Queen of Combat Title History

The CZW Queen of Combat Title History

The cZw QoC title was created Feb 21st 2008, on March 13th 2008 in Tokyo Japan, Sydney Vicious defeated 6 other women in the QoC Ladder Royale. Just over a month later, Ruthless Aggression pinned Sydney in London to become the 2nd QoC champion. At May Massacre, in the first ever Cage of Doom, X-Ellence's Allyson Thorn became the third champion by defeating Ruthless, Vicious, Hellena and The Lovely Zoe.

Allyson set the record for longest title reign, and didn't lose it until HATEWAVE, where she was defeated in a TABLES, LIGHT TUBES, and CHAIRS match by Sirena Starr. Sirena was stripped of the title on Oct 10th. due to her departure from the company. The title remained vacant until Nov. 29th where Tatum Regan and Debra Lopez fought for it, with Debra coming out the winner.

Debra lost it to her nemesis at Beginning of the End, Leah Kimara, in the first ever Xtreme Scaffold Match. She just barely lost, landing on the tables first as both women plummeted from the scaffold.

On January 20th, The CZW officially closed the women's division, leaving Leah Kimara as the last Queen of Combat.

However, in late 2012, the newly-reformed company sought to invoke somewhat of a regeneration in its contribution to women's wrestling, and with several new ladies on its books, the decision was made to re-instate the Queen of Combat Championship with an inaugural 6-woman Battle Royal at the Event Horizon iPPV. The match eventually boiled down to Cristal - the sole surviving participant from the very first QoC match - and Kandi Washington, and it was the relative newcomer to the company who came out on top to be crowned the first Queen of Combat in almost four years.

Title Winners

~ cZw ~
# Name Defeated Date won Date Lost Days
1 Sydney Vicious won the Ladder Royale March 13th April 17th 36
2 Ruthless Aggression Sydney Vicious April 17th May 29th 43
3 Allyson Thorn Ruth, Sydney, Hellena & Zoe May 29th Aug. 30th 94
4 Sirena Starr Allyson Thorn Aug. 30th Oct. 10th 42
- VACANT Sirena was stripped as she left the company. Oct. 10th Nov. 29th -
5 Debra Lopez Tatum Regan Nov. 29th Dec. 31st 33
6 Leah Kimara Debra Lopez Dec. 31st Belt retired in 2009 21
7 Kandi Washington Cristal, Miss Michelle, B. Vixen, T. Regan, S. Starr Dec. 24th 2012 Current -