets him in a headlock but Pablo elbows Mack in the gut and then drop toe holds him and then lays on the mat in pain. Mack holds his mouth, as Pablo fights to get onto his feet, Mack beats him to the punch and grabs Pablo whipping him into the turnbuckle. Pablo flips over the turnbuckle and ends up in a sitting position. Mack runs at Pablo but Pablo pushes himself off the rope with a spear taking Mack down a notch. They both lay again, Pablo clearly running out of energy. Pablo is on his hands and knees crawling toward Ace-

DANIELS: "Pablo needs to make this tag!"

STYLEZ: "Yea, I don’t think he can take much more."


::Pablo made the tag and Ace King runs in and clears house with a series of lariets and punches. Mack and Jesse both end up laying on the mat after Ace knocks them both down. He then sits on Macks chest and begins to punch him in the face until the referee calls him off. Jesse tries to get involved once back on his feet but the referee forces him out. Pablo lays on the apron in pain. Ace and Mack are on their feet and lock up, Ace with the upperhand snap suplexes Mack but doesn’t break it and brings him back up for another suplex, followed by another until he finally lets go. Mack holds him back in pain-

STYLEZ: "Ace is a man on a mission for sure, unfortunatly, Pablo has yet to get back to his feet. Jesse and Mack may look to bring Ace down too. He needs to watch his back."

MASTERS: "They are genious. They will do whatever it takes to win this match no doubt. Pablo may need serious medical attention."

-At this point Pablo is back on his feet, but barely, and Ace King has Mack in armbar that has Mack yelling in pain. Ace breaks the hold and then begins to assault Mack’s arm again. He holds his bicep in some intense pain as Ace continues to bring the pain to that specific body part. Jesse for some reason seems to be focused on Stylez at ringside – whom he may or may not have seen earlier-

STYLEZ: "Pay attention to the match you babboon, Quit worrying about me!"

-Montana continues to yell toward Styles who just holds up his index finger and then points to himself. Pissed, Jesse turns back toward the match where Ace is going for the pin-



Kick out

STYLEZ: "That’s the first pinfall, doesn’t surprise me Mack kicked out. Jesse on the other hand needs to quit worrying about me, He will cost his team the win if he doesn’t stop… moron."

DANIELS: "You mean you're not going to interfere?"

MASTERS: "Jarred shut up, just because he’s out here doesn’t mean anything."

STYLEZ: "Yea Jarred, I mean can I not just sit here and watch a match. Why would I care if either of these teams win? I’m the number one contender, I’ve got bigger fish to fry."

DANIELS: "Fair enough.."

-Ace and Mack are on their feet in another lock up. Ace King whips Mack toward the ropes and then runs his off his own rope. When he connects with the rope, his hand his Pablo in the arm and the referee claims it was a tag. Pablo and Ace look confused and this gives Mack the chance to send Ace over the ropes outside. Pablo struggles to the top rope and does a flawless dropkick to Mack, sending him to the ground with a force-

STYLEZ: "What the hell? Who are they?"

DANIELS: "Looks like the new tag team, Street 2 Street! What do they want?"

-The new tag team sprints down the ramp and begin to immediately assault Ace King. The referee is too buys watching the Pablo Mack fight to notice and Ace and Street 2 Street begin to fight outside the ring. They end up mid ramp and Ace has successfully knocked down Justin Brackus, who is laying on the ramp but Leonard nails a nasty clothesline to Ace. The referee finally notices and starts to yell at Ace to get back in the ring. This gives Jesse a chance to slide in an “item” to Mack who grabs it. Mack acts like he is hurting bad and Pablo bounces off the ropes as Mack gets to his feet. Mack then nearly beheads Pablo with a pair of brass knuckles knocking his completely to the mat. Mack then covers Pablo as Jesse runs to the referee and points at Mack, who has thrown the knuckles out of the ring,who slides over for the count-





-The referee rings the bell and Mack and Jesse get into the ring to celebrate-

DANIELS :"They did it! They won… but they cheated. They will have an asterick next to this win, that’s for sure…"

MASTERS: "Yea, Sure but the referee didn’t see it and whats legal is legal."

DANIELS: "Matt, what do you… Wait.. where are you going?"

-Stylez throws his headset down and slides into the ring behind Mack and Jesse. They are looking up the ramp and the team dismembering Ace and down see Stylez slide in. Stylez runs at them and BAM!!!-

DANIELS: "What the hell!! Double High Style, Didn’t see that coming!"

-Stylez nailed them both with a vicious High Style and they both bounced off the apron. Pablo is fighting to get up and Stylez helps him to the ropes before sliding down to the floor level and running up the ramp. Leonard tries to hit Stylez with a boot but Stylez ducks and then spears Justin Brackus off Ace and begins to pummel him. Pablo hobbles up the ramp too and shoulder blocks Leonards knee before he can kick Stylez off Brackus. Brackus flips over on Stylez and begins to punch him as the two roll off the stage swinging. Leonard and Pablo lock up and Leonard sends Pablo into the guard rail but doesn’t see Ace who nails Leonard in the face with a camera. Leonard hits the Ramp hard as Pablo holds his back. Mack and Jesse begin to stur and get to their feet and look up the ramp to see the tides have turned on Street 2 Street-

DANIELS: "Stylez may have gotten involved with the wrong team. He just pissed off the Upstarts!"

-Stylez grabs a microphone as he has gotten to his feet after Pablo hit Brackus in the back with part of the fence. Stylez looks into the ring from mid ramp and looks at Mack and Jesse with intensity-

STYLES: "You cheap bastards, Yea I saw you use those knuckles there, yes I saw the Upstarts new protection come down and take Ace up the ramp. Too bad you didn’t see what was coming your way. A new era is dawning and The Upstarts from here on out will be ONLY second best."

-Leonard begins to move and Stylez kicks Leonard right in the gut as he is talking-

STYLEZ: "This is the era of AMP XTC. The three you see before you are the NEW sheriffs in town and your little games aren’t going to mount to much anymore. So why don’t you two ladies come down and fight?"

-Jesse and Mack look at each other and Stylez drops the mic. Jesse and Mack climb down the ring and walk up the ramp. Stylez runs at them and ducks a clothesline from Mack and begins to trade blows with Jesse. Street 2 Street has had enough time to recover and are back on their feet and now they are trading blows with Ace and Pablo. Stylez is holding his own with Mack and Jesse until the clutter of teams meet mid ramp and then they all begin to brawl. Stylez ends up trading places with Ace and Pablo and Ace begins to trade punches with Mack, Pablo with Jesse and Stylez with both members of Street 2 Street as he uses his speed to make them hit each other inbetween swings. The two “new” stables begin to brawl and continue to fight off the ramp and down the side of the guardrails-

DANIELS: "This is nuts. Someone break this up! Someone stop this!!!"

MASTERS: "I don’t think that all the police force in Detroit could break this up. This is just going to continue!"

-The teams continue to fight until they have disappeared under the black curtain into the backstage-

("ANOTHER BODY MURDERED" begins to play as the crowd bursts even louder with cheers. Out comes The Zodiac Thrilla and Vinny Corino, playing up to the crowd. Zodiac is wearing a neckbrace, and clearly has his ribs taped up, as he is not wearing a shirt. They make their way down to the ring, and Zodiac is still gingerly, but not as much as many would've thought. They get in the ring, and Zodiac is handed a mic)

ZODIAC: "First of all... How 'bout them Tigers!?"

(Crowd cheers)

ZODIAC: "Alright, Detroit, I've got a problem. I've got something to get off mah chest. You see, -I- am the CZW World Heavyweight Champion!"

(crowd cheers)

ZODIAC: "But my title is sitting in the hands of a maniac, thanks to the hands of a IDIOT. Eric Ryan came down and STOLE my title during my SUCCESSFUL title defense against Caleb Walker. And then as I was bound to find those jackals and beat them into a bloody pulp, Caleb and his hoodlums laid Death Row out. Now I ain't happy to say it... and I'm damn sure not proud to say it... but they owned us that night. I had a 500 pound man in red spandex come crashing down on me, for god's sake. But that was THAT night. On THIS night, it's a damn different story. But first thing's first, IMPALER. You want me at the PPV? YOU DAMN WELL GOT IT. But I ain't fixin' ta wait until February 28th to get my hands on you... so next week, non-title... and I assume you won't even have the damn thing with you, you bastard... YOU and ME in the middle of this damn ring! One on One, man to man! You cry about how many years you've been in this business... well, I've passed your status for a REASON. You're gonna have to accept da fact that this mongrol is BETTER than you. It's on like Donkey Kong, ya mask wearin' freak! What is it with you W&P freaks and your masks --"

-Just then, Caleb, Ice Breaker, and Glacier come out of the crowd from behind Vinny and Zodiac, and jump the men from behind. As they're laying out both men, BORIS and Joker-Face, seemingly anticipating the attack, come running down from the entrance ramp, with chairs in their hands. They enter the ring and Glacier and Ice Breaker look up just in time to be greeted with steel chair-

** WHACK!!!!!! (AND IN STEREO!) **

MASTERS: "Holy Piss, They just beheaded the Tag Champs!!"

-Caleb looks up and gets met with his own chair shot-

** WHACK!! **

-Zodiac gets up, and Vinny is up as well. All four Death Row members look at each other, and then proceed to lay down a fury of boots and fists-


-BORIS and Joker-Face circle the fallen Tag Champions like vultures, as Vinny and Zodiac drag Caleb out of the ring and up towards the entrance ramp. Vinny grabs a table, sets it up, and both men set Caleb on top of it. As Zodiac walks to the back through the entrance way, the crowd begins to buzz with anticipation-

MASTERS: "What... WHAT is he doing, Daniels!?"

DANIELS: "I don't know for sure, but I have a pretty damn good idea!"

-The crowd erupt as Zodiac is seen climbing up ON TOP of the CombatTron, nearly 30 feet in the air. As Vinny holds down Caleb, Zodiac poses and leaps!!!! ----




-Zodiac came crashing down on Caleb with a somersault senton, shattering the table into pieces and leaving both men motionless. Vinny looks on, in a state of shock. Daniels and Masters remain speechless as a medical crew finally come out and begin taking care of the men. "RUN TO THE HILLS" is playing softly in the back ground, as the end credits for CZW War Zone air with Zodiac and Caleb being put on stretchers-

CZW FEB 2008 (C)