| August 24th 2009 | * Dublin, Ireland * The O2 Arena |

cZw presents: "Overdrive"

live from
- Dublin, Ireland -
The O2 Arena
August 24th 2009

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Ten-Man Tag Team Mayhem


Winner Gets IC Title Shot At HATEWAVE











* cZw! *



A HUGE pyro display signals the opening of CZW Overdrive, LIVE from the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland. The cameras swoop around the arena, taking in the thousands of fans that have jam-packed the arena tonight. Many of them carry homemade signs, sporting such slogans as..

"1 El Porkbutt With A Side Of Mayo, Plz"

"Bring Back Chadwick!"

"I'm durkn on Tminoms!"

"I Need To Nap"

DANIELS: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another jam-packed edition of CZW Overdrive! Hatewave is only one week away, and BOY do we have a line-up to whet your appetite here this evening!

MASTERS: That's right! We'll see another chapter in the Shrapnel/Sixx rivalry when the two lock up under First Blood Stipulations!

DANIELS: We'll also see the World and X Champions united in tag-team action, when Cage Stryker and Brian Blaze take on The Cut Throat Thrillers!

MASTERS: Chris Ross makes his return, with the opportunity to compete for the Intercontinental Championship at Hatewave on the line! The only trouble is, he has to get through long-standing rival Justin Marsham first!

DANIELS: And of course, our HUGE main event, that is sure to be every bit as chaotic as their rivalry has proved to be over these past few months. The Next Generation takes on Team XTC and the Kaiju Warriors in 10-man Tag Team action!

MASTERS: I cannot WAIT for that one, Jarred!

DANIELS: First of all, though, it's newcomer Jiro Hu in action, taking on the returning Adonis!


Jiro Hu vs Adonis


The two men come out to the ring to their respective music and the difference in size is immediately apparent: The same weight, but Hu is compact and stout while Adonis stands 9 inches taller, very lean and muscular. They begin the match with Jiro taking control early, using his speed and dexterity to keep the taller man guessing. Jiro hits with dropkicks, flying forearms, diving stomps, and even a hand-spring elbow into the corner. Adonis takes control by reversing a whip to the ropes and hitting Hu with a solid tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Adonis continues with an overhead backbreaker, a whip into the corner, and several hard slams and suplexes to work Jiro’s now tender back. Jiro dodges a running clothesline, bounds off the ropes, and hits with a hurricanrana, getting a two count off his opponent. Jiro pounds Adonis for over a minute with a variety of kicks, strikes, and flying moves but tries one move too much. Adonis catches him on the top turnbuckle and, using his 6' 6" frame more than brute strength, choke slamming Jiro off the top. One Ego Smack later (an F-5 with the opponent landing face down), and Adonis pins Jiro Hu to open CZW Overdrive.


All the members of The Next Generation are sitting in their locker room going over their match later tonight when there is a knock at the door.

Timmons: Come in.

Suddenly the door opens with a slam and every member of TNG stands up as none other than "The Misift" Mike Monroe comes in and gets right into the face of Mountain Man. Caleb Walker makes his way over to Mike, but is stopped as Mike points his finger at him, without moving his gaze away from Mountain Man.

Monroe: Stop right where you are at, asshole. This does not concern you.

MTM looks at Walker to say that he has this under control and then looks at Monroe with a smirk.

Mountain Man: What is it I can help you with?

Monroe: You know what I came for and what I am gunning for. I came to challenge you to a match at Hatewave.

Mountain Man sort of chuckles at Mike's audacity

Mountain Man: What makes you think you are good enough to fight me?

Monroe: Because I would like to think that you have something resembling testicles and would take on any and all challengers. Plus you and me still have some unfinished business to take care of.

Mountain Man: OK, supposing that I would take you on, what do you propose we do?

Mike actually kind of snickers in Mountain Man's face.

Monroe: Well, you are the Ultraviolent Champion, after all. And something seems to pop into my head. Something so sinister and brutal, it has only happened three times. You. Me. No Escape Cage Match.

Mountain Man turned to the rest of his stablemates to discuss this over, before turning back to Monroe.

Mountain Man: You are on. Now get the hell out of here.

Mike goes to walk out, but stops and turns back around.

Monroe: One more thing before I go...


Mike just slaps Mountain Man across the face. Mountain Man has a furious looks on his face as Mike saunters out.

DANIELS: Wow William, Monroe laying down the challenge to Mountain Man.. and Mountain Man accepts!

MASTERS: What an idiot! Mountain Man is gonna squash him like an insect!




Daniels: Hello ladies and gentlemen Awesome Shawn Duncan qualified a week ago for Money in the Bank and now he awaits in the ring for a man that attacked El Pablo just one week ago.

Masters: That is correct Daniels and any man who wants to turn that squirrel into road kill is great in my books.

Then History’s Stranglers begins to play as Silencio is now on the stage. The people begin to boo as he is making his way to the ring.

Jessica: Making his way to the ring hailing from The Shadows he is Silencio. And his opponent already in the ring hailing from Eugene Oregon Awesome Shawn Duncan.

Silencio is now in the ring as Awesome Shawn is now looking back at him.

Daniels: The reff motions for the bell it rings and we are under way Silencio making his Overdrive Debut against Awesome Shawn Duncan. Action starts off quickly as Shawn bounces off the top rope. Silencio apparently going for a back body drop as Awesome Shawn jumps over him. Shawn again off the rope as he flies and a flying forearm to the back of Silencio’s head.

Masters: Awesome Shawn showing off that quickness he is going to be great in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. He’s off to a fast start here tonight Daniels.

Daniels: He sure is Masters as Silencio is back to his feet rather quickly as he takes a step towards Silencio and Shawn hit’s a dropkick. Both men are up quickly but Silencio is dropped again with a massive dropkick. Both men up again as Silencio runs and he is taken down with an arm drag. Silencio is quickly up as Shawn runs in the opposite direction. He bounces onto the second rope and catapults into a dropkick. Cover 1.…no Silencio gets the shoulder up.

Masters: High paced action from Awesome Shawn. Silencio hasn’t been in the ring since Cage of Doom. Maybe his head is somewhere else after the attacks on El Pablo. Awesome Shawn is now stalking Silencio as Silencio is resting in the corner. Awesome Shawn now a handspring going for the back elbow and Silencio puts the boot up and nails Awesome Shawn in the back of the head.

Daniels: Great awareness by Silencio as Awesome Shawn stumbles forward and Silencio now reaches out and grabs Awesome Shawn and hit’s a Pumphandle Slam on Awesome Shawn.

Masters: Not just a Pumphandle Slam Daniels he just hit a Pumphandle Cutter amazing. Awesome Shawn is down on his stomach as Silencio now has a hold of both of Awesome Shawn’s arms. He lifts him by his arms and now his foot is behind Awesome Shawn’s head. CURB STOMP!

Daniels: Sickening Silencio driving his boot into the back of Awesome Shawn’s head as it gets crushed into the mat. Awesome Shawn could be out this could be it 1...2.. No Awesome Shawn kicks out. Silencio lifts Awesome Shawn up and now hits him with a Wheelbarrow DDT! Another cover 1.…2... No Awesome Shawn still kicks out. Silencio has been on a roll.

Masters: He certainly has and now he appears to be going for a weapon. He grabs a steel chair. Silencio now back in the ring as Awesome Shawn is finally back to his feet. Silencio gives Shawn a one finger salute and throws the chair. Awesome catches it though and throws it back at Silencio. Silencio catches it but Awesome Shawn hit’s the steel chair into his face with a spinning Heel kick. Silencio is down and out and Awesome Shawn is crawling for the cover. 1.….2.….NO! Silencio gets the shoulder up. Awesome Shawn is in disbelief. Awesome Shawn drags Silencio over to the corner and he goes up to do the handstand this could be the Awesome Splash.

Daniels: Look Silencio quick to his damn feet and hit’s a super kick to Awesome Shawn while he was doing the Headstand. Awesome Shawn falls on his head onto the top turnbuckle and is now on the canvas. Silencio drags him to the middle of the ring and lifts him up. He sets it up…HE HIT’S THE LIGHTNING SPIRAL HE CALLS THE HEADHOT! COVER 1.…2.…3! Silencio just beat Awesome Shawn Duncan.

History’s Stranglers begins to play over the sound system as Silencio gets his hand raised by the referee.

Daniels: Silencio impresses everyone with his CZW Overdrive Debut with a win over the always tough Awesome Shawn Duncan.

Masters: Silencio is going to be a force if he keeps going like he did today. ALSO El Pablo should be put on notice that this dangerous man is in fact after you.

Suddenly, TJ Hix appears on the screen, sat inside his office.

TJ HIX: Congratulations, Silencio, a fine victory! Looks like I was right to promote you for a contract with the CZW.

Silencio looks silently up at the image of Hix on the CombatTron, his hands on his hips.

TJ HIX: In fact.. seeing as you just defeated a man set to compete in the Money in the Bank match at Hatewave, I think it's only fair you get a place in that match as well. Congratulations Silencio, YOU will compete on the biggest stage of them all, for the chance to be crowned MR MONEY IN THE BANK!

The image of Hix cuts out, and "History's Stranglers" returns to the soundsystem, as Silencio - without showing the slightest hint of emotion - steps through the ropes and exits the ring.

DANIELS: What an announcement by TJ Hix! Silencio, with only 2 matches under his belt here, will now compete in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at Hatewave!

MASTERS: Another fantastic decision by "The F'N Boss"! Go Silencio!!!


Jarred: “Wait a minute...I’m being told there is some kind of disturbance in the back. We have a camera crew reaching that location now. Let’s see what is going on.”

The scene switches to the back and we see Godzilla Sawyer, in his usual jeans and a T-shirt, marching down a hallway in the back of the arena. Fury is etched in his face as he walks, and the look is enough for other people in the hall to step aside. Entering a larger opening in the corridor, he spots some security personnel.

Godzilla: “Where is Impaler. I heard he’s here somewhere.”

Security: “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him. If he’s here, he’s probably in the Next Gen locker.”

Godzilla grabs the man and pulls him close until they are face to face.

Godzilla, snarling: “You better be telling me the truth or I’ll knock your teeth so far down your throat you’ll have to chew your food with your sphincter.”

Sawyer lets the frightened man go and he looks around at the ten or so bystanders in the area.

Godzilla: “Who knows where Impaler is? WHO???”

In a rage, he picks up a garbage can and throws it against a wall, the trash raining down on a man who ducked beneath the throw. Sawyer knocks over a table full of bottles of water for the crew and workers with a roar!

Sawyer to bystander: “WHERE IS IMPALER?”

Man, scared: “I don‘t know!”

Sawyer, roaring again, punches through a see-through plastic cover that protects one of the arena’s fire extinguishers. Blood trickled down from his knuckles where the now jagged plastic cut him.

From the hallway runs Tamara Simpson with El Pablo behind her.

Tamara: “See if you can reason with him. He wouldn’t listen to me.”

Pablo steps forward: “Calm down, J. A. This will just get you in trouble.”

Godzilla: “I don’t care how much trouble I get in to. You saw what he did. Billy was retired. Its been four days and Billy is still in the hospital, his back messed up again. I’m not waiting for the match!”

Pablo: “Look, big man, I know how you feel. Team XTC has seen more beat-downs than almost anyone. Simply put if you get into a fight with Impaler now, you not only jeopardize the match but your standing with the company. CZW may have wild matches, but I’m sure there would be repercussions if one of their champions get hurt just before a pay-per-view doing something stupid.”

Godzilla: “Did you just call me stupid?”

Pablo: “No, but you are one step away from doing something tremendously stupid! You may be Godzilla now, but you are also the Working Man, a wrestler who prided himself on his skill and brain-power in being able to out-think his opponents. Don’t let the monster part of you overpower the thinking part.”

Godzilla: “You want me to just sit back? You can’t be serious.”

Pablo, in his pink ruffly mask: “Don’t I look serious?”

They stare at each other for a moment, then Sawyer snickers through his snarl: “Don’t make me laugh, man. I’m not in the mood for jokes.”

Pablo: “But its just what we need to de-escalate this right now. Look, Kong is already in the XTC dressing room. We want to go over some strategy before the match tonight, we were just waiting on you. There are some cold drinks there, you can relax a little bit and save that energy and anger for later. You will get a chance to take on Impaler in less than two hours.”

Godzilla glares at Pablo, then relaxes. “Fine. You are right. I am the Working Man as much as I am The Monster from Michigan. I can’t play Impaler’s game, I need to play mine. Let’s go.”

The two men and Bunny walk away and the camera clicks back to the ring.




TOWERS: Ladies and gentlemen.. the following contest is the FIRST BLOOD MATCH!

"New Generation"? by Adelita's Way hits the soundsystem, and the crowd cheers loudly as "Rockstarr" Tommy Sixx steps out onto the stage. In one hand he clutches a 2x4 wrapped in a healthy amount of barbed wire, the other raised above his head with a clenched fist.

DANIELS: Tommy looking like he means business tonight. First blood rules, remember, weapons are legal, encouraged, and quite possibly even necessary, in order to pick up the win!

MASTERS: Right, and I'd say that's probably why he requested this match. It's pretty much proven now that he's no match for Shrapnel as far as actual wrestling talent goes, so he's gotta now try and beat the defeat into him instead!

Tommy lowers his fist, and makes his way down the ramp. He climbs up onto the apron, and raises his hands once more, facing into the ring, causing the crowd to pop again. Suddenly, Shrapnel crawls out from under the apron, thumping Tommy hard in the back.

DANIELS: What the.. Where the hell did he come from!?

Tommy slumps against the ropes, dropping the 2x4 into the ring. Shrapnel turns round, and reaches up, grabbing hold of Tommy's tights and powerbombing him down to the floor.

DANIELS: Oh man! Shrapnel kicking things off in a big way here tonight!

MASTERS: Well he's clearly sick and tired of Tommy interfering in his business, he obviously wants to get this over and done with as quickly as possible!

Shrapnel hauls Tommy up to his feet, and leads him over to part of the barricade seperating the fans from ringside. He slams Tommy's head into the railing, then spins him round and starts hitting him with powerful blows to the ribs and stomach. One big uppercut, then Shrapnel grabs hold of Tommy's wrist, and whips him headfirst into the steel turnbuckle.

DANIELS: Oh! What impact! That could end this thing before it's even really started!

As Tommy writhes about on the floor clutching his forehead, Shrapnel lifts the apron, pulling out a garbage can full of various other bits of weaponry. He dumps the contents onto the floor, and turns the can on its side, stalking Tommy as he slowly gets back to his feet. When Tommy turns round, Shrapnel brains him with the can, dropping him right back onto his back. Shrapnel then heads over to the pile of debris emptied from the can, and picks up a Singapore cane. He steps back over to Tommy, who has rolled onto his stomach, and kneels over his back, locking in a modified camel clutch, the cane pressed against Tommy's throat.

DANIELS: Shrapnel in control early on..

MASTERS: Yes, but this isn't a submission match! This won't make Tommy bleed!

DANIELS: Well, maybe not, but the more you wear your opponent down, the easier it'll be to get him in a position where a laceration is possible.

Shrapnel keeps the hold locked in for 10 seconds or so, then releases his grip and steps off Tommy, who starts coughing and spluttering in an attempt to re-open his windpipe. Shrapnel doesn't give him the opportunity, however, as he raises the cane above his head and brings it down over Sixx's spine with a loud crack.

DANIELS: Good grief! Did you hear that!? The crack of Singapore can on a human being's spine, echoing throughout this arena!

Shrapnel discards the cane, and hauls Tommy back to his feet. He lines the two of them up with the ring steps, and whips Tommy towards them. Suddenly, Tommy leaps up, springing off the steps, grabbing hold of the turnbuckle and swinging through the ropes into the ring, landing with a roll.

DANIELS: What great agility by this young man!

Tommy gets back to his feet, and as Shrapnel approaches the apron, he springs up off the bottom rope and dropkicks the Scotsman in the face, sending him reeling back against the barricade. Tommy picks himself up again, and vaults over the top rope with a plancha. Shrapnel catches him though, and counters into a powerslam, dropping Tommy on top of the pile of canes, broom handles and cookie sheets emptied from the garbage can at the start of the match.

DANIELS: Shrapnel's strength advantage paying dividends there. Make no mistake, this guy is HUGE!

Shrapnel now climbs up onto the apron, gazing down ominously at the grimacing Tommy before leaping off with an elbow drop.. but Tommy moves! Shrapnel crashes down onto the debris.

MASTERS: What an idiot! Who does he think he is, El Pablo!?

Tommy gets back to his feet, and picks up the Singapore cane weilded by Shrapnel earlier on. He twirls it round in his hand as Shrapnel pulls himself up, and as the big man turns round, Tommy swings, driving the cane into Shrapnel's abdomen. Tommy then drops the cane, and grabs Shrapnel by the head, snapping him down to the floor so the back of his skull crashes off the bits of wood and metal lining the floor. Tommy then climbs over the barricade into the crowd, and takes a moment to play to his fans, before vaulting back over and hitting Shrapnel with a leg drop.

DANIELS: Tommy building a bit of momentum here, can he keep it up?

Tommy pulls himself back up using the barricade, and heads round to the next side of the ring. He lifts the apron, and rummages around for a few moments before re-emerging with a steel chair in hand. He steps round the corner, just as Shrapnel is getting back to his feet, and raises the chair high above his head. He steps forwards, but Shrapnel surprises him with a kick to the gut, doubling him over. Shrapnel then grabs Tommy by the neck and tights, spins him round, and slams him knee and chest first into the ring steps with a thud.

MASTERS: That'll break a few ribs!

With Tommy slumped motionless against the steel, Shrapnel heads round to a third side of the ring, and lifts the apron once more. After a few seconds, and much to the excitement of the CZW fans, he pulls out a table. But, this is not just any table.. this is a GLASS table.

DANIELS: Uh-ohhhh!

MASTERS: Now there's something guaranteed to draw blood!

Shrapnel sets the table up alongside the apron, and then walks back round towards Tommy. He picks up the chair, and drives it into the side of Tommy's ribs. He does it again.. and again.. and then places a hand round the back of Tommy's neck. He leans in, and whispers something inaudible in his ear, before standing up and raising the chair above Tommy's head..



Suddenly, Tommy drops back out of the way, as Shrapnel smashes the chair down on the steps, right where Tommy's skull would have been.

MASTERS: Erm.. I mean.. dammit! What a shame Sixx didn't get his skull shattered!

Sixx rolls into the ring, with the chair-weilding Shrapnel in hot pursuit. Tommy hits the ropes, and ducks a chair shot from Shrapnel on the rebound. He hits the ropes on the other side, and takes Shrapnel down with a spear, before mounting him and unleashing a flurry of rights and lefts to the face and forehead.

DANIELS: Tommy taking it to Shrapnel now, this has been a real back and forth contest so far!

Tommy gets to his feet, and picks up the chair. He bangs it against the canvas, and stalks Shrapnel, waiting for him to return to his feet. Shrapnel turns, and Tommy smashes him right between the eyes.

DANIELS: Good god, what a chair shot!

Shrapnel staggers backwards, falling into the ropes. He bounces forwards, and Tommy smashes the chair into his skull again.

DANIELS: For god's sakes! Another sickening chair shot! And this time Shrapnel goes down!

MASTERS: How is he NOT bleeding after those shots!?

Tommy stares down at Shrapnel, writhing in pain on the canvas, and tosses the chair to one side. He looks up at the fans.. and then turns to look at the barbed wire 2x4 he brought out with him. The fans explode as Tommy steps towards the wood, slowly bending down to pick it up, before stalking Shrapnel once again.

DANIELS: Tommy's got the barbed-wire! If he connects with this, it's over!

The fans are on their feet as Shrapnel slowly crawls towards the ropes, Tommy following just behind, urging him to get to his feet. Shrapnel extends a hand, and grabs hold of the bottom rope, then places another on the second rope. He hauls himself up groggily to his feet, as Tommy suddenly steps back a few paces. Shrapnel turns towards the middle of the ring, as Tommy charges forwards. Tommy swings the 2x4.. but Shrapnel ducks! Tommy turns round..



Tommy slumps to the floor, motionless, the 2x4 landing just beside him. Shrapnel hunches forwards for a moment, his hands resting on his knees, trying to shake off the effects of the big chair shots. He then steps slowly over towards Tommy, and pulls him up to his feet. He whips Tommy off the ropes, and on the rebound.. he grabs him by the throat, and in one fluid motion, he lifts him into the air, traps the leg, and charges over towards the ropes.




Shrapnel stares down demonically at the fallen Sixx, who is now lying in a mass of shattered glass. The referee runs round to check on Tommy, and with blood starting to run down most of his back, the official has no choice but to call for the bell.


TOWERS: Here is your winner.. SHRAPNEL!!!

"Slow Chemical" returns to the soundsystem, but Shrapnel shows no signs of celebration at his victory. Instead, he walks slowly towards the centre of the ring, and picks up the barbed wire 2x4. He steps through the ropes, and jumps down off the apron next to Tommy. He shoves the referee away, and kneels over Tommy's back, grabbing him in a half-Camel clutch. Shrapnel then presses the 2x4 into Tommy's face, grinding the barbed wire against his forehead. Tommy cries out in pain as the blood starts to flow. After a few seconds, Shrapnel relents, dropping Tommy back down onto the glass and standing up. He smiles sadistically at his fallen opponent, then turns and heads up the ramp as "Slow Chemical" starts up once more.

DANIELS: Shrapnel putting the final exclamation point on yet another victory over "Rockstarr" Tommy Sixx! And you have to wonder, was that partly designed as some sort of message to the X-Champion, Brian Blaze?

MASTERS: Only time will tell!


Suddenly the arena goes dark again and ‘Indestructible’ by the band Disturbed begins to play. The audience begins to ‘boo’ more than they ever have for this man as ‘The Legacy’ Impaler comes out of the wrestler’s entrance. The arena remains dark while a spotlight centers on the behemoth, and, followed by Caleb Walker, Impaler struts down to the ring. He climbs in and raises a hand in the air. When he drops his arm, the lights come on and the music stops. He sneers at the audience as the ring announcer gives him a microphone.

Impaler: “In case you don’t know, it is official. There will be a CZW Television Championship rematch between myself and the reigning champion, Godzilla Sawyer. As you are all aware, I’ve worked very hard and won a lot of matches to get this shot.”

The audience jeers even more but Impaler simply chuckles as if completely amused by the reaction.

Impaler: “Godzilla Sawyer, tonight’s match is almost inconsequential. Oh, yeah, getting a pin on you or your big-ass friend would be a kick, but it’s what is around your waist that I want, and I don’t mean your fat. That Television Championship would be a nice addition to the Tag Team and Ultraviolent Championships that Next Generation already owns. What you need to know, Sawyer, is that I get what I want. When you are as big and strong as I am, no one stands against you for long. I know you are weakening. Seeing your friend lying there in pain in the hospital is eating you up and I’m enjoying the very thought of it! At Hatewave, I will be taking my place finally in CZW history as...”

The tune ‘Godzilla Unleashed’ from the video game of the same name blares through the sound system. Instantly Caleb is out of the ring grabbing two steel chairs and sliding them in. Impaler and Caleb each wield a chair in anticipation, but as the music plays, Sawyer’s face appears on the large Combat Tron screen, much like Impaler’s did on Inferno.

Godzilla: “Made you jump, didn’t I? You know, Impaler, hearing you brag about things you’ve never done in CZW makes me smile! It gives me all the motivation I need to kick you from one end of Liverpool to the other. So this is the message I’m sending you. You have your match at Hatewave, for certain, but I’m challenging you to a match with one of my stipulations that I haven’t decided yet...”

Impaler: “Not so fast, Sawyer. You aren’t making the rules, remember. I’m picking the stipulation, and I won’t tell you what it will be until that night so you can’t have one of your famous ‘I’m training for the match’ promos. This is my time, not yours. You’ll be an extinct monster by the time I’m through.”

Godzilla, thinking for a moment: “I’ll tell you what, Impaler. There is a way for us to have it both ways. Let’s have a 3 Stages of Hell match, then. A two-out-of-three falls match, one fall will by whatever stipulation you choose, one will be whatever stip I want, and the third fall if it gets to that point will be one that CZW officials will choose for us, and none of the stips will be announced until match time. What do you think about that, Impaler. Not much farther you can go to end this between us. And the loser does not get ANY rematch. I like it. Do you?”

Impaler: “That’s fine, Sawyer. Gives me a chance to beat you not once, but twice in the same night! But it won’t get to that third fall. I’ll beat you in my match, beat you in your match, and I’ll laugh as I hold the Television title over my head and watch as they drag your useless carcass out of the arena. I think you are going to regret your idea for a match, Godzilla, because at Hatewave, I will take you straight to hell...The Hell of The Impaler!”

With the last word, the Combat Tron shuts off and Impaler makes his way to the back.




Jessica Towers: “This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for one fall. Introducing first coming to the arena, the team of Blade and Razor...The CUT THROAT THRILLERS!”

With a great deal of energy the two men come down to ringside and get into the ring, moving around quickly.

Jarred: “These two aren’t exactly good guys, but they are receiving a pretty warm welcome here tonight.”

Jessica: “And their opponents, first our current CZW X-Division Champion, Mr. Entertainment...Brian BLAZE!”

Now Blaze heads to the ring sneering at the fans as they begin to jeer him. In fact, he seems to delight slightly in the negative attention as he calmly heads up the ring steps and into the ring, warning Razor and Blade to stay back.

Jessica: “And his partner, the current CZW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘High Definition’ Cage...STRYKER!”

Now Cage steps out of the wrestlers entrance to a resounding cheer, the crowd very glad to see him. He takes his time to touch each and every hand on his way down and circles the ring greeting fans. Blade and Razor seem pretty cool and patient while the champ does this, but Brian Blaze shakes his head with a pitying expression on his face. Handing his World title belt over to Jessica, Cage enters the ring. Without asking, Blaze steps out onto the apron leaving Cage in the ring with a strange expression while, after a brief talk, Razor decides to start the match for his team.

Razor circles Cage and they tie up in the middle, but Cage ducks under and applies a go-behind waist lock. Razor, quick and canny, wriggles and spins to face Cage, then wraps his arms around his opponent and hits with a surprise belly to belly! Cage is rocked as Razor is back on his feet!

Masters: “Amazing counter from Razor! Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before, and I’ve seen a lot.”

Razor grabs the rising Cage and twists his arm, then kicks the bicep three times before tagging out. Blade is in and The Cut Throats perform a double arm twister, twist is again backward, and nail the World Champ with a pair of circle kicks. Cage hits the mat and Blade is on him, dropping an elbow and going for a pin.


Strong kick out by Cage, who wasn’t ready at all to be pinned. Blade, however, doesn’t pause as he dropped a couple of high knees to Cage’s chest. Blade works the audience a bit then hops up to the second rope, catapulting and flipping into a snap moonsault...but missing as Cage rolls out of the way! Cage uses the ropes to crawl to his feet, then pounces on the rising Blade. With a swift snap, Stryker hits with a Side Russian Leg Sweep, dropping Blade. He follows this with a bound off the ropes and a huge elbow drop, then stands Blade up and hits with a crisp dropkick. Cage fuels the audience before tagging out to Brian Blaze. Blaze surveys Blade, who is starting to stand, and Brian calmly walks over, lifts Blade off his feet, bodyslams him, rubs his hands together as if to say ‘done’, and then slaps Cage on the shoulder and steps back out to the ring apron!

Jarred: “Whoa! How can Blaze be so insulting to his tag team partner?”

Masters: “He’s just showing Cage a lot of respect, trusting that the World Champ has the skills to deal with The CutThroats.”

Jarred: “I’ll bet.”

Cage steps in and lifts Blade up, but Blade turns and hits with a European uppercut, staggering Stryker. Wobbly, Blade whips ‘High Definition’ into his own corner and follows with an avalanche clothesline, tagging in Razor at the same time. Together, the Cut Throats whip Stryker into the ropes and toss him high into the air, the Champ crashing hard on his back down on the mat. The tag team hit with simultaneous falling head butts and Blade rolls out of the ring while his partner Razor takes control, locking in a crossface and wrenching it in. Cage struggles for about 30 seconds then scoots over and reaches the ropes, but as soon as he does, Razor lets go and tags in Blade, and together, they whip Cage into the ropes and hits double knees to Cage’s gut, the man flipping forward and again onto his back. Razor is out on the apron as Blade comes off the ropes and hits with a diving leg stomp, then he rolls Cage over and applies his own Crossface.

Masters: “Blade isn’t known for this move but he’s following Razor’s lead and really cranking on the pain.”

Brian, at ringside, begins to call to Cage but not offering his arm for a tag. As Cage begins to scoot towards the ropes again, Blade breaks the hold himself and tags in Razor, and again they whip Stryker into the ropes and hit with a double flying clothesline, dropping Cage again to the mat. Cage is beginning to look rough as Razor rolls him over and applies another Facelock.

Jarred: “It looks like the Cut Throat Thrillers came into this with a plan, William.”

Masters: “Well, The Thrillers know what it would mean for them to get a win off the World Champ and the X-Division Champ this close to Hatewave. By being unpredictable, they throw their opponents off their game. If that doesn’t work, they can go back to their hardcore style. With Cage already worn down, could be a very effective strategy.”

Razor breaks the lock and stands Stryker up. He whips Stryker...

Jarred: “Stryker just reversed and whipped Razor into the ropes...”

Masters: “Superkick!” Razor is down!”

Jarred: “But so is Cage! They are both on the mat.”

With no count outs the ref does not begin a count, but withing moments Razor and Cage are both at the ropes trying to stand. Cage stumbles toward the middle of the ring and Razor goes for a clothesline.

Cage with a Spinebuster! Cage with a pin attempt!


Blade is in and stomps, but Cage rolls out of the way and Blade stomps his own partner. Cage punches Blade several times, then grabs the rising Razor and pulls him toward his corner.

Hot Tag to Brian Blaze!

Cage steps out and Blaze steps in. Blaze grabs Blade and throws him out over the top rope, then grabs Razor...

Jarred: “Did you see that!”

Masters: “Brian Blaze just rammed Razor’s head into Stryker’s head! Now that’s entertainment!”

In pain, Cage falls to ringside as Blaze schoolboys Razor.




Blade is back but a second too late! Cage is on his hands and knees but it looks like he is beginning to bleed from his forehead, but Brian simply raises his hand in the air, reclaims his title belt, and walks up the ramp as Jessica Towers calls:

“You’re winners: Cage Stryker and Brian Blaze!”

Masters: “Ha ha! Brian Blaze really used his head by using his partner’s head! What a brilliant strategy.”

Jarred: “Cage may need some medical attention after that stunt!”

Masters: “But Brian won them the match, Jarred. Cage is a pro. He’ll appreciate this in the long run.”

Blaze reaches the top of the ramp, and is just about to step through the curtain, when Shrapnel bursts out onto the stage.

Jarred: "Wait a second! Shrapnel is back out! And he's got a steel chair!"

Blaze freezes for a second, as Shrapnel stands in front of him, an evil look in his eyes. Suddenly, Blaze goes to attack, but Shrapnel hits him with a big boot, knocking him to the ground. Blaze picks himself up, as Shrapnel turns, and smashes him in the head with the chair.

Jarred: "Good God! Steel chair to the skull! Brian Blaze may be out cold!"

Shrapnel looks down at the unconscious body of "Mr Entertainment", and motions around his waist, before walking to the back.


The scene goes dark as No Rest for the Wicked pumps through the O2. The fans boo as they know it is KING who is coming to the ring. KING is not in his face paint just yet. He has his hair tied back in a pony tail, wearing a black button down shirt with flames and a pair of khaki dress slacks. He looks the same as if he had his face paint on, determined and looking for answers.

Daniels: “What does KING want? Didn't The Next Generation cause enough damage last week in Halifax?”

Williams: “Maybe not, but you’ll see pretty quickly why the Next Generation are the champs.”

KING enters the ring and ask for a microphone amongst the boos of the crowd.

KING: "Thank you, thank you, you're too kind."

The crowd continues to boo KING.

KING: "Now, since my partnership with my half-brother Tim Timmons happened a lot of things changed in CZW. The land shape of the Combat Zone has not been the same since the night I nailed Cage Stryker after his gruling match with Tim Timmons. Brian Kirkland and I are no longer tag team partners as well as friends. Ace King has not been seen from again after I Metallica Kicked him off the X-Chamber rigging and on to the canvas below. Cage Stryker won the CZW World Heavyweight Title. Several CZW wrestlers of the past have tried their hands at a return. And most importantly Team XTC is a shell of its former-self as The Next Generation is now the elite group here in the Combat Zone."

The fans continue to boo.

Daniels: "The crowd is not agreeing too much with what KING is saying tonight."

Williams: “Why are they booing something that is true?”

KING: "Now I know off you know that. All of you Brits who've caught the feeds of the past few month and traded tapes with Americans for you Johnny Saint classics know that. I am now one of the money ball player here in CZW and I've brought up the game of the entire Next Generation stable. But what I am out here for is to get some answers. Last week some asshole blasted me into next week and I know who did it, I know why he did it, I know who put him up to doing it but I want to know who he thinks he is for doing it. So Dwayne Campbell, get your ass out here..."

"Hard Hittin" by Homeboi begins to play causing the fans to erupt in cheers a moment later "Bigtime" Dwayne Campbell steps through the curtain onto the stage with a big smile on his face and and a microphone in hand. He's is wearing a orange and black track suit.

Williams: “What does KING want with Dwayne Campbell? I did not see Dwayne or Brian at all last week at Overdrive in Halifax.”

Daniels: "Maybe he owes KING and KING wants him to pony up."

Williams: "Will you be serious?"

DC: "I know what you're gonna say,Mike so save it. Your gonna say I'm the one that attacked you and Brian put me up to it, right?"

MK: "You're damn right."

DC: "Well you're half right, I am the one that attacked you but Brian didn't put me up to it, I knocked you lights out last week for shoving me in your trunk a few weeks ago, no boby f**ks with me and gets away with it, I'm not like BK, I'd gome down there and split your head open right now..."

The crowd's cheers cut Dwayne off.

DC: "BUT I'm out here today to deliver a challenge to you Mike, straight from The Reaper himself. You see hes a little bussy this week so he called me and told me to tell you that at Hatewave he wants you in an pure rules ironman match. He'll explain the match type a little later this week if you accept. Whats it gonna be,KING?"

KING: "Well, well, Dwayne, I'd take you on but because I know you are a pussy and won't accept I guess kicking Brian's ass around the ring like I should have done will be a fine replacement."

The crowd erupts in cheers.

Daniels: “My word, KING vs. Kirkland at Hatewave? KING has done the first smart things since joining The Next Generation.”

Williams: “What do you mean, he's had a better win-loss record since joining TNG and TNG has done better with him than without him.”

KING: "I don't care what match he picked a straight up wrestling match, a no-rope catch-as-catch can match, a cage match, a no holds bared match, a lion's den match, an iron circle match, an empty arena match, an MMA rules match, a submission match, an I-quit match, a biker chain match, an exploding anus death match, a swirly match, a port-a-potty match, a king of the road match, a barroom brawl, a pub fight, a street fight an Indian strap match, a Caribbean strap match, a Russian chain match, a Texas bullrope match, a Texas death match, a Mexican death match, a handcuff match, a short leash match, a dog collar match, a tables match, a two of three falls match, a rounds match, a bull terrier match, a pink taco brawl, a beef injection match, a jail house match, a fans bring the weapons match, a unlucky 13 staple gun match, a West Indian cluster f**k match or what ever. But I am fine with an iron-man match under pure wrestling rules. I know the rules and I am comfortable about them Dwayne all you need to do is tell your gay lover fax me the rules on the contract so I know we're on the same page, remind him that I will win while he will lose and then to show up at Hatewave cause I'll be there. I will be there to kick his ass all over England like I would do if he was right here tonight."

DC:Nice, BK knew you would'nt turn it down ,remember though Mike, no one in CZW has seen Brian wrestle under pure rules, you're gonna be in for a shocker come Hatewave.

"Hard Hittin" resumes playing as CZW goes to comercial.


Winner Gets IC Title Match


DANIELS: Welcome back folks, what a show it's been so far, and we're now about to find out who will be the Number One Contender to El Pablo's EPIC Championship!

MASTERS: It's the Intercontinental Championship! GAH! The sooner that pain in the ass El Pme I'm Drowning is put out to pasture the better!

"Push It To The Limit" by Rick Ross hits the soundsystem, and excited cheers greet the arrival and return of "The King Pin" Chris Ross. He steps out onto the stage with Kimo in tow, both men waving to the crowd. They pause at the top of the ramp, and Ross does a bit of spot-jogging, before the two make their way down towards the ring.

TOWERS: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first.. from Honolulu, Hawaii.. weighing in at 300lbs.. "The Kingpin" CHRIS ROSS!!!

DANIELS: It's good to see Ross back in a CZW ring again, huh William?

MASTERS: No, it is not, Jarred. The man is a bloody criminal! He should be in prison, not here picking up part of my pay-packet!

DANIELS: I don't think that's quite how it works..

MASTERS: Err, hello Jarred? Less employees, more money to go around, more money to me!

DANIELS: Riiiight..

The two step inside the ring, and Ross raises his arms, drawing another kick in the noise level. A few last-minute words are exchanged, and Kimo steps out of the ring as the music fades. Ross turns to face the CombatTron, as "Last" by Nine Inch Nails hits the soundsystem, drawing huge jeers from the fans. Marsham steps out onto the stage, as unphased as ever by the hostility being directed towards him. In fact, he almost seems to be smiling at the sight of Ross in the ring.

TOWERS: And his opponent.. from Fort Wayne, Indiana.. weighing in at 219lbs.. he is "The Epitome of Technical Finesse".. JUSTIN MARSHAM!!!

Marsham walks down the rampway, his eyes fixed on Ross. He approaches the apron, and fires a quick look at Kimo on the outside, before ascending the steps and entering the ring.

DANIELS: You think of the history, the wars between these two.. what on earth will they do to each other tonight, knowing that such a HUGE prize is on the line?

MASTERS: Marsham only needs to do one think, Jarred, and that is WIN!

Marsham's music fades, and the bell rings. The two stand on opposite sides of the ring, eyes locked, although neither man appearing willing to make the first move just yet. Ross waves at Marsham, a wry smile on his face, and makes a few "steering wheel" motions, in reference to the various incidents involving Marsham's cars that have punctuated their rivalry. Marsham just looks on, cold and calculating.

DANIELS: Ross certainly enjoying himself, perhaps playing a few mind games early on with the former Intercontinental Champion.

The two approach each other, the fans' anticipations at fever pitch. They go to lock up.. but Marsham jumps back, and rolls out of the ring.

DANIELS: And look at this! Marsham running like a scolded dog!

MASTERS: It's strategy, you oaf! Justin's just giving that heffalump a few mind games of his own!

Ross steps back, motioning for Marsham to get back into the ring. Marsham slowly climbs up onto the apron, a knowing smile on his face, and pauses for a moment before stepping through the ropes once more. The two men square up in the centre of the ring again, and once more go to lock up.. but again Marsham retreats back and under the ropes.

DANIELS: Come on, dammit!

MASTERS: Haha! Brilliant!

Ross complains to the referee, as Marsham slithers back into the ring. Another lock-up.. another retreat. However, this time Kimo is waiting, and as Marsham hits the floor, Kimo spins him round and lays him out with a right hand to the jaw.

DANIELS: OH! Kimo just FLOORED Marsham!


Kimo picks a stunned Marsham up, and rolls him into the ring. Ross immediately sets upon him, pummelling him with repeated fists to the head and face. Ross applies a chokehold for a few seconds, then bounces up off the bottom rope and hits Marsham with a knee drop. Ross then picks Marsham to his feet, and drapes him over his shoulders, hitting a Samoan drop.

DANIELS: Ross with a Samoan drop, Cover! This could be all!







Ross picks Marsham up, and leads him over to the turnbuckle. He props Marsham up back-first against it, and hits him with a knife-edge chop.









Ross grabs Marsham by the wrist, and whips him across the ring. He follows just behind, and sandwiches Marsham with a body splash. He shoves Marsham down to the mat, and makes another cover attempt..









Ross picks Marsham up again, and whips him off the ropes. Marsham rebounds, and Ross lifts him high above his head in a Military Press.

DANIELS: Look at the strength!

Ross keeps Marsham suspended for a few seconds, then steps over to the ropes and drops him, Marsham landing sternum first on the top rope. Ross roars out, and climbs up the turnbuckle, the fans getting excitedly to their feet.

DANIELS: Marsham hung up to dry, and where is Ross going now!?

Ross pauses for a moment, then leaps off the top, hitting Marsham with the Bird of Paradise.


Marsham flops down onto the mat, and Ross pulls him away from the ropes slightly before making another cover..











DANIELS: NO! How did Marsham kick out of that!?

Ross appears slightly shocked at Marsham's resilience, but picks him up once more and hits him with a powerbomb. He then steps through the ropes, and climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle again.

DANIELS: Ross looking for the Tidal Wave Splash! This match could already be over!

Ross steadies himself, and leaps off.. right onto the empty canvas.

MASTERS: He moved! Yes!!!

Ross lies on the canvas clutching his ribs, as Marsham attempts to recover in the corner. The two get back to their feet, and Ross turns to face Marsham. He attempts to attack, but Marsham sidesteps, Ross colliding with the turnbuckle. He turns round, and Marsham starts hitting him with quick martial arts kicks to the legs, chest and stomach. Marsham leads Ross out, and wraps him up with a small package..










DANIELS: Oh, near fall! Marsham looking to surprise Ross there, but to no avail!

Marsham gets to his feet, and bides his time for a moment as Ross pulls himself up using the ropes. Ross turns round, and Marsham grabs hold of his arm and twists round behind him, locking in a Cobra Clutch.

DANIELS: Cobra Clutch! Cobra Clutch! Ross trying desperately to fight it, but Marsham has it locked in!

Marsham, against considerable resistance, pulls Ross into the centre of the ring, away from the ropes. He pauses for a moment, then takes him down to the mat with a Russian Leg Sweep. Marsham rolls through it, and heads over to the turnbuckle. He climbs up, and hits Ross with a big elbow drop, before going for another cover..












Marsham gets up, and gives a few cocky kicks to Ross, that wry smile back on his face. Ross starts to stir, and Marsham heads over to the ropes, stepping out onto the apron.

DANIELS: Ross up to a knee, but we know what's coming here..

Ross gets to his feet, and groggily turns round, as Marsham leaps up onto the top rope and springboards off, hitting Ross with a clothesline.

DANIELS: AIR MARSHAM!!! And the tide has well and truly turned here!

Marsham gets up, and steps round to the feet of Ross. He grabs "The King Pin's" legs, and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Ross cries out in pain as Marsham leans back, putting a huge strain on the large spine of his opponent.

DANIELS: Cloverleaf! In the middle of the ring!

MASTERS: Ross is in big trouble here! Marsham could be about to seal his ticket to Hatewave!

Ross starts dragging his way desperately towards the ropes, Kimo stood in front of him urging him forwards. Inch by inch, Ross forces his way towards safety.

DANIELS: He's so close now, great resilience and determination! Can he make it to the ropes?

With Ross's fingers just millimetres away.. Marsham hauls him away, back into the centre of the ring.


Ross is now looking desperate, his hand hovering above the mat, as the referee asks him if he wants to quit. Suddenly, Kimo climbs up onto the apron. The referee spots him, and charges over, preventing him from entering the ring and demanding he get down. While this is going on, Ross starts tapping out, much to the delight of Marsham.

MASTERS: He tapped! It's over!!!

The delight soon turns to confusion, however, as Marsham looks around, wondering why the bell hasn't rung. He releases the hold, and spots the referee arguing with Kimo.

DANIELS: The referee didn't see it! He was too busy trying to stop Kimo interfering!


Marsham storms over, but Kimo drops down off the apron just in time. Marsham complains to the referee, informing him that Ross tapped out, but the referee explains that if he didn't see it, it didn't really happen. This does not impress Marsham, who throws a bit of a hissy fit, before stepping back over to Ross and stomping down on him again. He picks Ross up.. and gets a face full of Jamaican Jerk powder!

DANIELS: Where the hell did Ross pull that from!?


Marsham stumbles backwards against the ropes, yelling in pain at the burning in his eyes. Ross stomps over, and starts striking him in the face, before adding a couple of thumbs to the powder in Marsham's eyes. Ross then pulls Marsham into the centre of the ring, and hits him with a devestating chokeslam.

DANIELS: Chokeslam! And the pin! This could be all!













Ross puts his head in his hands, stunned that the opportunity to fight for the EPIC Championship is not yet his. He gets back to his feet, and motions for another of his finishing maneuvres..

DANIELS: He might not after this though, Ross calling for the Wipe Out!

Ross picks a dazed, blinded Marsham back to his feet. He whips him off the ropes, and picks him up for..



With presumably no idea of where he is, Marsham grabs one of Ross's legs and rolls him up for the cover..













TOWERS: Here is your winner.. JUSTIN MARSHAM!!!

DANIELS: He did it! I don't know how, but BAH GAWD he did it! Marsham is going to Hatewave, Marsham is going to fight for the Intercontinental Championship!!!


Marsham gets handed a bottle of water by the referee, and proceeds to pour every last drop of the contents over his face, trying to get his vision back. With some assistance, he exits the ring, and makes his way up the ramp to the back as the screen cuts to commercial.




Daniels: What an amazing show it has been and it’s only going to get better Masters. We have a few more monitors than usual partner so we can try and follow the sheer mayhem that is to follow in this enormous ten man tag team match.

Masters: That’s right we’re going to see the Kaiju Warriors and Team XTC get destroyed by The Next Generation.

Daniels: Oh my simple minded friend I think this match is going to be a lot more high contested then you could ever imagine. Jessica is in the ring the intros are coming and soon this mayhem will get under way.

Jessica: The following is a Ten Man Tag Falls Count Anywhere Match!

Indestructible by Disturbed starts to play as Caleb Walker, Impaler, Rob Wright, Mountain Man and Tim Timmons are all on the stage. Timmons is in the front leading the troops to the ring as they are being booed and even having cups of beer throw at them by the fans in Ireland.

Jessica: Making there way to the ring are the team of Canada’s Finest Tim Timmons, The Legacy Impaler, The Real Deal Rob Wright, Caleb Walker and the CZW Ultraviolent Champion Mountain Man. They are The Next Generation!

The five men are now in the ring being booed heavily as they all taunt and start trading insults with the fans. Then Godzilla’s Theme begin to play and the fans begin to cheer as the Kaiju Warriors are now on the stage,

Jessica: And, there opponents, first off the team of Kaneda Kong and CZW Television Champion Godzilla Sawyer. They are the Kaiju Warriors.

The men are giving high fives to fans on the way to the ring as they wait on the outside of the ring. Impaler and Caleb Walker are begging them to come to the ring when Rebirth of the Temple begins to play and the fans go nuts as Mike Monroe is now up on the stage. Then Trapt’s Headstrong begins to play as the fans get even louder at the site of Krimzon Blaze then the fans are on there feet screaming there heads off as David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel begins to play and the Five Star Superstar is now on the stage and Team XTC is in Ireland.

Jessica: And there partners…

Before she can even say a word she has to rush to leave the ring as Team XTC rushes into the ring joined by the Kaiju Warriors as an all out brawl is ensuing already.

Daniels: Jessica runs for her life all ten men are in the ring we’ve got what seems to be every referee in the CZW locker room out here and the match is under way as a brawl has begun ladies and gentlemen.

Masters: We got Timmons and El Pablo brawling right here in front of us Mike Monroe just sent Rob Wright flying over guard rail and into some fans laps. Mountain man has just caught a high flying Krimzon Blaze and sent him Back first into the ring post. He then gives him a vicious power slam onto the floor as he is now walking towards Mike Monroe as the Kaiju Warriors and TNG’s bodyguards are in the ring brawling.

Daniels: We’ll try and follow this action as best as we can folks we have this special view for you folks at home five split screens for every camera so we can get you to follow the action as best as we can. In the ring Godzilla Sawyer has just been double choke slammed. Now the Impaler and Caleb Walker are running and go for a double shoulder block on Kaneda but the two of them can’t budge the big man. Kaneda Kong now runs off the ropes and leaves his feet and takes both men out with shoulder blocks of there own. Kaneda Kong has taken out TNG Security on his own.

Masters: The mayhem is everywhere as Mountain Man and Rob Wright are now both putting the boots to Mike Monroe. They are still in the first row of the crowd as they are continuing there beating when wait. WHAT IS THIS!


Masters: You have to respect the man there I’ve never seen anyone fly that far coming to the aid of his Tru Family Crew team mate. As all four men are down over there but the action never stops as El Pablo and Timmons are still right in front of us and…

Daniels: Beautiful they knocked off my partners head set so we don’t have to hear him talk. Timmons and El Pablo are now fighting on our table as Timmons appears to be going for a power bomb through our table but wait. Good god. Back Body Drop by EP as Timmons crashes onto the floor. Now EP showing off his own acrobatics and he hit’s a flipping senton on the downed Timmons. A cover 1... No Timmons kicks out.

Masters: Now that I am back in action CZW fans no longer have to be bored listening to Daniels over here and we can get back into the ring. Caleb Walker is in one corner as the Kaiju Warriors whip Impaler into him. Now Godzilla has just whipped Kaneda Kong into both men. Kaneda Kong now grabs Impaler by the back of the head and throws him towards Sawyer who is waiting and nails Impaler with what is that a cookie sheet.

Daniels: Leave it to the Warriors to bring some stuff in from the kitchen as the XTC Warriors are in complete control early on.

Masters: Don’t be so sure Daniels. Look over there Mountain Man showing off his amazing strength as he has Krimzon Blaze over his head.

Daniels: Yes and here comes Mike Monroe a chop block onto the leg of Mountain Man. Mountain Man falls and Krimzon Blaze falls on top of him. Krimzon quick to his feet and it appears we are going to witness to beautiful double team from the Tru Family Crew. The two men are now running as oh my god. Rob Wright might have just decapitated Krimzon with that vicious close line. Mike Monroe stops running and turns right into a Rob Wright Super kick.

Masters: In the ring the Kaiju Warriors are still in control for now it seems as Rob Wright is perched on the top rope. Godzilla Sawyer turns and Rob Wright jumps off and hit’s a flying karate kick on Godzilla. Godzilla stumbles backwards into a waiting Impaler how hits Sawyer with a back suplex. Rob Wright has turned the table for The Next Generation.

Daniels: He is one half of the Tag Team Champions and he’s showing off why he can team with anyone as he and TNG security are not putting the boots to the Kaiju Warriors and here comes Mountain Man to join this party.

Masters: The Warriors are definitely in trouble Daniels as El Pablo and Timmons continue there fight hell I don’t even know where those two are anymore. Krimzon Blaze and Mike Monroe are both slowly getting up. Kaneda Kong has just been whipped by Caleb Walker into a big boot by Mountain Man as it appears the Ultra Violent Champion is going to do just that. Get Ultra f**king Violent!

Daniels: Rob Wright at this time has grabbed two tables. He has just set up one on the outside of the ring. He now slides the other into the ring as Caleb Walker has began to set it up. Caleb Walker and Impaler now have brought Godzilla to his feet and this if just wrong 4 on 2.

Masters: Not quite Daniels: Look there’s Mike Monroe and he has a chair.

Daniels: Mike Monroe is in the ring and he has just taken out both Rob Wright and Mountain Man with two vicious shots to the head. Mike now turns into a big boot from Impaler as the Steel Chair has just been booted into the face of Monroe. Monroe now slides out of the ring where Rob Wright and Mountain Man are. Caleb Walker and Impaler are looking at the three men as they are close lined out of the ring by Kaneda Kong and TNG’s Security drags Kaneda Kong over the top rope with them. God Zilla Sawyer now looks around noticing he is the only one left in the ring. And he’s climbing to the top rope.

Masters: He’s going to kill everyone if he jumps. WAIT What is that Mexican Jumping Bean doing. He’s on Godzilla Sawyer’s SHOULDERS! He’s going to kill himself.

Daniels: Krimzon Blaze is now standing there the fans in this building are on there feet. They are excited to see just what Krimzon is going to do. All six men are now on there feet as they all look up and see Krimzon Blaze. Krimzon Jumps! DOUBLE FLIPPING SENTON CRASHING INTO ALL SIX MEN. Everyone is down except Sawyer!

Masters: Wait a second, look! On the stage!

Daniels: Bah Gawd it's KING! KING is here! He was ruled out of competing tonight with an injury, and you can see the cast there on his wrist and forearm, but he appears determined to get involved regardless!

Masters: TNG to the end, that's KING! Sawyer sees him, it looks li-WAIT A SECOND!

Daniels: BAH GAWD! KIRKLAND!!! Kirkland just leapt out of the crowd, and took KING down to the floor!

Masters: What the hell is he doing here!?

Daniels: Brian Kirkland, beating the hell out of KING on the rampway here! Sawyer looks on as the two men fight their way round to the back.. and it appears a camera man has found EP and Timmons! let’s go to there ASAP!

Masters: What a beautiful site. Timmons appears as if he is going to be the one to exterminate that damn squirrel as he sends him into a Pepsi machine. Timmons now charges and splashes EP who was leaning against the vending machine.

Daniels: Timmons clearly in his element the former Hardcore Master is showing everyone just what hardcore is as he drags El Pablo by the ears near, that’s the entrance to the CZW stage.

Masters: It sure is as Timmons throws El Pablo through the curtain and now both men are on the stage. EP is now up as Timmons hit’s a suplex onto the stage.

Daniels: That had to hurt being suplexed onto that steel stage. As Timmons looks up and he sees the mayhem near the ring. He sees Krimzon Blaze is up though and is now making his way up the stage. Timmons is waiting for him as EP Rolls up Timmons 1.… no a kick out by Timmons EP could’ve stolen one there.

Masters: He could’ve but he didn’t as Timmons quickly kicks out and now KB is up on the stage. KB with a kick to the gut of Timmons and can someone tell me how Krimzon is even still alive after his leap off of Godzilla’s shoulders?

Daniels: I don’t think anyone can answer that as Krimzon and EP hit a double DDT on Timmons onto the stage. KB goes up and helps his XTC Team mate as Timmons is down and El Pablo is now making his way to the ring.

Masters: In the ring right now Mountain Man is choking Mike Monroe as Rob Wright and Godzilla Sawyer are exchanging blows. Kaneda Kong and Caleb Walker are exchanging blows right in front of us now as Impaler runs in out of no where and drops Kaneda with a massive big boot. Caleb Walker now slides into the ring as he grabs Sawyer. He hit’s a reverse DDT onto Sawyer as Kaneda Kong is being rolled onto out table. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?

Daniels: Well Impaler has just put Kaneda on our table and Now Rob Wright is on the top rope. Rob Wright takes off and WRIGHT FLIGHT FROM THE TOP ROPE ONTO KANEDA KONG THROUGH THE ANOUNCE TABLE.

Masters: Why does the announce table have to be broken every time damn it. Look in the ring though El Pablo is walking along the top rope as he takes flight and takes out Caleb Walker with a close line. Krimzon Blaze now also takes flight and hit’s a Shoot Star Dropkick into the chest of Mountain Man sending him to the mat.

Daniels: What a beautiful move from Krimzon Blaze as El Fuego is in the ring standing tall as Impaler is looking at the two of them. KB and EP look at each other and nod as the both run at Impaler EP suddenly comes to a stop as Krimzon Blaze baseball slides under Impaler’s legs. EP kicks Impaler in the stomach as Krimzon Blaze bounces off the second rope and Moonsault into a DDT from KB onto Impaler. Mountain Man is now up and he runs at El Fuego but Mike Monroe comes running in and SUPERKICK!

Masters: What a shot from Monroe as Mountain Man is down and rolls outside of the ring. Mike Monroe is now on the apron as he jumps onto the second rope now the top rope and now a Moonsault onto Mountain Man..

Daniels: Mountain Man is down as is Mike but no for long as Mike is quickly back to his feet and he is picking up Mountain Man. Mike Monroe could be going for the Burn Notice. Wait a kick to the stomach from Mountain Man and FALLEN TIMBER! That Jackhammer from Mountain Man and Mike is down and he’s hurt. Wait there’s Krimzon Blaze. Jumps from the top rope a diving Hurricaranna. Mountain Man is down he’s hurt and Krimzon Blaze is feeling it. Tim Timmons is now back in the ring as Krimzon Blaze slides back in.

Masters: Impaler is till down Godzilla is slow to his feet as EP and Timmons are in the ring. EP then ducks as Krimzon flies in and goes for a cross body but is caught Timmons. EP now charges but Impaler grabs his leg. Timmons now turns Krimzon and hit’s the T-CRUSHER! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!

Daniels: Cover 1.…2.….NO! Krimzon Blaze kicks out no one knows how but he kicked out damn it.

Masters: A huge smile of relief on the face of El Pablo as he is still being held by Impaler. Godzilla now stomps on Impaler until he lets go as Timmons is on the top rope. El Pablo now climbs to the opposite top rope as he tight rope walks across and….


Masters: AMAZING Both men are now dead however. My condolences to there family.

Daniels: IN the ring Impaler is being places on the table by Godzilla as Krimzon is now being helped up by Godzilla. Godzilla is trying to tell Krimzon to climb the top rope as Krimzon nods and climbs the top rope.

Masters: He’s climbing the opposite corner though Daniels I don’t even think Krimzon can fly that far.

Daniels: Don’t be so sure but wait. WHO IN THE HELL. A man dressed in all black has just jumped on the apron. He clubs Krimzon a couple of times in the back as Godzilla is trying to help but Impaler grabs him and hooks in a Dragon Sleeper. The man now has grabbed Krimzon and good lord no. A Swinging Neckbreaker from the top rope onto Krimzon Blaze.



Masters: KB and Brian do have a Hate wave date it would seem for KB’s former X Title and Brian is just making sure that KB doesn’t make it.

Daniels: Wait Brian is now looking over at Impaler and hit’s a Blazing Arrow.


Daniels: Brian now slides out of the ring as Impaler is laid out on the table again as Brian runs though the fans and Godzilla is slow to his feet. He notices the knocked out Impaler and he climbs to the top rope. Godzilla now takes off.


Jarred: Here you have it, XtC and Kaiju Warriors have won it.

William: TnG was cheated. Boss needs to fire that damn ref.

Tear Away hits the PA.

William: There we go, the sheriff is in town. Maybe he'll reverse the decision.

Jarred: Does he even have that kind of power like he did earlier with Silencio?

William: I dare you to argue with him.

TJ and Allescha smile as the Combat Tron hums to life as they walk onto the stage. The three men from the last few weeks stand around an unconscious figure hung on a cross. Blood drips from the wrists and back but the face is covered by a bag.

Hix: Seems as though they found a sacrifice tonight. So no worries about you folks in the ring...and the Kaiju Warriors since Brian Damage signed your Death Warrants by teaming you with those misfits. Anyway, I'm out here for one thing El Pablo...and no...not revenge for the fluke win you got over me last week. Which, by the way, that ref no longer works here. Anyway, no El Pablo...since you're the unspoken leader of XtC...I demand you give me my match against Ruth that I requested last week.

El Pablo: Go to hell. Ruth can speak for herself.

Hix: She can?

Hix cackles as the bag is removed from the figure revealing a crucified and bloodied Ruth.


Hix: So again I...or do I not get my rematch with on one?

El Pablo hesitates...

El Pablo: got it!! Let her go.

Hix: Excellent. I'll decide the stipulations this time. Heh, alright boys.

Hix snaps his fingers and the lights go out. When they come back on the Brothers of Misery stand around the downed team XtC and Kaiju Warriors...who all ly in pools of blood. Ruth is also seen among the bodies just as bloodied as the rest. TJ and Allescha are nowhere in sight.


William: Yes, he is the real master of the game.

Jarred: Where is Cage when XtC needs him most.

William: Um Jarred...

Jarred looks up at the tron and sees a bloodied unconscious Cage Stryker being taken out backstage on a stretcher. A crying Sirena by his side.

William: Heh, the master must have dropped him as he tried to run out to save XtC...

Jarred: This is barbaric...TJ Hix is the f**king Devil...

Scene fades...

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