| May 17 2009 | * Edmonton , Alberta , Canada, Rexall Place |


LIVE from the Rexall Place…
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
May 17th 2009

(Deadline on May 16th 2009)

-=- MAIN EVENT -=-
(2 RP Limit)

‘The Aerial Specialist’ KRIMZON BLAZE vs. 'The Vegas Volcano' ACE KING (c)


(1 RP Limit)

'Rated E for Everyone' EDDIE ROWAN vs. ‘Epitome of Technical Finesse' JUSTIN MARSHAM




(1 RP Limit per team)



(1 RP Limit)



CZW Overdrive presents…VIOLENCE FROM THE VAULT Pt.2


(1 RP Limit)

‘Canada's Finest' TIM TIMMONS vs. 'The OGT' MAYNARD O'TOOLE


(2 RP Limit per team)



(1 RP Limit)

‘Mr. Entertainment’ BRIAN BLAZE vs. KRIS KAMIKAZE


(Winners face Idolized at the PPV)
(1 RP Limit per team)

KAIJU WARRIORS (Sawyer & Kong) vs. CUT THROAT THRILLERS (Razor & Blade)


(Winners face Idolized at the PPV)
(1 RP Limit per team)



(1 RP Limit)



(1 RP Limit)



--- ****************************************************************

* cZw! *


Overdrive begins the usual way as it shows clips from the previous shows, then big letters come onto the Combat Tron, saying ‘OVERDRIVE SUPERSHOW!’ as superstars from both Unleashed and Overdrive are shown. Suddenly the cameras cut into the sold out Rexall Place, fans jumping from their seats. Fireworks blast off as we see a camera shot which projects the whole arena to us, before the cameras begin to scroll around, showing fans from top to bottom. Eventually the cameras sit on CZW Commentators, Jarred Daniels and William Masters.

Daniels: Hello folks. What an atmosphere we have this evening as we boast a record amount of matches on one show, as we get ready for CZW Overdrive’s SUPERSHOW!

Masters: Yes we have stars from Unleashed and Overdrive here tonight, it’s truly a packed out arena, backstage and here, as you can see many beer swilling alcoholics chanting behind us.

Daniels: You love them really, William. And these fans are excited as we are, and as I’m sure you guys are at home, 11 matches here tonight, just amazing. And I can’t carry on William…

Masters: WELL that is alright, you go home Jarred, I will carry on from here…

Daniels: Ha ha, if you had let me continue, I was about to say, I can’t carry on William without mentioning our World Heavyweight Title main event match here tonight. Two men, two friends, two stable mates, Ace King against challenger Krimzon Blaze.

Masters: Truly inspirational booking from our General Manager.

Daniels: Well I am not certain of Montana’s intentions for booking this match, but either way, it will prove to be one of the most entertaining main events ever seen on an Overdrive show.

Masters: It may be the only Title match tonight, but we have Marsham and Rowan, we have Timmons and O’Toole, we have XTC against Exiled, we have…My Goodness I am running out of breath…

Daniels: That’s because we have that and so much more, one thing I am looking forward to is hearing from Ruthann, the week she must have had…

Masters: The week she must have had?! What about the past couple of months Karl Jackson has had?! That troll should be bloody crucified, and I am sure Jesse Montana will serve justice here toni-

Daniels: Sorry to cut you off there William, but as we speak of this situation, it seems the same car that was used to attack the Jackal is parked up outside the arena…

Masters: IT’S RUTH! The audacity of that wench to still be driving that car, the same one that could have killed poor Karl weeks before!

Cameras now cut solely on the Combat Tron as we indeed do see the same vehicle that was involved in the Jackal’s assault. As it parks up, the driver stays inside the car, the windows clearly blacked out for obvious reasons.


Daniels: What in the World did I do this time, William?!

Masters: Ah, you spoke too much…

Daniels: Well luckily for me, the police don’t seem to be around anymore, but I’ll tell you one thing, Jesse Montana, Karl Jackson and yes, Ruthann herself is here tonight…

Masters: Of course she is bloody here Jarred, we just saw her park up.

Daniels: Yes well we are not certain that was actually her, William. The windows were blacked, and I can’t even be sure that Ruth was behind this whole thing anyway, something smells fishy about the whole ordeal.

Masters: Jarred the only thing that smells fishy around here is your feet, when will you change your blasted socks Jarred?!

Daniels: Changing the subject, swiftly, also on the show here tonight, Kris Kamikaze’s show, after it’s first, it certainly has received much press attention, people labeling it a masterpiece others say it is a disgusting attack on CZW Superstars.

Masters: Ah rubbish, these guys deserve to be criticized every now and then, I can only hope you will be a guest on his show one week.

Daniels: I hope not, William. What’s this on the Combat Tron here now?!

A clip shows Shawn Waters as the fans immediately react with a sea of boos, chants of ‘YOU SUCK’ and also chants of ‘XTC!’ Shawn seems to be oblivious to it all though as he is stuck inside his locker room, currently skipping at pace with a rope.

Masters: Looks like Shawn has recovered, and that is just a testament to the toughness of this man, after he was savaged by those vial buffoons in XTC.

Daniels: I wouldn’t put it like that William, Waters and Exiled started the battle with there uncalled for assaults in previous weeks, and XTC not only got the best of Exiled last week, but also brought in a new member, the Misfit, Mike Monroe.

Masters: They can recruit whoever they want, they can recruit Mother bloody Theresa if they really want, the fact remains that XTC are all sheep in CZW, and he real wolves are about to eat them up, Exiled are hungry, they are talented, and as you look at Shawn here, they are focused.

Daniels: Waters looks good I have to say, and he is in action later on tonight against former rival, current X Division Champion, Cage Stryker.

Masters: Whatever happens tonight, I am certain Shawn is ready to go on to Pandemonium in two short weeks, and win what is rightfully his.

Daniels: Yes, never has Shawn won the big prize, he has had quite a few shots, but A-

Masters: And he deserved all those shots you bloody swine, and he WILL WIN!

The cameras come off the image of Shawn Waters now as it goes back to ringside.

Daniels: Okay William, calm yourself down. We have a long night of action ahead of us, eleven matches, a record breaking Overdrive here tonight, so lets get it started, up first, a debut match for Chino, and what an impact he made last week. Take a look at this…

The Combat Tron now shows a clip of last week’s Overdrive as Chino made his first appearance…

William Masters: “Tyler and Jakob now take to each other. Looks to me like Riley’s out on the outside, but here comes Blade once more! WOAH! Tyler and Jakob both level one half of the Cut Throat Thrillers and there’s a double team hip-toss! Blade is ousted from the ring!”

Jarred Daniels: Hang on a second, I see someone making it down the ramp…is that…That is that Puerto Rican guy we just heard of a few minutes ago, William.

William Masters: Damn right it is, and with him is Martina, I wonder what his business is here.

Jarred Daniels: Well I think I know, as you heard, Martina was the one who recruited Razor and Blaze to CZW, you think they may be a start if a new force here in CZW?!

William Masters: How the hell should I know, I didn’t even know this Martina existed before today.

Jarred Daniels: My God, well this isn’t fair! Not fair at all, that big Puerto Rican, Chino I think his name was, he just took Kyle Riley out with a big clothesline!

William Masters: This guy looks impressive.

Jarred Daniels: “And now look…Here comes the other half of the Cut Throat Thrillers and—MY GOD! Super-kick on Tyler and he is just sent out of the ring! Razor’s caught Jakob by surprise and IT’S OVER! LITERALLY!”

The execution of the finishing maneuver allows Razor to cradle Jakob for the pin!



No one is there to make the save!


Jarred Daniels: “What an impact!? What a match for The Cut Throat Thrillers to win. They just beat the current and former Tag Team Champions!”

William Masters: Yes another great win by this pairing, and they seem to have come a long way in the last month here in CZW, possibly enough to be CZW Tag team Champions.

Jarred Daniels: I think they have truly proved, they are worthy of a shot. OH WAIT-That big Chino guy is into the ring, and Razor and Blade have stopped celebrating. Looks like Martina is entering the ring as well.

William Masters: That is no place for a business lady to be.

Jarred Daniels: I don’t think she needs to worry William, these guys look to be together. Razor and Blade not only win this match, it looks like they have formed some kind of alliance with this mysterious new comer, this big Puerto Rican, and our new talent scout, Martina Hernandez.

Masters: As we see there, a new force could have been created last week, three men recruited by our very own Martina Hernandez, Razor and Blade, and the man in action next, Chino.

Daniels: He looked impressive, but his first contest happens to be against a man who made one of the most shocking comebacks to date, Irish Ian Chadwick, lets get down to action!




The opening match for Overdrive is underway as Chino and Irish Ian Chadwick are both in the ring and begin circling the ring as they both have locked eyes on each other. Then a tie up ensues as Irish Ian Chadwick sends Chino off the rope then hits him with a head butt. Irish Ian follows it up as he mounts Chino and begins dropping lefts and rights on him Chino is trying to defend himself as he eventually forces Ian off of him.

Chino is finally back to his feet as Ian charges and Chino hits him with a deep arm drag. Ian is back to his feet quickly as he charges again and is sent flying with another arm drag. Chino then sees Ian is up to his feet again rather quickly as he hits Ian with a Super kick sending him down. Chino then applies a cover but is only able to get a 2 count.

Ian is slow to his feet as Chino now has a Sleeper hold applied. Irish Ian is frantically running around the ring as he then charges to the ropes dragging Chino with him taking both himself and Chino over the top rope. Both men are down and slow to there feet as they both then begin throwing rights and lefts at one another. Irish Ian then catches Chino off guard with a super kick of his own and then throws Chino back into the ring. Ian now applies a cover and only manages to get a two count of his own.

Irish Ian is now perched on the top rope as he dives off and hit’s a flying elbow drop into the heart of Chino. Chino then begins to roll away as Irish Ian follows him up and begins to stand on the ring apron. Chino is on his feet as Ian bounces off and goes for a Moonsault. Chino however catches Irish Ian and slams him down hard into the mat. Chino is now searching around under the ring and manages to find a steel chair. He is waiting for Irish Ian to get to his feet as Chino takes a home run swing but Ian ducks the chair shot. Chino turns around as Ian smokes Chino in the head with a weapon of his own. Ian then drops what appears to be a lead pipe as Chino is busted open and now Ian has mounted Chino again and has begun to rain down lefts and rights.

Chino then manages to grab the chair he initially dropped and nails Chadwick in the head with it. Irish Ian is now slowly picking himself up with the help of the announcers table as Chino grabs him and hits him with a back suplex on the outside of the ring. Chino then climbs onto the ring apron as he runs and jumps going for an elbow drop but Irish Ian rolls out of the way. Ian then picks Chino up and throws him into the first row and over the security guard rail. Ian then grabs a garbage Can and just throws it at Chino hitting him right between the eyes as Irish Ian now jumps onto the Guard Rail and hit’s a Moonsault onto Chino. Both men are down as the people are chanting CZW and Both men are now just involved in a slug fest throughout the arena as both men eventually find themselves going into the back locker room area as the referee has no choice but to call this a No Contest.


(Suddenly the lights go out in the arena after the workers are done setting up the furniture in the ring)

Daniels: Welcome back folks, and I have a slight idea of what may be up next, Kris Kamikaze, remember him, William.

Masters: Oh I think we all remember that guy!

Daniels: He has more arrogance than an Upstarts and System of Supremacy special!

Masters: They did a special?! Where?! Oh wait, you were being pedantic again, Jarred, why don’t you bloody shut your mouth and give this man the benefit of the doubt, after all, he even brings his own props onto his show.

Daniels: It’s a vile attempt to mistreat some of our most popular stars here in CZW. I for one find it inappropriate.

Masters: Don’t worry Jarred, I’m sure he won’t call you onto his show, he wouldn’t want to destroy his own ratings like that. Now anyway, be quiet, I think the man himself is about to grace us with his presence.

Daniels: Since when have you been such a big Kamikaze fan?!

(Suddenly a count down starts on the titantron.)






(Suddenly an explosion happens and many multi colored strobe lights start flickering as Kris “Big Time” Kamikaze strolls out on stage with a microphone in hand with When World Collide by Powerman 5000 playing over the speaker system.)


Masters: AHHHH!!!! Stand up Jarred, you heard the man, it’s BIG TIME!

Daniels: I’m not care what time it is, in accordance to this schedule, it should be time for our next match, and the start of our Tag Team Tournament.

(Kamikaze stands on stage with an arrogant smirk on his face.)

Kamikaze: More powerful than a locomotive! Faster than a speeding bullet! Welcome to my home! Welcome to my show! Live here in Shitsville Canada!

Masters: HA HA, he just said Shitsville.

Daniels: What a demoralizing show this really is, these Canadians have been great here so far.

Masters: Yes but you know…there Canadians, and their shit…SHITSVILLE!

Daniels: I’m not laughing William, and it’s just a testament of how pathetic you are that you are laughing.

Masters: Oh liven up Jarred, I’m sure Mr. Kamikaze will give you a signed photograph…for you…200 Dollars!

(Kamikaze rolls into the ring with the microphone in hand and stands with an obnoxious smirk on his face.)

Kamikaze: Alright cut my music! Tonight on Kamikaze’s Corner I have decided to have an oh so special guest for you low life degenerates! Let’s cut the crap and let me introduce my guest! They weigh in at a combined weight equal to a semi truck! Canada Kong and Godzilla Sawyer! Come on in guys!

(The two men look quizzically at each other and shrug there shoulders before getting into the ring.)

Masters: Shitsville has just got added a whole new stench, the Kaiju Warriors are in the ring ladies and gentlemen.

Kamikaze: Yes yes come on in. Try not to break anything! I’d like to go through my show without having to replace my living room table! Which by the way Ian Chadwick has a law suit coming his way for breaking it!

Sawyer: Good luck with that. (sarcastically) So to what do we owe this honor? Last week I wasn't worthy enough for you to wrestle.

Kamikaze: Yes yes yes well you can go blame the bookers for that one. I mean it’s not my fault they don’t truly realize how talented and how great I really am! I mean really they booked me against you?! A guy who named himself after an oversized lizard…

Kong: Regardless of his name, this is wrestling. You do not prove yourself by avoiding opponents, whatever your feelings about their skill.

(Kamikaze jumps back startled over dramatically.)

Kamikaze: Oh my god! That thing talks?! Ok Sawyer what in hell’s bathroom is that thing supposed to be?!

Sawyer: Don't rightly know, but he could throw you out into the 20th row, if you like. What’s your point Kris?

(Kamikaze sighs as he sits down in his leather seat.)

Masters: I can see out onto the 20th row, looks like it’s full of scummy Canadians!

Kamikaze: Alright all wise remarks aside let’s ask you some questions Sawyer. First off… We all would like to know… And I myself am actually quite curious… What exactly is the relationship between you and Canada over here….

Sawyer: It's simple, and I've already told this story. Before coming back to CZW I had been working matches in Japan. When I approached CZW for a return, they said they were actively recruiting tag teams. Kaneda had been looking for an opportunity to wrestle in America, at least part-time. I get a tag partner, he gets International experience in a big promotion. (smirks at the crowd) End of story.

(Sawyer gets a moderate pop from the audience.)

Kamikaze: Right right we all know Japan loves freaks. I bet the Chinese buffets were frightened of you guys. What size Kimono do you wear?! You know what never mind I don’t particularly wanna know… So Canada Kong. You put on quite the performance in singles competition? Perhaps you’re thinking of ditching this oversized anchor any time soon to roll solo?

Kong: I see. Your question is meant to test me, see if I make a bad answer and cause trouble between Sawyer and myself. No, I am not going to concentrate on singles competition at this time. The tag team championship is a worthy goal.

Kamikaze: Awe isn’t that absolutely adorable!

(Kamikaze pulls out a remote and presses a button on it and a loud Awwwww sound blares over the loud speakers.)

Masters: It’s amazing how this man can get the crowd to react like that, Jarred.

Daniels: I think it was staged…William!

Kamikaze: Come on don’t make me want to vomit! Since when in the hell is tag competition considered worthy of mentioning?! All it proves is that you can’t win on your own!

Sawyer: Except Kong and I have proven we both can win on our own. Right now CZW's tag team championship is more prestigious than it ever has been. Good champions, some good full-time teams and even more part-timers. At least I'm willing to get in the ring to prove I can hang.

Kamikaze: Sawyer you can’t hang anywhere! A mother f**king crane wouldn’t be able to help your fat ass hang! And another thing who let you speak?! But whatever… Here…

(Kamikaze walks over to his table where a covered platter is sitting on and takes the lid off revealing some barbecue ribs.)

Kamikaze: Here fat boy! Eat up!

(Sawyer looks down at the ribs then glares up at Kris. Then, he takes on a stupid smile.)

Sawyer: Ah hyuck. Why, thankee, Mr. Commie-Cozy! I's fat, so I's really likes to eat! Ah hyuk-yuk-yuk!

Kamikaze: Commie-Cozy?! Mofo the name is Kris To the Kami To The Kaze! You gonna go around blurting out Big Time’s name you say it right!

(Sawyer becomes serious, looking up into his eyes. )

Sawyer: If this is the best thing you can do to insult me, Kris, then you've just proven that you aren't worthy enough to be in the ring with ME! People have been calling me fat for a long time. All I do is get them in the ring and beat them. Far as I'm concerned, you aren't Big Time. You are a big nothing. And you can't prove otherwise until you cleanly pin someone's shoulders to the mat."

(Sawyer Gets close to Kris' face.)

Sawyer: I hope Ian hits you so hard your face collapses in on itself.

(Kamikaze rolls his eyes walking away from Sawyer.)

Kamikaze: Oh sit down, shut up and eat your damn ribs you over sized hippo! I’m a nobody?! Bitch I got more talent in my pinky than you do in that whole body! In matter of fact! Allow me to introduce all these Kami Fans to a new segment on my show!

(Kamikaze opens a drawer to his side table and pulls out an oversized note pad.)

Kamikaze: That’s right! This is Big Time’s top 10 list! And this week’s Top 10 is simple! The Top 10 reasons why you suck!

(Kong takes a menacing step forward, Sawyer calmly puts and arm out to stop him.)

Sawyer: I've gotta hear this!

(Kamikaze smiles as he walks over to his side table and opens a sack and pulls out a stuffed monkey throwing it at Kaneda Kong.)

Kamikaze: And while I go over the top 10 reasons why you suck this oaf can play with that!

(Kong kneads the monkey while Kris reads his list, almost as if using the toy as a surrogate Kamikaze.)

Kamikaze: Alright! REASON 1!

(Kamikaze turns the page. On his pad.)

Kamikaze: You were a janitor and you were proud! You were the hardest working man in the federation? You were a joke! Mother f**ker I was a janitor at a hospital before coming here! What in the hell is there to be so proud about?!

Sawyer: If it weren't for the working men, you wouldn't have all the stuff you apparently value. Next.

Kamikaze: yeah yeah yeah how about you vacuum my carpet then! REASON 2! You are tag team wrestler because you can’t cut it on your own! You need this oversized hairy freak to do your dirty work for you!

Sawyer: You said that already, and it wasn't right the first time. What else you got, Big Headache?

(Kamikaze turns the page to his pad and shows a picture of Kaneda Kong on it.)

Kamikaze: REASON 3! Him!

(Sawyer stands there with a blank look on his face.)

Kamikaze: REASON 4! You aren’t me! You haven’t been the GRAAAAAAANNNND SLAAAAAAAMMMM champion of the ECF! You don’t even have any credentials to your belt!

Sawyer, incredulous: "Are you kidding? Know your facts. If you are bringing other places into the mix, I held the tag team belts, United States championship, and The World championship in a place called WCW. And I've held the tag team titles right here in CZW. Reason 5!"

(Kamikaze turns the page to show a picture of Sawyer on it.)

Kamikaze: REASON 5! You are fat! That is as blunt as it gets! Let’s face it! Fat people suck! They smell! And they are fun to poke at!

Masters: Yes Jarred, you hear that, you smell because your fat.

Daniels: William, you must weigh about 60 lbs more than me, what in the World are you talking about?!

Masters: Oh sit down, shut up and eat your bloody ribs, Jarred! HA HA!

(Kamikaze pokes Sawyer in the stomach.)

Kamikaze: Come on make the dough boy noise!

Sawyer: You’re right I am fat, you look like you need this more than I do.

(Sawyer grabs the plate of ribs and smashes into Kamikaze’s chest. Kong throws the monkey at him as well.)


Kong roars: "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" Moves forward.


Daniels: I think Kris may have bit off more than he can chew here!

Masters: That would never be a problem for these lard bottoms, they can chew Tokyo if they wanted!

(Kamikaze picks up the platter and kicks Kong right in the groin before turning and cracking Sawyer right in the head with it. Kamikaze backs up when suddenly The Upper Class out of nowhere rolls into the ring and starts punching the Kaiju Warriors. Kamikaze stands there while this fight is breaking loose and casually shrugs his shoulders with the microphone in his hand.)

Kamikaze: Oh how I love this show! Since my guests are currently occupied how about I stand here and talk about how good I truly am!

(The fight inside the ring goes to the outside As Sawyer and Kong start taking the fight back to The Upper class.)

Kamikaze: I am so good that…

(Suddenly the crowd goes nuts as Ian Chadwick comes running through the audience and slides into the ring and completely blind sides Kamikaze. Complete chaos has broken out as what once was a show has now turned into an all out street fight. )

Masters: What a disgrace, these hooligans have wrecked what was turning out to be an award winning show!

Daniels: It really wasn’t that great, and besides, Upper Class are already out here, lets get Total Mayhem out and we have our first match in the Tag Team Tournament!


(Winners face Idolized at the PPV)


‘Paralyzer’ by Finger Eleven blares through the arena, and the gathered audience burst into cheers in an instant. Green laser-lights flit about the stage as Kristyl Marie, the valet of Idolized makes her way out onto the ramp, wearing a sleek black dress patterned with deep green flowering. She pauses on the stage, posing with her hands upon her hips for a moment before striding down the ramp way.

Daniels: “Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks as if Kristyl Marie will be joining us out here for this first Semi-final match-up, where the winner of the tournament receives a tag-team title shot at Pandemonium! Upper Class are already out here, after assaulting the Warriors during Kamikaze‘s show, all we need now is the Mayhem Brothers. Oh look at this William, Kristyl is walking our way!”

Masters: “She can sit right here next to me!”

Daniels: “There’s no chair there, William…”

Masters: “Chair?”

Kristyl moves gracefully to a spare seat on the opposite end of the table, settling down and donning the extra head-set.

Masters: “Ah, Kristyl! How wonderful to have you with us! You’re looking ravishing tonight.”

Kristyl: “William Masters…a charmer as always.”

Daniels: “I’m guessing you’re out here to do a little scouting, perhaps?”

Kristyl: “You could say that, I suppose. Also I just wanted to make our presence known, and make sure that all of our potential challengers know that we are watching, and we are taking this little tournament very seriously. As you’ve noticed, these titles have once again gained the prestige that had diminished. And now, we have several teams lining up and giving their all for a chance just to challenge for them.”

Daniels: “We have a trio of brash, confident individuals here. They’re rich, refined, and from my research on them, they’re quite skilled in the ring as well.”

Masters: “I like them! They kinda remind me of a certain tag-team who debuted here in CZW to win the tag-team titles…”

Kristyl: “Imitation is the highest form of flattery, gentlemen. If you can’t make anything on your own, your best option is to steal from the best. Which this lot has clearly done.”

Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a tag-team match, scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Malibu, California, Victor Fairbanks and Ryan Meade, THE UPPER CLASS!! And their opponents, from parts unknown and accompanied to the ring by Asmodeus, Jakob and Ezra…TOTAL MAYHEM!!”

The jeers become gradually louder as the group makes their way into the ring, appealing a bit more. The lights suddenly darken and smoke fills the aisle way as “Born in a Burial Gown” howls out over the PA, the fans in attendance definitely booing loudly at the arrival of Total Mayhem. Jakob and Ezra step out onto the ramp, Asmodeus appearing between them suddenly, taking the lead as the trio makes their way towards the ring.

And their opponents, from parts unknown and accompanied to the ring by Asmodeus, Jakob and Ezra…TOTAL MAYHEM!!”

Daniels: “Total Mayhem not wasting any time! Together they slide in under the bottom ropes and begin to take it to the Upper Class! Meade and Fairbanks getting their shots in as well, but they can’t match the brute power of Total Mayhem! Jakob with a lariat sends Fairbanks to the outside! Ryan Meade is now on his own against both Ezra and Jakob!”

Kristyl: “Total Mayhem are very clever inside the ring. That, combined with their raw power and conditioning make them extremely dangerous.”

Masters: “Looks like Ryan Meade is about to find out all about that power right now, first-hand! Total Mayhem with a double-team Irish whip! Jakob catches Meade in a big bear-hug, and here comes Ezra…BULLDOG!!”

Daniels: “Ryan Meade pasted into the mat with that devastating maneuver there! Ezra now moves to the corner while Jakob rolls Meade onto his back, choking the life out of him! Jakob lifting his opponent back to his feet by the throat, shoving him back against the ropes and OH! A devastating two-kick combination there from Jakob Mayhem! The first one to the ribs and the second one right to the back of the head! Ryan Meade is definitely in trouble here in his CZW debut match! Ezra calls his brother for the tag, and Jakob drags Meade over by the arm. There’s the tag!”

Kristyl: “If Total Mayhem continue to have their way like this, it may just be the Upper Class’ farewell match, as opposed to their debut.”

Masters: “As long as YOU stay, I don’t mind either way!”

Daniels: “Will you stop? Ezra into the ring now, Jakob holding him as his brother drives a knee into the abdomen! Total Mayhem are as relentless as ever tonight! Mayhem sends Meade into the ropes and throws up a huge boot! Meade tumbles underneath! Ezra turns as Meade regains his footing, hitting the far ropes! Corkscrew flying elbow!! Ezra taken off his feet! Meade scrambles and gets the tag to Fairbanks, who comes rushing in! He takes Ezra off his feet with a huge bicycle kick!! Fairbanks staying on the attack, hammering away at Ezra, keeping him off his feet!”

Kristyl: “A smart tactic. Ezra is significantly less deadly when he can’t keep himself standing.”

Masters: “I don’t know, he still looks pretty scary to me!”

Daniels: “I wouldn’t count him out, that’s for sure! Fairbanks now pulling Mayhem up and tossing him into the corner! Ezra bounces out and Fairbanks with a big spinebuster!! Tag to Meade, and Fairbanks grabs his own partner, lifting him and POWERBOMBING him onto Ezra!!”

Masters: “The Upper Class are really taking charge here-OW! There’s Jakob in now! He clocks Fairbanks with a lunging yakuza kick, knocking the man to the mat!! Jakob now slugging it out with Meade as the ref tries to get the illegal man to the outside, but there’s no way he’s going to assume any control over Total Mayhem!!”

Kristyl: “Well said.”

Daniels: “All four men in the ring now, trading strikes back and forth!! Meade and Ezra are the legal competitors…and Fairbanks goes to the outside courtesy of a huge haymaker from Ezra Mayhem! Meade once again on his own! DOUBLE-ROUNDHOUSE KICKS!! Ryan Meade hits the mat and now it looks like Total Mayhem are going to go for their big finish, the Rocket Launcher!!”

Kristyl: “It looks as if there’s a communication issue, however…”

Daniels: “Yes, Asmodeus drawing their attention to himself, he’s telling them ‘no!”

Masters: “What!? Why!?”

Daniels: “I don’t know, but…with a frustrated look, Ezra and Jakob hop back down off the corner! Jakob grabs Meade off the mat, glaring at him and…Ezra falls to the mat! JAKOB THROWS MEADE ONTO HIS BROTHER!?”

Masters: “Meade looks somewhat confused, but he makes the pin attempt!!”

















Daniels: “Jakob moves for Ryan Meade, but he wisely bolts out of the ring!! The Upper Class all meet up at the ramp and begin to celebrate their ‘victory!’ Look at them! They’re acting as if they actually got a big win here!”

Masters: “They just beat the former champions!”

Daniels: “Because they MADE them beat them!! I don’t know what the deal was there, but Total Mayhem don’t exactly look thrilled about it! Still, they keep their composure as Asmodeus leads them away!”

Masters: “And the Upper Class come away with a win in their first match, and advance to the finals of the tournament! They’ll face either the Cut-Throat Thrillers or the Kaiju Warriors next week!”

Daniels: “That will certainly be an entertaining ma-- WHAT NOW?”

As if on cue, Rexall Place is plunged into darkness. The following video plays on the CombatTron...

The video stops, again leaving the Edmonton faithful confused.

Daniels: “There's that blasted video again, curse whoever's behind them! I hope we find out soon.”

Masters: “Eh, regardless of who's behind it, we still have our match set up for next week, right Kristyl?”

Kristyl: “We’re watching closely.”


(Winners face Idolized at the PPV)
KAIJU WARRIORS (Sawyer & Kong) vs. CUT THROAT THRILLERS (Razor & Blade)


Jarred Daniels: “What a tournament so far! We’ve got an awesome match-up next in the Kaiju Warriors versus The Cut Throat Thrillers. The Kaiju Warriors are big and strong, but are they injured after that brutal attack by the Upper Class?! The Cut Throat Thrillers have speed on their side not to mention that last week they defeated both Total Mayhem and Idolized in a triple threat match!”

William Masters: “Speaking of them, here they come now!”

The Cut Throat Thrillers hit the ring and take their positions in their respective corner. The Kaiju Warriors follow next, but storm into the ring like a pair of freight trains. No time is wasted and no bell is rung before the Kaiju Warriors and the Cut Throat Thrillers collide – all exchanging a wild sequence of forearms, punches, and kicks.

William Masters: “It looks like Blade and Sawyer pair up and Razor takes on Kong.”

Jarred Daniels: “The official is taking control of this match and sending Razor and Kong to their corners. That just leaves Blade and Sawyer together and these men are locking up! A hip-toss attempt by Sawyer is thwarted and Blade shifts momentum, taking his opponent down with a swinging neck-breaker.”

Mounting over Sawyer, Blade’s gloved fingers clench and strike downwards at his adversary’s brow. Much angst is given while Sawyer fights to his feet. Blade takes no time to throw Sawyer into his teams corner. Padding cushions his impact, but finds it painful nonetheless. Then, unexpectedly, Blade rakes the tips of his fingers across Sawyer’s eyes. The blind Godzilla Sawyer is defenseless as Blade turns his attention to Kong, darting across the ring, and misdirecting the referee’s attention. Razor is quick to choke Sawyer in the corner, his arm wrapped around his throat and drawing backwards.

Jarred Daniels: “This isn’t fair!”

William Masters: “Kong looks to do something about it!”

Off of the apron, Kong scampers, trying to get into the ring, but finding himself blocked by the official. This leaves Blade to cheat, darting across the ring, and landing a shoulder thrust into Sawyer’s abdomen; he being unable to avoid the impact because Razor’s choke keeps him in position.

Jarred Daniels: “Turn around ref!”

The official turns around, but only after Razor and Blade switch places. There was no tag, but the referee does not question it. When Sawyer manages to get to his feet, Razor is right on top of him. He presses him against the ropes and lands an European uppercut. When Sawyer bounces off, another uppercut is given. Sawyer’s cranium is rocked heavily with each consecutive blow.

William Masters: “Kong is doing nothing more than just hurting his chances at winning. There he is trying to get into the ring and distracting the ref.”

Razor calls Blade in as he trips Sawyer up, quickly applying a single leg crab and rolling him over onto his stomach. Blade springs into the ring from the corner, dropping a leg drop against the back of Sawyer’s head. The official hears the commotion and turns, quickly ordering Blade out of the ring. Meanwhile, Razor maintains the hold, arching back, and wrenching the joint out of position. Moans emit from Sawyer’s lips as he crawls towards the ropes. Attempting to avoid a rope break, Razor lowers his center of weight and rears back further to torque the joint.

Jarred Daniels: “He has the ropes!”

William Masters: “Damn!”

Jarred Daniels: “Rope-break, but here’s Kong! Razor wasn’t breaking the hold.”

The submission is interrupted and Kong is being forced back onto the ring apron. This draws jeers from the fans, now watching as Razor and Blade initiate another double team against Sawyer.

Jarred Daniels: “NO! He’s fighting them off! Razor is down with a hip-toss. There’s a duck and Sawyer tries to boot him in the mid-section. NO! Blade catches the foot and pushes it aside! Godzilla with a massive clothesline and Blade’s head is removed from his shoulders!”

The official turns around to find the mayhem ensuing and forces Razor out of the ring, having just spied Sawyer’s attack on Blade and guessing him to be the legal man. As quick as he can, Sawyer moves towards his corner where Kong waits for him – fresh and able to perform!

And there’s a tag!

…NO! Blade trips Sawyer up, snatching a hold of his ankle in passing, and drags him back towards his team’s corner.

William Masters: “Who the Hell are these guys? The Cut Throat Thrillers looked good last week, but they weren’t this good? Right here they are proving to be a consistent tag team. They are showing just what they are capable of and proving that they are damn good.”

Jarred Daniels: “Sawyer still has some fight left in him. He has yet to get a tag in. Blade with an abdominal stretch and he tags in Razor! Stiff boot to Sawyer’s exposed ribs and Blade goes to the apron. Razor applies a side head lock and—WOAH! Sawyer pushes Razor off into the ropes!”

William Masters: “Sawyer steps in and power-slam!”

Razor is slammed hard into the canvas. Sawyer hooks the outside leg and applies the pin:



William Masters: “Blade breaks up the count! Drop-kick levels Sawyer and Blade’s dragging Razor over to his team’s corner.”

After returning to the apron, Blade tags himself in and chases after Sawyer. Ultimately, this time allows Sawyer the opportunity for a tag. He begins crawling back to the corner, his hand out-stretching to reach for Kong. Kong is empowered, bouncing on the ropes, and trying to reach Sawyer. Sawyer’s fingers extend.

Jarred Daniels: “HE HAS THE TAG!!!!”

William Masters: “No, he doesn’t! Blade’s got Sawyer’s leg and he’s pulling him towards his corner!”

Jarred Daniels: “Back Kick! Sawyer knocks Blade down and desperately dives to make that tag!”

Razor scurries into the ring to prevent the tag, spying that his team mate is holding his face and cannot prevent the tag!

Sawyer slaps Kong’s hand!

Jarred Daniels: “Tag-in! Kong’s the legal man.”

William Masters: “Kong takes Razor down with a clothesline and Blade’s back up – but, what?!”

Jarred Daniels: “Referee is forcing Kong back onto the apron? He didn’t see the tag! What? Wait! The official was checking on Blade after that kick. Blade was playing possum.”

Arguing with Kong, the official turns his back to the Thrillers as they take advantage once again. Out of breath, Sawyer attempts to fight Razor off – but finds himself the victim of a straitjacket lung-blower from Blade. Keeping Sawyer in position on his knees after the lung-blower, Razor picks up speed off the ropes and drops a Sawyer backsplash across Sawyer’s chest. Fans groan in light of the impact, feeling Sawyer’s pain.

Jarred Daniels: “This is ridiculous. I can’t believe that Kong’s tag wasn’t seen.”

When the referee turns around, he spies Razor scooping Sawyer up and then slamming him down onto the canvas. Blade is quick to bounce off the ropes with an Arabian Press and apply a lateral press.



Somehow, someway – Sawyer forces a shoulder up. He has taken a beating and somehow survived.

William Masters: “Survival of the fittest. I can see Kong and Sawyer knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door very soon.”

Unrelenting ferocity consumes Blade, drawing Sawyer up to his feet. He looks for another maneuver but Sawyer surprises him with a jawbreaker. The jawbreaker staggers Blade long enough for Sawyer to get to his feet. Blade throws a clothesline which Sawyer rolls beneath and he lunges towards Kong!

Jarred Daniels: “There’s the tag!”

Kong barges in and takes Blade off his feet with a massive clothesline. Razor is next, running in to intercept Kong, but instead finding himself scooped up and slammed back down with a sidewalk slam! Attention returns to Blade as he delivers a kick to the outside of Kong’s left knee. Kong shrugs the attack off and takes the assailant by the throat!

Jarred Daniels: “It could be—it is! SUMO SLAM!!!!”

Pin attempt is made!



William Masters: “No, here comes Razor!”

Before Razor can interfere, Kong bounds up – breaking his own pin – and charges him. Razor is caught off guard with a HUGE spinebuster! Razor’s head bounces off the canvas and Kong follows with an equally huge splash! Blade has returned to his feet and THUD! Sawyer with a clubbing forearm to the back of Blade’s head. He staggers and into Kong’s clutches:

William Masters: “Head-butt!”

Jarred Daniels: “Kong with a series of head-butts and Blade doesn’t know where he is. He stumbles into Sawyer’s grip! Sit-out POWERBOMB!!!”

Sawyer rolls out onto the ring apron and Kong descends for the cover over Blade. The lateral press is made!



Jarred Daniels: “Three!”

William Masters: “NO!”

Jarred Daniels: “Razor’s in to break the count!”

Malicious intent burns within Kong’s eyes as they lift and lock upon Razor. He stands up and is on the receiving end of a punch. It has little effect on Kong as he rears back and throws a punch of his own – leveling Razor! Kong pulls Razor up and drags him over to his team’s corner. He tags in Sawyer and proceeds to place Razor up with a shoulder mount.

Jarred Daniels: “Sawyer off the top rope! LARIAT!”

William Masters: “Could that be a Kaiju Device?”

Jarred Daniels: “Razor looks motionless and the Kaiju Warriors now turn their attention to the legal man, Blade.”

One scoop slam plants Blade and the Kaiju Warriors ascend the turnbuckles in search for their finishing maneuver. Will they hit it? It is a question that will soon be answered. Both men soar!

Jarred Daniels: “—SUCCESS! Double Team Top Rope Head-Butt!!!!”

Sawyer and Kong both lay over the top of Blade!


Jarred Daniels: “There’s no way he’s kicking out of that! That’s 650 pounds on top of him!”


William Masters: “THR—OH MY GOD!”

Jarred Daniels: “THE LAST CUT!!!! Razor breaks up the count and takes out every single person in that ring including himself!!!!”

Emerging from the debris of broken bodies, Blade and Sawyer arise. Both appear sluggish as they exchange blows. The monotony breaks when Sawyer throws a clothesline! Blade ducks and slips behind. When Sawyer turns, Blade leaps and lands a nice leg lariat! Sawyer is knocked back—AND INTO A SCHOOL BOY ROLL-UP BY RAZOR!


Jarred Daniels: “TWO! Blade intercepts Kong!”


William Masters: “Huge win by The Cut Throat Thrillers. They dominated the beginning, but The Kaiju Warriors destroyed them for the second half. One quick move and it is all over!”

Jarred Daniels: “So they go on to face the new team of Upper Class, what a contest that could be!”

William Masters: And I wonder if the Upper Class have some sort of arrangement with Kris, after all they did help him out earlier in the show.

Jarred Daniels: And Kris is up next, he fights the Television Champion, Brian Blaze, we’;; be straight back folks!


‘Mr. Entertainment’ BRIAN BLAZE vs. KRIS KAMIKAZE


Jarred Daniels: “Well, our next bout should be quite entertaining! Here comes Kris Kamikaze. He’s had some success here in CZW with that segment he had with Ian Chadwick. I’m sure Chadwick’s mouth is still a little bitter from that altercation.”

William Masters: “And I thought he was even better earlier with those butterbeans! Kamikaze is also a skilled warrior. He reminds me of a young Colin Powell.”

With Kamikaze in the ring, fans rejoin as the CZW Television Champion makes his appearance. Brian Blaze emerges from the curtains and makes his way down to the ring. Fans all inch towards the ring barriers, hoping to get a close glimpse of Blaze and his new makeover.

As soon as Blaze slides into the ring, Kamikaze assails him. No time is wasted and the match bell rings to make it official. Kamikaze moves in close and wrenches Blaze’s left arm. Before Blaze can get free, Kamikaze hooks the arm and leaps – dropping Blaze with an impressive arm breaker. He maintains the hold and rolls forward, forming a bridge, and applying great pressure to Blaze’s arm.

Jarred Daniels: “Blaze tries to reach those bottom ropes, but he can’t. Kamikaze rolls to the side and keeps that hammer lock applied; and there’s a knee drop to the point of the elbow. Kamikaze has acted quick and he has taken this match straight to the canvas. That’s pretty unique considering this is rarely the style Kamikaze will wrestle.”

William Masters: “It looks like he is serious when he wants to win.”

Jarred Daniels: “Well, the TV champ is fighting back. He’s to a knee and—WAIT! Clothesline, nope! Blaze ducks and switches positions. He hurls Kamikaze towards the ropes and takes off to the opposite side. We could see the Blazing Arrow!”

William Masters: “Kamikaze has that well scouted and he snags that top rope. Blaze doesn’t flinch. Here he comes! Blaze doesn’t do that Blazing Arrow, but he does manage to tangle up with Kamikaze again!”

Jarred Daniels: “Kamikaze is sent to the ropes! Wait! Off the second rope and a huge back elbow! Blaze is sent down and Kamikaze floats over for a lateral press!”



Blaze forces a shoulder up just before the third pin fall count!

After driving a series boots into Blaze’s upper torso, Kamikaze drags him upwards and then sends him to the ropes. Kamikaze steps in and takes Blaze into his clutches. Tilt-a-whirl shoulder breaker! Blaze is taken down and Kamikaze immediately locks on a Fugiwara Arm-bar. The submission is applied and Blaze winces in pain. Kamikaze maintains the hold and seeks to inflict as much damage on Blaze’s left arm as possible.

Jarred Daniels: “Blaze reaches for the ropes, but cannot seem to get them.”

William Masters: “Kamikaze has the Television Champion working for this one!”

The official slides down and checks on Blaze. It looks as though he is preparing to tap. Blaze’s hand strikes down upon the canvas and fans groan. But, Kamikaze’s glory is not to be. Blaze pushes off the canvas and rolls to the ropes – securing the bottom rope – and forcing Kamikaze to break the hold!

Jarred Daniels: “Blaze’s arm has had some wear and tear and—NO! Kamikaze with a huge arm drag and Blaze finds himself locked in another trap. Kamikaze wrenches that arm back and guides the TV champ to his feet. To the ropes! Blaze on the return and Kamikaze catches him!”

William Masters: “Kamikaze with a power—nope! Blaze counters with a DDT!”

Blaze floats over and applies a lateral press:



Kamikaze kicks out with authority. He rolls to the side and catches Blaze with a kick to the right side of the head as he stands. Hoping to maintain control of the match, Kamikaze stalks Mr. Entertainment and allows him to step into a T-Bone Suplex! Crashing hard into the canvas, Kamikaze darts to the nearest turnbuckle and ascends!

Jarred Daniels: “Moonsault from the top!”

Kamikaze shows his dare devil style and receives nothing but a pair of knees! Blaze brings his knees up and Kamikaze crashes into his knees! He falls off and holds his ribs, allowing Mr. Entertainment to take control. Blaze drives a pair of boots into Kamikaze’s upper torso then a guillotine leg drop across his head before dragging him up to a vertical base.

William Masters: “European uppercut rocks Kamikaze’s skull and Blaze sends him to the ropes. Reversal and Blaze is sent to the ropes! Rebound and clothesline thrown towards Blaze. Mr. Entertainment ducks and returns once again—PLOW!!!!”

Jarred Daniels: “Flying Forearm! Kamikaze is taken down!”

William Masters: “Mr. Entertainment is—well—not that entertaining. Honestly, that’s just a typical move! Hell, watching you take a crap is more entertaining than this BS!”

While Masters makes his exclamation, Blaze pulls Kamikaze into a standing head-scissors. Kamikaze battles to get free, but Blaze maintains his hold. With one fluid motion, Blaze pulls Kamikaze upwards – holding him for a power-bomb. As soon as Kamikaze reaches his height, he reacts with a series of fists – embedding his knuckles deep into Blaze’s brow! Kamikaze wiggles free and lands on his feet! Before he has another chance to continue the assault, Blaze steps forward and embraces him with a belly to belly and sends him soaring overhead!

Jarred Daniels: “Kamikaze is suplexed into the corner turnbuckle—and he’s hooked in the Tree of Woe!”

Casting a glance back at Kamikaze, Blaze smirks and quickly heads across the ring. He gears up for a baseball slide drop-kick and that is telegraphed to perfection. He picks up a full head of steam and darts from one corner to the next. Kamikaze sees him coming though and lifts up! Abruptly, Blaze stops and poses as if in thought. Fans unite in cheers as Kamikaze thinks he has fooled Blaze, but it is really the opposite way.

Jarred Daniels: “What is Blaze doing?”

William Masters: “He’s calling to the fans!”

Blaze points out in all directions to the audience before coming to reside upon one individual to his left. He calls out to the fan and the audience erupts! Not too soon after, a piped steel chair comes flying into the squared circle and into Blaze’s hands! This is when Kamikaze realizes that he did not trick Blaze; and Mr. Entertainment scores, hurdling the steel chair downward and at Kamikaze’s exposed head!

Jarred Daniels: “Kamikaze is busted open and—woah—Blaze is not through! Hangman’s neckbreaker off the turnbuckle and onto that chair! Kamikaze has got to be out cold! Blaze floats over!”


William Masters: “TWO!”


Jarred Daniels: “Look at that foot! Kamikaze has a foot on the bottom rope! That breaks the three count and the match continues!”

William Masters: “My God! That was close! Blaze and Kamikaze are at each other’s throats. Check out these fisticuffs and—THERE’S THE BLAZE OF GLORY!!! GET OUT KAMI!”

One huge back body drop sends Blaze over top and to the canvas. A weak and dazed Kamikaze stumbles about and slips out of the ring much to the chagrin of the audience. Mr. Entertainment takes this opportunity to rest and size what is left of Kamikaze up. Action stalls for several moments before Blaze spots his opportunity! He soars across the ring and dives through the ropes – executing a suicide dive – and receives nothing except a face full of his own Television Championship, the belt being swung by Kamikaze!

William Masters: “Kamikaze saw that coming and it looks like he is regaining the advantage. Kamikaze rolls Blaze into the ring and vaults inside with a nice splash! The pin attempt is made!”



Mr. Entertainment kicks out from under Kamikaze and rolls his opponent up with a modified version of a cradle:




Jarred Daniels: “Blaze returns to his feet and OUT OF NOWHERE!!!”

William Masters: “SIDESWIPE!”

Kamikaze takes Blaze down hard and promptly rolls him up for a cover:



Jarred Daniels: “THREE! Kamikaze just won this match. He just beat the Television Champion!”

William Masters: Now that is entertainment!

Jarred Daniels: Congratulations Kris, and speaking of entertainment, we have plenty more after this break, starting first with a tag team match for the ages!




Towers: Our next contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Edinburgh, Scotland and weighs in at 301 lbs…SHRAPNEL!

There is an explosion of flames on the ramp and the arena goes a hazy red. Slow Chemical by Finger 11 echo's throughout the arena. Shrapnel walks slowly to the ring with a black towel on his head concealing his face. He gets to the ring apron and steps over the top rope and into the ring. He stands in the center of the ring for a few seconds with his head down then he slowly removes the towel from his head in time with the lights coming up.

Towers: And his tag team partner, hailing from parts unknown and weighing in this morning at 220 lbs…Mr. KILJOY!

The Silent Hill Theme plays in the background as the fans continue to boo. A few flashing lights whisper onto the staging area onto otherwise total darkness. Kiljoy stumbles out, looking as though he has some strange limp, a deranged grin on his face. He then walks down the ramp as the flashing lights continue to shine upon this freak, Kiljoy laughing and pointing at some of the fans. Kiljoy then climbs into the ring as he walks up to Shrapnel, both men with satanic smiles.

Suddenly the fans jump to their feet in a hysteria of cheers as ‘We Die Young’ by Alice in Chains begins to play, echoing around the arena.

Towers: And their opponents on the way down to the ring, they come in at a combined weight of 438 lbs, and hail from Dallas, North Carolina and Buckeye, Arizona…The Reaper Brian Kirkland and Badd Company Mike King…YOUTHFUL AGGRESSION!

Kirkland and King come running out onto the stage as the lights come back on. Mike goes to one side, Kirkland goes to the other, riling up the whole arena as they begin a mass of cheers. Kirkland and King begin to ruin down the stage, clapping the hands of many fans who lean over the guardrail, mainly kids who screech at the site of two of their heroes. Kirkland and King enter the ring as Kiljoy leaves, Shrapnel says perfectly still, not moving an inch. King and Kirkland climb either side of the ring turnbuckles, both with eyes on Kiljoy and Shrapnel, the music fading as the cheers from the fans fade too.

Kiljoy climbs back into the ring as both teams communicate with each other, the referee standing in the middle.


- Kiljoy starts the match against Mike King, both men now legally inside the ring and ready to lock up. Kiljoy immediately goes for an eye rake, Mike King losing focus as Kiljoy gets the quick upper hand. KJ kicks Mike in the gut, stirs him even more with an European Uppercut, Kiljoy now backs off as he bounces off the ropes and heading for King…SPINNING WHEEL KICK!

Daniels: My God, this clown can not only fly, he can use those feet as weapons too…

Masters: And I have to say, nice start by Kiljoy going for that eye rake, if you take a man’s vision out, it’s like your fighting a man who has had 30 pints beforehand, they can’t see you.

Daniels: You really shouldn’t condone raking a man’s eye as a wrestling strategy William.

- Kiljoy picks Mike up who is still blinking furiously, trying to regain his vision. Kiljoy now shoulders charges Mike into his corner, Shrapnel looking down on Mike as he gets pummeled in the corner. Kiljoy with rights and lefts, eventually starts to bite Mike King on the forehead, the crowd reacting with loud boos, the referee quickly grabbing Kiljoy and prizing him off.

Masters: Eye rakes and forehead bites, this man could be known as CZW’s dirtiest player…you know, behind Jenny Jacobs that is.

Daniels: Not a fan of Jacobs, are we?

Masters: Not after she divorced me back in 2005, Jarred.

Daniels: Have you been married to everyone?!

- As the referee has a few words with Kiljoy, Shrapnel uses the opportunity to choke Mike in the corner, Brian almost fuming on the other side. As the referee turns around, Shrapnel holds his hands up as if nothing happened. Kiljoy now runs at Mike with a BODY SPLASH…No…Mike King dodges out of the way, and now grabs him from behind…TIGER SUPLEX!

Masters: I was just about to say nice team work from the two oddest men I have ever seen, however Kiljoy just landed on his head I think, and this match could have just changed around.

Daniels: yes Shrapnel was using the situation to his advantage there. Shrapnel of course with those shocking revelations mid week as we heard from him, not only admitting to all charges against Jacob Havok, but the reason behind it was to eventually get his wife!

Masters: Havok’s wife was in fact Shrapnel’s psychiatrist, and that says it all really, this man has needed mental help for years so I have heard.

Daniels: he maybe should give his partner Kiljoy her number, if he isn’t in desperate need for a psychiatrist, then I don’t know who is!

- Mike King gets to his feet after a chorus of roars from the loving fans. Kiljoy is also back up though as he goes for a right hand, Mike blocks though hitting one of his own, then begins to slap Kiljoy, each one knocking the deranged clown off balance, Mike now spins around following it up with a back fist…

Daniels: I think Mike is going for his patented Badd Company Combo attack here, he has the slaps, he has the back fist…NOW HE GOES FOR THE ROUNDHOUSE KICK!


Daniels: This man maybe insane, but inside the ring, he really knows exactly what he is doing.

Masters: You could say that ring is his circus and he is the leading act, a performing clown, Jarred.

- The fans boo as Kiljoy now crawls towards his partner, who is now extending his arm into the ring, foaming, desperate to get inside. HE MAKES THE TAG! Shrapnel is now in as he begins to stomp down Mike King. Shrapnel picks Mike up with one hand, leaning him up as he now runs off, bouncing off the ropes…

Masters: Here comes Shrapnel…BIG BOOT and Mike King has just been hit for six.

Daniels: Stop relaying your cricket phrases into commentary, William. And Mike King was already off balance there, that kick just took him into a whole new dimension.

Masters: I like Cricket Jarred, just because all of you brain dead Americans can’t understand it, doesn’t mean I can’t comment on it.

- Shrapnel now patrols around the ring as though he owns it, smirking at Brian Kirkland before resting his boot on the chest of King, making the match’s first cover…









Daniels: I think Shrapnel should have at least hooked the leg or something there, Mike King is a former Hardcore Champion here in CZW, he isn’t going to be beaten that easily.

Masters: You know what, I think Shrapnel is happy that Mike kicked out, Jarred, it gives him more opportunity to demolish him.

- Shrapnel lifts King up again, this time by his hair, as Mike throws out some right hands, trying to connect with Shrapnel’s face, however the Monster dodges, then lifts Mike up again…SIDEWALK SLAM and the ring just shook. Shrapnel stays seated, the pace of the match clearly has been diminished by this near seven footer. Shrapnel begins to laugh now, looking at Brian Kirkland, the fans reacting as is BK, anger at the cockiness of the monster.

Masters: These fans may not like it, but it’s this confidence that should worry Brian and Mike, if anyone is a true threat to them and Brian’s Title belt, it’s Shrapnel.

Daniels: Yes, Brian having lost the Hardcore Title has waiting months to recapture gold, eventually being given the new CZW Ultraviolent Title…

Masters: Key words there ‘given’.

Daniels: I would say Brian deserved it, he only lost his Hardcore title because it was made defunct. Brian is a true example of why CZW has been called Ultraviolent in the past, he is a great Hardcore Superstar.

- Shrapnel stands up again now as he begins to almost prod Mike King with his large feet, then stomps down hard onto his mid section. Shrapnel bends down and lifts King up again, this time throwing him aggressively into the corner as he starts pounding him with rights and lefts into the body. Shrapnel tags in Kiljoy now as he gets in, Shrapnel holding up Mike’s arms as Kiljoy connects with a right hand of his own.

Masters: I have to say, these men are impressive, they are working together, and I never thought they possibly could.

Daniels: This is true, so much controversy has been placed over the Havok attack, and these guys would both love a shot at Brian’s Ultraviolent Title, these guys could implode any second…

Masters: That’s what I thought, but this is starting to look like a formidable team.

- The fans are almost desperate sounding as they chant for Mike King, but he seems to be in so much pain as Kiljoy now places him in an Abdominal stretch, King’s chest and gut red roar from those shots by Shrapnel. Shrapnel now leans over as he gets a tag, Kiljoy keeping the hold on as Shrapnel bounces off the ropes and hit’s a strong boot into the ribs of Mike King.

Masters: Yet another tag and yet another assault to the ribs of Mr. Badd Company.

Daniels: Look how red the ribs are, William, the camera shot shows exactly what punishment Mike King is taking here.

- Shrapnel now hit’s a large throat thrust knocking Mike King back into the ropes. Shrapnel Irish whips him, Mike runs off at pace, bounces off the ropes…CLOTHESLINE BY SHRAPNEL…NO…Mike King ducks as he bounces off the ropes for a second time, Shrapnel turns around…





Masters: Goodnight Mike King.

Daniels: This is looking bad, Brian has not even had the chance to make it into the ring yet, Mike has been isolated here from the very start. And Mike King may not be able to kick out of that almighty Choke slam…Cover!










Daniels: NO…Mike King got the shoulder up…

Masters: And Brian seemed to be in two minds there, not knowing whether to break up the pin or not, that hesitation could have cost them there.

Daniels: Listen to these fans, they are cheering not only for Mike and Brian, but for the whole situation here, Mike King needs a tag in and quick.

- The fans are on their feet now as Mike King begins to lever himself up on the ropes, however Shrapnel is there yet again as he now dives on top of Mike, landing with a leg drop, trapping the throat of King into the ring rope. King drops to the floor choking and spluttering as the fans twist their cheers into boos for the monster. Shrapnel now grabs Mike’s arm as he pulls him towards his corner, getting another tag to Kiljoy.

Daniels: I hate to say it, but Youthful Aggression may have bit off a little too much here, now facing two demonic men, and so far this pair has dominated throughout the entire match.

Masters: You should pick your opponents carefully, Jarred, these two men are responsible for the downfall of Beautiful Agony, not the draft!

Daniels: I disagree with that William.

- Kiljoy begins to stomp on Mike, then drops as he goes back to chewing his forehead, signs of blood trickling down his crown as the referee prizes him of yet again. Mike now rolls off, holding his head as Kiljoy gets him again, this time with an Elbow drop to the spine. Kiljoy begins to methodically stomp down each part of Mike’s body, the arena filling with boos as Kiljoy now sits down on his back, applying a Camel Clutch. Shrapnel smiles in pure delight as he hears the cries from King. Brian begins to stomp on the apron, this quickly building up the fan support, the whole arena soon in a fit of chants for Mike King, trying their hardest to raise his momentum. Kiljoy begins to look worried as Mike King shows signs of an adrenaline rush, managing to get up onto his knees, Kiljoy letting the hold slip.

Daniels: It is truly astonishing what these fans can do for King as they raise his momentum up high, King now getting back to his feet…HE BREAKS FREE!

- Mike King is back up as Kiljoy now has him in a weak headlock, Mike with an elbow to the gut, then another, Kiljoy steps backwards as Mike now free runs off to the ropes, Mike bounces off as Kiljoy stands there like a sitting duck…METALLICA KICK BY KING!

Masters: AHHHHH!! Where did that come from?! I thought…I thought…

Daniels: You thought Mike was out of it just like I did, but these fans got underneath him, now he desperately needs to make a tag to his partner, Kirkland.

- Mike begins to crawl ever closer to Brian who stretches his arm out full length. Kiljoy though gets to his knees using the ropes showing signs of getting a tag of his own. Mike reaches out, crawls a little bit further…the fans in hysterics…MIKE KING…






Daniels: My God this place has just exploded.

Masters: Kirkland vaults over those ropes like they were a miniature hurdle…AND KILJOY BETTER LOOK OUT!

- Brian Kirkland runs straight at Kiljoy and connects with a powerful clothesline, sending him straight over the ropes. Shrapnel now climbs inside the ring and goes after Kirkland with a Big Boot, but Brian ducks as Shrapnel gets stuck on the top rope. Brian now runs off, bouncing off the other side, coming full force towards Shrapnel as he ploughs into him with a Running Knee Lift knocking Shrapnel overboard. The fans are still on there feet as Brian now rips his shirt off, and throws it into the crowd, his intensity hitting the red zone…and now…


Masters: This man is acting like he has not been to the toilet in two days, he is insane.

Daniels: He is just fired up William, and amazingly, he is back on his feet.

- Brian now throws Kiljoy back into the ring as he knows he is the legal man, Mike King recovering fast on the apron. Kirkland now though stands up onto the apron, and tries to vault over the ropes once more to land on Kiljoy who is back down in the ring, however Shrapnel reaches up and grabs the foot of Brian. Kirkland without hesitation though…SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE OFF THE APRON!

Masters: Is he going to slow down ever?!

Daniels: These fans are loving this, and now Brian has the advantage, he needs to get back into the ring and cover Kiljoy here.

- Kirkland gets up once again from the amazing attack on Shrapnel on the outside. He now rolls back into the ring as he goes to pick up Kiljoy…but the demonic clown COUNTERS…












Masters: That bloody idiot, we nearly had a winner there.

Daniels: How in the World is he an idiot? He just saved his team there from losing.

- The fans react with a huge hiss as Shrapnel now stands up onto the apron, and grabs Mike King, reaching over the ropes and constricting his large right hand around his throat…

Daniels: Oh my God, this doesn’t look good…HOLY CRAP!


Masters: Did I just see that correctly, Jarred?! Shrapnel just hit Mike King with his ‘Exit Wound’ which is a modified Chokeslam…RIGHT OVER THE ROPES ONTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!

Daniels: Sadly William, you are not mistaken. Mike King could be seriously hurt here…BUT OH MY…THE SHOW GOES ON…

- The fans don’t know how to react as Mike King lays hurt on the outside, however Kirkland out of no where just dropkicked Shrapnel off the apron as he falls head first into the guardrail. Kiljoy is back up now too as he goes for a right hand, however Brian ducks…then grabs Kiljoy…


Masters: AHHHHHH!!! Has he got it?!










Daniels: YES! Kirkland pins Kiljoy, but Shrapnel maybe with the last laugh, what a devastating attack on Mike King.

Masters: He is a monster, Jarred, and he is a dangerous monster, who is after revenge, and Gold here in CZW!

Towers: Ladies and Gentlemen, here are your winners, Brian Kirkland and Mike King…YOUTHLESS AGGRESSION!

Daniels: There you have it then, it was a great match, one which Brian and Mike got the better of, but as we look up the ramp, it’s Shrapnel who leaves here tonight with a smile on his face.

Masters: And this match is surely going to be settled at Pandemonium, who knows, maybe over the CZW Ultraviolent Title, and will we see more on the Shrapnel and Havok situation?!

Daniels: I’m sure we will, and all of these four guys could be considered for that new Ultraviolent Belt, all I know is that we have an interesting feud on our hands there…anyway folks, were back after this break, stay tuned!

Masters: Poor Mike King…


Daniels: Great match we just had their folks, now onto another subject here in CZW. You may notice how Matt Covey has not been with CZW for the past few weeks…

Masters: What do you mean, he was brutally attacked by Eddie Rowan last week, no wonder he hasn’t been himself with that rabid creature after him, not to mention O’Toole.

Daniels: Covey is the man who started it all, with the break up of the Whole Damn Show, joining forces with Montana, he states he was with that evil genius all along, it was all a damn set up.

Masters: That’s right, it was, and it was one of the greatest plans I have ever witnessed.

Daniels: Anyway, getting back to the topic before William here begins to kiss more Montana ass, Matt Covey has also had some issues outside of the wrestling ring folks. Now, this past week Matt Covey made a very personal interview with Glenn Matthews, on a show called Shoot Wrestling Productions.

Masters: I have watched that before, they tried to get me on that show but I turned them down, I had twelve dates for the evening.

Daniels: Sure William, and I am Brad Pitt. Now anyway, in this interview, Matt spoke about his drug issues, as many of you may know, he has had this on going issue for a lot of his career, and I have never seen him before speak so bluntly about his real situation, I just wanted to air this interview on Overdrive, and with Jesse Montana giving us the okay, we can. It’s one of the most real bits of footage I have ever seen or heard, please folks, take a look.

Masters: Yes, this is real life folks, we all know we have a show to do here week in week out, but these wrestlers are humans just like us and all of you, what you are about to see is not staged or acted out, this is real life!

The scene opens to a digital display reading “SWP Home Video”. As the digitized words dissolve from the screen, we can see some young unknown man sitting in a seat across from a barely recognizable Matt Covey, just outside of a building. Matt’s hair is extremely short as though his head had recently been shaved. His skin color is paler than normal, but the ever present cigarette rests between his fingers. The unknown man turns towards the camera introducing himself.

Man: Hello folks. I’m Glenn Matthews and you’re watching Shoot Wrestling Productions video interview with none other than wrestling’s biggest bad boy to date. Of course I’m talking about CZW‘s very own “Bad Ass” Matt Covey. Welcome Matt, I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us.

Matt takes a drag from his cigarette, shrugging his shoulders.

Matt Covey: Busy schedule? I’m in f**king rehab. All we do is eat, shit and sleep here all damn day. This interview is kind of a breath of fresh air.

Glenn Matthews: Would you mind telling us why you’re here in rehab, and perhaps explain the drastic change in your physical appearance.

Matt Covey: I believe everyone who reads a dirt sheet or chases inside wrestling news on the internet could tell you why I’m in here. But for the record, we’ll just say I don’t have a very clean track record with substance abuse. So instead of setting my ass on the road with a pink slip, the top brass in the company figures there’s something in me they can salvage, and here I am.

Glenn Matthews: Do you think there’s anything inside you worth salvaging?

Matt Covey: I dunno. But I’d hate to be the one to tell the “powers that be” the next time I fall off the wagon. Which we all realize I’m going to do at some point anyway. I mean hell, I’ve already begged everybody I can think to call to sneak me shit in here. Apparently, either people really don’t like me. Or they care too damn much to see me fall on my face.

Glenn Matthews: And what about the change in your physical appearance?

Matt Covey: If you’re talking about my shaved head, well, I did fall off a f**king scaffold and through some glass tables. A week after that Tooleshed match with Maynard, and I was still picking pieces of glass out of my skull. So finally I decided to hell with it, shaved the shit, and got the remaining fragments out. It sucked balls to have to lose my locks, but I’m really proud of that match. Now, if you were referring to my skin discoloration and bags beneath my eyes… Well, why don’t you try abusing narcotics and alcohol for several years straight and then just stop cold f**king turkey. I guarantee you end up looking like shit too.

Matt hits his cigarette once more. Realizing it is nearly gone, he butts it and immediately lights another.

Glenn Matthews: Is the chain smoking a side effect of stopping cold turkey?

Matt Covey: Maybe. They don’t let us smoke inside the building, so I get in as many as I can while I’m outside. Smokes are one of the few things they actually allow people to bring me.

Glenn Matthews: Who brings them to you?

Matt Covey: Anybody who comes to visit. Jesse Montana, Maynard, Derek Damage… Hell, even Brian Kirkland contributed. He brought me this pack earlier today.

Glenn Matthews: Really? Straight edge Brian Kirkland brought you smokes?

Matt Covey: Yup. He’s a good kid. His heart’s in the right place. Of course I’m pretty sure nobody wants to see me without some form of vice in my system. Can you imagine a completely sober Matt Covey? Jesus f**king Christ, I’d kill somebody. Of course, BK doesn’t just deliver you nicotine without also freely dishing out “the facts” and negative slander against tobacco. But it doesn’t change the fact that even he came to see me during this troubled period in my life. And that means a lot, ya know? I’ll never forget it.

Glenn Matthews: You seem more down to Earth. I would hazard a guess that this little venture is paying off for you?

Matt Covey: Oh God no! I just have to behave, or they stick my ass in shock therapy. f**k that. My first night in here, they had to shock the holy f**king shit out of my ass six times. Six f**king times! I threatened an orderly, I got shocked. I punched the guy who shocked me after it was over. I got shocked again. I threw their cafeteria food back in their face. f**king shocked. I swear to God, when I get out of here, top brass could reinvent my character as that lame ass “Shockmaster” old Tugboat used to portray, only this time the character would actually fit.

Glenn Matthews: Wow. That’s an old memory. I never pegged you as the type of guy to have an actual knowledge of the wrestling business or the legends and moments it produced.

Matt Covey: Really? You know, nobody makes it in this business without having an actual love of the business and it’s history. The guys who try? You watch them job a match on Raw on Monday nights, one time and one time only. Then you never see them again.

Glenn Matthews: Care to share some of your favorite legends in the business?

Matt Covey: Oh damn, where do I start? I’m a big, and I mean BIG “Superstar” Billy Graham fan. That guy had the physique, and a style that would be mimicked years later by guys like Hogan, Ventura and Scott Steiner. The man was definitely before his time. I was a fan of anybody that was just absolutely bad ass. And I don’t mean like the sadistic bastard I portray in the ring, although that’s not bad either. I related to guys like the “Macho Man” Randy Savage, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, Irwin R. Scheister, Rick Rude, and so on. These guys had to play the bad guy during a period when wrestling was aimed directly at kids. They couldn’t use the foul language or go excessively hardcore, and yet they still managed to draw heat. That’s impressive no matter how you look at it.

Glenn Matthews: I take it you’ve heard about Vince McMahon’s decision to make his product “kid friendly” once more?

Matt Covey: I have. And I gotta say, that’s going to come back to bite him in the ass. Maybe not now, but soon. I mean, if you look at the evolution of professional wrestling, it started with the independent regions, moved on to a televised kid friendly product, then the WCW and WWE took the next step giving it a more adult feel to attract a bigger audience. And now Vince is suddenly taking a step backwards? How can you move forward by stepping back? It’s literally like he’s spitting on what was the most successful period in this business, that being the “Attitude” era. All I can say, is thank God I work for the CZW and not the WWE. Combat Zone is going to be the future of wrestling and Vince’s product is going to become the next WCW, and he’s not going to have anyone to blame but himself. Calling John Cena’s “FU” the “Attitude Adjuster”? I think I just threw up a little…

Glenn Matthews: Since you’re speaking so candidly about the competition, who would you claim is the best talent on the WWE roster?

Matt Covey: That’s like gathering a shit load of name brand beers, and a few shitty ones, and then asking me to pick a favorite. I think Edge and Randy Orton are amazing performers. The WWE’s turning kid friendly on them, and they’re still managing to draw incredible heat like the legends before them. Hands down, they’ve got to be the best heels in the business today. Triple H is a hard worker, I won’t take that away from him. But you have to wonder how much of his success is actually attributed to his hard work, and how much is attributed to the fact that he’s shooting semen up Stephanie McMahon’s not-so-tight little asshole. Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t take the ball and run with it, like he has. I’d f**k Stephanie. I’d f**k her hard.

Glenn appears to be blowing up at Matt’s candid comments as Matt finishes another cigarette.

Glenn Matthews: How about we do a word association game? I’ll give you the name of a wrestler, past or present, and you give me your immediate thoughts on said performer.

Matt Covey: Fine by me. Shoot.

Glenn Matthews: Hulk Hogan.

Matt Covey: Overrated.

Glenn Matthews: Really?

Matt Covey: Yes sir. Steve Austin too. I’m not putting these guys down, far from it. I’m just saying that anybody could have been there at the right place and right time and did the same job with the same result, assuming they didn‘t completely suck. Anybody could have been the “Immortal” Hulk Hogan or the boss hating, beer drinking, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. As a matter of fact, Sandman did the gimmick first. He just wasn’t as widely received as Steve because ECW didn’t have the resources that WWE had to get his image out to a wider audience.

Glenn Matthews: The Ultimate Warrior.

Matt Covey: A joke. A really BIG f**king joke. The minute he changed his birth name legally to “The Warrior” he lost any credibility he might have once had that he might have been sane. The guy is a nut job. Case closed.

Glenn Matthews: Jesse Montana.

Matt Covey: A good man with a solid head on his shoulders. He’s still young enough to strictly act as a competitor, but his passion is for the diplomatic backstage side of the business. He knows what will make a good show, what will achieve ratings, and what will overall put asses in the seats. He plays a mean bastard on tv, but the guy goes out of his way to make sure everybody in the locker room makes top dollar. When he succeeds, we succeed. And vice-versa.

Glenn Matthews: Shawn Michaels.

Matt Covey: The Show Stopper, no doubt. But he’s getting on in age. It’s time he passed the mantle down to his much younger, possibly more talented clone, John Morrison. That’s just my thought on the situation.

Glenn Matthews: Why would you say he’s a clone?

Matt Covey: History tends to repeat itself. Look at the facts. John Cena is today’s Hulk Hogan, minimally talented, but the poster boy for an entire company. John Morrison is his generation’s Shawn Michaels. Talented as hell, and pouring at the brim with enough charisma to drop every panty in the house. If I was that damn charismatic, I’d never need drugs or alcohol again.

Matt laughs heartily.

Matt Covey: My name is Matt Covey. And I’m addicted to pussy. Quote that.

Glenn laughs this time.

Glenn Matthews: Derek Damage.

Matt Covey: The guy comes and goes…often. But let’s not belie the fact that without Derek Damage there would not be a CZW. And then everybody would be stuck watching John Cena suck all the talent out of a match.

Glenn Matthews: Ace King.

Matt Covey: I don’t think there’s anybody I respect in the CZW locker room more than Ace King. The guy busted his ass from day one to help get the CZW off the ground, and he was rewarded for his efforts. An injury and the thought of retirement put him on the shelf for quite a bit, but the man has a diehard passion for wrestling. He eats it, sleeps, and breathes it. You’ll not find a harder working performer in the business today, unless you look at El Pablo, who is equally as passionate. I actually presented the idea to Montana about a feud with King, and almost instantly all I saw were dollar signs in his eyes. Of course Ace was more than happy to do it. Why shouldn’t his return to the ring be the most watched feud ever known?

Glenn Matthews: Not to change the game so soon, but, what is it like working with Ace in the ring?

Matt Covey: Oh boy, have I got a story to tell you. I can’t recall exactly when it was, but the first time Fiscus and I tagged against Ace and Pabs was at a house show in Nashville, Tennessee. Everything just went to hell, but in a good way.

Glenn Matthews: Really? How so?

Matt Covey: I had done a program with Pabs just a few months before, and I actually took it really easy with Pablo during that period. I’ve been called the “stiffest” worker in the ring, because if I’m not fully focused, I’ll accidentally knock somebody the f**k out by accidentally connecting full on. With Pablo, I didn’t do that. I felt him out, and realized that he could put on one hell of a show without actually having to lay into me and back my eyes. So I toned down my stiff working to find some common ground. I never had to do that with Ace. With Ace, the stiffer we were, the more we made people believe the hatred we were throwing out there week after week. So there we are, months later in the tag match. Pablo’s inside the ring and Alan tags me in. First thing I do is lay an immediate right haymaker into Pab’s face. I believe to this day I felt the enamel of his teeth crack with that first punch. So Pablo reels backwards, his eyes bugging out and he’s looking at me like I sold out Jesus Christ. He immediately tags in Ace, who runs in and just returns the blow. Probably the hardest anyone has ever punched me in my life. So Pablo sees this, how I’m working really stiff with Ace, and just chooses not to get in the ring with me for the rest of the match. So Ace and I come out of this shindig looking like we’d been simultaneously plowed over by a semi truck, and Fiscus and Pabs are looking fresh like the match had never happened. We laughed about that match forever. But it did help to set the pace for which we would fight them again on Overdrive including the night they dropped the tag belts to us. Pablo figured out how it was going to be from that point on, and to this day, still leaps at the chance to just full on beat the shit out of me.

Matt chuckles, going for a third cigarette.

Glenn Matthews: What would you say the CZW locker room is like?

Matt Covey: Honestly? It’s not that bad. I know people from other feds tell stories of backstage politics and whatever. But personally, I’ve never experienced any of that. It’s just a bunch of guys who love to put on their spandex and wrestle another sweaty guy in spandex, all for the love of the sport. And as incredibly gay as that sounded, that doesn’t even begin to describe the guys I work with. Ace King, El Pablo, Maynard O’Toole, Nasty, Rowan, Fiscus, Mike Monroe, both Blazes, Kirkland… They’re all great guys who are more interested in delivering the best product they can as opposed to fighting over how much airtime any of them is going to get on any given night. I wouldn’t give those guys up for anything in the world. The new guys appear a little intimidated at first when coming to the CZW, but a quick hazing or practical joke is always sure to produce a laugh and pull them out of their shells.

Glenn Matthews: How about a prank story?

Matt Covey: Well, you have good ones. You have okay ones. And then you have Chris Ross.

Glenn Matthews: Please, go on.

Matt Covey: Chris’ thing when he first got here, was to “steal” cars. The CZW had took this gifted athlete and strapped him down with a gimmick straight out of the “Grand Theft Auto” video game series. Which, according to Chris’ past involvement with the law, wasn’t too much of a stretch to pull off. Actually, Chris came to the CZW still on probation for something or another. So Chris would show up to the arena, get the details as to which rental car he was going to be “stealing” that night, and he’d just do his job. But outside of that, he kept to himself and was real quiet. So one night Chris shows up, only to run into El Pablo and myself. Pablo gets this crazy idea that he’s going to give Ross the wrong car on purpose, telling Chris that Montana was too busy to tell him himself, so he sent us instead. So Pabs is really piling it on thick, telling Chris that he’s not only going to jack a car that night, but he was also going to drive maniacally down the freeway where a CZW camera crew would follow him and edit the footage. So now we need a car. I give him the keys to my ‘69 Dodge Charger, since he had been “stealing” only magnificent cars anyway. So Chris rolls outside where a camera crew is waiting, not for him mind you. They’re getting everything together for the show that night and Ross assumes they’re there for him. So Chris just immediately jacks my car and takes off like a bat out of hell.

Glenn Matthews: Oh no…

Matt Covey: Oh yes, my friend. Pablo immediately goes for his phone, calling the police and reporting my car stolen. Needles to say, Montana wasn’t exactly pleased when Ross never showed up for his match that night. Instead, he goes to call Ross, only to find out that he’s sitting in jail and it’s all Pablo’s and my fault. Montana can’t exactly bust our asses then and there, because that would be two more members of the talent absent from the card. So instead, AFTER the show, he makes Pabs and myself walk nearly six miles to the police station where we paid Ross’ bail out of our pocket. I dropped the charges of course, but that wasn’t enough to calm Chris down. Oh no, so he goes and puts his fist through my windshield, only to cut his arm all to hell. With a broken window, we drove his ass to the emergency room that night and sat up with him. It was the least we could do. He laughs about it today when we bring it up, but holy hell I’ve never seen a fat Samoan that damn pissed before in my life!

Glenn Matthews: I’d say not! Who would you say has influenced you the most in this business?

Matt Covey: First and foremost, my boy TJ Hix. We started in the backyard together. We escaped the streets together. And we broke into the business together. Without “The F’N Boss” TJ Hix, there would be no “Bad Ass” Matt Covey and there would be no “Whole Damn show”. But my favorite memory of influence came from the late and great “Classy” Freddy Blassie. I was about eighteen or nineteen and performing for this independent promotion out of Indiana at the time. So Freddy is there as a guest of honor and a means to draw a bigger crowd and sell seats. I’m backstage rummaging through my ring gear, which by the way was f**king horrible. Nobody should ever wear neon green leather chaps and neon orange feather boas. EVER. So there I am, trying to get on these foul smelling ring boots when Freddy just walks straight up to me, hand extended introducing himself to me like I was the star instead. Needless to say, I sat dumbfounded for a moment. I mean, he was Freddy f**king Blassie, a legend. And I’m this new kid in the most homo-erotic ring gear you could throw together from a Thrifty’s. But he was really f**king cool. He gave me pointers on the business, just throwing out free advice that I was trying to soak up like a sponge.

Glenn Matthews: I bet that meant a lot to you.

Matt Covey: Of course it did. So I get this bright idea to ask him if I can use his “pencil neck geek” comment in an interview against my opponent before my match that night. And so he looks at me and he clearly says, “I’d prefer it if you called him an ‘ornery son of a bitch’. Something that will really make the fans say ‘Did he really just say that?!?’” So I do just that. Except being a man who doesn’t really think before he speaks, I just tear into a tirade of profanity. It felt good. Really f**king good. The only problem is, that regional promotion was a kid friendly product, and thus they canned my ass. Which was fine, that moment helped me to realize that I couldn’t work for anything les than a company who knew how to push the envelope. That man changed my life.

Glenn Matthews: Sounds like he laid the ground work for the man who would later become the “Bad Ass”. Did you ever… Hey!

Glenn looks off camera, prompting Matt to turn his head. Brian Kirkland enters the view holding a bag from Arby’s. Matt grins as he throws the last of his cigarette away, reaching for the bag. BK nods at Glenn as he sits down next to Matt who has already torn into the bag, stuffing his face with a roast beef sandwich.

Glenn Matthews: What a pleasant surprise! How are you this morning, Mr. Kirkland?

BK: Pretty good actually, just checking in on this example of why people should NOT do drugs. *Matt rolls his eyes as he continues eating* And you can drop the formalities. Just call me BK.

Glenn Matthews: Is that what everyone calls you?

BK: Mostly that, or Kirkland since we have a few Brian’s in the back.

Matt swallows a large bite.

Matt Covey: I call him Captain Kirk. f**king Trekkie…

Kirkland shakes his head with disapproval.

BK: I go out of my way to get you some Arby’s because you’re tired of Montana bringing you Burger King, and you’re really gonna sit here and try to bust my balls?

Matt looks up with a mouth full of curly fries and just shrugs. Kirkland laughs, turning back to Matthews.

Glenn Matthews: I was just saying earlier, that I find it surprising that you BK, of all people are actually paying him visits during his time of rehab.

BK: What? Just because I choose not to soil my body with poisons and he does, that means we can’t be friends? I’ve been down the road and back with this guy. Between carpooling, plane rides, and just all around having to look at each other more often than not, you learn to accept other people despite whatever differences you may have in lifestyle choices. Only a dick would refuse a friend based on something so trivial. Besides, who better than me to show the next Jake Roberts that there very much is a life worth living outside of the influences of alcohol and drugs?

Matt nearly chokes before swallowing another bite to add his input.

Matt Covey: I already told you, Captain Kirk. I may drop the narcotics, but I’ll never put the beer down! NEVER!!!

BK: Oh you will, sir. Sure, you may start by giving up hard liquor first. But I’m going to stay on your ass like some annoying fly that you just can’t swat, until I drive you to hate alcohol. Period.

Matt Covey: I no longer like you. Or your Arby’s.

BK: Well then give it back, bitch.

Matt Covey: f**k you, hippie!

Matt and Kirkland laugh together as Matt guards his food as though he were in a prison.

BK: Besides, after all the times you nearly pissed on the rest of us while you were piss ass drunk, you f**king owe us something. At least an effort. Because I swear, the next time you attempt to piss on me with your sick dick, I’m going to catch you asleep and shit on your face. I’ll take a picture of it. And I’ll post that shit on the net.

Matt Covey: You wouldn’t…

BK: Oh you best f**king believe I would!

Matt suddenly stands up and launches the last of the Arby’s trash in bag at BK’s head.

Matt Covey: Shitting is so much worse than pissing! That’s bullshit, Kirk! I have half a mind to beat the shit out of you, just because you even thought about shitting on me! You’re a sick f**k! You…

Kirkland suddenly stands up and waves at an orderly a few feet away.

BK: We got a violent drug relapse over here!

Matt suddenly eyes the orderly running towards him and bolts like a mad man across the rehab grounds, as two more orderlies get in on the chase. Though successful at dodging them for a moment, Matt’s lack of stamina begins to wear him down. Matt is suddenly speared from opposite directions in the legs and chest by two of the orderlies, and taken down where the third helps to restrain him, his mouth spurting one obscenity after another. BK squints with a look of pain after watching the tackle. Glenn watches speechless as the orderlies drag Matt back towards the entrance to the building. Matt scrams incessantly at BK the whole way.


The men finally get Covey inside the building.

Glenn Matthews: Holy hell. Are they gonna give him the shock treatment again?

BK: Yeah, more than likely. But it helps. It really does. He acted like that earlier this morning when I brought him smokes and they shocked him. It calms him down for a moment, but then it really only takes something insignificant to set him off again. I think at the moment, he’s leading Scott Hall in “most shock treatments in one day”.

Glenn Matthews: This video is going to sell out fast…

BK: Yup. And in the words of Porky Pig before he caught the Swine-Flu… That’s all, bitches!

Glenn kills the camera, bringing an end to another successful Matt Covey shoot interview.

Daniels: Thank you folks for taking the time to watch that, I would just like to say, we bring you a show every week but these stars have real personal lives, and it’s great to see what they are like outside of the show, outside the cameras and bright lights, and this Matt Covey story really touched me, William.

Masters: it’s something that needs to be shown, I agree. We wish Mat Covey a full successful rehab, and we hope to see him as soon as we can inside this ring again.

Daniels: Okay folks, on with the show, and next, as we all know, a man who has had his major problems with Covey in the past and the present, he is a former World Champion, Maynard O’Toole, he fights Canada’s Finest!

Masters: These Canadians should enjoy that!


‘Canada's Finest' TIM TIMMONS vs. 'The OGT' MAYNARD O'TOOLE


“I Stand Alone” plays, and Tim Timmons makes his way to the ring, much to the crowd’s disdain. Timmons walks with a purpose, not bothering to acknowledge the fans at all.

Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he is ‘Canada’s Finest,’ TIM TIMMONS!!”

“Symphony of Destruction” blares out, and Maynard O’Toole makes his way out, many of the fans cheering him on. He carries his hammer slung over his shoulder, setting it on the ring apron as he enters the ring.

Towers: “And his opponent, from Fayetteville, North Carolina, ‘the OGT,’ MAYNARD O’TOOLE!!”

Maynard and Tim stare eachother down, and move to lock up as the bell rings!


Daniels: “Collar and elbow tie-up there, and Timmons sneaks in a quick right hand, staggering O’Toole! A clothesline takes ‘the OGT’ to the mat, and Timmons hits the ropes, coming back with a big knee-drop! He goes for a quick cover!”






Masters: “Not quite. Timmons maybe being a little over-zealous.”

Daniels: “Perhaps, but he’s staying on the attack, pulling O’Toole up and setting him up for a suplex! Maynard blocks! O’Toole with a suplex of his own, reversing the move as his fans cheer for him! Maynard rolls over quickly and begins to drive his fist into the head of ‘Canada’s Finest!’ Maynard pulls him to his feet, whipping him to the ropes…SPINEBUSTER!! NO! Timmons reverses into a SPIKE DDT!! Devastating move there from ‘Canada’s Finest,’ and O’Toole is in some serious trouble now!”

Masters: “Timmons moves to the turnbuckle, hopping up to the second rope and diving off, driving his forearm to the face of ‘the OGT,’ leaving him writhing in pain on the mat!”

Daniels: “Timmons on the attack again, pulling O’Toole to his feet and hammering him into the corner! He moves him up top…perhaps going for a superplex!! Timmons up after Maynard now and…SUPERPLEX CONNECTS!! Timmons floats over for the cover!!
















Daniels: “Maynard kicking out in the nick of time there! A highly physical match-up here between two potential title-contenders! Timmons has been chasing after Cage Stryker’s X Division Title now, and Maynard is on a collision course with Justin Marsham!”

Masters: “Right now it looks as if O’Toole is on a collision course with Timmons’ foot!! BIG BOOT as Timmons whips Maynard into the near side!”

Daniels: “Timmons has been like a man possessed lately, and he’s taking out his aggression right now on ‘the OGT!’ Tim now heading up top!! He leaps off…FROG SPLASH!!”

Masters: “Maynard moves out of the way!! Timmons flops around on the mat in pain after crashing and burning!! O’Toole now fighting to his feet!”

Daniels: “Indeed, but Timmons is pulling himself up already as well! Maynard reacts first, rushing up behind Timmons, and shouldering him in an electric chair!! The back of Timmons’ skull bounces off the mat with sickening impact!! Maynard rolls over for the cover!!”
















Masters: “Timmons almost counted out there!! Just barely got out of that pinning predicament in time!”

Daniels: “Indeed! Maynard standing, pulling ‘Canada’s Finest’ to his feet. Tim with a cheap shot to the eyes! Timmons quickly dashes to the ropes, rebounding and…Maynard recovers! COLD AND UGLY TO TIMMONS ON THE REBOUND!! O’Toole with another cover!!”
















Daniels: “ALMOST! Timmons showing great fortitude by once again breaking the pin! O’Toole looks a bit surprised that Timmons kicked out of that one! Maynard shakes his head, standing up and lifting Tim up as well. He’s setting him up for the Third Eye!! O’Toole with Timmons up in a fireman’s carry, but Timmons gouges the eyes again! He drops down and spins Maynard around…CHOKESLAM!!”

Masters: “Timmons falls over Maynard for the pin!!”
















Daniels: “Amazing! Neither man giving up in this fight! Timmons and O’Toole now slowly fighting to their feet, and they begin to slug it out, each punch seeming to only fire both of them up even more!”

Masters: “Timmons now gaining the advantage, pummeling O’Toole into the corner! He moves back and charges in…SPEAR!! O’Toole staggers out of the corner, and Timmons whips him into the far turnbuckle!! SPEAR!!”

Daniels: “Good lord, Maynard gasping for air after that one! Timmons isn’t done now!! He throws Maynard back into the corner, sizing him up as O’Toole fights to get his feet back under him! Timmons waiting, pure hate in his eyes and O’Toole makes it up…Timmons rushes in with another SPEAR!!”

*THWACK!!* Masters: “HAMMER TIME!!”

Daniels: “TIMMONS JUST GOT STOPPED DEAD IN HIS TRACKS!! SLEDGEHAMMER SHOT BY O’TOOLE!! Maynard falls onto Tim for the cover!!”


















Towers: “Here is your winner, MAYNARD O’TOOLE!!”

Daniels: “O’Toole using some questionable tactics there to get the victory, but it’s a victory all the same!” Masters: “A smart move by the former world champ! Timmons is going to be PISSED when he comes to his senses!!”

Daniels: This Supershow has yet to disappoint, and that match was no different.

Masters: Both men came in with one thing on their win.

Daniels: But unfortunately, only one man can have their hand raised at the end...and tonight just wasn't Timmons night.

Masters: I think again, Tim has proven his worth to go for Cage's X-Title.

Daniles: Maybe he has William, but I guess only time will tell us that.

"The Pretender" blasts through the airwaves as wall of TV's explodes on the stage. Cage Stryker comes running down to the ring carrying the barbed wire bat from last week.

Masters: Look at Maynard. He's quick to get out of that ring.

Daniels: Because he knows that isn't his fight. He just finished with Tim...but apparently even after last weeks vengeance, Cage doesn't feel as though that was enough.

Masters: It's cause he's a damn two bit thug Jarred. I refuse to respect anyone who attacks the defenseless.

Daniels: You know Masters, it was only about two weeks ago that Tim had attacked Cage for a third time immediately after his matches.

Masters: It's because Tim is a genius. Who wanted to prove a point...and Cage got in his way.

Tim stood in the ring awaiting Cage. As soon as Cage slid in the ring, Tim dove for him, but the more agile Cage was able to dodge him and duck under the lariat. Tim turned back around to face Cage.


Masters: Oh my god...Cage just blasted Tim with that bat!!

Daniels: And notice, unlike last week, Timmon's isn't laughing.

Masters: What part of...Cage just blasted Tim with that bat...did you not quite understand Jarred?

Daniels: I completely understand, but it was just last week when Cage attacked Tim that Tim rolled around in the ring...bleeding...laughing at Cage.

Masters: Till he did that damn cowardly kick to Tim's cranium. You know what Jarred, let me see if Cage will let me borrow his bat and hit you with it. Then we'll see who's laughing.

Daniels: bout no William.

Masters: You're right, I'd probably just crack the so called hero with it instead.

Daniels: Of course you would William.

Tim lies sprawled out in the ring, bleeding from deep lacerations in his head. Cage has a mic.

Cage: There you go Tim...I think that makes us now...3 for 3. You attacked me for 4 weeks straight. You made me taste my own blood all 4 times...and now...I've slightly evened it up. I'm not some panty waist like some of those guys you claim to have shelved. I'm not someone that will just let you run all over me. You chose the wrong guy to f**k with Tim, just like I told you last week...and this week on the latest Edition of HD TV. So three times now, I have given you a little taste of your own medicine. I have shown you that this isn't middle school anymore. Your time of bullying is over. I put you where you belonged during the Greenhouse match, and notice, here it is...still around my waist. So, it's time for me to finish this once and for all. A few weeks back, I had an Invitational...and if I won...I would choose my #1 contender...and the stipulations for the match. So here it is, since...I have grown quite fond of this barbed wire bat...I've decided the stipulations are this...Barbed Wire...barbed wire everything. name it...barbed wire. And you'll love this part number 1 YOU!! So I can finally lay you to rest.

Cage Throws the mic into Tim as he rolls out of the ring.

Daniels: Did you hear that?

Masters: Cage decided to cash in his clause. What a match type too.

Daniels: The only question is this. After all these brutal assaults between both men...will either man even be able to fully compete in such a match up?

Masters: I bloody hope so Jarred. Up next folks, it’s our third edition of Violence From the Vault!


CZW Overdrive presents…VIOLENCE FROM THE VAULT Pt.3


3 Stages of Montana Hell: "THE GAMBLER" ACE KING vs. "THE SENSATION" JESSE MONTANA (Calgary, Alberta; May 22, 2008 episode of War Zone)


The CZW is back and for a few moments, the crowd was in anticipation. Suddenly, "Ace of Spades" begins to play to a large cheer. The CZW World Heavyweight Champion, Ace King, makes his way out onto the ramp. He is wearing the title around his waist. He makes his way to the ring and poses on a turnbuckle.

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" begins to play and the boos sound aloud. Jesse comes out, but he's got a mic.

JESSE: "Whoa, whoa, whoa cut my music. Before we get this started, there's something I have to do. Daniels, Masters!? I don't want you calling this match. Get to the back! Do it!"

MASTERS: "What?"

DANIELS: "What the.."

JESSE: "Get up, and get the 'F' out how hard is it? Do it before I call security, I am still in charge dammit!"

DANIELS: "Dammit.. we'd better go."

MASTERS: "Yeah.."

Both guys take their headsets off and leave, going up the ramp. Jesse has a smirk on his face. He enters the ring.


- With the cage down and the cZw Superstars around the cage, the match gets underway. Ace does not show any emotion as he stares continously at Jesse, the fans chanting his name loudly. Jesse seems to be slightly more distracted though as he shouts at the fans to shut up, Ace taking the first quick advantage as he locks up and locks in an armbar straight away, yanking the shoulder out of its socket as Jesse taken unaware screams in merciful pain. Ace twists his arm around one more time as Jesse teeth grind against each other, many of the cZw superstars looking on pleased. Jesse starts to maneuvre out of the move as Ace then switches the lock to a sleeper hold, Jesse slipping out of it straight away though as he hits a side suplex on Ace King, Jacqui who is at ringside again claps on in appreciation. Jesse is up, now stomping on the grounded Ace King, vicious boots to the mid section as Ace tries to rollout of theway, but Jesse pulls him back then lays a solid elbow drop on Ace, whispering something into his ear as he gets back up. Ace now gets to his feet, Jesse chopping Ace as he steps backwards towards thew ropes, Jesse irish whips Ace as he runs at the opposite side at great speed, bounces off, Jesse hits a back body drop. Now the Sensation points at each and every one of the superstars surrounding his ring as he tells them to do their job, whatever he means by it.

- Jesse walks arrogantly back towards Ace but Ace takes Jesse down with a leg sweep, then locks in an armbar as Jesse lies on his front, his face buried into the mat. Ace pulls the arm of Jesse as a sense of satisfaction comes across the face of AceKing. Jesse cannot find a way to reverse the situation as he rythes around on the ground as his arm gets bent further up into a dangerous angle. Ace pulls back once more as Jesse this time crawls close enough to the ropes to get a foot under the bottom rope as Ace is forced to break the hold. Jesse tries to roll out of the ring but Ace grabs him, now holding onto his arm, holding it out straight as he slams an elbow down into the shoulder, then ties it behind his back and hits a side suplex, Jesse landing right on the weakened shoulder. Ace gets straight back up and walks over to Jesse , a glint in his eyes as he is obsessed with hurting Jesse, picking him up andlocking in a hammerlock, now actually headbuttingthe shoulder of Jesse while he has the hold locked in, Jesse moves towards the corner as he backs Ace into it, but Ace unlocks the hammerlock and throws Jesse into the corner, wrapping his weakended arm around the top rope and hitting it with furious punches, aiming for the weakened spot. Now Ace hits some chops on Jesse as Jesse almost has tears down his face after how much the chops sting, then Ace whips him into the opposite corner, Jesse reverses it though as Ace bounces off the turnbuckle, Jesse goes to grab Ace from behind but Ace senses him, spins around to the back of Jesse then hits him with a German Suplex...Jesse seems to be out of it but there are no pinfalls.

- Ace decides to lift Jesse back up but Jesse was playing possum, he grabs hold of Ace's tights as he pulls and slings him through the ropes and head first into the steel cage as he falls lying in between the apron and the steel. Jesse, holding his arm and shoulder now tries to recouperate, rolling to the outside with a look of rage in his eyes. He picks up Ace and drives his head into the mesh, now grating his face along the mesh steel as Ace groans in pain, the superstars just inches away looking at the sick attack by Jesse Montana. Ace powers out but Jesse knees him in the gut, then throws him straight into the steel steps by the side of them as the steps fly out of position and Ace looks hurt. Some of the superstars shout at him telling him to stop but Jesse just smiles, then picks up Ace and, lying him against the steel. He then rolls back into the ring leaving Ace back against the steel, leaning on it. Jesse runs at the ropes, rebounds off and runs towards Ace, BASEBALL SLIDE INTO ACE INTO THE STEEL CAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ace gets trapped in between Jesse's feet and the steel as he flops to the ground, the impact causing the cage to shudder, not only that but the fans to shudder as the impact was disturbuing. Jesse now mocking Ace as he signals to wear the World Title around his waist, the fans seeming to be angered by this.

- Ace gets up, he looks hurt but his anger brings him back to his feet, he signals to Jesse to come get him again, Jesse smirks, then says okay, comes sliding through again, but this time Ace dodges to one side as Jesse kicks the cage, the mesh wripping and one side of the cage looks to be opened slightly. Jesse holds his knee as it must of jolted while hitting into the steel. The many superstars who surround the ring tell Ace to take advantage, but Ace is still feeling dizzy from the impact of that baseball slide before. Ace manages to rolls into the ring as he grabs Jesse's hurt leg and elbow drops it as Jesse screams in pain. The fans start to pick up there enthusiasm as Ace starts to show his aggression. He pulls Jesse all around the ring with the same leg, every now and again stomping on it. Jesse tries to kick him off but he grabs the other leg, turns him over...Boston Crab.

- Ace sits backwards as he smirks, now hearig Jesse screaming out 'NO I DON'T QUIT YOU BASTARD'. Jesse looks up, he sees Maynard O'Toole and Vince Khan in sight, they shout him to pull his way to the ropes, but the fans chant over the top of there noise...'TAP JESSE TAP...TAP JESSE TAP'. Jesse moves himself nearer to the ropes but Ace powers him away, pulling him back to where he started. The fire in now in the eyes of Ace as he sits back further, Jesse looking to be losing concentration, in fact, he looks to be passing out slowly. The referee checks him, asks him if he wats to quit but this time, there is no answer, Jesse seems to be silent. Normally the referee would count him down for a 3 count, but this match can only end on one man quitting. Ace, now confused to what is going on releases the hold, then asks the ref, but the ref does not know...Suddenly Jesse stands up, the fans booing loudly, Ace has his back turned, but notices something is up, he turns around... MONTANA EXPRESS!!!

- Ace ducks though, Jesse hits the referee square in the jaw as he collapses backwards and rolls out of the ring. Jesse smiles and just laughs as the referee lies out cold,. Ace is now behind Jesse though as he pounces this time...HIGH ROLLER!!!

- Ace hits it to perfection. The fans roar with delight as does some of the superstars, loving watching their corrupt boss getting his ass kicked. Of course this match is an I Quit Match so it cannot end this way. Ace knows this, he walks over and checks on the referee, but there is no movement.

ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!!!!!!!

- Matt Stylez walks down to the ring, a huge grin on his face as Ace looks furious. He kicks the bottom rope with rage then signals to come get some. Matt Stylez grabs a microphone though.

"Now now Ace, there is no need to throw a temper tantrum now is there, I am just out here to help this match run smoothly, it seems as though cZw referees are useless, I mean look what happened in my match on Assault, it was a joke, so I thought I would come down here and help everyone out. Oh, and Ace, if you think about laying a hand on me, I would think again because in my hand is a contract saying you will be automatically stripped of your title, if you do Ace. I mean, referees are not meant to be attacked..."

- As soon as matt says that he gets into the cage, walks over to the referee who is regaining consciousness, then lifts him up, hitting him with the HIGH STYLE...He orders the superstars around the ring to get rid of him as Tim and Gregory picks him up and leg and wings him over the barricade into the fans. Ace looks enraged, but he simply cannot do anything about it. Jesse is now back up, holding his back, he looks at Matt then shakes his hand, Ace snapping at this point as he runs up and lunges at Jesse, but Jesse swiftly hits a drop toe hold, then sits on top of Ace and lifts his head up, trash talking to him, Ace getting more and more incensed, Jesse hits a strong forearm, Ace asks for another, Jesse hits another, Ace screams for another, Jesse now stand up, places his foot over the back of Aces head as he stomps down, Ace's head crashing into the mat. Jesse screams, 'YOU WANT ANOTHER NOW ACE?'

- Matt goes in to check on Ace, smiling almost as he tells Jesse he can continue with his assault. Jesse picks Ace up, kicks him in the gut, the hits an European uppercut to the jaw, dislodging a few teeth as Ace holds his mouth, Jesse then slaps Ace around the head which makes Ace go mental, he looks Jesse in the eyes, staring a hole through him, Jesse goes to punch him but it does not faze Ace, Jesse again this time harder, but Ace continues to proceed forward, Jesse now goes for a kick but Ace grabs his leg, throws it down then hits a right hand on Jesse, knocking him straight down, Jesse back up, Ace chops him, then again, Jesse finding it hard to breathe his chest red, Ace chops him the third time to knock him down. The fans cheer as Ace is building his momentum, Ace lifts Jesse up, forearm to the head, Irish whips him into the ropes, Ace hits a hip toss, Jesse up again, Ace hits an arm drag, Jesse starting to get back up now, Ace runs off to the ropes as he comes back looking for Jesse but Matt trips him...HE TRIPS HIM

- Ace gets up and gets right in the face of Matt, Matt says calmly, "What? It was an accident" Ace finding it hard to keep his anger in, but does for the sake of that belt, Matt taunts him now pointing at the belt, the superstars on the outside screaming for Ace to knock him down, but he resist, turns around and Jesse is there and hits a low blow on Ace as he drops in pain. The fans boo loudly chanting 'You Suck' but Jesse just chuckles. He lifts Ace up...Swinging neckbreaker. Ace is feeling it now, Jesse comes off the ropes, Lionsault as he lands heavily on the ribs of Ace. Jesse stays on top of Ace as he hits him with solid right hands to the head, strong sharp shots, then he starts to hit him more rapidly, with more aggression, now actually pounding the crap out of Ace as Matt does nothing to stoop the punishment. Jesse starts pounding the back of Ace's head into the mat, simply going mental, screaming, 'I WILL KILL YOU'. Jesse finally steps off Ace as he is left in a damaged heap in the middle of the ring. Jesse walks around, looking at each and every one of the superstars in the eyes, they look back, not saying a word as Jesse is now foaming from the mouth, the fans still chanting but Jesse takes no notice. He picks up Ace, Ace quite obviously has no strength left after that illegal assault, Jesse lifting him up, Ace looks to be shaky on his feet, Jesse takes a step backwards, lines him up...MONTANA EXPRESS!!!!!

- Ace falls to the ground as Jesse hits it perfectly this time. Matt looks on with pleasure, a few of the superstars do too as they start to clap Jesse on. Jesse signals to Matt to ask Ace if he gives up...There is a mutter, but clearly Ace says 'NO'. This almost makes Jesse and Matt smile, as they look on in a sinister way, thinking of what to do. Jesse lifts Ace up and walks him into the corner, hitting a few right hands on him, once in the corner, he starts to choke at Ace as Ace can't breathe, Jesse screaming at him to quit but Ace does no such thing. Jesse lets go, then grabs Ace's head as he places his throat over the top ropes, pushing down with his weight on the back of his head, Ace being choked again. Jesse leaves it on for a few seconds before letting go, the fans so upset about this.

- Jesse hits Ace with a suplex out of the corner, then climbs to the ropes, gets to the top rope as he looks around the arena, then focuses down on Ace King as he flies off, hitting Ace brilliantly with an elbow drop to the heart of Ace. Ace looks dismantled in the middle of the ring now. Jesse signals for the match to be over, some of the superstars who know what is coming claps him on, he grabs the legs of Ace, Jesse creams out..."THIS IS FOR YOU CALGARY" with a sarcastic grin, which irate the crowd even more, then turns Ace over easily, locking in the Sharpshooter...

- Jesse has it locked in as Ace feels it, Matt gets straight in the face of Ace and asks him, but like you would expect, Ace does not quit. The fans are making noise throughout the whole arena, a few random screams from fans wanting Ace to escape, then we have some chants, even the superstars, well most of them will Ace King on. None of XTC are out at ringside of course as Ace wanted that. Jesse notices Ace managing to pull himself to the ropes, Jesse pulls him back to where he started from as he licks his lips in delight. Ace stands himself up o his hands as he rocks back and forth, trying desperately to make some kind of escape, the pain has become unbearable now as Jesse continues to lean back applying more pressure, Ace collapses down as Matt asks him the vital question again...

- 'NO NO NO' Ace does not quit, he is still very much in this, he lifts himself up again as Jesse starts to look worried, he starts shaking his head as Ace with all his strength has lifted himself up and about to get out of the hold, when...

MATT SITS ON HIS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Matt sits on his back as Ace collapses back down again, the fans throwing a fit as Matt says sorry to everyone, he said his legs were tired, he needed a sit down. Jesse winks at him as he keeps the pressure on, now Ace looking like he has given up, but he still will not say the words. Ace slowly crawls towards the ropes, he has got somewhere but still has a long way to go. Jesse has had the hold o for a few minutes now as Ace is losing strength. Surprisingly though Jesse releases it as Ace stays still, holding his back in pain. Jesse grabs the microphone of matt in a haste of anger, then sits on the back of Ace, asking him if he wants to quit...Ace replies saying to Jesse under his breathe..."Can you get it up Jesse". Jesse goes bright red as the whole crowd chants...


- Jesse now walks around shaking his head in anger, he picks up Ace who tries to fight back, but Jesse elbows him i the back, then slings him to the outside so hard Ace smashes back first into the steel mesh. Jesse follows him as he starts grating the head of Ace against the mesh, Jesse looking like a man possessed, Ace is now bleeding but Jesse continues to grate the face of Ace on the broken piece of mesh that he ripped earlier in the match. So much blood now spurts out of Ace that is all sprinkled down the chest of Jesse Montana as he wipes it off and wipes it on the shirt of Matt Stylez, which angers him slightly. Jesse with the microphone in had asks Ace again, the camera showing the new face of Ace King, blood covering his eyes, Ace screams out with passion...'I WILL NEVER QUIT'. Jesse smirks, then swings Ace's head into the steel one last time.

- Jesse now yells at Maynard and Mike to come over., both of them on the other side of the steel, Jesse whispers something then they nod in agreement. The fans are booing as Jesse lifts Ace up and places his head over the ripped part of the cage. Maynard opens the rip more as Ace’s head can now fit through, Jesse places it through as Timmons pulls his head down, making his throat squeeze down on the jagged steel broken mesh, Ace being choked to death. Jesse asks Ace again but Ace cannot even answer as he is being strangled too much now. Maynard them comes up and hits Ace with a hard right hand, blood now pumping out of his head at a fast rate, Ace looking in a bad way.

- Suddenly AAN and Big Nasty run in and attack Maynard, Tim and Mike as a big brawl begins, making Jesse get mad. Matt tries to calm it down but can't, so Jesse grabs the microphone and yells at them, saying 'If you fight amongst yourselves during MY match, you will be FIRED!!!

- Immediately they calm down, as Jesse turns back around, now on the outside of the cage, the door was left open, Ace is no where to be seen, suddenly he pops up from behind the steps as the crowd screams, Jesse is taking by surprise as Ace rugby tackles Jesse. Jesse tries to get Ace off, but Ace is choking Jesse now, all of the blood that dribbles from his head falls on Jesse's face as he screams, 'GET HIM OFF'. Before Ace can react, Vince, Gregory and Mike pulls Ace off and starts stomping him down, Jesse gets up and shouts at the others, saying they are not allowed to help him. Matt is now looking on, smirking as is Jesse. The three me pick Ace up as Jesse winks at Ace before hitting another immaculate...MONTANA EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ace flies backwards upon impact as he smashes against the steel cage. Jesse walks around as he holds his hands up in the air, then poses to the crowd who despise him beyond belief. The superstars look on, some of them sickened by Jesse but cannot do anything about it with the ridiculous threats he has imposed. Matt steps across Ace and taps the microphone on the head of Ace, just as a sign of disrespect, then asks him the question. Ace is dazed, but still he managers to murmur a quiet 'No'. Matt taps it again on his forehead, the cut is deep. Again he says no, then starts to try and get up, he ca hardly see, blood is in his eyes. Jesse turns around and sighs as he sees Ace not backing down, he is now up on one leg, Jesse walks over, Ace is up now on both legs, but Jesse hits him one time and he falls back down again. Jesse smirks as he lifts him up again, Jesse hits a Northern Lights Suplex on Ace perfectly executed as he does not bother with the bridge.

- Ace is just about had it, Jesse stands on him, on his throat as Ace hardly has enough power to bother choking. Jesse steps off. He picks up Ace again, but Ace now chops Jesse out of o where, Jesse hits him back though, but Ace again chops him, then kicks him in the gut, some how he is mounting an offence, Ace grabs Jesse ad throws him into the cage, Jesse falls on his backside, but gets up again, only to walk into a big boot, back down again, but back up again, Ace now knees Jesse in the gut, then lifts him up, now in a power bomb position, Jesse hangs onto the cage though behind Ace as he climbs up it ad off the shoulders of Ace, just i time actually as Ace collapses to his knees, his back having spasms since the long enduring pain of the Sharpshooter. However, Ace senses he has an opportunity to turn this match around, with the pain in his back, and the blood in his eyes, he still manages to rise and start to climb the cell.

- The crowd react to this, roaring with anticipation. Jesse looks down below him, he sees Ace coming up from behind, closing him down at a fast rate actually, now Ace grabs onto his leg, Jesse kicks at him but Ace continues to climb. Now, they are level, both about at the top, but Jesse lays a blow into the head of Ace as he lets go with one hand, now hanging on for dear life, Jesse hits him again, but he hags on still, then hits him again as his other hand slips, but catches it with his left hand this time. Ace chops Jesse, then again, Jesse looks unsteady...

- The superstars circle these two men below them looking on with excitement, even Matt looks on in excitement. Ace suddenly head butts Jesse, Jesse loses grip, but hangs onto Ace, then slams the head of Ace into the cage. Ace hangs on still, both me climb up a bit further and make it to the top of the cage...

- They both stand, the fans cheer them on as they stand 20 or so feet in the air. They are both still on the brink of the cage as they go at each other, both with fists and kicks at one another, Ace gets the advantage as he head butts Jesse again, but Jesse suddenly rakes the eyes of Ace, then goes to push him off the cell, but Ace keeps his balance just about as the fans his with worry...

- Ace manages to keep calm, then kicks Jesse in the gut ad delivers a DDT onto the steel on top of the cell. Both men lie down as they try and breathe, the fans are chanting 'ACE KING...ACE KING...ACE KING...ACE KING'. Ace raises his arm which gets a huge cheer from the crowd as Matt who is standing down below sighs in anger. Ace starts to get to his feet, Jesse now moving too. Ace is up, he helps Jesse up, then delivers an atomic drop as Jesse bounces off the knee ad nearly falls off the edge which makes the fas scream with hope, but Jesse does not, then hits a THIRD MONTANA EXPRESS ON ACE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ace falls backwards again. Jesse signals to the fans ad the superstars it is going to be the end of Ace King soon. With a strange look in his eyes, a evil expression, he drags Ace King up off the cell, stands him up as Jesse raises his arm, then gives a quick glace down below as he lifts Ace up into a suplex, he wants to SUPLEX ACE OFF THE TOP OF THE CELL!!!!

- Jesse lifts him up, now standing ear the edge, Jesse has him up there for along time for extra effect, but Ace slips dow behind him, RIGHT ON THE EDGE...Ace hits a German Suplex...BUT BOTH MEN FALL OFF THE EDGE OF THE CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE FALL 20 FEET BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Both men land on the surrounding superstars, knocking 7 of them down as their is a heap of bodies down below, Jesse and Ace getting the worse of it of course...A MASSACRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Even Matt looks on in shock as he walks around the pile up. "He whispers down the microphone..,'I would ask them but I doubt they are full of things to say at the moment"

- AMAZINGLY...Both men are showing signs of movement as the fans chant...


as other chant...


- Ace is trying to sit up, but the paramedics have finally made a appearance, trying to put Ace onto a stretcher as the fans boo, some look concerned about there hero though. Matt comes up, then punches the paramedic right in the face, knocking him out, then says down the mic...

'This match WILL continue'

- Ace is now showing signs of consciences as Jesse is not really moving much. The other 7 superstars have now managed to get to their feet, recovered from what was a hellacious move. Jesse moves finally, Ace is already to his knees, leaning on the guardrail, the fans tap his shoulders as a sign of respect. Jesse is now made to wake up, Tim kicking his arm to awaken the President. Jesse tries to sit up, but blood comes out of his mouth, internal bleeding seems to be inevitable.

- Ace is up on his feet, the fans cheer, Ace raises his arm while also holding his back in serious pain. He turns around where he comes face to face with one of his opponents at the Pay-Per-View, the now acting referee for the match, Matt Stylez. They stare with great anger, Matt smiles in the end as he mimics Ace, holding his back as Ace looks away, then walks past him as he goes to pick up Montana, but Jesse throws something in his eyes, white powder as Ace screams in pain, the stinging in his eyes is horrific. Jesse manages to get to his feet where he slams Ace into the steel once again.

-Both me look to be battered and bruised, Jesse lifts Ace up as Ace swings out with huge right and left hands, only they all miss as Ace cannot see, Jesse then walks behind him and chop blocks his left knee. Jesse then stomps a mud hole int Ace as he starts to go mental again...screaming at matt to hand him some kind of weapon. Matt walks back ito the cell as he searches under the ring. Ace meanwhile is getting back to his feet, Jesse hits him once again, then tells matt to hurry up. Matt has something, he holds it up, a sinister look in his eyes, for it is one of his best friends, his sledgehammer.

- The fans boo loudly, Matt walks out of the cage as Jesse nods his head at him, smiling, as Ace is now back o his feet, but stumbling around, apparently still unable to see. Matt hands Jesse the sledgehammer, the cZw superstars look on, some smiling, some frowning. Ace is up, hew is in no man's land. Jesse pulls it back, wrenches it behind of him, grips it tight and swings into Ace's head...


- Only it is the face of MATT STYLEZ. Jesse has hit Matt with the hammer as Ace was playing possum, he can see and now he clotheslines Jesse down. Matt is down and completely out of it, his head is bleeding too from the impact. Ace looks down and smiles, then picks up Jesse...Runs him into the steel cage with a HUGE SPEAR...

- Another referee is down now as Ace is got the complete upper hand. He takes Jesse aroud the other side, smashing his head o the guardrail on the way around, the fans loving every second of it. Jesse now gets thrown into the commentary tables.

- The crowd cheers as Ace puts his thumbs up to them, who smiles. Jesse is now up, looking upset, as Ace comes flying into him again as he hits a cross body, taking Jesse down. Ace gets all the fans up on their feet, he has his head busted wide open and a injured back, but he still carries on. He climbs up onto the commentary table. Ace pulls Jesse up onto the table too. Both men stand on the table, who will go through it?

( A Replay showing Tim Timmons handing a bag of powder to Jesse which is what he used on Ace King earlier )

- Jesse tries to fight Ace but Ace has the most momentum, also Jesse has serious problems with his ribs since the fall, blood dripping out of his mouth. Ace chops Jesse, then hits him with a forearm to the mouth, then lifts him up into a Piledriver position. Jesse reverses it though as he hits a back body drop. The table does not collapse. Jesse lifts Ace up now, hitting a Spinebuster, but the table still does not break.

- Jesse picks up Ace, Ace hits Jesse in the gut though, then again in the face as they lock up, Jesse gets Ace in a headlock as Ace straight away lifts Jesse up, hitting a side suplex as they...


- Finally it collapses as both men lie still on the broken pieces of the table, Jarred and Masters not being able to talk anyway since Jesse banned them from commentating this match. Both men get up, both with blood down their faces, Jesse now starting to coughup blood profusely, Ace still has a huge gash on his head. Jesse looks around, he sees a cable wire, he wraps it around the throat of Ace as he starts to choke him out...

- Jesse is now a man possessed as he has the wire firmly locked around the throat of Ace, the referee asks, but Ace is unable to answer, his head is turning purple, the referee asks again, this time a very feint...NO WAY IN HELL is heard coming from Ace as Jesse throws Ace down giving up, not knowing what to do now.

- Jesse leads Ace back inside the cell now to get into the ring. The superstars applaud these athletes, both these me are exhausted and weak, not mentioning hurt bad. Ace gets rolled into the ring., Jesse however, stays on the outside. Jesse searches under the ring. He pulls it out. It is a baseball bat covered in barbwire. The fans shudder with terror. Jesse smirks, blood trickling down his jaw. He climbs inside of the ring and waits for Ace to get to his feet. Ace does, the fans boo, Jesse pounces, he has gone sick in the head...

IN THE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!

- Jesse hits Ace right around the bloodied face of his. Ace is lying motionless on the canvas. The referee tells Jesse to back off but Jesse throws him aside, kneels dow and grabs the head of Ace with his left hand, while the barbwire is in his right hand. Jesse starts doing sick motions, calving motions as the flesh of Ace King starts to peel off. "ASK HIM...ASK HIM DAMMIT..."

- The sight is sickening, Jesse's hands are calved up too but the face of Ace is now unrecognizable, blood covers his head. Jesse continues to grate at his face, his eyeballs, his nostrils, his lips getting cut up

"Do you quit Ace King?"


- Jesse scowls, he starts doing the ripping more rapidly now as Ace writhes around, trying to escape but Jesse has it locked in, now, he has applied a sleeper hold but with the barbwire being pressed up against the face of Ace...


- Ace does not quit, the fans are now silent as are the superstars, blood surrounds the pair. Kids cry, women hide their eyes, even grow men cannot watch anymore, the sight is wrong.



- Jesse now starts hitting Ace with the bat, in the limbs of Ace, every joint is taken apart. He then locks his legs around the wait of Ace, as he presses the wire into the throat of Ace as he has applied a sleeper type hold, but with the wire choking Ace...

"Do you quit Ace?"


- No answer...





- Still no answer.

Suddenly Ruth comes running down the aisle, Ace is out of it, he has passed out, probably from blood loss. Ace starts shaking, having a miniature fit inside the ring as Ruth slides in and throws a white towel into the ring. Ace is un well, he has stopped fitting now but he out of it, not moving. The paramedics rush down to the ring as Ruth is almost in tears, Ace is a mess. Jesse stares, no emotion in his eyes as he finally drops the bat. The paramedics roll Ace out of the rig as the superstars look on worried. Ruth looks on, then realizes Jesse in in the ring with her. She gets up and gets right into his face, Jesse just smiles, a sick and twisted smile, sinister as the devil himself, Ruth cannot control herself as she throws a punch at the President, but Jesse catches her arm, backs her up into the corner as the fans make a riot of noise, booing violently.

- Jesse pulls back his fist, he is going to punch Ruth...

- Suddenly, 'Thieves' by Ministry' starts to play as the fans pick up a more cheerful atmosphere, but most still disturbed from the scenes of the night. Jesse stops still as Ruth gets away, slides out of the rig and runs down the aisle to stand next to Alan. Jesse and Alan stare at each other...

"Jesse, stop right there. You're a disgrace to this Company, you're a disgrace to men all over the World, you're such a big man you would hit Ruth? Well for too long has this reign of terror been upon us, tonight it ends, and I know a few superstars who want to say their goodbyes, so roster...Appreciate the former President..."

- Jesse looks scared, as all of the roster of cZw apart from a few rush into the ring, then pouncing on Jesse, getting sweet revenge for the hell he has put them through over the past month. Each one, Blaze, Nasty, Hustle, Kash, McNeil, El Pablo runs down, many of them giving Jesse his goodbye beats. Jesse finally gets what he deserves...

- Then some of the heels jump in as everyone starts to fight, Gregory fighting Ronnie, Vince fighting Kash, Nasty fighting Tim, even Derek fighting Mike, the cZw has gone chaotic. Alan throws the mic down and lifts his arms up, as to say, what the hell, then runs down and joins in the fight. Alan hits Jesse with the RIOT PLEX...

- cZw is one big RIOT...


"Money, Money, Money" plays over the PA as Shawn O'Mac makes his way out. he is wearing a black suit. He has a mic in his hands, and all the fighters cease fighting looking up at him. He paces a bit back and forth and then begins.

SHAWN: "Alright, listen up. I am sick of all this. I am sick of this place, I am sick of you wrestlers, I am sick of you Jesse, and I am sick of you Alan. I have no passion for your beloved 'business' .. all I care about is money. What interest I had has now died for good. So guess what? I'm out, ya'll! I withdraw from being in charge, I withdraw from the Team Warfare match, I'm done with CZW altogether! Before I leave though, and this is funny ironic... my replacement for the match? DEREK DAMAGE. Have fun with that, you guys SUCK."

Shawn throws down the mic and leaves. All the wrestlers seem confused. Damage and Nasty are shaking hands, with smiles on their faces. The War Zone logo flashes onto the screen, signaling for the end of the show.



THE WINNER: JESSE MONTANA by RUTH throwing in the towel (25:21)





Daniels: Yes that was a classic battle from last time CZW was in Alberta, and certainly not one of my favorites…

Masters: Really?! It was possibly my all time favorite!

Daniels: Hmmm yes, I wonder who was in charge of playing that bit of footage for this week’s show? And just think William, it was 12 long months ago.

Masters: A long time. You know what, I have managed to put up with you for what? 17 months now, and my ex wife tells me I need anger management, I believe I am VERY preserved and tolerable!

Daniels: Same goes for me, William, you haven’t been the easiest of people to work with, however, we are almost like family now.

Masters: Yes I am like your cool Uncle, your like my retarded nephew!

Daniels: See what I have to put up with…Anyway folks, up now we have two men who have rivaled before, just like we saw a match from 12 months ago, well these guys have fought in the past for the Television Title, in fact our Violence from the Vault part 2 showed how these men competed, Cage coming off on top back then.

Masters: it’s very different now though, Cage is X Champion, Waters is near to being the World Champion.

Daniels: Yes but he isn’t the World Champion, that is an important fact to remember, Cage has been on maybe the greatest roll of his tenure here at CZW, getting a win over El Pablo of all people two weeks back. I believe though, a win for either of these guys would be a huge achievement, getting one over on a former rival, and also getting the push they need just two weeks before Pandemonium!

Masters: And we have already seen Cage here tonight, with that despicable attack on one of our CZW vets. Daniels: He deserved it just like he deserved it last week, if you ask me, that feud is just hotting up. We also saw Waters training earlier on in the show, after being attacked last week, we are happy to see he is looking in fine shape, no injuries there.

Masters: Waters is a one man miracle as he avoided an injury, after those savages attacked him last week.

Daniels: Yes…savages…ANYWAY…looks like we are about to get started, Jessica Towers…do your THING!

Masters: She can by all means do my ‘thing’ anytime she likes!

Towers: Our next contest is scheduled for one fall.

‘The Pretender’ by Foo Fighters begins to play as the crowd erupt into chants for the HD Superstar.

Towers: Introducing first, weighing in this morning at 240 lbs, and hailing from Hollywood, California…HIGH DEFINITION…CAGE STRYKER!

Cage Stryker walks out onto the stage, creating a further loud cheer from the fans. Cage holds up his X Title belt in the green twilight lasers that shine down onto the stage. Cage then begins to walk down the ramp as he walks past a fan with a camera. He grabs the camera off the fan as he then takes a picture of him with the kid, handing the camera back, the kid shocked. Cage reaches the ring as he picks up the bat he left behind, the one he attacked Timmons with, smiling and grinning widely…

Masters: That’s it you hooligan, be proud you attacked Tim, but you won’t be smiling when he gets you back and takes your X Title will you?!

Daniels: Calm down William, you know he can’t hear you. But that is a good point, Cage challenging Tim to a match up not long ago on the show, I have to ask, will Tim accept?!

Masters: Of course he will, and he will do it by any rules, it doesn’t matter to Canada’s Finest!

Cage is now inside the ring as he holds up his belt once more, before handing it to the referee for the match.

Daniels: Just so you guys know, this is indeed a non title match, Cage is just proud of that belt, and has every right to bring it to ringside.

Masters: Bloody show off!

The music slows down as eventually it stops, then a large boo ensues as ‘4 Words to Choke Upon’ begins to play.

Towers: And his opponent, weighing in at 225 lbs and hailing from Sydney, Australia…SHAWN WATERS!

4 Words hits, causing the fans to boo loudly, even chants of ‘XTC’ brewing. Shawn walks onto the stage looking ready for action. He looks around at the fans, then smiles at their negative reaction, before going serious and shouting at them to shut up. He then walks slowly down to the ring, his eyes focused on Cage. He rolls onto the ring and walks over to the ropes and poses for the crowd, adding more fire to their anger. He then sits on the corner even though Cage is ready for action.

Daniels: The arrogance of this man sometimes astonishes me, even though I have seen stars like Kamikaze, Tim Timmons and even Jesse Montana.

Masters: Well it’s funny you mention Montana, because Shawn whether he likes to admit it or not, has learned a lot from that man. Shawn’s CONFIDENCE Jarred…Confidence is exactly why these sheep boo him, they are jealous, and upset that he doesn’t pander to them anymore.

Daniels: And I suppose Cage does then, does he?

Masters: Look at him, even now he is posing for the bloody fans.


- The match begins as Shawn eventually gets down from the corner, Cage beginning to walk up to Shawn, however he yells at the referee to hold him back, as he is not ready. Shawn then immediately springs up as he knees Cage right in the gut, however looking a little low, then knees him again right in the jaw, knocking hi down.

Masters: Clever tactics by the next World Champion there.

Daniels: He is a damn cheat, using the referee and playing possum, this match has only been going 10 seconds and already he should be disqualified.

Masters: There are no DQ’s you hoodwinkle. I would of even expected you to know that Jarred.

Daniels: And look at Shawn now walking around this ring like he own it, and the damn arena, these fans are getting riled up here.

Masters: They all need bloody anger management. Not me, I should say that to the ex wife!

- Shawn now picks Cage up, still with his eyes on the fans, a huge grin on his face, however it quickly changes as Cage fights back with a right hand, then a left, then a series of knife edge chops, Shawn falls back to the ropes as Cage Irish whips him, Shawn sets off, bounces off the ropes as Shawn catches him with an arm drag, Shawn back up, Cage now with a hip toss, Shawn almost out of breath as he gets back up again. Cage now grabs him again, this time lifting him up onto his shoulders…

Daniels: Cage is on fire here, Shawn never should have gave this man a second to breathe, and now Cage is looking for a Samoan Drop…

Masters: NO…Shawn escapes and now, YES! How clever, he rolls under the ropes, he needs time to regroup here.

Daniels: Or he is just being a coward and is running away.

The fans boo as Shawn begins to signal to the referee that he has hurt his lower back. Waters now yells at the referee as he exit’s the ring, checking on Shawn. Cage looks on confused as the referee signals to end the match. The fans almost start a riot as Cage now exit’s the ring, asking the referee what the hell is going on. As the referee turns around, Shawn is seen to clearly smile, now winking at Cage, hopping around. The referee turns back to Shawn as Waters now goes back to being in pain, holding his back and whining profusely.

Masters: Poor Shawn, it seems as though those scoundrels did injure him last week, those vicious rabid dogs should be fired from this bloody Company!

Daniels: First of all William, Shawn is no more injured than I am and Cage is, he is a damn liar, look at him, now hopping around, and we saw him training earlier in the show, he was jumping around like a damn gymnast, this man is full of bull.

Masters: You insensitive vagabond. Poor Shawn here could be seriously injured, and that is down to people like you.

Daniels: HOW IS IT MY BLOODY FAULT?! It’s Montana who booked the guy, not me.

Masters: That’s right, blame the boss, it’s people like you pressurizing Waters and others like Covey, to compete, and there not fully well. Well I hope YOU and CAGE and bloody TEAM XTC are happy with yourselves, because our number one star here in CZW could be seriously hurt.

Daniels: He is not hurt William, and even if he was, it’s not my fault nor is it XTC’s and certainly not Cage’s. He was just doing his job.

Masters: And so was Montana and Waters, poor guy, he is now facing a trip to the hospital, and I am certain he would have beat Cage here tonight too.

Daniels: Pfft…LOOK…LOOK AT HIM WILLIAM! As this ingrate leaves the arena, he is bloody laughing and smiling. He is clearly not hurt, and your as gullible William as anyone I have ever met!

Masters: You evil sick and twisted little man.

Daniels: Grrrrr…we will be back folks, Cage thankfully has been congratulated with the win there, and I hope the rest of the show doesn’t follow the trend of this lying scumbag Shawn Waters…

Masters: How dar-

Daniels: We will be back folks!

Masters: don’t bloody cut me off ag-




Jessica Towers: The following tag team contest is scheduled FOR one-fall!

The crowd buzzes in high anticipation, and the buzz quickly turns to euphoria once “Guerrilla Radio” starts to play. The eponymous green phoenix begins to fly around the CombatTron before crashing into the screen, bringing about the letters “XTC” on the screen. As this happens, El Pablo and Mike Monroe appear on the entrance ramp to a raucous ovation.

Jessica Towers: Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 406 pounds… Representing Team XTC… “The Five Star Superstar” El Pablo, and “The Misfit”… MIKE! MON-ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE!!!

Jarred Daniels: William, Mike Monroe made a huge impact in his return last week by taking out Mr. Kiljoy in a Stairway To Heaven Match, and he joined Team XTC later in the night. Now, he makes his in-ring debut as a Team XTC member alongside the former World Champion, El Pablo.

William Masters: I don’t know what Mike was thinking, to be honest with you. He kept talking about how he was going to fly solo, and now he goes and joins Team XTC? This is hypocrisy at its most blatant.

The loud ovation continues, as El Pablo and Monroe high-five fans lining both sides of the entrance ramp as they come down to the ring. They look at each other for a moment, and they nod before sprinting toward the ring and diving in underneath the bottom rope. They each get onto a turnbuckle to continue posing for the fans. They then switch turnbuckles so as to cater to every corner of Rexall Place. Once they finish, they start to strategize in the ring. After a few seconds, “Swagga Like Us” hits, and the crowd begins to boo as Big Nasty slowly makes his way out.

Jessica Towers: Introducing their opponents, making his way to the ring first, FROM South Beach, Florida, weighing in at 295 pounds… Representing The Exiled, he is “The Living Legend” BIG… NASTY!!!

The Living Legend struts down to the ring, smirking at the fans as he goes. He stops just short of the ring, for want of not being ambushed by Pablo and Monroe. As he absorbs the jeering from the Edmonton faithful, “100% Cowboy” begins to play, and the crowd is booing loudly as Buck Evans appears on the entrance ramp… Pushing a barbecue grill.

Jessica Towers: And introducing his partner, also representing The Exiled… FROM Algoma, Mississippi, weighing in at 285 pounds… He is “The Outlaw” BUCK! EEEEEVAAAAAAAAAAAAANS!!!

Jarred Daniels: What in the hell is Buck doing bringing a grill down to the ring with him?

William Masters: Well, he’s facing a squirrel, so once he beats him, he can toss his nuts on the grill!

Jarred Daniels: Uhh…

Buck pushes the grill down the entrance ramp, paying no attention to the fans whatsoever, and Big Nasty can only laugh as he sees the grill. Once they enter the ring, they continue to berate the Edmonton fans. El Pablo smirks at Buck, and the man formerly known as The Outlaw does not take too kindly to this, as he begins to trash talk with The Five Star Superstar. Meanwhile, Monroe and Nasty are already at odds themselves, and the bell hasn’t even been rung yet. In order to avoid unnecessary confrontations, the bell sounds, and the match is underway. Buck wants to go after El Pablo, but El Pablo just shakes his head and mouths the words “You have to work up your appetite” to Buck, and casually steps out of the ring, with Buck grudgingly following suit.
It is Big Nasty and Mike Monroe who will kick things off in this match, and it is the larger Nasty who has the upper hand early on, his raw strength neutralizing Monroe’s speed and agility. Mike tries to take The Living Legend out by the knees, but The Living Legend just kicks Monroe in the face, only serving to anger Mike and the audience even more. Nasty then starts to stomp The Misfit’s body, using his size to his advantage, effectively keeping Mike grounded. However, this does not last for long, as Mike is able to roll away from an attempted knee to the head from Nasty, which has The Living Legend rolling around on the canvas. Seeing an opportunity, The Misfit leaps on top of Big Nasty and tries to punch him, only to have referee Peter Pimper immediately step in to force Monroe off of Big Nasty, drawing the ire of The Misfit. As he argues with Pimper, Buck comes into the ring and floors Monroe with a Big Boot to the back of his head, which makes the already hot crowd even more irate.

Jarred Daniels: Did you see that, William? It looks like Pimper’s essentially turning this into a handicap match favoring Buck Nasty.

William Masters: THAT’S BOGUS AND YOU KNOW IT!!! Peter was just trying to do his job to the best of his ability.

Jarred Daniels: A referee who does a job to the best of his ability wouldn’t have allowed outside interference as we’ve just witnessed.

William clears his throat in an aristocratic manner as the match continues inside the ring. Mike has gotten up, but he goes down again right away following a huge clothesline from The Living Legend. Big Nasty goes for the cover…


Mike kicks out just as Peter’s hand comes up off the mat for the second time. From there, Big Nasty controls the offensive tempo of the match, whipping Monroe into the Exiled corner. Big Nasty goes for a spear in the corner, and Monroe tries to evade it. However, Buck is holding his arms so that she can’t move, enabling Big Nasty to connect with the spine-crushing spear into the turnbuckle. The crowd boos louder than ever as Monroe drops to his knees, gasping for air. Big Nasty talks himself up in the ring, while El Pablo and Buck Evans are having a heated exchange on the ring apron.

Jarred Daniels: AGAIN with the outside interference! Is Pimper just completely oblivious as to what The Exiled are doing?

William Masters: What exactly are they doing, apart from executing a perfect tag team plan? Tell me exactly what’s wrong with what they’re doing.

Jarred Daniels: They’re making this a 2-on-1 match when matches are supposed to be executed ONE. ON. ONE.


As El Pablo and Buck continue to snipe at each other from their respective corners, Big Nasty decides to try and get the pinfall on Monroe. He quickly hooks the leg, using the bottom rope as leverage…


Monroe kicks out just after Peter Pimper’s hand hits the mat for the second time. Using his location to his advantage, The Living Legend tags Buck Evans into the match, and he continues the assault, stomping Mike down repeatedly. However, as had been the case before, Monroe is able to evade a falling knee to his head courtesy of Buck, and he rolls away before going on the offensive. The crowd explodes as Mike charges off the ring ropes, and he nails Big Nasty with a Glimmering Warlock!!! He is then able to finally tag El Pablo into the match.

Jarred Daniels: An INCREDIBLE reversal of fortune by Mike Monroe here! Absolutely amazing move there.

William Masters: He kicked a man while he was down, that’s just gutless.

Jarred Daniels: Oh, and what The Exiled and Peter Pimper have been doing isn’t?

El Pablo steps into the ring, but he is immediately met by Buck in the Team XTC corner. As a result, Buck starts to take shots at El Pablo in the corner, with Pimper doing little to nothing to stop him. Monroe is in Pimper’s ear on the ring apron, demanding that Pimper get involved in the match to at least keep it respectable. He fails to heed Monroe’s advice, so The Misfit takes matters into his own hands, entering the ring and nailing a Springboard Blockbuster!!! The crowd is alive and electric, but their elation quickly turns to aggravation as Pimper orders Monroe out of the ring. While he does this, El Pablo hops up onto the top turnbuckle…


El Pablo goes for the cover…

Buck kicks out, and he also reverses the pin attempt into his own cover!


El Pablo kicks out just as Pimper’s hand was about to come down for the third time, even with a lightning-fast count. Monroe is livid with the referee over the count, who has a smirking look of indifference written on his face. El Pablo gets up, and he ties up with Buck in the middle of the ring, neither man willing to give an inch. Eventually, Buck is able to force El Pablo to the ropes, and he tries to force him over to no avail, as El Pablo responds by getting Buck hung up in a tree of woe position!!! El Pablo bounces off the ropes… ONLY TO HAVE BIG NASTY HOLD HIM BACK BY THE MASK!

Jarred Daniels: THIS IS PATHETIC!

William Masters: THIS IS AWESOME!

El Pablo elbows Nasty, and then drops him with an ENZUIGIRI!!! However, Buck takes advantage, as El Pablo turns around and eats a HUGE Spinebuster. Buck goes for the cover…

Buck grabs a fistful of El Pablo’s tights in order to add leverage…


Evans bounces up onto the bottom rope for even more leverage…


NO! Somehow, The Five Star Superstar is able to get a shoulder up, negating the pinfall attempt, again with a fast count. Buck tries to work on El Pablo, but Monroe sneaks up behind him, light tube in hand...

Jarred Daniels: WHO TURNED OUT BUCK’S LIGHTS?!?!?!


Jarred Daniels: Unbelievable.

Monroe wastes no time getting out of the ring, and it allows El Pablo to gain the upper hand once more… TWIST OF FATE TO BUCK!!! El Pablo then sends the crowd into euphoria as he again ascends to the top turnbuckle. He runs across the ropes…

Jarred Daniels: WOW, WHAT A --- OH NO!!!

William Masters: THE SQUIRREL WENT NUTS!!!

El Pablo went for the Five-Star Express, only to have Big Nasty trip him up on the ropes!!! The crowd is INCENSED as Buck tags Nasty in to make the cover…

Jarred Daniels: NO NO, NOT LIKE THIS!


El Pablo is fighting with all his might, trying everything to break the pin…


NO!!! El Pablo is barely able to get a foot on the bottom rope, forcing Peter Pimper to break up the pinfall attempt just before the hand came down for the third time, again with an unusually fast count. El Pablo quickly gets to his feet, and he is able to execute a Straightjacket Neckbreaker to perfection, with Big Nasty’s head bouncing off the canvas in an ugly fashion. El Pablo then tags Monroe in, and he gets onto the top turnbuckle… FROG SPLASH!!! Monroe goes for the cover…


Emphatic kick out by Nasty after the 2-count, and he is pissed at The Misfit. As a result, he walks up to her and punches him in the face, drawing obscenities from the crowd. He then begins to chop away at Mike’s chest, forcing him back into a turnbuckle, where he begins to punch him in the head repeatedly. Eventually, Monroe is able to block the punch and send Nasty reeling to the mat. Sensing a shift in momentum, Monroe beckons Nasty to get up…

Jarred Daniels: Here we go, DEAD END DRIVER! HERE IT COMES…


Indeed, Nasty was able to reverse Monroe’s attempt at a finisher, and he takes advantage, picking Mike up and hoists him onto his shoulder, going for a DOMINATOR... Only for Monroe is able to counter the maneuver, turning it into a Bridging Tiger Suplex. Unfortunately, Nasty counters that into a Bear Hug, followed by a Snap Suplex into the Exiled corner, where Nasty is able to tag Buck back into the match. Mike scrambles to get back to El Pablo to tag him in, and once he does get in, he goes for another Missile Dropkick, only to have Buck catch him in mid-air and he goes for another Spinebuster, only this time...


El Pablo backs into his own corner, waiting for the toppled Buck to get back up. As he does, El Pablo does a cartwheel…

Jarred Daniels: OMG EP FTW WTF LOL BBQ!!!

El Pablo goes for the cover…




Jessica Towers: And your winners…EL PABLO AND MIKE MONROE…TEAM XTC!

William Masters: What in the World did you just say Jarred?! Anyway, XTC get another fluky win here, and I am sure they must be so proud of themselves.

Jarred Daniels: They are proud Jarred, and that was no fluky win, they did what they always manage to do, and that was entertain the fans while pulling off a tremendous performance.

William Masters: Oh and what the bloody hell are these troglodytes doing down here?!

Jarred Daniels: Ace and Krimzon down to congratulate their partners, and why do you ask that William? We all know if they didn’t come down here, Exiled would try some sort of cowardice attack on EP and Mike.

William Masters: Your wrong Jarred, just plain bloody wrong. These guys can’t bare to be out of the spotlight for one second, well congratulations XTC, because you bloody have the rest of the spotlight here tonight, in our World Title main event.

Jarred Daniels: I can’t wait, William. But up next, as promised by Jesse Montana the General Manager himself, it’s an exclusive interview with Ruth! We’ll be right back!




'For Whom the Bell Tolls' by Metallica fills the arena along with the familiar booing of the Canadian fans in Edmonton. As Jesse Montana arrives on the stage area he seems unaffected, chewing him gum and smiling arrogantly.

Daniels: Well the fans here don't appear to be too happy to see this guy. But I for one am very interested to see this as Jesse has promised to interview Ruthless Aggression tonight.

Masters: Well I am very happy to see Mr. Montana as I always am, he is a great man.

Daniels: He's a manipulator, and he's been trying to manipulate the Jackal against Ace King... its clear for everyone to see. And we know the history that this man has with our World Champion.

Masters: Why is it you can never just admit that this good man has spent his own time, and he doesn't have much, trying to find the animal that ran down his good friend. These fans don't appreciate greatness but I do. I'm not so happy to see that bloody wench Ruth arriving in the very car that was used as a weapon against Karl Jackson earlier though... the nerve of the woman.

Daniels: Just hold up there William! There is no telling that was Ruth in the car, the windows were blacked out!

Masters: Don't tell me to hold up you stupid arrogant American. I will have no problem slapping the headset straight of your head.

As Jesse enters the ring he picks up a microphone from the nearby ring announcer Jessica Towers and after a moment of smiling, proudly looking at the sea of fans baying for his blood he puts the microphone to his mouth.

Montana: Its so great to be here again in front of you very appreciative fans. I am hoping tonight turns out as good as the last time I was here in Alberta

- The sight is sickening, Jesse's hands are calved up too but the face of Ace is now unrecogiseable, blood covers his head. Jesse continues to grate at his face, his eyeballs, his nostrils, his lips getting cut up

"Do you quit Ace King?"


- Jesse scowls, he starts doing the ripping more rapidly now as Ace writhes around, trying to escape but Jesse has it locked in, now, he has applied a sleeper hold but with the barbwire being pressed up against the face of Ace...


- Ace does not quit, the fans are now silent as are the superstars, blood surrounds the pair. Kids cry, women hide their eyes, even grow men cannot watch anymore, the sight is wrong.



- Jesse now starts hitting Ace with the bat, in the limbs of Ace, every joint is taken apart. He then locks his legs around the wait of Ace, as he presses the wire into the throat of Ace as he has applied a sleeper type hold, but with the wire choking Ace...

"Do you quit Ace?"


- No answer...





- Still no answer.

Suddenly Ruth comes running down the aisle, Ace is out of it, he has passed out, probably from blood loss. Ace starts shaking, having a miniature fit inside the ring as Ruth slides in and throws a white towel into the ring. Ace is un well, he has stopped fitting now but he out of it, not moving. The paramedics rushdown to the ring as Ruth is almost in tears, Ace is a mess. Jesse stares, no emotion in his eyes as he finally drops the bat. The paramedics roll Ace out of the rig as the superstars look on worried.

As the video stops the fans are almost in riot mode, shouting obscenities towards the Overdrive GM. Jesse is standing with a huge grin on his face as he is looking towards the Combat-tron.

Montana: Man, that was a great night wasn't it?

Masters: It sure was Mr. Montana.

Daniels: You know if you keep this up you'll have your daylight obscured... is it dark up there William?

Masters: And what the bloody hell is that meant to mean?

Montana: The only bad thing about that night was that I had to contend with you feeble Canadians, just like I am having to do tonight. However, when I remember back, and I think of that glorious warm feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach, watching over the fans wailing for their beloved Ace King. In fact, there was this one girl, couldn’t be more than eight or nine, her face all crumpled up, tears in her eyes, it really touched a nerve with me. I had never been so happy in all my life.

Masters: And I love to see Jesse happy, when he is happy, Jarred, I am happy.

Daniels: I bet you do William, I bet you make him happy regularly, no wonder you spend so much time in his office.

Masters: Are you implying what I think you are Jarred, because the old green eyed monster is a terrible thing.

The fans continue to boo as Montana’s grin widens, his eyes peering into the camera lens now as though he was possessed.

Montana: I even gained knowledge of one little girl, desperate to see her idol she was, she spent most of her life in hospital, that poor girl had cancer. What makes me even more sympathetic with her is the fact she was an Ace King fan, now that is a disease which is truly incurable, although yours truly did her a favor, just like all of you. I destroyed her hero, your hero that night, and I realized there tears of pain and torture was actually tears of relief. She never thanked me that little whore, and neither did any of you vagabonds.


Montana: No no no…it’s all of you that are sick, contaminated even…I am the one who is like a alleviation inside CZW.

Daniels: Is this guy insane, he just laughed in the pain of a damn cancer patient, he believes all of these people are the ones that need help?!

Masters: And what a kind, generous man it takes to go out of his way like this and try to help the infected, the diseased, even a girl with no hope, Montana does his grandest to help.

Daniels: And your more infected than anyone, you have been brainwashed by this man just like he has brainwashed Karl Jackson, I bet Ruth had nothing to do with the attack, I bet she wasn’t even in the same damn arena, this man is-

Masters: If I were you Jarred, and trust me, I wouldn’t bloody well want to be, I would stop with your persistent conspiracies. Montana maybe a great man, but he doesn’t take kindly to credulous gelatinous frauds like you.

Daniels: I am gullible?! You’re the one that has been taken in by all of this bullshit.

The fans get even louder, more anger and aggression being thrown at Jesse Montana, his grin suddenly slipping into a face of disgust.

Montana: Anyway, I am getting tired of trying to help all of you infectious hypocrites. There’s only so much generosity I can give out, in the end, it’s up to all of you to get better, more like a truly great person, more like me. I am out here tonight to help out a friend of mine…there I am helping out again…but this man, he deserves my help, he is actually wanting to learn, to grow better. And then some sick, twisted, conniving bitch tried to end all of that. Karl has come a long way since his days like all of you, and even worse, like you Ruth, he was actually becoming a leader, a future World Champion, and you and your jealous boyfriend couldn’t handle that. Maybe it was revenge at me, or maybe it was against Karl himself, but either way, I am going to get answers here tonight!

Daniels: I hope we do too, let me tell you, having detectives and police walking around backstage really puts a damper of things…

Masters: And is that because you have something to hide, Jarred.

Daniels: My God, your like a broken record William, get it through your thick head that it wasn’t me behind the attacks!

Masters: For once Jarred, I actually believe you, because I know Jesse Montana has done his detective work all by himself, and he has uncovered the true attackers, and tonight, we hear from one of them.

Daniels: I still feel a little unsure about all of this.

Suddenly ‘Path’ by Apocalyptica begins to play as Jesse Montana drops the microphone and begins to applaud Karl Jackson, as he walks out from the back onto the stage. He is dressed in a smart charcoal gray suit and a pale green shirt. He is wearing a pair of dark sunglasses and has a slight smile on his face.

Masters: Its Karl Jackson, and he’s looking much better after several weeks recovering from Ruth’s attacks.

Daniels: Well we have heard that Karl Jackson is making great recovery, as you can see he no longer has that arm in a sling and we hear that he should be back in action in the near future.

As the enters the ring he shakes hands with Jesse Montana. The fans continue to boo as the Jackal takes off his glasses and places them into the inside jacket pocket of his suit. The fans quite down as Karl Jackson picks up the microphone.

Jackson: You know it’s a good job I don’t really give a crap what any of you people think of me. It’s a good job that I don’t care that you people don’t seem to appreciate that I have been working damn hard, going through real pain and pushing my boundaries just to get back into the ring. I could let it bother me… but I won’t.

Masters: Well I for one fully appreciate what this man has had to go through. A lesser man would have probably hung up his tights for good… a normal man probably wouldn’t even be alive. And yet this man has worked so hard to rehabilitate his shoulder and recover from a fractured skull! He deserves credit and these people are showing what little respect they have for a man with true heart.

Daniels: I agree he has worked hard William and I agree he is one of the best inside that ring, but I think these people take issue with his sick, bordering on psychotic persona. They are not going to forget some of the heinous things the Jackal has done during his time in CZW.

As Jesse Montana whispers some words of encouragement to the Jackal the fans continue to boo both the men in the ring.

Jackson: And I am still working hard and will do until I get back into this ring and get back to beating the crap out of my opponents and winning championships. But before then I have some business to take care of.

The Jackal walks up closer to the camera and his cold eyes stare through the lens.

Jackson: Ace King… I know you were behind these attacks on me! I don’t care why you did it, I don’t care what your motives, all I care about is getting my revenge.

The Jackal grabs hold of the top turnbuckle with his left hand and squeezes it as he grits his teeth, his breathing becoming heavy and beads of sweat appearing on his bald cranium.

Masters: He’s pissed Jarred, and I can’t blame him after all that Ace King and Ruth have put him through.

Daniels: I still think this stinks of conspiracy, but yes… I wouldn’t particularly want to be in Ace King’s shoes right now… or Ruth’s for that matter.

Jackson: Ace King… I promise you that you will pay for this! You tried to take my career, you tried to take my life. I know I crossed the line when I put my hands on Ruth but I thought we were even. You used barbed wire around my throat to beat me… you took me out of Tower of Power… but that wasn’t enough for you was it…. WAS IT?!?!?!

The camera pans onto Jesse Montana who has a huge grin on his face, chewing emphatically on his chewing gum.

Daniels: Look at Jesse, he is loving all of this.

Masters: He is proud of the Jackal that’s all. There is no conspiracy… Ruth did it and Ace was behind it. Any idiot can see that, even you Jarred.

Jackson: Now YOU have crossed the line Ace and now it is me who is going to get even. But the only way I can get even now is to end your career and take away everything you have. I have the skills to do it in the ring, but this isn’t about wrestling anymore. I couldn’t give a crap about out-wrestling you, I am going to fight you and I am going to beat you into oblivion.

The Jackal paces around the ring a few times, breathing heavy and snarling… clearly very wound up.

Montana: It’s okay Jacko… I know you are wanting to get your hands on that murderous bastard, and you will. But now… we have to get down to the business we have to attend to tonight. So without further ado… it makes me feel nauseous to have to speak to her, but I’m doing this for you Jacko… it’s Ruthless Aggression!!!

The fans cheer as Ruthless Aggression appears on the Combat-tron, they quickly stop cheering though as they can immediately tell it isn’t Ruth. The view is dark and her face is hidden behind here locks of red hair, although the shade of red is completely wrong. Her body is clearly much to big to be Ruth… but the Jackal seems angry as he stares at the Combat-tron.

Daniels: If that’s Ruth then I am Michael Farley!!!

Masters: Well you are looking good Michael… Pah! You don’t know what you are talking about. Who are you to question Jesse Montana… who are you to try and besmirch his moment?

Daniels: I just don’t know how much more of this rubbish I can take! We are no closer to the person who ran down the Jackal… Jesse is just using this whole series of incidents to try and unleash the Jackal onto his long term nemesis Ace King.

Montana: Ruth, thank-you for giving me this time… although you had little choice as if you didn’t I would have fired you. But anyway I think all your fans would…

Jackson: Ruth… you stupid, conniving little bitch! I hope you realize that you have made the biggest mistake of your life!!! I want you to know that I am going to make your life a living nightmare… I am going to…

Montana: Whoa whoa calm it there big man!!! How about you let me take care of this, you’ll get your chance but I think it requires someone with a stable mind at this point.

The Jackal takes a few deep breaths and then places his hands in the air, offering the stage to Montana… agreeing that he may be a little too wound up at this point.

Montana: Ruth, you tried to take out one of my roster… but more than that, you tried to end the career of one of my good friends. You took a car and ran him down as your boyfriend was fighting in the Tower of Power match at Road to Glory 2. I knew you were Ruthless… Ruth… but damn it, that’s taking it too far isn’t.

Ruth continues to sit with her head down, not showing her face. There is no response… both Jesse and the Jackal wait in the ring for a response but it doesn’t come.

Masters: Oh and now I suppose she is going to play the silent card… convenient Ruth, very convenient.

Daniels: Can you not see… that is not…..

Ruthless: I don’t…

Ruth’s voice is deep but she quickly coughs and her voice returns to normal. Jesse winces nervously as he looks across at the Jackal, but then smiles as he sees no reaction. Clearly the Jackal too wound up to notice the little mistake.

Ruthless: I don’t think I went too far. Look what that animal did to me, he broke my ankle. I’m a little woman, and he beat on me like I was his wife.

The Jackal’s bottom lip trembles as he clenches his fist, his face turning red with rage… clearly trying to hold in his anger.

Montana: Yes he did beat you, but isn’t it true you like it rough?

Daniels: Oh come on, this is enough!!!

Ruthless: I love it rough, but only with my Ace. I loved the way he used to trap my nipple between his gapped teeth and then he…

Montana: OKAY… OKAY!!!! Let’s move swiftly on… So Ruth… that night, the night you ran down my friend Karl Jackson, who put you up to it?

Masters: This should be interesting, this is where we get confirmation it was that scumbag Ace.

Daniels: This is all getting a little out of hand now I think. Montana is making a complete mockery of Ruth and Ace.

Ruthless: Nobody put me up to it! I did it all myself. He hurt me, so I got my own back. He deserved it…


Masters: Objection!!! He’s battering the witness!!!

Daniels: Isn’t that badgering the witness?

Montana: Jacko… please, I got this.

The Jackal again backs off, struggling between wanting to hear answers and wanting to take Ruth and Ace apart.

Montana: Ruth… I don’t believe you thought this whole thing up yourself. You couldn’t even manage having a baby!!!

The fans boo loudly at Jesse’s disgusting comments towards Ruth but Montana just smiles.

Montana: Ruth, you will tell me who put you up to this or I will…. I will….

Masters: Don’t say it boss, you don’t need to go here.

Montana: I will fire you then employ you as a valet for… for… for…. KRIMZON BLAZE!!!!!

Masters: Oh good lord he said it!!!!

Ruth: Oh no!!! I couldn’t be a valet for that little piece of….it was ACE!!! IT WAS ACE!!!!

Loud boos fill the arena as the Jackal rips off his suit jacket and parades around the ring screaming for Ace to come down to the ring. Jesse smiles, seeming to take pleasure in what has just happened and been said.

Masters: I knew it!!! Ace King was the man behind this… not even sure I can call him a man anymore. Ace King is a bloody monster!!!

Daniels: For a man who is supposed to be intelligent you sure can be gullible. I’d expect it from the Jackal but Jesse Montana isn’t going to fool me or indeed these fans with that pile of crap.

Montana: So there you have it… Ace King did this…

Suddenly ‘Last Resort’ by Papa Roach begins to play and to everyone’s surprise Ruthless Aggression appears on stage. The fans cheer as Jesse Montana looks up at the stage, his face quickly draining of color. The Ruth on the Combat-tron starts to talk once more, and she can be heard behind the sounds of Papa Roach.

Ruthless: To be honest, after he made me do this I couldn’t be with him anymore. I hate the Jackal after what he did, but this was taking it too far. I can’t forgive Ace and we split up… I just can’t be with a man like that anymore. I feel like…

Montana: TURN IT OFF!!! TURN IT OFF!!!!

Ruthless: I actually think I would be better with you Jesse, I have always had a secret crush on you…


Ruth stands on the stage area, almost smiling as she looks up at the effigy on the Combat-tron, still talking in the background… but by now the words are inaudible behind the laughing of the fans as Montana‘s plan has clearly back-fired. She then looks back up at Montana who is smiling nervously, looking around him at the booing fans and then he notices the Jackal.

Jackal, with a totally confused look on his face, his looking at Montana for answers…

Jackson: What the hell is going on here Jesse… how come Ruth is out here and on there?

Daniels: Well it looks to me like Ruth has scuppered Montana’s little plan here. Are you going to still try and say that’s Ruth on that Combat-tron William.

Masters: Erm… errr… well at least we know who was responsible now… you heard Ruth say it, it was Ace King!

Daniels: William, that is NOT Ruth. Ruth is standing on the stage just up there. Your beloved Jesse Montana has been made to look a fool here.

Masters: Damn it! Sorry about this but I suddenly need to take a toilet break…

Daniels: You can’t just leave mid…. Well ladies and gentlemen it would appear that William Masters is taking a toilet break of all things.

Ruth begins walking to the ring, her eyes fixed on Jesse Montana. The Jackal still doesn’t know what to make of the whole situation.

Montana: Security!!! Get this imposter out of here… that is not Ruth!!! Security I demand you get rid of this phony!!!

Daniels: Oh I see, so now the real Ruth is an imposter. You can see Montana is backed into a corner here… but it appears, of all things, that the Jackal believes that she is an imposter… what is wrong with this man… is he still concussed?

Several security guards run out and take hold of Ruth, who struggles to escape… shouting abuse at Jesse Montana in the ring. As they take her away Montana takes the microphone once more… the fans laughter turns to boos once more

Montana: Get her out of here…. Hell she doesn’t even look like Ruth, infact… I think that was a man Jackal… get him out of here security!!!!

On the combat-tron, the fake Ruth is still sitting, but is no longer speaking.

Montana: And as for you… the real Ruth! I appreciate that you may have a crush on me, after all I am a very powerful, virtuous man. But there is no way I would ever lower myself to go anywhere near a dirty, disgusting whore like you who has been spending the last few months laying in bed alongside a devious, murderous monster like Ace King. A man that went on a mission to destroy the career of my good friend… Karl Jackson.

The Jackal nods to Montana as if to appreciate the work he has put in. he then turns to the camera and ripping off his tie he holds a cold, icy stare into the camera.

Jackson: Ace… now that I have had my confirmation I can turn my mind away from who did it and to what I am going to do to you! I want you to know that all the punishment I put you through before will look like nothing compared to what you have to look forward to. I am the Jackal… I am the most dangerous man in CZW… and I will be the man to end the legend of Ace King. If you wanted rid of me, you should have finished the job Ace. When I am snapping every bone in your body I am going to make it slow, I am going to make it as painful as possible, I am going to slowly cripple you and as you lay there… demanding mercy, you will realize that this was the worst gamble you ever played!

Jesse looks almost nervous at the intensity of the Jackal but as ‘Path’ by Apocalyptica begins to play they shake hands as the Jackal appears to thank Jesse for uncovering the assailant.

Masters: I’m back, that is better. So, what happened?

Daniels: Don’t ever leave me like that again… I shouldn’t have to do this on my own.

Masters: Oh for goodness sake Jarred, you sound like my ex…ex…wife!!!

Daniels: Well it is still a joke and I cannot believe that Karl Jackson is believing this tripe that Jesse Montana is spewing.

Masters: Well unless you want me to leave you again then I strongly suggest you refrain from making disparaging comments against our great General Manager! At least we have found out who is behind all this!

Daniels: We are no closer to knowing who is behind all this than we were at the end of Road to Glory 2. Our great General Manager, as you say, has basically used this whole scenario to set up Ace King, and unfortunately the Jackal is buying it.

Masters: You are just trying to stand up and protect Ace King again Jarred… what is it with you and all these people, what is there to like about a man that runs down his adversaries rather than beat them fairly in the ring.

Daniels: I don’t know… you should know William… what is there to like about Jesse Montana? Anyway speaking of Ace King, he is going to be in action defending his World Heavyweight Title against his friend and XTC team mate Krimzon Blaze. I do hope all this hasn’t proved to be too much of a distraction for him.

Masters: Well I never thought I would hear myself voting for Blaze, but after what Ace has done… I hope he loses that title here tonight.

Daniels: We are going for a break now folks… when we return it’s Eddie and Marsham.

The scene then cuts off the commentators at ringside, and now goes backstage as we see Sirena Starr inside her locker room watching the interview on her television set, her face one of disgust. Suddenly there is a knock at the door.

Jenny: Hello, Sirena, are you in there?

Sirena: Yeah, the doors open.

Jenny enters the room and notices Sirena looking on as Jesse concludes his interview with Ruthann.

Jenny: So, what do you think?

Sirena: Huh?

Jenny: About this whole Ruth situation.

Sirena just shakes her head.

Sirena: In all honesty, I don't know what to think Jenny.

Jenny: She was kind of your idol wasn't she? Or at least when you broke into the CzW scene.

Sirena: That she was...and still is. To think though, that she would do something so dreadfully matter how big a jerk Jackal's just unreal. Jenny...I gotta go.

Sirena pushes past Jenny seemingly quite upset. Jenny just stares on as Sirena disappears from view. The scene then fades back to ringside.


'Rated E for Everyone' EDDIE ROWAN vs. ‘Epitome of Technical Finesse' JUSTIN MARSHAM


Masters: I totally agree with Sirena thee, Jarred, for Ruth and Ace King for that matter, our World Champion to do something so awful, it’s just mind-blowing, Jarred.

Daniels: It’s mind-blowing how all of these people seem to be taken in by this crap, I expected it from you William, but Sirena, surely she can see past this dreadful plan of Jesse Montana.

Masters: If your talking about the plan of uncovering the identity of the attacker, then that he has done, he only wants to help, and I think it would help this Business if he was toe fire the both of them right now on the bloody spot, Jarred.

Daniels: I can’t comment anymore, I really can’t, I just hope that Montana is found out in the end before anymore trouble is caused, who knows what Karl is capable of doing to Ace and Ruth! Up now we have a first, it’s Rowan against the IC Champ, Marsham, and I honestly can’t wait for this contest, it could be a classic.

Towers: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next contest is set for one fall.

‘Last’ by Nine Inch Nails begins to play, the fans quickly full of boos.

Towers: Welcoming to the ring, weighing in at 219 lbs, and hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana…he is the CZW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION…The Epitome of Technical Finesse…JUSTIN MARSHAM!

Marsham walks out not only with his Title around his waist, but also a sledge hammer in his right hand. The fans continue to boo as Marsham lifts the sledge hammer up mocking Maynard O’Toole. He makes his way to the ring avoiding contact with any fans before sliding into the ring, as he places the sledge hammer on the outside, and the belt in the ref’s hands.

Daniels: What a mockery, Marsham having a joke at Maynard by bringing that weapon to the ring.

Masters: or maybe he is just trying to protect himself, he knows Maynard is backstage and also, Rowan isn’t exactly a saint now is he.

Daniels: I believe he is just trying to get into the head of O’Toole two weeks before the PPV where rumors have it, these two men will compete for the belt.

‘Slip Side Melting’ now plays throughout the arena as the fans give a large mixed reaction.

Towers: And his opponent, weighing in at 205 lbs, and hailing from Seattle, Washington, he is Rated E for Everyone…EDDIE ROWAN!

Rowan runs out onto the stage creating another wave of loud mixed reactions, mainly cheers though. Rowan wastes no time as he runs down the ramp clapping the fans hands and rolls straight into the ring, on one knee looking directly into the eyes of his opponent.

Masters: This guy must be feeling good, finally getting his grubby hands on Matt Covey last week and taking him out of action for the time being.

Daniels: He had it coming, and that feud is far from over when Matt returns, and also we have Marsham who is intensely feuding with Maynard O’Toole, the pair fighting into the crowd last week, these two men could be distracted from each other tonight.

Masters: I don’t know, Marsham and Rowan are experienced, Marsham is not the IC Champ for no reason, he will be focused on his challenge this evening.

Daniels: And I wonder if Maynard will show up during this contest, that and the Sledge hammer that seems to be in use quite regularly here.

The men are set in the ring as the referee signals for the bell to be rang.


Daniels: The bell rings here and Rowan is off like a bullet, right hands to Marsham, now stinging knife edge chops, Rowan Irish whips Marsham to the ropes as Rowan catches him on the rebound with a back body drop.

Masters: What is wrong with this man? Has he been bitten by a rabid dog or one of the Covey clan or something?!

Daniels: Eddie is clearly fired up, whether it is because he wants to defend the name of his friend Maynard O’Toole, or if he is still fired up from the Covey situation, or the recent attacks that have been happening to him, whatever it is, Rowan has got off to a great stat here.

Masters: Marsham is back up though as Rowan comes in, YES! Marsham cleverly with a rake to the eyes there…

Daniels: You call it clever I just think it is not called for. But either way, no DQ’s here in CZW and Marsham is now on the attack. Marsham Irish whips a currently blinded Rowan to the ropes as he rebounds of…Marsham with a Fireman’s Carry…NO…Marsham turns the attack into a Neckbreaker over the knee, what a maneuver from the champ.

Masters: This is not a Title match, however Marsham competes in every match here as though it was, it is like Marsham takes each and every win so seriously.

Daniels: Of course, this is a serious business William, even though we have some jokers like you to contend with.

Masters: I’m not amused Jarred, besides, you are biggest bloody comedian of them all. People laugh just at the sight of your face.

Daniels: Well no one is laughing now, as Marsham locks in a sleeper hold on the Rated E superstar. These fans though have really gotten to like Rowan over these past few weeks, and I believe it is testament to his charisma, and heart for this sport.

Masters: It is testament to the fact he just like the rest of the fan favorites here are suck ups. And look at these people, he turned on his own friends and he was so unpopular, he had to hide his own face in public, as soon they forget about that, there cheering him again like he has saved 70 thousand Africans! There bloody hypocrites Jarred.

Daniels: They just like his style William, you would know about it, as you have no style whatsoever. Anyway, as these fans are erupting once more, Eddie gains momentum and is now up on his feet, Marsham starts to panic as Eddie gets an elbow to the gut, and another, Eddie is free as he runs off…NO! DAMNIT!

Masters: Another intelligent move by the Epitome of Technical Finesse.

Daniels: Intelligent?! He just pulled the hair of Eddie Rowan, how the hell is that technical in any way?!

Masters: It’s not Jarred, but it does the job, look at Eddie, back down on the mat now as Marsham…FANTASTIC…dropping a hard knee drop to the face, Marsham is proving why he is a deserving champion.

Daniels: He is great inside this ring I admit that, but hair pulling is not one of the moves they teach in the manual, William.

Masters: What the bloody hell are you talking about, what manual?!

Daniels: Marsham goes for the cover but Eddie pops up at one. Marsham lifting Rowan back up here as he lifts him high…Pump handle slam…NO…Backbreaker by Marsham! Awesome!

Masters: There’s a move for your manual, Jarred.

Daniels: It sure was a technically sound attack there, and Marsham is back on the attack, now focusing on the lower back, applying a Cobra Clutch, and he has it locked in!

Masters: That will not only affect the lower back Jarred, it also pulls on the neck, the throat, it feels like your being suffocated.

Daniels: Eddie needs to find the same momentum from before, William, and after all these recent attacks Eddie has found himself in, how must that effect his stamina.

Masters: He was attacked what?! Once?! He should be okay…

Daniels: Oh yes like we thought Waters was okay, before he skipped out of yet another match, this time pretending to be injured.

Masters: You just can’t let it go can you, Jarred, just face it, XTC are savages, they attacked the man last week, just like Eddie attacked an innocent Matt Covey last week. And the fans cheer for men like that, it sickens me.

Daniels: What is the point…Anyway, back to the match, and Eddie is managing to crawl his way to the ropes, even though Marsham has this maneuver locked in. The fans are making such noise again, and Eddie yet again is gaining momentum, you can feel it, Eddie reaches out…YES! He reaches the ropes…MARSHAM BREAK THE DAMN HOLD!

Masters: He has five seconds Jarred. And how is this fair, Eddie has an extra man on his side with these bloody Canadian fans.

Daniels: It’s all legal, besides, why should they cheer for a man like Marsham who doesn’t respect anyone but himself and that Solomon Black we have to hear from week after week. Eddie is back up now…

Masters: HA HA…But straight back down again, and it looks like he really is hurting now, holding the lower back, I have a feeling Marsham is going to exploit that injury, and weaken it further.

Daniels: Marsham is a cerebral fighter, I guess you are correct William. Marsham now has Eddie in the corner, throwing rights and lefts at him, but WAIT…EDDIE REVERSES THE SITUATION…Marsham now in the corner as Eddie throws rights, then lefts, Eddie climbing the ropes, what is he thinking here…OH MY…MARSHAM HAS CAUGHT HIM…MY GOD WHAT AN IMPACT!!!!!!!!!!

Masters: Eddie made one mistake and it could be all over from that!

Daniels: He calls that the Wicked Driver IV. It was an Inverted Scoop Slam into a Piledriver, and Rowan was turned inside out. As I thought, Marsham gets a cover here…












Masters: WAHHHHHH!!! How did he kick out?!

Daniels: Instinct possibly, but whatever it was, Marsham now is in complete control. Marsham with stomps, picking out body parts, and Eddie can’t seem to be able to escape these attacks. Marsham lifts Rowan back up as he launches him at the corner with a strong Irish whip…BUT WAIT A SECOND…ROWAN SPRINGBOARDS OFF…DIVING CLOTHSESLINE…CAN THIS BE THE TURNAROUND?!

Masters: Get up Marsham!

Daniels: Rowan is beginning to stand here, Marsham close behind him, Rowan now with a right hand slap, then a left hand slap, and again with a right han- NO Marsham ducks, grabs Eddie…Fireman’s Carr- NO…Eddie slips off the shoulders…now behind Marsham…


Daniels: My God, Mike King’s finisher there, the Curtain Call, Eddie Rowan has just pulled it off, and he covers…












Masters: YES! The champ is still in this one.

Daniels: So are both men, but both seem to have taken the ups and downs in this match. Marsham gets back to his feet as Eddie…CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE…Marsham stays on the apron though as Eddie MY GOD…SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE CORNER…FLYING LARIAT AS BOTH MEN CRASH TO THE OUTSIDE!


Masters: These fans appreciate the athletic ability of these men, and Rowan being the longest reigning X Champion, Marsham one of the best technical wrestlers, these two know how to put on a show, Jarred.

Daniels: They certainly do, both men on the outside here, both don’t want to be counter out though, the referee now up to 5...



Daniels: YES! Both men are up…


Masters: Both men get back into the ring, Marsham grab the hammer, put him out of his misery.

Daniels: What a damn travesty that would be, both men though are keeping it clean for now, Eddie with a dropkick, Marsham goes back into the corner, Eddie now FOLLOWS UP…MY GOD…I HEARD THAT FORM HERE…MARSHAM’S JAW CRACKING…ROWAN WITH A SHINING WIZARD! And Rowan pulls Marsham into the center of the ring…COVER!












Masters: NO…MARSHAM KICKS OUT…My heart is failing on me now, Jarred.

Daniels: Partly due to this match, partly due to the seven ex wives all wanting half of your estate!

Masters: Amen.

Daniels: Eddie Rowan is back up again, Marsham a little slower now, Eddie still seems to be holding his back, but is fighting through the pain. Eddie with a knife edge chop, and another, these fans Wooing with every shot, and a thir-NO…Marsham ducks now going behind Rowan…COBRA CLUTCH…WAIT…MARSHAM NOW WITH A RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!!!!

Masters: he is a man of many moves, and can this be it?!











Daniels: Eddie is showing just how resilient he is now. Marsham back to his feet though, and now bounces off the ropes, he goes for another knee drop…NO…Eddie moves out of the way, and what is he doing now?!

Masters: The man is a fool, he is trying to go to the ropes, going high risk but he has a weakened back…and Marsham now is up again…


Masters: AHHH!! Marsham is up on Eddie’s shoulders…WATCH OUT…



Masters: Cover him, Justin.













Daniels: This one is over, and what a tremendous reversal it was by Marsham. Eddie still hasn’t moved since the finisher.

Masters: Marsham is the IC Champion, he is possibly on one of the biggest and best rolls in the history of CZW! What a record this man must have.

Towers: Here is your winner…by way of pinfall…JUSTIN MARSHAM!

After the match, Marsham grabs the IC Title of the referee, raising his arm in victory. As he looks down, he notices Eddie Rowan getting back up, signalling to Marsham to bring more.

Masters: Eddie, what are you doing?! Just give up, Marsham has beat you.

Daniels: Eddie could be in trouble here. But he won’t give up.

Marsham slides out of the ring, then grabs the sledge hammer, the one he wanted to taunt Maynard with. Marsham rolls back in as the fans boo and throw their disgust at the IC Champion.

Daniels: Don’t do it Marsham, don’t stoop to the depths of…

Masters: What, the depths of XTC…or Rowan himself!

Daniels: NO…I was not going to say that…WATCH OUT ROWAN…

The fans go into a frenzy though as suddenly Maynard O’Toole rushes the ring, saving Rowan as he tackles Marsham to the ground. Eddie now grabs the sledge hammer as he passes it to Maynard O’Toole, who wastes no time…


Masters: my God, what a sickening shot by the Tool, what a sick man.

Daniels: It was Marsham who brought the damn weapon down to the ring in the first place.

Marsham rolls out of the ring, however bloody seems to be pouring down his face and chest, Marsham grimacing in pain with blood entering his mouth.

Daniels: My God, I am not a doctor…but I would say his nose has been clean broken there, William.

Masters: I hope Maynard is proud of himself. Marsham won’t ever look the same again.

Marsham walks up the stage and eventually leaves as Maynard follows him, the fans going wild, a trail of blood left up the ramp after Marsham had his nose broken. Eddie Rowan begins to pose to the fans as his music begins to play.

Daniels: He couldn’t pull off the win tonight, but he looks like the winner after this battle.

Masters: Marsham still won, and I hope he gets revenge on that bloody swine, Maynard O‘Toole.

Daniels: Of course you do. .

Masters: I can't deny however, that was one hell of a way for a match to finish out on this Overdrive Supershow.

Daniels: Rivalries and betrayal makes for good TV. I would have expected no less.

The lights begin to flicker and a countdown appears on the tron in bloody lettering











The eerie melody of the last few weeks begins to play.

The nasty way the demons do

I exhale my wickedness in you

So when you open up your eyes I'm there to flatter with demise

There's nothing you can do

I am the children of the night

The storm in you that kills the light

Here I come

Charging out through your skull

My reflection in your eyes

You hear me laugh when you die

Evil deeds You satisfy my vicious needs

A wave of terror in your mind

Eats you alive

They laugh at you I swear it's true With blade in hand what will you do?

Kill yourself a fool

Suddenly they're right behind I've got revenge on your mind

You know what to do

Come try and catch me if you can I am the

Devil in a man

I am the evening and the dawn

The father to the morning star I teach the art of war

Sweet hate is pumping through your veins

The flame of fury burns inside


I am the children of the night

The storm in you that kills the light

Here I come

Your Harbinger of Destruction

Masters: What's going on. I thought this crazy stuff was suppose to be on during tag matches only.

Daniels: Yeah, but remember a couple of weeks ago one Eddie Rowan was involved in another assault. Now, who stands outside the ring.

Masters: You're right. This does not seem like it is going to end well. Eddie has already rolled out of the ring ready for a fight. I still say Bad Ass was the best thing in the Whole Damn Show.

Daniels: Marsham still remains in the ring.

Lightning strikes the stage causing the lights to blink out and back on. Eddie still waits outside the ring. The Devil man from two weeks ago stands behind Rowan.

Daniels: Eddie is going to get ambushed. This man is sick!!

Masters: And Eddie is still clueless.

The devil man raises the sledgehammer high above his head and brings it down for a brutal blow on Rowan, but the lights go out again. This time when they come back on, the devil is nowhere in sight, but Eddie lies motionless on the ground. The head of the sledge lays beside Eddie on the ground while the other part lies splintered on the stage.

Daniels: We need to get help for Eddie here, and we will do that during the break, get a coffee, have a snack, whatever, but when you come back, be prepared for a classic, we have the World Title on the line!


-=- MAIN EVENT -=-
‘The Aerial Specialist’ KRIMZON BLAZE vs. 'The Vegas Volcano' ACE KING (c)


Towers: Ladies and Gentlemen we are set for our MAIN EVENT for the evening, and it is for the CZW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!

The fans jump to their feet as Jessica Towers is almost stunned by the sheer volume of the cheers, the excitement built up for this Main Event.

Daniels: That sound says it all folks, and I am sure you guys at home are on your feet right now, just like these several thousand in the arena tonight. I’m not sure there are two more popular guys in CZW, two fan favorites, crowd pleasers, than Krimzon Blaze and World Champion, Ace King. Two men that respect each other, are friends with each other, team mates, but now they are about to compete for the grandest prize in the business today, the World Heavyweight Title.

Masters: Yes we can build it up until the cows come home, Jarred, this will surely go down as one of the greatest matches in history. Now me personally, I don’t like either of these men, Krimzon Blaze may risk his life each time he fights, but I find that rather reckless. And Ace King, well after what Montana uncovered, I have no respect for the man. But, having said that, because I know Jarred will have a hiss fit if I don’t say this, I respect the passion these guys give to the sport.

Daniels: Well I honestly don’t want to discuss the Karl Jackson situation with you any longer William, I want to enjoy this main event, I know and all these fans know Ace King for the professional he really is, and a great World Champion. Also, Krimzon Blaze will agree with this, he has been a great mentor.

Masters: Well as much as you don’t want to discuss it, these matters have to be discussed. However, as a wrestling mentor, Ace King is impressive, I mean Krimzon Blaze ever since he has joined XTC, has come on leaps and bounds, and now finds himself number one contender to the World Title, and Ace King has left his experience as an impression on Mr. Blaze. However, as a Human Being, he is no role model, these fans look up to him like he is Jesus for goodness sake, this is a man who viciously attacked another man, not even concerned his victim could have died.

Daniels: For goodness sake William, I refuse to believe that and so do these people, call us ignorant if you wish, but I prefer to live in a World where Ace King is honest and decent, and people like Jesse Montana are manipulative and untrustworthy.

Masters: Live your life how you wish Jarred, I couldn’t care less.

Daniels: Thank you. Now getting back on topic, Krimzon Blaze of course defeated Ace King only a short two weeks ago, in what can only be described as an upset, if Krimzon can redo that impressive achievement tonight, we could be looking at a new World Champion.

Masters: To be honest Jarred, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that one day I could come to work, and actually announce Krimzon Blaze as our World Champion. But yes I admit, we could very well see that day soon.

Daniels: Krimzon has been chasing that dream, that day he could be called World Champion ever since he joined this fine Company, and what a better way than to defeat his own mentor, his own close friend.

Masters: Fairytales are only in stories Jarred, this is no fairytale World, this is reality.

Daniels: What is that meant to mean, William? It may be an upset for Blaze to win here tonight, but I don’t see any reason why this particular ‘fairytale’ can’t come true. This is what dreams are made of. Ace King though, as much as he believes Krimzon Blaze to be a future World Champion, he feels deep down, it’s not his time just yet.

Masters: What sickens me to the core is that whoever wins this contest, the World Title still remains on an XTC sheep.

Daniels: Oh right, so what your saying is, you dislike this booking by Montana?!

Masters: Don’t you put words into my mouth Jarred, I respect Montana more than my own Mother and Father, that man is a true genius.

Daniels: Says a lot about your parents…ANYWAY…I think these Canadian fans are about to explode with sheer excitement here, we are just moments away fro-

Suddenly ‘Headstrong’ by Trapt begins to play, but is quickly drowned out with the volume of cheers the fans belt out. Fans literally throwing themselves off their seats, yelling at the top of their voices, the whole arena erupts with appreciation.

Towers: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Challenger as he makes his way down the aisle, he weighed in this morning at a weight of 235 lbs…and hails from DETROIT, MICHIGAN…The Aerial Specialist of XTC…KRIMZON BLAZE!

The lights go out. TRAPT - HEADSTRONG is now playing very loudly, however still impossible to hear over the volume of cheers. The stage remains darkened, with only a single white spotlight at the top of the entrance-way. K-Blaze walks out, and throws his arms into an X, as a smatter of red X's in pyro shoot off from each side he's standing. Krimzon is wearing an ’XTC’ shirt, and his usual wrestling gear. The CombatTron video shows K-Blaze pulling off high-risk moves such as the Shooting Star Leg-Drop on El Pablo during the Tag Team Tandem Match, and hitting the Kode Of Silence on an already busted-up Shawn Waters & AAN, as well as that Moonsault off the ladder onto Mido in the TLC Match, then the amazing stunt he performed while winning his only X title in the match of the year. K-Blaze then gets to the ring steps, walks up them, and springboards off the ropes and lands on his feet. Blaze looks a little nervous as he awaits Ace King, the fans chanting loudly for the challenger.

Suddenly ‘Ace of Spades’ by Motorhead starts to play, but just like before, is hard to hear the music as the roars from the fans continue, now being generated at the Gambler.

Towers: And his opponent and the current CZW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…he weighs in at 205 lbs and hails from LAS VEGAS, NEVADA…The Vegas Volcano and the Gambler of XTC…ACE KING!

The opening guitar riff plays, and the crowd goes crazy. As the drums start, pyro starts to go off with increasing intensity, culminating with a huge explosion when the drums climax. Ace makes his way out onto the stage, wearing his World Title on his left shoulder, his T-Shirt having a Maple Leaf on the front to fit in with the crowd, ‘The XTC Logo’ on the back. As he makes his way to the ring, the crowd cheers hard. Ace walks down casually to the ring, seeming to feel confident, slapping hands with fans lining the ramp. He then slides into the ring. Another pyro explosion happens when he slides into the ring, right after the line "Don't Forget The Joker". Ace then quickly shakes the hand of Krimzon Blaze, as they eventually embrace with a hug, the fans chanting ‘XTC’ all along.

Daniels: It’s great to see these two still on the same page, even though they are just moments before fighting for the biggest award in the Wrestling industry.

Masters: Yes lets just hope they are still on the same page after the match, I severely doubt it.

Daniels: Yes you would love that, as would Montana, however the bond between the men in XTC can’t be broken for anything, not even the World Title. Blaze would be proud of Ace if he won, and vise versa, William.

Masters: Or so you hope, World Championships can do strange things to these men, after all, there only human, look at what lengths Ace King the bloody scoundrel went to, attacking a poor innocent Karl Jackson, or better yet, getting his bloody girlfriend to do it.

Daniels: Once again, I refuse to believe that, and so do these fans.

Masters: A bunch of stubborn sheep is what you are, can’t you put your love for this man aside for one second and realize the horrific truth.

Daniels: And can’t you take your large cranium from out of Montana’s ass for one second, to realize your talking total and utter crap!

Masters: Yes that’s it, resort to childish insults, it’s all you Americans are good for.

Daniels: Well these Canadians here are in for a treat, these two men seem ready, the referee is ready, I hope your ready at home folks because this is going to be a classic, I assure you of that. I never imagined to be able to say this…Krimzon Blaze…Ace King…World title on the line!

Masters: Ring the bloody bell and get on with it.


- As the bell rings, the chants are almost overwhelming, each and every fan on their feet, the mainstream chant being for ‘XTC’. Ace King and Krimzon Blaze takes a second out, just to look over the screaming fans that surround them, the sold out arena in a fit of hysterical excitement shown by the Canadian fans. Ace and Blaze now knock knuckles as they step back, eyes focused on each other, now officially starting the contest.

Daniels: Another show of deep respect from these two men there, and these fans doing exactly the same, both these men know exactly how important this match will be.

Masters: I just hope they don’t end up respecting each other too much, and I focus that mainly at Krimzon, he needs to get over the fact that this man is his mentor, he needs to have a ruthless side to him and do anything to get that Title.

Daniels: Yes we have seen that side of Ace in the past, rivalries with Covey and Montana, Ace in the past has been overwhelmed with rage.

Masters: Exactly why I believe Ace is a danger to society but back on topic, Krimzon needs to find his mean streak tonight and he needs to find it fast if he is to beat Ace King.

- Ace steps around Krimzon, as he quickly goes for a lock up but Krimzon forward rolls away at the last split second, keeping Ace on his toes as Krimzon clearly wins the quickness battle. Ace smiles at him, now warming up again as Krimzon smiles also. Ace goes for another lock up which this time is blocked by Krimzon, as he then grabs Ace in a headlock, finishing the attack off with a headlock takedown, Ace King though like a veteran struggles free quickly and gets back to his feet. Ace now smiles as he claps his protégé Krimzon, Blaze this time with no emotion shown on his face.

Daniels: Ace seems to be proud of his student here…

Masters: I happen to believe Ace has another motive with this show of pride he has for Blaze. Ace is an intelligent guy, and in my view he can use his experience of mind games against Krimzon in this contest, and by treating Blaze like a student, clapping and applauding him as he has done, Krimzon Blaze will not be able to break free from the student mind set. Ace King will have the advantage throughout this match on the mental stage, I can guarantee that.

Daniels: Interesting thoughts there William, Ace King may actually be playing Blaze right into the role he wants him in.

- Blaze now goes to lock up with Ace again now, a more gritty determination in his face as he does, however Ace intelligently swivels around Blaze and lock his hands around his waist, following it up by planting Blaze down face first with a suplex. Ace is now on top of Blaze who finds himself face first into the mat. Ace rolls around, finding an opening, then grabs the arm of Blaze locking in a modified arm bar, Blaze now in trouble.

‘Lets Go Blaze…Lets Go Ace…Lets Go Blaze…Lets Go Ace…’

- Krimzon uses his agility and quickness to kip himself up, now on his feet, Ace losing grip on the arm as Blaze moonsault on the spot, Ace having now completely lost grip and even some of his own balance as Krimzon takes Ace down with a hard knife edge chop, Ace now rolling away back into the corner as the pair take a breather once more, this time, Blaze with a grin on his face, Ace with a stunned look.

Masters: And you would have thought, Jarred, that these men know every attack the other does, having trained and sparred together. However, Ace generally looks rather surprised after that maneuver.

Daniels: You can’t really appreciate the speed and quickness Blaze can conduct until your actually in that ring against him. Ace was took off guard, and off balance and Blaze now seems to have the mental advantage, this match beginning in such a psychological way.

Masters: And I do love a good old battle of wits, I have to admit.

- Ace King stands out from the corner as Blaze yells at him to ‘come on’. This riles the crowd up as they begin to chant solely for Krimzon Blaze, both men looking around, Blaze with a huge grin on his face as Ace notices the whole arena is now in favor of the Aerial Specialist. Ace King shrugs it off as he locks up with Blaze again, this time though hitting a knee to the gut, the fans booing slightly at that as Ace King now lifts Blaze up…Side Suplex!

Daniels: And this may be the slight mean streak we have talked about, Ace King has got that aggressive side and we may be seeing it right now.

Masters: Your bloody right Jarred, this is about the World Title, Ace King would kill for that.

Daniels: I guess we will see just how far these two men will go for that Title.

- Ace King drops an elbow drop on Krimzon, then locks in a sleeper hold, restraining Krimzon in the center of the ring. The fans continue to cheer for Krimzon as he begins to literally shake, trying to gain some form of momentum against the Ace King attack. Ace presses down hard, Blaze not being able to move anywhere, Ace beginning to growl with aggression as he throws Blaze from side to side, trying to get the blood flowing to his head. Krimzon kicks his feet, showing he is not losing concentration, the fans getting louder as he begins to move up to his knees.

Daniels: We know how both these guys use this crowd for momentum, it looks as though Blaze is getting all his adrenaline from these Canadians here tonight, a majority of them wanting to see Blaze a World Champion.

Masters: I really have no preference, so I can call this one as I see it. And these fans aren’t going to win you a World Title, Jarred, only Blaze can win that Gold for himself.

Daniels: But he sure seems to be getting momentum from them…NOW ON HIS FEET!

- Krimzon throws out a few elbows shots as Ace releases the grip, Krimzon holding his head after the hold has clearly had an effect on the Aerial Specialist. However, the fans end up exploding into cheers for Blaze as he amazingly out of no where hits…

THE PELE KICK!!!!!!!!!!

Daniels: My God, we never saw that coming and neither did poor Ace.

Masters: I’m not sure Ace is going to be seeing much either, after that gigantic kick to the skull.

- The fans are clearly chanting for Blaze now, the whole arena in a wave of a Blazing fever as Krimzon works his way over towards Ace, and now gets the cover as the fans hold their breath…











- The fans stage their feelings of disappointment as Ace gets a shoulder up, Krimzon rolling off trying now to get back to his feet. Ace is up to his knees pretty quickly, however Blaze kips back up, and now hits Ace with a right hand, and then another, Blaze Irish whips Ace to the corner as Blaze follows him almost as fast as a gust of wind, Ace not being able to move anywhere as Blaze hit’s a Running Boot in the Corner. Ace flops down to the ground as Krimzon stays on the attack, but now taking it to the top rope, perching on the top waiting for Ace to stand back up.

Daniels: Blaze seems to have found some sort of momentum here, as he gets on a roll, however is the Aerial Specialist going to the top rope a little early here in this contest?!

Masters: I happen to despise moves like this Jarred, they are reckless, dangerous, and downright un called for, Blaze has a perfect chance to stay on the attack here, and like always, he has to be a show man to all of these sheep here, show man Blaze. How about he gets smart and tries to win that Title for himself and not all of these charlatans.

Daniels: Blaze has always took the fans everywhere with him, they have seen his ups and downs, and he cares about them as much as they care about him. He doesn’t do these attacks to show off, he does them because it is his speciality.

- The fans jump to their feet once more as Blaze gets ready to fly, Ace King now finding his way to his feet, still looking to be in cuckoo land as he slowly turns to face Blaze…


Masters: NO! I TOLD YOU! ACE COUNTERS WITH A POWERBOMB! Krimzon took it to the next level too early, and that has cost him.

Daniels: Blaze lives on the edge, he is a dare-devil, he is never going to change he has come this far being what he is, why should he change, William?!

Masters: I’ll tell you why Jarred, because he has never held the big one here in CZW, and if he doesn’t wise up in the next hour, he is going to lose his big opportunity, and you know what, he may never get another one!

Daniels: I doubt that, Blaze is a main eventer, his time will come I am sure, whether it is tonight, or some other time, Blaze is here for one reason and that is to be World Champion.

- The fans are partly booing, partly cheering for the sheer impact of that previous attack. Ace now sits in the corner, regaining his breath, Blaze looking to be out of it, Ace eventually wising up as he gets a cover…











- Blaze kicks out, as the fans cheer for the underdog. Ace King begins to stand up, his hair sticking up after a period of time where he had lost control. Ace now though regains complete control as he lifts up Blaze, hitting a few knife-edge chops as the fans respond with loud WOOOOOOO’s echoing around the arena. Ace now Irish whips him to the corner as Blaze bounces off heavily, falling straight into the grip of Ace King as he grabs him…Belly to Belly suplex.

Daniels: Another big impact move there by the World Champion.

Masters: And let me tell you, those wear you down eventually, there are so many of those suplexes Krimzon Blaze can take.

Daniels: Oh and it looks like Ace is going back to wearing down Blaze, now locking in a Boston Crab, and that will damage his spine and his lower back here, very methodical by the Champ.

- Ace King has got the Boston Crab locked in as Blaze begins to grit his teeth, trying not to scream in pain, but it becomes unbearable. Blaze now desperately struggles towards the ropes, but the weight of Ace King makes it’s difficult for the fellow XTC member to reach them, Ace King purposely leaning back to gain more leverage. The fans yet again try and get behind the big underdog for this contest, Ace King not letting it effect him in the slightest as he pulls Blaze back to the center of the ring.

Masters: Blaze should just tap out here, Ace King won’t be afraid to injure him here, he may be his protégé and etc etc. but Ace King is a vicious man, he orchestrated the ATTACK on the Jackal after all.

Daniels: Would you please leave that to rest, at least for this contest, there is no definitive proof it was Ace, not even any it was Ruth for that matter. And Krimzon Blaze will never tap out, I can’t remember a time he has, let alone a World Title match, Ace King maybe ruthless when it comes to the World Title, but he would never purposely injure another human being, certainly not his own team mate.

Masters: You underestimate the mentality of Ace King, if he gets desperate, he is capable of all sorts of abominations against man.

Daniels: Well breaking the spine of his partner is not one of them, and I’m sorry but neither is forcing his beloved girlfriend to violently run over Karl Jackson.

- Blaze is now edging ever nearer to the ropes as Ace begins to lose grip on Krimzon. The fans that are fully behind the Aerial Specialist are louder than ever, as Blaze reaches out once more, grabbing the bottom rope, and clinging to it like it was his only hope. King immediately lets go as the referee tells him to break the hold. The Gambler now pulls Krimzon back into the center of the ring as he drops an elbow drop to the spine. Krimzon begins to scurry away as he gets to the ropes, levering himself up to his feet as Ace now goes in for a clothesline, however Blaze ducks and hit’s a desperation back body drop on his Champion opponent, as Ace falls to the concrete floor below.

Daniels: This could be the rest bite that Blaze needs here, as Ace went crashing down to the ground below, Krimzon after that move out of desperation has time to regroup.

Masters: Ace should have saw it coming, Jarred. And now Blaze needs to take this time to-WAIT…WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS BUFFOON DOING?!




Masters: My God, Ace King could have had his bloody brains splattered onto the floor on the outside there. And these men are meant to be tag partners?!

Daniels: There is no friendships in this match, we spoke about Blaze’s mean streak, we spoke about what lengths he would go to in order to be World Champion, I guess we just saw a glimpse there William.

Masters: Yes! And Ace just saw a glimpse of the pearly white gates there too!

- The fans are in total shock, mainly now looking on to see if Ace is okay, Blaze amazingly making it back to his feet now. Blaze rolls back into the ring as the referee has reached the count of 5. Blaze rolls back out as the referee gets to 6, noticing Ace may not be able to get back inside the ring. Blaze rolls Ace in, then enters back in himself as he quickly gets the cover…

Daniels: We could have a new World Champion here folks!












Masters: Wow, he is lucky to still be alive, or maybe he isn’t and that kick out was just all instinct.

Daniels: Ace King is one tough competitor, this match could either go the distance and it comes down to a roll up, or we could see one man be carried out on a stretcher, that is how much this belt means to both these men.

- Ace begins to move around as Krimzon is now back up. Blaze lifts Ace up who flops backwards into the ropes. Blaze hit’s a knife edge chop, then a knee to the gut before taking him down with a snap mare takedown, then following up with a baseball slide into the face of Ace, quickly getting another cover…










- Ace begins to get back up after the kick out as Blaze runs off towards the ropes again, Ace catches him on the rebound this time though as he goes for a Back Body Drop, however Blaze manages to athletically land on his feet, Ace turns around to see this as he now powers towards Blaze, going for the SPEAR…



Masters: You said it may end on a roll up Jarred, here it is!












Daniels: NO! I honestly thought we had a new World Champion then, but the Gambler got another late kick out.

Masters: Ha ha, nearly 80% of the crowd then groaned like never before, I love it, seeing them miserable like that…

Daniels: I can’t see a single fan that is miserable here tonight, they are witnessing one of CZW’s classic bouts…

- Blaze gets back up as Ace now springs up too, holding his shoulder as Blaze runs towards him…No he runs towards the ropes…springboards off…SPRINGBOARD HURRICARANA…


Masters: Wow what a legendary move and these Canadian fans know this submission very well, seeing greats like Bret hart and Owen Hart using it…

Daniels: Ace King has already worked on the lower back of Krimzon Blaze, this could be too much, will he tap to the Sharpshooter in Canada here tonight?!

- The fans are now completely half and half, split in cheers and boos as Ace King wrenches Blaze’s body apart, his back at an almost intolerable 90 degree angle. Blaze starts rapidly clawing at the mattress, trying to drag himself towards the ropes, Ace sitting still as though he was holding down a wild animal. Blaze’s loud screams echoes around the arena in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, beginning to lose all strength, as the referee frantically asks him if he quits.

Masters: Blaze has to quit here.

Daniels: I’m not so sure, I just can’t imagine it, though look at the drastic angle of his body, Ace has got him in a right angle here, how can his spine take this much punishment?!


Daniels: The fans just want this contest to carry on, but is Blaze about to tap…can Ace get the win here via submission?!

Masters: Stop asking so many questions!

- Ace begins to lose grip, however Blaze’s attempts at reaching the ropes has quickly diminished. Suddenly though like a ray of light, Blaze finds extra momentum deep down as he lifts himself up on his hands, the sheer pain is wrote on his face…BLAZE ESCAPES!

Daniels: My God that was sheer passion and heart that Blaze used to get through that!

- Ace King falls off, now looking a little shocked as Krimzon Blaze crawls off out of the ring. The fans now begin to chant for both men again as Ace stands to his feet, looking down on Krimzon who leans on the commentary desk, holding his back in pain.

Masters: Don’t you just love the pain that is etched in the face of Blaze right now.

Daniels: No because I am not a sadomasochist like you William.

Masters: Wait, Ace King you wretched creature, don’t you even bloody think about it sonny!



Masters: These bloody imbeciles, they nearly took my darn head off, Ace King coming crashing down on the announce table like that, these two men are bloody insane I tell you.

Daniels: We have seen Blaze risk it all in this match by going high risk, but now we see the World Champion himself risk it all with a magnificent suicide dive right there.

- The fans are once again on their feet, this time for their World Champion Ace King. Both men climb off the commentary desk, Blaze holding his lower back as Ace seems more fresh, throwing Blaze back into he ring. Ace once again decides to go high risk as he climbs the turnbuckle, Krimzon Blaze laying down like he was unconscious.

Masters: This man has got a personality split, Jarred, he really thinks he is Krimzon bloody Blaze here, he is going to the top rope again!

Daniels: All or nothing here…DIVING HEADBUTT FROM ACE KING…

CONNECTS!!!!!!!! AND COVER!!!!!!!!!!













Daniels: My God I don’t believe it, Krimzon Blaze gets a kick out last second as we see, the referee signalling for the two count.

- Remarkably, both men are still with it as they begin to make their way up again. Ace King is first up as he grabs Blaze hitting him with strong stinging knife edge chops once again, to the roar chest of Krimzon. Ace King now whips Blaze to the corner once more as suddenly…BLAZE LEAPS TO THE TOP ROPE…SPRINGBOARD SEATED SENTON AS ACE IS DOWN! Blaze now propels himself off to carry on the attack, running and bouncing off the ropes again, however Ace King almost got straight up from the attack by Blaze…KRIMZON RUNNING STRAIGHT INTO…

FULL HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniels: My God Ace just knocked his block off right there, can he get to a cover?!

Masters: If he does this one is all over!

- Ace King begins to crawl over to the body of Krimzon Blaze, some of the fans willing him on, some of them desperate for Blaze to come around. It doesn’t take Ace too long though to get the cover he wanted all this time!


















Masters: I thought that was three, is this referee wanting this match to continue?!

Daniels: He has no authority whether the match continues or not, the fact of the matter is Blaze kicked out yet again, and he is still in this contest.

- Ace King finally begins to show some frustration building as he slams his fists down on the mat. Blaze begins to roll away, looking to regain his footing, however Ace now quickly grabs Blaze’s arms…

Daniels: Is this going to be the ALL-IN?!

Masters: YES IT IS! And no body can get out of this!

Daniels: How can Blaze withstand this? Ace has it locked in, I think this match is finally coming to an end here.








The fans begin to get more silent as they realize Blaze has passed out, the referee about to check on him…











Masters: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!












Daniels: We have a new World Champion…MY GOD!

Masters: No you fool, HE KICKED OUT! ACE KICKED OUT!

Daniels: Holy mother of God he did, I was certain that one was a three count…

- The fans now begin to chant for both members again now, the ‘XTC’ chant picking back up again. Ace and Blaze is back up as Blaze goes for a right hand, Ace ducks though then drops Blaze with a Neckbreaker. Ace stands to his feet as he now signals to all of his followers, the XTC chants raising in volume…

Daniels: Ace signals the end here…

Masters: But I’m not sure it will be, BLAZE IS BACK UP!


Masters: He could have knocked the Champion out once and for all…COVER HIM YOU FOOL!

- Blaze doesn’t go for the cover however though as he now signals the end of his own, also signalling he will be the next champion, before picking up his mentor…


Masters: This place has just erupted, there aren’t any volcanoes in Canada are they, Jarred?!

Daniels: Blaze is going for it…KODE OF SILENCE!









HIGH ROLLER…MY GOD HE JUST HIT THE HIGH ROLLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!














Daniels: What?! What does it take to put this man away?! The heart…the passion…the love he has for this Title, and Ace King exactly the same, this match could never end!

Masters: Oh wait, I’m not so sure about that Jarred, look who is on his way down the ramp here…

- The crowd begin to realize that none other than Shawn Waters is now walking down to the ring. The begin to make a fit of boos as Ace and Blaze both try to get back to their feet.

Daniels: This man disgusts me, he is meant to be injured, at least that is what he pretended to be during his match earlier in the night.

Masters: Maybe he is just made a fast recovery…

Daniels: Nonsense William, this man had it planned all along so he could weasel out of the ring, and destroy this great main event!

SUDDENLY the fans whip into another frenzy of cheers though as from the back, El Pablo and Mike Monroe arrive, grabbing Waters and literally escorting him out of the ringside.

Daniels: YES! YES! Justice has been served!

Masters: Shawn Waters shouldn’t have to be treated like this, Jarred, this is his ring too, he deserves to be able to watch this match…

Daniels: Oh please stop it William, he was clearly going to sabotage what could be match of the year candidate, and now Ace King and Krimzon Blaze can end this match in a respectable way…


Krimzon Blaze goes for a right hand…NO…ACE KING DUCKS…GRABS BLAZE…

MY GOD HE JUST HIT THE BLACKJACK BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masters: I would say lights out, but Blaze may be the toughest bloody superstar I have ever seen…

Daniels: Ace gets the cover…will he defend his World Title here tonight!












Daniels: Ace has finally done it, but what a great contest!

Masters: This time it is a three count, Ace has won, he doesn’t deserve that belt in my opinion after the horrid crimes he has committed, but what a great performance here tonight, by both XTC guys.

Daniels: Both these guys gave it their all, Ace King has committed no horrid crimes, in my opinion he has been set up by an evil genius in Montana, and I just hope the truth comes out sooner rather than later.

Masters: Never going to happen Jarred, but I will let you all have your happy day here tonight, XTC of course still have the belt, Ace King still the champion, and one of the best main events we have seen on Overdrive for a while.

Daniels: Your right about that William, and it is a truly happy day for XTC I believe.

- Ace King raises his World Title in the air as he notices a dejected looking Krimzon Blaze rise up on the other side of the ring. Ace slowly walks over to him, World Title draped by his side, the fans chanting loudly for ‘XTC…XTC…XTC’ Ace holds out a hand to Blaze as the ‘Ace of Spades’ theme cuts to a halt. The arena falls silent as both men stare at each other, Blaze refusing to shake Ace’s hand, but then instead embraces him as the two men hug.

Daniels: Great sportsmanship here…

Masters: All a bit soppy for my liking, Jarred. Daniels: One day we all must feel, it will be Blaze’s day at the top, but right now, there’s only one man and that is Ace King, the Gambler, he proves his dominance of the Wrestling industry here tonight.


Suddenly Monroe and El Pablo come back out as the Motorhead theme tune continues to play once more, Ace King standing in the middle of the ring, World Title raised in the air.

Masters: They may be celebrating here tonight, but we amust look ahead to Pandemonium in two shorts weeks now, and that man we saw a few moments ago, Shawn Waters, I believe he will be the next World Champion.

Daniels: Maybe so, Maybe not, one thing is for sure, it will be a great event just like that main event and just like Overdrive’s whole Supershow here tonight. We have seen a record breaking amount of matches, and we end on a very tasteful note. However, with Pandemonium only two weeks away as my colleague just said, what will transpire next week on Overdrive.

Masters: I can’t wait, Jarred.

Daniels: Neither can I, but like all the folks at home, we must do just that. So from us here at Edmonton, it’s a goodnight folks, and see you next week for another edition of CZW Overdrive…so long!

Jesse Montana
CZW President

CZW Overdrive Copyright 2009

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